In the Bedroom (2001) Script

I love it here.

I know you do.

I can feel my life, you know?

...pitch to Aderberg, and fall over the outside corner of the field.

He was expecting a home run. Pryor didn't say anything.

Morning, Dr. Fowler. Morning, Natalie.

How you doing, boys? Great!

Hey, Duncan, sure you don't wanna go?

You wanna get in here? No, he wants to stay here.

Scootch up, get in the middle there.

Come on.

Bye, Dr. Fowler. Bye.

You don't wanna wave goodbye?

You don't wanna wave goodbye?

Sweetie, what do you want for breakfast?


...WEPI, Red Sox Radio Network.

You've been listening to Red Sox Replay.

The USS Camden repeat broadcast of Boston Red Sox baseball... has been brought to you by George C. Hollison of Rockland... in business in Midwest since 1940.

There you go.

Oh, boy!

You see what happened to this poor fella?

What? Well, look. He lost an arm.

The trap has nylon nets called "heads".

Two side heads to let the lobster crawl in.

And inside, what's called a bedroom head holds the bait... and keep him from escaping. You know the old saying:

"Two's company, three's a crowd"? Well, it's like that.

More than two of these in a bedroom and something like that's happen.

That's why Frank can't leave these traps for more than a day.

Dad. Show him this one.

Now, the older females, like this old gal... are the most dangerous especially when they're growing berries.

Berries? Yeah, eggs.

She can take out two males, no problem.

That's when you get a lobster you can't sell.

But this fine lady, she has it easy... because the state says we have to let her go.

Okay, now... you think you can handle this?

Are you sure?

Okay, go ahead.

Put him in the tank.


Higher, higher! Higher!

I'll swing you higher.

Is that high enough? Yep.

Ruth hates these. What?

I got the wrong kind of buns. Maybe we could borrow hers.

What I would give to have back my youth.

Well, Willis, you never had that in your youth.

You can go play.

Father, you made it.

If I don't get to see you fellas here, I don't get to see you at all.

You want a beer?

No. I'm gonna go see if you mom needs any help, okay?

All right, good luck.

Excuse me. Can I help you with anything here?

You can hand me that bowl, dear. Great.

This one here? Yes, thank you.

I'm looking forward to that concert on Labor Day.

The music's so unusual.

It's haunting, really.

It is, isn't it?

How did you learn about that... At Brown.

I did my thesis on Eastern European folk music.

I thought about becoming a teacher. Why didn't you?


Yeah, what are you eating? Nothing.

Is it good? Yeah.

Swing me, swing me!

Okay, I'll swing you, Dunc. I'll be right back.

So Mr. Strout mentioned you again. I'll bet he did.

Still talks about you. Says you're the best can-packer he ever had.

Says you looked cute in that hairnet.

Excuse me, boys. An offering. Here, Father. Thank you.

That's what Charles Senior is doing and...

Becky went to the hairdressing academy after high school.

Of course, after she got married... she decided she wanted to stay home with the boys, you know.

She still loves doing hair, though.

Where do you go, Father?

I just go to Supercuts.

You can't request the same girl at Supercuts.

The boys are having a great time.

It was good of you to do this for them.

She hasn't brought them before cause she's embarrassed. She shouldn't be.

I wish you hadn't put up that monstrosity.

We'll have to take it apart later. The swing?

The swing.

Come on, Ruth! He's a kid. What do you expect?

"Happy birthday, here's a box. Drag it around for awhile!"

He's a kid, he's like me. He wants it now.

Oh, the cake!


Happy birthday, boy. Come here! Daddy, Daddy!

Yeah, Duncan!

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Duncan Happy birthday to...

Mom, I don't wanna go.

Mom, I don't wanna go.

Shit. What's he doing here?

Hey, Jase. Come on over here, buddy.

Daddy's taking us to the arcade.

I told you he'd come, buttface.

Jason, don't do that to your brother. Want me to do that to you?

We're supposed to meet at the house at 6:30.

I thought we were meeting here.


You're welcome to stay and have some food. My dad's cooking.


Should we do something?

No. It's okay.


...I'll see you later, then. Okay.

A little while.

She's not divorced yet, you know.

It's the same thing. Maine has crazy laws, that's all.

Anyway, he loves her boys.

God, you don't think... No, he's not gonna marry her.

Well, then what's he doing with her?

She probably loves him.

Girls always have. Let's just leave it at that.

Well, he won't listen to me.

I've asked him 3 times to dismantle that swing set.

Leave it up. Looks like a young couple lives here.

Well, he needs his head in school, not in her.

So to speak.

It would help if you were on my side.

I can be on your side.

I've got a needle!

I've got a needle! You don't need those.

Mr. and Mrs. Adamson?

You can put your shirt back on now.

