In Their Skin (2012) Script

♪ Mm, mm-mm ♪

♪ Mm-mm, mm, mm ♪

♪ Mm, mm-mm ♪

♪ Mm-mm, mm, mm ♪

- ♪ Wild about his crazy clothes he Wears ♪

♪ Tan shoes with ♪

- It's really warm down southeast during the day today.

We had a temperature of 68 degrees.

Cold air, unseasonably cold air coming down out of the northeast, clashing with this warm air mass.

Now We have strong thunderstorms right now across...

Along Interstate 5, heading north, it's thundering with heavy showers...


7 inches of rain in the northeast has caused Widespread flash flooding in portions of the...

There is a severe Weather Warning in that area for possible severe thunderstorms and flooding.

If High Winds in the Ash/and Lake area have knocked out power and caused a blackout.




No, we're just about to hit the road.

What's up?

No, it's fine.

No, I faxed those three documents to the registry yesterday.

Before noon.

Well, call Wendy and tell her I'll call him later and smooth it over.



All right, talk to you in a bit.



All right.


All right, Harris.

Okay. Come on.

Welcome back. It's been a while.

Good to see you. Yeah.

Come on.

Getting a little head start on her this time around, are we?

Yeah, trying to beat the rush.

Well, if it's peace and quiet you're after, it doesn't get any quieter than this lately.

Come on. That sounds nice.


Well, not if you're trying to run a business.

Well, when do you usually start seeing people?

Oh, it's a few weeks yet.

There's a couple of families- they pop in and out, you know, the, uh, Dunbars.

Oh, no, I don't know.


Oh, nice family.

Yeah, but they don't really reside, except for the-

Oh, what's their names?

I'm not sure.

One sec.

L, uh...

I heard about that little blonde angel of yours.

My deepest sympathies.

What happened?

If you don't mind my asking.

An accident.


Brendon? Harris?

Brendon, come on. We're leaving.



Come on, you're scaring me.

Stop with the games.

We have to leave.


Mom, what are you doing?

Brendon, you scared me.

Harris, come here.


What would you do with a set of tools if I bought them for you?

Watch out!

Come on, Harris.

K-9 unit coming through!

Brendon, inside.

My God. He never stops.

He'll be fine.

Brendon, come wash up.


Ah, fuck.

Come on.

Come on.

It's cold, huh?

Go get it.

Are you okay?

I'm fine.


Do you miss us?

I'm too busy missing her.

I'm sorry.

No, it's fine.

Trust me.


What do you think I'm doing all this for?

What? Doing what exactly?

Spending time with your family?

That came out wrong.

You know, I cut into my work schedule too.

I know that. I know that.

Let's just not talk about it right now.

Listen, I want to make this work.

Who's that?

Brendon, stay close.

Harris, Harris! Come back!

What are they doing?

Harris. Shh, shh...

I don't know.

Hey, come here, buddy.

Come here right now.

Harris, come here.

Hey. Harris.

Should I...

No, stay here.

Hey, you know what, come on, let's head back.

What, now?


Mary... Why?

Look, it's time to get ready for bed.

Mary. Hey, I'm not mad.

I just- I don't want to be out here.

You mean I have to go to sleep?

Yes, you're gonna have to go to sleep, or I'll kiss you to pieces.

Good night.

Did we lock the door?


Look at me.

I want you inside me.

You okay?

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

What is that?

I don't know.

Uh, can I help you?

Oh, my God, have we woken you?

I'm so sorry.

We just wanted to drop this wood off.

We didn't mean to wake you.

Do you know what time it is?

L-l bet it's early.

I completely lose track.

L-I'm so, so sorry.

We were just walking by your place and noticed your car, and we thought this-

I'm sorry- Wait, I'm sorry.

You-you were on our property?

This is no way to make a first impression.

Let me start over.

We've got a place on the water down the way there, and we were actually hiking near your property, and my son here noticed you were around.

And so we thought we would bring some spare wood over as-as a kind of welcoming gift.

You know there's- there's better times for this.


Uh, I'm so-

We're just gonna- and then we're gone.

That's my husband, Bobby.

I'm Jane. This is our son Jared.

Hi, I'm - l'm Mark.

It's nice to meet you.

. HEY- . HEY-

Mark what?

Uh, Hughes.

We're the Sakowskis.

