Infini (2015) Script

Step forward, please. Sir, take your eye line to me.

What is your name? Lieutenant Philipa Boxen.

Look me dead in the eye. I'm gonna ask you a series of questions.

I'll repeat the question. I advise you to take your eyes to me.

What is your name? Claire Grenich.

Do you know where you are? Yeah, East Coast Headquarters.

I need your full cooperation before I can clear you.

Chester P Huntington.

What does the P stand for? Peter.

Charlie Kent. Captain Seet Johanson.

How are you feeling? Please focus and cooperate with me!

I'm a BioMed. Sir, you must tell me immediately.

Sir, are you hallucinating? No.

You're quite jittery, sir. Harris Menzies.

My vision is fine. I told you that already.

Huntington, answer the damn question! Do you believe in the resurrection?

It's hot in here. How many times have we done this shit?

I'm sure you don't wanna be standing here all day. And neither do I!

Pick this up! Come on! Yeah.

What the fuck? I don't wanna fucking hear about it.

I wanna clear you, I wanna... Can I get the fuck out of here now?

I need answers. Kent, stay with me. Emma!

I'm looking at you!

Hey, there, early bird.

Everything okay?

I'm either really excited or... just stone cold shit scared.

Probably both, but that's a good thing. It'll bring you home each night.


We are doing the right thing here. Well, maybe we're not.

Obviously nothing good can come from getting us out of this and into a better life.

Is it too early for me?

Not today. The correct answer is not any day.

I've trained my ass off for this.


Which is why those tactical boys won't know what hit them.

And whatever you have to do... you come home to us at the end.

That's old school.

Don't go. I have to go...

You don't have to go. Please? Please? I'll take this with me.

It'll be my lucky charm. But actually, you don't have to go.

I promise you... that I'll be home for dinner tonight.

Now you stop looking like that. I'm not looking like anything.

I'm gonna take this book. I gotta go. No, no, no. Please, please, please.

No, no, sit down, sit down. I can't.

This is an order, sit down! It's my first day!

I have to go, I have to go to work. No. No.

Are those tears? Please?

I gotta go. I gotta go. Please? No.

I'm betting we sit around doing core drills...

Okay! You bitches ready to rock?

Where's my wing man?

I was looking for my old buddy boy... not some poser who looks like he should be over on the east coast.

We hate those pussies.

Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Whit Carmichael's first day in the big leagues.

Come on, gimme some sugar, Brohemius.

Yeah, in front of the boys, come on, man. It's all good.

We've all been through it.

I'm gonna kick your ass. That's cute.

Look how cute they are! You said you weren't gonna do this.

And what? You believed me? You good?

Yeah, I'm good. You're gonna fit right in.

Okay, Schmiddy, Fisher, Matson, you guys are outta here.

Why we gotta leave? Because you're dressed and I ordered it.

We got a 9:30 at technical. I'll be down in a minute.

Get out of here.

So, Dave... Yeah?

You wanna talk to me about anything?

Not really. Why?

No, I was just going through the slip logs and...

I noticed something small, real small... like a couple of minutes missing.

Now to most, that don't mean much, but to me... well, it kinda looks like someone might've borrowed time they didn't have.

Probably just an error, something that small, you know.

Or a dirty jump.

Who am I talking to here?

My captain... or my friend?


Maybe you don't wanna hear this? Sure he does.

Our trouble's now his trouble. Come on. Your trouble's always been my trouble.

Listen, we can't chat about this here.



Tonight at Sake House, then.

Can't do tonight, I'm sorry. I promised Lisa I'd be home.

What? You're kidding me.

She's pregnant, you know how she gets. I promised. She made me promise.

You see what I mean? Puddy-whipped.

Hey, does anybody else know?

All personnel squads 14 to 28 are preparing to jump. I repeat...

Okay, where we at? ...squads 14 to 28 are preparing to jump.

We have no idea what you will encounter when you arrive.

You know what you've got to do. You're going in blind.

We have no idea what you'll encounter when you arrive.

Above all, I want you back safe, all of you.

All personnel squads 14 to 28 are preparing to jump.

We're on standby. Grab your gear. Back on deck, boys, back on deck.

You are go in... five, four... three... two... one.

We have squad 28 incoming in three... two... one.

Quarantine breach. Squad 19. What happened to the rest of them?

Squad 21. Bronson, put down that weapon!

Bronson, what are you doing?

Don't arm that! Don't arm that!

Okay, we're on, let's go.


Emergency lockdown in effect.

The door is locked! Let me at it.

What do you mean it's locked?

Emergency lockdown in effect. Please remain in your quarters.

Where's security? We need goddamn reinforcements!

You see that?

We got a fire! We got a fire!

Sit tight. Hold tight.

Get down! Down!

Dave, get the black box. What box?

Dave, you've got the box! I know you've got it! Get it!

