Indian (2001) Script

O countrymen... do not ever sell your nation Do not sell this land; do not sell its skies Martyrs have laid down their lives for the country Do not heap disgrace on their shrouds

We lay down our lives, O friends... so that our lndia continues to live on We lived, we died, for this nation... for this paradise... so that it may forever blossom O friends...

Treat friends like friends Treat your enemies, as you ought to treat enemies What is the life of a coward?

The nation exhorts you; it's land and it's skies appeal to you

To the country, dedicate your youth Dedicate your lives to the nation We have made so many legends... it's upto you to write the rest of the golden chapters

Long live, Mother lndia!

Bad news, Wasimbhai. lndia has won the war in Kargil.

No... we won't let lndia off so easily.

Against the arrogant lndians... we will continue our holy war.

Long live, Mother lndia!

Long live, Mother lndia!

To you Motherland, we salute

Long live the holy war!

We have been defeated by lndia so many times.

That's because we have engaged in the war head on.

We can't defeat lndia in a war.

We must find a new way.

We have till now dealt many body blows on lndia.

We will now attack its heart and it's soul.

We will pull out the brains of those who think for lndia.

We will pluck out the eyes of those who have dreams for lndia.

We will cut the tongues of those who speak up for lndia. l declare today... we will wipe out lndia from the face of the earth very soon.

God Willing!

lnterpol has placed a reward on his head.

He had a hand in all the riots and bomb blasts... that took place in the country for the last many years.

He was the mastermind behind the hijacking... of the lndian Airlines aircraft VTED W300.

As per our information, he is now in Maharashtra.

We must arrest Wasim Khan immediately. At any cost.

He has the backing of many influential people in our country.

They're his guardians. And that might cause some problems and pressure.

lf Wasim Khan is really in Maharashtra, rest assured...

He will soon be in our custody.

The police have got to know that you're in Maharashtra.

So l've made arrangements for a safe escape.

Hurry up. We have very little time.

Shocked, aren't you? He's not Wasim Khan.

He's Allah Baksh. My look-alike.

lt isn'tjust easy for me to send the cops on a wild goose chase. l could very well make them dance on my little finger.

Yes sir. You'll be sent out of lndia on a speedboat very soon.

The News.

The dreaded terrorist Wasim Khan, being hunted all over the world... was arrested in Mumbai today. The daring feat was achieved... by deputy Commissioner of Police, Rajshekhar Azad.

Without caring for his life, he gave a long chase to Wasim Khan... and eventually arrested him.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra praised Mr Azad and said... it was a matter of pride that officers like him were in the state.

Many senior officers congratulated Mr Azad.

Surprising. The school hasn't yet shut down.

Kids, where is your mummy?

l'm dead. Your Mummy... lt's 12 o'clock! She's waiting for me at the Jewelry Shop.

Papa, you're in deep trouble.

Sir, who is this lady that you're scared of? l am nothing. The one Bombay is scared of, is scared of her. ls she the wife of a hoodlum?

She's the wife of the Pop of them all. DCP Ram Shekhar Azad's wife.

He had given her the time, but hasn't turned up. lf he doesn't come soon...

Only God and she know what will happen to our shop.


He's here.

Save me and my shop. l've built it with great effort.

Nothing will happen to it.

Yes sir? Give this to madam.

Sir, don't land me in trouble.

Either this or yourjob is in danger. l am frightened.

So am l. lt's a matter of my job too. Please give it to her.

Madam, sir has given this.

Your anger is justified. This is no way to behave.

Reaching at 12 for a 9 o'clock appointment. l should be punished.

But it would be dishonourable in public.

Let's go home. l'll willingly accept the punishment.

Shall we...?

Sir... our shop. We've lost our lives!

Oh my God! What happened? Such a huge plaster! l... You did?

No... the hospital. That is why l got late.

Let's finish shopping. To hell with it!

Tell me how and when this happened. To blazes with that. Let's go shop.

No, l don't want to buy anything! Let's go home.

Go on. l'll send you everything home. l'll send all the ornaments over.

You don't understand. l have to shop now. l said, l don't want to shop! Let's go home.

You won't be angry? No, let's go.

Chasing the thief... l hurt my foot.

Normal for us cops.

Easy. l told you where...there... l made you wait at the jewelry shop. l am sorry about that.

Why is your foot in plaster?


When did it occur? Just now.

What time?

Quiet. Can't you see Papa is hurt? And you're interrogating him?


These kids! Have you no shame?

Careful...Sit down.

But Mom, Papa... Enough. No more questions.

Go to bed. Don't bother Papa.

Papa is in pain. Go on, babies. But he wasn't hurt earlier.

What happened? What...? A cup of tea. l'll get it. Don't trouble Papa.

Come here. Both of you come here.

You grill me like cops.

Your Mummy is better than you. So easy to convince.

But you're lying. Yes. lt's bad to lie. l know. But this is something else.

What? l can't explain to you.

Now go to bed. How can we go just like that?

Where's our bribe? Pay up time? Take it.

l don't know where he breaks his leg...!

Thank God you saved me in the nick of time.

Else like your leg, mine too.... l am always bang on time.

That is why l am a DCP l got you, too. Come on... lsn't your leg hurting? My leg?


Royal style...

Regal mannerism You are beyond compare

Mummy of Chunnu and Raju, You are beyond compare Beloved, don't be mad at me Romance or flirt with me Don't break my heart Who will you flirt with?

Oh my dearest, l admit... l'm in the habit of being late

Don't follow me l won't forgive you, no way Please forgive me. My heart and soul is yours l am nothing without you You hold the key to my heart

Royal style Regal mannerism You are beyond compare

l love you so much Everyone is aware of that

Tell me, what will you do with them if l am no more?

My sweetheart, l admit l have hurt you l will apologise at home. Don't malign me in public

You make 100 promises but keep just one My anger is justified

You do get angry... but you're forgiving. You are great, my love Stop faking How long will you torment me?

Till you forgive me. Spare a thought for the romantic weather Royal style Regal mannerism You are beyond compare

Royal style Regal mannerism You are beyond compare

Distribute this to Rahim and his friends.

We're doing great business today. And to ask for anything he needs.



Who are you? Why are you troubling her?

Get out of here! Don't you know who l am?

Let's see what's up. Yeah.

How dare you!