Was that you in the- in the car last night, out by the mailboxes?

We-we don't have a car.

Uh, hey, look.

We've basically been out here on our own for a pretty long time.

And you can probably tell, we've let our excitement get the better of us.

And I'm just- I'm so sorry.

We've got you out of bed. I know how-

No, that's- that's fine.

This is- this is my son Brendon.

Hey, Brendon.

I'm Bobby or Bob.

This is my wife, Jane, boy Jared.

Say, Brendon, how old are you?

Eight and three quarters.

Is that so?

Because this one just turned nine a few weeks back.

Is that right? Uh...

We get that reaction a lot.

He's just big for his age.

He's big-


Well, if there's anything we can do for you, don't- don't hesitate to ask.

No, no.

No, no, no, no, not at all.

It was great to meet you, Mark.

Good luck.

And come on, gang, let's go.

We could bring them some food.

I'm sure that Mark and his family have enough food, honey.

Not my salad, though.

Salad- she's obsessed.


I don't know. Maybe.

You want to do a little get-together?

Let the kids play.

We could get to know each other, maybe dressed?

We'll see. We'll see.

No. Okay, good.

Come on, honey, another time.

Baby, come on, come on.

Good to meet you, Mark. Honey?

Good to- hey, hey, hey, come here.

No, Harris, back inside.

Come on. Can you take him up?


Thank you.

See ya.

All right, yeah, go upstairs.

Oh, wait.

Now, just hold on a second.

I'm sorry about that.

I didn't mean to be- I mean-

No, no, no. We don't want to-

What time did you want to come over?

No, no, don't worry about it.

She's just- she gets a thing in her-

This afternoon. Does that work for you?

We're free.

Would you like to this afternoon?

Let's do this afternoon.

Mark. Very nice to meet you.

I'll bring you something healthy.

Good. Something healthy.

But don't you put yourself out, now, okay?

. Okay"

All right, Mark. Thank you, Bob.

Great to meet you, you know?

Nice to meet you.

Good to meet the neighbors.

Enjoy the wood. Thank you.

Get a nice little fire going there, huh?

It's so nice.

Oh, it's beautiful.


You have to stop.


Who was that?

It was the neighbors.

Who was on the phone?

Oh, my sister.

She's back on the east coast.

How is she?

Oh, same old.

She says hello.


What neighbor?

The, uh... the neighbors.

The Sakowskis.


The Sakowskis.

Well, what was so important they had to wake us up?

They brought us some firewood and wanted to come over for lunch or something, bring food and meet us.

And you already said that was fine, didn't you?



Give me a break. What was I supposed to say?

"I can't, we're busy," then they see we're not?

No, you tell them-

Forget it.

Say it.

I can go tell them it's no good.

No, let's just get it over with.

No, no, no. We're up at the cottage.


Yeah, yeah.

Listen, what are you- what are you up to?

Are you- are you interested in coming up for a night or two?


Hold on a second.

Hey. No.

Come here.

Oh, hey.

The door opened when I knocked.


Call Harris.

Come on, Harris.

Hi. Come on!

Sorry. How did that door open?

Uh, I knocked, and it just-

You know what, I'm gonna take a look at it for you.

No, no, that's fine.

One second.


It's just kind of stuck.

Hold on a second, Bob.

It's all right.


Okay, hi.

I'm Jane, and this is Bobby, my husband- or Bob, as he prefers- and our son Jared.

Hi, I'm Mary.

Oh, you're beautiful.

Thank you. Thanks.

Thank you.

I'm sorry?

I mean, you're welcome.

I'm silly. No.


My mother's name was Mary.

Oh, is that right?

Mary Borden Anwright was her full name.


A lovely lady.


I'm Bob.

I'm so sorry if we woke you this morning.

I had no idea what time it was.

This guy wakes up so early, doesn't he?

No, it's no problem.

Come on. Come on in.

I'm an early riser anyway.

Oh, look at this.

You know, I prefer to leave those everyday restrictions like time.

Up here, anything goes.

Right, Mark?

That's the goal, yes.

Thank you.

I'll take those.

By the way, it's nothing special.


Hey, now that's just plain modesty.

I'm actually not a salad eater, but that is surely special.


Oh, I'm sure it's delicious.

Thank you for these.

Let me take your coats.

Hey, Mary, did-did Mark tell you?


