Inconceivable (2017) Script

It's okay, baby.

It's okay, it's okay.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Look what mama's got. Look, look what mama's got.

Oh, baby, please. It's okay, Maddie, it's okay.

Daddy's gonna be home soon and we have to go, we have to leave, okay.

Good girl, good girl.

It's gonna be okay. I know, I know.


Please just let us go.

What are you doing? Please, just please let us go.



God, what have I done?

Good run? Perfect.

I think it's time she slept in her own bed.

How 'bout next week? Deal.

You better hit the showers, Dr. Morgan. I love you, too, Dr. Morgan.

For me, "Purple Rain" is actually a song about fatherhood.

Like when he says... "I never wanted to be your weekend lover."

Like single fathers who don't get to see their kids as often...

...and they wanted more than that, you know. Thank God I'm not a single father.

I think he had a lot of girlfriends, and stuff, didn't he?

That's how I see this. You're so trusting. That's how we roll.

That's it. I love you, Daddy.

I love you, sweetheart.

You're a romantic guy, that's why I love you.

I love you, sweetheart!

Before I forget. This is for Lydia Legowitz, if you can give it to her.

It's her 50th birthday. Remember, she's the nurse in the OR with red hair?

Yeah, the one with the big boobs. Yes, yes, the big boobs.

And, this is... this is for Jenkins. Who's that guy?

He was the guy who's my last patient before I took leave.

And he was really funny. Remember I talked about him all the time?

Anyway, he went into remission and so, he's going back into chemo.

You really miss work, don't you? Yeah, of course I do.

But, hey, I get to go to Mommy and Me...

...and sing about poo and pee and all about my ABC's.

You're a very beautiful girl and I love you.

I love you, too. Please don't kill yourself on this thing, doctor.



I'm sorry, is she yours? She is.

I'm sorry, here I am stealing her soul, and I haven't even introduced myself.

I'm Angela Morgan. Katie Wells.

Mama, Mama, I made a new friend. So nice to meet you.

Her name is Cora. She's really cute.

Thank you. Yes, yes, finally.

Haven't I said from day one you two were destined to be BFF's?

This is Katie. Yes, I've heard about you.

So I'm thinking threesome playdate. Angie's house, you guys bring the kids.

I bring the juice boxes and the booze? Yeah, sounds good to me.

That's what I'm talking about. You two continue.

Can I bring anything? Nah, just yourself.

Okay. Husband optional.

I'm single. Oh, I'm sorry.

I mean, I'm not sorry that...

You know what I mean. Just come.

It's fine, I know I'm the minority.

Well, you won't be by kindergarten.

Cheese, girls.

Where's the pink marker? You haven't told her those stories yet?

No, I haven't.

Brenda tells me that you guys have been friends for a while.

Yeah. She was first my trainer and then we became pals.

I know her body better than Brian does. Yeah, you wish.

But me and Angie actually got really close during her pregnancy.

Which was a bit of a nightmare.

I could not have gotten through it without you.

I'll drink to that. Here's to you. Yeah.

Why our gym?

You know, I love to train and I fell in love with Cora the moment she was born.


...I figured starting a Mommy and Me business seemed the best way to infuse the two.

Get 'em while they're young. That's her motto.

Slumber party?

Yeah, I guess... I guess it turned into that.

Oh, my God, we had so much fun. It was hysterical.

Who's that?

That's Katie, my play date.

Did you have a good night?

Missed you.

I'm so sleepy.


What's going on? Is everyone okay? Oh, hi! Sorry, did we wake you?

Hi, sweetheart. Daddy!

I made some breakfast. I hope it's okay. Yeah, I don't mind at all.

It's this guy you have to worry about. He's our designated chef.

Nice to meet you, Dr. Morgan. Brian.

Hi. And you must be Maddie.

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too.

Okay, here it is.

Yours is coming.

Keep still, Maddie. Is it done yet?


Look at that. You're really good.

Oh, thank you, it's my only talent.

Wow, you're an artist. Oh, in my fantasies.

In real life, I paint houses. I specialize in interiors.

It's hard work but the hours are flexible and I can take Maddie along.

Okay, next.

And what can I do for you? Butterfly!

That is gonna look so beautiful. Okay, come here, let's start with pink.

Good choice.

I know this sounds silly, but I would love to start my own business...

...painting kid's bedroom murals.

I don't know, like pirates, and fairies, and butterflies, and stuff like that.

That's be great. You think so?

Oh, yeah, around here, you'll clean up.

Keep still. You guys, this is amazing.

I love this. Definitely photo op, come on.