Fuck! Worst fucking day of my life.

Stay down, buddy boy. What's he getting, the jump box?

Why are you getting that thing? No, no, no, I'm not jumping!

We're not dirty jumping! Check the coordinates.

Don't fucking move.

What have we got, Dave? Infini, where the fuck is that?

Come on, show me, show me. It's off the grid.

That can't be right! It's off the grid! Check it again!

...Delta sequence commencing. Fuck!

What's delta lockdown? Dave, what's delta lockdown?

We're gonna fucking die, man. We gotta dirty jump, right now.

To where those other guys went? To where those other fucking guys went?

The next step after a delta lockdown is stasis! You know that!

Our destination is fixed to wherever this is and I ain't fucking going!

We've gotta jump, now!

Shit, they're gassing!

Go, go, go! Just don't move, don't move.

It's... hang on, hang on, hang on.

You're good. Move, move! He's done.

Something at APEX is shutting me out. Fucking fix it!

Your clearances are too high to crack! Dave, you can fix it!

I can't, it's not fucking letting me in! I can't fucking break the code!

Carmichael, you're out in five.

Oh, Jesus. It's all right, it's all right.

We're gonna figure this out, right?

Sef, I can't die here.

I don't wanna die, Sef. I gotta get home. I gotta get home.

Buddy boy?

Have you seen these new plasmid readings? I'm seeing everything. That's my job.

Look, if it is not a fucking fact, I don't wanna know about it.

Good morning. Menzies, Jacklar, Huntington, Captain Johanson, Grenich, Kent, this is Philipa Boxen, your acting lieutenant.

She's just passing through. Be nice.

Rex Manning's been drafted in as added security. You're gonna fucking need it.

In front of you is a sample of what is already in your kits.

I'll get to that in a moment. Now listen up.

I'm getting this intel as you are. There's way too much conjecture for my liking.

I'm calling bullshit on half of this, remember that. Here we go.

The OI Infini... the furthest outpost in our galaxy.

Sitting on a rock devoid of life, devoid of light, and frozen to the point of near infinite crush.

Claire, you sure you're all right?

Please, please, be quiet.

But what she's best known for is the worst deep space disaster in history.

1,600 men and women, all workers, killed when the mineral aggregate opus... a potential mined energy source unique to that planet, turned out to be highly volatile under normal operating conditions.

Then why build a station out there in the first place?

They should've known that beforehand. Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

The station was permanently shut down and all pending shipments halted... an order classified code Zephyr in the realisation, and I quote...

"A catastrophic global event was imminent if the contents of any one payload

"ever met with our atmosphere".

Which is where the real shit-storm occurs.

12 minutes ago, west coast slip stream depot 946 attempted to recall research officer Montoli Reece... from active duty on mining station Infini.

Now, we know Montoli was part of an inspection team of 15 sent to assess the site following the recent disaster.

During the time out there, something happened to the other members of the crew resulting in their deaths.

HQ tried to pull Montoli out... he crippled his APEX device to remain on the facility.

So are we talking villain or saviour here? I would definitely go with the former... expect phenordementia, maybe even rhombust psychosis.

So should we be expecting some sort of fire fight out there?

Jacklar, I don't fucking know. Well, we've got Rex Mannings.

Be prepared for anything. Okay, listen!

Whilst on Infini...

Montoli was able to bring base operations back online via the local network, then severed remote connection.

He has prepped a payload... to be delivered to an undisclosed location here on Earth.

Given the slipstreams, is six minutes from now.

I don't have to tell you how important this mission is. Wait.

We just lost the west coast.

Which squad? Every single person.

The entire division.

Shit. They jumped in to extract Montoli.

I'm hearing... they think it's an airborne threat out there.

West coast went into lockdown.


They had to be lethally quarantined.

What about the ones in the field? On Infini?

We're hearing someone had the insight to blow out the compartment housing that sent the whole station into a deep freeze.

So they're all dead. No, no. All but one.

Whit Carmichael. 34, basic grunt, sub-specialty survival tech.

Looks like he eventually wanted to become one of you.

Smart guy. What did he do?

Records show an illegal jump into Infini, assumably to escape the lockdown.

Okay, okay, locator markers have him last pegged in the furnace control room.

That makes sense. It seals tight in an emergency to protect the core.

He's been out there a week already. His rations will be getting low.

A week? He only left Earth a few minutes ago.

Yeah, correct.

So we're talking serious time dilation here.

I'm reading a whole bunch of singularity, black hole bullshit, but basically, you're gonna be gone for one minute, 14 seconds of our time which will give you just over 24 hours, one day out there.

Okay. Great.

Guys, best case scenario, they can get us out of there in two hours.

There's no safety net! That's right.

It is a long way from home, the furthest you have ever been.

Now, your primary order... is to stop that payload leaving Infini and bring this Carmichael home.

