In Your Eyes (2014) Script

Did you guys stay out last night? Yeah dude, ya should've been with us We took the whole six-pack from Tommy's dad - It was my idea.

Wait, wait, did you guys like get drunk, or something?

I don't remember a thing. I'm blacked right out.

Ya really had a sip, you loser!

Dill Pickle are scared.

Don't call me that Lyle.

Rebecca, be careful!

Must've been like a twelve-pack or something.

Had to be the look out. Can't drink when I'm on the job.

Like your dad's gonna wake up? URRGHH..

Bells rang, boys.

Whatever, Mr Howard.

This is all a joke to you guys huh? Let's see how funny these test scores are.

Honey, jump off!

Dylan, please get back in your seat.

Dylan? - Dylan, are you ok? Dylan ?!

Is he ok, Mr Howard? - Hey, hey, Dylan, buddy?! - What's wrong with him?

Dylan, wake up! Hey, Dylan!

Oh my God! Rebecca! Rebecca! Wake up!

Rebecca, honey?!!

♪Go get another dream - Andrew Johnson ♫

Dylan, my man. You gotta get yourselves some new porn.

Want a beer? I'm on the clock. Where u been?


Christ, boy, you cleaned this white closet I've followed by but you're goddamn telling me can't sweep up in here every once in a while?

No-one comes around as you. Then you should make an effort.

Where u been? Car wash.

Got an extra shift. Bullshit.

Call 'em. - Think I won't ? Think you should.

Have you been associated with any known criminals? - No, sir. Have not.

Have you crossed over the state's line at any time?

No, sir. Have not.

How's the job going?

Mm. Boring. But still mine.

Two months. Mm. Gotta be some kinda record.

Anything else you need to know?

I need to know when you're gonna slip up, and stick your packet in the grease again.

This may be a dumb question. But what did I ever do to you?

You went into other people's houses, and took things that didn't belong to ya.

Things that they worked long and hard for. And I paid my debt, Giddons.

My conscience is shiny and new.

Yeah, well, how about Bo and Lyle ?

Bo and Lyle weren't on that job.

So the record states.

Yeah, it's real sweet of you, take the hit for your old school buddies.

Giddons, all due respect, you're not a detective. You're my PO.

And I know that you ride me more than most. Why?

You're smart. And ain't nuttin' in this world dumber than a smart guy.

A smart man. He sees beyond his little world. And it kinda whoops him.

So when he makes that wrong move, and you will.

It tends to be messy.

Well, maybe there's a side of me you don't see.

As long as you're on parole, you are only what I see.

Damn I'd like to do it if I was you. There's burglars and thieves around these parts.

I bet you thought I wasn't gonna make it.

I wasn't sure that I was. - Oh that's right, you only have 12 hours to change.

You should've started last night. Haha. She said gamely.

Well, 2 of our trustees are gonna be at the Thomasons.

Do I have to be charming? No, just be yourself Actually, you need to be a little charming. Just nod, and smile and talk to the wives.

It's the Thomasons.Dorothy's gonna be there. You can gossip behind our backs.

I promise he'll turn my back as often as possible.

Is that what you're wearing?

♫ Temptation - Ray Beadle♪

Let's go double or nuttin'. I'll spare you 3 balls this time.

All tapped out, buddy. C'mon man. Don't be a pussy Know you got some green right there in the pocket. - Nah, I'm good.

Hey, you walk out on a man who's still gambling. You might catch a bad..

Are you starting fights again, Dyl ?

Why don't you rack'em up, big guy? I'll happy to take those cash off you.

C'mon man. Let me buy you a beer.

So what you been working on, man?

Dirty cars, mostly. Yeah, that sounds shitty.

Better work's comin'. Ya know, lotta new businesses going belly up in this colony.

Tons o' shit just sitting there. Just waiting to be picked.

I know you could use the money. Especially if you ever wanna play pool again.

I'm not exactly flush. Well, hell, let's change that.

'ey, can I get a beer here for my poor relation?

We'll be seeing you.

You know, Giddons finds out that you and' Bo 've been chatting..

He's gonna send you right back up, man.

Yeah, he probably will anyway.

Personally I think you're a shoo-in. I don't know guys.

The city council will be a good stab But I still have a hospital to run, you know.

I'm just... I'm not sure if I'm ready to move on.

Methinks a man doth protest too much.

Not at all. Stop it.

He's still got 4 months of protesting ahead of him.

Wait until we start begging before you announce. - Please don't ever....

Sweetie, it's an undeniable truth that might as well be written in print.

What truth? - Chief Booth is having a thing. He's taking lovers.

Paula Dawn? Dawn? She that..?

She runs that gift shop, sells those little ceramic thingys.

Oh yes, thank you. She's good.

Hey Dylan.

Hey, Donna.

You'll buy me a drink? Uhh...


Damn... all cleaned out right now.

I mean I would..

You can have mine.

Oh.. that's ok.

I don't want your cooties.

No, no, no. I've been to a specialist about that.

And they turned out to be... benign cooties. so...

Wait what?

Nothing, just some...

So...what's been going on with you?

Oh, just, you know...

..the usual.

Hey, you working?

Yeah, yeah... over at the, uhm...

..national car wash, still.

That's cool.



I was... - I'll see you. - Ok, yeah. Let's just talk later.

Yeah. - OK ☹ I'll see you around.

Alright - Ok. - good talk.

No, it's the best thing in the world, really.

I mean, I only took the class because Dorothy was taking it.

And for the naked man. And, for the naked man of course.

But now, it's really an obsession.

The drawing, I mean.

What about you Becky? Do you ever think about taking classes?

Oh, I..used to take a painting class for a while...