Let's get together. Come on, come on. I don't know, I'm okay.

I'm gonna just go over here. Katie, what's the matter?

I hate take... having my picture taken.

But you're so gorgeous. Oh, stop it.

Get in here. Come on, sit down, come on.

Just one. The artist and the subject.

Say butterfly. Butterfly.

Butterfly. Got it.

But, you know, one in five guys enjoy mowing their own lawn and I'm one of them.

You do? You have a lawnmower? I enjoy it, it relaxes me.

Listen, let's all raise a glass and toast the beginning of another wonderful summer.

And all our friends who always make it so special. The tried and true.

Thanks, Brian. I see you, Bar and the new.

Yes, a big round of applause for the new one who knows her way around a kitchen.

Because as much as I love and respect my daughter-in law...

Speech, speech.


Well, to be here today is unbelievable.

I couldn't imagine spending Memorial Day in a more beautiful setting.

And as for my cooking, yes, I do have an advantage over Ang.

While she was spending years in school...

...studying to become a doctor and save lives...

...I was working in restaurant kitchens. So, yes, I can cook. But...

...I am not half the woman Angela is.

That's very kind. Very sweet.

I'll drink to that.

What about me? You, too, Maddie.

Here we go, cheers!

Say... oh, you gotta drink after you cheers, or it's bad luck.


It was actually the red one.

The green one had melted already.

Ladies. Both the girls are a sleep, finally.

Nice. And I should take off myself.

I have a half marathon in the morning.

I should get going, too. Why don't you stay in the guest house?

Really? Yeah, don't wake up Maddie.

It'll be fun in the morning, they'll hang out.

Okay, on one condition.

Let me help you clean up. Oh, my God, no problem.

On that note, Angie, thank you as always.

Good luck tomorrow. Thank you very much.

I'll run, you know, extra for you. Yes, run like the wind.

Walk me out? Oh, sure.

Please, tell me that your mother doesn't have to come on the fourth, as well.

She hasn't mentioned it. But I'll tell you what she did mention.

Katie. She doesn't like her.

Really, well, your mother doesn't like anyone except for you.

Why, what'd she say? It wasn't very clinical.

She said gives her the "willies."

The willies? Yeah, the willies, she used that word.

Thinks there's some sort of disconnect there.

Oh, my God, are you okay?

Are you okay? Yeah.

Oh, my God, you're trembling. Come on, let's get you...

...some fresh air, alright? Yeah.

Are you alright, maybe you're getting sick.

It got kinda chilly out. Yeah.

Are you cozy? Thank you.

A little fresh air will do you good.

Doctor's orders, I'll take care of Maddie.

This is a beautiful drawing. You're really talented.

Thank you. You can keep that one. Really?

Yeah. Thank you, I love it.

What is that?

The only gift my ex ever gave me.

He wasn't a good guy?


Was he abusive?


I'm sorry.

So was he.

And I forgave him every time.

Until Maddie came along.

He didn't hurt Maddie? No.

I didn't want her to witness what he used to do.

Did you go to the police?

No one would have believed us. He was a bigshot.

In our world anyway.

So I did what I had to and left.

Maddie and I lived in my car, motels.

And then we found these people who...

...take care of women like me.

They helped us disappear.

I'm just sitting here rambling to you. I'm so embarrassed.

No, no, no, don't be embarrassed. I... I understand.

You wanna know my secret?


I'm lousy at making baby's.

What do you mean?

I don't know. I guess I waited too long.

And then we really, really wanted to have kids and we tried everything, but... didn't really matter.

I had four miscarriages.

Oh, Angela, I'm so sorry.

Yeah, in the end we got an egg donor.

Which is great, but has its own set of heartaches.

But it took and I got pregnant.

But... was bad. I got really sick.

And so I started self medicating for the physical pain...

...and then to go to sleep and then to get through the day.

I got really paranoid. I was a mess.

So then by Cora's first birthday I checked into the hospital.

So, I'm fine now. You know?

I mean, not that I don't ever think about grabbing a Xanax.

But I haven't. I haven't and I won't.

Well, I think you're amazing. And an awesome mom.

Cora is lucky.

Yeah, well, she's about to get luckier.


I'm pregnant. What?

Yeah. Oh, gosh, don't say anything.

I just found out, I haven't even told Brian yet, so...

No, of course not. Congratulations.



It's okay, Mommy's here.

It's okay, it's okay.

Good girl.

Oh, God.

Girls, let's all go down to the fountain. Everyone, let's go. Come on, girls.

Are you okay? No.