Yesterday he was up and around all afternoon... but today he tumbled.

He's fallen twice, I have all I can do to get him up.

He's weak.

Said when he couldn't work no more, he didn't want to live.

So, for awhile he sat and just mended our nets... but he can't do that no more.

How's you dad, Matt? Oh, I'm sorry, doctor.

Now, Elwyn, you remember. Jesse Fowler passed away a while ago.

We were at his funeral, remember?

Back in an hour, Janelle. I forgot my lunch.

Starting to become a habit.

You just missed him, Matt! He went home for lunch today.

Right. I forgot, he's got an interview.




Yeah, Dad.

What are you doing here? I thought you were in Boston for an interview.

No. It was rescheduled.

Hi, Dr. Fowler.

Oh, hi.

Where are the boys?

They're with my mom.

Do you like coleslaw?

Have some more.

You sure?

We gotta...

Come on, son!

There, I see him right there! Hands up, chin up.

Mom, I want to play! All right, all right.

Mom, there's Frank! Here's your hat.

Wave, you guys.

Mom, hurry up, I'm late! I'm hurrying.

Mom, I want to play. All right, you'll play too.

But first watch...

Frank, did you tell your mom how good it was?

How good what was?

Frank had quite a time this afternoon.

Loved you coleslaw. Ate enough for two.

Well, that's what it's for.

Hot dogs? Yeah, I'll take one.

So, how are the kids? Things okay?

Yeah, they're fine.

Good. That's good.

How was your interview?

It was great. Good.

Jason? Jason!


She's such a brave girl. That's it. You're driving me nuts.

I've had lots of girlfriends and...

I don't understand why this one's any different.

I know you don't.

We're not serious, Ma.



It's a summer thing.

I see.

How'd did you get in this time? Chimney.

Thank you.

What can I help you with?

I was just dropping that off for Jason.



I didn't know where he'd want to put it.

It's about time he got it. What am I gonna do with it?

It's really gonna mean a lot to him. He's really been improving lately.

Yeah, so I heard.

It would have been nice if you'd come to his game.

Well, I just got your message.

Where are they? With him?

That's none of your business.

They're my boys, but they're none of my business.

You know what I mean.

I was thinking about moving back.

Here. With you and the boys.

What are you talking about?

What am I talking about? About moving back, that's what.

I know what you're thinking. It's different now.

How's the job? Your father take you back on at the cannery?

That's funny. Still getting checks, aren't you?

Do I have to call my father's accountant?

Did you see my new rig out there?

It's really nice.

It's not exactly new. I traded David the truck for it.

Got room for all of us. Good grocery-getting car.

You wanna take a ride?

Richard, you don't change. You don't change, do you?

Change? No.

No, I don't change.

Everything around me changes.

You change.

You take my house... and you take my kids... and you fuck this other guy.

But me, I don't change at all.

It's not your house. Oh, really?

No. And as far fucking goes... who answered the phone the other morning?

She... Doesn't matter! It's not working!

Nat, I just want a chance.

For what? So you can pretend to be a real father for a few days, and...

I am their real father! I am their father.

No, Richard. You know what defines a father? It's what he does.

Not what he promises.

It's being a positive, consistent presence.

A positive, consistent presence.

What does that mean?

I just don't get it.

But I'm not fucking a college boy, am I?

Look, you...

Can you just go now? I don't want you here when they get back.

You wouldn't want that?

No, you have to leave now.


I'll see you later, Richard. Goodbye, Nat.

I've ignored our difference in age, but you play with those blocks.

I'm gonna start to worry.

You're not looking at the house. Look.

It's not all mine, it's part Mack.

What Mack was trying to achieve was a common area in the center.

Large open spaces aren't unique to Mack... but the idea of separating the family... so that the parents were on one side and the kids are on the other side.

So they all spill into the center. It's brilliant. It's...

I'm boring you, aren't I?

I was just thinking.

About what?

About you.


What if I wait a year?


A year won't make a difference. You can't do that, Frank.

Why not? I've thought a lot about this.

I have, and...

No. You...

You told me it takes forever just to establish yourself.

Exactly. So what's a year in forever?

That's twisted logic.

Do you know what Duncan said to me today?

You wouldn't be changing the subject, would you?

He said, "Frank, I don't think Jason really understands girls".

Oh, he didn't. He did.

Understands girls.

What did you say?

I just didn't know what to say to that.

I said, "Give him time, Duncan, he'll come around".

If this is how he is now, then we're in trouble.

What is this? Action Man?

Richard gave it to Dunc for his birthday.

Very good.

Okay, it's 7:30. We should stop now.

Now remember, when you sing these words... the way we feel about the harbor is the way... the Balkans felt about the River Sava.

And listen to your tapes.

