In Order of Disappearance (2014) Script

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Thank you.

Thank you.

Do I have to make a speech? Yes, Nils. You really do.

How fine you are. Thank you.


Yes, there it was. Better get dressed.




I'm not great speaker but...

It is a great honor to be nominated for this year's citizen.

But it is strange to get a price for doing what you like.

I'm just a man who keeps a strip of civilization open …

… through the wilderness.

When I was a kid I liked Indian books …

- and you can say I have become a kind of… pathfinder.

Even though I find the same path again and again.

Yes… Yes, thank you so much.

That's good. It was really nice.

Very good.

You were so funny yesterday.

It was a nice trip.

That's fine. Have fun. And say hello.

So it's the new snow blower? Yes.

It is a thumping big one.

Damn it.

You… Do you hear anything?

It's The Center Party, calling on you.

You are a success, Nils. It's no secret.

You have shown it is possible to succeed even if you don't come from Norway.

We need people like you.

A successful fully integrated immigrant.

And "immigrant", it is well meant in this context.

Well, we're fine, Gail and me.

I am probably best at minding my own business.

Yes. Yes, yes, yes... No.

If all had that attitude we wouldn't have a democracy.

The diploma has to hang somewhere. Yes.

It could fit here.

Hold this, please?

Is it him?

Yes. An overdose...

It is this and that one... And this is important.

Ingvar was not a drug addict.

It what all parents says, unfortunately.

Ingvar was not a drug addict.

What are you going to do?

It's difficult to do anything…

about young people destroying themselves.

You don't intend to do anything.

We didn't know our own son.

He was a drug addict, and we knew nothing.


Ingvar lies dead in there of an overdose.

Ingvar was not a drug addict.

Do you hear?




Sorry. It was not supposed to end like this.

I just wanted to borrow it...

I work for them.

I know when and where the cocaine is coming, and I drive around.

I just wanted to borrow it.

And Ingvar… It's true, he knew nothing.

He did me a great service, but he knew nothing.

And now they want to take me.

Because it's my fault. So it's quite okay.

But I just thought that if a single bag disappears…

…they probably wouldn't notice, who took it.

But they always find out, those people.

What are those people? I don't think you want to know.

Sorry. I'm so sorry.

What are those people?

Do you have any money? I have to go to Sweden.

What are those people?

Jappe is the only I have had contact with.

I only know Jappe.

Now you tell me where I can find Jappe. And then you disappear from here.


Greetings from Finn.

I don't know any Finn. Yes, you do.

You know my son Ingvar. He works on the airfield.

I know many people.

Go home to your village. And then stay there. It's safe and sound.


Goddamn it!

I want to know what happened to him.

I want to know what happened to him.

I just got the message.

By whom?


Ronaldo said that they had taken something from us.

I was told to fix this shit. Make it look like an overdose.

Ronaldo… is this him? Yes.

Rune, everything okay?


It's just… Jonathan. What about him?

What is happening here?

It's just Jonathan. What's with him?

He bully me.

Aha, what do you do about it?

Rune... Rune.

It's not a problem.

Jonathan bully you, because he thinks you're weak, right?

So you just show him that is not the case.

You… Do you want me to beat him? Yes, for example.

You… But you're not supposed to.

It's not all, you need to think too hard about. You… He is big. Rune, then you just crack.

But then I just as stupid as he is.

Jappe disappeared.

Who is Jappe?

Jappe is one of my employees. You know what?

There is something not quite right here.

Didn't we agreed not to talk business on the way to school?

Wasn't that what we agreed?


Did you remember the fruit?

He must have five different kinds of organic fruit and vegetables every day.

Didn't we talked about it before?

Yes. Yes, we have.

Rune? So there will be no fruit today…

…and I am truly sorry.

I hope you see, I'm innocent in this matter.

Have a good day, Dad.

You… Now remember what I said. You just…

LAPD! It is quite insane.

It's like on TV. There are shootings. The Wild West.

Twice they have tried to shoot him.

The one time they ripped his foot. It went fine, but… It is quite sick. I got this mug from him.

"To serve and protect".

You can get out. You'll survive.

Next time you go out.

Who is it? Nils Dickman. Citizen Of The Year.

It's a damn lie! Dickman?

Poor thing was unlucky with the name.

Are not you gonna ask where I've been?

Who told you and Jappe to kill Finn and Ingvar?

Strike said it should be taken care of.

And they were not just to disappear.

