In Our Nature (2012) Script

You ready? Are you ready?

Seat belts.

Okay. Oh, wait, there's just... I forgot. There's one...

All right, here we go.


No, it's just for the weekend.

Well, you can tell her I'm gonna fly down in two weeks, so...


Okay, I'm thinking about it.

Is that your brother?

Hey, Doug.

He says, "Hi."

No, I've gotta go.

I love you. Bye.

Is everything all right?

No more phone calls. All right?

For the rest of the weekend, I'm all yours.

How's your mom?

She is...

You know, it's not good change.

So, I don't really know.

It feels so good to get out of the city.

I'm excited. I am too.

This whole thing's the driveway?

This is it?

Yeah. Why?

I just... I can't believe you've been, withholding this from me, it's ridiculous.

I haven't been withholding anything.

What a mess.

I thought you said, it was a cabin.

It's just a house.

SETH: My parents, got it cheap, you know.

Stuff wasn't that expensive around here back then.

ANDIE: Hey, did you get the stuff we have to refrigerate?

SETH: By that you mean, the soy yogurt?

Yes, sir, though it's not exactly known for its spoiling properties.

I'm just gonna run to the bathroom real quick.

ANDIE: Shit, I forgot my birth control.

I know, I packed it in your bag for you.

ANDIE: Does your dad take care of this place by himself?

No, my mom used to do most of it, but...

Then my dad took the house, and now I think he gets gardening help from local high school kids or whatever.

Come here.

Where are we going? Just come here.


They're supposed to be boobs?

Yeah. Yeah.

SETH: It's pretty weird.

ANDIE: Kids do weird things.

What do you think about our kids running around up here?

Hmm. What kids are those?

Oh, I forgot to tell you. I'm late this month.

SETH: Go again. ANDIE: No.

SETH: Again.

ANDIE: You go.

ANDIE: Oh, that's enough. SETH: That felt good, huh?

ANDIE: No, I can't do it anymore.

SETH: Ow! Ow!

ANDIE: I'm okay, it's all right.

What is that?


Listen to that.

Bad people coming to do bad things.

ANDIE: Oh, my God!

SETH: Violent things.


Fuck. What the fuck?

Who is it?

Fuck. Fuck! What the fuck!

What, who is it?

My dad.

SETH: Let's get this stuff upstairs.

ANDIE: I think he's with someone. Who?

I don't know, it's your dad.

Can you help clean up? Get dressed.

Just don't freak out. Get dressed.

Hey, all right. Shit.

Here, here, here.

Don't, don't freak out. It's gonna be fine.

It's not a big deal.

SETH: What was that?

Where's my...

Where's my underwear?





Didn't expect to see you here.

Yeah, uh...

It was sort of a last minute thing.

Just grabbed Martha's car and...

You know...

Hi. I'm Gil.


Nice to meet you, finally.

Finally, right.

VICKY: Hello.

Uh, this is my friend, Vicky.

Vicky, this is my son, Seth.

VICKY: Hi. GIL: And Angie.


I'm sorry. And Andie.

ANDIE: Nice to meet you.

Uh, I was just saying to Vicky that, uh, your sister, would've called so I was confused about the car.

Right, Martha offered us the car and...

We weren't really expecting to see you, and there was that email about you being away on work...

All month.

We had a... I had a change of plans.

Well, we'll just get our stuff together and get out of your hair then.

VICKY: You're leaving?

Yeah. We really just came up for the day, anyway.

You sure?

Yeah, we were just about to get going.

Oh well, we don't wanna keep you.

What, you've got some gig to get back to in Brooklyn?

Yeah. Uh-huh.

Some... Something like that.


Fucking mess in the bathroom. You see that?

Wet towels all over the floor.

You see outside?

He doesn't even clean up. He just throws shit in the general direction of the trash can and leaves it there.

ANDIE: He didn't even know my name.

Oh, he's never been good with names.

You don't think it's weird that my boyfriend who claims he loves me, hasn't even told his dad that I exist?

That has nothing to do with you.

It's just like him to...

Do something like this, all the time.

I don't understand, why can't he be more like his sister?

She'd never do this.

You think we should ask him to stay?


I don't want him to feel like he's being kicked out because of me.

What "kicked out?" He said he wanted to go back to the city.

You really think they drove two and a half hours, just for the day?


I know you had this weekend all planned.

Okay, and it's really sweet.

But, your dad's here.

And I've never met him.

And I think it's just weird to run away.

It'd be weirder to stay and hang out with him and that random woman.

How do you know that?

Did you see a hint of regret on his face when I said we were leaving?

No, he wants us to go, so...

Hope I'm not interrupting anything?

No, not at all?

Well, I was just thinking that, uh...

If you really wanted to, maybe you could stay for dinner.

I mean you probably want to beat the traffic, and it's, you know, not a bad idea.

Ah, but...

If you really wanted to, Vicky is probably gonna start cooking pretty soon.

She's not exactly a, uh...

Well, let's just say the kitchen's not her forte.

Ah, but...


I think it sounds great.

We haven't eaten.

Yeah, it sounds great.

Okay, she'll be really happy to hear that.

So, in about an hour or so.

Oh, Mr. Sherwood?

Ah, Gil, please, I'm not that old.

Am I? Gil.

I don't wanna be a buzz kill or anything but I'm... I'm actually vegan.


ANDIE: Yeah.

Are you a vegan too?

No, I'm vegetarian.

He's a liar, he eats fish.

Okay, I'll let Vicky know.


ANDIE: Ah, this all looks so good.

Thanks, it's nothing.

You know, I think there's some movies over there.

