Indecent Proposal (1993) Script

Losing Diana was like losing a part of me.

I thought nothing could change the way we felt about each other.

I thought we were invincible.

Someone once said, if you want something very badly, set it free.

If it comes back to you, it's yours forever.

If it doesn't, it was never yours to begin with.

I knew one thing, I was David's to begin with.

And he was mine.

You light up my life, you give...

We met in high school.

David was a senior and I was a freshman.

On Wednesdays, after glee club, he'd drive me and my best friend home from school.

I used to watch him in the rear view mirror.

I fell in love with his eyes.

When I was 19, David proposed to me on the pier at Paradise Cove.

Our parents were against it.

They said we were too young and we really didn't know each other.

But David said that a life without risk is like no life at all.

So we eloped.

I graduated from architecture school and got a job at a small firm.

Diana helped support us by selling real estate.

I spent all of my free time working on a design of my own.

It summed up everything about architecture that really mattered to me.

It was my dream house.


Have I ever told you I love you?


I do.



We had our differences.

He used to take his clothes off and leave them on the floor.

It made me crazy.

What do you think this is, huh? Leaving your shoes on the table?

-What is the problem here? -I don't need to do your fucking laundry!

Honey, I'll pick it up.

-You don't have to get violent on me. -What about this, huh?

-No, no. You put that down, honey. -Peanut butter sandwich...

That is serious. You're gonna hurt somebody with that.

I'm gonna hurt somebody, huh?

You're out of your mind.

Okay, now. Fine.

God damn it!

Come on, let's just relax.

Did I hurt you?

-No. I'm all right. -I'm sorry.

-Really? -Yeah.

You were kidding?

D, your pants are on fire.

You have no idea.

We never had much money, so for entertainment David would show me architecture that moved him.

But sometimes I'd have to ask, "Why are we looking at a stupid car wash?"

And he would just say, "No, not stupid.

"Don't just use your eyes."

He made me look at things differently.

David, this is a steal. It just came in to the office and nobody even knows about it yet.

It's beautiful.

You could build a house here. You'll have made a name for yourself, because of course, the house would be brilliant.

Because it would be a David Murphy house.

I found an incredible piece of property in Santa Monica by the ocean.

It was the perfect site for David's house.

How are we supposed to do it?

We'll borrow the money like everybody else.

I'm telling you, these leverage stock broker buyout guys, you should see the junk they buy. Are you kidding?

They would go crazy for a house of yours.

It was brilliant, even though I didn't understand a word of it.

We had to tighten our belts for the loan payments, but it was our future. And I got to build my house.

And then the recession hit.

The real estate market dried up and I hadn't closed a sale in six months.

Construction fell to its lowest point in years.

People were being laid off everywhere. And I was one of them.

I feel really bad about this.

I don't understand. What happened?

The bank has called in the demand note.

Can they do that?

You don't have any income right now, so they could attach your assets.

What assets?

Your house.

You got to keep up those payments.

I'm sorry.

David, I'm scared.

We don't have any money.

What are we gonna do?

I'll wait tables or drive a cab or something.

Hey, I'll take care of you.

Make it go away.

I was desperate. We stood to lose everything.

The house I'd been building, even our own home.

I swallowed my pride and borrowed $5,000 from my father.

It wasn't enough.

We needed $50,000.

-D. D, D. -What?

-Get up, get dressed. -What's the matter?

-I got an idea. Come on. -What?

-What time is it? -Chop chop.

Hi, how you doing? Okay.

Cigars. Cigarettes. Lighted yo-yos.

-Oh, yeah! -Oh, my God!

Oh, honey. That's the spirit! Keep them coming.

$50,000, that's what we want. We're winners!

Boom, skinny, skinny! Put some money in the kitty.

Eleven. Winner.

We got a shooter now, folks. We got a shooter.

A lucky, lucky lady shooter.

Keep it coming. Stack it, don't rack it!

If I haven't gotten nine, Denzel Washington ain't fine.

Hard six! Hard six!

-All bets set, folks. -Who's the one?

And I have a necklace...

Why don't you put it on?

It suits you.

Well, I can't afford it.

That's too bad.


I really think you ought to have the dress.

Let me buy it for you.

-You want to buy me this dress? -Yeah.

-Why? -I've enjoyed watching you.

You've earned it.

