In This Corner of the World (2016) Script

December 1933 They've always called me a daydreamer.


Where are you off to?

Futaba in Nakajima Honmachi to deliver seaweed.

It's usually my brother's job. But he's not feeling well today.

So instead, I'm going in his place. I, uh...

I admire your effort. You can relax.

Sorry the floor's rough, I haul gravel.

After my errands, I'm going to buy some treats for my siblings.


Oh. I see.

[coins clinking]


Alright. We're almost there.

Okay, this is it!

"Year's End Market"

[bell ringing]

Chocolate, 0.10 yen.

Box of caramel, 0.10 yen.

Small box, 0.05 yen.

Yo-yo, 0.10 yen.

I want the red one. Business is still busy.

Thank you for coming. Take care.

♪ The color of the sky

♪ touches my heart

♪ looking into the distance.

♪ A tear drops,

♪ white

♪ clouds drift and drift

♪ dreams become entangled

♪ drifting without joy.

♪ I'm so sad, ♪ I don't know what to do

♪ with this emptiness I feel.

♪ Will it ever be relieved?

In This Corner of the World

I got lost in the city, then I met this man.

Suzu, what is that?

A monster. Huh?

That's what he told me.

He lent me his telescope and said I needed to find my way.

Wow! I can see so clearly.


Then I fell into his basket and met an older boy.

The guy is a kidnapper and we're being kidnapped right now.

I can't be kidnapped.

I have to go home and feed the chickens before the sun goes down.

Me too. I have to return home to my father later.

Me too, me too.

I have to go home before night falls or else...

Or what else is gonna happen?

You'll see soon enough.

Excuse me, mister. Oh! Ow!

What is this in here? Can you take a look?

Hmm. Let me see.



Whenever night falls, he falls asleep.

Too bad he'll miss out on his supper.

Thanks, Suzu Urano!

Hey, how do you know my name?


"Thanks, Suzu Urano!"

Hey! Keep it down!

I'm a little absentminded.

So I probably was daydreaming that day, too.

♪♪ August 1935 The waves were wild the night before, but the spring tide changed everything.


It's my first time crossing the sea without an adult!

It's so much fun!

Just remember, I'll say hi to our uncle, aunt and grandma in Kusatsu first.

And then I'll say our parents will join us later.

And I'll say have this watermelon.

Hey! I wanna hold the watermelon!


Ow! Ow!

Here. Now stop dilly-dallying.

My brother Yoichi was tough.

Wait! Uh! [thudding]

Aah! [thudding]

Good morning...

Our parents will, uh, going, uh...

We brought... Uh!

Some watermelon.

Thank you, the ancestors will really love it.

Oh, look at you. What a pretty girl you are.

Our grandma sews us a new kimono every year.

Soon our parents joined us, and we visited our family's grave.

How's business?

Oh, it's tough.

There are ups and downs. [sighing]

Is that so?


But it's not that bad,

being a child.

I think I can see many things.


Uh... hello?

Would you...

Would you like to have some more?



Wake up. The tide is coming in.

Get ready.

You too, Sumi.

Come on.

Oh, don't worry. She'll come and eat it later, dear.

You think so?

If I left my kimono out, do you think she would wear it?

You're really a sweet child, Suzu, you know that?

It was a zashiki-warashi ghost. My teacher told us about it.

Yoichi explained to me that night, as the sunset mellowed everything in sight.

What? You left your kimono in Kusatsu?

Swim back and get it right now! Stupid!

"My ogre brother"

I forgot how scary my brother could be.

February 1938 Suzu, place it lower. The wind might blow it away.


Uh, Mom, can you give me 0.02 yen? I lost my pencil.

Wait for your allowance.

You need to stop doodling anyway, okay?

Hey, what do you say you and I trade pencils?


Suzu dear, does Tetsu Mizuhara come to school every day?

Uh, yes, he does.


Here! That's cold!

[indistinct conversations]


It's so tiny!

I hope it'll last this whole week.

Just make sure you don't lose it again, okay?




Draw anything you want today.

You may leave when you're finished.


Yes, sir.

What should we draw?

Mmm. Very impressive.

Nice job, Urano.

I wish I could draw like you.

I'm home.

I'll go pick some pine needles.

Okay, be careful.

Hey, Mizuhara?

You won't be able to go home until you finish drawing.

I don't want to.

My parents drink all day instead of going to work.

I hate the ocean.

I won't draw it.

Urano, give me your hand. Huh?

Take it.

But I can't.

It's my brother's, I have plenty more.

I see lots of rabbits today.

They all kind of remind me of the day that the ship sunk.

So go ahead, draw this boring ocean.

Mizuhara, what did you mean earlier?


Oh. The white waves look like rabbits hopping.

Hey, Mizuhara, can I give my brother to you?

No, thanks.

Everyone says, "Run when you see Urano's brother."

But at least he's better than the idiot who joined the navy and drowned.

You're right, they do look like white rabbits.

I'm done.

Here, I collected them for you.


This isn't what I wanted, you know.

Now this means that I have to go back home.

And with a drawing like this, I can't hate the ocean anymore.

March 1940 The Imperial Navy Troops in the East Pacific Ocean...

December 1941 Hurray! Hurray!

April 1943 December 1943 Pick the seaweed over here.

There's a lot. Okay.

[waves crashing]

Oh, what lovely combat attire you have on.

[cheering, applause]

That's cold!

[water splashing]

Mmm. You've really improved.

We'll have lunch when you're ready.


That's far!

You're going far away to get married.

I am?

Sumi, you're staying, aren't you?

They say a girl who holds her chopsticks the long way, weds far away.


So where did you come from?

Hmm? I came from Furue.

That's just one village over from where we are.

The women who end up living in Manchuria must be using tongs.

So says Sumi, as she shifts her grip on her chopsticks.

Marrying close to home lacks excitement.

[door sliding open]

Suzu, go home right now! I just got a call...

A boy all the way from Kure is here.

He's asking for your hand in marriage!


Suzu, how old are you now?

19... or actually, 18.

You can turn him down if you want to, but at least go and meet him.

Suzu, come over here, please.

I would like for you to have this.

I prepared it for the day of your wedding.

I hope it'll work out for you.

Thank you.

You'll have the wedding with his family in Kure.

On your wedding night, he'll ask, "Did you bring an umbrella?"

You'll answer, "I've brought a brand new one."

Then he will ask, "Can I open it?"

And you must answer with, "Yes."

But why?

Because you must.

I guess I'm becoming an adult.

I think Kure is a city that has a naval port with many sailors.

Ah? Mizuhara?

It's been a while.

Hurry on home.

Your mother announced the news of your marriage to the entire town.

[gasping] Wait a minute.

I thought you were the suitor!

Don't be silly!

The reason I came home is for the anniversary of my brother's death.

You mean, you don't even know who he is?

Never met him.

Maybe he has me confused with Sumi.

Sumi's a lot prettier than me.

I don't think so.

So, I guess my son took a shine to your daughter on his way to school.

It wasn't very easy to find your house, by the way.

Well, we lost the seaweed business to land reclamation just about three years ago.

She'll be home any minute. I see.

I don't know if I should marry him.

But why did I taste caramel in my mouth?