The focused military approach has proven ineffective.

We are relying on you, our best search and rescue team, to get this job done.

Deployment in 45 seconds.

What's with the antiques? Nothing else will work out there.

We're hearing current plasma tech is rendered useless against the electrical fields.

You will be relying solely on basic packs.

Even our readouts? Everything... 30 seconds.

There better be a hell of a big bonus for this.

You bring this in, I deliver the credits myself.

Your suits are sealed with two layers of resistance, but won't stand that level of cold indefinitely.

I have marked all generators and key locations on your maps.

You said airborne contagion. It is an assumption, like a lot of this.

Ten seconds!

All right, nothing stupid. Safe and steady.

There's a reason they bring us in last, right?

We'll see you in a minute.

Kent, where are we at?

Storage room. Lower deck, level three.

You got any thermal reads?

No, it's too cold. It's 70 below.

I'm not gonna see anything on this. Stay on it anyway.

I'm not reading anything for air contaminants but we are surrounded by some kind of coolant agent.

Boxen. Yeah?

Take Jacklar to find Carmichael. Yes, sir.

Menzies, Grenich and Kent, you're on payload.

We'll use the service tunnels. I've marked your access points on your maps.

Keep moving. This cold will set in much faster than you think.

All right, Mannings, Huntington, you're with me to the generators.

Everyone stay on the comms. We regroup back in the control room.

Boxen, if you find this Carmichael guy, if there's any risk, you call it in to assess. Got ya, Cap.

Payload is priority. So is getting home alive. Let's move.

Loud and clear. Jacklar, let's go.

Huntington, move.

Don't touch anything!

Okay, guys, we got some bodies here. Keep it tight.

I must say, I was a bit surprised to see you at the meeting this morning, Mannings.

Well, it was a late call. Babysitting mission.

For who? Keep Huntington out of trouble.

The babysitter. Yeah, well, it looks that way.

Someone wants to make sure you get the east coast command... not like these poor bastards.

What the fuck is he talking about, Huntington?

Last job.

He's moving up in the world. You wanna be in politics?

Governor Huntington. Which way, Huntington?

Should be stairs up the front there.

Man, if there's anything alive in this shithole, they gotta be hearing that.

Let's hope so.

Okay, I think we're good.

Holy shit. Look at his neck.

Embolised arteries... interesting. Yeah.

This cold's worse than whatever screwed with the plasmids.

Tell me about it. My PDA is fucked.

Two more cross sections down on our right will lead through to operations. Let's move.

Could use a little heat in this place, you know?

This guy did a real number here.

What are your thoughts?

You know what? Actually not that hard.

The software might be a different trick, though.

What's powering this?

Yeah. Yeah, that's a good question.

It's definitely on a different circuit to the station.

Wait, wait.


Metal on metal. Let's move.

Claire, heat will be on soon. Just focus on having that panel prepped, okay?

Still reading all clear on the air.

As expected, these particles show traces of human compounds... zinc, magnesium, H2O, but nothing harmful.

Don't sound so disappointed, Menzies.

Just hoping for something other than this goddamn cold to kill me.

Come on!

Rex? Yeah.

Okay, we got a body. Seet, two o'clock.

Clear? Clear.

What the fuck is that?

Hey, don't touch! I don't know what it is.

Right through the neck.

No entry point. Let's get to the generators.

Huntington, where are the generators?

Two doors on the left. Copy that.

Let's move.

Move. Okay, just don't touch.

Jesus Christ.

Oh, man.

Nine days in this place? Who knows what's through that door.

I'm gonna try him. Whit Carmichael... this is Philipa Boxen with SS Tier 1 Search and Rescue. Can you hear me?

Ask again.

Whit Carmichael... this is Philipa Boxen with SS Tier 1 Search and Rescue. Can you hear me?


Nah, wall's too thick. No way reception's getting through.

Fucking gloves.

I'm used to doing this with my fingers.

I'm gonna take a look at the surrounds.

Yeah. Yeah, go.

I need a moment with this fucking thing.

The furnace is running on bare minimum, and we've lost contact with Carmichael.

Closing these vents would be a good start.

Generator, what's the deal? Chester's working on it.

I'm looking for the bar.

What did you just say?

Mannings, did you just say you were looking for a bar?

Just making sure I'm the first asshole to be eaten by the monsters when they appear.

Boxen, Mannings, off the comms.

Huntington, I found the mess hall.

Nothing happening here.

Don't fucking be mean!

Don't be mean!

My balls are fucking shrinking from the cold, you son of a fucking bitch!



Okay, good job, guys.

Good job.

Kent, we got a program here and it looks like it's running... I don't know.

Yeah, I'm seeing the same thing. Can you work it?

Do you know any Latin? Why would I?

Exactly. It's a dead language, just like this one.