Let go of me!

Somebody is thrashing brother! Hurry!

Bullying around, eh?

Sir, listen to me.

Sir! Let me go! Listen to me.

Youngsters these days don't have money in their wallets. lnstead they carry pictures of their girl friend or film stars. lf it's a cultured person, he carries a picture of his parents.

But my picture in this...? l don't get it.

Every life has a purpose.

An aspiring politician carries Nehru or Shastri's picture.

A social worker will carry Mother Teresa's.

A scientist will have a picture of Bharat Ratna, Abdul Kalam.

You are our ideal, our model.

We want to be police officers like you. So we have your picture.

lt's notjust us, every youngster of our nation... aspiring to be a police officer... you are their ideal.

We've never met you. But you mean the world to us.

You are the torch of hope for them.

All of them want to join the police force my younger brother, Rahim.

That's Balwinder, Vivek and Manoj.

Look at their faces. Glowing at meeting you. l love them more than my brothers.

Those who want to become something, do something in life... and carve their own path.. l always support such men.

All of you will succeed in your mission. You have my blessings.

Long live... Veer Bahadur Singh!


Greetings! l'm Veer Bahadur Singh.

This name is not known much here. But it is widely known in UP. l don't have to take permission from the police there... to take out a rally or have a meeting. lf my boys stick a poster... the lG, DlG come running to my house with folded arms.

That is my glory.

Last year, a cop spoke rudely to one of my boys. l got 15 buses burnt over it. And instigated a riot.

You must have read it in the papers.

Here's more.

My younger brother teased a girl a little.

She was moving around as if she were Madhuri Dixit.

Young blood, so he got carried away.

The girl slapped my brother on the face.

Do you what l did?

First l paraded her nude in the market-place.

Then l set her on fire.

Nobody uttered a word. That is my power. lf l stand at a place for 2 minutes, a meeting begins. lf l walk away, the procession follows. lf l lie down, there will be strikes.

You must be thinking, if l'm doing so well there, why have l come here?

You seem like a honest, simple man. So l'll tell you. l want to make my regional party a national one.

Politics rules from Delhi. Till we have a couple of MPs...

How will we get the suitcase?

And till the suitcase is filled with cash... what's the point in dabbling in politics?

That's why l have come here to improve the prospects of my party and myself. l'll instigate strikes here. Take out processions, smash things up.

Only then will the public here notice us. Do you follow?

Let me make one thing clear.

My meetings have more of my own men than public.

And my instructions to them are if anybody moves around, create a scene.

That is why send as many cops as you can.

Not for my protection. For the public protection.

And... send cops in full pants.

Don't send women cops. Lest their smooth cheeks... get my point?

l don't want the permission...

How long since we gained independence? l don't know.

Languages spoken in lndia? How many? No idea.

What's the population of our country? l don't know.

What is our national song? l...don't know.

When you don't know the history of this country...

its geography and culture, you call yourself a leader?

Meetings begin if you stand up, eh?

You walk, and a procession follows?

Strikes are announced if you lie down? ls that so?

You are not at fault. The day you raised this hand... in the name of caste or religion... had a police officer chopped off this hand on that day... you wouldn't have dared stomp into the police commissioner's office!

What did you say? Don't send women police? Their smooth cheeks...

Sign it. But it is blank.

Yes, we'll write... l, Veer Bahadur Singh... am a thief and a murderer. l have burnt buses and instigated riots. l set a girl on fire. l admit to all these crimes.

Sign it. Forgive me.

After today, if l see any politician like yourself in my office.. l will chop the legs off.

l send off my guests with honour.

Place your hand on my shoulder.

Your hand!!

Let's go.

You're such a great leader while l'm a mere police commissioner. l served you all l could with my hands. lf my hospitality was lacking, do be sure to drop in again. Smile.

Long live... Veer Bahadur Singh!

The job is done. Please leave.

Long live.. Jairam.

l am honoured to meet you.

Good day. ls all well?

Like yourself, l've come from Bihar to Maharashtra to set up my party.

Rally or procession begins tomorrow. l've come to take permission.

Did you too come here for the same? Yes.

Got it? No problem if you haven't, l'll get it for you. l've got it. And why won't we get it?

We're great leaders. Will a mere commissioner not give us permission?

He will. He will have to. lf he won't, l'll teach him a lesson!

Teach him a lesson?

Yes. What do you think of me?

Many commissioners like him came and went. But Jairam continues.

You guys wait. l'll go in and return in a moment.

Go on.

Your name is Jairam, no? Today you will meet your end.

l am such a famous leader!

Look, l don't want any permission.

Hand on my shoulder. Pardon...?

Do it!

Smile. Smile!

Let's go.

You are a leader of the country. l'm a mere police commissioner at your service. lf you ever you need to recall a lesson, do come over.

Come on.

The public is waiting for you.

Taught the lesson? Taught and vomited it out too.

And what about you?

Sir, we've tried every trick.

We haven't got any clue or information from Wasim Khan.

That is why, we are of the opinion that this case be handed over... to the lnvestigation Bureau. No, no. Sorry.

The police of the world couldn't arrest him.

Who arrested that Wasim Khan?

An officer of the Maharashtra Police.

This is a matter of honour for us.

Now only because we can't get him to confess... we should hand this case to the CBl?

Have you ever thought what humiliation it'll bring to our department?

No, this case won't be handed over to the CBl.

An efficient officer from our department will handle it.

Why don't we give this case to the officer who arrested Wasim Khan... and brought honour to us? Absolutely.

Who could be better than DCP Azad? He has forced many to confess.

Mr Azad, what have you to say?

l am willing to take this case. But l must lay down some conditions.

Conditions? We imprison criminals... to reform them. But this doesn't happen.

All prisons have become their dens. They run their kingdoms... using cellular phones. We can't interrogate Wasim Khan in such jails. l want a special cell for Wasim Khan.

Only officers selected by me will be appointed to it.

The DCP is on his way.

How are you? Fine. Thanks for selecting me.


Sir, take a look.

Just as you desired all arrangements have been made.

The most senior of officer cannot enter without your permission.

Look. there are close circuit cameras all around.

We can view every inch of the cell. Specially Wasim Khan.

Sir, come along.

Nobody can step ahead of here. Except you.

The weapons given to you are for his protection.

He should not be hurt because of you.

