In Hell (2003) Script

{Y:i}Are you scared?

{Y:i}Do you remember?

{Y:i}The world has made you soft.

{Y:i}In a lifetime a man plays many parts.

{Y:i}We all hide behind a mask.

{Y:i}Do you even know who you are?

{Y:i}Probably not.

Grey, hold on.

{Y:i}-Kyle, it 's always the same story. -What am I supposed to do?

-I've got to work this weekend. feel like I never see you anymore.

I miss just going to the beach together.

Six more months and we'll be back on Louisiana.

Right, until the next job comes along.

{Y:i}I've got to go. I'll see you later,okay?

{Y:i}-Hello? -Hey, baby.


{Y:i}-You okay? -I'm fine. I'm tired.

Please, drive carefully.

{Y:i}Don't worry. I should be there in ten minutes, okay?

Kyle, was I selfish?

It 's not easy for you. No friends, far from home...


-Shit! -I hate it here.

{Y:i}-Baby? -''Mon amour''!

Guess what. I'm taking a few days off.

Just you and me... and the beach.


I promise.

Grey, what 's going on?

Oh my God.


Get off! No!

''Milizia''? Can you speak English? Can you hear me?


My wife is in danger! Help!





It 's him!

It 's him! He killed my wife!

Lack of evidence and gross negligence by the police... give me no choice but to find Mr. Kovic... not guilty.

-What 's wrong? -His family has a lot of money.

They bought the judge. I'm sorry.

By taking the life of a man in the front of this courthouse... you showed no respect for the law.

I regrettably sentence you to life in prision... without the chance of parole.

Baby Goat.


Stand in line! Get back.

-You found him! -Yes, General Hruschov.

-ls he alive? -Yes.

-Bring him over. -Dima!

Welcome to Kravavi.

Shut up!

You can try and run if you like.

No one has ever made it alive.

What is your name?

-Billy Cooper. -How old are you?


Too bad.

Carry on.


It 's class.

I don't understand.

Don't understand?

The ring, ''suka''.

This is from my wife.

Billy Cooper.

Kyle Leblanc.


-Let 's go! -Where?

Keep your mouth shut!

Go on! Move!

Come on!

-I need to see some green tomorrow. -You'll get it.

Have fun.

Come on, man!

Fuck off!



Get up!




Little toublemaker, huh?

Stay calm. Understand?

Kyle, don't kill it! Let it go!

{Y:i}Some people believe that when you die...

{Y:i}you return into another form.

{Y:i}What if I was gone?

You'll be in here forever.

Shut up.


You can make your life easier for the right price... understand?

451! We bring you a new cellmate.

Better watch out.

He killed his last three cellmates... but if you want to change cells... you let me know.

Move! Back to work!

Grey's already back in Louisiana.

Like you asked me. Found a place, close to the water.

Surrounded by trees.

Thanks, Paul. Your sister should rest in peace.

How is it in here?

Kyle, this is Russia. You can pay them off.

-Can't you control your animals? -Get you pussy away from my man.

Stay back!

We have problem here?

Not now!

You want fight?

Go to Sparka. Understand?


That was scary, dude.

-Kyle. -Hey, I'm Billy.

What are you in for?

Tryin' to figure that out. I was travellin' around... everyhting was great. Then I met this girl and... we were drinking and... she crashed her car into a restaurant.

So they charged me with gross negligence... to private property. Got a fucking year and a half.

How ya doin'? Malakai.


I Have seen you Man in the Newspaper.You killed the fuckin' guy right outside the courtroom.

Good for you, man. He deserved it.

The guy who threw the ball at me. Who is he?


Russian mafia. The guy next to him is their leader.

Bolt. They got a deal with the guards. They run the place.

The rest of the gangs just try to kill each other.

It 's a regular party.

The whole place is a fuckin' war zone. lnside and out.

Listen, man, anything you need...

I'm the man to see.


But this one I'll give you for free.

Pay the guard and get yourself out... of that crazy motherfucker nigger cell.

Better start prayin', okay?

Don't ever touch me again!

The world's got too much noise.

And I've earned my peace and quiet, and I expect it.

You only got 18 months so let them do what they want and get outta here.

-How long you been in here? -Six years.

But I'm gonna get outta here. This place ain't shit.

He thinks he's a tough guy. He's nothing but a small time.

You wanna climb the wall? Quit puttin' that shit in your arm.

You sell it to me.

I been sellin' shit my whole life. It 's my job.

I gotta roll before my wheels get stuck in this bullshit.

He's a little bitter and all, being a gimp!

You're tough. I like that.

I'll see you tonight.

I want to change cells.



