In the Shadow of Iris (2016) Script

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I love you, Iris.

Me too.

Thank you, sir.

I'll wait for you outside.

Go ahead.

-Did you find everything all right? -Yes.


Thank you very much, sir.

Here you go.

-Thank you. -Thank you. Bye.

Excuse me.

Have you seen a woman here?

-Tall, brunette, very pretty? -Sorry, sir. I haven't seen anyone.


-Excuse me. -Sir?

Did my wife come back here?

Your wife? Wasn't she supposed to wait outside?

-Can you check the bathroom? -I would have seen her.

-Check anyway. -At once.



It's me. I'm at the restaurant. I don't know where you are.

Come in.

This way.

I changed my clothes.

In case someone sees us here.

Sit down.

Ten thousand. As we said.

What if something goes wrong?

It's impossible.

Your 3:30 appointment is late.

-I put the contracts to sign on your desk. -Did my wife call?

Weren't you supposed to have lunch with her?

You can make it tighter.

Are you sure you want to continue?

We can stop here.

It's too late.

About the agreement, how are we doing?

Right now, we're projecting a 5.2 percent loss in our US investments.

I don't know.

Sorry to bother you, sir.

You should come to the phone.

We're at 80 percent.

Right. But in terms of operational risks...

If we take into account the legal risks, the conformity risks, we're at 20 percent, roughly.

Someone from the insurance company. Says it's urgent.



Who is it?

The man who has your wife.

-Iris? -Antoine...

-Antoine, I want to go home. -Iris.

I want to go home.

You understand the situation, Antoine?

What do you want?


How much?

What is she worth to you?

I'll give you anything you want, but don't touch her.

I'm touching her right now, Antoine.

I'm putting my hand between her legs.


You know what I'm touching now, Antoine?

Stop, don't do this.

What am I touching?


If you want to see your wife again... exactly as I say.

I want 500,000 euros, in used banknotes.

If you call the police, I kill her.

If you tell anyone, I kill her.

You get it?

What's going on?


My wife has been kidnapped.

I have to go.

Untie yourself without me.

-Come on. -Are you kidding?

You can remove the knots with your teeth.

Like this. Try it.


Yeah, I know. We finished late.

Okay, I'm coming.

What do you mean, she's not answering?

You sure?

I'll call her.

We gotta go.


What do we have?


Come on.


Where have you been?

School called to say you weren't there.

Yeah, I was delayed by work.

-Are you hungry, sweetheart? -Yes.

Come with me.

Go to the kitchen.

Thank you, Laura.

Why didn't you tell me you couldn't make it?

I was just delayed.

-Did you call the bank? -Yes.

-I'll take care of it. -Yeah, right. I've heard that before.

How are you, Max?

Same as usual.

Mr. Doriot?

-Madam. -Hello, sir.


Can you please tell us again what happened in the restaurant?

We had just finished our lunch.

I was paying the check.

And my wife told me she would wait outside.

How long did that last? One minute? Two?

Yes, something like that. Three minutes max. Not more.

Did you look for her after that?

Yes. I went back inside the restaurant to check, but she wasn't there.

She said she would go shopping in the afternoon.

I thought, maybe she had left without telling me and would call me back later to let me know.

I had an appointment.

I'm sorry. I don't know what else to say.

We understand, sir.

It's important you tell us everything you remember.

-Yes. -Even if it seems unimportant.

At what time did the kidnapper call you?

I can't remember, but my secretary knows, she told me about the call.

The person who called was a man, right?


Did you notice anything about his voice?

What do you mean?

An accent. Anything.

Nothing in particular. Why?

It's possible that you know him.

Could be a bank employee, someone who holds a grudge.

An unhappy client.

We will need a list with the names of all the associates you had conflicts with.

And those who have issues with your bank.

At this point, our priority is that nothing happens to your wife.

I understand you were asked for a ransom?

-500,000 euros. -Are you willing to pay?

Yes, of course.

In this case, please make all the necessary arrangements and go home.

It's possible he's watching. You have to act as if you were alone.

We won't be far away.

We'll be watching you.

When he calls, keep him on the phone as long as possible.

Tell him you're looking for a pen to write his instructions.

Make him repeat himself. Keep him on the line.

What if he doesn't call?

Trust us, Mr. Doriot. He will call.

About your boyfriend, we don't have to...


We were drunk, we came back together.

It was nice, we both wanted it.

That's all.

End of story


If you accept the call, press 1.