Give me a second, I'll see what I can do.

Cap, are you seeing this?

Guys, give me a minute.

Go dark on comms.

What's happening?

Cap, you on top of this?

Cap, you getting this? The air is purging!

Hey, what did you do? I'm not doing it.

Tell me what's going on here, man. I can't find Rex.

Seet, what's going on? Rex, where the hell are you, man?

Cap, you touch something?


Everybody, stay where you are. We're not in control here.

Is everyone feeling okay? Relax. We're stabilising.

Time to get warm.

It's just steam, guys, it's steam. Oh, fuck, my visor's cracking!

Yeah, they build them strong, okay? Temp is skyrocketing, but you will hold. Trust me.

It's okay. The suit will hold.

We got movement!

We may have contact with Carmichael. Standby.

Copy that. Be careful.

Raise your hands.

Raise your hands now! Where we can see them.

You've got about two seconds before I light you up.

Raise your fucking hands now! Slowly.

Identify yourself.

What's your name? What's your name, soldier?


My name is Whit Carmichael.

I had to be certain.

100 percent certain that you guys weren't like the others.

As in the rest of your squad?

As in every fucking soldier that slipstreamed in here!

This place was a fucking slaughter house.

It started with the miners attacking and then everything, everyone, they just...

Wait. I thought all the miners were killed in a blast.

Yeah, well, no one fucking told them that!

These guys were fucking berserk.

They were deformed and they were real strong and they were fucking insane!

What caused it? If not airborne, then what?

I don't know... I don't know if it's a...

It's contagion of sorts. I don't fucking know.

Whenever they touched each other, skin to skin or fucking blood or whatever... these guys were clawing at their skin like it was burned in acid.

It was like these...

It was like these urges just overtook them.

That's some urge.

My APEX didn't fire.

I thought I'd get home, I didn't.

Your entire west coast sector was lethally quarantined.

Nobody was there to bring you home.

And how did you manage to be the only one left alive?

I hid.

I hid inside a fucking ducting vent.

And I fucking crawled away.

And I found myself in this room, in this furnace room.

It was powered on a separate route to the main line.

And then when I... I fired up the monitors and... when I saw what was still fucking going on...

I blew the external vents and I sealed myself in.

Killing everybody in here.


He did what he had to do.

Take mine.

That's some story.

In the mess hall, I found human body parts removed and placed in their categories based on their functionality.

What can you tell me about that?

I had fucking nothing to do with that, man.

I swear.

There's no one else on the station, right?

Almost the entire station's been exposed to the freeze.

I've seen nothing on the monitors since, no movement, nothing.

And you turned everything on... the power, the vents, everything, right?

My first job out of term school was writing code.

This stuff, it's old, it runs on ASCII and basic binary.

It's just maths and simple commands.

Wait, wait, wait. You figured out how to run the entire station through that?

It just took a little time. I've had fucking plenty of that.

Whit, listen... we need to take the payload offline permanently. Can you do it?

You motherfuckers aren't here for me at all, are you?

Of course we are. Shut the fuck up!

It's just the order.

When do we leave? Chester will recode your APEX.

I said how fucking long until we slipstream home?

Just over 22 hours. No.

No, no, no, no, no. Hey.

You got a family?

You got kids? My wife's pregnant.

We will get you home.

Okay? But you have to help us first.

We need your help.

Just get me the fuck out of here.

What are you doing? Give me a second and don't touch anything.

How do we know this guy is in the same... I don't wanna talk about this here.

Come on. Come on.

X is 3247 minus 450Z.

That's 124... That's a 4... 148.

It's 148.

Pacific Ocean just off San Francisco.

That's where your payload's headed.

Are you sure? Yes.

God, I need someone to go back down to operations!

For what?

I think I can get the payload offline. I need someone down there on the dials.

You mean, the terminal? It's still pretty raw.

I can do the terminals from here. I need someone down there to force the override.

I'm on it. Cap Go.

Whit... patch in to my comms, frequency 12.107.

Grenich, Jacklar, go with him.

Hey, what's that guy's name? Menzies. Harris Menzies.

Be safe. Hey, you look after them.

Hey, Menzies, you hear me? Loud and proud.

Okay, just hold tight.

I expect an early extraction after this.

You deliver and so will I.

You know what? You guys should check this out. Take a look out this window.

Why? Just check it out.

At least now we know what's powering the station.

You've certainly been a welcome addition, Carmichael.

Promised my wife I'd be home for dinner.

Technically, it's not even lunch back on Earth.

Ten minutes, that's all I've been gone.

Does your head in if you think about it too much.

It's the only thing that's kept me going.

Yeah, I've got a little girl expecting me at a school science fair this afternoon.

You got a daughter? Yeah.

How old? Six.

What's her name? Josephine Emma.

That's a beautiful name.


What do you tell her when you go to work?