If you guys wanna watch something later.

TV doesn't work.

Paid $2,000 for that thing, and it doesn't even turn on.

I have to get someone in to take a look at it.

Well, Seth might actually be able to fix it.

VICKY: Are you good at that stuff?

No, I just had a little experience from doing stuff in the studio.

I have all these photos on my computer, I can't get them off, I'm at my wit's end.

You think you could help me, maybe?


No, it's a fine time.

GIL: Yeah. Why is he doing that?

Because, it will all be resolved in arbitration.

I've already told him that.

That is...

Really embarrassing when it happens in public.

GIL: It's a no-brainer.

Was that, um, an opera?

Yeah, it's that song from Pagliacci.

GIL: Yeah.

It's his favorite show.

We used to go whenever there was a production.

You never told me that.

GIL: Yup. No, forget the depositions.

What're you gonna do? You'd have to...

VICKY: So, you're a tech genius.

No. I... I, ah...

I've just been helping a friend build a studio, so, a lot of plugging wires into the wrong sockets.

GIL: Yeah, yeah, okay. Mmm-hmm, bye.

Apparently Ben threatened to bring this before a judge.

Do you believe that?

This is really good.

Thank you so much for cooking it all.

Really great. No, it's nothing, you guys.

You wanna be certain people like your food, add a lot of butter.

There's butter in here?

Seth, it's not, it's not a big deal.


Oh, what?

VICKY: You're a vegan.

It's okay.

What's the problem?

I put butter in it.

So what?

It's an animal product, Gil.

It's not an animal.

I thought, he said vegetarian.

What the hell is the difference?

ANDIE: Well, it's not a problem, though...

SETH: What are you gonna eat?

Just, pass me the salad.

Uh... Yeah.

Seth, I thought you said you ate fish.

No, actually. I turned vegan.Thanks.

What do you mean, you "turned vegan?"

That means, I don't eat this.

GIL: All right.


Uh, Seth, I would offer you some wine, but there are little bacteria in here that ferment the grapes.

So, you probably don't wanna kill them.

Gil. Well, I don't know.



Absolutely. I didn't know this.


Thanks, honey. Oh, thank you.

Oh, I'm sorry. It's okay.

SETH: Yeah.


SETH: Here you go. VICKY: Thanks.

Seth, maybe you can fix the TV and we can watch a movie.

Yeah, sure.

I guess I could try and take a look and figure it out.

GIL: Already looked at it. Doesn't work.

I'm getting someone in to fix it.

GIL: That is a 17th century restoration.

Anyone up for a game of Scrabble?


VICKY: Any takers?

I'm pretty good.

I'm actually pretty tired.

I think I'm just going to sleep.

I'm sorry he pulled that shit.

What shit?

There is no reason for him to act that way.

He's not a teenager.

Uh, sometimes people get stuck in patterns.

I mean, who behaves like that?

You're right, babe.

Why did you have to put butter in their food, anyway?

Are you kidding me? No. I'm not kidding.

We could have avoided the whole thing with them.

How was I supposed to know they didn't eat butter?

Because I told you. You said vegetarian.

What the hell is the difference?

And you could have consulted me, before you invited them to stay in the first place.

It's one night, baby.

Well, I've had a wonderful evening.

BOTH: But this wasn't it.

ANDIE: Yeah, exactly.

I don't know.

I mean, it's kinda crazy here.

Interesting, would be a good word.


Well, I... I totally understand.

I gotta... I gotta go.

All right, I love you.

Didn't you just talk to him this afternoon?

He called when you were in the bathroom.


I think we should probably leave in the morning.


I'll do whatever you wanna do.

Why do you say it like that?

Like what?

All passive aggressive...

I'm just saying, like, we could go if you wanna go.

Did you not get enough to eat? Are you hungry?

Good night.

I'll make you something if you want. No, I'm not hungry.


She's probably my sister's age.

She's not that young.

Oh, whatever. If he wants to keep secrets, he can keep secrets, I don't even wanna know.

Why you do that?


Why does it bother you so much?

It doesn't, it's just...

Well, I mean...

It's kind of immature. It looks a little juvenile.

I didn't do it front of your dad.

I don't care if you did it in front of my dad.


You did.Okay.

All right.Ah.

SETH: Okay.


Good morning.

GIL: What the hell is that?

Coffee, I assumed.

It was in the carafe when I got up this morning.

What the hell is yerba mate?

Yerba mate, babe.

I can make a new pot. It's okay.

Oh, no, no.

It's... It's in the pot.

I'll clean it.

You know, I'm not gonna spend the entire weekend cleaning up after them.

ANDIE: I didn't know you canoed.

SETH: Those are kayaks.

I hardly ever use them.

We should take them out later.

It could be fun. I'm not very good.

Right. That's why you own four of them.

I do not own four. My dad does.

He made us have them. He's like the kayak master.

He can do Eskimo rolls and everything.

There's one in the back there that has your name on it.




Where are you going?


Vicky and I, actually have to get back to the city.


We actually, uh...

We were going to leave so you two should...

GIL: No, it's fine.

There is no sense in all of us leaving.

You stay, enjoy the weekend.

It's supposed to be beautiful.

SETH: I don't want to have this discussion right now.

GIL: It's easier for everybody if you don't...

VICKY: You never even tried. Avoidance isn't trying.

GIL: I have tried. I've tried for 15 years.


I was just wondering if you guys really have to leave so soon?


GIL: Uh, well...

We actually managed to get tickets to, um, Don Giovanni, tonight, City Opera, uh...

And it's supposed to be great, so...

I just found the canoes.