Gare du Nord station.

Bring the money and wait on platform 15.

To Persan-Beaumont.

The 9:54 pm train.

You heard?

Yes, it's recorded.

You want to do it?

I don't have a choice.

All right.

There will be Anti-Gang agents with you in the station.

When you see him, give him the money.

Above all, do not take the train.

He's going to platform 15.

Departure for the 9:54 pm train.

Following him.

All right.

N o n t o n 0 1 . c o m

Don't get on the train.

I shouldn't have listened. He wanted me on the train.

-We couldn't guarantee your security. -What about my wife?

There was little chance he'd show up. The station is under surveillance.

Probably a test. He wanted to see if you would cooperate or if you had told the police.

Maybe that's not for the money.

Maybe he's just playing with you.

You should think about who could do such a thing.

For now, we'll check the video recordings. You go home.

He might call you again tonight.

You'll have to go home by yourself.

He might be watching your building.

I don't have the money.

I couldn't.

I messed up.



Police! Open the door!


-Mr. Lopez! -Yes!

-Yes! -Open the door, please.


We were informed there was an argument.

An argument? What do you mean?

Why didn't you open?

-But... -Someone heard a woman screaming.

Yes. That's my wife.

We had an argument.

Where is she?

I don't know. She left.

She'll be back when she calms down.

Are you allowed to search places like that?

You don't know where she might be?


Do you have an ID?


This is not the right address, sir.

True, true...

-You need to change it. -Right.

I'll do it.

How did you find my name?

What's your wife's name?

Nina Corsini.

What was the argument about?

I came back late last night.

She was mad at me.

It won't happen again.

You have everything?


Try to be more quiet next time, you scared the neighbors.

Good night, sir.

Good night.

You shouldn't leave your car out in the street.

You don't have a parking spot?

It's not my car. It's a friend's.

She's traveling. I'm house-sitting.

Listen, miss.

I'm just a mechanic, that's all.

I know.


What is it? Tell me.

You'll think I'm crazy, but...

I need you.



I need you to kidnap me.


I need you to kidnap me.

I need to disappear.

To be away from my husband.

You can't imagine what kind of a man he is.

We'd like to make the case public.

A woman can't disappear in the middle of the day with no one noticing.

Unless she planned it.

What does that mean?

Maybe she knew him.

It's ridiculous.


It sounds impossible.

Can you tell us what kind of woman she was?

I'd appreciate if you didn't use the past tense.

We're only trying to understand how your wife could react in a hostage situation.

I think my wife is terrified.

I think every second with the perpetrator is like hell for her.

She's wondering why the police and her husband didn't find her.

We'll question the clients with criminal records and have issues with your bank.

Do these names ring a bell?


I don't take care of people.

What are you doing? We've been knocking 5 minutes.

I was working. I didn't hear you. Sorry.

What are you doing here?

You forgot?

Max, it's Wednesday.

Fuck, it's...

Shit, I had a problem today.

-Can you look after him? I... -Max, no.

Come here. Give me a kiss.

Watch out! It's not stable.

You're gonna fall down.

When will it be ready?

I don't know. I'm missing parts. I can't find them.

Mom says you'll never finish it.

Really? What does she know about bikes?

Where did you and Mom go with this bike?

You know very well.

Where was it already?

In Andalusia.

How old were you at the time?

I don't know.

-Sarah, I'm going. I don't feel well. -I understand.

I'll cancel your 5 pm and the 6:30 conference call.

I'll call your driver.

No, no, I'll go home walking. I need it.

Very well.

What are we doing?

Having a walk.

-Wait. -Where you going?

Stay here and wait. All right?

-Don't you move. -All right.

N o n t o n 0 1 . c o m



Sir! Have you seen a kid?

No, not at all.

Damn it!

-Have you seen a kid? -No.

What the hell? I told you to wait for me!

It's okay. I was right here.

Damn it!


What's wrong with you?


What's wrong?

-I yelled at him. -Why?

-I had an errand, I told him to wait. -You left him?

It's okay. He's here. He's fine.

Did you eat?


I might leave for a while.

A friend's starting a business in Thailand.

He's looking for French people.

What about the shop?

I don't know.

It's... It's worthless.

Did you tell Eli?

Or do you leave that to me?

Eli said you were seeing someone.

Max, it's over between us.

Yeah, I know.

He's a good guy.


Mr. Lopez?

Criminal Brigade.