What are we supposed to do with this? It's shot.

Daddy loves you all the way to the Milky Way.

Not the short way, but the long way.

Are you in that room yet? Are you in the furnace room yet?

Yeah. Just hold tight.

We didn't need you to come down here with us.

I can do this on my own.

What can you do on your own, Claire?

Look at our lives, Morgan. Look at it.

It wouldn't work. Yeah, look at our lives.

A child needs support on all levels.

I would walk away from this in a heartbeat. Menzies, are you standing by?


I need the furnaces to think they're gonna go critical, that way I can access the override.

You understand? Yeah.

Grenich, I need you on the valves. Which one?

Start at B3 and you work your way round from there.

I would've done the same thing, Whit.

I would've locked myself up in this control room.

And I would've blown these external vents.

Fuck 'em, right?

Gotta think of yourself.

You had a wife. Baby on the way, right?

That's what you gotta be thinking about, I get it.

Are you infected, Whit?


Are you infected?

Let me look at your eyes.

Let me see your eyes.

If you don't show me your eyes... Do I look infected?

Look. Take a good look.

If I was infected, I would've ripped your fucking east coast throat out, trust me.

Now, why don't you fuck off and let me do your job?

It's nothing to worry about. It's just the alarm for the override.

It lasts about ten minutes. That's all. You kidding me?

Carmichael, have you done this kind of thing before?

Okay, Grenich, you start winding your way back right now! Go!


I'm turning.

Safety valve off.

Gauge isn't responding!

It's in the red! Should we be worried?

No, no, no. It's just 'cause the furnaces are hitting critical, that's all.

What? Carmichael, the furnaces at critical could take this whole place apart.

She's right.


Carmichael, you okay with this? Yeah, I got it, I got it!

My people are down there.

Menzies! Now! Go now!

We need to bring this down, Carmichael.

I need those levels dropped on the furnace! You tell me when they're in amber!

Grenich! Jacklar! Where are we at?

Already falling.

Cap, we're out of the red.


Captain, your payload is offline.

Good work, Menzies.

We regroup in the control room. Loud and clear.

Let's get the fuck out of here.

Okay, I am now deleting all controls beyond that so that no one else...


Mannings, med kit!

Chester, get over here! Fuck!

Cap! Chester! Chester!

Get over there!

What's going on up there? The captain's been attacked.

Cap? Come on. Check his wound.

No! Wait! Wait! They need us, Menzies.

Carmichael, do you hear me?


I don't wanna die. You said there was no one else in here!

Seet! Seet!


Jesus, Rex! Fuck!

Get it out of me!

Help me, Charlie!

Get it out of me!


Menzies, you stay away. You find somewhere and you fucking hide. You hear me?

Stay away!

Come on.

Come on.

Come on.


Hey, Whit... I can hear you breathing.

I can hear your heart beating.


Where are you?


You told me this place was secure!



I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I just wanna talk to you. I just wanna talk to you for a second. I need your help.

We could help each other. I can help you.

Come on. Come on. I'm sorry.

I don't know what to do. You're a dead man.

Your chances are done. You're a dead man.

Whit, I can hear you breathing. Blood's on your hands.

You're a dead man. You killed us.

You lied to me!

You killed my team!

Whit! I'm coming for you!

Whit! I'm coming for you!


You're a fucking parasite!

Dependant. Weak.

I got you!

Game over!


Mineral opus classified as frozen organic life form.

Primordial ooze.

Liquefies at minus ten degrees Celsius.

Affliction immediate after exposure.

Typical transgression, 30 seconds to three minutes.

Longer resistance observed in select subjects who displayed advanced... advanced emotional stability.

Longest known resistance, two hours.

Chaos chain reaction with organic matter, unpredictable results.

Will replicate tissue, blood and organs over time.

Host dependant, initial diagnosis is parasitic.

Incorrect evaluation.

Controls host until new balance restored.

Complete dominance, highly-evolutionary based, instinct predatory.


Perfect organism. Perfect organism.

Perfect organism.

Case study one, pure specimen.

Introduced single cell of human blood culture.

Within one hour, human circulatory network formed... with signs of potential for a basic nervous system.

Snap frozen in 82 minutes.

Case study two, introduced multiple cells of human blood culture.

Organism demonstrated alpha properties... and attacked itself... to establish... a single dominant cell.

Signed Montoli J Reese, IPE Science Unit.

No! Release the fucking gun or I snap your neck! Three, two, one!

Are you infected? Whit! Answer me! No! No, no...

Are you sure about that? Yes, I'm fucking sure!

My gun will be on you.

Move suddenly and I shoot. No hesi-fucking-tation!

You don't move! Yes!

Answer me, you fucking got it? Just fucking let me go!

Now get up!

Show me those hands!

You look like fucking shit.

