In un giorno la fine (2017) Script

Good morning

Who are you? Riccardo Stefano sent me, he said it wasn't a problem Don't worry, I'll do it myself

Look at this

Beg your pardon?

There's lots of traffic Yes, like every morning But this morning it's really... Look!

Of course, you chose this route which is practically suicidal Try this: as soon as you can turn right, okay?

It's a hard knock for the Government especially after recent events And now for local Roman news...

The night brought riots in various zones of the Capital small groups of hoodlums apparently decided to attack at the same moment in near perfect sync Still no official comments from Law Enforcement regarding these incidents which have principally affected Tor Vergata, Cinecittāa and Capannelle Switch off the radio, please Dozens of calls have reported missing persons

You know, I study economics I've been following you with interest Marvelous!

I was wondering if you could help me Seeing as it's your specialty and I earned a degree last year If you could help me to...

Let me answer first, okay?

Yes?- Claudio, where are you?

Caught in traffic, two raindrops and everything blocks up, a disaster Listen, Santi is on his way up, what do I tell him?

Nothing particular. Offer a coffee, make sure he's comfortable Ask if he had breakfast, if not, offer one... and give him a smile All right. Listen, I just saw De Domenico And?- He's still spouting crap I'm sure he'll be fighting us to the end He had better quit breaking balls Because he can't understand this acquisition we've got going You know him, when he decides to be stubborn...

Don't worry Once it's clinched he'll be licking our ass again

'Cause everybody loves money and success Yes, you're right Exactly Now let's worry about Santi Yes, and leave the rest to me See you in a bit, ciao Ciao So you're involved in Economics? Yes, that's right I'm sorry for you

Mr. Verona, good morning. Your coffee Thanks! Did Sara tell you to bring it?

No, it's my idea, I figured you'd like it But Sara wishes to remind you about tomorrow's appointment with Marchini The golf game And you are? Silvia How long have you been here? As a trainee, two months Look, call Sara Have her set you an appointment with me this afternoon Let's have you join my team I like people who take initiatives like you That would be fantastic But I take mine unsweetened Unsweetened For the next time


Good morning Good morning

Eh? No kiss today? I told you, it's over, come on!

Sure, it's over I'm getting married So?

I'm already ahead ...I've been married 5 years But I didn't give up Great What are you doing? Stop it! I don't want to!

You don't? Are you sure? Yes!

What the fuck?!

Today I'm feeling nostalgic Nostalgic for the old days I couldn't give a fuck about the old days Thinking about them makes me vomit!

Vomit? I don't believe it!

I still remember, you know

I remember how much you liked it Tell me you liked it

Okay, I liked it. Happy now?

Yes And you know what I liked most?

No, tell me That it could've worked between us But then I discovered...

That you were a filthy pig!

And me a nitwit about to fall for a dickhead who dragged every ass-kissing girl to bed!

But then I woke up, and realized I deserved better!

Isn't that true? Yes...


Go fuck yourself!

What a woman, fuck!

Here we go...

Hey...- Ciao, darling, everything okay?

Did you arrive? Yes, I'm in the elevator. Why?

You heard about the big mess?

No, what happened?

The TV says there were some major attacks last night Lots of disruptions. They're saying lots of blocked streets

Sonovabitch!- What happened?

Nothing, the elevator's stuck. It already happened months ago.

Are you all right? Yes, only the elevator got stuck I'll call you back, now I'll try to solve this situation, all right?

I can't manage to go shopping, can you buy some milk on your way back?


I can't buy milk! I have a murderous day ahead of me!

All right. I'll call you later Now I'll try to get out of this situation Talk to you later Ciao Milk! For fuck's sake

What happened?

Claudio Verona here, I'm blocked between the sixth and seventh floors I don't know where exactly- Just a second...

Are you still there?

No, I went to the bar, had a coffee and came back up We're checking Seems there's a small problem with the power unit on the roof A problem two months ago, a problem today, you assured me it wouldn't happen again Let me out of here, I've got an important office appointment, thank you!