The kayaks.

He says that you are like the kayak master.

Really? He said that?

VICKY: Oh, he loves it.

He talks about it all the time.

That you're the only one that knows how to do an Alaskan roll.

SETH: Alaska roll is sushi.

An Eskimo roll. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

It's been a while.

Maybe you can stick around and just give a hand, I've never done it before and since you're the master, I thought...

I would like to see some mastery. Yeah.

We could do a little class.

Yeah, I don't think I am qualified to be an instructor.

I didn't bring a bathing suit.

I mean, it's just.

It's just the basics, come on.

I think we can change our plans. Right?

Come on.

I, uh, I think we...

I mean we could call, but I don't think we can change the tickets.

GIL: You just want to keep the rhythm pretty even.

So you don't tip the boat inadvertently.

ANDIE: Like this?

GIL: Yeah, that's it. ANDIE: Ah!

How do I make this thing stop?

Ah! Oh, my God! Okay.

It's not a car. It doesn't have water brakes.

Yeah, I'm sorry, no.

When Seth was a kid, he was pretty good.

Is that so?

Yeah. He had pretty good control.

He'd zip in and out of the rocks and the rapids.

Will you teach me one of those rolls?

SETH: You'd have to go under to do that.


SETH: Well, you'll get all wet.

I could never really do 'em.

All right, I'll do one.

What is it, Gil? Is it dangerous?

Uh, most likely. Hold your breath, honey.

Gil! You guys, somebody help him.


Huh? Not bad for an old fart, right?

ANDIE: That was awesome.

Hey! Derby.

Can't believe you're saying that.Hey.

Derby. What's "derby"?

Derby. Nothing.

You gotta do one now.

I couldn't, even if I wanted to.

Yes! No, and I don't have the space for it, so... my kayak would fill up with water.

Oh, just do one. I can't.

Do it! Oh, come on.

Do it!

Hey! Sorry.

Ah! That's it.

Now you're going in! No, you're going... no!

You're going first.

Come here. No! No!

No! Ah!

ANDIE: Seth! Do a roll now.

Seth. Where are you?

ANDIE: Do a roll now!


VICKY: Oh, God.


SETH: I got ya!

ANDIE: Oh, my God.



ANDIE: Seth! So not cool!

Oh, you think it's funny?

I do. Really. Ohhh! Really?

Wait a minute. Hey, take it easy. Oh, really?

Take what easy?

I'm dead serious. Oh, really?


ANDIE: Seth!


No, Seth, don't.

Seth, please, please. SETH: It's time. I'm really sorry.

Seth, do not do that. SETH: I'm sorry.

Do not do that.

This water is corroded.

ANDIE: Get her!

VICKY: My hair!

You have no idea.

VICKY: Oh, my God! Oh, my God.

All right. You're okay.

None of this is funny. GIL: Come on, Vicky.

ANDIE: It's fine. Here, it's shallow over here.

You can get out this way.

ANDIE: It's fine right here.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

GIL: Come on, you can touch right here.

Okay, see if you can touch.

Okay. Okay. Here you go.


VICKY: Not funny!


MAN: Hello.


Should we get the boats and stuff?

Looks like you guys are having a great time down there.

Yeah, listen, I'm sorry to be rude.

It's just, uh, it's just not really a good time.


Mommy, can we go in the boat?

Uh, maybe, honey. We can ask in a second.

Is that your son, the musician? Yeah.

Yeah. I'm sorry, I thought Vicky called you.

MAN: We just got the message as we were coming up the drive.

And we thought maybe we could let the kids walk around.

Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry.

It's just not the best day today.

I'm sorry, I thought that Vicky had gotten in touch with you.

MAN: It's fine. No worries at all.

Don't want to infringe on family time. We know what it's like.

GIL: Any other time, really. WOMAN: Okay.

GIL: Sorry for the, uh, inconvenience.

GIRL: Mommy, I want to go in the boat.

MAN: Pretty soon we'll be able to go into the boat every weekend if you want.

BOY: Whoo-hoo. WOMAN: Who wants ice cream?

GIRL: Me. MAN: Ice cream.

GIL: You had a lot of chances, the one thing...

VICKY: It's not my fault they decided to ignore my message.

GIL: It wasn't supposed to be a message.

You were supposed to speak to them.

Sure does bring back memories.

I'm gonna go for a walk.

Hey there.


GIL: You won't eat anything remotely unhealthy but you smoke?

Um, well...

Oh, I get it. That's not a cigarette, is it?

Not really.


I'm sorry, it's not. I didn't, I didn't really...

I can just put it out. Hey, I'm not a cop.

Are you sure?

Well, do you... Do you want some?

Are you offering me marijuana?

Yeah. I guess. I guess, I am.

They don't...

Drug test lawyers do they?

They probably should.

If you want any. No, thank you, I haven't smoked pot in 35 years.

I'm sorry.

That's a travesty.

Oh, what the hell.

So, you were able to, uh, cancel your tickets for tonight?

Right. Yeah, yeah.

We just called and rescheduled.

I felt uncultured, so...

I looked up Don Giovanni.

You know, it closed last week.


What are you doing up here?

This, this rung was kinda rotted out. I was fixing it.

Thought I might go up, have a look.Whoa.

You built that?

Yeah, me and my dad and my sister about 100 years ago.

What do you say? You wanna go up, check it out?

What, up there?

About 30 Nor'easters have come through here.

If those didn't take it down, we're not gonna.

Yeah, not comforting.

You'll go first. I'll stand and make sure you don't fall.

Seth, I grew up in the city.

I played in the streets.

