Infernal Affairs (2002) Script

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(Nirvana Sutra) Verse 19:

"The worst of the Eight Hells is called Continuous Hell."

"It has the meaning of Continuous Suffering. Thus the name."

I started this gang five years ago on Tuen Mun Island.

Back then we were only selling hashish.

We were full of ambition.

But after only a couple weeks... the cops started hunting us down.

Within one year... six of our brothers died.

But Buddha spared me!

"What millions died that Caesar might be great!"

But I don't believe in destiny.

We now have the power to take fate in our own hands.

You are the youngest brothers in my gang... and you have clean records.

You can be my eyes and ears in the police force.


Just never forget... you're always working for me.

Bottoms up, "officers."

Cadet Yan, when you were debriefed 10 minutes ago... tell me how many files were on my desk?

Six, Sir. Four beige on the left, two red ones on the right.

Any observations about me?

Sorry to point this out, but... you must have been in a hurry, your socks don't match.

Cadet Yan, you're dismissed.

Yes, sir.

You owe me $500.

Here's a down payment.

Yan will be the perfect undercover cop.

You're in cadet school now, and you'll follow the rules.

You break the rules, and you're out like him...


Who wants to be like ex-cadet Yan?

I do.

Officer Yan, your mission is to infiltrate the Triads.

Your records at the cadet school no longer exist.

Only Superintendent Wong and I will know your true identity.

This mission is highly dangerous.

Do you understand?

Yes, sir.

This job is killing me.

I'm either harassed by cops or beaten up by gangsters.

Officer Lau, You're still a rookie.

Why do you think you should get the promotion?

Just hang on? How'd you like me to hang you?

I was at the top of my class, and I'm deeply committed.

I am the best candidate for the job, sir.

Let's go.

Stand over there and say cheese.

Hello? Yeah.

Can I try this stereo?

With what speakers?

I don't know. Any recommendations?

Here's a great tube amp from Hong Kong, only 10 grand.

And use this cheap cable.

These sound as good as expensive European amps.

Sweet high notes, crisp middle, deep bass.

In a word: excellent.

Here, take a seat.

Let the sound take you away.

Feel that?

The voice drifts right through you.

Try this cable.

It's even better. Trust me.

Well? Much better.

Do I get a discount if I buy the whole set?

Buy the amp here but not the speakers.

They're cheaper at Cheung Wai's.

Who should I ask for? Just tell them Yan sent you.

Which one's mine? The middle copy.

Thanks. You're welcome.

Is Cheung Wai's open yet? Sure.

You bastard.

I asked you to watch the store, not send customers away.

Your speakers are overpriced.

How else am I supposed to pay your boss "protection" money.

You don't look poor to me.

Hey, the cable. I'll bring it back.

I can't sell it after it's opened.

Where are you going? A funeral.

Yan, you've been busted for assault three times.

So I'm officially setting you up with a departmental shrink.

You're too involved in your role.

You're acting like a real criminal.

Have you forgotten you're a cop?

You told me it's only for three years. But you extend it over and over.

I've been doing this shit for 10 years.

You're the deepest agent we've got.

I'm the only one left who knows your real identity.

I could erase your file if you'd rather be a gangster.

What do you want me to do? Never get my hands dirty?

That doesn't work for a gangster. I might as well wear my badge!

When will Sam place his order? Who knows.

Sometime this week.

What? Sometime this week.

The Thais are here.

Once we get the drugs, they'll be put in the warehouse.

Where is that?

How the hell do I know?

Sam won't tell me that stuff yet.

Yan, you can retire after this.

Bullshit. I've heard that one before.

Crap, these lousy mikes again?

How am I supposed to conceal this outdated piece of shit?

You'll find a way to hide it.

I'll stick it up my ass.

What's this, a camera?

How does it work?

It's real. It's for your birthday.

I hate watches.

You arrested them? Yes.

But if we don't get something soon, they'll have to be released.

Tea time.

You want tea, boss? With milk, thanks.

He's been stonewalling us for an hour.

We need to get something before his attorney arrives.