About the wood we left for you?

Oh, thank you, yes.

We appreciate it.

So how is it, living up here?

You must get pretty lonely.

Who said that we lived up here?

I just, uh...

I just assumed. Don't you?

Well, for the time being, sure.

But we got our eyes peeled for something much better.

I like being alone, so... it suits me just fine.

And Jared too. Right, hon?

Right, well, don't you miss your friends, though, Jared?

You know, there was another family lived up here for a while recently.

Had a boy about his age.

Oh, who's that?

Smith was their name.

Lived out of a car up the road.

What kind of car?

It was a big beat-up old station wagon.

Sounded like a freight train.

No, they were a real sorry-looking bunch.

Low, low, class.

You know?

Kind of a strange air about them too, huh?

So what happened to them?

They're gone. I checked.

Not even a tire track.

I think we-l think we saw them leaving last night.

Well, we're better off, trust me.

I walked over today.

Do you ever walk around here, Mary'?

No, no, not lately.

Not much, no.

She'd get lost on her way to the washroom without a GPS.

Can I offer anyone some wine?

I mean, we're really- we don't have a big selection of whites.

We're mostly red drinkers, but, um, we do have a chardonnay from New Zealand that is unreal, and pinot, merlot, syrah.

What can I get you?

I'll have whatever you're having, Mary.

Okay, great.

And what about for you, Bob?

He's deaf sometimes.



Would you like a beer, Bob?

Is your boy upstairs?

Excuse me?

Your boy Brendon?

Is he upstairs?

Oh, sure.

All right, squirt, you head up for dad.

Oh, actually, Jared, I'd prefer it if you wait down here.

I'll bring Brendon down in a minute.

There you go. Thanks.

You know, I bet none of the kids your age pick on you, huh?

I got a hunting rifle for my birthday.


Wow, that's- happy belated birthday.


Come on.

Go ahead, go ahead, come on.

Do you want the stick?

Are you sure you want the stick?

Go get it.

Good boy.

Go get the stick.

There you go. You want one?


She loathes these things.

Won't get near me for days if she smells it on me.

Well, you're just gonna have to hide it extra hard then.

Thank you.

Thank you.

"Might as well live life while you can," says Bobby.

Hey, let me ask you something.

What time does Mark usually go to bed at night?

I don't know. It depends.


Been sleeping a lot lately, and Jane keeps telling me it's not normal.

Well, what's normal?


What? That's funny to you?

No, it's a good question, is what it is.

You know, it sure is good of you to have us in your home tonight.

Well, not at all.

So, Sakowski, that's- that's Polish?


Are you both from there?


Are you Polish too?

No, that's just Bobby.

I was born here.

It's just, I don't-

I don't hear an accent from Bob.

We- actually, it was- it was just his folks that lived there, in Poland, I mean.

We both never set foot there, so...


You're a good man, I can tell.

You take care of people.

I like to think so, yeah.

So how long have you two been married?

Bobby and I have been married since the day he picked me up.

Who's the four-eyes?

Those are Mark's.

You got any siblings?


I have a sister, Lizzy.

How about Mark?

Mm-hmm. He has a younger brother.

You get along with his brother?

Those glasses look funny on you.

Yeah? Mm-hmm.

I don't know. I could kind of get used to 'em.

So, what, Mark doesn't get along with his brother, then?

You know, they've had their ups and downs like any siblings, but, no, they talk a lot now.

It's good.

What do they usually disagree over?

I guess they just didn't see eye-to-eye on most things.

Like what?

You're an awfully curious fellow.



I'm - l'm just teasing you, Mary.

It's my way of coping with nerves.


Well, what are you nervous about?

You're a beautiful lady, Mary.

You're a wonderful bunch.

I am just looking to learn something here.

Well, you can be whoever you are around me, Bob.

Just take Mark's glasses off, okay?

Can I see Brendan's room?


If it's okay with Brendon, Mary, and Mark, it's okay with me.

Can I see your room, Brendon?

Yeah, I don't know. Maybe.

You know, why don't you go upstairs and show Jared your games and then come right back down?

Bob, you said before that you had a, um... a conversation with that family?


The ones living in the car.

I'm just - l'm curious what you said to them.

The, uh...

The Smiths.



What I said was, "Be gone."

You know, "This is a nice neighborhood.