No, I haven't.

The dress is for sale. I'm not.

Boom, skinny, skinny!

Pull in that. Pull in that stack.

We got a new shooter, now. Coming out.

Coming out to seven or eleven.

Roll them now, girlfriends.


Come on now! Come on.

-I can't lose. I'm up over $9,000. -Oh, my God!

I can't believe it!

-$9,000. -My God, it's so great!

This is my wife D. These are my girls.

They're gonna be moving in. All right.

Come on. Kiss them.

Bets, please.

'Cause we're winners!

Boom, skinny, skinny!

Did I ever tell you I love you?

-No. -I do.

-Still? -Always.

Five thousand. This little pile here, you guessed it.

Five more, D.

What do you think this is? Five more.

Play with it, roll around with it, enjoy yourself.

Oh, my!

And the grand total is...


So, we're half-way there, like in an hour.

I figure about two hours tomorrow, -we'll be home free. -Come here.


I love you.

I know that.

No, I mean, even without the money.

Let's split the three and the six for me.

-That's right. Why don't you split them? -Fifteen.

Last call for wagers. No more bets.

Come on, black. Come on, black. Here we go.


Double zero.

No more bets, please.

Come on, black. Here we go.

Yes, we won!

$4,1 00, we said we wouldn't go below $5,000.

Do you want any more coffee?

No, thank you.

Tails, we quit. Heads, we go for it.

Two out of three.

Last call for wagers.

No more bets.

Okay. I'm feeling lucky. I say we put it on red.

All of it. Red.

I feel red. Do you feel red, D?

We can do this, huh? D?

I'm gonna put it all.

I'm putting it on red.


-No, it's black! It's black. -What are you doing?

-It's black. -What are you doing?

No, no, it's red. It's red.

Go with your instincts. Right?

-No more bets. -Oh, come on, man. Come on, red.

Got to get it. Got to get it.

Come on, red. Come on, red.

Too late, young lady.

Place your bets. Bank side, player side.

All set? Cards, please.

Turning for the players.

Passes to the right, please.

Player draws nothing.

And set.

Player side, banker side.

-Any other bets? -Who's that guy?

That's John Gage.

He's a damn billionaire. That's a rich son-of-a-bitch, right there.

He's down over a million dollars already.

You see those little gold things he's playing with?

$1 0,000 a piece.

Every time he lays one down, ten thousand big ones.

Look at him, how cool he is.

That son-of-a-bitch must get more pussy than you can shake a stick at.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you or anything.

-Player wins. -What are y'all doing here?

-You gambling? -No.

It's about time.

Y'all married?

-Let's go. -Yeah.

Stick around and gamble a little.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Would you mind lending me your wife?

Is that your wife?

Excuse me?

For luck.

You'd have to ask her.

May I?

-Go for it. -I don't think it's a good idea.

I think we should just go.

Just for a moment?

-I'll go. -Go ahead. It might be fun.

What do we got to lose?


Why don't you go in and see what happens?

Yeah. Go ahead.

We'll be right here backing you up.

Thank you.

See if you can get a little of that money from him.

Do you think she'll ever come back?

I'm just bullshitting you.

Have a seat.

I've been losing all day long.

Then you appeared and I won my first hand.

You brought me luck.

I'd say that's a sign. Wouldn't you?

-Would you like a drink? -No, thank you.


Place your bets.

-Bank side, player side. -$1 00,000.

Any other bets?

-Just like that? -Just like that.

All bets set.

$20 tie-in.

Not like that.


All bets set. Cards, please.

-Turning for the players. -Now, what we want...

What we need is a nine.

We don't like that.

Player draws nothing. Cards for the bank, please.

Bank's a winner with a natural eight. Pay the bank.

I guess I'm not so lucky after all.

Do you like cards?

Not especially.

Wish I'd asked you sooner.


Yeah, I guess.


Mr. G?


Excuse me, Mr. G.

Well, maybe I should go.

This shouldn't take too long. Here we go.

-What? -This.

Now, I hope you find this interesting.

Pit. Tadross.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir, it's here now.

Yes, sir.

I understand.

Yes, sir. Thank you.

Goes for $1 million.

It's a bet.

Here you are, Mr. G, $1 million.

Bet it all.

Coming out. Crap eleven or any seven. This time it is a come out roll.