I'm not talking without my lawyer.

I am your attorney.

Have you said anything?

Nothing at all.

That's good.

You should tell me now if you mentioned any names.

Brother Mo told me to ask you if your family needs any help.

Don't get nervous.

They can't record anything while a lawyer is present.

Brother Mo sent you?

Those two kids next door squealed on the hideout already.

The cops are on their way.

I know Brother Mo told you not to say anything.

But he needs to be warned. I don't know his emergency number.


What now?

That's it.

It will set off an alarm.

You better be right.

Okay. Don't worry.

I'll see if I can bail you out.

Take care.

Remember, don't talk to any of the police.

I won't say a word.

Fanny! Yes?


Track this number. Sure.

This is Mo's hideout.

721 Cheung Fai Road, second Floor.

To all cars: 72 1 Cheung Fai Road, second Floor. Okay.

Boss. All set.

Smart guy.

Where's my tea? Here.


That was great.

I had no idea you were a lawyer.


Hello. Yes.

Sure, no problem.

Listen up. We're on another case. Overtime tonight.

Our target is a major drug cartel.

In one hour, they'll be doing a deal with a Thai seller.

Cash will be handed over in the building across the street.

But the delivery location of the goods is still unknown.

CIB will tag the target and tap their phones.

We won't take action until our mole has identified the delivery location.

Let's take a look at our targets.

Our principal stars tonight, are...

Boss Sam, Yan and Del Piero.

It's taken a long time to get close, so we better nail them tonight.

Okay? Let's go.

Sorry for the short notice.

But we're keeping a tight lid on this one.

You think he has cops on his payroll?

He's always a step ahead. Hello, Mom?

Pass the phone to Mom.

I can't make it to dinner.

Too bad.

It's too late to cancel with our Thai friends.

You're so relaxed.

The calm before the storm and all that.


We're monitoring all the area's cell phones.

SP Wong.

SP Wong, which channel? 454870.

Get ready. They're pulling up.

Give me your cell phones.

You two, watch the car.


Yan... bring the Thais in here.

You two, follow me.

Lau? Yes.

Did Sam's gang make any calls?

No. They probably changed phones.

Let's scan for any calls made from this area.


6,500 cell phones are active in this area right now.

267 cell phones are making calls on this street alone.

Give me a minute.

Good work. Thank you.

They're looking this way.

Are those two watching us?

Which two? Those two.

No one's watching us.

Those two making out over there.

They're making out. You think they'd rather watch you?

Watch the door. Yep, we see him.

Boss. They're here.

Hey, man!

What's up? How are you?


Any good?

The best.

You like our weather?

Very cold.

I knew you'd say that!

Thais can't take the cold.

This is nothing.


You got a deal!

License plate number HN397 is taking off.

Repeat. Helen, Nelson, 397 is taking off.

Should we tail them?

Elephant, follow car #1 .

Roger. Follow him.

Piero, you're being tailed. Lead them in circles.

They know our channel.

Switch to a new one.

Sam, what's going on?

Don't worry. Take it easy.

Take care of the Thais for me.

Excuse me.


Use the walkie talkies. We switched channels.

Are you finished?

45— Shut up!

Piero, are you being tailed?

Keep circling.


Use the old channel to tell them we're aborting the mission.

Yes, sir.

Elephant. Abort. Return to the station.


All clear.

What's going on? Our guys are freezing out there.

What's so funny?

I speak Thai. I know what they're saying.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah. They're complaining about their jobs.

What exactly?

Their guys at Lung Koo Bay are freezing to death.

They think this is cold.

That's right. You're sharp.

Cheung, order all cars to Lung Koo Bay.

Boss, I see them.

Tell Keung to check the goods. And make sure no one is around.

Not a soul.

Sam's men are here. They're checking the goods.

Yo, the coke is all here!

Don't be an idiot.

Boss-- I heard.

Tell Keung to shout out that the cocaine is his.

Keung, the Boss wants you to shout the cocaine is yours.

The cocaine is yours.

Take delivery.

They're making the exchange. Get ready.