Okay. All right. Suit yourself. This is not good.

Suit yourself.

Oh, wait. Is it like super cool?

Mmm. It was when I was 12.

God, it's so beautiful out here.

Supposed to be a lot nicer.

I wanted to try to copy a section of Prospect Park.

This landscape architect...

It's the same guy that works for... Prospect Park?

He's the same guy the Clintons use on their property in Chappaqua.

He costs a fortune. Doesn't listen to a word you say.

You don't like use some like local high school kids to help you take care of the place?

I don't know, I thought...

Yeah. Mmm. Ah!

Wow, I don't remember getting high like this.

What's it like?


A lot of things going on.

A lot of things happening.

I just used to remember it being so mellow.

You seem pretty mellow.

Yeah, but everything is so intense.

It's like you can see every leaf on every one of those trees moving individually.

I mean, look at that.

How many leaves do you think are on that tree?

I... I don't know.


100,000 leaves.

Is that your... Is that your final answer? Well, it's just a guess.

Well, you're... It's very precise.

A real man of science.

I just can't believe that you... You own all of this.



Like, all of this.

It's like... You ever been up here before?


No way.

This is like a really big deal...

For him, you know?

Bringing me up here, you know.

I think he thinks of it like it's the place he got to be with you, you know.

Yeah, I doubt that.

He spent most of the time we were here hiding from me in that tree fort of his.

I was just beginning to feel like I got all the grime off from the lake.

Okay. You think it's okay that we didn't wear pants? What?

I mean we walked through all that brush to get up here.

I don't understand what you're afraid of.

VICKY: I don't know.

Ticks, Lyme disease, bed bugs.

So, are you supposed to lie if I ask you about those people who showed up.

I, uh...

Is the house already sold or is he still working out the deal?

I assumed your father would have told you already.

It's his house, he can do whatever he wants.

I'm starting to get hungry.Mmm.

That happens.

Did you get enough nuts and berries for breakfast?

What'd you eat, chestnuts?

You know what, just for that you... Bamboo shoots? No You're gonna get...

All right, you're gonna get an amazing vegan dinner tonight.

Oh. Let's not get carried away.

No, I'm... It's decided.

Once you've voiced your prejudice.

Yeah, what are we gonna have?

Twigs? No Let's not...

I don't know, you might even... I take it back.

I don't know. I take it back.

You might turn vegan once the master chef is through with you.

The Master Chef? I saw your show on television.

You were excellent. It's not me. It's Seth.


He's never cooked for you before?

Cooked? Seth?

Cooked for me? No.

Why? Are you kidding?

It's like having your own personal Emeril.

I... I find that hard to believe.

His mother cannot boil an egg.No.

Teresa, she... she makes some good stuff.

You know Teresa?


No, we just... We've met like a few times.

Hey, you wanna finish that? Yeah, spark it up.

Why stop now?

So, where did he learn to cook?

All those restaurants that he worked at.

Right. Right.

I knew he was a waiter at some point. But, he was a chef?

I mean, I don't know about that.

But, he was like, in the kitchen, you know?

Some really nice places. It was like, Mercer.

There was that place Eleven Madison. Eleven Madison?

We used to go to Eleven Madison all the time.

I used to take Vicky to Eleven Madison.

It's really nice. It's good.

Did he like it?

No. He hated it.


It's just...

It's so good that he doesn't have to do that anymore, you know.

He's never...

He like, never...

Seth's never mentioned me before, right?

He's afraid of what you'll think of me.

How long have you two been together?

Going on like, uh, two years.

Where do you live?

Are you asking me if we live together?

Do you?

You don't want to ask your dad?

Yeah, he's been so forthcoming with information.

Can you stop doing that please?

Why, is it bothering you?

It's terrifying me, actually.

Which I'm guessing is your intention.

But you can consider my stability sufficiently dismantled.

Sorry for almost drowning you earlier.

It's okay.

Thanks. Thank you.

So, how'd it feel? Pulling up those boards?

You know, you sound like a shrink sometimes.

And how does it make you feel when I sound like that?

Seriously, you're a shrink?

Oh, God!

Manhattan, a lawyer and a psychiatrist.

Okay, Brooklyn.

Mr. Musician.

What's Andie?

A non-profit worker?

She told you that.

No.Seriously, you didn't know?

I swear.

Oh, fuck.

God, is everybody that predictable?

You know, I spent a whole night in here once.

In the middle of February, it was fucking freezing.

Why would you do that?

I don't know. My dad yelled at me or something.

So, after I went to bed I snuck out.

Came up here and waited.

And what happened?


I got the worst flu I ever had, missed two weeks of school and he never even mentioned it.

I doubt he even knew you were up here.




Where are you going? This is good stuff.

I don't wanna let it go to waste.

I'm good. No, thanks.

You don't know what you're missing.

But he was like... Then he refused.

He was like, seven. He refused. Aw!

He absolutely refused to go in that pond without his little cowboy hat on.

Entirely buck naked, except for the hat.

That is so cute. Oh, shit!

They're coming. Be cool. Be cool.

Hey. Hey.

Hey there, cowboy.

What is so funny?

We were... We were just...

Gil, are you smoking pot?

What... what... what.

Wow, this is something.

Have some. Can she have some?

Of course.

No, no. I'm okay.

I'm sorry. Sorry.

Baby, come here.

Hey, is that... Is that the syrup tap?

Yeah, just gonna put this inside.

Hey. Just wait.

Don't get it all over the place.

What? I can't smoke pot in my own house?

Ah, jeez.

She is great, by the way.

Really great.

Who? Andie.