It's so cold...

So what should I do?

Auntie said I can turn him down if I want to, but I don't even know anything about him yet.

Excuse me?


I'm afraid we're a little bit lost.

Could you tell us where the train station is at?

It's this way. Thank you.

There was a nice sailor who showed us the way, but, uh...

Oh, him. Yes, well, he's a little strange, so...

They said that a strange woman in the woods had shown them the way to the station.


February 1944 Was I always daydreaming?

I don't know how or when all this happened.






[seagulls squawking]

It's getting long.

Everyone, please close all windows on the ocean side.

[train rumbling]


There's one still open.

[train whistle blowing]

Next stop, Kure. Next stop, Kure.

[distant explosion]

It's the navy's artillery range.

[distant explosion]

[engines revving]


That charcoal bus can't climb this hill.

Hello, Mrs. Kobayashi. Hello, Mrs. Kobayashi.

Thank you for having us.

I'm glad the weather is nice for you.

I just want to say it's an honor to become your faithful daughter-in-law.

I'm Kobayashi, Shusaku's aunt. I'll be your matchmaker today.

So you mean that you don't even know your husband's name?

I am already worried about this.

[birds chirping]

We climbed so high.

They live right on the corner.

Here we are, everyone.


They're here!

My apologies for such a simple wedding.

There's no need to apologize. Simple is best for my daughter.

Suzu. Oh no!

My beautiful kimono is all covered up.


Stop that, Suzu!

Don't disrobe here!


What a feast we have here today.

I'm sorry her brother couldn't come.

This is most impressive.

You provided us with the ingredients.

Eat your food, dear. This is your feast, too, you know.

Ah! This stew is delicious.

I'm glad. He seems very calm.

You can't be loud at a wedding.

Well, that's easy for you to say.

You weren't very loud, my dear.

See you when you come home to visit!

See you then!

I'll see you around.

Wait... who was that?

Now that she's here, you can relax a little bit and have her take over.

I will.

Mother, Father, it's an honor to be part of your family.

The honor is ours.

I, unfortunately, have a bad leg, so, I'm counting on you, Suzu.


[switch clicking] Oh, thank you.

Keiko always burns the pot.

Oh, so that's your daughter who got married.

[coals crackling]

It's the Navy's spotting drills.

Where have I come to?



Thank you for setting the futon.


Hey Suzu?


Did you bring an umbrella?

Yes. I've brought... a brand new one.

Can I borrow it?


I got it.


I bet... you must be pretty hungry, huh?

Do you like dried persimmons?

I know that you didn't eat anything at the wedding.

I'm glad you're finally able to eat something now.

Don't worry. I just swallowed the entire fruit. I'm okay.

Excuse me.

Um, have we ever actually met before today?

Yes, we have. You don't remember?

I'm sorry. I'm usually a bit absentminded.

You haven't changed at all.

I also remember that little beauty mark of yours.


[clock ticking]

Here in Kure, we all get along and share the neighborhood well.

[water splashing]


[fire crackling]

"To Yoichi Urano"


"Suzu Houjo"

Excuse me.

What is the street name and number of the house...?

- "Kami-Naganoki cho 808" Of course!

We're off.

Have a nice day.

Everyone around here seems to work for the navy.

[rooster crowing]

Mrs. Houjo?

♪♪ Mrs. Houjo?

Ah, yes!

"Rationing duty"?

So remember, that these two are always arguing.

Nice to meet you.

I'm Chita. I'm Kariya.

Stop that!

What's wrong? I'm just measuring it.

No, you're not! You're eyeballing it!

No I'm not. I think that's unfair!

It's not unfair!

Incredible. What is?

The way that you act sometimes, that's what.

What way?

[laughing] I'm young, don't worry!

Careful, it's gonna fall!

[smacking and splashing] [gasping]


I'm so sorry.

Citizens of Kure, everyone please listen.

I must point out there is an immense possibility of an air raid.

We must be ready to react when we are under attack.

Won't you come closer, dear? Oh, it's so chilly in here.

Oh, okay.

This has become my daily life.

March 1944

Oh, look. That was actually Keiko's dress from when she was younger.

That one will go in storage.

She wore it on her dates with her husband.

They'd go to the cinema, fancy restaurants, and exhibits.

Wow. She was a real modern lady, wasn't she?

Those were the days.

When Shusaku was little, the disarmament disallowed us from building battleships.

My husband and all of our neighbors lost their jobs.

It was a very difficult time for everyone around here.

But that didn't stop Keiko.

She managed to find a job and a husband all on her own.

We were very proud of her.

Well! In that case, I'll work just as hard as her then!

We thought those times were tough.

But how it is now...

[sighing] I miss those days...

[airplane engines roaring]

Oh. Hello.

I'm home.

Oh! Welcome back, Keiko.


But rice is a luxury these days! It isn't boring at all!

I'm talking about you!

I was expecting you to be one of those polished girls from Hiroshima.

And what are those clothes you're wearing today, anyway?

Are you roasting some beans?

Hello Harumi. How are you?

Mommy seems to be mad at everything lately.

So I try to stay real quiet.

I see. I'm sorry, this is all I've got.

Then sew one, right now!

And for your information, that rice isn't a gift, it's only for me and Harumi.

Come here, Keiko...

But, Mom!

Oh boy. What to do?


Not again! Another mistake.

You can't get married with skills like yours, young lady.

That's fine, then I won't.

♪♪ Okay, so the waist band goes...

I see.

I undo the seams and cut. Put them together and sew.

Put in a waistband and I'm done! That's it.

I'm Harumi Kuromura.

I'm Suzu Houjo. Nice to meet you.

Could I have one of those ribbons?

Will this one do?

[birds chirping]

[clock chiming] Huh? Oops.

Hey, Suzu. Are you going shopping?

Yes, to get rations.

I'll go instead today. Hand me your ration coupon and wallet.

Are you sure? Thank you.

[door opening]

Oh, welcome home.

You can stop. I'll do that.

Hey! Hey, Mom!

I'm coming. What is it, dear?

What should we do for soup?


Keiko, Harumi, you're here. Just the two of you?

Welcome home.

Stay as long as you like.

What a surprise.

Keiko didn't actually burn the rice this time.

That's enough out of you, Shusaku!

Excuse me.

Thank you, Keiko. I was able to fix my kimono.

My pleasure.

After all, our mother has a bad leg, and we brought someone like you all the way here to a foreign land to help this family out.

If only I could've stayed, things would've been different.

Suzu. Why don't you go home to Hiroshima?


That's a good idea.

[door sliding open]

I'm home.

"Hiroshima Castle, Suzu Urano"

I'm exhausted.

Welcome home.

It's eight already.

We have a big batch today.

Are these the good luck blankets?

Yes. Make sure you stitch them.


Suzu! Wake up already.

Y... yes!

It's time for dinner.

Oh, oh goodness. I dreamt I married a man in Kure.


Are you awake now?

My sister-in-law suggested I go home to Hiroshima.

I was puzzled at first.

Oh, to visit family!

Then my in-laws apologized for not letting me come visit sooner.

They told me to relax for a couple of days.

So I'm here.

Well, if that's what you want, then I'm happy for you.