We'd like to ask you a few questions.


Did you just bury something?

No, I had to tow a vehicle.

The guy was stuck in the mud.


What's going on?

Just a routine check.

Did you have any issues with your bank recently?

Yes, I'm a bit late with the payments.

Apparently, it's a bit more serious.

Well, I have a mortgage.

It seems you're having trouble paying it back.

Must be hard to know you're losing your house.

You have kids?

Yeah. One.

You must be very angry at the bank, right?

Yeah, they're assholes. But know any banks that are different?

You're self-employed?


It's been several years.

That was before or after jail?


So you already know.

Can I know why you're interested in my financial problems?

You think I'm gonna blow up my bank?

Is it the case?

Not for 78,000 euros.

What about Antoine Doriot?

Ring a bell?


He's the man who wants to seize your house.

His wife was kidnapped last Tuesday.

Yes. So?

What do I have to do with that?

Tell us what you were doing that day.

I was here working on my bike.

I'm restoring it.

Then I picked up my kid at school.

I took him to his mother's work.

Do you remember the time?

4:30 pm.

It's okay if we check with your ex-wife?


As we said, Mr. Lopez, it's just a routine check.

If your story adds up, we won't bother you anymore.

-Okay. -Bye, sir. Have a good day.

Good bye, sir.

I don't like him.

He sets up a kidnapping then picks up his kid at school?

Send someone to question his wife.

Welcome, if you're joining us.

On question: Can France be reformed?

We will discuss that with our guests. But first, the news. The troubling disappearance of Iris Doriot, 30 years old.

The banker's wife.

She could have been kidnapped coming out of a restaurant in the capital's 3rd district.

If you have any information, please call this number, 0840-115-115.



Any news about Iris?


We all support you.

It's horrible.

If you need anything, let us know.


What are you doing here?

Leave. It's too dangerous.

What if he tells the cops everything?

He won't. He's stuck.

Don't quit. Trust me.

I can't take it.

Don't you leave me.

-Don't you leave me. -Never.

You should hit me.

To leave marks.

You never hit a woman.

Believe me, you don't want me to hit you.



Take a look. I made progress on the BMW.

The cops came to my house.

They wanted to know what you did on Wednesday.

What did you say?

The truth.

I said you picked up Eli.

They asked if you were late. What did you want me to say?

You need to trust me.

I have to go to work.

Can he stay with you?

I'll come and get him at the end of my shift.


I can't.

He's not safe here.


Eli. Come on, let's go.

But, Mom!

Let's go, I said.

Go wait for me in the car.

Listen to your mother.

I don't want you to see him.


Yes, yes, yes, that's it!

You think he left?

Yes, he left.


Claudia, it was perfect. Very good.

Maude, hurry up! Come on, girls!

It's the next one.

Let's go.

Sorry I'm late.


Sit down.

We talked to your wife's psychiatrist.

Did you know your wife was getting counseling?

-Yes. -Why did you hide this from us?

I didn't think about it.

Did she talk about her sessions?

She was very unhappy.

-She had a tough childhood. -You're not close to your in-laws?

No. She has one brother, and they're not talking to each other.

Do you want to have kids, Mr. Doriot?

Yes. Well, not for now. Why?

It's for you to answer.

I work a lot, and my wife is still young. She'd rather dedicate herself to her job.

She's a photographer, right?

Absolutely. She has a lot of talent.

Do you have a mistress, Mr. Doriot?


We're asking because your wife told him about sexual problems.

A lack of desire, this kind of things.

So, what?

She also told her psychiatrist about specific practices.


-You can't do that. -We can do everything.

We investigating your wife's disappearance.


You're a suspect.

You're a suspect since the disappearance. Spouses always are.

Very well. In this case, I'll ask you to leave. I'll call my lawyer.

So you like getting spanked?

When I suck a dick, I like to have a finger in my ass.

My colleague likes to have his balls twisted when he comes.

We don't have a problem with that.

We're not here to judge you.


Yes, I like that.

What about your wife?

She rejects it.

If she rejects it, what do you do?

I pay for girls.


Yes, prostitutes.


2,500 euros. They come with their equipment.

What else do you want to know? Someone kidnapped my wife and you talk about fingers in the ass? Your colleagues' balls?

-What don't you look for the kidnapper? -We'll find him.

Don't worry.

Good bye, sir.

What do you think?

He thinks we're dumb.

You think he did it?

I have no idea.