How the fuck do you expect me to look? You don't look so fucking great yourself.

How did you find me? I was in here before you arrived.

You were in the locker the whole time? Only when I heard footsteps.

Can't trust anyone right now.

Can I put my hands down now? How did you avoid exposure?

Answer me! Easy! Easy! Easy! Easy! Easy!

I was in the control room. I was on the other side of the room.

The ship went down on one side, I was over there talking to you, remember?

Daddy loves you to the Milky Way.

The long way, not the fucking short way, remember?

Remember? We were talking. I was talking to you.

How did you end up with Morgan's gun?

Look at me!

How did you end up with Morgan's gun?

Everyone else got infected.

Everyone. There was blood everywhere.

I don't know about Morgan. I don't know how he got infected. But I saw him.

Morgan attacked Charlie right in front of me. They didn't know I was there.

Morgan... Morgan killed Charlie.

He left him. He left his gun and I took it and I ran. I swear.

You got any idea what the fuck's going on?

I'm starting to.

In there.

So that would make this entire planet a living entity.

Only when it's thawed, yeah.

Kind of explains why they tried to mine it as a fuel source.

It's highly combustible.

Only not in the way they want.

I've never heard of anything like this.

You never had sea monkeys as a kid?

It's just like them.

Basically, they're saying that it's like an archetype of life.

Extreme evolution, wherever it goes, whatever it touches.

So why is everyone getting so fucked up?

I think because its basic instinct is predatory.

It's looking for an alpha among us.

Something from which it can grow, can evolve.

It just wants to exist. It doesn't realize the consequence to us.

I doubt it would care, either.

It's not capable of understanding.

Not yet, anyway.

Like a cancer.

How do we stop it?

I don't think we can.

I think we need to get home.

Report this place, make sure that no one ever comes back.

It's not like this place is on any random route.

Just... lock it up.

Throw away the key, you know?

Oh, man!

You okay? Yeah. Yeah.

I took a fall. I... busted a rib. Where?

I was running down the corridor, I went to jump and I tripped. I... broke a rib. I'm sure of it.

When I was running from the control room, when I yelled at you.

Remember when I told you to stay away?

It was just after that.

It's okay. I'm sorry.

This thing could replicate anything organic, right?


Basically, it could create a complete human being with enough time, yeah?

With enough time, yeah.

Seet and Chester are the only ones who can dial in an early extraction.

We've gotta find Chester. He's our man.

Chester, if he's still alive, and if he's on our side, then, yeah.

And on our side?

If we pull them out early...

what about quarantine at the other end?

I would rather take my chances there... than another minute here.

I took these from operations.

We should start with control and see if he's there.

Rex! Put it down! Put it down!

No, no, no, Rex! Rex! Rex, don't. Don't do this.

Put it down!

Can you make choices, Whit?

Where do you wanna go? Answer me.

I'm going home. We need to get home. I am home!

It... sees you, Whit.

What? What is life, Whit?

I want the answer.

What is it?

It's everything.

You stand there, you fuck, like you fucking are so important.

You are so important.

You are nothing, Whit.

I will tell you what life is.

Hey, hey, hey... easy! Who is that?

That is Menzies. He is part of your team. Don't do this! You have a choice!

Oh, shut up! Fuck!

You're a fucking... liar!

Lie! Fuck!

Look at me!

I am here because of you!

I'm sorry.

Every day protect you! Protect you!


What the fuck are you doing, Rex? Rex...

I've got a little girl waiting for me, Rex.

You met her, Rex. You met her. I don't care.

Rex, he's part of your team. He's your friend.

Don't you kill him. You have a choice not to kill him.


It's Harris. It's your friend. It's your friend! It's your friend!

He's on your team. Rex. Rex.

Life, Whit.

We've got a way out of here. We've got a way out.

Life, Whit.

This moment... right now, Whit... is life... and life... is nothing... without choice.

Fuck! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!

Whit, please! Whit, don't leave me here!

All the way to the Milky Way.

Not the short way, but the long way!


I can't help you now.

We can't help each other.

What the fuck would you know?

You lied to me. You lied to my crew.

You lied to my Emma.

Oh, please!

Please! I'll hunt you down... and blow your fucking larynx through your skull!

I had you right in my sights... you fucking little cocksucker!

What are you, Whit?

And I promise that I'll be home for dinner tonight.

Murderer! Murderer...

I just want you to know I'm proud of you.

You mean the world to me.

You're my kids.

You proud of me?

You're my little ones.

Killed in a dream.

And what we did here was special.

And it meant something.

You get me the fuck out of here right now.

I'm talking to my fucking kids, motherfucker!

You're scaring them.

I just wanna say I love you.

You are special.

Damn, I would've loved to have seen you grow up.

Okay, I better go. I got some stuff to do.

Take care of your ma.

How did you do that?

Radio transmission.