"Moilih Ta" is still very rough and we've got a 40-minute... program to have ready by Labor Day.

Labor Day.

And Anna? Yeah, Mrs. Fowler?

Next time, duck.



Is it acid? What are you putting in there?

My God, what happened? Frank, hold still.

Dad. This was her husband, wasn't it?

Ex. He dropped in.

You gonna press charges?

What's to stop him from doing it again?

Did you hit him at all? Tell me you hit him.

Just so he doesn't do it again. I don't think I touched him.

Jesus! Dad. dad. So what are you gonna do?

Take karate. That is not the problem.

Mom, you know you like her. I like a lot of people, Frank.

What about the boys? Did they see it?

No, they were asleep.

Did you leave her alone with him?

He left first. She was yelling at him...

I believe she had a skillet in her hand.

For God's sakes. Did you call the police?

Not yet. You didn't call them?

Well, I just got in. When did I have the chance to call the police?

Where's the phone? No, Mom. Don't call them!

They'll come over and scare the kids.

You gotta call them. It was a scuffle, wasn't serious.

Like the relation isn't serious. Ruth, now is not the time.

When is the time? After he knocks him into a coma?

This is stopping now. Oh, really?

Come fall, you're on a plane. Are you taking them with you?

What are the boys gonna think when you just disappear?

Easy, Mom.

Frank, this is not some sweetie from Vassar you can visit on holidays.

You're not in this alone.

And the sooner you end it, the better.

What are we gonna do? I don't know.

Well, you gotta talk to him, Matt.

I don't know.

Maybe he's right about scaring the kids.

Why don't we just sleep on it, deal with it tomorrow?

Are you gonna call the police or do I have to?

I just told you what I think. If you want to call them, call them.

It's not the first time she's played around, you know.

She's not with the guy anymore. No, I mean from before.

What do you mean? You've heard the same things.

You seem to forget. I don't take my lunches in the teachers' lounge.

Maybe he still loves her.

Best part of the cod.

The outsiders, they won't touch it.

The summer fishermen. They're part-timers like Frank here.

Get in your hair.

As many as 80% of them now with licenses.

Should put up a sign: "Stay in your own back yard, or lose your traps".

Henry is just sore because I catch about twice as much as he does... with an old second-hand Boudreau.

Now don't you listen to him, son. That boat is fine. She was my first.

I kind of miss her sometimes. And that truck you're driving.

When you heading back to school, Frank?

Hello, Dr. Fowler.

How you doing, Jason? Good.

What'd you pull?

Not too bad. About 40 pounds.

I haven't caught sight of you in days.

You know where to find me. When are you coming home?

Has it come to this?

Come to what?

You having to run errands for Mom.

I'm thinking of building a couple hundred more traps.

See if I can do better than break even.

It'll take you more then 2 years to get an off-season license.

Unless Henry takes me on as his stern man.

You think he'd do that? Maybe.

It's as good a life as any.

It was good enough for your father.

And sometimes things just skip a generation.

You don't think...?

You don't think you might need something more?

Why? So I can have an Ivy League education like you, and...?

If it's so great, why do you sneak out every day to come here?

I like spending time with my son.

I don't know, Dad.

It's just... I don't know.

She's a wonderful girl.

And that's what I see.

Frank! How long will you be parked here?

I'd like to unload.

Give me a hand? Yeah, sure.

You can't hypnotize the cards into changing, Matt.

Christ! Bet, or Carl'll start.

"The beggar's dog and the widow's cat...

Feed them and thou wilt grow fat.

The gnat sings his summer's song, poison gets from slander's tongue.

The poison of the snake and newt is the sweat of envy's foot.

The poison of the honey bee is the artist's jealousy. "

All right, Carl. Two bucks.

I tell you, man, you gotta get out of this Blake thing.

You're in a rut. Don't get him started.

Whenever I do my own stuff, you guys bitch and moan.

That's not true. We love your stuff. It's great.

Carl? I'm in.

Everybody in? Frankie, you in?

Guess I'm the winner.

Always the quiet ones.


Come on. Come on.

Don't mind me. Your father's snoring.

Eat. You must be hungry.

I'm not hungry.


So you talked to her?

And? How is she?

She's great.

Frank, I just want to tell you that we...

That I liked her.

Do like her.

She's a wonderful girl.

Ma, you're not gonna have this conversation with me... right now, are you?

Good night. Good night.


All right. No, that's fine, sir, I'll send right away.

Okay. I'm very excited. I'm...

It's a beautiful campus and I'm preparing already.

Yes, Thank you, thank you, sir.

Yes, well, compared to your models...

It doesn't compare to your models, but...

I am. I'm aware of the Lautner house.

Yeah. Excuse me, sir, can you hold on one second?