It's happening again. Okay, we're gonna get out of here, okay?

Just breathe, I got you. I can't believe this.

I'm gonna pick you up. Come on, come on. Come on, you're okay.

Come on, come on. Oh, God, Linda.

I got you, just breathe, just breathe.

Come on. Oh, my God, I can't believe this.

I can't believe this. It's okay, you're gonna be okay.

Oh, my God. Slow.

Oh, my God.

You're gonna be okay, Angie.

I know.

We won't have the family that we wanted.

That we said we would. What you wanted.

Honey, please stop worrying about me.

You're the one that keeps going through hell.

I know, but I just want what you want.

You know, the big family.

A kid in every room.

A son.

I really wanted to give you a son.

And I know what we have is amazing, it is.

What we have is so amazing...

...and to not be grateful, you know...

...I am, I'm so grateful but...

We can always try again, baby.

We're not out of options.

Wait for me!

Cora, Maddie, get changed and I'll meet you by the pool, okay?

Okay, Daddy.

Hey, guys...

...I have a little announcement to make.

Maddie and I are moving. Hallelujah!

Finally out of that shitty motel!

Yes, but far away. To Colorado.

Why? Where? What? Hell no.


Well, the contractor that I work for has put me onto a job there.

And I really need to get out of that motel.

But you can't just leave. I mean, why don't you just move into our guest house? Right?

Absolutely. Oh, thank you, it's just...

...I gotta take this job. I really need the money.

Well, why don't you just paint a mural in Cora's room?

That would be amazing. And you could also be our part-time nanny.

Oh, you guys don't need a nanny.

Well, we will when I go back to work.

Wait, what? Yeah, I mean, just three days a week.

And what about Cora? Well, I'm not abandoning her...

...I'm just going to work. You know, part-time.

It's... I'm a doctor, you know, that's what I do.

It's what we've talked about. And if you're here, it's so perfect.

She loves you, you love her. It's really perfect, right?


Come on, she'd be devastated if you left, you can't go.

No, you've convinced me, I'll stay.

Thank you.

Brian, are you sure about this?

I mean, Angela's still getting over the miscarriage...

...and Katie might be nothing more than a crutch.

Angela shouldn't be making big decisions.

She thinks it'll help with her recovery.

Which one? God, you can be abrasive.

I'm sorry, sweetheart, but she might be walking a tight rope.

She hasn't slipped in over two years. Not so much as an advil.

And if having her best friend here, helping us, gives her some comfort...

No, I get that, no. I really do.

But we don't know anything about this girl.

What if it doesn't work out?

It'll be fine, Mom.

Okay, what about the fireworks?

You see, Mother, we have sky rockets...

...occasional cherry bomb. No.

And you get a box of sparklers. I like that.

You get your sparklies. You're the best.

Can you believe that we've been doing this for eight years?

Yeah, it's amazing, isn't it? So, Katie...

...I just realized I have no idea where you're from.


Beautiful state. All those lakes. Is your family still there?

I don't know.

My father left before I was born and my mom was addicted to drugs, so...

...I was raised in foster care.

I'm so sorry.

So what drew you to these parts?

Mom, please? Donna.

Oh, no, it's okay, it was a job. Actually, I had no intention of staying.

That's what I hear. So why did you?

Well, I just feel like I'm part of a family now.

And someone needs to watch Cora while Angela's working.

And, I mean, Maddie loves her like a sister.

Yup. Yeah.



You okay?

Baby, I'm sorry, I just...

I just... I can't. I'm just... It's just too soon.

I'm sorry. I can't.

I just...

I gotta... I just gotta...

Wow, it's looking great. Wow, look at you.

The latest in scrub sheik.

You okay? I'm good.

Well, I mean, I feel a little weird actually.

This is a little bit more difficult to leave her than I thought it would be.

Don't worry about it. I'm gonna keep her so busy, Cora's not even gonna know you're gone.

Okay, alright, see ya.


Well, what do you know?

It's so good to see you! Yes!

Oh, my gosh. I missed you.

Oh, my goodness.





Did she see us?

Hey, there are my girls.

Hi, baby. Hi, you.

Did you have a good time? Yeah.

What happened? Grammy Donna helped us...

...sand castles at the beach.

No way! It was fun!

These two are such angels.

I couldn't have had a better time.

I'm so glad you had a good time.

Give me just one second. Be right back, girls.


Yeah. Can we talk? I'm alone.

I am so sorry. I shouldn't have brought her here.

No, no, no, no, it is totally my fault. I got home early and I came out here.