Radio won't get there for centuries. I know. It's like a message in a bottle.

But I had to throw that bottle in the water.

Take a seat. I'm not gonna hurt you.

Take a seat.

Menzies said you could call for an early extraction.

I already did.

We're going home.



Yeah. Okay, okay, you just pointed a gun at my fucking head.

Now you're patting me on the back? What the fuck, man?

It's just eight hours more in this fucking hole. Eight hours.

Time to go home! Relay! Recode! 20 seconds! Eight hours!

Eight! Eight! Eight!


What, are you meditating?

We won't make eight hours.

Fuck, we'll be lucky to make two!

This'll kill you. Oh, yeah?

I saw some things. I saw some things in the med bay.

I don't fucking understand what they are, I don't know that shit, but if we had a medic... we have a medic... Do we have a medic?

I wish I was as strong as you, Whit.

Where are you going, Whit?

The only chance we have... is finding a medic, getting to the med bay... and slowing this fucking thing down. We need a medic!

I need a fucking medic! Where the fuck is the medic? Medic!


Who's the fucking medic? Oh, Claire's the medic.

Claire the medic is going to save the day. Is that what you think?

I don't know. I don't know. You don't know?

So now it's just a fucking theory? Yeah.

It's a fucking theory! Hey, everybody, we got a fucking theory!

This thing... it takes you over.

Until there's only one left, just one.

It will thrive on conflict and it will take over until it finds its alpha.

We've got a head count at five. There's you, me...

Morgan, Claire... and then the female lieutenant.

Boxen? No, she's not here. I killed her.

We need to get to the med bay. No, no, no...

Come with me! I need you... I can't come with you.

We need to slow it down. No, no, no, no.

I can't fucking be here anymore! I want you to trust me.

You want me... to trust you? Yeah.

Look at the size of this fucking gun! Get some fucking balls!

Fuck off, Whit, I don't wanna fight, man.

I will have your back. I promise you.

You'll have my fucking back? You point a fucking gun in my head...

"Oh, I got your back. I got your back." You are very fucking inconsistent.

Together. Together. No. No.

Come on, man. We do it together! Are we in a fucking relationship?

We're not gonna do shit together!

Menzies said you could call for an early extraction.

I already did that. Didn't you hear me the first time?

Do you wanna put a gun to my head? No.

Yes. No.

Sit down! Sit the fuck down!

Sit down!

You know I've got a fucking wife! I told you about my fucking wife!

Is that a fucking joke?

What did you say again?

Med bay. You, me, now. Med bay.

Come on. Fuck, no.

You know what? I can smell your fear.

I'm going by myself. You can do whatever the fuck you want!



Whit! Whit!


Whit? I'm gonna blow the external vents, Whit!

I'm gonna fucking do it! Come on, let's play.

I was thinking of making you my best friend. Whit, come on, don't walk away!

What happened to us?

I won't let anything happen to us, okay?

I promise.

The three of us.

The baby's gone, Morgan.

I had to get rid of it.

I had to do it!

It was inside the baby!

What did you do?

Morgan, I wanted to... Shut up. Shut up!


The medic.



Claire? Is she dead?

Claire? Medic!

Did you do that to Morgan?

He left me no choice.


I'm so sorry.

We were supposed to get you home.

You can still help me. Claire, listen...

You need to tell me how we slow this thing down. Please.

It's too smart.

Tell me something you haven't tried. Tell me something crazy.

I mean, anything crazy, like a... like... some kind of drug, or a cleaning solution, an apoc agent, anything, please. Please.


I don't understand. I don't understand what you're saying. What are you saying?

She's saying goodbye to her mum. What the fuck would you know?


Tell me something crazy that you haven't tried.



She's dead, Whit.

Please. Please.

It's just you and me.

No, no, no, no.


Where are you going?

You threw a chair at my head, Whit!


I'm putting my gun down, Whit.

It's too fucking heavy, anyway.

Talk to me!

Come on, you threw a chair at my head. I just wanna know why.


I'm willing to forgive you. Come here. Come here, Whit.

Come out! Got nothing, Whit! Fucking empty-handed, man! Got no gun!

Fuck you, Whit!

I know.

I know.

Come on.

...and play, Whit. Play with me.

One left. No hard feelings.

Thought you were winning!

You wanna play?

Medic! Medic!

I'm just fucking with you. I'm fucking with you.

You thought you were gonna win.

I'm playing with you, Whit!

I know! I know!

Whatever you were trying to do here...

you've failed.

I know you're listening.

You could've chosen any part of any one of us.

But you chose the worst parts of human behavior... to use as your voice.

You choose hatred.

You chose violence.

You chose conflict.

You had an inability to see the bigger picture.

You had a down-right fucking refusal... to see beyond the present.

You couldn't get past your own selfish, ignorant need to dominate.