If Norwegian children just disappear…

…there's always some damn troublesome parents who are looking for them.

Where do I find Strike?

Where do I find Strike?

Airport. He works at the airport?

He flies the coke in and the money out.

Is this him?


You are a dead man.

It's the fourth gym suit you lost.

Why do you think that happens, Marit? Because I have a job, right?

I'm trying to make money, so we can afford to buy a gym suit.

Now you take these and buy as much gym suits…

…you have a new set for each fucking gymnastics lesson in his life.

Have a nice day.

I've talked with my lawyer…

…and we propose a new scheme in which he stays ten days with me and four with you.

A week with me, a week with you. That's the deal.

It's confusing for him. He needs a base…

…a home where he feels safe Well he can be here all the time.

That'll never work.

We both know what kind of a father you are.

You give him Fruit Loops for breakfast.

What the hell are you saying? Froot Loops?

I am vegan, Marit! He has not gotten none e-number in this house…

…since you filled him up with cheap baby porridge!

Is this a bad time? Oh no.

I just discuss Froot Loops and gym suits with my son's mother.

We're just enjoying ourselves.

My lawyer will be in touch.

Interesting that you take it up, for I want to talk a little with you about it.

Which of us do you think you can afford the most expensive lawyer?

What the hell is it now? Ronaldo has disappeared.

Relax. He's not here. Don't worry.

Who are you?


There is not room for both of us. There is a turning space back there.

Ill try that.

You don't have the seat belts on.

Are you really aware who you're fucking with here?


Who is it?

You are so done.

Who is it?

Well, are you're tired now, old man?


One thing is my cocaine. Fifteen kilos of raw cocaine.

It is what it is.

It's something different with my people. One man, maybe two may disappear.

But three man can damn not disappear, without someone causing them to disappear.

Someone is after my people and my territories.

And it is not hard to guess who.

The fucking Albanians. Serbs.

We shared Oslo with them, right? We shared southern Norway, city by city.

They even got the fatty oil pigs in Stavanger.

They were allowed to use the airfield…

…so they could land their shit. In peaceful coexistence.

I have been incredibly nice. Too nice.

And this is the thanks. This is how they thank me.

The land with drug several times a week. Go up there. Get one of them.

Get me one of them.

Do you know what he looks like? No, but don't you think we'll know?

Why the hell do we get all that snow? I don't know how we stand it.

It's snowing all the time. It's the welfare.

There isn't any hot country that has welfare.

When the weather is great you do not need a welfare state.

Then you gather a banana and is done with it.

What's happening? It's the snow.

In Bali, Thailand, Vietnam… people has to fend for themselves.

Spain is on the ass. Portugal is on the ass.

Greece is on the ass. Italy is on the ass. It is hot countries.

Hospitals have no personnel. The families must come with food.

South America is a hole. Africa is a hole. California soon go bankrupt.

Sun or welfare.

I think I have got something in the eye.

In the eye or on the eye? In the eye.


So you better see a doctor. No, it's nothing serious.

I see him. It is night vision that fail.

Shall I drive? No.

I can drive.

Well, we won't get much more out of him.

Do not say a damn thing. We have been at it all night.

Well …but then… Then there isn't so much to talk about.

Now they must learn that they can not do as they please.


Long time No see. Yes.

What do you want?

Someone killed Ingvar.


Someone told somebody to kill him.

Why do you come here to say that?

You are his uncle. I have never asked you for anything.

You can sit on this.

Turn off now. Two minutes.

Give me the remote. What are you doing? Do not be silly.

Is it a sexy foreplay for you? Sexy… Why are you so annoying? Stop it!

Go out and make coffee!

Rumor has it that Ingvar and Finn has stolen a bag from the Count.

Count? Do you know him?

I once worked for his father. Bullit.

His son Count took over the business.

He was fucking great. He and the Serbs share the market.

I will kill him. You will?

You could never kill anyone.

I have killed a Jappe, a Ronaldo and a Strike.

I rolled them into chicken wire and threw them in the waterfalls.

Then the little fish can get in and gnaw the flesh from the bones…

…so they do not swell. Then they just are there.

But the Count is not just a fucking Ronaldo or Jappe.

He's a dangerous bastard. You can not neck him.

Thank you.

What is he doing here? I told you to keep away from the criminal types.

This is my brother! My little brother. Brother, no…

She's just a little worried that you are one of the old boys.

I have promised her to to behave myself.

I will at least try.