Oh, this is really good cheese.

Hard, sheep's milk cheese from Holland.

Twenty bucks a pound at Balducci's.

It's cheaper to buy a lobster.


Hmm? I'll put the rest back.

Oh, no come on. Go ahead.

So, I guess you turned cheesetarian, huh?


God damn it.

Every time.

Every single time you do this.

Every single time.

I haven't touched that thing in probably 15 years. Doesn't matter.

Every single time, you do that.


Hey, will you leave that thing alone. I'm done.

So, uh, how is the real estate market up here?

How is the what?

You know...

How are things selling in this area?

Look, I never use the place.

It's incredibly expensive to maintain, the taxes alone are a fortune.

I was meaning to bring it up to you.

MAN ON TV: Hey, you!

Say, what's that bed doing here?

I don't see it doing anything.

There's something funny going on around here.

When I looked in this room, there were four beds here.

Those guys never get old, do they?

It's all fixed.

Watch what you want.

Where did you find that?

It was just laying around somewhere.

You know, it's not like I just...

Invited him to smoke with me, you know.

He caught me.

You are free to do whatever you want.

We were actually having a very good time.

You know, everything was fine until you showed up and...

Oh, I'm sorry, I interrupted you cavorting with my fucking dad.

Fuck you.

I don't understand why you have to be so dramatic.

Oh, my, you put a nice little scratch in it.

I don't think you know, how lucky you are that you got to have a place like this.

Growing up with your dad, to take you here.

I mean, most people don't...

You know, they don't... They don't get that kinda shit.

For me growing up, this is the kinda place I would only see in movies.

You know it was a special occasion when we were splurging on going to see a movie. I know, I know.

You have a chip on your shoulder about growing up penniless.


Actually, I wasn't raised to pamper people who are acting like spoiled brats.

I'm sorry, I just never... I've never seen you like this before.

You know, not everyone's family can be as close as yours.

Baby, I'm up here with you and your family this weekend.

What are you doing?

Are you even the least concerned about me?

Like what's happening with my mom...

I've got a lot of other things to be thinking about besides you. Did something happen?

Did anything happen?

She is not getting any better, Seth.Right.

Okay, that is just what it is.

I know.

I'm sorry.

Look, my brother, you know, is taking care of everything.

I'm just...

I'm thinking about going back.

Of course you're going back.

I mean, is it hard to get time off work?

Are they giving you a hard time?

No, I'm thinking about...

Moving back.

You mean moving out?

I don't know. Yeah, maybe.

Baby, look at me.

I'm not leaving you.

Okay? I'm just saying that...

I might be leaving.

You can come with.

We could get a big house for cheap.

Or we can stay with my brother.

I'm sure that'd be his dream come true.

He would really like you once he got to know you better.

I just started the new record with Pete.

I know.

GIL: I can't smoke pot in my own house.


You and Vicky sell the place.


What are you going to do on the weekends?

I don't know.

But I'm sure Vicky will find a way to spend the money.

Rent some place.

Private beach.

Would be nice.

You can afford it.

You would be welcome to come and stay.

Is this thing permanent?

Is anything permanent?

GIL: Vicky.


GIL: Vicky.

Yeah, babe.

Where is the shampoo?

It's right in front of you on the left.

I don't see it.

Oh, never mind. Here it is.

I like Andie. She is a catch, isn't she?


So, how are you feeling?

Are you still stoned out of your mind?


What did you say?

Seth was really upset before.

Uh, well, you know Seth. He gets like that.

You don't think you have anything to do with it?

What? Why am I on the stand all of a sudden?

This has nothing to do with us.

Maybe it has everything to do with us.

Have you ever heard of the word "respect."

You mean like R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

No, no. Be serious. Seriously.

You didn't even tell him you were selling the house.

Well, I was gonna work up to it. You know what, Gil.

I'm just too old for this shit.

Are we gonna make a family or aren't we?

I don't understand where this is coming from.

I... You said you wanted to stay, so we stayed.

That was before I realized you were gonna act with such neglect.

Neglect? Yeah.

Oh, I see. I see.

He is the little boy and I'm the, uh, neglectful father.

I get it. You know what?

Come to think of it. I'm not surprised that you took his side.

Really? And what side is that, Gil?

And what side is that, Gil? Enough with the questions.

You know what? You are right.

I'm just gonna sit here and enable you to transfer responsibility onto everybody else but yourself.

Oh, all right, with the analysis. It's ridiculous.

He's not 12 years old. He is an adult.

We are both adults. No, you are the father.

Gil, act like it.

I made an appointment.


When? Why would you do that?

Without talking to me.

I'm talking to you now.

No, you just went ahead and made that decision.

Somebody had to.

Can we not talk about this?

Right now?

Here. In the middle of all this.

There is no more time, Gil.

Time's up.

Honestly, I don't know if I can...

Take care of any more people.

Baby, we will take care of everyone together.


Yes. Really?

Like how you took care of me in the kayak?

Or how you took care of Seth when he was a kid, up in the tree house...

Oh, Seth... He almost got pneumonia.

He gave you the tree fort story?

With the flu and the...

Yeah, that's a classic. And you fell for it, I'm sure.

I wanna do this with you.

And I know you wanna do it with me.

So, why are you so worried?

'Cause I don't wanna end up like this.

Like what? Like you and Seth.

It's not one of those decisions you can just make and change your mind later.

I'm not changing my mind.

No one's changing his mind.

You sure? I'm sure.

GIL: You know, he used to sit there, on that rock when he was a kid.

For hours. Practicing.

And if he even thought, you might be listening, he would stop immediately, and wait for me to walk away.