If you had had time to... grow... time to evolve...

things could've been different.

If we could've... worked together...

I was never meant to be here.

All I was trying to do was make a better life for my family.

And you took that away from me.

You took it away from everyone.

And now look where it's got us.

Look at me, I'm not a fucking soldier.

I grew up fucking studying computers.

I grew up writing computer games.

That's what I wanted to do, play games.

I wanted to grow up and play games with my son.

Why don't I hate you for that?

My name is Whit Carmichael.

I had you in my fucking sights, you little fucking cocksucker!

Whit Carmichael, this is Philipa Boxen.

Put your hands where I can see them, Carmichael! Medic!

What is life, Whit? What is life, Whit?

You come home to us at the end.

Whatever you were trying to do here... you've failed.

I know you're listening.

You could've chosen... any part of any one of us.

But you chose the worst parts of human behavior... to use as your voice.

You chose hatred. You chose violence.

You chose conflict.

You had an inability to see the bigger picture.

You had a down-right fucking refusal... to see beyond the present.

You couldn't get past your own selfish, ignorant need to dominate.

If you had had time to... grow... time to evolve...

things could've been different.

If we could've... worked together...

I was never meant to be here.

All I was trying to do was make a better life for my family.

And you took that away from me.

You took it away from everyone.

Why don't I hate you for that?

Whatever you were trying to do here...




The Cap wants us in the control room ASAP.

Get moving.

It's gone.

Praise be to... whoever.

We're all good, sir.

Good to see you, Whit.


I wish I could tell you all exactly what happened here.

But I can't.

There seems to be a period of absence that was... when we were... incapacitated.

I'm gonna put it down to pressurisation.

Unless someone here can tell me otherwise.

No, sir.

But what I can confirm... is that the payload is permanently offline... the station is secure... and we have in our possession Mr. Whit Carmichael.

All objectives completed.

Yeah, well, I can confirm I have the greatest hangover in the history of ever.

I'm reading early extraction in five.

You mean five hours?

Five minutes.


Yes, sir?

Is there anything you wanna tell us?

No, sir.

You sure about that? Nothing at all?


All right, team... listen to me carefully. We make the report simple.

And we do our best to make sure no one ever comes back to this antique shit hole.

Yeah, agreed. I'm fine with that.

All right, let's move.

Keep your distance. Make the signal clean.

We're out in ten... nine... eight... seven... six... five... four... three...



Step forward, please. Sir, take your eyeline to me.

One minute and I'll have you home. One minute.

What is your name? Lieutenant Philipa Boxen.

I'm going to ask you a series of questions. I advise you to take your eyes to me.

You know where you are? What is your name and date of birth.

Seet Johanson. What is your name?

Claire Grenich. Harris Menzies.

Tell me your date of birth. Place your hand on the glass.

I need your full cooperation before I can clear you.

Charlie Kent. What's your name, sir?

Rex Mannings. Good.

You look angry. Why are you angry? What is your name and date of birth?

How many children do you have? I have one on the way.

Do you know where you are? East Coast Headquarters.

What was your mission? To collect one Whit Carmichael.

And the payload. Got it?

If you do not calm down, I cannot help you! You can't tell I'm calm?

Were you exposed to any foreign contaminants on mission that you are aware of?


Jacklar! Look at me. Were you exposed? I need you to stay on me.


If you are lying to me, I will know. I'm not lying.

Sir, please answer the questions. Mannings, answer the question!

Negative. No.

Were you exposed? No!

I don't think so. Place your hand on the barrier.

What is your name?

I can't get a clear reading if you don't calm down!

How many times we done this shit, man? Do you believe in the resurrection?

Sir, answer the question. Emma!

I'm looking at you, you fucking moron!

It's Carmichael.

My name is Whit Carmichael.

From the...

SS West Coast.

Division 469.

Speed this up! Come on! Were you exposed to any contaminants...

Were you exposed to any foreign contaminants on mission that you are aware of?

Sir, you must tell me immediately.

Look me in the eyes. Sir, I'm warning you.

Answer me, sir!


Step forward, Whit.

Thank you.

Would you please place your hand on the barrier.

Could you please place your hand on the barrier!

Place your hand on the barrier, sir!

Look at me, sir!

Captain Johanson clear.

Mannings is clear.

I'm gonna scan you, and if you're clear, you will go home.

Grenich clear.

Jacklar is clear.

Kent's clear.

Menzies is clear.

I can't get a reading. I'm gonna scan again.

Chief, I can't get a reading at all here.

Carmichael, answer me. Were you exposed?

Hang on, there's something coming up.

Clear here, sir!

All clear. We have clearance.

Oh, my God.

Shit, we have clearance.

52 seconds.

52 seconds.

What a fucking job.

Let's get into debrief. Let's make this as quick as possible.

Let's go home.

They said you were gone.