He is very smart. He will try to instigate you.

Make you lose your temper, but keep your cool.

You had chopped the arms of the Dadar hood in a fit of rage.

Don't repeat that mistake.

You've made great arrangements. But it won't help.

You're wasting government money. Special officers... a special cell... tight security... all a waste.

You can't get any clue or evidence out of me. Not now, not ever.

Because your power ends with these bars.

But you can't imagine how far reaching my powers are.

Past tense, sorry. Now you are restricted only to this place.

And the rest of your life, the little that is left, you'll spend it here.

You're a mere cop not the PM or President that.. your whims will be pandered to.

But l can do as l please. Because l have man power, money power. l can leave this place whenever l wish.

This isn't your aunt's house. where you leave or enter when you please.

Forget getting out of here, you can't take a breath without my wish.

l can do as l please!

Right here, in front of your eyes, l can ruin your country!

Because there's no dearth of men from your country who will... sell themselves and their nation for money!

There are also those who will sacrifice themselves for their nation!

Even if we don't get 2 meals a day.. no clothes to wear, nor a roof over our heads.. we risk our lives for the honour of our country.

We've proved this to you many times! ln 65! 71 ! And also in Kargil!

Have you forgotten? We've forgotten nothing.

Every wound is still fresh.

That is why we've decided not to fight you on the borders.

We'll get in and divide Hindustan to bits!

You are alive because you are in my custody.

We know how to shake hands as well as rip it out.

We worship Gandhiji and Chandra Shekhar Azad! l too first talk with love. Then l use my weapon.

How would you like to understand? Make up your mind.

Our names aren't in this list.

Let's go out.

l don't understand.. What could the problem be?

Can't be get recruited? Why not?

Move aside.

Sir, we fared well in the test. Chest, height, everything perfect.

We scored the highest in High Jump and Long Jump.

Our names aren't in this list. Your computer could be faulty.

Nothing wrong with the computer. The entire system is wrong.

The list that you see, the senior officers made it.

Obviously they will write the names of their own men, not of strangers.

Take my advice. Don't waste time for this job. Look for something else.

But sir...

Didn't l tell you, l can do anything?

Watch how l send my message to my men.

Sir, Shinde here. Wasim Khan is beating up Patil.


Don't hurt Wasim Khan. l'm on my way.

Come on.

He had taken his dinner. All of a sudden, Khan attacked.

Don't worry. Everything will be fine.

Take him to the hospital.

He'll come around in 2 hours.


Protest against inflation!

Didn't l say, l could do anything? lt's only about a month since my arrest.

But l planned this thing just a few days ago. Just a few days ago.

ln a short while, my men will be participating.

Then slogans will turn into screams.

Sitting in your special cell, l will murder thousands.

You're a valiant officer, aren't you? Save these lives if you can.

Sir, there's rioting in Jogeshwari.

Control room? DCP Azad here.

Send the ambulance and fire brigade to Jogeshwari immediately.

Tell the men it's a planned riot. So there should be no lathi-charge.

They should somehow try to calm the public.

Speaking. Before beating up Wasim Khan... won't you like to know who he is?

Despite being imprisoned, how did he organise the procession... followed by the riot? lf you wish to find out... meet me at Sassoon Dock at 1 1 tonight.

All right.

Did you talk to me on the phone? Yes. l asked you to come here.

You know about Wasim Khan...?

Yes, Wasim Khan is notjust a terrorist...

he's part of a powerful international racket.

We can keep him in custody. Not in our control.

Nobody can control him.

My problems have multiplied since you arrested him. lf you take any severe steps against him... it will snowball into an international issue. lt will be dangerous keeping him in custody for long.

So he must be safely sent out of lndia as soon as possible.

Have you any idea of what you're saying?

You know Wasim Khan very well.

He was behind the riots in Jogeshwari.

He did it despite being in my custody.

Many innocent lives were lost because of him.

And you want me to release him? No, sir. l won't release him alive. l'll kill him. Only his corpse will leave the country. Only his corpse.

Riots keep taking place. People keep dying.

What's the point in getting emotional?

Learn to ignore certain things if you want to progress.

When did you hear about the riots? This morning. l knew 2 days in advance. What...?

You knew 2 days earlier? That's not all.

Wasim Khan was in Maharashtra for the past 2 months.

He was safe because of me.

Nobody arrested him. You made this mistake.

A big mistake.

Wasim Khan is very annoyed at this.

l know you love Anjali and the kids.

You won't understand. They are power players of a high grade.

Don't get involved. Arrange to send Wasim Khan out safely.

lf your conscience bothers you, take a break with your family. l'll organise everything.

Listen... don't be upset at news of the deaths of the officers in your special cell.

Because they have to die in order for Wasim Khan to get out.

Be a friend to a friend Be an enemy to a foe Live not, die not like cowards The earth and the sky say... don't break the heart of your motherland Don't spare the traitors You have to live for your nation Do your duty

Dispose off this body.

l've been waiting for so long. Come inside.

What are you looking at? Come on in.

Sit. l have to tell you something. l am so happy!

One minute.

Here's your favourite dish. Take a quick bite.

Do you know why? Read the paper.

Director General of Police, Mr Suryapratap honoured

Papa has won the state award.

You know...

how much l love Papa.

Yet l didn't go to meet him. l didn't even call.

Do you know why? Because you're his only son-in-law. lf we go to wish him together, he will be very happy. l've even ordered a special garland.

Move aside!

We'd given up hope of becoming police officers.

We could have turned to crime out of depression.

You saved us from turning into criminals by accepting us.

But we are confused. We don't understand you.

You killed the DGP and you're cremating him. l am doing my duty. We don't understand. l shot him because l'm a son of this country. l am his son-in-law so l am cremating him.

You killed him because he was hand in glove with Wasim Khan.

Why is Wasim Khan alive? l can kill him anytime.

But he's not the real enemy.

The real foes are those who are weakening their own country. l never imagined the DGP could do this. l wonder how many more there are. l can get to them only through Wasim Khan.

That is why it is important that Wasim Khan lives.

Please come in.

Don't you feel the CBl is more busy than the police?

Earlier when there would be some scam...

Bofors or fodder scams... then we'd be called in.

But these days... don't ask. Match fixing, catch fixing... when a canal isn't built, the gutter isn't dug... even the smallest case goes to the lnvestigation Bureau. l'm thinking of writing to the Home Minister.