Yes, don't worry, I'll send the boys up to check In five minutes we'll get the elevator going again

Let's call Sara...

Claudio, where are you? You want to know where?

Locked in the elevator between the sixth and seventh floors The same breakdown again?

I don't know if it's the same as last time I only know that as soon as I get out I swear I'll sue them!

You really should!

How's it going there?- We're waiting for you Santi? He's impatient, I'll have to invent something Do something...- What can I say?

Try not to let on that we have a problem Yes, but... Smile, do something Just make sure he doesn't know I'm stuck here like a jerk That's what matters, right!

Let me know when you get out I'll update you All right, ciao See you in a bit

Anybody there?

Hey, you hear me? I'm Claudio Verona!

I got locked inside the elevator

Hey, you hear me?

I'm in here! I'm inside the elevator!

Claudio, please tell me you're not still in there!

Yes, I'm still stuck!

Hell, it's not possible!

Hey, you hear me?

I'm stuck inside the elevator!

I'm Claudio Verona! Try to open the doors...

Why are you shouting?

Would you talk to me please?

Claudio! Yes?

Everything okay? Okay your ass!

There's an asshole out here who pretends not to hear me!

But I'll catch you when I get out and I'll make you shit blood!


Santi says he has another appointment in 30 minutes!

What the hell should I do?

What should you do?

I don't know! Just keep him nailed there Don't let him go! All right?

Yes, all right

Tell me what's happening please?

I dunno, the boys haven't come back yet Give me a way to contact them, please How can I help you contact them? You don't have a walkie-talkie Are you fucking around with me?

Give me a cell phone number and I'll call them!

Ah, yes, of course

So then, the number is:

330 4781 or is it 87?

No, it's 81

330 4781125 Did you get it down?

Yes, thanks, I got it...


I'm Claudio Verona The guy locked in the elevator. Any news?

We're running a check on it now, nothing very serious, but...

But?- Maybe the generator's not responding We might have to run a reset, we're not sure yet Look "maybe the generator"

It's your profession so don't make me teach you You came here two months ago for the same thing and solved it!

So do the same thing as before. Very simple, thank you!

You're right, Mr. Verona, but 2 months ago there was another generator We changed it with a new and more efficient one Great fucked up investment you arranged for me!

The only thing I want to hear is that you'll get me out right now!

Antonio, you hear that? What?

Those sounds... Yeah, but who is it?

Who the fuck is that?

Talking to me or your colleague?

What the fuck...

Antonio, run! Oh my God!

Hello? Hello?

Is this guy fucking around with me?

Yes, what's the matter? You tell me what's the matter!

Because if this is a joke, it's not funny at all!

What's that you're saying? What am I saying?

I called your colleagues and they started off very courteous then they started shouting and they hung up on me!

I can't explain it, Mr. Verona What exactly did they tell you?

I don't know, they said something about a generator I didn't quite get it...

I told them that generator wasn't reliable!

But I'm the old guy who's been here 40 years, and nobody listens to me!

I don't give a fuck if they call you old!

I only want to hear one thing: that you're getting me out now! Is that clear?

Yes, now I'll go check. I'll call you back soon, but keep calm Right, good idea...

Keep calm, Claudio Keep calm or you'll croak in here

Fucking elevator...

Come on now!


Sonovabitch... Come on!


Come on...


Anybody there?

I'm Claudio Verona, I'm locked in the elevator Is anybody there?

Fucking bastards, not one of them is working!

Two and three!

Slide you fucker!

Slide... come on!

One... two...

I can't pass, fuck's sake!


Honey, are you there? Yes, tell me Someone's knocking hard on the door What do you mean?

I dunno... I don't know what to do, but I'm scared!

Who is it?- I don't know, I'm afraid!

I asked, but nobody's answering!

Lorena keep calm, calm down!

Now do something: go to the phone and call the police. I'll wait here I already did, but...

So now they'll come, don't worry No! The phones are cut off!

Then call them with your cell- It's the same, the line is down!

What can I do? I'm scared...