I don't need another screwed up family.

Neither do I.

You checked for ticks? Ticks?

Mmm-hmm. I haven't checked for ticks.

No, you haven't checked for ticks?

Maybe I should check you for ticks. Yeah?

I know where you're going to start.

Come in.

Hey. The next train leaves in about 30 minutes.

Great. Thank you.

I appreciate it.

Are you okay?


It's nothing. It's just, you know...

It's like so many things at once and...

I'm kind of stepping on everyone's toes here.

So I think I should just probably take off tonight.

You know, I said the exact, same thing to Gil,

about 15 minutes ago.

Great minds think alike.

SETH: Hey.

GIL: Vicky.

VICKY: Yes, babe.

GIL: Have you seen my cell phone charger?

VICKY: It is right where you left it. GIL: There you are.

Have you seen my cell charger?

Did you move it? No.

VICKY: Then it's right where you left it.

GIL: It's not there. I didn't move it.

VICKY: Okay. Oh, um...

I found this. And, uh...

It's not Vicky's, so it must be yours.

Thank you. I was looking for that.

VICKY: Let's go find your charger. GIL: I didn't touch it.

What's in here?

I saw you hiding it.

SETH: You know what it is.

I want you to tell me.

Did you go back to that jeweler on Seventh Avenue?

It's the plain silver one? The one we looked at.

And that's why you brought me here.

Doesn't matter now. Of course it matters.

I can return it. No, you can't.

Why not?

Because you had them engrave some sort of funny poetic inscription on it.

How do you know?

Because that's what you would do.

I want...

Can I look at it?

Not unless you wanna buy it.

I don't know.

Then don't.

I don't even know what this means, like...

Hey. If you want that ride, we should go.


I think I'm actually going to stay, after all.


Do you really think I was gonna leave you all alone, so you could feel abandoned and blame me?

SETH: That's what's going to happen eventually.

Well, I don't know about that, but...

It's not gonna happen tonight, so...

I don't understand why we're doing this.

They're not going to think it tastes like anything.

Ow! Shit!

What? I cut myself. Oh.

The knife is so sharp. Are you okay?

Yeah. Can you, can you manage for a bit. I'm just gonna go deal with it.

How bad is it? Let me look.

I'm just gonna go clean it up.

Hey, Gil, are you in there? GIL: Yeah.

GIL: What's up?

Hey. Sorry to interrupt.

Um, I just sliced my finger off. GIL: What?

I, uh... Are you okay?

Did you clean it? I'm gonna.

I just, uh.

We're at a really critical phase of dinner prep and I'm kind of useless.


You think you could help him out down there?

Just for like, a little bit?

Me? Yeah.

What do I know about vegan cooking?

Don't worry, he'll tell you what to do.

Andie said you might need some help.

Um, where is she?

Oh, she cut herself. She sent me as a substitute.


Okay. You think you can, go make sure the grill is on?

Yes, Sir. Thanks.


Oh, shit.

Did you just yell something? Uh...


Okay, well, you're all set out there.Thanks.

What do you want to do with these?

It's best if you cut them long ways. Not circular.

It's good.

So, what's on the menu?

Um, a few things, actually.

This is a lentil dal. Indian kind of thing and then...


What's on the menu?

There's a lentil tomato thing there.

Then there's some greens.

Your work now is gonna be this ratatouille inspired vegetable thing.

That's what I'm making.

You're just grilling the vegetables.

I'll add them later but it's better when you grill the vegetables first.

Did you learn all this at those restaurants you worked at?


Hmm. Did you like it?

Oh, I hated it. It was awful.

GIL: I can imagine.

Well, it's a good thing you don't have to do that anymore.

I do.

Every now and then, I just pick up a shift when I'm a little short.


VICKY: Seth, I must say, I'm impressed.

GIL: And Gil. VICKY: And Gil.

ANDIE: I hope you realize that's organic quinoa, sauteed tofu, corn, cilantro, no animals, no additives.

It's one of Seth's signature dishes.

I know. I helped him make it.

Oh, we didn't tell you. We put extra butter in yours.

Just for you.

I'm sorry. All right? I'm sorry.

VICKY: Oh.I'm sorry. I'll get that.

ANDIE: I have a question.

Um, what's "derby"? You guys kept saying "derby."

We were on the uh, Housatonic, was it?

Class four water.

Class two at most.

It was big, wherever it was.

Seth did a roll and he came out of it and then I did a roll, then he did a roll, then I did a roll, and then at some point, Seth said, "It's like a roller derby."

And now, that's what you say when you come out of a roll.


Drove my sister nuts. She was just jealous of the boys.

Oh, here we go. No, you know, it's interesting, I was reading an article and this evolutionary biologist had this theory about why men are generally drawn to sports more.

The biology articles that he reads, are in Maxim.

No, but it's interesting. What did it say?

The article was saying that, there's a difference, in the evolution of the male and the female brain.

Basically dating back to like, hunter and gatherer times.

And men, were drawn more to activities that allowed them to exercise their judgment of spatial dynamics.

Like throwing a spear at a buffalo or whatever.

Throwing a pass to a wide receiver.

They had to judge all these different spaces and times and hit a moving target just right.

VICKY: And so, women are really good at finding the tomato in the refrigerator, because we're gatherers.

Makes perfect sense.

There might be some basis to the fact that our brains are different, just because all men seem to think that way.

No. Seth, is this true?

Seth claims women don't know how to step out of the wind.

What did you claim? I didn't claim anything.


Yeah. Maybe you should put that in one of your songs.

You know, I saw you down there today.