Hone those skills now. Get them down.

Pick two.

Now, just throw a seven.

If you want to throw an eleven, that's all right, too.

Aren't you forgetting something?


The winner is seven. Everyone.

Think I ought to quit now?

I think I should.

Credit my account.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Sweetie, it was amazing. Incredible. Oh, my God.


Hi. John Gage.

-Oh, hi. David Murphy. -Hi, David.

Congratulations. This is my wife, Diana. I guess you met.

-Hi, Diana? Hi. -Diana.

Thank you, both.

Very generous of you, David. Are you staying at the hotel?

Oh, no. Actually, we were just leaving.

-You're leaving? -Yes, we're on our way out.

No, no, no, no. Don't do that. We got to celebrate.

Let me arrange a room for you here.

-That's very nice, but... -No, I... I insist.

Please. It's the least I can do. Okay?

Really, just sign for it. Anything you want.

There's some lovely shops off the lobby. Have you seen them?

Let's go.

How about that?


Hey, D, what do you think? Godfather?

You won a million dollars today.

He won it.

Honey, you won it for him.

This feels nice.

Don't get it. Just stay right here.

-Okay. -Okay.

Hello. William Shackleford.

Hi. David Murphy.

For Mrs. Murphy, from John Gage.

-Well, thank him for us. -I'll do that.

Mr. Gage is hosting a gathering tonight in his suite at 9:00.

If you could find the time in your schedule, he'd be most pleased.

-Look what you got. -What?

A gift from Gage.


Well, open it up.

That's $5,000.

How do you know that?

I... I saw it in the store downstairs.

-Lucky for him you like black. -Yeah.

No past, no future, you just check into a hotel and start all over again.

I'd stick them under the sheets...

That's strange, am I right?

Who is that guy, Shackleford?

Someone who works for me. Someone I trust.

He killed someone once.

Tell me, where do you see yourself in, say, ten years?

Well, I wouldn't mind being a billionaire like yourself.

No... Nice shot. I mean, beyond money.

What would satisfy you completely, let you sleep well at night?

What, are you saying you're not satisfied?

Who is?

I am.

She mean it?

I hope so.

Well, then, you may not have won in Vegas, but you're a lucky man.

'Cause I got money. I got security. I have businesses, but you have something that I just don't have.

Well, I guess there's limits to what money can buy.

Not many.

Well, some things aren't for sale.

Such as?

Well, you can't buy people.

That's naive, Diana. I buy people every day.

Well, in business, maybe, but not when real emotions are involved.

So, what are you saying? You can't buy love?

That's a bit of a cliché, don't you think?

It's absolutely true.

Is it? What do you think?

-I agree with Diana. -You do?

Well, let's test the cliché.

Suppose I were to offer you $1 million

for one night with your wife.

I'd assume you're kidding.

Let's pretend I'm not. What would you say?

He'd tell you to go to hell.

I didn't hear him.

I'd tell you to go to hell.

That's a reflex answer because you view it as hypothetical.

But let's say that there were real money behind it.

I'm not kidding. A million dollars.

Now, the night would come and go, but the money could last a lifetime.

Think of it. A million dollars.

A lifetime of security, for one night.

And don't answer right away. But consider it.


We're positive, okay?

Well, then, you've answered my question.

And you've proved your point. There are limits to what money can buy.

It's late, and I hate to admit it, but I have a meeting.

May I have one dance?

Of course, with your permission.

You know something, I think you better get on to that meeting.

You don't want to miss out on your next billion.

Understood. I wouldn't part with her, either.

Good night.

Can't sleep?


Me, neither.

I just keep thinking about it.

It's so weird, isn't it?


David, I think you want me to do it.

What are you talking about? Don't be ridiculous.

Well, maybe we should just talk about it.

Well, I don't want you to do it.

-But you'd let me do it. -No.

Why, do you want to do it?


But I would.

I'd do it for you.

For me?

I can't believe we're even talking about this.

Think about what this money could do for us.

What it could do for our future.

You could finish your house. You could pay your dad back.

Get rid of our debt.

After all, it wouldn't mean anything.

It's just my body. It's not my mind. It's not my heart.

You think we could do something like that?

Look, we both slept with other people before we were married, right?


So we'd just have to look at it like that.

I slept with Bubba Aruzio, for God's sake.