I'll call for more money.

Until then, we wait.

What is this?

The inmates have problems. This is the solution.

Back home we have football. Here it 's the Sparka.

The guards set up the fights. General Hruschov makes money... bettin' with his pig friends and everybody's happy.

Except the poor schmuck who gets his head bashed in.

Motherfuckers, am I late? I'll take all your action.

I'll bet you two packs on Andrei.

Step back.

Ladies and gentlemen, on the right... is the one that is always after me.

On the left is the one that 's always after him.

I've always dreamed of having them both together.

Well, I finally do! I am stuck in the middle!

Now they will break my heart! They'll hurt each other.

It 's time for blood, sweat, tears! Boys... show me how you love me! Go, fuck yourselves!



Does he fight?

He refused. One reason he's still alive... the guards make a lotta money puttin' inmates in his cell.

Just gets rid of those they don't like.

-Stay away from me! -Drop it.

Drop it!

Take him to infirmary.

Hey, ''suka'', you're in my way.


-What 's the point? -I want no trouble.

He disrespected us.

Get your respect.


Not necessary.

I hope everything's resolved.

This is not America. Don't be hero.

Take him back to the hole.

Everybody back to work!


Long time no see.

Who are you?

{Y:i} foot, a hundred and thlrty kllos. Mllos...

Your break is over. Let 's go.

I'm going to make you my favorite ''suka''.

We're going to take turns.

Don't start, or I'll put you both in hole!

You're dead.


What 's up, man? You okay?

Gotta go.

Come on, man!

{Y:i}''Hate gives me strength. Even when there's no hope.

{Y:i}Tomorrow it's the time. Hate'll makes things right.

{Y:i}Shit, hate keeps me alive.''

Nice to see you again.

I'll see you tonight.

Where the fuck's he goin'?



You American.

You are going inside for long, long time.

{Y:i}When shit hits the fan, we all look for God...

{Y:i}but by then it's usually too late.

{Y:i}When He doesn't show up...

{Y:i}it's up to you to deal with your own miserable life.

What is it?

-We hit a mine. -Stay back!

Stop them.

Go, go! Come on!


Line up!

Check out!

{Y:i}We all have our way of dealin'. Some choose to run.

{Y:i}Others stay and fight.

We lost money because you... two hours late.

I should throw you in the hole. I give you chance.

You're more useful to me as a bitch, understand?

Take him.

Please! No!

{Y:i}Is it a sin when you reach your limit?

{Y:i}When you've taken your last steps.

{Y:i}When you can go no more.

{Y:i}You find that dark place deep inside.

{Y:i}Forget the world you come from.

{Y:i}Embrace the world you're in.

He's ready for the Sparka.

I love you. And I love you all!

-Kick his ass. -Place your bets!

Hold on to your panties, the party is about to begin!

I give you twenty to one on Andrei.

No way this American can win.

Beat the shit out of him!

Come on!

Come on!

Come on, Kyle!

Feels good... doesn't it?

Your American is very, very good.

Bring the best men from your prison.

I'll give you a chance to win back your money.

Finish him.

Finish him!

{Y:i}You think you're a winner.

{Y:i}When you bend to play their game, you're a loser.

{Y:i}You lost yourself.

He's really fucked up.

What are you looking at?

Do you even know who you are?

Probably not.


I'm sorry.

Must be tough in here.

Everything's gettin better.

I spoke to the Ambassador.

-He's gonna talk to the... -Forget it!


Don't give me hope.

Nothing will change.

Forget me.

Bolt cutters are where they supposed to be.

You didn't learn from last time?

I'd rather die than play the bitch.

Happy Russian Independence Day. Send you a postcard.

So you are the American. I am Valya.


Warden told us no trouble today.

Come on.

That 's the guy they transferred from the other jail to fight you.

Russian Independence Day is a celebration of liberation.

Pull up your skirt. Here comes a sea of shit.

As a family with one common goal... the rehabilitation of ourselves and... our communities.

Kravavi will be reborn. Together... we will rise to new heights. Together... we will embrace our future!


{Y:i}The volce of authority should be the voice of reason.

{Y:i}Supposed to set examples, teach us.

{Y:i}And I have learned is all just...

{Y:i}bullshit to keep us down.

There is no escape.

I don't want to ruin you pretty face.

But you just got more time added on.

How long, is up to me. Serve your time.

My little bitch.

Your payment.

How's Billy?

Go easy on him. It 's just a kid.

{Y:i}Malakai set Billy up. I guess everybody has their price.

Get out!

{Y:i}After a while you don't feel the steady prick.

{Y:i}You grow numb to it. Forget about...