Jase, what is it?

Okay, Jason, stay put.

I'll be right there. Stay put.

He just... he just pushed me.

He didn't hit me. He didn't hit you?

Great. We should throw a party for him. He didn't hit you.

We're calling the police. No, wait, wait!

We're calling the police. No, I don't...

I don't know what I want to do.

I hate this. I hate the kids seeing this.

I don't know what to do! Listen.

It's okay, it's okay.

I'm here now. I'm here now. It's all right.

I'm not going anywhere.


It's all right.


Go upstairs with the kids. No. Frank...

I'm not letting him in the house! Go upstairs!

It's better if he doesn't see you. Go upstairs!

Don't let him in. Don't let him in.

Go. Frank, don't let him in.

Open the door!


Frank, buddy. You in there?

Sorry about what happened. All right?

I apologize. I'm sorry about what happened. Now open the door.

Richard, leave. Open up.

Leave now! I'm not letting you in. Open the door!

She left! And I'm calling the police if you don't leave.

Just go.

All right. All right.

Get out, motherfucker!

Read him a story, I'll be right back.

I don't want to stay here! You have to.

You have to stay here! Look at me! You're staying here, okay?

Read him a story.

Where is she?

You're fucking lying! Where is she? Natalie!

Put that away! Put that away!


There's a Mrs. Strout on line two. She says it's very important.



"Your fear of death is but the trembling of the shepherd... when he stands before the king... whose hand is to be laid upon him in honor.

Is the shepherd not joyful beneath his trembling... that he should wear the mark of the king?

Yet is he not more mindful of his trembling?

For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind... and to melt into the sun?

And what is it to cease breathing... but to free the breath from its restless tides... that it may rise and expand and see God unencumbered?

Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.

And when you have reached the mountaintop... then you shall begin to climb.

And when the earth shall claim your limbs... then shall you truly dance. "

Can I get you anything?

Where's Ruth? She went to lie down, Matt.

Excuse me.

My next guest is a very talented man who'll perform live this month... at the Montreal Comedy Festival, "Just For Laughs".

Please welcome Anthony Clark!

Some more?

How we doing? So nice! Waw!

They're good people. They're all-yare.

Some of them were packing, but we've cleared that up.

That's good. So, what's been on?

Actually I've been out with Ricky Martin "Living the Vida Loca".

When you hang out with Ricky people speak Spanish to you... and I think that's cool after three years of Spanish in high school...

Matt, I'm gonna go to lunch.

Can I get you anything?

No, I'm fine.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm okay.


Don't worry. I didn't make them.

I wanted cheese. What? Oh! That's mine.


You got back to work so quick. It's no too soon?

I can't stay home.

So, how's business? You know. Same old crap.

Got held up again. You know that.

No, I didn't. Yeah. They got 75 bucks.

Were you on the till?

They'd have gotten something else if I'd been on the till.

So how you doing? You don't write or call. Where'd the love go?

Nag, nag, nag.

They set the bail hearing yet?

Sometime in the next few days. Are you going?

I don't know.

Davis says it's a formality, really.

I haven't talked with Ruth about whether or not we ought to go.

If it's too much for Ruth, I'll come with you.

Thanks. It'll be all right.

Davis says it's a formality.

The criminal trial set yet?

October. October?

That's what they tell me. Christ, they take their time.

He's in there now. They're keeping him busy, I'm sure.

You know where they'll move him once he's sentenced?

You got any tabasco?

Anita! Tabasco!


Next weekend we really want you to come up to the camp.

Katie's insisting. Not to pressure you, but if you don't come... she'll invite her sister and that idiot, and...

I'll wind up insulting him again.

The future of my family is in your hands.

Let me ask Ruth.

How was your day? Fine.

I had lunch with Willis.

It was really great to see him. My day was fine too, thanks.

Sorry, did you say something?

Katie and Willis invited us up to the camp for the weekend.

I said I'd check with you, in case we were doing something else.

That sounds fine.

We don't have to go.

You don't want to?

Yeah, I want to.

Then tell them yes.

I thought you might be busy getting the girls ready.

Al right. The next matter is the state of Maine vs. Richard Strout.

The record should reflect the defendant was... incarcerated in Knox County Jail without bail since... the 17th of July. We're here for a bail hearing.

Mr. Davis, given the fact we have a very crowded trial calendar...

I suggest we do both bail hearing and probable cause hearing today... at 2:OO. So unless I hear any objection on the contrary...

I'd like to set it for 2:OO... and we will take testimony of your witness at that time.


I closed the door.

I walked through my room.

I heard some yelling. I heard yelling. Heard yelling.

I got to the stairs...

and then I heard...

I heard the shot.

And Richard... I'm sorry.

Richard... Could we go back just a minute?