If I can sleep with Bubba, I can sleep with anybody.

You slept with Bubba?

-Come on, you knew. -No, I didn't know that.

When did you sleep with Bubba?

When you were off sleeping with that slut Olivia Daigle.

-Olivia Deagle. She wasn't a slut. -Oh, excuse me. Olivia Beagle.

I'm telling you. She wasn't a slut.

-Yes, she was. -No, she wasn't.


Thank God we can laugh about it.


That's easy to say now. But after...

We'd just have to forget it ever happened.

And never discuss it. Not even once.

I mean, because nothing would have happened.

Nothing that matters, anyway.

We have a brilliant script, really, very special.

-Major. -It's a vehicle, -a comeback vehicle for Diana Ross. -Billy Ray Cyrus.

-It's kind ofA Star is Born. -So...

Your first screenplay sold for half a million.

-Should have been two. -Yeah, except our lawyer, son-of-a-bitch, caved in on us.

-That won't happen again. -No.

See, we're gonna get a lawyer that's tough, a lawyer that's savvy...

Someone who would step on his grandmother for us.

Mr. Green, a David Murphy would like to speak to you.

He says it's urgent.

Put him on the speaker.

This is an old college buddy of mine. It'll only take a second.

-Jeremy? -Davey.

I'm in the middle of a meeting. What's up?

Well, listen, we need you to close a deal.

-What kind of deal? -A big deal, a very big deal.

Big deal. Go on.

We're in Vegas, at the Hilton.

We met John Gage. You know who he is?

Sure, I know who he is. He's a billionaire, and a major poon hound.

He is?

Go on.

He offered us a million dollars.

A million dollars? For what? Your kidneys?

For one night with Diana.

What do you mean? One night, like...


Could you excuse me for a second?

Let me get this straight.

He offered you a million dollars for a night with your wife?

As in your wife, Diana?

And you agreed to it?

I don't know what to say, man. How could you do something like that?

How could you negotiate without me?

Never negotiate without your lawyer! Never!

For a woman like Diana, I could have got you at least two million!

Obviously! You don't want to get screwed, and then screwed.

Hey, stay. Please. This is damage control.

Two seconds. Eat cookies.

-There's cookies coming. -No. You don't understand.

-We've heard enough. -You're hired.

You are. You're our man. We love your style.

-Great. -Thank you.

Gladys, check the gentlemen's schedules.

And call me next week. Wednesday? Wednesday good?

-Great. Okay. -See you then.

-Thanks for coming. -No, thank you.

-No, thank you. -Thank you.

Okay, David, before we go any further, let's...

Let's get the moral issue out of the way.

-Leave that to us. -No, I was referring to my fee.

I get five percent.

Do you want to elaborate on the verification clause?


That means you pay even if the relationship isn't consummated.

You mean if I'm impotent.

It's important for a lawyer to cover contingencies.

I can live with that. The John Garfield clause?

That's if you die in the act.

I have no problem with that, either. Can I have your pen?

-You're pretty good, you know? -Thank you.

You should come work for me.

We have a deal.

A million dollars will be deposited in your casino account in the morning.


You can go.

Gentlemen, I think it's time for men of good will to take leave of one another.

It's all right. I don't bite.


What, should I go undress?

You know, cheer up. You got to find a more creative way to think about this, okay?

Just look at it like an episode of The Dating Game that went a little bit, you know, awry or something like that.

Ladies and gentlemen, we wish to welcome you to ourjamboree.

...I couldn't believe it. I know we could've gotten two million.

Here's your Buddha.

Davey, no point getting out the crying towel.

You got a million bucks, buddy. A million bucks.

She's an amazing woman. She really is.

Couldn't have gotten $500 for my girlfriend.

Not that I'd do that.

But it's okay that you did.

This is a different situation and she agreed to it.

You got to remember that.

And it's not like it's hard duty or anything like that.

Hell, he's a great looking guy.

For a million bucks, I'd sleep with him.

Maybe not.

Hey, buddy!

Come on!

Come on. Come on.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

D? It's me.

D! D!

Where is she? Where's my wife?

Where is she?



Where did she go? What happened to her?

-Where'd they go? -Up. Up.

-Up! Up where? -Up.



D! D!


They sent for me. They said you were ready.

Come here.