We're good. Give it to them.

Stand by.

Wait until they step on land.



Throw it overboard! Now!

Keung, ditch the shit!

Police. Freeze.

Hurry! Toss it!

Go! Go!

Dump it all!

We got the men but lost the goods. It's all in the water.

Team 2, hold it. Hold it.

Everyone, follow me.

What are you looking at?

Boss, let's—

Police. Police. Don't move.


That looks good. Not bad.

Seems you were right. Your boys were only strolling on the beach.

So they can go now? Sure, any time.

Or they can join you here for supper.

You haven't had us over for some time.

I'm surprised it's not poisoned.

There's always dessert, you know.

I'll pass.

But I feel bad that you prepared all this for nothing.

And I feel bad that this meal cost you a couple hundred grand tonight.

You think planting a mole will take us down?

You think so too.

There's an old story.

Two guys need kidney transplants, but only one is available.

So they play a game.

They each put a playing card into the other's pocket.

Whoever guesses the card in his own pocket wins.

You know I can see your card.

I know yours too.

I'll beat you.

We'll see.

Well, we'll be more careful.

Me too.

I'm sure you realize... the game's loser dies.

Then you're dead already.

Ever seen someone shake a corpse's hand?

Let's go.

Next to the couch.

Mary? What?

What's the decorator's number?

The interior designer? 9025 5047.

Now I lost count. Where was I?


24? Are you sure? Positive.

Give me the phone. Coming.


Who is it?


It's me. Hi. I'm moving in.

Don't eavesdrop. It's police business.

I lost my goods.

Find me this mole.

Hold on, I'll go outside.

I don't have access to undercover files.

I don't care how difficult it is.

I only know he uses Morse code.

Give me all the information on your people from last night.

Their real names, ID numbers, bank accounts, etc.

Bring it to the theater tonight. Okay.

What's up?

It's 29.



Not the boxes.

I know what my next novel will be about.

A man with 28 personalities.

Your mother?

Don't joke. I'll stop.

Think about it. A man with 28 personalities.

The second he wakes up he could be anybody.

He starts to forget which one is the "real" him.

Creepy, right? Very creepy.

You like it? Yeah, a best seller for sure.

Hold on— What?

Why's the chair so big? Which one?

I must have messed up the measurements.

Take it easy. You get so carried away.

Let's see. Maybe we can make it fit.


Meet up? You want me dead?

One of your officers is a mole.

Find him, then we'll meet.

I can't help you.

It's impossible.



I just can't talk now.

I have an appointment.

I'm seeing your damn shrink!

This chair is... incredible.

I'll tell you where you can get one.

So you don't have to waste your time coming here.

It's more comfortable here.

Don't be so mean.

If it weren't for me, for the past four months... you'd have no time to play computer games.

It's been five months.

Pretty soon, your mandatory "therapy" will end.

Then you can sleep at home.

So soon?

You don't see any improvements?

Can't you prolong my treatment?

I've started getting migraines.

Might be schizophrenia.

Therapy doesn't cure headaches. I'll prescribe some Panadol.

Actually, I do want to ask you something.

It's kind of embarrassing.

What do you think of me?

Do you think I'm a good guy or a bad guy?

I hardly know you at all.

If I tell you something, will you keep it a secret?

I'm a cop.

So am I.

Okay, I'll see you next week. Try to remember your dreams.

Of course.

I'll dream of you.

See you next week.

Only Panadol, eh?


You're going to be promoted.

You'll work for Internal Affairs but you'll stay at OCTB.


Sam has a mole in the department.

I want you to find him.

Why me?

We've vetted all candidates.

You have an immaculate record.

You did a great job at CIB.

Working in IA puts you in touch with senior officials.

It's a great opportunity.

I can already tell... you're going to be a great addition.

When will I meet the board?

I am the board.

Come on, take a swing.


By the way, how's the wedding coming?

Everything's on schedule.

That's great.

Marriage will improve your stability.

As well as your image.

You'll get promoted faster.

Time to broaden your horizons.

Use your real name.

That is my real name.

