Infeccion (2019) Script

The first report came from two days ago, at a public hospital in Caracas.

The man was arrested for assault and have the symptoms.

Neurological disorder...

Paranoia, hallucinations, seizures.

And what about the hospital?

What did the doctor on duty have to say?

There is not communication.

The hospital is in quarantine.

Where any samples taken?


Ok. We'll contact the UN.

This is a level four.

I'm Dr. Lucy Blake!

I'm from the World Health Organization!

I know!

I am Dr. Carlos Nieves!

How long has he been like this?

Twenty hours.

What did you say the virus was called?

People call it, Crocodile virus.

This is Dr. Lucy from the World Health Organization.

Dr. Vargas took a lot of risk to be here.

I asked him to come to collaborate with us.

He's one of the best specialists in molecular medicine.

Excuse me.

This is it?


It is a Lyssa virus type...


Which genotype is this?

It's a macro mutation.

A new genotype of the rabies virus.

Number 12.

But rabies is one of the most stable viruses that exist.

I don't get it.

How did rabies mutate like this?

I haven't figured that out yet.

This virus has a completely different chart.

Witch drug was found in the first examination that you mentioned?



What if the host was infected with rabies at the same time... that the drugs started to take effect?

Have you tested it under those conditions?

When the virus has no quadrant of comparison it tries to... to simulate a similar virus.

Tries to find cause through similar conditions.


What about the immune population?

What's the percentage?

As it now, zero.

All the samples are from adults?

Where are the kids?

Doctor, if we contact the WHO, how long would it take to get some help?

That's impossible.

The borders were closed days ago.


This is Jonny, his a great friend.

He's going to stay with you.

Where are you going?

I need to go to get my son.

Be careful.

This kind of crisis brings out the worst in people.

Oh, my God...

Where are we, Doctor?

It's not far.

They're running from the infected!

Come on! Come on!

Keep going... Come on!


Let us in!

Let us in!

Let us in!

Let us in!


Let me go!

Hey! Let us in!

I'm from the World Health Organization!

Let us in!

Very difficult time for Venezuelans...

Its 12 hour border opening is a breath for...

From all the problem that have been living...

Besides chaos aggravate everything even worst...

And although this is not connected, there is still ongoing a political crisis... the actions shown by the presidency...

Adán, we did it.

We created the serum using Miguel's blood and it was effective.

It's been distributed around the country.

Maduro refuses to receive...