You missed a button.

Thank you.

I want to show you something.

What happened?

The lights went out.

I see that. Why?


Can you turn those off, too?

I'm working on it.

Who made the decision?

-We both did. -No.

Do it for your own reasons, or don't do it.

You don't know him.

I know he didn't stop you.

If you were mine,

I wouldn't share you with anyone.

You have no right to judge David.

You're the one who has to buy women.

You think I have to buy women?

Why me, then?

I bought you because you said you couldn't be bought.

I can't be bought.

We're just gonna fuck, as I understand it.

You might enjoy it.

Don't bet on it.

I think I will.

Heads, we do.

Tails, we call the whole thing off, turn the boat around, go home. No hard feelings.

What do you say?

It's your party.

It's my lucky dollar.

So I can't lose.

Trust me.

Nothing's gonna happen you don't choose.

-I love you. -I love you.

I told myself it was over.

Like a dream that vanishes in the morning light.

And in time, enough time, I would forget.


All right.


Yeah, a little fixer-upper south of Wilshire.

It's nothing. Yeah.

Look, I've got people here.

Yeah. I'll talk to you later.

Sorry, I'm here for you now.

-All right. Two acres on Alta Loma... -Alta Vista.

Vista. It's right here. Murphy property.

Yeah. We've been a little late on the payments.

We want to settle up.

-I don't think that's possible. -What do you mean?

Well, the mortgage is two months in default.

And it appears that the property is in contract to another party.

-To another party? Who? -That's privileged information.

How can that be? We called specifically for an extension.

The extension expired two days ago.

You don't make a payment, the bank can repossess.

Without prior notice? Can they do that?

Under the terms of this agreement, they don't have to give us a warning.

But in fact, an attempt was made to call you on the third, and a registered letter return receipt requested, was attempted on the fourth.

Apparently, there was no one home.

-We were out of town. -We were out of town.

Well, I am sorry, but you snooze, you lose.

You snooze, you lose.

-"You snooze, you lose"? -It's an expression.

You snooze, you lose. Oh, that's beautiful.

You snooze, you lose. That's bullshit!

-This is bullshit, man. -David...

Hey, don't deal with these people.

They sold us out, they'll sell you out, too.

Hey, want to help me in the garden?


Our tomatoes are looking good, don't you think?


What's Gryphon?


Where did you hear that name?

You have a box of matches.

We said we wouldn't talk about it.

Yeah, well, now I want to talk about it.

-Don't you? -No.

D, I thought I could forget about this, but I can't.

So I think maybe if we just talk about it, we can put it behind us.

Gryphon is a boat.

He took you to a boat? In Nevada?

-We flew to Santa Barbara. -What kind of boat?

-A big boat. -And then what?

And then nothing.

Where did you get the matches? Have you been going through my bag?


Why? What's in your bag?

I'm not gonna talk about this. I'm not gonna do it.


Who you talking to?

My mother.

And what did Mom have to say?

Nothing. She wasn't there.

I thought you said you were just talking to her.

How could you be talking to her if she wasn't there?

Well, I was trying to talk to her, but I didn't reach her.

-She wasn't in after 1 0:00? -No. She's not.

If you don't believe me, would you like to talk to her yourself?

What is the matter with you?

-What is that? -You know what it is.

-Where did you get this? -In your wallet.

Well, I've never seen it before.

Well, it was right there in the old secret compartment.

David, I don't even use that.

-Have you been seeing him? -No, I haven't.

You can't stop thinking about him, can you?

-You won't let me. -Can you, D?

What are you doing going through my wallet, anyway?

-I don't trust you. -Well, you know what?

I don't trust you, either.

Well, then we're even.

I had to do something.

I wanted to make something good out of all we'd done wrong.

I decided to try and buy our land back.

Okay, Alta Vista...

I just need to find out the guy's name. I want to make him an offer.

I'll get killed for this, Diana.

I don't want you to get in trouble. I really appreciate it.

-543, Alta Vista... -Wait, there it is. There it is right there.

-Okay. Okay. -Back up.

Here we go. 543 Alta Vista.

Oh, my God, look at this. This guy's never gonna sell, Diana.

He's one of the... I just saw this guy on TV.

I'm not going back in there.

You bastard! You stole our property!

Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce a friend of mine...

I'm not your friend.