I heard the music, I wasn't snooping or anything.

But then I came to the window and I looked in and I kind of freaked out.

I'm sorry. Wait, why? 'Cause it was a woman?

No, I thought it was...

Oh, God, you didn't think it was Brian?

Oh, honey, I would never. I love you.

I know. I know, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I just... so who was she?

She's just someone from work. Yeah. Yeah, anything serious?

Oh, no. No, I don't have that luxury after my ex.

And that goes for men, too. Yeah.

You jealous? I'm joking.

Just close the window next time. Yes, I will, sorry.

Good evening, doctor.

What's this? I just...

...I love you, that's all. Oh, you love me?


So much.

You mean, we're actually, we're actually... Everyone's asleep.

Mom's asleep, kids are asleep? Yes.


How are you?

I'm good.

You look fabulous.

What, did you bring the whole damn gym down here?

I would if I could.

Let me make you a little more cozy.

Thanks, honey.


Angela knows about us, doesn't she?

That's what you think I wanted to tell you?

No, she has no idea. Okay, good.

Then what is it?

Okay, Angela wants to tell you herself... play dumb, okay. Okay.

Angela and Brian are gonna try for another kid.

What, why would she put herself through that again?

She's not. See, she has one embryo left.

From the same egg donor they used with Cora?

Yes. But she's not gonna risk carrying it this time.

They're gonna use a surrogate.

Not a stranger, someone they trust.

Wait, they're gonna ask me? No, silly, me.

It really is just such an honor.


Don't you have, like, two miles to swim?

Three, actually, but who's counting?

Hey, are you okay with this?

Yeah, no, of course.

I mean, it's not my business or my body, I mean...

No, I think it's an amazing idea.

Can you hurry up and go for this swim so we can go get some breakfast?


Wh... what are you doing?

You're gonna freeze.

You don't want me to do it, do you?

Look, I'll tell them no. They'll understand.

Katie, baby, you're scaring me.

I'm the donor.

What? They're my eggs, they're my babies.

What? No. That's impossible.

Cora is mine.

And the baby that they want you to carry is mine, too.

You have a baby, Maddie.

From my egg, but I didn't carry her.

A lady in Maine did.

She said she wanted a baby more than anything but she lied.

I had to take her back.

They let you take their baby?


Are you planning on taking Cora, too?

Angela said that she would never go back to work.

If I wasn't there, who would be taking care of Cora?

A complete stranger.

You're sick.

Baby, you need help.


I'm sorry, Linda.

Mama, look what I can do.

Why don't you come show me, come on. Do it on the grass, good girl.

Do you like Mommy's belly? Yeah.

Yeah? You know, there's a baby in there.

Here's what I still don't get.

You spend a year searching for the perfect donor, and... find someone that's anonymous and perfect, but...

...when you start looking for a surrogate... ask the runaway in your guest house.

Linda's girlfriend, no less.

What are you talking about? Oh, come on. It's so obvious.

Katie's been an incredible friend.

And she has signed every single document we've put in front of her.

I mean, she's been great. She nursed me through my miscarriage...

...and, you know, she was really amazing to me...

...when Linda got killed in that boating accident.

I know, honey, I understand, it's great.

Katie's a strong shoulder to lean on.

She's even a wonderful nurse. But tell me this...

...what does she get out of it?

$40,000, and the fact that she's helping out a friend.

Listen, I'm happy she's here.

It's good to keep an eye on her when she's carrying my child.

Yeah, but what are you gonna do after she gives birth?

You better kick her out or that's gonna be one confused kid.


What if Katie bonds with it and doesn't wanna give it up?

Will Katie have visitation rights?


Have you thought any of this through?

Yes, yes, of course. We've talked about it.

You know, honestly we don't know all the answers now.

It's not a black and white situation. But we're figuring it out.

Alright, look... no, wait... You know what, Donna.

Please, please, please. Can I... I can't... I gotta get Cora to go.

Girls, did you wanna come on up so we can do that thing?

Sorry. It's okay, no problem, sweetheart.

I got it. You sit here, enjoy.

Isn't it a little early in the day to be drinking?

It's four o'clock, it's happy hour.

You know, whatever my mom said, she can't help it. Just ignore her.

She thinks Katie's gonna screw us over.

I'll talk to her.

Are you worried? If our lawyer isn't, I'm not.

She's very beautiful, isn't she? Who? My mom?



Your mother thinks she was sleeping with Linda.

My mom thinks Katie was sleeping with Linda?

Yes, that she was the one in the guest house that time.

Do you believe her?

Let's go to the swing!