..but I'm really not good.

Well, you're not out to make a living, sweetie.

Drawing will be good for you. Clears out the cobwebs.

Not that you have got any cobwebs...

Oh my...

I had a straight one!! You walked away when I was on a streak! Hey!! You boys keep it light now.

Ya alright? Man, I didn't even see him coming.

Well, he knocked the living piss outta you man.

You ok?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Well, let me pour you a beer. On the house. I'll buy it.

I'll pass ,Wayne, thanks.


She ok??

I'm sorry... sorry. I'm.. fine.

Oh my god.

Yeah, hit him again.

You made your point, guys.

You're welcome.

Give me a little warning the next time you have another seizure, ok?

I mean, honey, it really was quite a show.

It was a muscle spasm. I guess.

It hurt a lot.

For a second, I...

..felt like somebody hit me. The look on your face, Becky.

It's a little much, you know?

Even for someone with a.. .. muscle spasm.

I guess, for a second, I was worried this was the beginning of another...

It's not.

It's not!


I'll give you a shoulder rub when we get home.

It doesn't hurt anymore.

♪Resurrection Fern - Iron & Wine ♫


What, What time is it?

Oh shiit!


♫ Flowers in your hair - The Lumineers♪

Hello. Hi.

Anything in particular? No, I'm just...

..stocking up.


Fuck! What?


What? Who's that?

Who said that?

Stop it.


Stop this! Stop this. Stop it.

Ma'am? Your bag?

Oh shit!

Stop it. Stop it. Stop. Stop. Stop

.. stop it. Stop it. What is this? What's going on?

Stop it.

Stop this.

Stop th.. Hey, shut up!

Can you hear me?

Who are you?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. What am I sorry about? What did I do?

Who are you?? I asked you that.

I'm looking at a...

.. store window. Am I looking at a store window?

Yes. I am.

Are you me? No.

No.No.No You're in my head. You're in my head.

I'm having...

I'm really sorr..

Oh god, I'm so scared.

Where am I ?


Where am I ?'re on... the road.

You're on a road. There's a truck.

I don't understand. What does a truck mean?

Well, that means I have a truck.

It's my truck.

I have a truck.

You have a truck? Yeah.

Why, what do you have ? What ?

A Range Rover. Nice, safe.

I can see out there.

I can see... too.

It's like one's close and one's far away.

I just focus and....

.. I can see what's here..

..wh..what's in my head.

It's ain't your head, lady. This is New Mexico.

Wait, you're real !?

You're a real person !

Oh, that's the sweetest thing anybody said to me all day.

I don't understand this.

It's cold.

Wait. Are you.. Are you cold there?

Yeah. It's ... uhm.. It's almost winter.

I can feel it.

Oh, this is too crazy.

And I can hear you like... I hear myself.

Where are you?

If you're not in my head, then where are you?

Exeter. New Hampshire. New Hampshire ??

Get outta here.

Wait a minute. What time is it? You know,what... what day?'s Thursday ..the ..uhm.

.. twenty fourth.

Okay. Well that's the day, I think. Do you have a watch?


Oh my god.

You're in the future !

You're 2 hours in the future !! No.

I'm in a different time zone.

Oh. Yeah, right.

Can you hear my thoughts?

I don't know. Think something.


What should I think about?

I'm not allowed to tell you. Right.


Yeah, no, I've got nothing.

I'm thinking about new snickers.

OK. It's a weird one.

Alright, well, hey, what if we just both...

Rebecca, are you alright? Hello? You there?

Hi.. Chief Booth.

You OK? Yes.

I'm fine.

I'm so sorry. I think I fell. I Think I'm..

Did you hurt yourself ? No, I think maybe I had...

...bad clams, or something.

Are you.. ? How are you ? How's Audrey ?

Good. She's great. Are you sure you're alright ? - Yeah, I'm.. I'm great.

I'm great.

Maybe if you just ..uhm

..walk me to my car to be sure.

Absolutely. - You know.. Where are ya?

I think I'm parked right over here.

You sure you're ok? I'm totally fine.

Are you there?

Wow. Guess we got disconnected.

Yeah, someone came. I had to cut you off.

So...Wait, how?

I mean I could feel you trying to come in Was..uhm..There's a kinda swimmy feeling at the back of my head But...I could stop it.

That's good to know. Yeah.

I can't talk here, people are staring at me.

Right, assuming I've still got a job, I need to get to it, but uh...

I mean, we gotta talk about all this. Ok, later though.

7 o'clock ? Ok Wait, that's five in my time. I'm still at work.

Say 10, 8 for me ? - Yeah, great, fine. Ok. - Ok.

Oh..and if, you know, it don't work for some reason, then uh...

It was nice... meeting you.

Hey... it's snowing.

Hey, hey, hey. On top.

Oh my god, it's almost 10. Why, yes it is.

Is it.. is it some cause for excitement ? No, no,no Just we ate so late. - Yeah, I told you it's gonna be a long day. - Yeah, I know.

No, I was just... I just meant.

I just meant you must be tired and thinking about going to bed. - Well, I'm not.

Is that ok? Of course.


Actually..there was a show I wanted to watch Oh yeah, that sounds fun for you.

Ooh my god.

Well. Yeah, Hi.

Oh boy. Did I not expect this talk?

I thought I was just... I know, I did too.

Oh man. Ok.

Well, uh..ha I just.. I spent all day just trying to think why this could be happening So? Did you come up with anything?

Well.. Y'know one thing did occur to me.

Are you... by any chance..

..Satan ?


My name is Rebecca.

That's ..well, I didn't even think of that. I'm Dylan.

Dylan. That's nice.

's a nice room. Is this your place ?