You know my name is Del Piero? Really?

What's going on?

The Boss told us to fill out these forms.

Must be setting up mutual provident funds for us.

You know, MPF.

You don't know how to spell bodyguard?

What? This isn't right? Not even close.

That's how you spell it.

All right, professor.

I'm getting a shipment in.

They're watching.

Do what you need to do.

But get this mole.

I don't have access. I can't arouse suspicion.

So you're not worried about me... you are worried about yourself, Inspector Lau.

God, these girls are ugly.

I'll take care of it.


I'm coming.


How long have you been with me?

Over three years.

That long?

Time flies.

I have another shipment next week.

But this time...

I'm using some new faces.

You guys can rest.

Even Keung?


He's nuts, you know.

So you've heard about this cop mole?

What should we do?

I'll take care of it.

You will?

I'll find out who he is in a couple of days. Be ready.


I trust you the most of all.

Lau, come here.

No thanks.

Pretty tense.

Just think of them as old friends.

They're not so friendly right now.

They know you're here to dig out the mole.

What do you want from them, a standing ovation?

They're all under the microscope.

They want it to be over more than we do.

Just tell me who's first on the list.

Okay. Any clues?

Two days ago, my guy almost caught the mole.

He lost him.

But when Sam gets another shipment, he'll have to make contact again.

Stay on Sam, and we'll find the mole.

Why do they need me?

Don't say that.

Division sent you because they have confidence in you.

Not everyone can handle IA cases.

It's stuffy in here.

Let's get some air. You want coffee?

I'll pour you a cup.

Two days ago, my guy almost caught the mole.

Stay on Sam, and we'll find the mole.




The bed has arrived.

Is that so? Comfortable?

You want to try it out? I have work to do.

All work and no play-

No, I can't.

Come on.

How about next Saturday? I'm free then.

Okay, it's up to you.

Up already? Yes.

We just "tested" the bed and you're back at work?

I'm very hardworking.

What are you writing now? Here.

I'm getting worried.

My main character is turning out to be pathetic.


He needs to be happier.

Maybe I should turn him into a good guy.

I mean, he's good but he does bad things. How does something like that end?

Good question. I'll leave it up to the genius.

Come back to bed. Help me with the ending.

I can't.

Then go back to sleep, old man.

From now on, you follow SP Wong around the clock.

I know how to spot an undercover cop.


If he's watching you but pretending to do something else.

Then he's a cop.

Is that so?

Then everybody's a cop. They're everywhere.



Watching something?

You're a cop.

We're playing "find the cop."

Good luck.

I'm going for a massage, wanna come? Forget it.

Don't tell.

You're a cop. Shut up.

What a coincidence.

Just shopping in the old neighborhood.

Haven't seen you for ages.

Almost seven years.

How are you?

Married. And you?

Still doing the same—


Your daughter? Yes.

How old is she?

She's five.

I've got to meet my husband, so— I'll see you around.

Mommy, I'm six!

Sorry, Mommy always forgets.

Where are you now? On my way.


Boss, he's taking the subway.

Keep on him.

Boss, he's gone to the 24th floor.

Don't move until I tell you.

Boss, we've got him.

Don't know yet.

But I know where he is now.

Keep watch over here.

What's the word, Yan?

A shipment's coming in next week.

Time and location still unknown.

I don't know who Sam's mole is, but he's confident he can find me.

In that case...

we'd better get out before we get caught.

Are you kidding?

I don't want you getting killed.


Boss said he found the mole. He told us to take care of him.

I'll be right there.


Find SP Wong!

You two, take the stairs.

Keung, take the elevator.

Anyone know about our meeting? No.

Sam's men are downstairs.

Hey, what are you doing?

Put it away.

Take the window washing crane.

What about you?

I'll take the elevator.

Be careful.



Darling, the apartment is superb.

A 180-degree window facing the golf course.

Plus club membership and—

Superintendent Wong.

Drive around to the main entrance.

Any observations about me?

It's real. It's for your birthday.

Let's go. Police! Let's go!


SP Wong is down!

Shots rang out in Sheung Wan this afternoon.