Then let's do this... go up to the bedroom Lock yourself in and meanwhile I'll have Stefano go there And you'll feel safer, okay?- Okay.

Okay. Go on up, go I'm on my way Good Did you lock yourself in?- Yes Why don't you come? Oh please!

No, darling- You can't come home?

I'm still locked inside this fucking elevator!

And today's a big day for me, I can't come back home Don't be like that, Lorena, it's nothing, calm down!

I'll have Stefano, go there and then I'll call you back, okay?

All right Are you calmer now?- Yes That's it- But call back, eh!

Right away. Ciao, ciao

Stefano...- Mr. Verona!

How are you?- Fine thanks Give me a hand today or I'll go crazy!

What happened? Someone's pounding at my door Lorena's scared and I had her lock herself in Could you go to my house? Calm her down, stay there a while?

Yes, of course As a favor It'll take time. Traffic's hell today Whatever it takes. But first call me, and I'll tell her Okay, Mr. Verona Thanks a lot, thanks

Claudio! Hey Listen to me Yes I'm watching TV People are going crazy! Meaning?

There's violence everywhere What?

Something strange is happening, maybe a terrorist attack!

What terrorist attack?!

They said it on TV! No!

I'm telling you! It's a mess! No, keep calm Stefano will take care of everything. Calm down, all right?

I'm afraid... Darling...

Tell me you'll be calmer when Stefano comes I'll be calmer Okay I'll stay locked up Good, ciao, ciao But call me back! Yes, I'll call you in a bit

Me locked in here and I have to worry about her I can't take it, I'm cracking up!

Always these nervous fits!

Strange attacks, blocked roads...

What the fuck?!


What the fuck's going on?

Wait! Get me out of here!

Marta! What's going on?!

Claudio, help me! Please! Let me in!

What the fuck?! Help me!

No! What's going on?

I'm holding you!

I beg you, Claudio!

Marta! No!


What the fuck is happening?

What the fuck...?!


This way, over here!

Mr. Verona, I'm on my way It's a real madhouse, something major must've happened The streets are blocked, I don't know when I'll reach your house I saw them. I saw them Who did you see? They're all deranged Mr. Verona, what are you saying?

They all went insane!

Who went insane, Mr. Verona? I don't understand They... they dragged away a girl...

A girl? Dragged her away right in front of me I don't understand you What are you saying?

I'm not insane, I saw them! They all went crazy!

Mr. Verona, now listen: I don't understand Mr. Verona?

What can I say? Try to calm down, and don't panic

Mr. Verona?

I can't be calm. I'm scared!

Mr. Verona, calm down I'm afraid!

Breathe deeply and everything will be fine, all right?

Oh God... oh fuck...

Fuck! Help!

Stefano! No!

Mr. Verona, are you still there?

Yes! Get me out of here! I beg you to get me out of here!

Mr. Verona, calm down!

I just came back I couldn't find the boys, I can't understand what the hell is happening They all went crazy, how can I keep calm?

Get me out of here, please!

There's a terror attack underway, are you all right?

I don't know...

Terrorism's fucking bullshit! I saw them Everybody's gone crazy!

Get me out of here. They've all gone crazy!

What are you saying? Aren't you blocked in there?

I opened the doors of this fucking elevator!

I forced them open and saw them! Who gives a fuck how I did it?

Now please... I beg you: get me out of here, please!

What the fuck? Excuse me, someone's knocking. Who is it?

I'm working, who is it? No, run!

Run, run away!- Oh God!


I beg you!

I beg you!

Answer, Lorena, for fuck's sake, answer!


Sara, answer! Fuck! Answer!

For fuck's sake, answer, Sara!

Sara!- Claudio!

I'm locked...

What the fuck's her name?



It's me Claudio?

Claudio, yes. Come here

Quiet Quiet and they won't come Look at me, Silvia!

Keep calm. I promise to get you out of here Okay, now look at me! Concentrate!

Now I'll apply leverage You try to open this. I'll watch your back, don't worry On three. One, two, three!


