In the Eye of the Hurricane (1971) Script


Why did you come here?

Don't you want me here?

How long are you staying?

I don't know.

Very well.

Maybe we need some time apart.

Better than arguing all the time...

Hurting each other.

I'm sure you'll call me.

Because, in spite of everything, you still need me.

No, Michel.

This time I won't be back. I can't...

Michel, it's over, accept it.

I filed for divorce0 A marriage can always be saved.


Not this time. And you know that.


We've survived worse. Maybe...

But this is different.

I've met someone.


It's happened.

When? Does that matter?

Two months ago. Right...

While I was in London. ls that right?

Don't go back to the hotel, you can stay here.

I'll probably... stay at the villa until October.

You can keep the car. No... thanks

Someone's coming here.

Think it over.

Two months isn't enough to know someone.

I'll be waiting.

...and if you'll need me, just call.



Meet Bernardone.

Sorry, am I late?

Paul... Michel.


He seems like a nice guy.

Very civilised, right?

Come on, boy! Come on!

Go! Go on...

Come on, find Paul, find your master.

Come on!

Give it back, don't be mean.

Come on.

Give me back my jumper, come on!

Jump... I am jumping!

It's the most beautiful gift I ever had.


But... But...

How on earth did you know?

Bye, Bernardone.

Lunch at 2 o'clock!

2.30! Yes, sir.

Vermillion, yellow ochre...

It's a while since you were here. Are you staying?

Until the end of October.

And some cobalt blue, please. OK, cobalt blue.

Copper oxide, 50 grams, 25 of sulphate, charcoal...


What are you doing here? No, what are you doing here?

I'm with someone.


Who's he? He's like a brother to me.

Why not introduce me? Next time.


I was given this as a gift when I was... 7 years old.

When did you first see me? At the hairdressers?

Through a shop-window.

I must have been gorgeous under that hair drier.

You were so gorgeous I had to stop.

The girls wanted to let you in.

And you?

I didn't want you to see me like that.

Do you often spy on girls through shop windows?

Only if they're worth it.

They all hurt, the last one kills.

Are you making a collection of all these pots?

A collection? Not really.

But I will try to sell them.

So we're partners? ls that right?

It's a deal. Take this.

What should I do?

I usually paint fish.


I shall paint a fish too, a red one, it'll be a masterpiece.

You know, I already see myself, white haired, alone here... old woman with a shaky wrist painting fishes...

-...sparrows, flowers. Why?

I don't know.

I always thought I'd grow old alone.

Darling, you won't get old.

See? It's closed, like I said.


Paul, what's going on?

No questions.

Just for us two.

You want to dance?

Good evening madam, good evening sir.

On the house.

Long live life and love! Cheers

The club is yours till tomorrow. Have fun!

What a guy.

Does he own this place?

I don't know.

Maybe he robbed a bank to buy it.

Come on.

You know, I used to hate this place.


We used to come here often. He didn't like to stay home.

We had nothing to say anymore.

We were looking for any excuse not to be alone.

A few friends, even strangers. Any excuse was good enough Why did you marry him? I don't know.

Maybe he made me feel secure... who knows?

Was he rich? No, Michel hasn't a cent.

But he was good, kind, affectionate. That's enough, in a man.

He seemed perfect for me.

That all seems long ago now.

You know, this is the first time we've danced together?

The first time... two months and 24 days.

No...two months, 24 days... and 8 hours.

I... I'm scared.

Of what?

Of being happy.

Hi there!

Can I go for a swim?

Please do. Thanks.

How do you know Paul?

From the war. Didn't he tell you?


A real war? Absolutely.

With corpses, guns, napalm... Vietnam.

That's nothing to do with war, that was a lion's claw on safari.

I learned a lot that day.

Two lions were fighting for prey, one died... and the other survived in a sorry state.

I thought the prey was mine but it wasn't like that...

There was a third lion, a very cunning one... waiting while they tore each other to shreds... then out he flew and... slash.

And was Paul on that safari too?

Paul... Why?

Where were you?

By the pool.

Roland wanted to swim

He's always so unpredictable.

Excuse me, sir, there's a call for you.

Sorry, I'll be right back.

Lunch at half past two? No, we're dining out.

Very well, madam.

By the way, did someone rent the bungalow?

I think so. I saw a young lady on the terrace.

It's from Paris. They're calling me back.

Do you mind going alone?