Yeah, this is my house. I mean... It's my husband's.

You..oh... you're married.

Yeah,Why not? I mean, Y'got a name. Could be married too.

Did you tell him about it ?

No, I ..uh.. I just ... wasn't sure.

Yeah, I mean I don'... Maybe it's better if you don't right away.

I don't know. This is just hard enough to believe if it's happening to ya. - Yeah.

I'd gotta wait.

Wait, so... This is your house?

No, it's.. yeah it is, but..uh it's a little messy..heh It's kinda the maid's decade off.

Wait, what're you doing? Aarg, it's better this way.

Shouldn't have to..

I don't really have girls over too much.

Oh my god, I have to ask you. Did you.. uhm..

..did you get hit last night on the shoulder like, really hard?

Yeah, sure did. Son' bitch just like came at me...

..with a pool cue ! I know, I was there.

..and I was this dinner party.

-.. trying to fend him off. Becky ?'s Vicki Madden.

I was just telling her about my smooth move last night You must tell it really well. Yeah, what was that?

God, yes, the kids sound amazing. (I'm sorry)

Can't believe that.

That was very smooth. Thank you...Vicki.

So, that was your husband? Oh..yeah..uhm.

Yeah...that's Phillip.

Good-looking guy. Yeah.

Doctor. He runs the hospital here.

Professional man. Yeah.

I should probably go. Woah, do you again tomorrow?

Ok..but after Philliip goes to work.

You're not like planning on getting hit again, are you?

Well, let's see. It's not in my book.

I wouldn't have anyway. Worst I ever took was...

Oh my god! What ?

Let me ask you something, did you ever go sledding?

Did you ever go sledding and get really hurt?

I hit a tree. Jesus, God.

I got knocked out cold. I mean.. I must've been out for more than a minute

I still have the scar..

Dylan, that was 20 years ago.

I'll be damned.

I got 12 stitches..

And my mom... never let me go sledding again.

Not that I was all that keen to. Hey, what about when you were like...

I don't know, maybe 16.. I mean you were all torn up about something.

I wanna say it was like the dead of summer. And it must've been a killer, because...

.. I must've been crossed out for a month. Ohh, that is so embarassing.

What ? I can't tell you. It's ...

.. too personal. Oh, come on. You got to.

You owe me a whole July.

That was...

..Walter.. my first boyfriend.

I was so in love with him. He was 20, you know.

I don't know. We went out for like 2 months. And then he broke up with me right after we... know.

Oh, no wonder. Yeah.

I mean like, right after.

What a dick.

Sorry if I ..uh..ruined your summer.

No..that's cool.

I was ..y'know pretty used to having like, weird moods and..

..stuff I couldn't really explain. Yeah, me too.

I pretty much thought that you were pms. Yeah, lots of people get us mixed up.

I remember some other stuff too.

I don't know. I guess it's all kinda personal.

Yeah, that figures.

You were in college, right? Yeah.

She wasn't ever very well. She was...

Like me, kind of.

Not much of a physical specimen.

Dylan, there's something..

Didn't make any sense to me at the time, but.. know, I always felt like there was someone with me.

You know, just like a feeling.

I felt it... more strongly than ever.. after she died.

It helped.

Did you ever feel that way?

Why don't you tell me?

I ..remember your first night in prison?

Oh, yeah. Right. Time to come clean.

What did you do? I just..

Good with locks. Not that good with silent alarms.

Got 2 years in... ... lifers

Yeah. I figured that was..nightmares. It was really terrifying.

Yeah, I never felt alone as I did in there, doing my bid.

You weren't.

Hey. Haha. Jesus, hey. What ?

Go look in a mirror. What ?

Come on. I don't even hardly know what you look like, except mostly your hands.

Go on. Show me.

I... you know, why don't you do that?

'cause. I asked first.

Well.. I'm not doing it unless you do it too.

Ok. But...after you.

I'm not even dressed! - Well,c'mon, whose fault is that, lazy bones?

Let's go.


This is ridiculous. I'm scared. - Oh c'mon, what do you got to be scared of? - Shut up, you're scared too.

Ok. I'm going to the mirror now.

God, how beautiful. Oh, don't be stupid.

Yeah, no. When I said beautiful, like I meant y'know ugly, ... what did I say?

Just don't flatter me because I stuttered in prison with you.

What are you talking about? Hey, look, I was having fun being a beaufitul girl there.

I was all ready to go.. buy hats or something. Go back.

No, no! It's your turn.

Hold on just give me a second. It's your turn!

Read'em and weep.

You got such a nice face.

Nice, huh? Oh, no.

I mean, yeah, it is. Well..

..It ain't much but it does cover my insidely skull, so that's a plus.

Hi. Hi.

No, no. It was nothing like that, we um..

We actually met when he..

..when he lectured at my school.

I know, sounds terrible. But it was really nice.

We just got along great, and... What did you say?

Oh, nothing,uhm... I was..the phone.

Did you ..figure it out ?

I wish I could describe it better. It was like a..a chugging noise .

Yeah, I know. What it is: you got a crack in your manifold It'd go on ya. You need to replace it.

Ok. Let me check my stock, and uh..

.. I'll be rackin' up today yeah? Yeah, that's great.

Excellent. Thank you.

What year's your truck? Oh, uh... a 2010.

There's no way the exhaust system on a Range Rover would go after just few years.

Here, turn her over.

Ok. Now go look under the hood.

Like..what? Now?

No, after he charged you 1200 bucks. Yeah, come on.

Ok. What am I looking at ?


That sounds like it could just be the sensors got loose, so..

That should be over by the ABS. I..don't know what that is.

Uh..that..that.. that boxy thing there.