Forget it, Nils. A father must surely avenge his son!

Have you become Dirty Harry, or what? Drop that bullshit.


Wait a minute. Do not be so damn childish!

You're damn right as annoying as mother.

If you say something bad about mother I'll knock your teeth in.


The Counts name is Ole Forsby.

But if you must kill him you must get an assassin.

How do I find one?

There is one who calls himself the Chinese. I think he is still active.

What's with these names?

The Chinese, The Count, Dirty Harry, Bullit, Jappe.

It is an old gangster thing.

What is your name?


Wingman? Yeah, you know… like in Top Gun.

The movie… "You Can be my wingman."

How do I find the Chinese?

Have you got the money? Do not worry, she can't understand a word. Have you?

Yes, 90,000.

Okay. You book a hotel room for him.

But only give him half before he does the job.

He has a fear of flying and taking the train. You pick him up at the station.

Not in your own car, then he sees the license plate.

Take a taxi, give him the address. Take home and wait, and then check on the web.

Once you know that he is dead, you send the rest of the money to the hotel.

Is there anything you are unsure about?

Why is he called the Chinese?

It must be cold here for a Chinese.

No. Half now and then half when I… I don't know your name. I don't know your house.

I don't know if you send the rest when the job is done.

As a biologist, I am optimistic. Much is pointing in the right direction.

We have become more humane towards each other and towards animals.

The default behavior 100 years ago we now perceive as barbaric.

We kill each other in increasingly smaller extent.

We have got our sushi.

Here you go.

Well, well. Getting lots of people.

Exotic today, how cozy.


Then we'll see if I will buy. Rune?

We need to hold a small meeting here. Why don't you go and take a carrot?


Cold. It's called "to make me cold."

Cold? Okay. Is the the Albanian Papa?

We have a little trouble with him for the time.

Papa is Serb.

No, it's not Papa. Who is it?

Okay, you want to sell me the name of him that want me cool. I get it.

How much?

Fine. You are a business man. Understood.

I know very well that the Chinese is Asia's Jews.

So you buy? I'm buying.

Deposit the money here. When I see it has gone into accounts in the Cayman…

…I'll tell you the name on your enemy.

It's called "account". Non accounts.



Dickman. Dickman, Dickman.

My dad had a damn Dickman on the payroll.

What was his name? Wing... Lord? Wing King? Wing... Geir?

Wingman. Yes, Wingman, dammit!

Good, old Wingman wants me dead. So I say thank you and go.

Hey, I just a little moral question for you.

Now you are in Norway. This is not a banana republic.

Here in Norway we keep our agreements.

I kept my word. You give money, I give enemy.

That agreement you have held. But now I think of the other one.

You made a deal… with a paying Norwegian citizen about making me cold.

And that agreement you have not met.


Will you please leave the carpet?

Really good maki roll.

Doesn't it smell like firecrackers? No, isn't it more like Chinese food?

Fried, right?

Soya in roll. Kung Fu tomaki.

Imagine if someone discovers us?

No one discovers us if we are cautious.

Hey, it will be OK.

I've lit them all.

How did it go? It went well.

I did basically as you said. Basically?

I gave him all the money. He can't rely on someone he doesn't know.

There are perfect snow conditions right now.

Damn it!

I just thought it would be good for you to go skiing.

Do you know what Dickman means in Norwegian?


It hell does.


Hello, Wingman.

Do you have time for a little conversation?

Actually it's just a small request.

Hello hello.

It's been a while. Do you remember me?

Ole, you know. We have room for one more in here.

Are you sitting comfortably?

You've grown old. You must take good care of yourself.

Shit. I need help.

Someone is after me. A hit man called Dickman.

I know only one called Dickman, and that's you.

I was thinking of course, that it may be a coincidence.

It may be another Dickman than you.

But I don't believe in coincidences…

…so I thought I just had to go to you…

…and then ask you. Ask you, ask for help…

…to try to find out, if perhaps one in your family…

…isn't not so happy about me.

Right? An uncle or a father…

…or brother or a naughty nephew or… Dickman…

I have never been able to forgive your father.


He took my woman from me.

That dick had a thousand women.

You know that? One of them was mine.

And what does that have to do with me?

His blood runs in your veins.

His grin sitting is on your mouth.

I've drove damn far hoping to get a good story.

I took all three of them: Ronaldo, Jappe, Strike.

It was just the start.

Why are you telling me this?

So Chinese didn't get you? Too bad.