No, darling, of course not.

See you later, darling, bye.

See you later, my love.

You've lost almost all the brake fluid.

You had a really lucky escape.

Don't go driving anywhere without me, please.

Oh, how lovely.

Here's our dinner. How fantastic.

I saw an octopus.

Would you like to capture it? You bet.

Look, he's past that coral... 30 or 40 meters down.

You go down and there's a kind of tunnel.

But be careful, swim very slowly, please... and hit him, right between the eyes.


Got it? Yes, love.

It's her!

Yes? Hi, Luisa, it's me.

How are you, madam? ls Michel there?

No, he went out this morning and won't be back for lunch.

Fine, thanks.

Do you need anything, madam?

No, carry on.

Where's your husband? I don't know.

There's no oxygen.

But the gauge says there should still be some.

These gadgets... always going wrong.

So it was an accident?

I thought you were resting. I couldn't sleep.

You look worried.

Tell me... what is it?

Come on...

Tell me.

It's nothing... It's just...

It's incredible, two accidents in a row.

What do you mean? Who could want to harm you?

Maybe they want to harm you. Me?



Is it yours?


Michel wanted me to have it when I was alone here.

Tell me, do you think they really were accidents?

Of course.

Don't worry.

Who's that? Go and see.

It's Michel.

Good to see you, sir. Thanks.

He's starting to annoy me.

And when I think how he treated you.

For a quiet man, he seems very handy with a gun.

Why are you here?

To see you.

Listen to me carefully.

Whatever happens... we're finished. Whatever happens?

What do you mean?

Ah, I see.

You think you're in love now.

I was going to stay here tonight, but I'll leave now.

No, stay if you want.

I love you.

Can we at least be friends?

Right, maybe I'm asking too much.

Where did you learn to shoot so well?

In a circus, I was Buffalo Bill and he was Crazy Horse.

Show me how good you are.


Your whisky. Thanks.

How did you know I drink martini?

I didn't, but a classy guy like you always drinks martini.

I'm sure about another thing...

...that you're a good man.

You couldn't hurt a fly, did you ever kill a man?

No. Were you in the war?

Yes, but I never killed anyone. You let me do that.

I didn't know he was a hero.

There are no heroes in war, it's kill or be killed.

Violence generates violence. Did you come up with that?

Paul! Please...

It couldn't be Michel who's threatening my life.

I'm just jealous.

Of me?

Not of you, but of the opinion Ruth has of you.

Two accidents occurred... by chance... and yet Ruth could think... you wanted to kill me.

You should be flattered.

How could you think such a thing?

I wasn't here, I couldn't have touched your car.

I was 100 kilometres away. And I did check the oxygen tanks.

Don't worry, I believe you.

But Ruth needs to believe it too.

Are you happy now?

Well, since your hero fought so many wars... maybe someone's looking for revenge.

I need to be up early.

Goodnight. Goodnight.

Good bye.

I didn't hear you come in.

No, please.

What's up?

Come here.

Are you angry? No...

I just... want to be alone...


Did Michel upset you? Let's not talk about him.

Fine, I get it.

Michel has proved he's innocent.

Now you're sorry you suspected him.

You feel guilty and want to be alone.

Fine. I'll see you.

Paul, I'm sorry...

Come on, Paul.

Ruth must be asleep by now.

Not now, Paul, come on...

I can't be alone all day.

It'll soon be over, you'll see.

I miss you. I got used to having you around.

Michel, you said it would take two weeks.

I'm getting bored.

Shut it.

Renting this place was a mistake she should have stayed in Paris.

You'll ruin it all.

You acted like a real moron with Ruth just now.

How so?

The stuff with the martini.

All that stupid double talk.

Ruth suspected you and now she's feeling guilty.

I've not been stupid, she's just been lucky.

And soon we'll be divorced and I'll be penniless.

And you'll get nothing.

Don't worry.

Your wife will be dead tomorrow.

-...from a bullet. No!

I said no trace of violence. Remember?

No trace.

Ruth will shoot herself tomorrow during the siesta.

The servants will hear the shot.

I don't understand.

It's very simple.

You came back to the house.

You found I was living there, that she'd been unfaithful to you.

You argued... threatened her with a scandal...

After you left, feeling depressed, she...

All this time, I'm at sea, underwater fishing.

So I'll need your help.

You'll replace me on the boat...