It's not working. Let's try again Look at me. Don't worry, I'll watch your back Concentrate, look at me Okay, the same thing: on three you push this door We can do it, I'll get you away from here Go, girl! One, two, three!


Sorry. I'm sorry Who is it?

It's one of them Try to get in Get your legs in. Go!

Help me Fuck!

Come on!

I can't do it Yes you can! Go!

Come on!

I can't hack it Yes you can!

I can't do it!

Silvia, where the fuck are you going?!

Die, you ugly piece of shit!

Marchini's favorite club Tomorrow I'll be fired

I think Marchini has other concerns now You just shattered his skull Oh fuck!

You were fantastic

No! Come here!

"Rome: chaos in the Capital, The Army mobilized"


Please, answer me


Claudio Yes Claudio answer Yes, I'm here. I'm here My darling. Are you all right?

Yes They're all transforming

I don't know what's happening, Lorena, please...

Darling... What's going on? Please! You tell me!

I don't know what's going on Darling, calm down On TV, a journalist was attacked during a live report People are going crazy, across the whole city

It's the end- It's not the end, no!

It's the end Fuck Lorena?

Someone came inside! Lorena, what happened?

Lock yourself in- It's locked!

Now push the wardrobe! Push it against the door It's heavy Push!

Done. Now what? Very good!

And now...- What do I do, Claudio?

I don't know what to say anymore I don't know, my love...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I don't know anymore

No! Help!




What the fuck? That's Marchini...

What the fuck's happening? I don't know But they're everywhere. You'd better go hide somewhere Where the fuck can I hide? Open the doors, let me in!

I wish I could help, but I'm trapped here. They're blocked Come on, give me a hand I told you, they're blocked Give me a hand to get in!


Open up, come on!

Keep quiet or they'll come after you

Fuck... fuck...

Fuck you!

Hey shithead!

Shithead, come here Catch me! Come here Catch me! You can't, eh? Catch me!

Catch me!

I'm here!

What's the matter, can't catch me?

Catch me! Catch me!

Help! Help!



Sara! Claudio! Help me Run! Shit! Shit!

Come here you! I'm here! Catch me, oh!


Come here! I'm here! Get me!

Come here! Bastards, come here!

Leave her alone!

Get me!

Leave her!

Leave her alone!

I can't take it anymore Can't take it... Can't take it anymore!


"News reporter attacked on street"

This is a live-stream from Rome for Channel 88 Law enforcement has confiscated our cameras and my cameraman was expelled I managed to reach a safer area on the outskirts What I've seen is beyond belief!

It seems there's something driving people mad It sounds impossible, but I saw it with my own eyes harmless people getting attacked by other people who can only be described as possessed Whatever you're doing go straight back home, lock yourselves inside or get organized in groups and leave Rome But if you see any of these possessed people, don't stop!

Don't try to talk to them for any reason. They're extremely dangerous Run, run, run! Oh fuck They're coming!

Who is it?

Who's there?

I'm here!

I'm alive!

I'm in the elevator, help!

What the fuck...?!

Did they wound you? No!

No bullshit, are you wounded or not? I swear, no!

It's not my blood. There was hell here, you see?

Yes, I see Luckily you're here now. Where are the others?

There are no others, I'm alone I lost contact with headquarters


Watch out!

They're blocked I said they're blocked!

We need to get the electricity back Is there a generator or something?

Yes, there's one on the last floor, on the roof The last floor? Yes It's just that What?

I'm not sure it'll work I talked to the electricians before Then hell broke loose, so I don't know Maybe we'll be luckier, right?

Setting off the generator will reset everything here Maybe we can leave this fucking madhouse Could you guide me up?

I don't know, I'll try Not "try", you WILL! You work here, right?

Yes Then you can guide me up Take this I can do it. I can do it Take this Come on, fuck's sake, take it!

Come on, come on, take it All right, between the butt and the barrel, there's a slide, see it?