Mrs. Strout, you said you heard the shot.

You heard the shot? Did you actually witness the accident?

Objection. There are no grounds to indicate this was an accident.

Sustained. Strike the word "accident" from the record.

Rephrase your sentence, Ms. Keyes.

Mrs. Strout, in the police report you stated... that you had witnessed the firearm discharge.

Did you witness the firearm discharge?

I thought you said there'd be a jury trial sometime in October.

If he was incarcerated... the judge would have set an October court date... to save the county the cost of housing him as an inmate.

But with bail, unfortunately, the court date is always later.

You mean there's nothing we can do about this?

You let him walk out, and we're supposed to sit here?

We can't appeal bail. It's just not set up that way.

The state's bail code is to ensure future court appearances.

In this case, Strout's family put up a great amount of property as bail.

That, along with his ties to the community... made it hard to convince the judge there was a risk of flight.

Now, you can file a civil suit. I recommend it.

But not now. After the criminal trial.

And when will that be?

Well, honestly, could be anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

My God.

You're confident you can put him away for good then, right?

The things she said in there.

What's the damage?

The way this is going, potentially... manslaughter.

Jesus Christ!

He killed our son!

He... It was no accident! Ruth, Ruth.

How long will he be sent away for?

That's hard to say. Anywhere from 5 to 15 years.

But we're confident we'll get the maximum.

So even with good behavior... -5, 10 years? Are you crazy?

Dr. Fowler, Mrs. Fowler, I'm sorry.

I understand. No, you don't.

No, you don't.

Doctor, what were you expecting? I have no idea.

Dr. Fowler, how do you feel about Strout's bail?

Dr. Fowler, have you had contact with Mr. Strout?

How's Mrs. Fowler handling this?

Dr. Fowler! Please! No more questions.

Can you believe this?

I ask those idiots to leave and no one budges, not one.

What are we supposed to do, make them sandwiches?

What are you asking for? What?

If you want them to leave, tell them to leave.

Okay, I'll tell them to leave. Good.

They never come up to the standard.

And so they're always disappointed. Always.

They're never doing enough or working hard enough... they never behaved right enough, were never a good enough father... or husband. And not only can they not please themselves... sad to say, nobody else can please them either.

You slept late. For you. Yeah, I took one of your pills.

You never do that.

Well, there it is in black and white.

You should read some of the things he says. It's unbelievable.

I'd better be going.

Where? It's Saturday.

There's some stuff I have to catch up on at the office.

I won't be long.

Do you want your receipt?


I hope I'm not disturbing you.

Not at all.

Could you break a 50, please?

Excuse me.

Thank you, dear. Could I possibly have another bag?


Yeah, well, I was just...

Just wondering how you're doing.

I tried to reach you.

We're at my mom's house now.

I wanted to call you. No, that's... It's okay.

Dr. Fowler, I...

Yeah, I know.

I didn't lie.

I didn't lie the first time. It was...

It's how it came out.

Mrs. Fowler?

Can I get a pack of Marlboro Reds?

How are the boys?

They all right?

I gotta go.

I'll see you.

So how much of this is yours?

You ask me that every time.

You know the cove on the other side of the cabin?

All the way to the other shoreline. Almost 350 acres.

Know what it went for when I bought it?

You don't want to know.

Oh, and that's little Charles down at the pool.

He figured out how to get down to the pool on the elevator... by himself.

You must have been very proud.

That's Shannon waiting in line for, Oh, my God, that roller coaster.

You know that one? My God. Were the lines very long?

Sometimes. 60 minutes and upwards.

Unless, of course, you got the... Fast Pass.

What's the Fast Pass?

Well, you know, you got all these different kingdoms there.

So you take this Fast Pass. It's kind of a laminated card.

You put into a machine, and it tells you when to come back so... so, you know, you don't have to wait in line. You just go right in and...

You guys ever go to Florida?

How many grand children do you have now?

Well, all right, there's little Charles and Shannon... the three older ones, and the babies...

That's eleven.

It must be wonderful.

Willis always says, "I guess there's no danger of us dying off".

I'm so sorry, Ruth.

I just wasn't thinking.

I wanted to have more.

But we had Frank, and...

Matt was just starting his practice.

So I guess it made sense.

Little Charles.

Only half acord of oak left at home... and you know how much that Daniels charges.

At least I can stack this up to the cabin... have something to burn this fall.

It's a wonderful product and they treat you pretty good.

Because of selling Mary Kay we got the new Subaru.

The ride up was very comfortable. It's a nice car.

It's not really a car, it's got 4- wheel drive. It's a little SUV.

What the hell is all that SUV crap? Sports Utility Vehicle.

It's a little jeep. SUV!

And ATV, and KFC...

What's with all these, these...? Acronyms.