Ok. Over here ? Mm, no.

Ok, try the other side. Over here ?'s like a multipronged thing.

You're looking for like a multipronged plugin thing.

See that? Yeah,yeah, that's it.

What do I do with it? No, look, it's loose. Plug it in.

There's your problem right there.

The sound stops. Yup. - That's it ?

That's it. I fixed it.

Yes, you did, darling.

Hey, we in luck. I can take it today. We are in luck.

The intake and exhaust manifolds are both fine.


Sensor. Sensor! Just needed tightening.

I don't think it's gonna do you much good in the long run, but..

.. yeah, I can take care of it for ya. No, that's alright. I already did it.

Thanks, Stan !

And they put me in prison.

♪The riot's gone - Santigold ♫

(what is that?)

♪The riot's gone - Santigold ♫

Kershaw! So... how's the auto-cleansing business treating ya?

Actually, I've been thinking about looking for some new work.

Who with? Bo ? Lyle ?

Wanna see if I can't scare off something better I mean I ain't gonna quit or nothing..

..not 'till I'm sure, but..

What's with you? You got a funny look.

What? You look like you're about to kiss me.

Well, I mean, when the light...

..hits you like that. Something about your head ♥.

Well, socilitation is a crime, so..

..what's going on, gros Jean? Nothing's going on!

For such a smart man, you're a piss poor liar.

I met someone.

Thought it is! Mm, yeah! You gettin' your packa waxed huh?

She knows your kind? She doesn't seem to mind.

Oh, you got you one of 'em classy women.

You'll be surprised. Nothing you do can surprise me.

O'er there.

.. you had a girlfriend? - Yeah, well, some people will believe anything.

Come on, you've had girlfriends. Nothing that lasted more than a few days Not good with women.

What about your man needs ? Becky!

Got a mind like a sewer.


Move the other six back then you can move that one over.

No, dummy, that's cheating.

It's not cheating. It's creative.

It's no fun to cheat. It's no fun if you win.

Only reason you don't cheat is 'cause you're afraid someone'll get mad.

Can't always do what you're told, darling. Spoken like a true convict.

I'm sorry. What? No,it's.. yeah, it's ok.

I got no right to be touchy. It's all true.

Oh, hey.

I think I figured it out. Y'know, why it happened, or why we opened it up when we did Really? - Really. - Why?

Why not?

What up, Dill Pickle?

I got to go, Becky. Got something I got to do.

Ok. I'll see you.

Grumman tech supply. The bitch is ripe, Dylan.

Is it ? You know our cousin Adam ?

The one who beat that aggravated assault charge against a 7-11 clerk?

Kicked his lawyer'd asshole numb... - He's been working maintenance in the office park.

He said Grumman is empty as Church service on a Superbowl Sunday. Here's the best part:

No silent alarms. Don't it just make your heart sink?

I don't know. I mean y'know Giddons's just drooling for me to make a move like this.

Don't worry about Giddons. He'll sleep through it. Your end is 2 hours at most.

You open up the Pearly Gates. We handle the rest.

You don't want to be seen with us. Yeah, I get it, I get it, man.

Hell, we'll mail you your cut.

I could use some walking around money. - Yeah, but this is more than just walking around money.

We got a fence lined up in Wilbur Field. He's gonna buy the whole lot.

Your parole gets through. This is you setting up in a new town, Like a proper man.

All you got to do is keep the pretty trap shut, Dill Pickle.

Who's ever gonna know ?

I don't know.. I just... Ain't exactly good timing for me.

What else you gonna do man? You gonna just wax a bunch of caddies?

Dylan, this was your idea. When you got out, you asked for some action.

Something to get back on your feet. Something safe.

Now this is way the hell out in Bedlow. And all that equipment just sitting there.

There ain't no bodies. It's gonna rust.

There's no victim here! Arh, just a true convict.

Dylan, we let you in on this, because you asked.

Now I don't like you knowing if you don't have a stake in it.

We'll be waiting on you, boy.

Catch you soon, Dill Pickle.

Hey, Oooh, Phillip.

Sorry, you startled me. Sorry.

You know how I get in these places. Yeah, I do...

..which is why I'm surprised to see you here.

Everything alright? Yeah, everything's fine.

I was around and I.. had a wild ignition: you might be free for lunch?

Uh..argh Pretty wild ignition.

Look, I've still got my doctor's cap on, I'm afraid.

Maynard's here to discuss his research program.

The ...uhm.. sphizophrenic narco.. Narcotherapy.

It's a big word, huh.

Oh, which reminds me, next Thursday is the big fundraiser so..

Don't put us down for anything. Ok. - Ok, good.

Dennis! Phillip.

You remember my wife, Becky?

Oh yes, nice to see you again. Dr. Maynard.

Do you two have plans? Oh, no..uhm I just need to remember to call ahead first if I'm going to be spontaneous.

I see.

Ok, I'll just leave you guys then. Ok, I shouldn't be late for dinner.

Ok,'ll see you Thursday at the fundraiser.

I look forward to it.

It's hard to tell, right off. - Yeah, I wish you could've spent more time with her.

I didn't know she was coming.

Y'know I..I see what you were talking about..

Her body language is very protective, very concealing.

She's deeply uncomfortable.

It's odd. Yeah, she's always been skittish.

I..I just..I don't know.

Wait, wait, who's this guy? That's "Moffett" Mike.

His Moffett's busted for about 8 years. So everyone knows when's he coming.

Aaand that is..Bob Greezy.

We call him..yup, "Greasy" Bob.

Ok, so, it's not brilliant, but..

I ..uh..actually worked with him once on a highway job.

He's got a really annoying smell.

Got a problem, buddy ? Tell him to go fuck himself.