This here? Yes, right Move it upwards, like this Okay... There, now you can shoot Me? Yes, you If one of those assholes comes towards you, you hold it tight, aim and shoot. Without hesitation, okay?

In here you're safe, if you can't leave, they can't enter Nobody can get in here, not even God, okay?

Yes Going up, I'll describe everything I see so you'll always know where I am But you have to guide me. Is your head okay? Are you thinking?

Yes Are you awake?

Yes Good My name is Marcello Claudio, I'd like to say my pleasure, but maybe later Right

Claudio? Which fucking way?

Ah right, sorry Go to the end of the corridor and then turn right up the back stairs Okay Far end and then to the right

Come on, fuck's sake!

Fucking hell!- What are you doing?

No, nothing, sorry Sorry, my lighter isn't working Genius, only touch with that button if you need to talk to me, okay?

Yes, sorry, you're right, forgive me Had I known, I would've lent you mine...

Okay, you can give it to me later Right, later Okay, I just passed the eighth floor So far, so good. Down there? Any movement?

Wait, I'll check

No, everything seems calm here, there's nobody Perfect Christ! What's going on, Marcello?

Wait, wait, wait

Marcello, what happened?

Here I am. There were three...


Are you all right? Yes, fine. I'm about to reach floor nine Okay, perfect

Shit! What's the matter?

Claudio, this is not good. Not good at all!

Why not good?- I can't continue up the stairs Why not? What happened?

There's a bunch of furniture piled here. I'd take ages to move it Motherfucking sonova fucking bitch!

But you've got to be calm, eh? Or you won't solve a fucking thing.

All right, sorry, I'll be calm I'm calm...

I'm calm. I'm calm Think... Think...

Marcello?- Go ahead You're on the ninth floor, right?

Ninth, yes On the ninth there should be scaffolding. There was work underway Are you sure? Yes All right, I'll head there Good

Okay, I made it There's a blue door to the left and next to it, a water dispenser Perfect!

You should be facing Mazzoli's office Check if there's a name plaque Just a second...

Yes, Mazzoli, it's his Yes! Yes, Bingo!

You know what this means? That the scaffolding is surely there Last week, Mazzoli had quarreled with the workers because he couldn't concentrate on account of the noise!

Go, Marcello, go!

Okay, going now, wait Yes!

Claudio, there's a mess here What mess? Why? Marcello?

There's a mess of blood Sonovabitch

Okay, I see the windows I'll open them All right

Claudio, you read me?

Yeah, I'm here Okay, I'm heading up

I'm at the top of the scaffolding I can see the roof But there are no open windows, I'll have to blast them How the fuck can you?

Like this...

Are you nuts?

I couldn't resist, sorry

Shit, I can already hear those fuckers walking

Be careful Radio silence What do you mean?

That you have to shut up! All right, sorry

Marcello? Are you there?

Yes, I'm here, I'm fine But when I tell you to shut up, shut the fuck up!

All right! All right, sorry All that matters is you're okay, thank God What God? There's no fucking God here

Okay, I'm in. I'm going up Okay Thing is, you have to be careful The last time I spoke to maintenance they sent repairmen to the roof...

and they were attacked So I don't know what's up there. You hear me? Be careful Okay, I'll be careful. I'm going now You keep calm Yes. It's not easy to keep calm Tell me what you see, eh ? Don't abandon me here Relax

Okay, I've reached the control unit. I'll activate the elevator's electricity


What the fuck?


Are you there?

Wait a second- Why, what's happening?

There's something that's blocking the elevator doors What?

Wait a second


I heard a gunshot, what the fuck's happening?

For fuck's sake, answer me!

Marcello, they're back!

How many? I don't know. A lot!

Remember what I told you? Yes Aim and shoot. Aim and shoot Aim and shoot. Aim and shoot!

Yes, aim and shoot Aim and shoot!

How many?

All of them Perfect. You have any shots left?

I don't know if I have shots left in the gun!

Keep calm. You did an excellent job

I can't hack being calm anymore And this is not my fucking job I'm good at making money not at killing people They weren't people, they were infected!