Look, there are your friends, go play.

How far along are you?

Four months. Boy or a girl?

I do not know, I find out tomorrow. I have the amnio test.

Good luck. I fainted during mine. I should have sued.

How old are your girls? Almost four, both of them.

Twins, wow! Can't imagine.

Well, hey, hats off. They're beautiful, they look just like you.

Thank you. Yeah, I get that all the time.

Mama! Hi, baby.

How's my big girl? I missed you so much.

Did you have a good day, sweetie? Yeah?

Let's go, Maddie.

Hey, guess what? The animal show's on.

You relax, I'll take them. No, I got it.

I want you to do it, Katie. She's used to me. Okay, girls, let's go!



Why are we doing this again?

To make sure the fetus has no chromosome abnormalities.

I know, but, isn't that for women over 35?

Yeah, usually. But this isn't about your body, it's about the egg.

So it has nothing to do with me?

That's not what I meant.

They're gonna stick a needle right into my uterus where my baby is sleeping.

Your baby?

That's not what I meant.


Put your feet up. Very good.

Looking good.

Alright now.

You might feel a little twinge...

...a little cramping. But that's okay.

We expect that.

Looking good.

I'm sorry.

What do you mean you're sorry? The infection has spread to both ovaries.

She won't be able to donate again?

These are the last three eggs she'll ever produce.

You said it'd be safe.

I'm so sorry, Tara.

You said this would be safe!

You said it was safe!

Katie, Katie, Katie, Katie! It's okay, it's over.

It's over. It's over, it's okay.

Everything's okay. Everything's okay.

You and the baby both did great. Great!

And we'll have the results back in 10 to 14 days.

Yeah, we'll even know the sex.

Look, I'm gonna let you two be alone.


What was that?

She has been a nervous wreck all day long...

...and now she's experiencing more cramping.

So I think we should give her something for the pain...

...and maybe something for anxiety. I agree.

Yeah? Yes, absolutely.

I should write some for myself after that. I know, right?

That was nutty, right? That was... that was...

Okay, stay calm. We'll be calm, it'll all be okay.

You'll be okay, stay calm. Gotta keep her calm.

Yeah, keep her calm. Thanks so much.

Of course. Take care, see ya.

I just think I'm going insane. I feel like I'm losing my mind or something.

And now it's all off your chest.


Yes. I guess, I mean, we talked about it all, and...

...she had an answer for everything.

That made sense?

I guess.

We're gonna have a beautiful baby.

And then Katie's gonna move on with her life...

...and everything's gonna work out the way it's supposed to. I promise.


Wha... what's going on here?

It's the first day of school, you're dressed exactly alike.

Who dressed you? Us.

No way.

People are gonna think you're sisters. We are sisters.

No, you're not sisters, you're just best friends.

Mommy said we're sisters.

I said like sisters, silly.

Oh, that's so great. Come on, you guys ready?

Yeah. Alright, we gotta go.

Big, big, big, big day.

Come on, watch out, watch your head.


I'm sorry, baby. Just think how pretty it's gonna look when we're done. Okay?

Just a couple peas, okay?

Is that good? That's good.

How's that corn, you like the corn? Yummy.

You wanna try a little corn for me, baby? You love corn.

It's so good, watch out. Watch out, that's good.

Awesome, those are the best.


Here, baby, some more peas. There ya go.

We went too dark, didn't we? That's not your real color?

No, we started dying our hair after we left.

I'll probably stop doing it now. It's just that we're so used to it.

What's Maddie's natural color? Oh, dark brown.

Like me! Yeah.

Three weeks to go, it's pretty amazing?

It's unbelievable. Yeah.

You know, Ang, I was wondering, seeing as we're so close...

...when were you planning on taking your maternity leave?

What makes you think I am? Oh, well, you did last time.

Yeah, but... know, last time I was recovering from a life-threatening pregnancy.

Oh, do you regret taking the time off?

No, of course not. We're just doing it differently this time.

Different how?

Well, for the first few weeks we're hiring a night nurse and then...

...we're gonna find someone more permanent.

You're okay with this?

Yeah, she's happiest when she's working and I support her 100 percent.

You know, you guys wouldn't have to hire anyone.

I mean, I'm more than happy to postpone my trip.

Well, we just... I just think it would be better all the way around if...

...if a complete stranger raises your kids?

Yeah, I can see that.

Excuse me. Girls, come on, bath time.

Let's go, come on. Cora.

Doesn't she understand that it is actually none of her business?

She was raised in foster homes...

...and she believes in attachment parenting.