Diana advised me on a piece of property in Santa Monica.

That's bullshit. You're a liar. You took it, and I want it back.

I tell you what, can we have a... Excuse me. That's okay.

No, everything's fine. Everything's under control.

Very well, sir.

Excuse me.

I'm taking it off.

Wait a minute.

Why? What, did you just want to hurt me?

Nonsense. I think you're wonderful.

That was our house. How could you do that?

-I got there first. -I want you to sell it back to me.

-You can't afford it. -Well, how's a million dollars?

The price is two.

Oh, and if I had two, the price would be four, right?

Listen, I saw an opportunity and I took it.

You had the money, you had the right instincts, but you were too late. That's all.

-I want you to work for me. -You go to hell.

-Listen, I mean it. -Never.

Why not?

-Because I hate you. -No, you don't.

You wish you hated me.

Hi, D.

You look awful.

-Where you been? -I'll tell you about it.

I'm just gonna have some wine first.

Do you want some?

So, where you been?

Last night I stayed up for hours trying to figure a way out of this mess.

And today?

And today I saw Gage.

Thank you for your trust, David. And for listening.

-Did you fuck him? -No.

But you wanted to, right?

David, I met him in broad daylight, surrounded by a bunch of rich assholes.

I don't believe you.

David, he bought our property, okay?

That's why I went to see him.

I just wanted to find some way to get it back.

You have no reason to be jealous. I hate him.

D, you gotta tell me what happened on that boat.

-David, don't do this. Don't do this! -Tell me what happened on that boat.

-Why? -Because I want to know.

All right, I'll tell you. You know what? The man was a fucking stallion, David.

Is that what you want me to say? We did it all night long.

-Does that do it for you? -Is that the truth?

The truth? You don't want the fucking truth.

You want me to lie. You want me to say he's awful.

So, you know what? I'm gonna tell you he's awful and you won't believe me. How can I win?

Just tell me the truth, D.

It was sex, David. Just sex.

Not love. Just sex.

-And was it good sex? -Don't do this, David.

Can you just tell me that, D? Was it good?

What are you hesitating for? Just tell me.

Was it good? Was it good? Was it good?



D, don't you tell me it was just sex because you were attracted to him all along.

You know that's bullshit.

David, I did it for you.

Don't you tell me you did it for me.

-You did it for yourself. -That's not... That's a lie.

-You were dying to do it. -That's a lie.

I would never do this for myself. It was all for you.

Don't lie to me! You were attracted to him!

I knew something like this was gonna happen.

I guess you make a deal with the devil, and eventually you pay the price, right?

Thanks, Jeremy.

Coming from the man who closed the deal with the devil, that's very comforting.

Green. Oh, hi, Di.

I'm not here.

Yeah, he's right here. You want to speak to him?

-No, I don't want to talk to him. -Look, sweetie, he loves you, you love him. I mean, you got to try and work this out.

It's all pretty simple, right?

This is a deal even I can't screw up.

Tell him he can keep the money. I don't want any of it.

Davey, she said she doesn't want the money.

Well, I don't want the money, either.

I'll take it. I mean, nobody else wants it.

-Hey. -Hi, Diana.

The next few weeks without David felt like months.

I got very good at staring at walls.

Diana. Diana. The recession has ended.

There's a fellow out there, he wants to see $1 0 million homes.

There is a God.

Find someone else.

Find someone else? Are you nuts?

Do you know what the commission is on $1 0 million?

-I can't do it. -You have to do it.

You're the best one I have.

You're the only one I have. The others are all on caravan.

I'm sorry, Mr. Langford, I can't.

Diana, I would never dream of forcing you to do anything against your will.

Except this one time.

Now, move your ass or you're fired.

If you think this is going to work, you underestimate me.

You are truly beautiful.

What do you think you're doing?

Looking for a house.

Well, there's Bel Air, Holmby Hills, Benedict Canyon, Pacific Palisades.

-Where would you like to go first? -Paris.

1120 Bel-Air Road, please.

The ceilings are French Gothic.

Renaissance paintings as you can see.

Parquet floors throughout.

The bathrooms are Italian marble.

This is the master bath.

Why didn't you return any of my calls?

-Do you like it? -No.

-$30 million minimum. -You think?

-I know. -Well, let's look at it.

-It's not for sale. -Everything's for sale.