By the way, how do you know I like to have my balls twisted?

Guys usually like that, I thought you were the same.

If I had known...

Next time, maybe?

Fuck you.

Take off your shirt.

We need to talk.

Go fuck yourself!

You set me up.

I couldn't imagine it would be so easy.

If it was that easy, you wouldn't be calling me.

At the Champ-de-Mars.

Let's say 8 pm.

I'll find you.

It's going to snow.

I have a property in Normandy. Snow is rare there. But it's beautiful.

Why me?

Because I knew you would do it.

I didn't expect you to take the body out of the apartment.

I hope you treated my wife respectfully.

I buried her in a hole.

And covered her with dirt.

There's an algorithm English banks use to check their clients' credit score.

It's illegal in France. Theoretically.

It says how much you earn, how much you spend, how much you owe, who you vote for, if you vote.

It even says if you have a criminal record.

That's your case.

We gather all this info and we know what kind of client you are.

You know what you are, Max?

A failure.

Who's desperate because he's losing everything.

What's going on? Are the cops getting closer?


But I have money.

I have good lawyers.

What do you have?

I'm offering you a deal.

Take responsibility for my wife's murder, and I erase your debt.

I could go to the cops, tell them the truth.

What truth?

You want money.

How much?





Don't worry. I'll take care of everything.


We got nothing.

Just a woman kidnapped without anyone noticing, and her husband with a perfect alibi.

We also have the mechanic.

He broke into houses when he was 20.

The bank is about to seize his place.

He doesn't even know Doriot.

Can you picture that guy kidnapping anyone?

He's not all clean.

He went to jail.

As a kid.

Now he's just a poor guy with a lot of debts.


Is that Doriot?

Yes, Mr. Doriot?

Can we meet?

I don't know what to do.

Right now?

I want to know how the investigation is going.

I'll wait for you at home.

He wants to see me.

I'll give you a ride.

And you'll stay.

Stop it!

Shut the fuck up!

She's dead, right?

We don't know yet.

You know, the day she disappeared, I thought she had decided to leave me.


Are you married?

I don't believe in marriage.

But I have someone. It's been a while.

Do you ever think about other men?

Yes, sometimes.

Just like everyone.

Did you ever act on it?

Are you asking me if I ever cheated on my boyfriend?

It happened, yes.

Did he find out?

Well, no.

Of course not.

You still love him?


It's been 12 years, so it's not like the first day, but I'm very attached to him.

Is it enough for you?

No, it's not enough.

You need more.

We all want more.

So we manage.

That's how we keep up.

Mr. Doriot, did you know your wife was in touch with her brother?

They used to talk regularly.

I didn't know.

She confided in him.

She said she was being followed.

By whom?

A woman.

She thought she was your mistress.

It's serious. I want to know who the woman is.

Did her brother mention there had been others before her?

A mechanic.

A guy who came to our place to fix her car.

Then she accused him of following her throughout the city.


Iris is very fragile.


She is obsessed too.

You remember the mechanic's name?

I wasn't concerned about it.


Thanks, Mr. Doriot. Good night.

You probably make a nice couple with your partner.

But scratch the surface and look.

You see? We're all the same.

It's gonna be okay.

It's okay.

At first, he was a client.

One night, he asked me...

Then he quickly became a regular.

He knew what he wanted.

Most men don't know what they want.

He showed me a picture of her.

He said I look like her.

He told me how fragile she was and

that he loved this fragility.

Then it went further.

He asked me to follow them.

To observe them.

I had to study the way she walked, the way she moved.

At first, it was a game.

Then I started liking it.

You see, Max, everyone is the same.

We got fucked for money.

Look at the camera.

About Lopez's search warrant...

We'll hit him tomorrow morning.

Did you hear from Normandy about Doriot's house?

It's clear.

No moves.

You're okay?

Call them back.

Tell them to let us know if something's moving.

I want 500,000 euros. In used banknotes.

Meet at the Champ-de-Mars.

If I see the cops, I kill her. You're right.

I'm a failure. I've got nothing to lose.

The team's ready. We're about to move.


It's clear!

There's no one, captain!

Fuck it!


She's in the apartment.

You won't get away with it.

I already did.

I want to hear her voice.

Did he touch you?

Did he touch you?

Yes, he touched me.

I need to go to the bathroom.

I need to go to the bathroom.

How long are we going to stay here?

As long as we need to.

Can you untie me?


Come on, this way!

What do we do now?


As we said.