I guess it's just too much trouble to say what something is anymore.

What does PMS stand for? All right, I was an army brat.

I grew up with jeeps. Willy's uncomfortable... that I know more about one masculine thing than he does.

Only one?

Thanks, buddy. I like this guy.

You've done a nice job up here, Katie.

Don't tell me you made these curtains.

Is that antique linen? Well, sort of.

They're pillowcases from our first house.

I've saved every knickknack and whim-wham we've ever had.

You included.

My timing is off.

Of course, he don't like working in recruitment anymore.

Them boys come to the office in the mall.

They get half-processed, and they opt for that "delayed entry".

I couldn't do it. Or they decide not to join up.

Like that one kid there. He had him all the way through the works.


The boy's folks called.

Called David and said the boy was...

He wanted out so bad that he... he'd taken his own life.

Something like that gets to you.

Christ, I couldn't do it.

I'm going now.

Are you looking forward to going back?

You look nice.

That was very good. I goofed up a little bit, but...


It comes in waves...

and then nothing.

Like a rest in music.

No sound, but so loud.

I don't know what to do. I feel so angry!

Louise McVey...

Lost a child a few years back. Maybe you remember.

She had four. It was the youngest, wasn't it?

She told me about a vision she had... when she found out her daughter had died.

She saw herself at a great distance from the Earth... and encircling it, an endless line.

As she got closer... she saw that it was made up of mothers traveling forward.

She felt into line and began walking with them.

When they reached a certain point the line divided... and she said she knew... that all the millions of women on her side... were the mothers who had lost children.

She seemed to find great comfort in that.

How did the little girl die?

A drowning, some kind of swimming accident.

The name of the game is Texas Chase' Em.

Oh, jeez. Is there a problem?

Why delude yourself with that crap?

What? We're not in Vegas.

It's 5-a-card draw or 7-card stud.

That's what I said. 5- a-card draw, jacks to open.

Carl? Asshole.

I'll bet a buck.

Raise a buck.

Say something, for Christ sake.

Quit pussyfooting around me.

You want me to stare at these cards all night?

"There are things of which I may not speak.

There are dreams that cannot die.

There are thoughts that made the strong heart weak... and bring a pallor into the cheek... and a mist before the eye...

and the words of that fatal song... come over me like a chill:

'A boy's will... is the wind's will... and the thoughts of youth... are long, long thoughts'."

Okay, you got the two.

I'm in there. I'll take one.

Okay. I'm gonna need...

I need them all. Three.

Make them good. They're good, all right.

You know where we're going?

It's a surprise.


No. I'm sorry, that's totally unacceptable.

Yeah, so what did he say?

No, we can't allow that.

Hold on. Excuse me. Ryan Collit's out there.

His mother just brought him in. I'll call you later, okay?

I'll be back at 4, Janelle.

Sorry, Dr. Fowler, but you just missed him. Thank you.

I really need to see him. He go to lunch?

That's right.

He's across the street.

Thank you.


Have a seat. Thank you.

My assistant, Jack. Hi, Jack.


This is Ed.

Matt Fowler. So how's everything going?

It's okay, you know...

I just wanted to go over a couple of things, and...

When you've had your lunch. Sure.

We're doing everything we can, Matt. I promise.

What can I do, Bill? There's nothing, really.

Look, it can't be manslaughter. There's got to be something.

Can't you find something?

Like some piece of evidence? Doesn't that happen?

We're doing everything we can. But I'm not going to lie to you.

All we've got is Strout, and he claims there was a struggle.

Forensics can't determine that cause of the condition of the house.

The best thing for you to do is just sit tight.

Now, we haven't thrown in the towel yet, and you shouldn't either.

We have two investigators working on this case.

It's still a priority case for us.

We've got leads we're following up on... we've got a lot of things to do before we wrap this up... and we're doing the best we can with the resources that we have.

You've gotta hang in there with us. You have to have some confidence.

He nails these bats above this scale... because Bigmouth's gonna come in with his catch, you know?

An old-timer says, "Ivan, what the hell are you doing?"

The old man says, "Sending a message", and he walks out.

I walk in, there's these damn baseball bats up on the wall, right?

With a big note written right across the front of them!

What'd it say?

"Here's the bats, if you got the balls. "

He never messed with our traps again.

Hey, Dr. Fowler.

Hi, Tim.

Did he ever...

Did he ever talk to you about what happened that day?

I don't even see Richard anymore.

And he'd never tell me anything anyway. Believe me.

Sure, sure. Of course not. I was just wondering if... maybe you heard something through the grapevine.

Maybe one of his buddies said something?

I was thinking. His brothers still work with you, right?

They must talk.

What I'm saying is, if we could find something... just something concrete.

I could be just a slip of the tongue.