It's... it's understandable. I'm actually glad she gives a shit.

Really? Well, maybe we should take her up on what she's offering...

...and we could all be one big happy family.


Where is this coming from? I thought you guys worked it out?

Alright, alright, alright. Brian.


...what do you want?

But... there was never supposed to be contact.

What kind of mother sits in the bath and drinks while her baby cries?

Who are you?

I gave you that child.

You said you wanted nothing more in this world.

Where's Maddie? No, you lied!

Can I come in?

One second!

I've got your juice.


Listen... listen, about last night.

It's not what you think.

I know what I saw.

You're a drug addict. No, I'm not.

Listen, after your amnio, I started panicking.

You were freaking out, it made me really anxious.

Do you ask my doctor for drugs?

Yeah, well, I didn't take one.

Yeah, and you expect me to believe that.

It's the truth.

I threw the whole bottle away. If you don't believe me...

You're pathetic. Leave me alone.

"Your nose should be developed. Your eyes might even be open."

Hey, why aren't you sleeping in the bed? What are you doing?

I was... I was just doing research for a patient.

Jiminy crickets, it's late. I gotta get to work.

Good morning.

One, two, yay!

What do you want for breakfast? Pancakes.

Okay, what would you like on your pancakes?


Blueberries and grapes.

And... okay, I think I can make that happen.

Baby, hop off for a minute. Okay.

Up here. Good girl.

Come on, baby, let's get some breakfast.

Come on.

Oh, my God. You girls scared me. Hi!

I'll be out in a second. I'll be out in a second.

I got the big rock.

Here I come.

Oh, baby, come here. Sweetie, come here.

Oh, honey, it's okay. Oh, Mama's here.

Mama's here, it's okay. Cora, what's wrong?

She just bumped her head. What happened? What happened, baby?

I bumped heads with Maddie. Oh, and where does it hurt?

Oh, there, where else?

There. She really got ya?

Is she okay? Yes, she's okay.

You're okay, right? Maddie didn't mean to hurt you.

You know that. Such a brave girl.

Does it hurt here? Does it hurt here? Maybe it hurts here.

Come on, let's go inside. Let's get you some neosporin, what do ya say?

What do you think about that? Such a brave girl.

Let's go inside.

I'll be with you in a minute, Maddie.

What the fuck was that? "It's okay, baby, mama's here?"

Nothing, I... She's not your daughter.

Are you okay? You're a little... You keep acting like she's yours.

Okay, that's just stupid.

Come to think of it, when was the last time you ran her a bath...

...took her to school or gave her breakfast?

Are you kidding me? I'm working.

That's why I hired you, that's why I pay you! This is your job!

Yeah, to raise one of your kids and carry the other.

How fucking dare you.

You obviously feel guilty about it.

Spying, snooping.

Did you find what you were looking for when you broke into my room?

You're hiding something. And I'm gonna find out what it is.

You were supposed to be on your way to work.

Yeah, so were you.

Is everything okay? Angela thinks I'm hiding something.

Little does she know, she's right.

Honey, I really wanted it to be a surprise. But let me show you.

Mom's already upstairs preparing it. Come on, you're gonna love this.

Come on, let's go. You're gonna love this. You'll see.

Hey, Mom. Still kicking ass? Oh, you bet ya.

Okay, so, Katie designed it, Mom bought the furniture...

...and this is the best part. Just picked it up from the framers.

Gabriel. You... picked out a name? Baby, we did, remember?

No, sweetheart, that was one out of the three that we discussed.

I think it's perfect. I don't give a shit what you think.

What else do you two talk about when I'm not around?

Angela, come on, what is this?

Lately they've been talking a lot about how worried they are about you.

Oh, really. Have they?

So I guess that you told them, didn't you?

I actually didn't. Maybe I should have. Told... told me what?

She's been using again. Oh, no.

That's bullshit. That's bullshit.

You're not high right now? No, of course not.

I'm upset because I caught her referring to herself as Cora's mother this morning.

Cora bumped her head. I was consoling her.

Yes, as her mother! Which you are not.

She said that I was going to abandon her, Cora.

She said this straight to my face. I'm sorry, we don't know anything about this woman.

We don't know what she's capable of. I'm sorry, we don't know enough about her past.

We know she's fled an abusive marriage. Yes, yes, we do.

And if she disappeared once, she can disappear again.

Angela, just stop, okay?

And what about Linda?

You were fucking her, weren't you? Come on.

You named it, you called it. That was her in the guest room that time, wasn't it?

Yes, and if you had asked me, I would've told you.