This is your house, isn't it?

Do you like it?

Well, it's certainly beautiful.

What do you think it needs? Tell me. Honestly.

I think it needs a life.

I think it needs furniture, and maybe a couple of dogs and flowers.

It needs you.

Just forget it. It just won't work.

Why not?

Because from where we started, we've got nowhere to go.

You don't know that.

I never started this way either.

I need you.


You collect things.

Don't you?



Even if you were extremely rich, and extremely smart, -can you be President? -No.

-You couldn't be President? -No.

Why not?

I took a second job teaching citizenship just to keep myself busy.

-Ju, where were you born? -I was born in Seoul, Korea.

Okay, where was she born?

-She was born in Seoul, Korea. -She was born in Seoul, Korea.

Now, Ju, do you have any children born here?

Where were you born, Miguel?


Welcome back. Where were you born?

-Cuba. -Cuba.

So, how do we say Cuba in America?

Cue-ba. Hi.

-What are you doing here? -Isn't this a citizenship class?

-Yes. -Can I sit in?

It's full.



Cuba. Thank you.

Okay. I have a question for you.

Excuse me. Is there something you'd like to share with us?

I was just saying that you're an amazing woman.

And... And beautiful.

And talented.

And I am crazy about her.

You're full of surprises, aren't you?

I'm trying like hell.

-I think maybe you should go. -You want me to go?

-No. -No.

Nice people.

-They want the dream. -Well, they saw it in the flesh tonight.

You have chalk on your face.

I have something I want to show you.

I didn't know whether you liked big ones or little ones.

You're so beautiful. Come here.

I didn't have much time to do anything else.

But it's a start.


I should go.

I remember once when I was young and I was coming back from someplace, a movie or something, I was on the subway.

There was a girl sitting across from me, and she was wearing this dress that was buttoned clear up right to here.

She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

And I was shy then.

So when she would look at me, I would look away.

Then, afterwards, when I would look back, she would look away.

Then I got to where I was gonna get off and I got off, the doors closed,

and as the train was pulling away, she looked right at me and gave me the most incredible smile.

It was awful.

I wanted to tear the doors open.

I went back every night, same time, for two weeks.

But she never showed up.

That was 30 years ago and I don't think that there's a day that goes by that I don't think about her.

I don't want that to happen again.

Just one dance?

I want a word with you, Gage.

See, what you don't know is, we got a secret, me and Diana.

We're invincible.

Diana, I need to talk to you.

Maybe tomorrow would be a better time to talk.

Well, maybe tomorrow would be a better time, you think...

Hey, Johnny-baby, I got a suggestion for you.

You know that emblem you got, the Gryphon, the eagle, yeah, I don't think it's a good idea.

I got a better idea.

Shall I...

How about the cuckoo?

You know, because, it's... I'm talking to you for a second...

The cuckoo is an interesting bird because it doesn't have its own nest, so it moves into the nest of other birds and it destroys their eggs.

David, stop. Just...

You don't love me anymore?

Have I ever... Have I ever told you I love you?

Have a nice dinner.

Help him.

Go inside.

You've done a lot since USC.

First in your class, the AIA award, Prix de Rome.


Why would you want this job?

Well, I want to work.


Fine. Exploit me.

Great architecture is only gonna come from your passion.

And even that won't assure you a job.

Louis Kahn, died in a men's room in Penn Station.

For days, no one claimed the body.

Look at that. Is that beautiful?

The money men did not weep.

Because the great ones are impossible to deal with.

They're a pain in the ass, because they know that if they do theirjobs properly, if they just this once get it right, they can actually lift the human spirit, take it to a higher place.

-What is this? -A brick.

-Good. What else? -Aweapon.

Louis Kahn said even a brick wants to be something.

A brick wants to be something.

It aspires.

Even a common, ordinary brick wants to be something more than it is.

It wants to be something better than it is.

And that is what we must be.

See you on Friday.

A brick wants to be something, huh? I bet it doesn't want to be a lawyer.

-What are you doing here? -I missed you.

-I missed you, too. -Thanks.

-How you doing? -I'm good. Getting it together.

She wants a divorce.

She wants her freedom, and if you don't contest it, you get everything.

The land, the money, everything.

Where is she?

Hi, everybody.

