Infini-T Force the Movie: Farewell Gatchaman My Friend (2018) Script

13 Months Ago

[KEN] This is G1.


We have bull's-eye.

[MALE VOICE] Excellent. Coordinates?

[KEN] 34 degrees north, 140 degrees east.

This is it.

The nuclear aircraft carrier hijacked by Galactor!


Bird... go!

Bird... run!

Well, what do we have here?

Galactor's new toys?!


Now what?


Who in the hell are you?!

[leaping grunt]

[leaping grunt]

[kicking grunt]


[startled grunt]

[crowd concerned murmuring]

Hey! Are you okay?!

Good afternoon.

Oh, I thought you were a goner.

Geez. You didn't even slow down!




What in the world...?!

Watch out, Princess!

Come on!


Are you okay, Princess?!

[gasping, panting]

[YOROI] This is exactly what happened before...

[gasp] Seriously?

[startled gasp]

[YOROI] [panting]



[YOROI / POLIMAR] [grunt]

[lifting grunts]

[GATCHAMAN] Are you hurt?

[EMI KAIDO] Good afternoon.

[GATCHAMAN] I just asked you a question... Are you hurt?

So I take it you're not one of the bad guys here.

[punching grunts]

What is this? A superhero show?



[TEKKAMAN] Tekksetter!

[GATCHAMAN] Identify yourselves, now!

We'll talk later!


[fighting grunts]



Wait... I see what you're after...

...It's this!

What's so special about this-

Stay out of its way!

You know, don't you?! You know!




[small gasp]

[car horns honking]

[KEN WASHIO] And you two guys are...?

We're just two guys.

I guess you could say we're... heroes, okay?

[KEN WASHIO] Heroes?

They don't exist, so you can drop it.

Hey, I need you to take me back to my world, ok?

There's no world for you to return to.


I knew it would turn out like this.

The same exact thing happened to me... about a year ago.

This isn't a joke!

My comrades are waiting!

I have people to protect!

[JOJI MINAMI] We're no different from you.

We're asking for your help.

Speaking of which, what's your name anyway?

I'm Emi Kaido.

My name means laughter.

I'm Ken.

Takeshi. Nice to meet ya!

I'm Joji.


I'm Tetsuya.

[JOJI] He developed a device for inter dimensional travel, and journeys across worlds, destroying them, one after another.

[TAKESHI YOROI] So Professor, what's his name?

[JOJI] His alias is the last letter of the alphabet, fitting for all the death and destruction.


[JOJI] He destroys using the Case.


[JOJI] The Case... changes the possibilities of all worlds.

[TAKESHI] It grants its wielder's every wish, making it the ultimate weapon.

[JOJI] Some have even said it's a reflection of its wielder's soul.

Resting in Z's hands is a blazing manifestation of that power.

I witnessed it! I saw how that sun consumed my entire world!

[JOJI] The Case is no longer in his possession.

[KEN] What?

[JOJI] It has now taken the form of that pencil.

[EMI] Huh?

[KAIDO] In a reality identical to our own, I found several other worlds you and I were a part of.

-But every time... -Daddy?

[KAIDO] ...there was an incident, an accident, or illness.

And in every one of these worlds, you died as a young girl.

What's this?!

Emi's death is all but guaranteed.

No it can't be! That can't be true.

I know...

A world without Emi is... It's impossible.

Initially I was certain that your life would cease to exist.

I thought there was nothing I could do about it.

But suddenly... fell into my hands.

I had the power to manipulate possibilities.

It granted me my deepest wish.

So, you mean the...

Yes. The Case.

I proclaimed my wish to the Case.

I wished for my daughter to live.

You did? That was... your true wish?

It was.

[KAZUMICHI KAIDO] After that, I used the Case... to diverge the future.


[KAZUMICHI KAIDO] At any moment, people face a number of choices.

A world where one turns right. A world where one turns left.

The Case gave me the power to create a world with new possibilities.

Like this one.

The world you inhabit now...

The world you live in... is the one that I have chosen for you.

It's the world where...

Emi Kaido doesn't die.


Kaido's been destroying worlds. That way, Emi never has to die.

So if we shut down Kaido, Emi could potentially die?

I will create my own possibilities.

With every step I take, I know the world will be there.

[KAZUMICHI KAIDO] Why won't you stop?!

This world will guarantee your happiness forever!

[small chuckle] You're wrong, Dad.

This world... would give me everlasting life but...

There's more to happiness... than just a beating heart!

I'm not afraid. I want to choose my own way.



Why are you doing this?

I will carry on... of my own free will!




[attack grunts]


What are you doing!?

Why the hell are you here?!

I brought company.

[Polimar attack yell]

[attack grunts]



[charged up cry]

[GATCHAMAN] You've gotta fight, Emi.

You can save your father. It's not too late!

Everything... is for Emi.

[CASSHAN] Let's go!

Hyper destruction beam!

Tornado Fighter!

One-Handed Vacuum Spin!

Vol... tekka!





[YOUNG EMI] Daddy...


See? I'm not a little girl anymore, Dad.


You're all grown up.

Finally, you see me, just as I am.

The truth is, you never stopped thinking about me.

That makes me smile.


I love you, Dad.

[giggle] Hey, look!

Emi... you have to wish.

I wish...

...that they'll come back...

All the worlds...

...that have been lost...

...every last one!

All of the other worlds... they're restored as well.

We're all free to go back now.

I guess we all have some journeying to do.


Hey, wait!

[KEN WASHIO] Don't cry, Emi!

Be tough!

Get stronger!

Keep growing!

[small sob]





Watch out!


[small grunt]


Where... am I?