You can do whatever the hell you want with me.

I have cancer in the ass.

I shit on you.

Where's my cocaine? I have flushed it down the toilet.

15 kg. At least.

I can give you a horrible painful death.

Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

Hell, there I was quite touched.

Now, you're fucking touching me. Quite into the soul.

That's fine.

It's fine.

So it is.


Not here.

It is now.

They called us to tell where we could find him.

And what is it they hanged him on?


This is a serious provocation. What are you talking about?

Norwegians don't know the Kosovo battle in 1389.

The plate just states the height above sea level.

It was his first trip.

"Give me the chance."

"I am a grown man."

"I am your son."

"You will be proud of me."

And now he hangs here in a foreign country.

Like a mongrel.

We must bury him in the homeland.

We must.

We will avenge us. We must, Papa. We must.


What the hell?

Did you forget?


You forgot!

A fucking parents meeting.

I was at a parents meeting last month, Marit.

I was at school / home conversation and went to the fucking bully seminar.

Now you gotta relax. I have a job, which is pissing difficult and demanding.

No need to get excited.

You're not an important business man. You're a criminal.

You know what?

You know me well. But I also know you.

You're not fooling me with your Neo-hippie mittens.

I remember when you could go in all stores worldwide…

…and buy what you wanted.

Then there was nothing wrong with the money or anything else.

Take your parents' meeting and stuff it so far up your dry, Danish ass…

…you never find it again.

For I shit on the fucking parents' meeting and I shit on you.

It's not fucking easy to be me, Geir.


If Dickman has bumped off our people…

…the Serbs are probably pissed that we hung that guy up.

Do you want a cup of tea, Papa? You're probably tired.

Condolences. I will protect him with my own life.

We had a good deal.

We shared the towns between us.

We agreed that the shitty airfield should be common.

We have kept our part of the bargain.

And how do they held their part? Yes, they killed my only son.

My only son is now on the way to mother Serbia, where he will be buried.

We are here, and it is time for revenge.

Blood for blood.

Son for son.

See right there. She gathers a fucking shit up.

What will she do with it?

It is a Norwegian practice. They do such things.

Goddamn it.

Does it still hurt in the tooth? Go to a dentist.

When would I have time for that?

Have you been in a Norwegian prison? No, not yet.

You have something to look forward to.

Good food. Heating.

Good food?

You won't believe it.

You get wages for jobs there. You're kidding me.

I swear! And everyone is friendly and courteous.

Guards don't harass you. No rapes. Even the inmates are nice.

No rapes, nice guards... You don't fool me.

A modern society. Civilized.

See, I had all my teeth done.

In prison?

This week she fetch the boy.

A week with the father the next week with his mother.

Imagine if you had to share a son.

What kind of people are they?

That with the Albanian was not smart. Serb.

He was a Serb. Not anymore.

We have a big problem. Now we need to find a solution.

Does anyone have any good suggestions?

Well, I do not… It was perhaps not a good idea to pin the bill up on him.

They surely want an apology.

Yes, it's almost as if I were to buy a bouquet and send them a card.

They want something big in return. Something that is ours.

Hey? Is there more coffee, or what?

Thank you.


Yes. Now they get something in return.

Then they'll understand that we are really sad. Thank you.

Cut the head, wrap it.

Send it to them and say, it is the culprit.

Say we only want peace. Say we extend our condolences.

Then we might get some peace and quiet here.

Is everything clear? We have it all.

Tape, rope, bag… Everything, everything, everything!

It's me. We are here. Should we get the kid?


Fine. It's a deal.

They say we should wait.

What are we waiting for? They have sent a messenger.

What the hell… Papa says we have to wait.

There we have the Pink Panther. Come on.

Thank you for seeing me.

He has been punished for his misdeed.

We only want peace with you, okay?

Okay. Thank you.

Are you kind to draw the curtains?

It pains me to have to say this.

Thanks for the gift.

But I require a son for my son.

Are you as crazy? Do it again and I'll shoot you.

Now? Yes.

You don't want to get a tooth decay.

But it's mother's week. Yes, and she asked me to pick you up.

I'm doing her a favor. Come on.

Hello. It's me.

Just wait until we're done.


You isn't working for my father.

Who were those men? I have no idea.

Disappeared in a van? There was something on the side.

What? What the hell was that? A name and phone number.

It was there where the airfield is located.

Papa, it's no problem to find neither the kid or van.

And not the guy either.