So, did you write to your brother Yoichi?

I did.

I haven't heard from him, though.

Have you? Mm-mm.

He's stationed far away.

And he doesn't seem to write much.

Suzu might've written down the wrong address, too.


Bath time! Bath time!

How's the volunteer corps?

I'm getting used to it.

Don't you think I smell like machine oil?

It must be a dangerous job.

It's not as cold as other jobs might be, like harvesting seaweed.

There's a handsome army officer that slips me his meal tickets every once in a while.

Oh my!

I may be learning the army's top secrets!

How about you? Do you like Kure?

I can't say. There's so much to learn.


I think I might have just told you the navy's top secret!

What? Good night!

Suzu? Yeah?

You're getting a bald spot. What?

Bye Suzu! I'm off to work.

Emergency measures start next month and then travel will be restricted.

Take care.


Okay. It's time for my rounds.

What? You're going to leave now, too?

[chickens clucking]

"Railroads fight too"

[seagulls squawking]


Dad gave me an allowance.

[cable car rumbling]

Good bye.

Good bye, Hiroshima.

- "Tickets Sold Out" Sold out?

Wait, that's why you came back?

I feel so bad for the Houjo family.

[birds chirping]

I'm home.

[airplane engine roaring]

Keiko stayed all along.

April 1944

Mommy, can I use the ink?

What for?

I wanna use it.


What exactly did you tell Harumi?

Can I take care of the community notices?


I'll go now, then.

She's been a bit off since Hiroshima.

She's a child after all.

Thank you for your time.

Please! I said no!

Lend me the ink brush.

You don't need an ink brush.

Welcome home.

Picking herbs?

Yes. For tonight's supper.

I see.

I see dandelions in Kure are white.

Are they different in Eba?

Here's a yellow one.


It might've traveled far.

You seem sad. Are you homesick?

No, I'm not.

Look, over there.

They're aircraft carriers. Maybe it's Hiyo and Junyo.

They're big.

Those little ones are destroyers.

There's a U-boat from Germany.

That ship is a submarine tender.

Look, there's a white-eye.

Over there.

I can see.

Shusaku, what is that?

Is that a ship?

That's a Yamato, The world's greatest battleship.

There's people on it, too?


♪♪ About 2,700 people.

Two thousand, seven hundred?

That's right. Let's welcome them to Kure.

They cook for 2,700 people on that boat every day?

And do laundry? Hey, Suzu.

[thudding] [groaning]

I'm sorry. Are you all right?


Are you hurt?

Suzu, stress will only make you lose more hair.

So you noticed...

Can I borrow the ink brush? I want to paint Suzu's head.

I said no!

You'll stain everything black.

Soon, Keiko went home to her late husband's family.

I was ready to cook again.

But food rations had been reduced.

May 1944

"Sold Out: Next Delivery Unknown"

Four dried sardines for three meals for a family of four.

It's better than just vegetables, and maybe I can buy some bean curd.

Ah, I see.

Violet, stellaria, field horsetail.

Dandelion, dried sardines and bean curd.

Potato, sweet potato, flour and pit of a sour plum.

Cut and steam a sweet potato.

Boil and chop some field horsetails.

Mix them with flour and form a flat disk.

And lunch is ready!

It's so quiet without Keiko.

Leftovers are dried and preserved. and then... we make porridge with extra water.

Add potatoes and let it simmer for ten minutes.

Then add chopped stellaria.

Cook daikon rinds and dandelion roots with soy sauce and sugar.

Add dandelion leaves and bean curd, then let it simmer.

Finely slice and salt daikon, then add yellow wood sorrel.

Boil sour plum pit in water.

Add the dried sardines and stew while basting.

Then finally, finish it off with salt.

Ah! So, Mrs. Kariya taught you this recipe?

The rice rations were halved, so I made sweet potato porridge.

I hope you like it. Good job.

I'll try to do even better tomorrow.

During a siege, Samurai Kusunoki invented the "Food Increase Method."

First, toast and brown some rice.

Add triple amount of water and gently simmer the rice.

If you're saving rice, then save energy, too.

Use the handy fireless stove of the Empire of Japan.

Let it sit overnight.

Add miso and violet to yesterday's sardine stew.

Reheat rice on the stove.

Samurai Kusunoki's special, "Nanko Meshi" is served!

This one is for father-in-law.


We have lots of rice today. The grains are swollen.

This is a first for us.

Yes. Let's eat. Let's eat.

We're off. I'm sorry.

Samurai Kusunoki must've been quite a character to enjoy eating that rice.

Yeah, you're right.

[air raid siren blaring] - June 1944 Emergency alert! Emergency alert!

[air raid sirens blaring]

Air raid alert!

[bell ringing]

[radio tuning to frequency]

There's nothing on the radio.

Shusaku headed off for work already, did he?


Estimating from the enemy's range, I would say the best they could possibly do is reach Kyushu.

No need to run to the mountains yet, anyway.

[electricity clicks off]

It's only a blackout.

Don't fall down now.

Building removal may start soon.

It looks like they're going to build a firebreak.

I see.

Not around here, but in the city.

That's terrible. I surely hope they can find a place to live.

Thank you.

I have plenty of firewood.

I don't know if you heard or not, but my house was taken away from me.

Oh, no.

The family is going to move to Shimonoseki.

So I left my husband's family.


Oh, don't worry. I'll find a job and start working.

There will be more of us now.

Like this?


July 1944


I heard attacks on Mt. Haigamine.

I can't believe it.

It's getting dangerous.

Thank you for helping us. Yes, thank you.

My, what a well-built bomb shelter.

It is.


He worked overtime and finished our shelter.


Pillars from Keiko's house really helped a lot.

Shusaku. Did you place this here?

Yeah. It's-- it's nothing.

Let's go ahead and clean up out here a little.

Shusaku, do you think I could have some of this dirt for our farm?

Oh, sure, just take it. But be careful.

So this is where you've been.

Yes. I was looking at ships.


There's a lot of ships today.

I see two Yamato ships.

One of them is Musashi.

I see lots of battleships, but no aircraft carriers.

I see.

That's an aircraft cruiser.

There are no gun turrets in the back.

Can you see which one it is?


I'm amazed that you know so much about that.

Mm, it's because my brother taught me about it.

I see. I also learned a thing or two.

That's a destroyer. Yeah.

Well, what about that small one?

It's an amphibian boat. Ah.

I'll teach you something in return.

Look at that big cloud. Okay.

It's an anvil cloud. Mm.

It causes heavy rain. Huh?

[thunder rumbling, rain falling]


Take everything into the shelter.



No, I can do it. I can do it.

So you like battleships, then?

You taught Harumi, right?


I didn't actually teach Harumi. Hi-bo did.


Hm. Hi-bo loves battleships.

You'll meet him one day.

Oh. Is his name "Hisao"?


I can't believe I'm here, doing this with him.


We should get going, while it's only a drizzle.


Now that you're married, It's nice to see that you two get along so well.

It's wonderful. A happy couple.


[crickets chirping]

A long time ago, they used to measure their height like a happy family.

Yeah, looks like it.

What do you know about Keiko's husband?

The only thing that I know for sure is that for some reason he wasn't able to go to war.