You should play them your new song.

It's, it's really good.

I haven't performed that one yet.

Yeah, but it'll be the perfect opportunity.

Yeah, well, after dinner, if you're up for it, maybe we can get a private concert?

I don't know. I mean I only have a guitar and it isn't... It's not...

I read that review of yours in the Voice.

SETH: You did? Yeah. Your dad showed it to me.

It was a well written review.

He was like a little boy, showing off his report card.

GIL: Okay. Now, when I get back tomorrow, I will take you over there and you can pick out a new one.

Any one you want.

All right?

All right, it's getting past your bedtime now, so here's your mom.

Good night, kid.

VICKY: Hi, sweetie.

No. No more computer games tonight, baby.

I love you, sweetie. Now go to bed.

Gil said that um...

I should open this. So...


What am I supposed to call him?


What are you doing?

I know how to put wood in fire.

Just hold on and... Oh.

Shit. Sorry.

It's fine. It's fine. Are you okay?

Where's the cut?

What? Maybe it just, it healed.

VICKY: Yoo-hoo.

I shouldn't have brought you here. VICKY: Hey guys!

How am I supposed to trust you?

Well, you didn't trust me before.

VICKY: Seth?

Is there a concert tonight or what?

Can you hold this? I just, I have to go to the bathroom.

Is everything okay?



You want some wine?

Oh, no. I'm all right. Glass is already poured.

God, it gets cold out here at night, doesn't it?

SETH: That's what the fire is for.

Turn up the thermostat?

Here, sit here. It's closer, it's warmer.

You're better?

Is it possible that it actually got colder.

Are you always this persnickety?



VICKY: I think these wide open spaces sort of...

Make me nervous.

The city just tricks you into feeling like you're not alone.

I don't think you're alone.

What do you want?

What do you mean?

Is this some sort of exchange where you let him fuck you and he helps provide for your kid?


Are you drinking?

I'm just holding it.

Your breath smells like wine.

I can have a glass of wine if I want, Gil.

Hold this for a second.

Old lady doesn't like it when I eat this stuff.

Adds an extra layer.

So you sneak it?

And by taking this spoon, you agree not to tell her.

Dad, I won't tell. What's the password?

Are you really doing this right now? Password.

You're seriously going to... What's the password?

Swordfish. Good man.

Remember that place on the corner?

The one in town, the ice-cream place? Yeah, I do.

That's the kind of place, you will never find ice-cream like that again, for the rest of your life.

That's it.

Forgot to bring the bug spray.

Here, try this. It's Andie's.


It says organic garlic and black pepper. Is that for vampires too?

You know, I'll take my chances.

You know what works really well?

Standing next to a woman. What?

Mmm-hmm. I don't know what it is, but their blood is different or something.

But women are like fly paper, did you ever notice that?

SETH: I don't know, every time I'm with Andie she complains about getting bitten.

GIL: Yeah. I only do when I'm by myself.

GIL: Pretty soon that'll be the only advantage to a heterosexual relationship.

I like Andie by the way, a lot.

Me too.

You like Vicky?




We're thinking of getting married.


It's a '97 Barolo, by the way.

How old is the kid?

He's eight.

Who is the father?

Not me. Some doctor, I don't know who. You wouldn't know him.

You like him? The kid?

He's a nice kid.



So, where is he this weekend?

Jake is with his dad.

That's crazy. I mean it's not...

Crazy, but it's just...

You know, I... I never would have guessed.

Oh, well.

I had him when I was younger than you.

Would it be okay...

Is it, is it weird if I asked you what happened with your marriage or...


What happened. What didn't happen.

You want my professional, or my personal opinion?

I want professional.

Okay. Um...

Where do I start?


Michael and I, we were...

Madly in love.

We thought that that meant we were strong.

And we decided to have a child.

And it's the most amazing thing.

Starting a family.

But you have to create space.

Like, literally create space.

So, all of a sudden, there's this little person and he's sleeping in bed with you.

It's like adding another lover.

Sounds like Seth's dream.

Hey there, it can be.

There's just so much that changes that you could not predict before you have kids.

You know, like...

You can't give each other the same amount of love.

It's weird. Like your love gets divided.


We weren't prepared for that.

And I think we just...

Couldn't accept that there was some part of our relationship that died.

And then resentment sets in, and...

You get the picture.


That's your professional opinion.

That's my professional opinion.

What's your personal opinion? He was an asshole.

No. I'm serious. It was like one morning, he just rolls over and says, "I don't think I am ready for this."

For what? Exactly. Like...

We already have a son.

You know, what's there to be ready for?

Sorry, I didn't mean to... No.

You're not the jerk that left.

Is that why you went for like, an older guy, because he'd already been through his mid-life crisis?

I guess I am his mid-life crisis.

What comes after the crisis? No, I... I.

I hadn't thought of it that way.

See, this is...

You're selling the house so you can take care of Vicky and the kid?

Not that simple.

Long vacations, pay for tennis lessons.

You never cash the checks I send you.

I don't need your money.

You didn't seem to mind taking it to pay for college.

So, this is how you try to make up for it?

Make up for what?

How things went with your first family.

Why would you say something like that to me?

What do you want me to say?

You sound just like your mother.

God, I am so sick and tired of being criticized, judged.

I just want to enjoy the rest of my life.

Did it ever occur to you, you might be happy for me?

There wasn't room for everyone in that family.

I'm different with Vicky. I can...


Actually feel good. She listens to me.

There isn't a whole life of mistakes and guilt between us.

Why do we have to talk about this?

We were having such a nice time.

Do you realize, this is the most we've ever talked?