I did ask you. I asked you straight to your face and you lied.

Did you or did you not know that Linda was gonna be our surrogate?

Angela, stop it! Was Linda's death an accident?

Or maybe you wanted to get rid of her and carry our baby.

Enough! Tell me! Answer me this question!

Please can you... Answer me this question!

Brian, the baby. Can you just stop, please? Make her answer. She's faking it.

You knew it! You called it from day one. She's a liar!

She's faking, don't you... Oh, my, God.

Make her answer the question! Answer the question!

Just get some rest, Katie, okay?

She's fine, they're both fine. But I want her in my office tomorrow at 10.

We'll do some additional tests.

I mean...

You've put our baby's life at risk.

What if he's already at risk?

What if he's at risk right now? Look at me, look at me.

Look at me. Are you on something right now?

No. No. No! Yes or no? No?

You accused her of murder. I asked her a question.

Why couldn't she answer it? You endangered the baby.

Katie has grounds for keeping him now. Do you understand that?

I don't wanna lose my son, Angela.

I don't wanna lose you.

Listen. Brian...

...I am not on anything right now.

I got that prescription for Katie because she was freaking out.

I have not taken one. I threw the whole thing away unopened, I swear it.

I swear it on Cora's life.

Prove it, I want a urine sample.

Really? And then I want you to apologize to Katie.

I don't care what you say but you have to make this right.


You cut your hand. Yeah, chopping the carrots.

You need to be real careful.

Here you go.


I'm really truly sorry...

...and profoundly embarrassed.

I don't know, somehow seeing you like that.

Carrying my child, it's...

I mean, they warned you about this.

You know, they say the moment that it really hits you. I mean... child is always gonna be half Brian's and half someone else's.

And for some reason with Cora it was okay even though it was someone else's DNA.

At least I carried her, it was my womb. We had that time to bond.

And now it's just, you know, not my egg, not my body.

All I could do was watch.

I just... I thought I could handle this. I just don't know what my place is.

I... I don't know, that's why I got the prescription. I just started panicking.

I'm so sorry, please forgive me.

You accused me of some pretty terrible things.

I know, I know. I'm so, so, so, so sorry.

Please forgive me.


Brian wants me to give him a urine sample.

Let me get you the cup.

Thank you.

For accepting Angela's apology. Of course.

Well, the last thing I want is for her to question either one of us.


...if she were using, why would she have given the sample?

I know, but... let's just be sure.

Hello, my name is Monica Wheeler.

And if you're considering anonymous egg donations...

...please consider amazing possibilities.

We have state of the art facilities and the finest physicians.

You will be in great hands.

Okay. Amazing Possibilities.

Hi there, may I speak with Monica Wheeler, please?

I'm sorry, Ms. Wheeler passed away, but maybe I can help you with something?

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. When?

Four years ago now.

May I ask how?

It was ruled a suicide.


You don't sound so convinced.

No, Monica loved life.

Anyway, is there something else I can help you out with?



I... I worked with a donor of yours a few years back.

Welcome back. Yeah.

And I know there's a strict policy of anonymity, but...

...I'm concerned that the donor has found her way into my life.

Ma'am, if you're asking for the identity of a donor, I'm afraid I can't.

Listen, I think she may be mentally unwell.

Possibly dangerous. Please.

I'm sorry.

Yes, of course, I understand.

Let me ask you another question. You know the mural in Monica's office?

You know, the real beautiful one with the tree of life?

I love it, so I was wondering, could you tell me the name of the artist?

I can't. Why not?

The artist was one of our donors.

Thank you.

Hey, Ang, long time no see.

Listen, I have a favor to ask. I need a DNA test, how fast can you do that?

It might take a moment but I'll make the call.

Okay, would a hair sample do?

Only if you get the root, saliva's better.

Right, right, okay, thanks.

Let me help you with that.

You shouldn't be cutting anything with that nasty cut on your hand.

Yeah, you're probably right, thanks. I got it.

Here's your juice, girls.

You guys are being so quiet this morning.

Here ya go, have some juice. What ya doing? Who's this?

A doggy.

What's your favorite animal, guys?

Mine is a unicorn.

Mine is a... mine is a horsy.

A unicorn, a horsy. Is it the one that's got the... what's it called?

The horn. The horn. Take one more little sip.

One more little sip, finish that up.

Good girl.

Where does your fish go? Ploop, ploop.

Ploop, ploop, that's a good one. Alright.

That's good, girls. Watch this.

Alright, you done with this, guys? Oh, good job, good job.

To go cup for a woman on the go.

Oh, thank you.