Leaving three people dead and several others wounded.

Police confirmed one of the dead was OCTB Superintendent Wong.

Details are sketchy, but it appears to be a case of gang warfare.

Triads in Southern Kowloon are suspected.

The police chief expressed his condolences... and pledged to swiftly solve the case.

That was a close one.

Ten minutes after you left Boss told us to get ready.

I was scared shitless.

You know, I can't stand violence.

But this was serious stuff.

I just wanted to run away.

Two days ago, Boss invited me into his room.

He asked me how long I'd worked for him.

I couldn't even remember.

So he says "Keung, it's been five years already."

"And you've always been loyal."

"I have a question for you."

"If one of our brothers is a mole, would you be able to take him out?"

Of course I said yes to his face. I'm no idiot!

It's just as well no one found the mole.

That Wong guy was tough.

They dragged him upstairs, and beat him for 10 minutes.

Ten long minutes.

He didn't make a peep.


Boss said... the cops were hot on his trail.

And whoever didn't show up today is the mole.

I didn't tell him... you went for a massage.

If he knew, you'd be dead.

Yan, I want to ask you something.

Is your masseuse pretty?

Because... if she's a pig, it's not worth it.

Get out of here.

Cops'll be here any minute.

Remember this.

If you see someone watching you... but pretending... to do something else...

they're cops.

Closed-circuit TV shows us...

SP Wong entered the building at 4:15 p.m.

The suspects entered 20 minutes later.

At 4:38 p.m. we received Inspector Lau's report.

Eight minutes before we arrived, a body fell off the building.

It was SP Wong.

All the suspects killed or injured belong to Sam's gang.

Many others got away.

Do you know why SP Wong went to that building?

Not sure. I had CIB following him.

Why was CIB following him?

That's IA's business.

Now that SP Wong is dead, It is OCTB's business!

What kind of attitude is that?

SP Wong was a loyal man, and you investigated him?

What kind of attitude is that?

You have to let us do our jobs!

You screwed up or SP Wong wouldn't be dead.

I'm talking business here.

And I'm getting personal.

Nobody wanted this, okay?

Sorry, sir.

It was my negligence.

I'm just as angry as you.


SP Wong has a file on our undercover officer in Sam's gang... but it's locked with a password.

The technical staff can't open it.

Inspector Lau. Yes?

Work with CIB to decode it.

Find our man and get him out of there. Okay?

And also...

SP Wong was a good cop.

We'll give him a hero's funeral.


Yes, sir.

Boss, you went overboard this time.

He was getting too close. It was either him or me.

I'm in charge here now.

I can make your next transaction go smoothly.

No need.

We got the goods while they killed the cop today.

A nice distraction. Eh?

Why are you calling me?

It's really you.

Who are you?

Inspector Lau at OCTB.

Maybe you should come home.

I have unfinished business.

SP Wong wouldn't want you to take the law into your own hands.

What do you want?


Police have discovered the body ofa fugitive suspect... involved in the Sheung Wan shoot out earlier today... and have confirmed the body is that of undercover cop Keung.

The OCTB have expressed their condolences... and have promised a thorough investigation.

Boss, Yan is back.

Three vehicles collided in Yuen Long today.

One driver was trapped until firefighters arrived.



I took care of Keung.

Did he know about the warehouse?

We could have problems if he did.


We're still being followed.

Keep circling around.

Spread the word.

Make sure the others know.

Inspector Cheung.

Tell our guys to drop the tail on Sam.

He's headed to the warehouse, but he'll change course... if he thinks he's being tailed.

Just call them off.

Do it for SP Wong if not for me.

I need your help.

Tell them!

This isn't my case.

I'm not getting involved.

If you want something, talk to them.

I know you blame me for SP Wong's death.

But I'm a cop just like you. And I want to solve this case!

And get promoted, too?

I got a tip from Wong's mole.

Don't you want the chance... to finish the job that SP Wong started?



Attention: Target vehicle on Highway No. 3.

U-turn at Pier No. 3 to Lung Cheung Road.