To have CBl cells in place of police stations in the villages

What do you think?

Forget it. l'm always cracking jokes. Let me get to the point.

The man who was murdered wasn'tjust your father-in-law.

He was also the DGP.

Tell me, any close relation of your father-in-law or a close friend.

You are funny. Generally officers ask if the deceased had an enemy.

And you ask about friends and relatives.

My method is different. Anyway, whether it's the nation or home... one is more at risk from your own than strangers.

He had nobody but us. l was his only friend.

Then did you kill him?

l said, l'm always fooling around.

Anyway, whoever murdered him did it with intelligence.

Obviously one needs more intelligence to get to him. lntelligence isn't sold in the market.

But we must try. l'll now take leave. l'll be coming frequently till the murderer is found.

Excuse me!

Look, don't cry. l promise you l will find the killer of your father very soon.

Whoever he is, wherever he be, l will find him.

My Papa was a police officer. My husband too is a police officer. lf the one who killed Papa, kills my husband...

Please do something fast. l'm very scared.

The deed has been done. Don't upset yourself with these thoughts.

Nothing will harm me.

lqbal Khan here. Go on.

Wasim Khan hit Shinde just as he beat Patil.

What...? Take him to the hospital.

What's wrong? Wasim Khan hit Shinde.

There were riots in Jogeshwari when he beat up Patil.

Today he beat up Shinde. l wonder if something...

Come to Wadia Hospital right away. There's a note in Shinde's pocket.

Follow the one who collects it, wherever he takes it to.

Call me if there's any problem.

Remember, you have nothing to do with the police.

This is love A high of life

No heart can escape love

Everyone has to fall in love You have to lose your heart someday You have to fall in love

Love is full of excitement

Love is full of excitement There's no fun in turning down love Love is full of excitement There's no fun in turning down love No point in fighting, love will win over you

Even the agony of love is acceptable Love gives immense pleasure Even the agony of love is acceptable Love gives immense pleasure Don't sigh, fall in love

Yes, Rahim? They suspect me! They are after me.

Where are you? Running from Parel towards Dadar.

How far are you from them? About 100 feet. They will kill me!

Don't worry. Keep running. l'll look after everything.

This is DCP Azad.

There's a bomb in your theater. Vacate everybody immediately.


Bomb! Run!!

l won't spare you!

Are you all right? Yes. That was a great idea.

Those guys would have killed me.

The lmam of Jama Masjid is arriving by the morning flight.

There was talk of killing him at the airport.

The lmam?

Why would they want to kill him?

lnform me if you see any of them.

No passenger should go close to the lmam.

No VlP or VlP goes in till he is thoroughly searched.

Yes? All ready? Everything as you instructed.

Tiwari is on Gate 1 . Shanbag on Gate 2 and Sharma on 3.

The flight touches down at 7 The lmam will be at Gate 1 at 7.15 l've arranged 150 special commandos as you'd said.

They will assemble outside the airport at 7.

They will be with us till the lmam takes the evening flight to Delhi.

May l ask something if you don't mind?

So much security for an lmam?

We didn't have this much security even for Bill Clinton.

The lmam is here for a Hindu-Muslim Unity meeting.

We've got information somebody wants to kill him. lf this happens, there will be riots in Bombay and the entire nation.

Thousands of people will be killed. And l don't want this to happen.

That is the reason for this security.

There's terrific security here. lt appears as if DCP Azad knows of our plan.

That is why he has kept chosen officers on alert.

We'll have to cancel the plan to kill the lmam. lf the plan is canceled, they will cancel our lives.

You don't worry. The lmam will die at the hands of a cop.


DCP Azad will call for a special commando force for lmam's security.

Pose yourself as a commando and gain entry.

You can exit after the job is done. l'll be waiting for you right here.

Attention, Flight lC 165 has arrived from Delhi.

We have almost erased terrorism from our country.

But some serpents exist that raise their hoods.

Hence you and l will have to be alert.

One small mistake on our part... can lead to a big problem for our country.

What's the tight security for? ls the PM arriving?

The security is for you. For me?

Yes, your life is in danger. What...?

lt's not one man's life at stake. Many innocents can lose their lives.

How did he identify the terrorist amidst all these commandos?

That's why DCP Azad is special.

What does About Turn mean? Turn around.

Correct. But he had instructed the commandos...

When l say About Turn, sit down. The terrorist didn't know this.

He turned around and went up.

Sir, welcome to Mumbai. l promise you, you won't be hurt.

Thank Allah. l am convinced.. as long as officers like you exist in this country....

The conspiracy to split Ram and Rahim will never succeed.

Amen. Come along.

Read it

Smart man. You beat up my man, plant a note in his pocket... so it reaches your guys and they can kill the lmam.

The Muslims will attack the Hindus in retaliation... and it will spark off riots.

But things haven't unfolded as you wanted them to.

That which l want will happen now.

Didn't you say l'd find no clue or trace of evidence? l have got my hands on evidence.

l'll first kill your men. And then, l'll kill you.

Go back a little. Yes, sir.

Clear that, please.

He's the one l shot at the airport the other day.

Who's that guy with him? Zoom to him.


Bhai, DCP Azad's headed here. Let's run.

Who sent you to the airport? Tell me.

Shankar Singh Kalia.

Let there be peace...

Great place. l love it. lt's a very old temple. More than 100 years old.

And look how beautiful it is. No trace of ageing. l'm talking about the 500-acres of land around the temple.

Priests can talk about temples. And l'm a businessman. l like this piece of land and l want to have it.

But the land belongs to the temple.

Whether it belongs to the temple or it belongs to me, it's all the same ln any case, God needs no land. Man does.

Move temples or idols... l want this piece of land.

Just tell me its worth including your share of brokerage.

Are you in your senses? Do you know what you're saying?

Do you know who Shankar Singhania is?

He's one the ten richest men in lndia.

The taxes he pays is equivalent to Maharashtra's monthly budget.

Without his support, no party in Maharashtra can form a government.

You talk about Maharashtra? lf Singhania wishes... he can topple the government at the centre in 24 hours.

Do you how much he has done for this state?

He has built innumerable hospitals, schools and colleges.

He has done something for every community.

Which is why people worship him the way they do.