Yeah. Oh, thanks.

Girls, finish that.

I'll clean up, it's okay.

I have to get ready.

Have fun.

Hey, what's going on?

I feel like I need to spend more time with Cora so I decided to take the day off.

I'm gonna take the girls to the zoo. Alright!

We're going to the zoo! Oh, my God, you guys, that's so amazing.

Ready to go to the zoo? Come on, let's do it. Have a good time. Give Mom a kiss.

Have a good time.

Have fun, girls! See you guys later! Come on, girls. Here we go, here we go!

Hey, Bar.

Hey, Angie, do me a favor, give me a second, okay?

Yup, yup. No problem.

Hey, how are ya? Okay.

Busy morning? Yeah, yeah. A little crazy. So...

If you could see if these are a match... soon as possible.

I'll get these started and we'll know soon enough.

Great, thanks, Barry. Great. Hey, we gonna do lunch?

Not today, next week. Okay.

Thanks, Bar.



What is this? It's the baby shower, it's your shower.

Let me guess. This was her idea.

Listen, look, Angela, come on. Look... Katie spent the whole night putting this together.

She wanted it to be perfect. She wanted you to feel special.

Really? Is that how you wanted me to feel? Special?

Angela, look... Special?

What are you doing? She's trying to kill me.

Oh, God. She's drugged me.

You tell him what you did right now and you will not spend the rest of your life in jail!

Tell him right now! Stop! Stop!

She's Cora's biological mother and Gabriel's, too.

What the hell are you talking about? Katie is our donor, she's our donor.

Everybody, look... She's trying to edge me out!

You are an addict! You are an addict! Listen! Look it, look at this picture!

That is her! That is her at five. Everybody you gotta get out.

You're cheating on me because you cheated, 'cause you said you weren't gonna take drugs!

Out, out. Everybody out. Come on, we gotta go. Everybody out.

Party's over, party's over.

Damn it! Let me talk to her.

Please, let me go speak to her. You just... I will take care of this.

I will take care of this, okay. Let me talk to her.

You stay away from me. Or what?

You're gonna kill me?

Kill us?

I saw the mural that you put in Monica Wheeler's office.

Is that how you got access to our personal files?


Why are you doing this? Have you been doing this to other families?

Is Maddie even yours? Yes, she is.

So is Cora and Gabriel.

I didn't do this for the money.

I gave my eggs so my babies would be taken care of.

Taken care of by women whose only dream was to have a baby.

You lied. You all lied.

You sacrificed nothing. I sacrificed everything.

Now I get to carry my last egg.

My baby.

You need help.

Now, come on, after that little performance out there...

...they think you're the only one that needs help.

Katie, no one's going to believe you. The truth will come out.

You just told all your friends.

None of them believed you.


Well, DNA doesn't lie.

I'd rather die than have my child be raised by you.

What are you doing? What is wrong with you?

You just tried to kill me. What?


Oh, my God!

Stop that! Don't!

I'm here, baby.

I'm here.

Don't... don't talk. Just...


I just heard. How is she?

I need you to see this.

I just... I need you to read this.

Just read it.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. I'm sorry.

She's gone.


Last night.

God, Brian, I'm so sorry.

You're sorry.

No, would you please stay?

No, I have to go to Cora and to Maddie.

Please, don't... don't move. Please... would you please hold me...

...please? Please?


She was gonna kill the baby.

I had no choice.

Will you ever forgive me?

You did what you had to do.

Back in bed now, lie down.

Oh, God, Brian I don't want this C-section.

The baby's in distress, we don't have any choice.

Stay with me. You and Gabriel are in good hands.

Stay with me, the whole time, please.

I love you.

Katie, hi, it's Dr. Weisman.

I want you to know everything's gonna be alright, okay?

Are we ready? Yeah.

Alright, then let's do this. We're gonna count down from 10.

10, nine, eight..., six, five...

What happened? Where is he? There were complications.

Where is Gabriel?

He's okay, Katie, he's just being observed, that's all.

Take me to see him. Please!

Yes, of course. I'll take you to him now.

Is he gonna be okay? He'll be fine.

And the girls, how are the girls?

In time, we'll all be fine.

Where is he? Where is he?

You okay?

I wanna see my baby.

He's beautiful. Yes, he is.

I want you to take a good look...

...'cause it's your last.

I don't understand.

You will. Soon enough.


No! Please...


Oh, my God.

What's this?

Oh, baby.

Oh, my God.

Sweetheart, it's so beautiful. That's so sweet.

Thank you. I love you so much.

I love it.