No, no. Go fuck yourself dude.

No, no problem at all. We're cool. Such a whim.

What, you like it when we get hit?

Heey, who's that? She's hot.

Yeah, that's Donna. She's a nice girl.

She's a nice girl? Is she married? Is she covered in stories?

Not to hear it.

Wait, she's waving! I know.

You guys are friends? Ask her out!

I'm not gonna just ask her. No, don't be a wuss.

You know you want her. Shut up.

Look, she's coming over.. What is this strange power you have over women? You don't shut up, I'm gonna shut you out. - You'd better not, not when your girlfriend's here.

Hey, Dylan. - Come to you, wench. Hey, Donna.

Hey. Are you.. here alone?

Oh, Jenny's supposed to be coming, but...

Haven't seen you around much lately.

Haven't been around.

Duuh, say you like her shoes. Uh, I like your shoes ☺ .

They..uh..they work.

I can't believe you notice them. I got them on sale.

They pretty much just go with everything, y'know.

See! You compliment them on something they did or bought.

Not like their eyes or something they were born with That's how they know that you like them, you like their taste, you like their...

Shut up!

I just hate this song.

You're joking! This is like my favourite song.

Oh I know..I just.. I've heard this so many times.

Oh, yeah, that's true. They do play it a lot.

Argh. Ask her out. Ask her out. ASK HER OUT!

Say, Donna..I was Are you... are you busy.. Tuesday night?

I'm busy most nights.

What do you have in mind? Oh I just...thought I could cook for you. I could cook for you. - I could cook you dinner.

You cook? Yeah, I mean, well...

Thing or two, what do you like?

Well, I like steaks. Big steaks.

Alright, alright, yeah I could.. I'll fix you up.

A rare steak, with a fancy sauce. And trimmings for days.

Ok. I mean if you're not too busy.

I'm so smooth.

Tuesday I'm seeing my mom, but I think Thursday I'm free.

Done, dinner at 6.30. No, no, :O , no,no.

I'm busy Thursday night. You're not coming.

Jenny's here. So... 6.30? 6.30.

Ok. Gotta go. Hi.

Phillip and I have a fundraiser Thursday night, you dope.

Yeah, how about you call on Monday, tell me how to kiss and stuff?

Who made you ask her out? You couldn't even talk to her You're nothing without me. Still not coming.

I made you and I can break you.

A charity donation is just like any other investment..'d wanna know your money is being put to good use.

Well, you know, I can't think of a better place to put your money ...

.. than in the research fund.

Well, of course, you can't! Your husband's on the board.

But, no, you're right. Sick people are always the best.

Real lump in the throat stuff, these hospital charities.

Give me cripples everytime.

These are psychos, not cripples. But you know..

Uhm..would you mind excusing me just a moment please?

How's it going? What?

How's it going? Oh, I'm fine. Yeah.

Why.. what do you want?

Nothing. I'm just checking in. See how things are going.

Yeah, everything's great. The ..sauce is burning.

This is nuts. I haven't cooked anything that didn't take microwave instructions since...ever.

'kay.Smell this.

What is that? Uhm..rosemary?

Yeah, too much? No,no.

It's a little thick though. Yeah you said it's supposed to be thick.

Yeah, but not like, because it'd break..

What? Aw you hate this shirt! No, it's...

Aww this is the wrong shirt! Women everywhere will bound this shirt.

Dylan, The tie is a little rodeo. But it's gonna be ok.

Yeah, easy for you to say. How's your money dinner?

Aargh, you know, stuff, shits, anonymous I just have to worry about not falling asleep.

Shit!'re gonna be great. Good luck. Thanks.

Hi. Hey there.

Yeah, how are you.. ..oh shit!

Well done (!)

Ok, everything.. oh, that's good. That'll be great, yeah.

Come on in. Ok.

Never seen your place before. You haven't?

I thought went out here for the Fourth? - I don't think so.

Oh, thought you were. Yeah, I had a barbecue.

It's kind of my own concept: Barbecue on the Fourth of July.

Lots of people do that.

I ..uh.. oh I really like your

You got a thing for feet? Dated a guy like that once.

Real weirdo. No, no I don't.

Would you like..can I get you something to drink? I did pick up some red wine.

Do you like ... Oh.......

You got a beer? Yeah, yeah, definitely.

I'd take one of those actually. Yeah. - Thanks.

Just twist ,yeah, cheers. Cheers.

So.. you really cook and everything?

Now and then.

Urghh, what's this ??

It's the sauce.

That smells kind of crazy. Urghh, bimbo.

Well, if enough for tonight.. Ok.

I don't like my steaks all fancy. Just burnt black with tons of ketchup.

Figures... Figures what ?

Sorry? Oh, I thought you'd spoken.

Oh, gosh.. maybe I did.

I think I was....woah!!

Shoot! Oh, no! Hot! Hot!

In the sink! Put it in the sink!!

In the sink! In the sink!

There, happy now? Me ?

Maybe you'd better go wash that off, honey.

Stay out of this, Phil.

Oh god, I'm so sorry.

Yeah, why don't you go to the bathroom? Collect yourself. - Sorry.'re right, honey..

It's ok, ok. You guys ok?

Yeah. Did you get anything on you?

No, I'm fine, but is she alright?

Yeah, she's fine. She's fine.

Who's Phil?

Give me a second. Ok.

What do you think you're doing? I told you not to come along anyway.

..I had everything under control. You had everything on fire!!

Yeah,well, that's the way I like it. Sure, burnt black, tons of ketchup.

It's none of your business what she eats, you yuppie snob! That's my date.

Ha, well,you sure know how to pick'em.