Hi, everybody. I'm Billy Connolly. Goodbye, everybody.

You may wonder what you're doing here, sitting in the blazing sun as the smell of the zoo wafts past your nostrils.

The reason you're here is because you are loaded.

May I say how brilliant it is to see so many people with an interest in the preservation of endangered species.

Every year we have this unique way of making money for the cause.

We auction animals.

We bid as high as we possibly can, and the money goes to sponsor these lovely beasts.

Let's start the show with a bang.

We've got a superstar as our first animal.

Ladies and gentlemen, the hippo.

The animal itself is far too big and angry to bring along.

Look at this guy.

Thousands and thousands of pounds of aggressive, hostile cellulite.

Weighs slightly less than the average school bus.

And look at that magnificent beastie.

To put him in a better light, to relieve you of some serious money...

Thank you very much.

...we have a kissy-kissy picture.

Isn't that nice?

Ladies and gentlemen, I couldn't even dream of starting the bid below $10,000.

-Now, I know that's a lot of money... -Thirty.

$30,000, ladies and gentlemen.

Call me a sentimental old fool, do I hear 35?

-Thirty five. -$35,000.

-Forty. -$40,000. Ladies and gentlemen.

-45,000. -45,000.

-Fifty. -$50,000.

I can't believe it. That's extraordinary.

$50,000 once, $50,000 twice, ladies and gentlemen...

$1 million.

-I'm sorry? -$1 million.

Did you say $1 million, sir?


Ladies and gentlemen, $1 million.

Would anybody care to top that, ladies and gentlemen?

I didn't think so.

In that case, sir, I believe you're the proud owner of a hippo.


Hello, Diana.

Ladies and gentlemen, the next animal to take the stand is an ostrich.

I really wanted you to have that money.

And I really wanted you to have that hippo.

But we love them in Scotland...

Maybe you two would like a moment alone.

So, can we hear a bid of, maybe, a million?

-45,000. -$45,000.


-How are you? -I hear you...

-Sorry, go ahead. -...are teaching. Go ahead.

-I'm sorry. -Go ahead.

Yeah. I'm teaching.

You know, it doesn't pay much, but at least I get to talk about architecture.

You know how I love to talk about architecture.

Oh, my goodness.

Don't leave, ladies and gentlemen. It's just a little shower.

Please, ladies... A check book makes an ideal umbrella.

Do we have a dolphin? We have dolphins.

How about tropical fish?

I know, you're running home for more cash. I get it.

Come on, ladies and gentlemen, you can find the money.

Oh, to hell. I'm gone.

Listen, I have to talk to you about what happened, D.

-Don't. Don't. -No, no, no. I have to.

Just hear me out.

I think the mistake I made in Vegas was thinking that I could forget what we did.

I thought we were invincible.

But now I know that the things that people in love do to each other, they remember.

And if they stay together, it's not because they forget, it's because they forgive.

I was just...

I was just so afraid that you wanted him.

No, actually I was afraid that you were right to want him.

I thought he was the better man.

I know now he's not.

He's just got more money.

I think we should talk.

I am very happy.

Shackleford, have you ever seen me like this?

I can't say that I have.

-Diana is the reason. -Enough for any man.

She is the best of them. Absolutely.

-You are the best of them. -The best of them?

-You said I'm the best of them? -You are.

I don't understand.

Shackleford, could you explain it to her?

What? I could do that, sir.

But somehow I feel Miss Murphy would rather hear it directly from you.

Okay. All right.

She's the best of the million dollar club. Obviously.

-Million dollar club? -Now you got it.

You told me you had never done that before.

How many members would you say there are?

-Members? -Yeah.

-Worldwide? -Yeah.

I think a couple of dozen.

Remember the one that wouldn't stop hiccupping?


The waitress from Oklahoma.

Every time you came near her, she would convulse with the hiccups.

Yeah, I had forgotten.

Quite a night.

See, the best thing of it is that you know if you're sexually compatible right from the start.

Shackleford, would you stop the car?

Thank you, John.

-Goodbye. -Goodbye.


For luck.


-Take care of him. -Sure.

What was all that about?

I wanted to end it.

She never would have looked at me the way she did at him.

Seven years ago, David proposed to me on the pier at Paradise Cove.

I wanted to go there to remember, and start over.

Have I ever told you I love you?


I do.