Maybe he was too frail.

When my father was rehired by the Navy Arsenal, Keiko went to buy a watch for him, "Kuromura Watchmaker" that's where they met.

They got married and they remodeled the store.

But Keiko can be very temperamental and she didn't get along too well with his family.

When her husband died, they fought over the business. But in the end...

The building removal took everything away.

Hisao is the heir of the Kuromura family.

He was taken to Shimonoseki and she's been coping with her loss.

I really do wish that we could all just live happily, you know?

I wish so, too.

Uh... huh?

[water splashing]

I need to check on the garden.

[bird calling]

It took me too many months to learn that about her.

I'm so absentminded.

[ship's horn in distance]

That's a Yamato.

That's a Tone.


Sir. I was... just...

"Military Police"

I just wanted to send a drawing to my nephew...

Does this girl live here?

The military police?

She was sketching shorelines and ships.

That's espionage!

She seems innocent, but who knows what villainous ploy she's planned?

Her husband is a two-bit clerk at the navy court-martial office.

Tell me the truth.

Is she spying on any military activity?

Any signs of cryptography?

Does she have a random number table?

Do you suspect anything? Speak up!

[dragonfly buzzing]

We will not arrest her today, but keep her under surveillance.

Daughter-in-laws are still strangers.


[clock ticking]

[clock chiming]

I'm home.

Hey, the laundry is still outside.


The military police came for Suzu.

Suzu, come with me.

Here. You can't draw the whole shoreline with this.

Suzu, I know you love to draw. So can you draw me sometime?

I don't know if I can draw you...

Suzu involved in espionage...?

Shusaku, you missed it...

We actually felt so terrible for them.

We couldn't really laugh.

Which, of course, only made it funnier.


This girl forgets everything when she's focused on one task.

But she seemed so serious with her worried look.


They thought her notes were secret codes?

How could she be a spy? Stupid police!

I don't understand any of it, but it sure sounds funny!


I really do wish that we could all just live happily, you know?

I wish so, too.

I'm home.

Dad's home! Let's tell him, too!


Am I the only one who doesn't find it funny?

They're so dumb!


August 1944 Even in war, cicadas cry and butterflies fly.

"Sugar rations end in August"

Uh, no more sugar?

We all thought the war would come to Kure after the air raid incident back in June.

I wonder where the fighting is now?

[grunting] [sloshing]


Oh, I'm so sorry, Harumi.

I'm okay. I'm just looking at the ants.

Oh. I wonder where they're going...




Sugar is scarce right now!

We're going to need to hide it from the ants.

Yes, but... where?

What's wrong?

We thought the water could protect our sugar from the ants.

Here, now. Buy some at the black market.

♪♪ A road I've never taken.

Eat up!

There's so many people! But what is there to sell?


This is a fine rice from Taiwan.

I could get some Japanese rice, too.

I thought we weren't supposed to grow watermelons now.

They have everything here.

It's like summer breaks before the war.

Sugar'll cost you 20 yen.

Fifty times the price of rations?

The price is only gonna go up from now on.

With mother's money and this month's budget, I only have 25 yen.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...

"Buy or Not Buy"

Would sugar cost about 150 yen in the near future?

A box of caramel could cost more than 100 yen.

Maybe three pairs of socks will cost 1,000 yen.

How will we live in a country like that?


Where am I?

[crying out]

Naganoki? The naval cemetery?

Wait, that's Nagasako.

Isn't it over there?

It's that way.




[water splashing] [gasping]

I'm sorry.






You're lost?


Even though you're a grown-up?

Where did you come from?


Uh, miss, no one will give me directions and everyone smells very nice.

Is this like a secret place?

For Naganoki, you turn that corner and go down to the post office...

Um, wait here.

Madam, I have a question.


So from here, you go straight and then you turn right just after you pass the post office.

Thank you very much.

People around here are ill-informed.

Most of us aren't locals and we tend to stay within these gates.

Are you also from South Hiroshima?

Near the ocean?

I am. But how did you...?

Your accent...

Oh. Are you from Eba?

From Kusatsu.


I ate watermelon at my grandma's every summer.

We were very poor, so I would always eat the rinds people left behind.

I met a kind-hearted person once, and I finally ate the red flesh.

It was a long time ago.

You're very talented at drawing.

After looking at them... can you... maybe...

Yes, of course! I'll draw whatever you want.

Mint candy and warabi-mochi!

Mint candy.

And ice cream with wafers on top of it.


What? You've never been to a cafe?


Stop wandering around.

Sorry, I have to go.

Uh, I can come back another time.


You shouldn't come back here anymore.



You'll just get lost again.


[chime tinkling]

Suzu, what took you so long?

Did you get lost or something on your way home?

Uh, Keiko... someone asked me to draw ice cream with wafers that you eat at a cafe. Have you heard of it?

You don't know what that is?

Well. It's a sweet and cold treat.

And you can eat it with a crispy cracker.

Ah, wonderful...



Thinking about desserts whenever you're drinking water somehow always makes it taste sweet.

September 1944 It's still very hot.

Mrs. Houjo, you got a phone call.

Yes? A phone call for me?

Ah, this is what he wants.

It's so hot.

You'll embarrass Shusaku dressed like that!

Don't you have anything else to wear today?

[cable car rumbling]

[train rumbling, whistle blowing]

Still some time, let's take a walk.

So tell me. How are the GKF?

Quite slow.

Is that right? Let's have a cold beer.


"Kure Navy Court-Martial Office"

Shusaku, I've brought your notebook for you.

What? Oh, uh...

Suzu? You're very pale, are you okay?

I guess I look funny, right?

No. I'm happy you're okay.

Let's go then.

Go? What about work?

There's no rush. I just wanted you to come.

You had fun in the city, didn't you?

What's the matter? Are-- are you ill?

No, it's just exciting!

[indistinct conversations]

I wanted to take you to the cinema, but...


I guess a big ship is back in port.

[whistle blowing]

Soldiers are priority.

Let's just go another time.

Uh, Suzu?

A classmate of mine from elementary school became a sailor.

What if I bump into him?

Well, you just greet him then! What's wrong?

I feel like if I met anyone from my past, I might wake up from this dream.


Having to change my name and move somewhere new was hard for me, but you've been so kind, and I've made friends.

I don't want to wake up because I'm really happy to be who I am today.

I see.

The past and the paths we did not choose, I guess they really are like a dream, if you think about it.

Suzu, choosing to marry you, was the best decision of my life.

But I am a little worried that you've lost weight.

I suppose that I have lost my appetite lately.


[crying out]

Here. Eat for two people!


You had a lot for breakfast earlier.

So this should be enough for you now.

Eating for only one after all.

Entering port, minimum RPM ahead.

December 1944 Copy. Minimum RPM ahead.


I'll go ask for you. Wait here.



Whoa! A real sailor! In our house!

Earlier, at the well, we ran into each other.

I'm Tetsu Mizuhara, an Aoba crewmember.

Aoba is an armored cruiser.

Stop, Harumi.


Wow. You're tan even in winter.

So you came here to our house just to take a bath?

"Bath disembarking" means free time, and I had nowhere else to go.

So I thought of Suzu, a friend from back home.

I want to thank you for taking care of Suzu.