What's the matter... are you jealous?? Nooo, I'm not jealous.

Then butt out. Why don't you make me?

Just make me. You think I won't ?

Yeah, sure. Try.

There. That's all you got?

Stop it. Did it again. Did it again!

Dylan, stop. Stop it! I won't. No, I'm not going to.

I won't.

Hey Donna. Hey.

I just put on some of my aftershave.

Just freshening up a little. I'm gonna..go.



Donna, wait!

I was just making a joke. Was just ...

...putting on an aftershave.

You are gonna speak to me again before we die, right?

What do you want me to say, Rebecca? Thank you..

So glad you made us look like idiots!

You didn't even apologise to Dr Maynard. I don't like Dr Maynard.

He always looks at me like he's trying to guess my weight.

He was trying to raise money for an important project I happen to be involved with.

Phillip, I can't say what happened.

I think...maybe I doze off for a second.

I was confused.

Haven't you ever done that? That's not it.

I mean, that may be true, but..

Something is happening to you.

And I don't know if it's what happened before ... - It's not. - ..or not.

Believe me. Ok, then what? What ?!

I don't know, Phillip, sometimes...

...sometimes you just look at everything, and...'s all just different, d'you know?

Yeah, I do. They call that puberty.

No, it isn't just then. It never stops.

It's like ..uhm.. like shedding your skin.

Is that what you're doing? Shedding?

Yeah, I guess, sort of.

Shedding me?

Oh, no. No.

Hey, -Hi.

I'm really sorry, I know. I messed it up. I know.

No, no, that's cool.

I would've messed it up myself anyway. You just save me time.

Give yourself a little credit. That girl really likes you.

Well, if she did, I think she got over that pretty quick..

..when she caught me talking to the little man inside my head.

Yeah.. Right.

It's just sometimes when I'm with you, I forget myself.

You feel funny.

-What? Don't you feel funny? Like, not ...

..a fever, but..

Oh.. I ..uhm..

I was er.. previously engaged in a certain kind of activity and er..


Well you smell nice.

Kinda sweaty (!?)

Sorry, that...that was out of line. I didn't ..

I should go.

Ok... look, I'm sorry about tonight.

Yeah, me too.

Good night. Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

Ok, well wait. Here comes a good one.

Number 7: How does your partner rate as a lover?

Pass. No wait!

Pass. Pass. That's none of your business.

Of course it's my business. Hush up.

You'd describe your love making as : A - wild animals.

B - sweet and slow.

C - at least he tries.

D - [...] Who's he talking to?

I don't know.

Arhh, B..A , no, no, yeah. B ?

Oookay. If you say so.

Nine: how often do you make l.. No! Pass!

Wha..? C'mon, this isn't gonna work unless..

Wait, turn up the radio..

Oh you like this?

Yeah, I love this song.

Oh yeah, I remember this.

♫ Crumblin' Noah Maffit and Jessica Freedman ♫

I'm crumblin'..

I wake up and you're not there.

I call all my friends n' tell'em I don't care.

I'm so cool, baby, and ever mad.

I'm crumblin'...

(Hey, Phillip.)

Hi. Is this more... shedding?

No, this is dancing.

Yeah, it is. Yeah, ok.

I'll see you.

So what brings the party down here?

I was just looking for my old photo albums.

I thought they were in the corner? Ah, yeah..

Yeah, last time I saw them, they were...

Kind of hope Bridget didn't throw them out.

No, It doesn't make any sense..she would.. Hey, you know, I ran into Diane.

She said you were gonna do the.. painting class.

The drawing class. The drawing class, yeah.

Yeah, I don't have to. What? No, I think that's great.

You know, get you outta your... the... cellar.

Why would Bridget throw out my photos?

No, no, I'm not saying..just. you know..whatever, by accident.

What do you want with them? Nothing..

..I just want to show them to Dyl..

..myself, look at them.

I mean, I'm not saying: don't find them. If it helps you think, that's good.

And..actually I can help you look for them.

I have my ..council meeting at 6, but...uhm You know, it won't kill me to be a few minutes late.

Yes, it will.

Thank you for knowing that about me.

Hey, is my ..grey shirt clean?

Er..yeah, I'll check.

Everything come out alright?

You're drunk! I had hardly nothing to drink.

But give me time, partner!

I got wine on my damn pants.

What's Phillip gonna think? Where is old Phillip?


Have I given you the tour of my luxurious column?

Yeah, you have.

Elegant modern entertainment centre.

Perfect addition to every home.

Did you find those pictures you were gonna show me?

They're gone.

Wait a minute, what happened? They're gone!

I have been through the entire....

..attractively furnished house.

Maybe the maid ate them.

Or maybe.. my husband slipped them into the trash.

Are you serious? Why the hell would he do that?

Because, he knows me.

Phillip takes care of me.

That sounds te.. that.. That sucks.

He's not being mean.

He knows how funky I get.. sometimes..

..looking through that stuff.

Doesn't matter anyway. I know them all by heart.

There's my mom when she's little.

She has my eyes.. Blue grey with flecks of panic.'s mom teaching me how to swim.

Notice how I'm grafted to her arm.

Not a success.

And this picture of a pony.

I don't know why it's in there or who it belonged to, but...

..there it is anyway.

And there's my dad.

Scariest man who ever lived.

Grown-ups were scared of him.

All they ever taught me was how to be afraid.

Then I went out and found the ... man alive he can take care of me. he can get rid of the past.

Chipping away at it.

Omni-little quirks. Insecurities.



Nothing left.

Nothing like a little truth to sober you up, huh?

Tell you 'bout my family. I got a brother, named Mitch.

... moved to 1600 miles away... that he wouldn't have to loan me anymore money.