I'll keep my ears open.

Thank you.

It's funny running into you. Here, Dr. Fowler.

You know, well...

I was hoping we could talk.


I wanted to tell you how truly sorry I am... and... if there's anything that I can ever... do to...

talk with you...

I better get back to the grind. Don't steal anything.

Hello, Mrs. Fowler.

Anything else? A pack of Marlboro Lights.


Now, that will be $14,95 with the cigarettes.

Thank you.

How did it go today?

Something wrong? Wrong?

What could be wrong, Matt?

What do you want? I want to know what's going on.


You're obviously upset. Is there something we can talk about?

Talk? Who, us?

What if somebody walked in?

They wouldn't recognize us. They'd think they were in the wrong house.

Do you want to talk or not? You mean about our dead son?

We haven't before. Why should we bother now?

What can I do, Ruth?

Forget it, Matt.

Why don't you just go?

What do you want from me?

I want you to stop acting like nothing's happened.

That's what I want.

Because I'm not hitting the walls? That would require feelings.

We don't want you to hurt yourself.

Do me a favor. You want a grieving contest, go find someone else.

I know how you grieve. Go have another beer.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

What do you know?

You know nothing. You don't know what I go through.

No, I don't know what you go through or if you go through anything!

But that's your choice, dear, not mine.

You're right. My choice is not to scream at the world.

Maybe one of us has to be reasonable here.


Gee, Matt...

I don't know about you, but I miss my son.

I'm glad you have time for reason.

That's what you imparted to Frank, that sense and reason.

He thought you were very reasonable.

What are you talking about?


Are you saying that I... that I'm the one responsible?

Is that it? Well...

Let me tell you something. Let me tell you: you got it backwards!

I know what you think, that I was too lenient!

That I let him get away with... Everything!


And why didn't he come to you? He wouldn't listen to me!

No, he wouldn't! He didn't trust me.

Because you never listened to him. No, but you did.

You were winking at him the whole time. You encouraged him.

You wanted what he had. Her.

My God, you've gotta be kidding! You know it!

You wanted it and you couldn't get it. That's why you didn't stop him.

So you could get your kicks through your son.

You can't admit the truth to me or to yourself... that Frank died for your fantasy piece of ass!

You want to know why our son is dead? You really want to know?

He was with her not because of me. He went there because of you.

Yes, he did. Because you are so controlling... so overbearing... so angry that he was it! That he was our only one.

That is not true! Yes, it is. Yes, it is.

Even when he was a kid, you were telling him how he was always wrong.

I remember. One time you yanked him out of a Little League game... and sent him home... for throwing his glove in the dirt.

He was what? 9 years old!

Everything he did was wrong.

Well, what was wrong with him, Ruth?

You're... you're so unforgiving.

You are. That's what he said.

And you're pulling the same shit with me.

And that's a horrible way to be. It's horrible.

You're bitter, Ruth.

Point your finger at me all you like... but take a damn good look at yourself.

I just wanted to talk about what happened, Matt.

You want me to be open with you, embrace you?

You scare me.

How can I talk to you? Sometimes I...

Sometimes I can't even look at you.


That's probably the police.

Hi. I'm Kristen Gellar from the Rockland Gymnastics Association.

We're selling brand-name candy.

Each purchase is matched by the Tandy Corporation... to help us meet our goal of traveling to Oahu... to compete in the East/West conference.

Okay, I'll take some.

Oh, and today we have a special. Six bars for ten dollars.

Okay, I'll do that.

Should I hold something? Could you hold this? Thank you.

Okay, there's the ten. Thank you.

Here. You can pick anything you want.

Any six?


what I said just now...


I had no right.

No one...

No one should ever have to hear stuff like that.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

You're right, Matt.

I am horrible.

Please, please, please don't.

I don't blame you.

It's just...

That girl came by the school...

and I couldn't forgive her.

I was...

I was so...

I'm sorry.

I've been so...

I've been so angry.

That's okay.

It's just...

I've seen him. I keep seeing him.

I know. I...

I know. In his room, you know, sometimes I can swear he's there.

And today, at a stoplight...

...I could've sworn Frank... Not Frank.


And I don't know what to do.


Where did you see him?

Everywhere, Downtown, at the market. I saw him...

I saw him at South End.

He smiled at me, Matt.

I keep running into him.

He smiled.

It's okay, it's okay.

Honey, you coming to bed now? Soon. Matt's still here.

Oh, well... Well, hi, Matt.

Honey, when you come to bed, would you bring me my pills?

They're on the top shelf from where the kids were here.

All right. Thanks, dear.

I never thought about bail.

I thought I wouldn't have to worry about him for years.

You know what I heard?

He's tending bar up to Old Orchard Beach for a friend.

You notice even the worst bastards have a friend?