She actually only had skills for drawing and preparing seaweed.

She must be quite useless here.


I'll take her off of your hands anytime you get tired of her!


[thunk] [groaning]

Why are you so cocky?

And don't call me by my first name!

What? Well, I can't call you Urano anymore.

What do you suggest I do?


Suzu, you can't go around hitting sailors like that.


What's so funny?

I am just laughing at how ordinary you've become.

Mmmm... great... delicious!

It's nothing special.

This is heaven. Hey! Suzu, come join me!

Are you crazy?

Hey, Suzu, where's the lamp at?

Oh! I-- I think it's in the shelter.


I'm going to be a sailor when I grow up, you know?

That would be great.

Stand up.

Thank you.

What do you say?

Good night.

Good night.

Ahh... there's nothing like being on dry land.

I'm retiring for the night.

How is the Aoba?

We returned from Manila to carry the wounded.

It's a great ship, but we haven't used it for much else, yet.

Shusaku, outliving our mission... is frustrating.

Mr. Mizuhara, I'm the head of this family with my father away on duty.

I'm sorry, but I can't let you stay the night.

Where is...?

I asked him to sleep in the shed.

I thought that was appropriate.

I was surprised to see you get angry the way you did.

Here. I readied the bed warmer. Go and take it to him.

And you should talk to him.

You know, you may never see him again.

[dog barking in distance]

I'm sorry about the room.


Well, it's heaven compared to a hammock.

Hey, come closer! We have a lot to talk about.


Look here. I got this for you.


Are you making a pen? Mm-hmm.


Hey, it works. Hey, it works.

It looks like it came from a heron, but I saw it in the south.

Wow. I didn't know they migrated.

Me neither.

Back in Eba, they just stood in the river.

There were lots of them back in Eba.

No, I can't draw it very well.

I find that very hard to believe.

Wait, hold on. You haven't drawn in a while?


That drawing of white rabbit waves...

Yes, I remember.

It caused a lot of trouble.


Oh, really?

You forgot? Uh...

Our teacher entered it into some kind of contest.

Everyone really loved that painting, and I didn't know what to do.

They all thought I was the one who drew it, but the actual artist...

...was you, of course.

[chuckling nervously]

Suzu, you are so warm, Suzu, you are so soft, and sweet.


I've been waiting for this moment forever.

You coming for me...

You're finally here, but I just...


I'm just angry! I'm so angry at him!

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

I understand.

You really love him.

I do.


You're surprisingly ordinary.


It's just that you still get angry and sorry about ordinary things.

Do you even want to stay here at all?

I thought you were forced to get married and needed help.


Then it's all good.


Is he four years older?


He's the same age as my brother.

Our family was poor, so he chose a tuition-free naval academy.

When my brother passed away, I joined the navy.

They were just ordinary choices, but somewhere along the way, I guess I derailed from the ordinary.

That's why...

I'm relieved to see that you haven't changed a bit.

So don't honor me as just a dead soldier.

Smile when you think of me.

I want you to stay ordinary and sane in this world until the very end.

Suzu. Hmm?

You really are beautiful. Uh... you're an idiot!


Ever since we were children, I never was able to tell you how I really felt.

"Tetsu, thank you for staying alive."

"Army Private First Class Yoichi Urano"

February 1945

Welcome home, Yoichi.

They sent us a single rock instead of his bones.

So Sumi thought...

Is this Yoichi's brain? Huh?

... or something like that.

Well, can you tell me what was he like?

They called us up in the cold for this?

There's no way Yoichi is dead.

People disappear easily.

Our voice won't reach those we can no longer see.


I just wanted to-- wanted to thank you, is all.


For giving me the time to talk to Mizuhara.

It's nothing.

But doesn't marriage mean more to you?

I do realize that I forced you into marrying me.

And yet you've never once shown me your angry face.

Huh? Well, I'm showing it to you now.

[brakes screeching]

Oh, so now you're mad?

You really need to pay attention!

Oh, yeah?

So I see you chose to wear the socks with holes today?

The ones you sewed last night were too tight.

I had no choice but to wear these ones!

Wear something else!

Hey, you two. Do you really need to be fighting right now?

You're going the wrong way again.

Yeah, I know that.

Our house is toward Mt. Haigamine.

I said, I know!

[birds chirping]

It snowed a lot that winter.

I couldn't wait for spring to come.

♪ Bluer than the big, blue sky March 19th, 1945

♪ Way, way up high way, way up high

♪ And a number goes up high

♪ A sudden bloom

♪ Of a hundred thousand more pure white roses.

[laughing] Don't worry.

No teacher will scold a well-behaved child like you, you know?

Really? School isn't scary?

Nope. You'll make lots of friends, too.

You know, I didn't know anyone at all when I first moved here, but now everyone is my friend.

You mean my mommy, too?

Well, uh...

[bugle playing]


[bugle playing louder]

[bugle echoing]

[airplane engines rumbling]


[anti-aircraft guns firing]

[airplane engines rumbling]


Protect your head!


[anti-aircraft cannons firing]

[rockets launching]



[explosions sizzling]

I wish I had some paint.

No, what on earth am I thinking?


What are you doing?

Stand back! Take cover!

[air raid siren blaring]

Mr. Houjo, welcome home!

It's too late, a warning signal won't do us any good now.


Stay down and watch out for the shrapnel.


[shrapnel ricocheting]

[bomb whistling]


[thunking] [groaning]

[airplane engines roaring] [explosions]

Oh, can you hear that? Huh?

That's the sound of our 2,000 horsepower engine.

That's why we work day and night at the factory, to improve the performance, as you can see.


Far superior to the Type 91 fighter with 500 horsepower.

♪ We strive to improve

♪ a light of hope for world peace.

♪ A unified determination and goal...

[explosions rumbling]

♪ A unified determination and goal...

But, what about their engines?

Also, what is the horsepower? [thudding]

Mr. Houjo?


Air raid warning lifted.


I know that you worked all night, dear, but how is it possible that you could fall asleep during an air raid?

There, there.

I was so scared.

We caught many fish in Kure that day.

It's tiny.

It'll be big if you just draw it bigger.


[air raid siren blaring]

04:50 hours, March 29th, 1945 Evacuation alert! Evacuation alert! Defense attire!

Put out all fires! Remove sliding doors!

Grab survival kits and head to bomb shelters!

[water splashing]

Air raid warning lifted.

It's still raw...

Poor Mrs. Kariya, March 31st, 1945 she lost her husband and now her 17-year-old son's being drafted.


[air raid siren blaring]

22:10 hours, April 1st Defense attire! Put out fires! Remove sliding doors!

Survival kits... aah!

I can't see anything.

[cat screeches]

Oops! Sorry!

Whose cat is that?

23:45 hours, April 5th I'm so tired of alarms...


[airplane roaring in distance]

Never seen that before...

[camera shutter clicking]

April 6th, 1945 Enemy aircraft, 17 large fighters.

May 5th, 1945 Currently above Mt. Tsuburayama.

Shots fired.

30 fighter aircrafts approaching from southeast.

Heading towards Kure.

[explosions rumbling]

Air raid warning lifted.

[sirens blaring] [bell ringing]

Air raid on May 5th. Enemy aircraft, 125.