Forget people, sir. Even we go to him, whenever we face a problem.

And he helps us without a second thought.

Do you know what it means... to accuse such a man of being involved with terrorists?

People will laugh at us! They'll say the cops have gone mad.

lt'll ruin the image of the police department.

What glorious image does the department enjoy right now anyway?

Only those with respect can be defamed.

We know what the public has to say about the police department.

We don't enjoy a much better reputation than the thugs.

When someone picks a poor man's pocket... and he goes to a police station to file a complaint... he's treated as if he were a criminal himself.

When was your pocket picked? What was the time then?

What were you doing there? How much money were you carrying?

Where did you get so much of money from?

With silly questions like these, you silence the poor man.

He's then asked to go fetch some cold drinks and some cigarettes too.

The poor man has to leave. As soon as he goes... the officers talk about the pick-pockets in that area.

Pandu? No, he's away in his village lt must've been Raju. And Raju is summoned... not to be arrested, but for their share to be claimed from him.

And that really does a lot for the glorious image of our department. lf a poor man jumps a signal in his hurry to reach the office... all hell breaks loose. He's asked to produce his licence. ls the headlight working? Enough air in the tyres? Gas?

You question him as if he were trying to cross the border.

And this strictness is observed not for the law... it's for one's own pocket. Whatever one can manage to squeeze.

And that really brings glory to our department.

Smugglers, pimps and gangsters are welcomed in police stations.

They are given chairs to sit on. That does so much for our glory.

Crime is increasing by the day. And we are responsible for it. lf pick-pockets have turned killers, we are responsible for that!

Smugglers of narcotics are now running guns... and we are responsible for it!

Brothel-keepers soon start running the nation.

And we are responsible for it!

On the first day of every month, we expect to be paid our salaries.

But who pays us the money? The Government?

Ministers and public representatives? No. lt's public money.

The public we don't even courteously talk to.

To protect the nation, the public has sent soldiers to our borders.

And to safeguard society, it has chosen us.

The soldiers are doing their duty. And now about us...?

When our soldiers were being martyred in Kargil... the nation wept. But when a policeman dies... people actually feel happy.

They say it's one corrupt man less.

We must change the situation. We must change our image.

So people have a nice word to say about us.

And that isn't happening by building temples... or inscribing lofty slogans in police stations.

We will have to act.

We will have to show the criminals the power of this uniform.

Be he a pick-pocket or a richie-rich like Shankar Singhania!

Only then will the public feel a sense of attachment with us.

And they will truly respect us.

What were you guys doing there?

Why didn't you shoot Francis, before he uttered Papa's name?

Before dawn, l'm going to kill him. He's going to die at my hands!

No, Papa! How dare that ingrate utter your name?

The poor will often always use rich men's names, my son.

Everything will be all right. Here's what you will do.

Go to the farmhouse with your friends.

Look after my son. Young blood. lt boils very quickly.

Take care of him.

Please take my advise. Go abroad for a few days.

Azad will have cooled down by then. Wrong.

He has honesty running in his veins.

His heart beats for his country.

He will never cool off.

No matter which corner of the world l hide in...

Azad will not give up following me. The law and the courts... l have no regard for them. l only care for my son.

Azad must not eye my son Sanjay.

Which is why l must face him and not try to escape from him.

Here's what you will do. Make an announcement that... l'm going to distribute clothes and food-grains tomorrow morning.

As soon as a crowd assembles before my house... infiltrate the crowd with about 50 of your armed men.

As soon as Azad tries to arrest me and leave... finish him. But remember... it must appear as if the mob has lynched him in a fit of fury.

The law will be helpless after that.

Because a mob has no face and no name.

You guys get it? You will be part of the silent crowd.

But if DCP Azad tries to arrest Mr Singhania... attack him. Get it? Yes.

The DCP is here, sir. Show him in.

Welcome, Azad. Namaskar.

l knew you would be coming.

But l didn't expect you so soon.

And l think my visit is overdue. l should've come here long ago.

Azad, cooperate with me.

Help me, and enjoy life.

You must cooperate with me by quietly leaving with me.

As a guest of the government, l'll take good care of you.

Perhaps you don't know that your senior officers... bow their heads when they speak to me.

And perhaps you don't know that Raj Shekhar Azad... bows his head only to the National Tricolour.

Things like this are better uttered... by recruits who've just got their uniforms.

You're a very senior officer. You've been in the force for years.

Please try to understand what l'm saying.

Be friends with me. The predator... does not befriend his prey.

You will prey on Shankar Singhania? You are inviting your own death!

Don't you yell at me. Or l'll lay you out flat right here.


Down! Down!

Police Department, Down Down!

Police Department, Down! Down!

You're fond of playing the predator, aren't you?

What makes you stop? Walk forth.

lf someone as much as points a finger at me... my followers don't spare him. And you have handcuffed me.

What will they do to you? Think it over.

Things haven't yet gotten out of hand.

Undo the handcuffs and apologise to me in their presence. l'll reason with them and calm them down.

And you will be able to go home.

Set him free!

Even if we die, we will not let you take him away!

He's our benefactor! Over our dead bodies, you take him!

How dare you handcuff an angel like him?

Let him go! Or face the consequences.

Take another step, and we'll pile the bodies here.

Quietly go away from here and let the law take its own course.

Or else, l'll shoot everyone of you.

You talk big with a gun in hand? Shoot, if you have the guts!

Yes, shoot! For Mr Singhania, we'd happily lay down our lives!

You shoot without reason...? You've killed 5 of my men! l'm not going to spare you! You'll have to answer for what you've done! l won't do the answering. They will.

What are you staring for? l've used your technique.

You plant four dozen thugs in a crowd of decent folks.

And l plant five cops in the same crowd... as thugs.

This is tit for tat. Get it? Move now.

Your wife's problem isn't physical. lt's psychological.

Her father's death has shocked her deeply. l've prescribed some medicines...

Watch out tomorrow, Rahim. lt's very necessary for Francis to be produced in court tomorrow.

You've already forgotten my name? Please sit down.

The name is Rajshekhar Azad.

What l say conveys a thousand things, DCP.

You will get to know that gradually. Really? And what's up...?

You're looking a lot smarter in these clothes today.

There's a meaning behind that too.

Whenever l solve a case, l dress like this.