And they wanted to kill you. You did what you had to Marcello...

They were my colleagues I was even godfather for Morelli's son I know their wives, their families I killed them all I killed every one of them!

No! They were infected! Fucking infected!

Get it into your head once and for all, Claudio! Keep concentrated!

Fucking infected They were fucking infected Fucking infected Fucking infected...

Fuck, they're coming, Claudio! Marcello, what's happening?!

Fuck! Fuck!


I can't take it anymore. I can't take it anymore!

I just can't take it anymore. I can't take it anymore I can't take it anymore, help Help...

Run! Run!

They're coming! Run!

Help! Help me, I'm here!

I'm here!


I'm here, help me!

I won't give you the satisfaction

Claudio! Claudio, it's me, Marcello!

Marcello! Claudio, I'm here!

Where are you? Up here!

Where are you?

On top of the elevator, let me in! You see the hatch?

Yes, I see it Try to open it, I'll help you

You hear me? Yes Move away Okay Away from the center! Okay, I understand!

I'll try to pry a corner Help me! One, two... three!

Take the rifle

Help me down

It's over, relax

Is that what's blocking the door?

Yes. I think so Just as well

What happened up there?

What you heard The building's teeming with them A whole avalanche came after me I fired some shots and managed to lower myself into the elevator shaft... but as you can see they bit me

No thanks, I quit. Two years ago


Why a lighter if you don't smoke?

You never know when it can be handy...

Give me one, fuck it!

Are you sure?

Strange, isn't it?


Sharing your last moments with a stranger


How did we get to this?

I don't know They must've told you something!

Somehow a virus was pawned. And it began to spread They said it was animal based but I don't believe it You don't?

What do you think?

I think that viruses are created in laboratories We're not in the fucking Middle Ages No, we're no longer in the Middle Ages...

Whatever it is, somebody lost control of it And that somebody put us all in the shit

We left this morning at eight, and at ten, none of my comrades answered their radios

I think every one of them is dead

Sorry... Why the fuck are you laughing?

No, it's not about you I was thinking about my wife. The other night we were watching a movie A really shitty film, I can't remember the title There was this ugly guy, really ugly, chubby, bald, full of pimples... I mean obscene He was with two beautiful girls, two drop-dead babes and he starts getting goofy to attract their attention and he comes out with a joke that's really sad, a lead balloon

"How did Frank Sinatra die? "Stranglers in the night!"

What's your wife's name?

Chiara Wait

Really nice, my compliments Thanks We've been married two years

And now she's... No Luckily not. We got her to one of the shelters

What shelters?

They're special structures where we can take our family members A sort of bunker You instead? Are you married?

Yes What's her name?

Lorena Last time I heard her was a few hours ago on the phone

They broke into the house

I heard screams and then nothing Oh fuck!

I'm sorry

I'm not a good person Why not?

Did you ever betray your wife?

No There, you see?

This morning we fought over a liter of milk A liter of milk?


a liter of milk



Look, I...

I'm gonna lie down and rest Yes, of course I'm tired When you see that I've fallen asleep

you shoot me twice in the head To the head, twice, remember Make sure I'm dead. Come on...

Claudio, take this gun, please

Take it

Claudio, they bit me! I don't want to become like them!

I can feel myself changing...

I'm becoming like them, take this gun

If you don't do it, I will I'll do it myself!

What the fuck?! Let go!


Fuck you!



Two in the corridor! Fire!

On the stairway! Go, go, go!


"Unknown number"

Who the fuck is it?


Darling, it's me!

Yes! Yes!

Yes, thank you God! Thank you!

Yes, my love!

Darling, where are you?

I'm still inside the elevator I'm still in the elevator

And where are you?

I ran out into the street and the soldiers saved me It's a big mess here, they started to clear the streets, and they took me to the local po...

Lorena? Lorena?

Sorry, Marcello

Another one bites the dust I'm here! Help!

I'm here! Help!

I'm here!

I'm here!

Subtitles: Laser S. Film s.r.l. - Rome