Damage to Hiro Naval Arsenal...

I'm home.

Good. You're safe, Shusaku.

Where's Father?

Not... home yet. I see.

[pot bubbling]

Suzu, it's boiling over.

You're so small, you know that?


You're small even when you stand.

What is it?

Nothing, you're small. That's all.


Your father will come home safely.

My uniform...


It arrived. It's over there.

From the 15th, I'll be a Chief Petty Officer.

I'll be trained by the Navy and I won't be back for 3 months.

Will you come back after training?

I think so.

But will you be okay, Suzu?

You're small, but you'll have to protect this house all on your own.

I can't! That's impossible!

I'm sorry. That's not true.

I love you.

But I might forget your face after 3 months without you.


That's why I'll wait for you here.

Because I don't know if I would ever be able to find you.

Sunday, May 6th Tuesday, May 8th May 10th: One air-raid alert.

May 11th: Two alerts.

May 12th: No warnings.

May 13th: Three air raid warnings only.

May 14th

Will you remember me now?


It was just a figure of speech.

Well, with you, it is certainly possible.

Let me take a look. Did you make me handsome?

I can't show you. It's top secret!

May 15th

Alright, then. I'm off now.

Okay, take care.

Shusaku, I'll walk you halfway.


The military uniform is so cool!

The house suddenly feels so much larger than before.

June 21st For the Houjos.


I thought he would've been admitted to a hospital nearby.

No wonder we couldn't find him.

He's hurt but he's feeling better.

I think he'll be discharged soon.

He did ask me to repair his watch for him.

I'll take care of it.

It's a good chance to visit the Kuromura family tomorrow.

Huh? Huh? I'll get ready.

Where my brother is?

Can I come?

♪♪ What about school? Don't worry about that.

All you do is play and exercise.

♪ And the hands of girls

♪ Day after day we'll work for our country.

♪ Each and everyone...


This will take forever.

[sighing] I'll get the tickets.

Can you go ahead and take Harumi to her grandfather?

All right. Let's go, Harumi.

Can we go and see the ships?


You don't need to be worried.

You're so well-armed against them, after all!

Stupid! I'm not scared of the Kuromuras.

Uh, well, you seemed a little worried, so...

And no weapon can help me with them.

Is Shimonoseki far?


Farther than Hiroshima?

Way farther.

Over there?

You have to stay quiet, okay?


This the enemy's music? Shhh.

Sorry to worry you.

I've been unconscious. I hear it's June already.

I'm glad you're alive.

We're gonna ride the train and see my brother.

Is that so? Well, the sooner the better, then.

Hey! What ship did you ride?

No. 16 Class Minesweeper.


I've heard many things in the time I've been here.

An arsenal was closed down and recently I've been hearing rumors of an army takeover.

Suzu, did you know that a Yamato sunk?

A Yamato?

You see, they were cornered and lured out in front of the enemy.

And as a result, the Seto Inland Sea is no longer ours.

Which means... that the white rabbits are...

What? Nothing.

That's why I suggested... that Harumi should go live with the Kuromuras for the time being. It's safer for her there.

So that's where Keiko was...

Hey, Suzu. Uh-huh?

Can we go over there?

I wanna see what ships are there right now.

Really? Can we see anything?

Just a peek! Just a peek!

We can't see anything. Aww...

[air raid siren blaring] Take cover!

What do we do? We don't have time to make it back.

We need to find a public bomb shelter. Huh?

Are they really coming?

We have had a series of false alarms.

[air raid siren blaring]

Enemy aircraft, heading southeast to Tokuyama.

Roughly 20 large fighters, heading to Kure.

I think it's real this time.

Excuse me. Can you let us in?

Come quickly now.

Evacuate! Run!


Suzu, I'm scared.

We'll be okay. Look here.

[scraping] Huh?

That's Mommy. Mm-hmm.

And who's this?


Your mommy will always be with you.

You're not from around here, are you?

We're both visiting from Naganoki.

Bad timing for you two, huh?

They're here! Cover your ears! Protect your eyes!

[indistinct whimpering]

It's so hot...

Hang on...

[loud explosions and rumbling]

[bombs whistling]



[fire crackling]

Excuse me. Can we have some water?


[water splashing]

Thank you very much.

So, did we miss the train?

[bell clanging in distance]

Mmm. Maybe the train is waiting for people.




Uh, I can't see anything.

[bell chiming]

Are you all right?

We're fine!

You should get out! Unexploded bombs are dangerous!

Evacuate now!

Okay! Thank you for your hard work!

Hey Suzu?

Will you draw a picture of my brother sometime?

Craters of unexploded bombs are actually very small...

According to our latest reports, the enemy has been known to have defective weapons that do not...


Watch out, Harumi!




Not again! Another mistake.

You can't get married with skills like yours, young lady.

She warned me so many times, but somehow I was okay.



Mint candy.

I wish there had been a ditch we could jump into.

My bag in my left hand. Harumi in my right hand.

I wish it had been the other way around.

[wooden shoes clattering]

I should've run barefoot.


What was... what was over there?

That's Tone and that's Hyuga.

Look, Mommy. That ship there's a Yamato.



She resembles Shusaku so much.

[sobbing continues]

You were there with her.


How could you let this happen?

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Harumi.

I'm so sorry Keiko.


You killed her!

Stop, Keiko. Give her back.

Keiko, it's time for the rationing.

She's not herself right now. She didn't mean those words.

We're all so glad that at least you survived the explosion.


Just remember one thing.

You can't lose your place in this world that easily.

- Rin? - Yeah?

Where was my place in that moment?

Those fences should've had some gaps.

If we had jumped through...

To the other side, to the other side...

[air raid sirens blaring]

June 28th Oh, no. Not again.

This alarm is fine. They won't come.

This house managed to survive it, huh?

Yes. Don't worry.

I'm glad.

Not really.

I wonder...

Her house was completely destroyed.

Maybe it helped her move on and survive.

Don't strain yourself.

July 1st I'll take a break at work if necessary.

Please be safe.

[birds chirping]

Oh, the sun is out.

I think I'll hang the bandages out to dry.

[alarm sounds over radio]

Chugoku region, air raid information.

Enemy aircraft in Hiroshima Bay.

[door sliding open] - Chugoku region...

Are you able to get up alright?

Yes. I'm alright. [radio in background]

23:58 hours. Enemy aircraft circling Kure and Hiroshima.

- Repeat... Okay.

23:58 hours. Enemy aircraft circling Kure and Hiroshima.

23:58 hours...

There's so many of them, but I can't see anything.

[sizzling explosion] [crying out]

Are those flares?


Hurry, Suzu! Come along!

[glass breaking]



[crashing and clattering]

[flames crackling]

[whimpering] Eighth squad, charge!

[flames crackling]

Suzu, what are you doing? Hurry!

[breathing heavily]

Suzu? Suzu!

[water splashing]



Suzu, is that a bomb?

Water! We need more water!


[indistinct radio broadcast] Ready...

Be careful. - Repeat...

One advancing from Hiroshima Bay.

Another northward to Bungo Channel.

Third targeting South of Ashizuri.

This is JOFK, Hiroshima Broadcasting.