Get him out before he starts to stink.


He can not come to the phone right now.

Because he is dead. As you soon are.

He hung up the damn rat.

The bloody Count will shit his pants…

…when he gets to know that we got his son.

I wont take it.

They can't just take my son and not phone. You don't do that..

Nobody shoots the messenger. What is it with the Albanian monkeys?

Fucking Mohammedan pig cunts.

We know what they're doing. Fucking dogs and pigs night and day.

The soggy pile of inbred domestic workers and construction workers.

Fucking eastern monkeys.

Now they fucking taken my boy.

My little boy.

They have dammit taken my boy.

I want them to know I wont put up with this.

Hell of a sack!

Do you live here? Yes.

All alone? Yes.

You don't have any children? No.

It's not so smart of you to take me home.

I just want to talk a little with your dad.



Welcome! Good evening.

Six single rooms, thanks. Have you booked?

She got to be kidding!

We have a problem. There are only two large rooms.

One is for me.

I'll pay cash as usual.

Where do you sleep?

I sleep in the next room. And what if I run away?

You don't. Then you'll freeze to death. And you wouldn't be able to find your way.

I usually get a bedtime story, before I fall asleep.

I have no stories.

You can just read from something. It does not matter what it is.

"It has as special features two independent MTU engines…

…with a total force of more than 2,000 horsepower."

I have one of these. You do?

Why? Aren't you a kidnapper?

Not always.

This has a capacity four thousand tonnes of snow per hour.

It throws 30-35 meters. Weighing 5.8 tons.

It is fine. Can I get a ride in it?

You must sleep now.

Have you heard about Stockholm Syndrome?

First, we find the alien on the plate then the Swede at the dam.

It smells fucking of… It smells of gangster war.

Please call the police.

If we call the police, then they kill Rune.

Marit, you must listen to me.

Is it you or me who best understand the situation here?

They will call us. And then they will make their demands.

Then I give them what they demand and then we Rune back.

That is how it works.

In 24 hours I'll call the police.

In 24 hours he is here again.

I hope you burn in hell.

Then I'll see you there, Marit.

We haven't managed to find him yet.

It's a small town. Sooner or later we find the car. Without a doubt.


We keep looking.

It's the janitor from Runes school. Oh, how nice. Hello.

Just say what you said to me. Then you get the money.

I said something about the car and those who ran off with the kid.

There was a name and address on the car.

Now, my memory's not as good as it has been, but…

There's somethings that stick.

There was also a phone number but I do not remember it.

I thought it was a strange name. Dickman.

He hasn't spoken to the police.

Yes, what are we talking about? 30,000.

There is the 30.

And there is 29.

Dickman has a goddam relative.


I have your son. To see him alive you come alone.

I know how it is done.

You might also want money? It's usually to ask for.

We'll talk about it when you get here.

I get in the car now and I'll see you tonight.

Hi there! You have a fine visitor waiting for you at home.

Nice visitor? They stopped and asked me for directions.

They had a suit and tie. The resembled people from the Progress Party.

We had hoped for you in the Center Party.

But of course it's entirely up to you.

But it's good to see that you are back on your feet.

It must have been a hard blow with Ingvar.

Do you remember Finn, Heimdahls son? He too started with the drugs.

They found him yesterday.

Is that yours? No. It is an old machine.

None of those are mine. Come here.

Stay here until someone comes to get you.

Look here.

Look here.

So, we know his wife looks like a cow.

I was more thinking about the snow plow. And on his company.

Where the hell is Geir? I think he's in the first car.

Radovan, will you try? Yes, why not?


I'm listening.

Number 14.

Radovan! Do you think you are an eagle? A Serbian eagle!

Papa, we have the man. We got the address. We have it all. Do you hear, Papa?

Why do you have a gun? No question.

Now do as I say! Stay here.

Why are you so angry?

You must do as I say. Do you understand? Stay here.

Get in.

Where is my son?

Where is my son?

You know what?

If I have to ask something three times, I get a little pissed off.

And then I begin to think of other ways to get you to talk.

You might think that my profession is not a creative profession, but that it is.

And with such a man as you, we'll go quite traditional about it.

I will pull your finger nails, cut your fingers off.

I cut your hands off, take your ears and cut your nose off.

And exactly that with the nose…

…you're not going to like.

I go in and look for Rune. Fine.

I'll talk to you.

Will you to give a message…

…to Marit?

Tell her…

…that she is a cunt.

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