"We don't take to loitering kindly, and, you know, have a nice day."

How'd they take that?

Well, they basically apologized.

They said, you know, they were just trying to get along like the rest of us.

Actually, they said the government had possessed their home and everything with it, and they were just...

Looking for what everyone wants, I suppose.

The good life.

Which you both know all about.

Well, everyone has baggage, though.

Oh, shit!

Look at that.

Bobby is such a klutz.


It's okay.



Yeah, I'll get a-

I'll get a shirt.

Hold on a second, Bob, I'll get a shirt.

Is Jared in school?

You sure are Mr. Mom, aren't you, Mark?

No, we decided it's better he learn from us than some busy school.

I watch the crowds of kids flooding into those places, and I think, "What kind of learning goes on with that many energetic kids stuffed into a little building?"


I was home-schooled myself, so...

Here you go.


I got it all over my pants as well.

It looks like I urinated myself.

Well, how old were you when you had Jared?


This is a beautiful shirt.


So what do you do for a living, Bob?

What do I do for a living?


Oh, this and that.

Say, Mark, what do you prefer, your boat or your car?

What? Um...

My boat or my car...

I don't...

I, uh-why?

No reason.

What about you, Mary?

What's your work life like?

Like, what do you do?

I'm a real estate developer.



And you, Mark, what do you do?

I'm a lawyer.

I've never had supper with a lawyer before.

I don't recommend it.

Or a developer, Mary.

Why? Are lawyers not very nice?

No, I was- it was-

Sorry. It was a-

A bad joke. It was a bad joke.


You're funny too.

Who's the little girl with blonde hair that I saw in the photograph?

That's our daughter Tess.

No shit.

Where is she?


She died in an accident not too long ago.

Oh, no.

What kind of accident?

A car accident.

Do you want a water?

Do you want a water?

I'm sorry about your girl.

I don't know what I'd do.

Thank you.

You're strong, though, I can tell.

You'll get over it.

Actually, I don't think it's something you ever really get over.

I bet you have another beautiful home someplace else, don't you?


Another home.

You got one?

Sure, yes.

Where, exactly?


In Claremont.

That so?

Which neighborhood?


I'm sorry. We're not...

Comfortable telling you that, Bob, right now.

You're not comfortable telling me that...

Right now?

I don't understand.

Well, I'm gonna-

I'm gonna get us some water.

You gonna come?

Sure, let's get some water.

Sure, Bob.

Bobby and I just want to know what it is you all do to be like this.

We want this.

Like what?

Like you.

Oh, Jane, come on, stop it.

Where's your dog?

He's in the next room, I think.

Let's go play with it.

Nah, I don't want to right now.

Yes! Yes!

I did it! I beat you!

That's, like, the fifth time in a row!

You suck at this.


Yeah, well, I could beat you.

What, are you gonna tell?


No, you're not.


Yeah, yeah, I beat you.





What happened? What happened?

Okay, what is it?

Shh, shh. It's okay.

Calm down, buddy, and just tell us what happened.

Just give him a minute, Mark.



Are you okay?


Calm down, buddy. Just tell us what happened.

We were just playing the game, and he punched me because I beat him.

That's not true, you stupid asshole!

Shh. It's okay.

That's enough.

Mom, I didn't even touch him.

Okay, I think we're gonna call it a night.

What? What'd you say?

We said it's time to call it a night.

You should- you should go.

You think we should go? Yes, you should go.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to beat him at the game.

You're such a liar!

Shh! It's okay.

It's okay.

Mary, we can make this right, just...

No, I don't think so.

Just kids having fun.

I'm sorry, you should- you should leave.

You know what?

I think we should call it a night.

And we'll see you tomorrow.

No, I think it's best that we stay apart.

Please leave.

You think we should stay apart?

Okay. Let's go wash up.

Please, he didn't mean to do anything bad.

I didn't do anything.

Thank you for coming over. Please.

Thank you for having us over.

He'll apologize!

If Jared in some way has upset Brendon, then we apologize.

Please, Bob, come on.

Please. He...

We've had a beautiful evening here, Mark.

Here. Thank you for coming over.

Please tell Mary that I'm sorry and-

Okay, I will. I will.

I'll see her tomorrow. Okay, I will.

I was thinking, Mark, you should come to us for dinner tomorrow night.