Have you found the DGP's killer then?


You're the one who did it.

You're the one the DGP last called before he died.

l found your cell-phone number on his mobile phone.

The bullets in his body had to do with your service revolver. l had put together a lot more evidence... l had.

l've destroyed all the evidence. For good.

Because you didn't murder the DGP Surya Pratap Singh.

You have slain him.

Just as Arjuna slayed the Kauravas in the battle of Mahabharat.

Arjuna set down his arms when confronted by his own brethren... and Lord Krishna reasoned with him. But in this battle... you are Arjuna and you are Lord Krishna too.

That is why l called you Shri Krishna Arjun.

That battle was between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. ln this battle, there are Kauravas all around... and you are all alone among them.

But you're still fighting a lone battle. lf l can't fight with you in this battle... l can at least help you.

You killed my Papa?

You have killed my Papa... you have killed him!

Listen to me, Anjali. l've been listening to you all the while.

Here l was, dying to know who could have killed Papa. lt was you...

Didn't your hands hesitate to kill the man... who gave his daughter's hand in yours?

Listen, Anjali...

Look, Anjali... Don't touch me.

Not with those hands... or l'll kill myself.

l can't live with you another moment! Not another moment!


So Mr DCP Azad... you think Mr Shankar Singhania is a terrorist?

You think he's a follower of Gandhi?

You can't answer a question with a question.

No point in asking questions you know answers for.

Can you prove in court that Mr Singhania has anything to do... with the terrorst Wasim Khan? l can prove... that Singhania has everything to do with Wasim Khan.

Really? How many witnesses have you bought over to prove that?

lt's for pimps of the law like you to buy and sell witnesses.

Watch your tongue when you answer me, DCP.

And remember what you're asking before questioning me, lawyer.

Defence, ask questions only related to this case.

l want to question his witnesses, Your Honour.

My witness will be produced anytime now. l need a little time.

Where are they?

l looked for them... there's no one there.


Your Honour, l already told you that we were wasting the court's time.

There's no point in waiting for anyone.

DCP Azad cannot produce any witness. Because he has no witnesses.

Mr Azad, what do you have to say?

This Court honourably acquits Mr Singhania... and warns the police department that unless they have... tangible evidence and witnesses... they are not supposed to harass respectable citizens.

Congratulations, Mr Singhania.

You were amazing.

Well, DCP Azad? You're very angry, aren't you?

This is what happens to people who get carried away.

You tried to prove my links with Wasim Khan, didn't you?

Take it from me. l do have links with him.

Not you, and not the entire police department can prove it.

Your witness didn't make it to the court.

That's because l prevented him from getting here.

And what would you have achieved even if he had arrived here? l'd have bought out thatjudge.

Everything in this country is up for sale.

One only has to pay the right price.

Make friends with me, and you will have your price.

And if you chose to be my enemy, you must pay for it.

You want to pay or collect...? That's for you to decide.

How much did you sell out for?

What price-tag have you put on the trust l placed in you? l'll tell you, sir.

Save my children... Please save my children.

What happened? What happened to your children?

Sanjay Singhania has kidnapped my children.

He says you're holding one of his men in your custody. lf you don't let him go, they'll kill my children. l want my children... Please let that man go.

No, we can't let him go.

No... You can't do that! Please help me!

My children... l beg of you!

Please! Please save my children!

Manoj, let him go.

Let's go.

Look, l've brought your man with me.

You promised to set my children free, if l brought him along.

Please let my children go now.

Let them go.

You will testify against my Papa?

Sir, your duty must be all-important for you.

But for them, you are as important as their duty.

Your family is important too.

Do not think you've lost the battle... because one witness could not be presented in court.

That's impossible.

You have waged this war against the enemies of the nation. l swear by the Almighty. You will win this battle, sir.

And the day you return successful... you will feel the need for your wife and children.

For what is success, if you have no one to share it with?

They're happy to have saved the lives of your children.

What they regret more... is that they could not keep the promise they made to you.

So they're leaving the city for good today.

lt's mine... No! lt's mine!

A kiss for me!

Go on.

Don't utter my name. And please go away!

lf you want me and my children to live in peace,... please don't set foot in this house again.

l want a divorce.

As soon as possible.

Brother, you always blame me.

He always comes home late. You say nothing to him.

He's in police service. Late-coming is part of it.

Mr Azad, is it a rule that cops go home late every night?

There is a rule! He's right. Don't look at him!

Know what? Before marriage, when l called him at 5 p.m.... he used to turn up at 4! l...? Lies!

She used to land up at every training centre l went to.

She used to go around in circles. l...? Was it l? l...? l...?

l wasn't crazy...

Crazy, l went l don't know when and how this love-story happened You know nothing, l know not too... when your heart met mine Crazy, l went Crazy, l went

Crazy, you weren't Crazy, you went l know nothing when and how this love-story happened

Your gaze has had an impact on me, my love

Your crazy heart has made a promise to mine l agree, my love... l did what my heart drove me to

My heart understands what your heart beats for

When you're with me... why mustn't l have desires?

Without you, l won't live a moment... l have decided Crazy, l have gone Crazy, l have gone Crazy, l wasn't Crazy, l went When and how did this love-story happen?

You know not. Neither do l... when your heart met mine

You're worried for no reason. lt enhances the status of courts when people like me visit them.

Besides, court mean trouble to the poor. Not for the rich.

Will you let Azad go scotfree then? He had arrested and insulted you.

That's just why l must teach him a lesson.

A police officer must think ten times before he thinks of arresting me.


You wound a tiger and have the audacity to walk into his den. l didn't know you're such a stupid man, Azad.

You're the stupid one for not realising that the one... who puts his hand in the snake-pit, knows to unfang it too.

That we'll see, DCP. l'll carve your body into so many small pieces... that for generations to come in your family, they'll talk about it.

Forget my body. Think of your son, who has to light your funeral pyre.

What do you mean? Up there.

Nothing will happen to you, my son! Nothing!

Don't be afraid. Nothing will happen to you.

Have you guys gone mad? Put those guns away!

This enmity's between you and me. My son has done nothing. Let him go!

My son...

Well? Deflated already...?

Let him go.

Know what? l'm not going to kill you right yet either.

Because l've got to prove that you're a traitor of the nation.

The day l have proved that, l will not arrest you... l will kill you.