Hang on, people of Kure!

Be safe, people of Kure!

To all the victims... we're handing out rice balls from Hiroshima.

Come get them at Nikou Park.

Where can I file a damage report?

At City Hall, if we still have one.

My entire house burned down.

Avoiding the shelter saved us.

[groaning] May I?

Yes. Go ahead.

Eat one. Go on, while it's still warm.

My house burned to the ground, but the potatoes cooked.

[groaning] Thank you so much.


Whew! I'm beat. It's just so hot.

Hey! Is there anyone from Shinonome?

I just heard that the red-light district got hit as well.

It completely burned to the ground.

I see.

Suzu! [panting]

Are you hurt?

Training? Cancelled.

I'm just glad that you're alive.

As everything faded away...


I heard myself say, "I need to find Rin."

I'm glad you're okay...

I'm glad you're getting better, dear.

Yeah, I'm glad it was a dud.

I'm glad that it was extinguished.

I'm glad you're recovering so quickly.

I'm glad.

"I'm glad. I'm glad."

I don't know what I should be glad about.

My right hand that held Harumi's hand in June.

My right hand that drew Shusaku's face in May.

My right hand that held Teru's lip balm in April.

My right hand that held my brother's brain in February.

My right hand that failed to make the right pattern for Keiko's kimono last November.

[voice echoing]

My right hand that drew the watermelon for Rin last August.

My right hand that cooked Samurai Kusunoki's rice...

My right hand that drew...

My right hand that drew my hometown last February.

My right hand that loved to make nori...

My right hand that drew my hometown last February.

My right hand that drew many rabbits seven years ago.

[door sliding open] Suzu, your sister's here!

What a disaster, Suzu.

Sumi, thank you for coming to visit.

The army officer was kind enough to give me a lift on the relief truck.

What's that? Oh.

Well, it's not new, but it's pure cotton.

It's not rayon?

No, so it's strong.


Thank you.

These are loquats. They come all the way from Mt. Eba.

Are you sure?

I need to exercise. Let me walk you half-way.

We're actually gonna meet each other at the fire station.

It's near the turret by the river, or did that burn down, too?

Yes, it's still there.

The army officer showed it to me earlier.

He's rather young, but he's very kind.

Sometimes he gave me his meal tickets and things.

And he even remembered that I had an older sister who moved to Kure. Isn't that nice?

You like him?

Oh please, Suzu. Stop that! [giggling]

This is horrible.

[shovels scraping]

[water running]

[grunting] [hammering]

It's so sad that Kure keeps being targeted like this.

Suzu, you must feel uneasy not being able to do any housework.

You know, I was thinking.

Maybe you should come home to Hiroshima?


It doesn't seem as though the bombings are as bad over there.

And now with our brother gone, no one will pick on you.

That's not it...

However, I may come home if your army officer is really handsome.

[gasping] But you're married already!

I'm kidding! See you soon!

Something is wrong...

That would be great!

If you think that you can make it, you should come back home for the festival next month.

Thanks, Sumi. Take care.

I was glad my brother was dead.

I'm what's wrong, like a drawing using my left hand.

"Record of air raid alerts: July 3rd to 12th"

[air raid siren blaring]


"July 13th to 16th"

"July 17th"

[water splashing]

"July 24th to 26th"

[air raid siren blaring]

"July 27th"

07:00 hours, July 28th

[sighing] Here we go again.

Looks like it's going to be a long day. Pack everything.

Suzu, come on! Hurry!

[heron squawking] [gasping]

Don't come here.

Go. You can't be here!

[airplane engines rumbling]




Fly away as far as you can, over the mountain, to Hiroshima!


[airplane engines rumbling] [explosions]

[machine gun firing]

[airplane engines roaring]

Did you want to die?

I'm sorry. I saw... I saw a heron flying.

[panting] It came... from the beach.

Shusaku, I'm going home to Hiroshima.

[airplane engines roaring]

And never return? Is this about your hand?

Or the air raids?


Yes, it is about all those things.

Talk to me!

You're wrong!

[cat yelps]

Just tell me why, then!

Suzu, these 18 months... I really loved coming home to you, I loved walking with you and listening to you talk.

You don't feel the same? Am I still a stranger to you?

[explosions] [airplane engines rumbling]

I can't hear you.

I can't. I can't. I can't hear a thing, I'm going home to Hiroshima!


[airplane engines rumbling]

Do what you want.

[airplane engine roaring]

[explosion in distance]

[seagulls squawking]

No enemy aircraft above Chugoku military district.

Nine days later Air raid warning lifted. Repeat...

Air raid warning lifted.

No enemy aircraft above Chugoku military district.

Well, that was great timing.

Okay, we're off, then.

[sighing] Take care now.


Yes. That's exactly the spot.

My. What a hot morning.

We're going to miss you. I hope you know that, Suzu dear.

[insects chirping]

So, when's your appointment? Huh?

The doctor. Oh. About 10 o'clock.

You need to change.

Come on.


Thank you very much.

Oh. Guess we don't need to wash this anymore...

Hey, isn't your hometown's festival today?

Yes. I was going to go home last weekend, but I wasn't able to get an appointment until today.

Don't look yet!

I'm sorry.

You'll never make it today. Doctors are busy, you know.

You'll need a letter of recommendation, too.

And train tickets are usually sold out.

Here, I did you a favor and fixed your sister's kimono for you.

I added rubber strings, This way, you don't need help putting it on.

Thank you very much.

Listen, Suzu. I'm sorry that I blamed you for Harumi's death.

It's okay.

"Kuromura Clockwork"

The man I loved died young.

My shop was destroyed.

I can't see my children anymore.

But my choices have led me here.

I understand you had no choice, though.

You were brought here by my brother.

You just do what you're told.

What a boring life that must be.

Suzu, you're welcome to go anywhere you choose, or stay here.

Stop worrying and choose for yourself.

[distant rumbling]


Keiko. Did you see that flash?

I did!

Could it be lightning in this weather?

Uh, may I ask you for a favor?

Please wash this.

And please, would you let me stay?

Okay, okay. Just back off, it's way too hot for this.

[earth shaking]

[tiles shattering]

What was that just now?

[radio tuning to frequency]

Strange. The JOFK isn't coming in.

The other stations? Hey!

Come out here and have a look.

What is that cloud?



Look at that big cloud. It's an anvil cloud.

This is Okayama Broadcasting. Hiroshima, do you read me?

Hiroshima? Do you read me?

I found a community notice from Hiroshima on the street.

If anyone's free, please come by the settlement house.

Chita, you're a nurse?

Yes I am, but I've never made sandals.

No one around here has.

Is this okay?


It's frustrating with only one hand.

Oh, are you gloating?

What are these sandals for, anyway?

They're for Hiroshima.

That flash melted all the roads, so regular shoes are no good.

Can I come along, too?

The wounded must stay.

My son is a soldier in Hiroshima. I hope he's okay.

So, then you can join us tomorrow.

Hiroshima helped us before, now it's our turn to help them.

We'll do our best.

[scissors snipping]

My hair is no longer in the way. Please allow me to go with you.


I will trim your hair for you when we get home, alright?

My husband is going to Hiroshima soon.