Nobody knows him there... If they do, they don't care.

They drink what he mixes.

I hate him, Matt.

My boys went to school with him. He was the same.

Know what he'll do? Five years at the most.

Yeah, I know.

Remember the woman about seven years ago?

Shot her husband and dropped him off the bridge... with a 10O-pound sack of cement... and said the whole way through it nobody helped her.

You know where she is now? Where?

She's up to Searsport now, a secretary.

And whoever helped her, where the hell is he?

It'd break my heart, Matt. It would.

But, you ever think about just...

moving away?

Yeah, we have.

It wouldn't matter.

I'll lock up. I'll walk you to your car.

Good night. See you tomorrow. Wait up!

Want to come over for a drink? No, thanks.

Come on! Maybe some other night.

Just one drink!

Come on!

All right.

Fucking bitch!

What are you doing here?

Anything I can help you with?

Don't talk. God.

Unlock the door and get in.

Wait just a minute. Let's calm down.

All right, all right.

All right.

All right, all right.

Unlock it.

Is there anyone in your place?

Not tonight. Good.

Drive there.

Drive slowly.

Don't try to get stopped. All right.

He was making it with my wife, Dr. Fowler.

Don't talk.

Let's go to the back door. Keep your mouth shut.

Turn the light on.

Where's your suitcase? My suitcase?

Yeah, where is it? In the bedroom closet.

Okay, that's where we're going.

When you come to a door, stop and turn the light on. Let's go.

There's no wall switch.

Where's the light? By the bed.

Go ahead.

Sit down. On the bed.

Which closet is it?

Where are the suitcases?

I wanted to work things out with Natalie.

I tried to get back together again. But I couldn't.

I couldn't talk to her. He was always with her.

It was an accident. I'm going to jail.

If I get out, I'll be an old man. Isn't that enough?

You're not going to jail.

Pack clothes form warm weather.

You're going to let me go?

You're going to jump bail.


Go ahead.

Go ahead! All right, all right.

See, it's the trial. We can't go through that, my wife and I.

That's why you're leaving. I've got you a ticket.

My wife keeps seeing you. I can't have that anymore.

Thank you, Dr. Fowler.

I'd go pick up my boys and he'd be there.

Sometimes he spent the night. Duncan told me.

I'm sorry, Dr. Fowler. All right, that's enough.

I need some things from the bathroom.

Keep walking. I gotta pee.

Go ahead.


Let's go.

They'll catch me. They're going to check passenger lists.

I didn't use your name.

They'll figure that out. I would've done it myself if it was that easy.

You were alone. We got it worked out.

Who's "we"?

Start the engine. Let's go.

There's no planes this time of night, Dr. Fowler.

Go north on 73.

The airport's south.

Someone's gonna keep you awhile. They'll take you to the airport.

Turn the radio on.

Find the game.

It's after 1:OO. They run it again.

No more talking.

Let's see, the last Red Sox player to have a 3-home run game... would've been Trot Nixon last year in Detroit.

Norman had one previous to that... off with a fastball, ball one.

He holds to get back at first, the outfield swung around to their left.

And a groundball roll at a stretch stop.

Flip to second before it starts back, it's four on the fourth.

Actually hits to a fourth play to end the inning.

6/4 to get Doug back.

The second the inning is over, Red Sox have left 7 after 6.

The Red Sox 7, the Braves 2... on the WEPI Red Sox Radio Network.

6 for 10 on the home run he had hit too.

Hits one into the air...

Turn around. Why?

We missed it, turn around!

There's nothing back here, Dr. Fowler.

I don't understand why we don't just drive to the airport.

You don't think we'd leave your car at the airport, do you?

I'll do 20 years, Dr. Fowler.

I'll be 53 years old.

That's a year younger than I am now.

Where are we?

Almost there.

Turn it off. Leave the lights on.

Is this your cabin, Dr. Fowler? No, it isn't. Let's get the bags.

Mr. Grinnel. I'll get them, son.


You can take this.


What did you do? This isn't what we talked about.


He tried to run.

We were going to wait and take him out in the woods.

I couldn't wait.

I better get the ATV.


Come on, we gotta go.

Come on, go!

What time is it?

It's 10 to 4.

We lost an hour, I'm sorry.

Yeah. High tide.

Can't stop people from fishing, Matt.

Fucking bridge. I'm sorry, Willis.

Stopped into his little shed there once.

Place reeked.

He's spilled more whiskey than we've ever drunk.

We'll just pray he's already three sheets to the wind.

Katie's pill will be wearing off soon.

Did you do it?

Are you all right, Matt?

There was a picture of him and Natalie on the wall.

What is it, Matt?

The way she was smiling.


I don't know.


What am I thinking?

You must be hungry.