Who were those four boys? From which police station?

They aren't from the police department, sir.

So? lt's like this, sir.

Azad does not trust any officer in the police department.

Which is why he has kept those four boys under his own care.

He's personally training them. Soon, he'll give them police uniforms. lt's those four boys he had entrusted Francis to.

You ought to have killed the four of them with Francis.

You ought to have finished them.

Just because the DCP shows some favours to you... you guys think you have turned DCPs?

You hold a gun to me?

You were terribly excited, weren't you?

Spirited guys, aren't you? l'll exorcise you guys today!

lf l don't have your DCP Azad as my slave, l won't be Sanjay...

You abuse him...? l won't spare you!

DCP's sidekick!

Finish him!


Nothing's going to happen to you! Nothing.

You're going to be all right!

May no more injuries be inflicted l pray... that my lndia lives on My life l sacrifice, my friends So that my lndia lives on

Recognise me, DCP Azad?

You announce the war. And l set it rolling.

Those four guys are said to be very loyal to you.

And that you're soon going to give them police uniforms too. l thought l should be doing something for them, too. l decided to give them a promotion and dispatch them to hell.

One of them has been promoted. The rest of them will be too.

l know you're very sad right now. But who can fight the inevitable. lt's all a matter of destiny. Death does not change its course.

Anyone who cross its path, gets sucked in. l target someone, and it's someone else who dies.

Things good and bad... are all in the Almighty's hands.

Praise the Lord.

l was the one who called you, sir. Who are you?

Deepak Sharma. l own this complex, sir. Let's go.

Have you received terrorist threats earlier?

No, sir. Never. But l've just seen someone running across with a bomb. lt could've been a terrorist. Can you identify him?

Yes, sir. He wore an army-green jacket and a black cap.

ls that him? Yes, that's him.

Welcome, Mr Singhania.

Bless you.

Your son isn't around? He should have been here by now.

Azad, what's up?

Please come in, sir. What happened?

The guy who ran inside is a terrorist. He's hiding a bomb in his jacket. l'll summon the bomb-squad. No. lt'll cause a stampede here.

Leave it to me. l'll get him.

Sanjay! My son!

Someone send for an ambulance!

How are we going to deal with this case, sir?

The accident occurred in an effort to save thousands of lives.

Bury the case with a note of cross-firing.

The terrorist has run away, sir. There's no danger anymore.

l know you're very sad right now. But who can avert the inevitable? lt has to do with destiny, you know.

Death does not change its course.

Anybody who comes in its path, gets killed.

We target someone, and yet someone dies.

Things good and bad are in our own hands Mr Singhania. Not in the Lord's.

And a good police officer know how to take advantage... of notjust the law but also the loopholes in the law.

Get that?

Pratap, you were amazing.

For sir, l could even lay down my life. l am what l am, only because of him. l wanted to become an engineer. But l didn't have the money. l once committed a theft in frustration, and was caught.

Had l been sentenced to prison then, l would have become a criminal too.

But sir made me see reason. He lent me support and help.

And today, l'm an engineer in M-Tech.

Thanks, Pratap. You have helped me kill a criminal today.

What punishment the law ought to have given Shankar Singhania's son... l gave him today.

Take care of yourself, Pratap. Sure, sir.

Everything okay, uncle?

Things okay l hope?

What's up? Where is Pratap?

What do you want? Who are you?

Pratap Sinha's an engineer. l'm his father.

Your son is no engineer. He's a terrorist.

My son is an engineer. He's not a terrorist.

Old fossil!

Masquearading as an engineer...? Terrorist! Whom do you work for?

Whom do you work for? Tell me! Please let my son go!

He's not a terrorist. He's an engineer.

You are surely mistaken.

You hit my mother! l won't spare you... Get him! Don't let him escape.

Where do you plan to trigger off blasts in the city? Tell me! l know who you're working for! l'm destroy him too!

Let me go! Leave me alone!

You attack a policeman!

Let my son go! Spare him!

Don't hit him. For God's sake!

l think you haven't recognised him.

He's the terrorist at the wedding with explosives on his person.

He's the one you were following. Don't you remember?

You have a poor memory.

This is video recording of the wedding.

lt's all recorded in this.

You used this man to kill my son.

You have caused me a lot of agony. You have made me weep. l'll use him now to torture you. To make you cry.

Why you alone? l'll make his parents and his fiance cry too. l'll make you all shed tears of blood.

You proved at the wedding the other day that this man is a terrorist.

And he will now admit that you are his friend.

And what can save you is your surrender to the law.

And go behind bars.

Once you're imprisoned... no one can prevent Wasim Khan from coming out of prison.

You know how to take advantage of the loopholes in the law, don't you?

Now take advantage. Use your brains.

Take him along.


Forgive me, Mummy.

Anjali, l know l've given you nothing but trouble. l gave you no happiness orjoy... nothing.

You're right. Maybe you will find happiness, staying away from me.

Maybe the smile will return to your face.

l have signed the divorce papers.

Rani, take the children upstairs. Let's go.

What's all this, Anjali? Tell me! What's all this about?

Divorce. l've taken a divorce, Mummy. l was the one who asked for it.

Do you know? This is the man who killed my Papa.

He's the one who has killed your husband! l can't live with such a man! l'll never wear this matrimonial necklace he gave me either!


Shut up! Have you gone mad...?

What did you say...? What?

You take such a big decision without even thinking about everything?

You're out to break the matrimonial necklace around your neck?

For your Papa...?

You love your Papa very much, don't you?

His death has been a severe shock for you, isn't it?

But you don't know what your Papa really was.

Do you want to know the truth about him?

Mr Singh, l think it's impossible to have Wasim Khan released.

Your son-in-law, DCP Azad isn't going to listen to anyone.

l'm his father-in-law and a senior in status too.

And l am the Director General of Police.

Just get on with your arrangements for Wasim Khan.

Here's half a million dollars for you.

ls this what you have stooped to, for the sake of money?

Our son-in-law has staked his life to nab Wasim Khan.

And you accept money from these people to let him off?

Azad will never listen to you.

You know very well. Surya Pratap Singh treads the path he makes.

Anyone who crosses his path... ends up losing his life. lf my son-in-law proves to be an obstacle in my path... he'll die too.

For money, your Papa could have done anything.