Well, from what I heard, it was a new bomb.


Suzu, your family is...

Mom! Please!

The navy base sent a relief party, but...


You came from Hiroshima, too?


He died sitting right here.

He walked all the way from Hiroshima.

But we don't know who he was...

His face and his clothes were melted...

Let's not tell Mrs. Houjo.

I can't face her. I feel so bad.

I picked some eucalyptus leaves, to help with the mosquitoes.

Thank you for this. Stay strong, okay?

I will.

And their names are Juro, Kiseno and Sumi Urano from Eba.


And also Ito, Marina and Chizuko Morita from Kusatsu.

I want to stay strong. Kind, but strong.

Like the people of Kure.

Ah, this rubbish again...

We'll never surrender to violence.

August 9th Please let me stay.


You had me worried. You dummy.

Dummy, dummy, dummy... [groaning]

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

[panting] I missed all of them.

I'd never hear the end of it if the Navy knew...

Suzu, this is U.S. propaganda.

It should be handed to the authorities.

They're just going to burn them anyway.

I'm gathering them so we can put them to use as toilet paper.

I see, then we can't let people use our toilet for a while.

Our battle is to survive with whatever we have.


Please, come in.

August 15th Thank you.

We are keenly aware of the inmost feelings of all of you, Our subjects.

However, it is according to the dictates of time and fate that We have resolved to pave the way for a grand peace for all the generations to come by enduring the unendurable and suffering what is unsufferable.

His Majesty the Emperor. This is a Jewel Voice Broadcast.

It's finally over.

Which means...

We've lost the war.

But why?

Because they dropped a new bomb on two cities.

The Soviets joined them, we cannot win now.


We were prepared for the worst!

They said, fight to the last man!

There's five of us here!

I still have my left arm and both legs!

[sobbing] [splashing]

Harumi. [sobbing]



[dragonfly buzzing]


Everything we've done slips away.

Everything we've sacrificed.

The reasons why we've endured it all.

[flag fluttering in breeze]

Rice and soybean grown overseas, that's what my body is made of.

So we surrender to violence?



I wanted to die a daydreamer.

[sobbing continues]

I had hidden this away so we could all have it as our final meal.

[rice pouring]

So let's enjoy white rice tonight.

But not all of it, of course.

Because we still have tomorrow and the day after that.

[water splashing] [grunting]

♪♪ August 15th and 16th... and 17th.


October, November and next year.

A year later, 10 years later.

Forever and ever.



Look, it's a glorious white!

We only have rice.

That's fine. Where's Shusaku?

Not home.

I suppose it's the Ministry's job to keep order in times like this.

Well, come on. Let's dig in, shall we?

♪♪ No more bombs, so no more floating fish.

I remember that time, yes.


What are we doing?

I can't see my beautiful white rice.


[seagulls squawking]

October 6th They will be coming soon. I'll be stationed in Otake City.

As long as we keep our navy in good standing, it will be our obligation to maintain any semblance of order.

Yeah. In times like this...

I wish I had both hands, so I could hold his.

♪♪ It's so quiet.

Everything's ready.

Oh, thank you. Here is fine.

Go back home quickly.


I'll be back as soon as I can! I'll come home to you!


"Rice rations postponed"

We haven't had salt or soy sauce for a while.

November 1945

[engines revving]

Oh, hi, Keiko!

Hi, Suzu. Do you know what this line is for?

No idea, but I'll take whatever. We don't really have anything!

Well, that's true.

[kids playing and shouting]

The city has changed, hasn't it?

Wonder if Hisao begs for chocolate too, Would Harumi have done the same?


It looks like it's leftovers from the occupation army.

Is that paper waste?



Mm, delicious!



Of course, this one's flavorless.

[cart rattling]

I gave the Americans directions and they gave me chocolate.

With that hairstyle, they thought you were a child.


You exchanged so many clothes.

It's all right.

Didn't you hear?

The dead soldier found next to the settlement house was my son.

I couldn't recognize my own son.

You lost Harumi in front of your eyes.

Yes. It was awful.

[seagulls squawking]



Smile when you think of me.

I want you to stay ordinary and sane in this world.

Until the very end.


Harumi. I can see the ship now.

It's the Aoba.

Tetsu, I just saw it in your smile...

With white rabbits and herons in the sky. I saw it.

[little girl laughing]

Harumi always laughed, so I'll always smile when I think of her.

From this day on, I'll keep smiling.

That's right. It's a waste to cry.

It's a waste of salt. It's a waste of salt.

[sighing] Sea salt is so delicious!

Grandma! Auntie! Chizuko!

January 1946 Suzu!


Oh, Suzu! You got your hair cut, didn't you?

Oh, please, don't get up. Are you ill?

I'm just a little dizzy.

Oh? It's such a shame, big sister.

I can't help with work outside on this cold, bitter day.


I suppose you must rest easy for now.


If only I had my hand, I'd draw

"Yoichi's Adventures in the South Seas."

Oh, really? What would the story be about?

Well, Yoichi's troopship gets wrecked.

So he builds a house with palm leaves on an island.

He grows a beard and marries a crocodile.

A crocodile for a bride.

I wish Yoichi could come back to Eba.

And Mom, too.


On that morning, on the day of the festival, Mom went shopping in the city.

Dad and I went looking everywhere for her, but we couldn't find her.

And then Dad fell ill in October and he died quickly after that.

We had him cremated with everyone else.

Suzu, I didn't have time to tell you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I couldn't come sooner.

I'm glad you didn't.

Suzu, look at my arm.

Do you think I will get better?

Yes, of course you will!

[water rushing]


[crying] Sachiko!

Huh? No.

Kiyoko! Aren't you Kiyoko?

Everyone lost someone, and they're still looking.

I think I saw Rin a few times, too.

Suzu. [gasping]

Oh! You're back.

The Navy was disassembled and I was dismissed, so here I am.

Suzu, this is the bridge where I first met you.

Unfortunately, we can't go back in time.

You and I will always keep changing, and so will the city.

But I will always be able to tell you apart.

I'll find this beauty mark right away.

Shusaku, thank you.

Thank you for coming to find me in this Corner of the World.

Please, never leave, and always be by my side.

Hmm? Hmm?


[loud rumbling]



[child whimpering]

[flies buzzing]

[airplane engine rumbling]


Oh! Leave it.

I'm glad I found a job in Hiroshima.

Me, too.

The commute might be a little difficult.

I... huh?

Thank you. But you can eat it.

You know, we could leave Kure and just start over here.

And it might be good for your family's sake.

No, it's okay. I don't mind the commute.

I'm worried about Hiroshima, but Kure is the town I chose to live in.

Uh... huh?


It's okay.

[train rumbling]

Next stop, Kure.


That's right. This is Kure.

As a matter of fact, Suzu, "Kure" means we are protected by nine mountains.

On your right is Mt. Yasumi, and to the left is Mt. Hachimaki.

And in the center we have Mt. Haigamine.


That's where our home is.


This child... are you okay?

[groaning] She's covered in lice!

Boil some water, we have to steam our clothes.

Everyone has to take a bath.

I think it's best that she should go in last.

I'll start the fire. Hmm?

She might be able to fit into Harumi's clothes.