Mary, would you like-

Hey, Bob! Get out.

Get out.

Thank you for having us.

It's been a wonderful night. Okay.

We'll see you about 6:00.

I'm sure Jane will put on quite a feast.

Okay, Bob.

Sleep tight now.


I'm okay.

What was that?

I'll clear it up.




Mark, you scared me.

What's wrong?

I'm not comfortable staying here, just us.

Are you?


Toby's gonna head up tonight.

Then I say we go back tomorrow.

This isn't relaxing.

No, I don't want to leave.

And since when is your brother coming up?

He needed a break.

A break from what?

He sounded stressed.

Toby doesn't get stressed.

He'll be gone by tomorrow, if he even decides to come.

He probably won't.

Mark. What?

Maybe I just wanted to see him.

No, you didn't want to see me, is what this is.

That's not true.

Yeah, you've ruined this.

First the Sakowskis and now your brother?

No, listen to me-

Just let me breathe for a minute.

I'm sorry.

Listen, we'll leave tomorrow.

We'll drop the little man off at your mother's house for a few days, and then we'll take off to some overpriced resort.

I want to be alone with you.

Some overpriced resort?

That's your solution?



I promise.

And Brendon?

We'll do something when we get back.

We'll take him away somewhere, just the three of us.

I don't know.

_ okay, okay.

Okay. You want to go outside?

Ready to go outside?

Come on.

Let's go outside.

You okay?


Is it them?

I don't know.


Oh, fuck.

Is it them?

Was that Harris?

No, sweetheart, he's okay.

I'm gonna call the police.

Use the phone upstairs.


Sweetheart, I'm coming.

Hey, baby.

Okay, let's come upstairs with Mommy.

Was that Harris?

All right.


Sweetheart, where's your portable phone?

It's in my room.

Okay, can you go get it for Mommy?

I don't know.

. Okay"

Then why don't you help me find my cell phone?




Nothing in there?

Where is it?

I don't know. I just had it.


Where's your dad?

Burying your dog-


Come here.

Get over here now!


You piece of shit.

Did you do that to my car?



Damn it!


Come talk to me!

We can work it out!

NO guns!

I heard a shot.

I thought I saw something.

Did you call the police?

Our landline is dead.

Run for the car.

No, we can't.

We have a gun. We can't.

We can protect ourselves. Listen to me.

They slashed the tires.

You remember a landline at the Grandlands, right?


There's a phone on the wall in the kitchen.

What about your brother?

I don't think he'll come.

If he does, it's not going to be for a while.

Do you remember how to use this?

I want you to go upstairs, and I want you to lock yourselves in the bathroom, okay?

You do not come out until you know that I'm back.

I'll call your names so you know it's me.

No, don't leave.

You're gonna be the man of the house until I get back, okay?

All right, go upstairs.

Come on.

Go upstairs.

Be careful.

- I will.

I'll wait until I hear the door shut.



What's taking him so long?

He's only been gone 15 minutes.

I could have run there and back by now.

Oh, is that right?

Yeah, I can run way faster than Dad.

Mm, I don't know.

You know, he was the 100 meter champion two years in a row in our high school.

I mean, I saw him beat guys with legs taller than you, so...

You saw him win?

Sure. Both times.



You know, the day I met your father was at a track meet.


Yeah, I was a senior, and he was a junior, and I was handing out water to the athletes.

And I saw him coming out from this huge group of girls.

Oh, he was so handsome.

Yeah, practically every girl in town, they looked at him like he was a superhero.

But he made his way to me, and he said, "Can I have a water, Mary?"

And I looked at him, and I thought, "You're not a superhero."

But I fell in love with him right there.



Don't look.

When's Dad gonna be back?

I bet before you know it.

Wash your hands, thank you.


No, don't even.



I've got a gift for you.

Please take everything. Just leave us alone.

Mary, stay there! Dad!

Please, what do you want?

Please tell us what you want.

What I want is for you to put down-

Don't fucking move!

Put down the gun that you've got pointed at the door and walk out here.

Or we can find a new daddy for Brendon.

It's your choice, Mary.

Don't let him hurt Dad.

Put your gun down.


That ain't the deal.

Keep your hands in the air.

Stay close, Brendon.


I like your ability to listen, Mary.

Makes you quite a woman.

Get up.

Get up!

On your feet.