My mama's..

I put her through so much. By the time I got popped...

.. she just stopped talking to me.

She didn't even wait for the trial.

I've never met anyone I didn't disappoint.

I mean, the best thing.. the only thing..

..about me that I like...

.. is you.

How I wish you weren't so damn pretty, Becky Porter.

I know this' dumb and shallow, but...

..I mean, you're a married woman, I'm on parole.

Still, sometimes I think...

..just wish you weren't so damn pretty.

I wanna know how you feel like.

Cut it out! It's good.

It's cool! Look at Diane.

That's a little abstract there, darlin'.

Try to grow him a nice man.

Dylan! My off(ice).

Got to go darlin'. Ok, I'll see you.

What's going on, Jake? It's no good.

Wh.. what is? It's no good.

It doesn't work. Wait, wait.

Am I fired ? Ok, you're me Dylan...

.. What would you do? Keep the ex-con who talks to himself?

All day?

You're frightening the customers.

Look, next time you get a gig. Ok. Just...

..let your imaginary friend stay at home. Ok You're gonna start living in the world brother. gotta be where you at.

You understand what I'm saying? Be where you at. - Ok.

I'll give you a recommendation if you need one.

I won't lie.

But I..I'll say you're honest.

Honey...I'm your friend.

Oh, good... I mean, yes, of course you are.

You can tell me. You really should.

Sweetie, I ,honestly, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Not all all ?

Well, everybody's...concerned.

Is something going on? You can tell me.

There's just really nothing to tell.

Have you been seeing someone? Oh god, no. No, no,no, no.

I couldn't. I'm married. I would never.

Oh, I meant a shrink!

You're having an affair! Oh my god!

No, you don't have to tell me who unless you want to. - No,no,no,no. Diane!

..because I'm very good at keepi... Diane, honestly,Diane. I'm not.

I'm not having an affair! Oh, and we've never had this conversation.

Oh, poor Phillip. Oh I didn't mean that.

I'm really... - You know what, you don't have to tell me who that is...

.. just explain everything.

Explain what?

Well, I don't mind telling you now that I know you're not crazy.

But everybody's talking. But you must know that.

Everybody's talking about me. Why?

Don't they have lives? Oh, my lips are sealed.

They are zip-locked.

You don't have to tell me who he is, but is it someone I know...

Diane, honestly, I'm not having an affair. I'm not. I swear.

Ok? I'm just crazy.


That's probably the greatest game of pool ever played.

Hi, Dylan. Oh, hi. Queen of the rodeo!

Rodeo queen huh? What, you came to watch me making pool history?

Had a few pitchers, haven't you? You know my only regret?

It's that I gave up my law practice to become a show girl.

Can I pour myself one? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Hey, hey, hey. Have a .. have a beer.

Who's gonna find his ball?

So..Wayne said that Jake gave you the can.

That blows. Hey, Donna, sister.

Where the hell you been hiding at, Dill Pickle?

Thank god, you come.

Is it time to do crimes?

Yeah, man, we been waiting on you.

Cue ball. Quite enough dicking around...

..are we doing this or not? Hell, yes! Let's do it.

Let's do it. Alright, here's the address..

Need you to roll up there. Check the place out.

We go in Thursday night.

Let's do it now. Let's do it now!

I mean, what am I waiting for, right? This is what I do..

I mean, I'm a criminal-element-man type, man.

Just like you! Like, who am I kidding?

Maybe you've had enough, Dill. Maybe you wanna head home, sleep it off.

Oh, no. I want some action!! I want some action, yes!!

Come on!! Let's get lost!

Hey, you can be my ma.

Yeah, I mean I got to have a ma.

Y'see, I got this problem though.

It's that Jim needs a cricket, he's gonna get all upset with me man...

..and I can't go messing with Jimmy's cricket.

It's losing my hair with Mr Cricket, excuse me, "Dr Cricket".

Hey, what am I gonna do when she finds out that I'm just like everybody said..

What am I gonna do then, Bo? You got voices in your head?

Is that what you're saying? You don't believe me? Donna ?

He does. - Yeah, I have a world of craziness up here, man.

So you might wanna find somebody a little more stable to be your riled man.

Maybe I'm not your guy.

I mean burglary is a pretty tricky piece of business.

It's time to shut your mouth now. You know what?

I'm getting so sick of everybody telling me what to do.

Oi!! Step back, Dylan,y'step back!

You two, get the hell out of my bar!

Alright, Wayne, put the gun down. Ok, Wayne.

Man, I got a lump on my head the size of Nebraska. - Ok. Shut up, shut up, Lyle. That's ok.

Everything's fine. Everything's fine. Am I bleeding man?

Shut up, Lyle!

I don't care how long we've known each other.

You screw this up.

Bo, look at my hair,man. Am I bleeding? Bo!

Diane! Hi. I just got the call that you are here.

To what do I owe this pleasant surprise ?


Do you recognise it?

I don't even look any smaller.

I never came here again.

I was scared.

Always felt like.. there was something here.

Something..too grown up.. too real.

Do you think this was the place I first went nuts or..

..does it go further back? C'mon, you're not crazy, Becky.

I was once.

Right after college.

Before Phillip and I were engaged.

I ..kind of fell apart.

Couldn't deal with being in the world, so..

..spent some time in a hospital up state.


I didn't know about that. Yeah, you missed that one.

Probably because I missed most of it too.

I couldn't feel anything.

I just laid in bed for 3 months..

.. trying to work up enough energy to cry.

Phillip was with me through all of it. He read to me.

He sat with me...

.. tried to get me through it.

He probably did.

Sure wasn't me.

So goddamn weak. Becky, how can you say that?