Targets arrived and are on their way up the car park.

Hey, Lau. I'm not supposed to be on this case.

It's your ass if this thing crashes.

They're loading up at 4P.

Elephant, stand by at exit 3P.

Double 8, stand by at entrance 2P.

Fishball, Cheung, stand by here.

Everyone wait for my signal.

Hey, Boss told me to stay behind.

Drop me here.

Go! Go! Police!

Run them over.

My master always said...

"What millions died that Caesar might be great."

But you can choose your own future.

I've chosen.

Here's some coffee.

He's been waiting.

So it's you.

How's the stereo?

Pretty good.

The tubes have to warm up.

After 10 minutes, they sound great.

Should I salute you?

Forget it.

How long have you been undercover?

Been with Sam three years.

A few others before him.

Altogether, it's been 10 years.

Ten years.

I should salute you instead.

I just want my life back.

I want to be normal.

Had enough?

If you've never been a mole, you can't understand.

Too bad I couldn't find Sam's spy.

I'd like to take him down.

It's over now. Let me give you back your identity.

I'd open your file but... no one knows the password.

It's Morse code for "undercover."

That's it?

You're telling me you can't spell bodyguard?

What? This isn't right? Not even close.

Dr. Lee.

I didn't think you'd come.

You're wanted by the police.

It's not what it looks like.

Let's talk upstairs.

You told me you were a cop. Is that true?

It's true.

But I can't prove it.

What's your plan?

Don't have one. Still thinking.

I just wanted to tell you something... though it's embarrassing.

Remember I said I dreamt about you?

It's true.

Me too.


What's the matter? Is it broken?

This morning, a guy from the electronics store came by.

He tuned it up. He left a CD for you.

I listened to it.

Have you eaten yet?

I'll get you something.

Iced tea?

A snack?


I can't finish my story...

unless I know if the lead is good or bad.

He has to make up his mind. I'm getting a shipment in.

They're watching.

Do what you have to do.

But get this mole.

I don't have access. I can't arouse suspicion.

So you're more worried about yourself... than you are about me, Inspector Lau.

Voices crisp enough?

That recording was from Sam's office.

There are plenty more like it.

Don't threaten me. What do you want?

I want my identity back.

3 p.m. Central Ferry Pier. Keep your cell on.

The number you have dialed can't be connected. Please leave a message.

Mary, I'm sorry.

You didn't hear the whole story.

I've chosen to be the good guy.

No matter what. I'm going to do the right thing.

I need you to believe in me.

Believe that I'm the good guy.

By the book.

I also went to cadet school.

Do all undercover cops like rooftops?

Unlike you, I'm not afraid of the light.

Where's my file?

You have nothing for me either.

So what are we gonna do?

Did we come up here to sunbathe?

We need to talk.

What for?

I'm not the same man.

I've turned over a new leaf.


Tell it to the judge.

Maybe he'll give you a break.

Why not kill me?

No way.

I'm a cop.

Are you?

Freeze! Police!

Drop your weapon and let Inspector Lau go.

Your boss is Sam's mole.

I have evidence.

Let's clear this up at the station.

Drop it. Drop it, now!

Cops are on their way.

I don't trust you.

I don't care.

You'll never make it out.

Don't shoot your boss.

You are my eyes inside the police force.

Bottoms up, "officers."

It's okay. We're brothers.

Now that Sam's dead...

you don't have to worry.

I infiltrated in 1994.

But my career never took off.

Sam looked down on me.

I got rid of Sam's tapes.

I'm your man from now on.

Cops'll be here any minute.

Let's give 'em a good show.

I'm actually pretty smart.

Too bad Sam never realized it.

Shots fired.

I'm a cop.

Six months later: Yan's psychiatrist, Dr. Lee... uncovered personal files of the former cadet headmaster... and proved Yan's police identity.

I'll dream of you, Officer Yan.

You break the rules and you're out.


Who wants to be like ex-cadet Yan?

I do.

Says the Buddha: "He who is in Continuous Hell never dies."

"Longevity is a big hardship in Continuous Hell."