No. My dad said don't move.

You'll never believe how sorry I am, will you?

Please let us go.

I can't.

Bob would leave me.

No, he won't. He loves you.

And you can come with us.

We'll take care of you if you're scared.

Please, Jane.

Take care of me how?

Food, money, clothing, whatever you want.

Jane, please, lam begging you.



Can-could my little brother come?




When he took us from our home, I was 16, and he saved me from a life of darkness and betrayal.

Jane, please, we don't have any time.

Please take the gun.

No, I couldn't. He'd be mad.

I can't have that.

You understand, don't you?

You love each other.

What if- what if Mark left you?


It hurts, don't it?

He's not as bad as you think, I promise.

He just- he has dreams.

His-his real wife died, you know?

She had cancer, and they couldn't afford it, and he told us all about her.

She was wonderful.

All right, son, you can sit down now.

Well, nobody got shot, so that's a good thing.

I'm guessing you don't like me too much at this point, huh?

Little man?

Did you kill my dog just because you're a coward?

_ Hey, hey.

I would never kill a dog.

Would you kill a dog, Brendon?

How about you, Jared?

Would you kill a dog?

Where's our dog, Bob?


That's your concern?


And my name isn't Bob, okay?

Do I look like a Bob or a Bobby to you?

Do I look like a fat, ugly Pole?

No, my name... is Mark.

Got it'?

Mark Hughes.

You're not Sakowski, are you?

He didn't even have a boy.

Just a mouthy, stupid fuckin' wife.

You should have paid more attention, Mr. Lawyer.

Should have worn your glasses.

Who are you?


We are...



We're a little confused.

See, the list goes on, so it's kind of hard to keep track.

But what's important is who people think we are.

Who we feel like we are.

You know what?

I should not have spoken badly about that Polack.

Honey, I should not have done that.

His life has led us to you and kept a roof over our head, and for that, lam grateful.

I mean, could you raise a family in a beat-up old station wagon, Mark?

No, don't answer that.

Of course you wouldn't.

You wouldn't even try.

That's not the way to have the ideal family.

So here's the deal-

Stay there.

Best behavior.

Who is that?

No, no!

Who the fuck is that, Mark?



Hey, bro.

. HEY-

How are you doing?

Uh... You okay?

Yeah, what-, how was the drive?

Oh, it was good.

There was barely another car on the road for the past hour.


Hi, how are you?


. HEY-

Hey, where's Harris?

Hey, there, younger brother.

They call me Slim Jim.

And this here is my wife, Tess.

Nice to meet you. I'm Toby.

Hey, there, Toby.

Hey, now, your brother's been reluctantly sharing a few good stories about you two.

Rumor has it you weren't the easiest of all boys to raise.

Well, that's one way of putting it, I guess.

Slim Jim and...

Tess moved in last year.

Almost a year ago today, believe it or not.

God damn, has it been that long already?

Seems so.

Don't time fly?

Well, it's nice to meet you both.


So where's the little guy?

Oh, he's- he's upstairs playing.

Good, I was hoping to catch him up.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Are you hungry?

No, I'm - l'm good.

I had some mystery meat from the gas station on the way up.

I didn't think it was good.

Tell me, what brings you up here tonight, Toby?

Well, this is our family place, so I spend quite a bit of time up here.

Is that so?

Yeah, it's our grandfather's.

He left it for us.

Where's Harris?

He's around here somewhere.


So you're not hungry?


So where are you from?

Excuse me?

Where are you from?


My pa was a military man, among other things, and after my mother and sister died when I was just a young boy, he just couldn't sit still.

Fear of his insanity catching up with him, I always assumed.

Yeah, he took it pretty bad.

Anyway, long story short, I've lived just about everywhere you could probably name, young man.

That must have made you a bit crazy, huh?

Did you just call me crazy?

Well, I found out a lot about myself.

I got to realize I could be just about anyone I want, long as I'm prepared to make the appropriate sacrifices.

Where's your- where's your bags?

Didn't you bring clothes?

Yeah, I-

I left it in the car.

Bring it in.


You know what? I need a cigarette anyway.

Go ahead and do that.




You motherfucker!

Stop it! What are you doing?


Shoot me, you motherfucker!

Shoot me, you motherfucker!

Shoot me!

Shoot me!

Shoot me!

I can't lose you!