Well, maybe there is a reason for that.

When you have kids, you will understand.

Understand what?

You can't talk about everything.


You know, if I ever I had kids, I was going to turn this into a hockey rink in the winters.

That would have been a good idea.

You said this would always be here.

I know. That was a long time ago.

Things change.

I have other people to think about now.

Do you ever think there's a difference between not saying something because there's nothing to say...

And not saying something because...

Well, there's just too much.

VICKY: Oh, God. Oh, God. GIL: What, what, what?

GIL: What happened? VICKY: What are we going to do?

ANDIE: She saw something. What did you see?

I don't know. I just saw a piece, but it was huge.

GIL: Where were you? ANDIE: She was inside, getting a glass of water.

In the house? Are you sure you saw something?

VICKY: Honey, what is the matter with you. We are in danger.

Well, you said it was in the house.

VICKY: Well, what if it came outside. What if there are others.

Relax, will you. It's probably just a raccoon.

VICKY: Well, what? Are you just gonna leave me here?

All right. Come on.

ANDIE: Oh, shh. I think I hear something.

You're fucking with us. We are not fucking with you.

GIL: Probably just a raccoon.

VICKY: It is not a raccoon.

It's probably just a raccoon. VICKY: It's not a raccoon!

Holy shit.

Holy shit!

That is so cool. VICKY: Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. He's going to make a fucking mess in there.

VICKY: Gil, there is a bear in our house.

What are we gonna do? I think we don't do anything.

VICKY: What? What?

GIL: I don't...

Don't knock that lamp over.

Oh, my God.

It's probably more scared of us than we are of it.

I don't think that's possible.

Where did it go?

You think it came outside?

Well, Gil, don't you have a gun or something?

A gun?

I'm a member of the Audubon Society.

Well, can you call somebody?

My phone's in the house.

Well, what are we gonna do? Just stay calm!

Everyone, just stay calm.

We'll go look in from the other side of the house.

Just... Come on. It's gonna be fine. Just be smart.

GIL: Come on.

Come on!

GIL: Shh! Shh!

So, we're gonna just keep walking around trying to draw its attention?

Just relax. This is insane!

Just relax.

VICKY: What are we doing?

Oh, it's spilling all over the goddamn wood floor.

Is there oil in there?

It's organic.

Extra virgin, cold pressed... ANDIE: Gil!

ANDIE: ...unrefined.

What the hell does that mean?

It means it's really green. Fuck!

Really? These floors can't be damaged.

VICKY: Come on, Gil! What?

Focus. On what?

Protecting me and your child.

GIL: It's, uh...

Early still.

I didn't want you to find out like this up here.

SETH: Any other children you failed to mention?

No, Seth. Of course not.

VICKY: We haven't told anyone yet.

You know, you can play 30-year-old all you want.

You can get a new house. You can get a new wife. You can get a new...

...son, but, I can't get a new dad.

I wish I could.

You know how many times I've called you and hung up?

How many emails I've written and never sent because I knew you wouldn't respond?

You think this just happened to you?

You think this has been easy for me?

That is a total cop out. You have never done anything to try to fix anything.

What would have been good enough for you?

There's nothing that would have been good enough for you.

Nothing was ever good enough for you.

You know, we both made a choice.

You didn't choose me and I didn't choose you.

And maybe that was a mistake and maybe it wasn't.

Fuck it. I'm gonna go scare this thing out of there.

Wait. Wait. Gil. SETH: Yeah, that's a real responsible thing to do with a new baby on the way.

You know, I don't need a lecture on responsibility from you.

You're the reason the bear's in the house in the first place.

How the hell do you figure that?

Why do you think we have a bear-proof garbage can?

So you can just throw shit near it and leave it on the ground?

Why didn't you leave it a fucking invitation?

The trash can was a mess when we got here.

I'm the one who started cleaning it.Yeah.

And it was what?

The tooth fairy that left the wet towels on the bathroom floor?

What difference does it make?

The house is sold anyway, right?

Why not let it just be a mess?

Why do you care if it's sold? You never come up here.

You're just waiting for me to die so you can have the place.

I come up here all the time. I just usually do a much better job of making sure that I don't run into you.

Will you guys please stop acting like children?

Oh, will you please just stay out of this, all right?

We don't need your help. Stop trying to help.

GIL: That was a $320 German casserole dish.


What? Do something.

Hey. If you're so worried about your goddamn baby, what are you doing drinking wine?

It was probably that vat of syrup that you spilled all over the deck.

I didn't spill the syrup. He did.

Whose side are you on anyway? VICKY: There are no sides.

No, you please stay out of this.

Hey, don't talk to her like that.

This isn't her family. It is her family now.

Shut up! VICKY: Enough!


I'll put this in the trash.

What you doing in here?

Just looking around.

It's held up pretty well, hasn't it?


So, why the hell did you wanna come up here this weekend?

I, uh...

I wanted to maybe talk to Andie about getting married.

And then I showed up

and spoiled all the fun.

I don't think I can actually blame you for this one.

Oh, well.

I'm sure you'll...

Work it out.

There's no reason to rush into anything, you know.

There's plenty of time.

I wish somebody had told me that when I was...

Your age.

It goes on and on.

Watch your step there.

Gil, thanks for having us.

It was nice meeting you.

And, um, nice meeting you.


Seth, it was great, finally, to meet you.Yep.

And spend some time.


All right.

Here, here, here. Take some, uh...

Take some gas money.

I don't need any money.

Let me give you some gas money.

I don't need that.

I know you don't need it, but...

I'm giving it to you.

Thank you.