What you did for me. - Have I made your life any easier, honestly?


You know, I can't read your mind, Dylan but I know when you're lying.

Becky, don't do this. I can't live like this.

Dylan...Phillip is my husband.

I know you don't like him, but I need to be with him.

I need to find him again. - Yeah, you gotta do what you're told, right?

That's not fair. Fair?

I finally, for once in my life, I can see something....

..something real, and then you tell me I gotta give up, so..

.. how do you call it fair??

I can't be with you, and I can't...

..I can't play at this anymore!

It's not a game. It's not something that you play.

What am I supposed to do?

You are going to be fine.

God, Dylan...

You have so much.

You... blew me away.

You know that, you..

I'm never gonna forget that.

Couldn't we just ... No.

How do you expect me to just shut you off ?

Because you love me.

Me a whiskey, please?

The thing is... you come in here and it's always some kind of trouble.

Is that why you''re here?

Not 2 nights ago, you were in here doing your little MMA style tango...

..with soul brothers. They showed up. I left.

We didn't associate. Dylan, this ain't the goddamn drill.

Ok? You even got yourself fired. You're hanging out with known felons.

And now, Lyle is looking to bust yo ass off all across the dessert. - Giddons, look, can you...



Please stop! What's wrong with you?

Please !

Dylan! Dylan!!

What the hell's wrong with you, you bastards? - Bo and Lyle ?

Y'know what I'm looking at right now, a cell.

You tell me what's going on with them brothers...

You won't even have to think about that. I'll take it...

No, I mean, I'm looking at her right now. I'm in it !

What ?

This is where they put me, 'cause this is where they see me.

Wait a minute, so this is when..

.. you start blaming the whole world for your crap, is that right?

No. No, this is where I stop.

We ain't finished.

I want you to get better.

To stop... worrying about everything.

Everything's gonna be fine.

You just need to be...

..alone for a while. No distractions.

'till you feel ..yourself again.

Rebecca. I love you.

Oh for..

Now we both got lumps in our heads.

It's Thursday! Time to go to work, Dyl !

I got to be somewhere. Yeah, and we know where.

You know, I told Bo, that we should bust you up...

..and leave you there when we're through. But he's got a code.

2 hours and comfortable living, Dyl.

No, I need to be somewhere. I'm asking.

And I'm answering.

We'll worry about swarms later. None of your people will ...

..even know she was here.

I'm betting she'll be back to normal, in a..just a couple months.


Did you see who was driving that car?


(Good morning, ladies and gentlemen...) Becca.

(...this is your captain speaking..)

(..we are currently creeping up to..) Becca.

Can you hear me?

Come on, answer me, Rebecca !

Dylan ?

Jesus Christ, Rebecca, what is going on?

Phillip put me in here.

I think he thinks I'm having an affair.

So he locks you up? Can he do that ?

I don't know.

I'm afraid of him.

I don't know what he's gonna do.

Feel like you're under water. What are they giving you ?

Phillip gave me these pills.

I took them.

He told me to take them so I took them.

Do you know where you are ?

Yeah, in er..

I think it's the..uhm..

..Hop Howard clinic.

It's a mental institution.

Your husband ought to be a permanent resident, darliln'.

Are you on a plane? I'm..I'm headed your way.

Listen, I need to see the room.

I want you to look around, I want to see everything.

But, is there anything you'll do or...

I understand, sir, but unfortunately, we can't arrange a vehicle...

.. without a valid driver's licence.

I just don't have it with me right now, that's all.

And I have a really important job interview. - And I do hope you get that job.

What I can do, is arrange a cab for you.

Perhaps a friend can overnight your licence while I hold the res... Sir ?


Where are you? Still the airport.

What are you doing?


Now, twist it to the left. Slowly.

Ok, now, see if you can find the empty space in there.

Dylan, I can't do this. I feel like a 4-year-old.

You can do it. Just relax.

Same Fort Knox is just simple locks.

Oh uhm.. turn here.

Where did you learn to do all this stuff anyway ?

School, mostly.

I was wondering where you guys didn't chop.

Oh I bet you took ballet.

... or tea appreciation or something.

Holy shit, holy shit! Hot damn!

That took me a week to learn that.

You're a natural born criminal. I bet you say that to all the girls.

Am I close ? Yeah, I think so.

Just keep going all the way through town.

It's right by the train tracks, you can't miss it.

Ok, I'll find it. Time to get a move on now.

Er.. anybody in the hall ?

One sec..

Wait 'till she leaves the hall.


Nervous ? Check.

Listen, when you get outta there, uhm..

.. you ever seen Canada?

Why, what do you have in mind?

I thought maybe you'd like to have a romance in an exotic city.

Go for it. Just walk like you know where you're going.

Do you have any idea where I am?

No, get back on main street.

Not a good idea.

Shit ! - Turn off the engines and show me your hands!

(How are you doing today?)

Here goes nothing.

Stop the car !! I said stop !

God! Oh my god !

Oh my god !

Dylan, I can't talk to him! I can't ! Becky, calm down. You can do this.

Ok. Ok.

I'm just gonna walk past him and it's gonna be totally fine.

Rebecca? What are you doing? ♥

Told you I couldn't talk to him. Go,Becky, just go!

(call security) Rebecca !

He's gone.

The woods. The woods, go!

Hear that train ? Yes!

Run for it !!

I'm here. Where ?

Where ?

Where ? I'm here.

There's an open boxcar, see it ?

Where ? There's a red boxcar, right here !

Red boxcar, see it ?

Yes ! Ok. GO!!

This is gonna be so weird.

♪Stand in the water - Wildlife ♪

Subtitles-ish : Aleff Cheers :)