Even her son's husband meant nothing to him.

But look at your husband, my dear.

For the sake of your happiness, he has signed the divorce papers.

He didn't even think what he would himself go through.

Even if Azad is hanged for killing your Papa... he will suffer for a few moments.

But you have given him such a punishment... that he will suffer for you and your children all his life.

You have made a very big mistake, Anjali. A very...

Son, you know Pratap is not a terrorist.

You know my son is not a terrorist.

So why did the police arrest him? They beat him up mercilessly.

l did all l could to make him talk. But he's not willing to say a word. l just don't know what to do.

You said Pratap is a very capable boy, didn't you?

Because l trusted you, l decided to get my sister married to him.

And you let us down...? ln such a way?

You have ruined my sister's life! Why did you do this? Why...?

Sir, l haven't told them anything. They did their best... they tortured me so much. But l didn't open my mouth.

You need not worry, sir. l'll never tell them your name.

Even if l have to die. No, Pratap. You must live.

Your family needs you.

And this country needs you, sir.

No, Pratap. This is too much. l can't let you die because of my obstinacy. l'll tell them the whole truth.

And you must tell them how l used you. l'm the real culprit. Everything will be all right.

They'll let you go.

l can't even see you shedding tears, sir.

So how can l ever see you handcuffed? lf your enemies are trying to get back at you by using me... l won't let them succeed. Never. l won't let you lose, sir.

You must win. You must win, sir!

You must win! l lay down my life, O friends... so that my lndia my live on

May l live, may l die, for this nation... so that there is happiness here forever

By committing suicide, that boy has ruined all my plans. l thought l'd use him to have Azad dismissed from service.

And that l'd have Wasim Khan released after that.

But everything has been ruined.

Azad will now try to hit back like a wounded lion.

Before he gets to me, l must leave this nation with Wasim Khan.

How's that possible, sir?

You don't know how stubborn Shankar Singhania can be. l'll drive the government to it.

The police will themselves bring Wasim Khan to my house.

Enough! l will listen to no more excuses.

Release Wasim Khan within an hour... and make arrangements for us to leave the country. lf your government does not oblige... l will blow up Mumbai by 5 p.m.

Calm down, please...

When we can release 3 terrorists to save a hundred hijacked passengers... can't we release a single terrorist to save thousands of innocent lives?

Don't let anyone in. Not even if it's a very senior officer, okay?

See, Azad? Your own people take such good care of me!

They can do anything for me. Anything.

Look at the irony. You will personally escort me out of this place today.

You admire my might now, don't you?

And remember. The day will soon be here... when neither will this country be free, nor will you exist.

Your turn to listen now. Whether l live or not... my country has always been free, and free, it shall always be!

Do you know why're you still alive? l wanted to prove... that Shankar Singhania is an agent to the likes of you.

By compelling the government to release you, he has himself proved... that he is a traitor of the country. l no longer need you now.

Be friends with friends...

Treat enemies like you should treat enemies What's the life of a coward?

You owe it to this country, your motherland

This country you must never break Enemies of the nation, you must never spare You must live for the country For peace in the country

l pray... so that my lndia lives on forever

We worship Gandhiji. And we also revere Chandrashekhar Azad. l try to reason first. And then l use my weapons.

Sorry, sir. You can't go in.

What have you done, Azad? You've killed him?

Are you out of your mind? You were only asked to interrogate him!

Who gave you the orders to kill him? Who gave you the permission?

You have no right to punish anyone. You are no judge.

You're a mere police officer. No!

l'm not merely a police officer. l'm also an lndian. An lndian!

When someone's mother is being raped... does he wait for permission? No.

He'll kill the monster right there. And that's what l have done.

Because, for me, my mother and my motherland are one and the same thing. l'll kill all those traitors who are aiding and abetting such devils.

And it's not only l who has the right to kill such feinds.

Every lndian has it. And nobody can take away that right from us!

Azad, we understand your feelings. But Singhania has threatened us... unless we release Wasim Khan by 5 p.m.... he will trigger off blasts all over the city.

He has even planted a bomb in one of the BEST buses.

We still have time.

Azad, we stand by you.

Mr Singhania? This is Moutho here.

We have a problem, sir. A very serious problem.

Our plans have gone haywire. Azad has killed Wasim Khan.

He has also got to know that we're the ones... who have planted a bomb in one of the BEST buses.

Which bus have they wired? l don't know anything...

All l know is that the guy who planted the bomb... is staying at Hotel Whalley's in Room No. 302

Let's announce that a bomb has been planted in one of the BEST buses.

We'll stop all the buses from playing. No, sir. We can't do that. lf the public get to know about the bomb,... there'll be panic all over the city.

But we must stop the buses to find out which of them is carrying the bomb.

How else will we stop the buses?

l'll stop it.

Long live the Union!

Why've the transport workers gone on a strike?

A cop beat up a driver without any reason. That's why.

Long live the Union!

Down with police atrocities

He has confessed that he has planted the bomb.

But he can't tell us the number of the bus.

What he told us was that the bus was parked at the depot in Andheri.

You set the time for 5 p.m. And you don't know which bus?

Which means the bus in which the bomb was planted, was freshly painted.

This is the time-keeper at Andheri Bus Depot, sir.

Did you guys paint a bus last night? Yes, sir.

What's the number of the bus? 84 Ltd. MH02 T96.

The bus is in the depot, right? No, sir. lt left long ago.

What? Can you tell me where the bus might be right now?

The bus plies between Andheri and Mantrayala.

At 9, it reaches Vile Parle. At 9.30, it's at Santacruz... at 1 1 , it's in Worli and at noon, it reaches Mantralaya.

Since the staffers are on strike the bus ought to be somewhere in Worli.

There's a bomb in this bus. Clear the area immediately.

There's a bomb in this bus!

Come on!

That's the bomb.

You're a very intelligent police officer.

You easily found out which bus the bomb was planted in.

But you do have a shortcoming. You don't recognise people.

You took my men for guys from the bomb squad.

Had you listened to me and let Wasim Khan go... you would have been spared, so would this city and its people.

But the shot has already been fired.

You will now witness how l turn this city into a graveyard.

Take him away.

O countrymen... do not sell your country Do not sell this sacred land; do not sell the skies...

Martyrs have laid down their lives for the country Do not heap disgrace on their shrouds