{Y:i}what was, worry about what is. But no...

{Y:i}not me. I can't forget. I can't forgive.

Get out.

Take him to infirmary.

He tried to make me kiss him.

I spit in his face.

He couldn't break me.

Kyle... don't let them turn you into something you're not.

{Y:i}He finally escaped...

{Y:i}but in a different way.

Ladies and gentlemen...

What 's he doin'?

Get up!


-Fight! -Fight!

Get up!


Tolik, what the hell is going on?

{Y:i}-I don't know, sir. -Well, find out.

You better fight or suffer consequences.

I won't play your game anymore.

He won't fight, general.

Get him out of there and start another fight.

{Y:i}-We'll deal with him later. -Yes, sir.

Let me know when you're ready to fight.

Who's that for?

It 's for you.

From Billy.

How could you betray your friend? You got a big mouth.

Look at me.

I said look at me!

Even if I get out of this place...

I'm in a goddamn chair for the rest of my life!

I piss, I shit all over myself. I got sores all over my body.

I need special things.

They told me... they promised me, if I get my eyes and my ears opened... they would take care of me.

I didn't want them to kill Billy.

I swear to God, man.

I'm just tryin' to survive.

I gotta get outta this fuckin' place. Please... help me.

{Y:i}I've been here over half my life. I try to forget how I get here.

''...and took a great delight, it did it like...''

{Y:i}When you're a kid you want to believe what grown ups tell you.

{Y:i}What's right.

{Y:i}What's wrong.


{Y:i}The stroking, the pettig, all the lis of...

{Y:i}love and concern. I finally realized...

{Y:i}the temperature was four hundred and fifty one degrees.

{Y:i}It was all a dirty shame.

{Y:i}Like my burn mark. It stays forever.

Your American, he has heart.

He's a idiot. He should've fought.

He's fighting.

For himself.

-What do you want? -Peace.


Take a good look.

-He is a dead man. -With his death...

only he wins.

Together, we could all win.

I want the fight. Now!


Bring me Valya.

That is suicide.

The others gangs are united. We cannot fight them all.

No one will fight.

{Y:i}Unity of people can bring down any system.

{Y:i}Their power was gone. They couldn't punish everyone.

-Where have you been? -When you forgot yourself... you forgot me.

-You've lost everything. -Grey...

In my opinion... we bring him to the fields and shoot him.

If we kill him we turn him into a martyr.

We must destroy his mystique in front of everyone once and for all.

Keep your faith.

{Y:i}Without evil...

{Y:i}we would never recognize the good.


You're back.

You made me so happy.

-I miss you. -Nobody has ever gone... as long as there's someone to remember them.

It 's your time.

Lately we are having a huge problem in Kravavi.

Authority is being challenged.

Order is not being respected. This is unforgivable.

Tonight, I will show you the consequences... of this kind of disobedience!

All I want is one fight.

I will get it.

Meet Milos.

Continue to fight.

Kill me!

I won't fight anymore.

Do it! Come on shoot me!

People say one thing but they do another. It 's all just bullshit.

Everyone I killed in here talked too much.

Don't waste words.

Just best not to say a thing.

Look here, shut up.

Gotta get out of here.

Someone killed my wife.

I became a beast. I lost myself.

I lost her too.

I don't want to lose her again.

I can get you out.

I have every death and every murder that 's happened in here... for the last twenty some years.

Somebody out there has to care.

You need more fight.

After the fight... they'll take you to a field and shoot you. That 's their plan.

-I won't fight anymore. -My plan calls for one last fight.

{Y:i}Seven inmates and one guard died that night.

{Y:i}It was the first time since I can remember...

{Y:i}that we weren't fighting each other.

{Y:i}We were under total lock-down for two weeks.

I have to fight one more time, so we can get out of here...

...together. -If he fights... he's no longer a martyr.

Win or lose, get rid of him.

This is for Billy.

Good luck.

Put him in the back.

Open up. Come on.

You're making big mistake.

Sorry for the mistake.

Here. Put this on.


This is General Eltzin's car.

You drive right through the gate. Nobody's gonna stop you.

-You're coming with me, right? -No.

This is my home. You got your part, I got mine.

Make sure people know.

Come on. Get outta here. Go.

Next time, I'm gonna get my money back.

I'm looking forward to it.

-General... -You're not allowed in here!

Get out!

You talk too much.


{Y:i}What did you say about the general?

{Y:i}Hello? Who is it?

We did it... together.

{Y:i}Most of us know the mask we hide behind is bullshit.

{Y:i}Sooner or later it shatters.

{Y:i}That's when you find out the man you really are.