...just long enough for me to slip into the house.

Hello, police?


What do you want?

To see you.

Are you still angry?

No. Has Michel left?

Don't think so.

He hasn't said goodbye. I admired him, in a way.

You came hereto avoid him? No...

I wanted to be alone.

But you called me.


I need a few things.

Do you mind getting them for me?

Write it down: cobalt blue... Cobalt blue.

Deep red...

Sienna, one jar of each.

Great, anything else? I00 grams of copper oxide...

...50 grams of copper sulphate.

150 grams of Prussian lead oxide...

100 grams of iron oxide...

...and 50 grams of manganese. That's the lot.

Leave the list and charge it to my account.

Great. I'll do that.

You want to see him alone.

This all a pretext, right?

Fine, bid your husband farewell. Come on...

But once and for all.

Don't be late, OK? And thanks.

When can we go see the lawyer?

Whenever you like. Next week?

Next Thursday.

Is that good for you?

Thursday's good for me.

What time?

5 o'clock.

Great, 5 o'clock.

Cobalt blue, deep red, sienna...

Don't bother.

Thursday, 5 o'clock.

Has he gone then?

He wants to say goodbye to you.

Don't you act like her.

That idiot could ruin everything.

Don't worry.

It'll be sorted by 5 o'clock. I guarantee you that.

I'll phone at 5.

And I hope it won't be Ruth who answers.

No chance, she'll be dead.

I've made you a drink.

Let me help, I'll do that.

Your whisky.

Michel and I have decided to be friends.

What's the point in bearing grudges?


That'd be silly. Your martini.

Now I've only to wish you much happiness.

To you both. Thanks.


Good bye.

Shall we meet at my place or at the lawyer's office?

I prefer the lawyer's, if you don't mind.

Were you asleep?

I'm going fishing for our dinner.

Grouper? Dentex? Sea bream? You choose.

Michel's gone.

Couldn't we eat out this evening?

Sure. If you like.

I'll change this.

Have a good rest... and sweet dreams.

Grab this.

An hour. You're sure?

Don't worry. Be careful.

I know you're coming here to kill me... but I won't stop you.

That probably seems absurd to you.

That's only because... you don't understand you were the one I'd always hoped for.

I trusted you completely, heart and soul.

I loved you totally.

You were my whole world.

But now I know who you are.

Now I know why you approached me.

It was a cruel trick.

I'm tired... so tired.

I didn't understand anything.

I no longer have the strength or desire to believe in anything.

I see no point in living anymore.

I just hope you'll be quick.

But I want you to know one thing...

My death won't change things for you.

Michel was right.

Violence generates violence.

I hear you've arrived.

I'll turn my back and wait for you.


The police?



I'll be right there.


I wanted to lie down next to you... without waking you.

Then the phone rang.

What's up?

Michel is dead.

Patrol number 14 on highway 17.

The Inspector is here. Over...

It's him... My husband.

I'm sorry, madam, but we have to do this.

It must have occurred around 2 pm.

He'd just left the house.

It's hard to see exactly what happened.

We got the report 30 minutes ago.

There's not much traffic here.

If someone had spotted him earlier, maybe...

Are you feeling ill? It's nothing...

I'm fine.

Daniela! Get out!

Can't you understand?

It's all changed. I have to stay close to her now.

I have to marry her now, otherwise it's all over.

Marry her! And I'll watch you go off on honeymoon.

Listen, Daniela...

Michel would have given us 40%.

But she had to die, not him.

I'm getting married in a month, and I'll have it all. much more than we thought we'd get.

Much better, don't you see?

You want to stay with that stupid woman forever.

I know you like her. Was it you who killed him?

So you can have her instead?

It was an accident. That trick with the brakes... you got it right this time.

That's what happened.

You want her and her money, but I'll go to the police...

-...tell them everything. That's enough!

My condolences. Thank you.

Madam, I... Thank you.

I'm so sorry.

What happened to him?

When was the last time you saw him?

I don't know... maybe... the last day poor Mr Michel was here.

You're sure?

Not really but I haven't seen him since then.

But... how could you do such a thing?

Alright... you were scared.

You really thought Michel wanted to kill me.

...believed it so much that you killed him.

You poisoned him.

It wasn't a car accident, was it?

I mixed the martini, but it was you put the ice in.

And the dog licked the ice.

The poor animal was thirsty and I gave him the leftover ice cubes.