I can't lose you. Stop.





You can stop fucking her now, Mark.

We get the gist.

You were perfect.

You're insane.

Well, now, if that means being a good father to my boy Brendon and a good husband to my wife, Mary, here, then...

Color me insane.

Thank you.

Go downstairs.

I'm gonna try on some more dresses.


Get up.

_ Hey, hey.

Sit, sit, sit.

Sit, sit, sit, sit.

Now, Mary...

I've got rules.

But admit it...

You've been flirting with me since I got here this afternoon.

You should know that, Mark.

Your wife is a big flirt.

What she needs... ls some attention.

Now, you sit in that chair.

Don't you touch her.


You see?

He's okay.

He's tough.

You get up, and you sit in that chair.

Get your fuckin' arm away from me!


Get up, bitch.

Sit back!

Please don't do this.

You want me to let you go?

Is that your request?


I'm not gonna fucking touch you.

But you're gonna do all the work.

Unzip my pants.

Let's have a little fun.

You get on top.


You get on top!

Now make me believe I'm your sissy husband.

Sit back!

Make some fuckin' noise.

Come on!

Now scream if you want to go faster.

All right, enough foreplay.

Take off your pants.

God damn it!

Take the gun!

Just take the gun.

I'll fucking kill you!

Get Brendon!

Go into his room and wait for me.

Jared has my gun.



You fucking whore!

You had your chance.

"No! "Dad!


No, Jared, please, Jared.

Kill the little fucker!

No! No.

Jared, please drop the gun, drop it.

- Mom, Mom.

It's okay. Brendon-please.

Jared, we'll drop the gun, and you drop the gun, okay?

Jared, I'm gonna drop the gun on the count of three, okay?





Fucking kill him!


Jared, no, please!



_ okay, okay.

Okay, I'm dropping the gun.

Jared, I'm dropping the gun, okay?

I'm gonna- take the gun away from his head.

Here we go.

Take the gun down.

Stand against the fucking mantelpiece.


Get downstairs right now!

Drop the gun.

Right now, get downstairs!

Or your- your kid is dead.

No, Jared, please!

Jared, please don't hurt Brendon.

Mary, stay behind me.


Please, just don't hurt Brendon, please.

Get over there.

Please don't, Jared.

Get on the fucking couch right now!

Doesn't hurt, does it?

Mom. Jared, don't.

You okay, honey?

These are wonderful.

We'll give you whatever you want.

Please, please.

You think I won't do it?

Yeah, I've done it before.



Stop crowding me.

I just-

I wanted to say that I like it here.

We did good, didn't we?

Get the article.

Read it.

"Tess was tragically killed while crossing the street on the corner of"-

I-I can't say that word.

"And Elmore Avenue on her way home from school yesterday."


See, we've been waiting for you...

For a long time.

Found you in the paper one day...

And bingo...

The perfect family.

Please, we won't call the police.

You can stay up here as long as you like.

I can do what I want.

Because you're intruding in my house.

Our house.

And in this glorious country...

I have the right to protect my sacred home, Mary.

No, Mark.

I'm Mary.

Why are you being so mean?

Answer me.

What'd I do wrong?


'Cause I'm perfect now.

I'm - l'm-




Get off me!

Get off me!


Mark, that's bad!

Get-get over there!

Drop the fucking gun!

Drop it, Jane!

God damn it!

Drop it, or I'll fucking kill him!

Drop the gun, Jane!

Drop it, Jane.


I'm gonna come over now...

And get the gun from you so that nobody gets hurt.


So nobody gets hurt, okay?

That's right.

Good girl.

Good girl.

Look at me, Bobby.

I did all of this.

Get behind me.

_ l_

I killed your own brother, your own flesh and blood.

And she's still perfect.

I want that.

I want- I want that place.

I want that feeling.

I want that perfection.

Stop, you fucking psycho!

I killed my daughter!

How are we fucking perfect, huh?

Answer me!

I didn't pick her up from school, and she fucking died, huh?

Answer me!

Mark, stop.

We're not fucking perfect!


Don't fucking move.

That's not my nature.

I'm sorry. Could I, um...

Could I have a minute?

I'll be back in five. Thank you.

I love you.

I love you too.

- How's Brendon readjusting to being back in school?

Well, that's good to hear.

And have you decided to sell the place?

And how are you two doing?