Come on, tell me... what did you put in the ice?

Darling! It's even more beautiful than I expected.

Come... this way.

Which way, my love?

Top of the stairs... the end of the corridor.

How about it?

You know what? I think we'll have fun here.

You forgive me for not trusting you?

She's here.

Meet Daniela, she'll be staying here for a while, if that's OK She was so bored all alone in the cottage, poor thing

I felt I should get to know you.

Paul's always talking about you.

I think we'll be good friends.

How about a kiss?

Tell this slut to get out. My friends are your friends.

Darling, tell her I know about that poor dead dog too.

Yes, she knows all about the ice.

So you'd better behave, my love.

You see, I was right, we're all going to be fine here.


How much?

How much what?

How much money do you want?

I'm a gentleman, I never resort to blackmail.

But if you're feeling generous.

What do you want to leave me in peace?

I want to hear that you poisoned your husband for me.

Darling, she tried to snatch this lovely hat from me.

You should apologise.

You worm.

Don't do it again, bitch! Calm down.

Why don't you just say it? Things would be much easier.

All right, I'm in no hurry.

Eventually you'll tell me. When Hell freezes over.

I'm so sorry.

I really am.

You did kill Michel, right?

You did it for Paul?

Tell us you killed him for Paul.


Do you know what, my love?

Everything here is so exciting.

...better than I ever believed.

It turns me on.

Darling, I think we'll be staying here a long time.

My love... Why did you lock the door?

Open up, it's me.

Daniela wants to kiss you goodnight.

Ruth, open the door.

Ruth is a good girl, she'll open the door eventually.

She always used to be so keen to see me before.

Be a good little girl and open the door.

We'll have a nice little chat.

Very well...

I'll do it myself.

Poor Ruth... What are you so scared of?

Don't upset yourself, it's nothing.

Paul says we'll be here a long time, so...

Come on...

We can arrange things so we all have a lot of fun.

You see?

Paul's kissing you and yet I'm not angry.

Be a good girl, Ruth, come on, calm down.

Make an effort...

It's my turn, darling.

Now you can watch, as I did when you were with him.

No, Ruth, come back.

Hello, police.


Michel Dubois was already dead...

before his car went off the road.

You must be pretty fed up with all this, I guess.

I'm tired of it all too.

How much would you pay?

I've a lot of influence on Paul.

Come on, tell me.

I'm trying to help you here.

Come on.

How much have you got?

You're better off dealing with me.

We women understand each other.

You think I side with Paul...

No, you're wrong.

The truth is I'm bored.

I'd do anything to leave.

But not Paul.

Paul says cook you over a low heat.

Says we'll get more that way.

Come on, give me a number.

How much is peace of mind worth?

If you tell me how much you'll pay...

I can convince him to accept.




So, my dear... How much?

Ruth, the Inspector is here.

Come, Daniela.

They don't want us here.

No, you can stay.

Madam, your husband was poisoned.

We exhumed his corpse and the autopsy left no doubt.

The forensic department tell us... that he was poisoned here in your home... just before he left.

Am I a suspect?

No, but this gentleman is.


He swears the poison is used in the making of your pottery.

Prussian lead oxide. ls that so?

No, I've never used it.

What is this rubbish?

It must be here!

Just look and you'll find it.

So why aren't you?

Because your police record helped complete the picture.

You have several convictions in France.

But it was her! Tell them!

It was her!

A carefully worked out plan.

The car was destroyed, and the evidence with it.

Then, with the husband out of the picture... you'd move in on the lady and her money.

Wasn't that it? But I didn't...

Good morning. Yes, I sold it to him... the day of the accident.

It's true, but it was her who sent me to pick it up.

That's impossible because 2 or 3 weeks ago... she bought enough to last for months.

Anyway, lead oxide isn't used in pottery.

As I said, Inspector.

No, she made a list for me.

This one?

That's not my handwriting.

We know, we compared it with your previous orders.

Anyway, he's a professional, we contacted Interpol.

Let's go. You too, lady.

This is a mistake! It was her!

Paul, tell him about the dog! Tell him!

May I say goodbye to the lady?

It's alright.

When did you discover your husband had hired me?

The night you planned my suicide.

I saw and heard everything.

You did nothing to stop me killing you.

But you had to kill me.

I wanted you to.

And I thought you poisoned the ice cubes to protect me.

How sad.