[KEN WASHIO] Long time no see...


How did you...?

There's something that I need your help with.

What are you talking about?

We can chat later. Let's go!


[GATCHAMAN] The operation failed.

You need to evacuate, Doctor.

[DR. KOZABURO NAMBU] I'm going to use Nexus.

I'm making the final adjustments now.

No! Please wait!

[DR. KOZABURO NAMBU] Mankind must win.

[panting gasps]



Dr. Nambu, please stop!

That was our last hope.

We'll freeze them so they can't move...

Then we'll turn them over to ballistics for research.

There's no other way now.

There's gotta be a way!

As long as we keep on fighting!

As I recall...

All of your team members died, believing that same thing.

The Galactor have no will of their own.

Their only goal... is to exterminate all intelligent life.


But you already know that.

We must use this power... if mankind is to survive.

[angry grunt]

My team members... fought to the very end for the future of humankind.

They died for it!

That's why... that's why I will never let you go through with this!


[fiery explosion]



[painful grunts]






[SASAOKA] This part of town used to be so young and vibrant.

It's hard to believe what it's become.

I wish we could bring Shibuya back to what it once was even if just for the sake of reviving the economy.

That'll never happen, as long as it exists.

[SASAOKA] Perhaps...

Isn't that why you're here?

Why else would a prominent member of the Japanese government be interested in meeting with me ordinary scientist?

You're far too modest.

You're no ordinary scientist to the people here.

You're a hero to them. You saved their world.


Six years ago, the inorganic life forms of Galactor... came to this planet.

They were relentless. A threat to all intelligent life.

Our weapons proved to be ineffective against them, and then suddenly, mankind was on the brink of extinction.

...That is until Nexus appeared.

Humans had been reduced to cowering in fear.

Our species needed its power.

But we have new problem.

How do we manage that power now that the threat is gone?

So you're not happy with my management... is that it?

No sir. The Ministry voted to put you in charge of Nexus.

I admit not everyone agreed.

Some people... still oppose the decision.

But that's not the issue I want to talk to you about.

[sigh] International pressure.

The demand for us to hand over data keeps increasing on a daily basis.

There's no point for us to share any of our data.

You know that...

We cannot move Nexus to another site.

That's the problem.

There's so much military power in our possession right here in this very spot.

We're hardly in any position to tell the world they shouldn't worry.

I suppose not.

Also... more people are becoming aware of its power...

...and aware of its unique feature.

If that should... become common knowledge...

That is exactly the reason... to keep control of it ourselves.

You agree, don't you?

This situation requires one supreme power with a steady hand.

It seems your plan to make Nexus independent from federal negotiations simply raises too many concerns.

And as always, the Ministry of Defense is reluctant to lend personnel.

I understand...

The top brass is feeling pressure from abroad.

Things will change when public opinion does.

Surely that will happen.

You're an idealist.

And your idealism undeniably empowered our nation.

That said... I hope it won't be your downfall.

Well you needn't worry about that.

Fair enough.

I trust all the preparations... are in order for today's ceremony?

Yes and it will be well attended.

Many young people are anxious about our country's future.

Hopefully, my speech... will convince them that they should unite behind our shared goals.

[cell phone vibrating]

Please excuse me.

And it's not coming from Nexus?

Investigate right away.

Doctor, we have intruders on Security Level 3.

What the devil...?

Why weren't they detected earlier on Levels 1 or 2?

[SECURITY GUARD] It seems... they just appeared out of nowhere in Level 3.

Out of nowhere?

What does that mean?

It's eerily quiet here.

Not a single person around...

Joji... learn anything yet?

[JOJI] There's a Singularity in the center of the dome, that's for certain.

It looks like it's about ten meters below the ground.

It should have formed at the point where Emi and the Case became separated but it's slightly off.

It's also possible that space-time is warped in this world.

[KEN WASHIO] Is it too risky for Emi to get close to it?

I don't have enough data yet.

The dome is under government control.

There are sensors and security cameras all over it.

[TETSUYA AZUMA] We're being watched.


Awe gimme a break.

[JOJI] This might be more trouble than it's worth right now.

I think maybe we should gather some more data first.

[alarm sounding]


It looks like there are two vans coming toward you.

They're probably security.

Now what?

Now what? We've come this far. Might as well get it over with.

Hang on. Let's wait and see.

No need to rush, Princess.

Dr. Nambu?!


How did he...

You know this guy?


The doctor here... originally created the Science Ninja Team.

Be ready.

Yes sir.

Doctor Nambu, listen to me.

I'm not the Ken you used to know.

Now it makes sense.

So that's what's happened.

Oh wow. You catch on fast there, don't ya?

Hey Gramps, it's nice you found a friend but can we hurry it up now?

Don't call me "gramps!"

Let's just cut to the chase, okay?

This man is-hey stop wait a minute...!

You have it, don't you?...

The Singularity?

It's in there, right?

We're gonna get rid of it.


"The Singularity...?"

To put it simply, it's an abnormal accumulation of energy from a certain source.

I understand...

So that's the term you're using for it then?

You know about it?

By a different name.

Why are you so interested in getting rid of it?

It's dangerous. It could cause this world to become imbalanced.

We have to destroy it.


Ken, ask about the purpose of the dome.


[JOJI] Ask him now.

Uh... Roger that.

Doctor, what exactly is that dome for anyway?

Well well... it appears we're going to be enemies.


Bird Go!

I know I already asked this but... you sure you know this guy?

Capture all of them.

Here they come.

Yeah, I can see that.

From this side, too.


Wait up! Why can't we talk?!

I think it's a bit too late for that...

Change! Polimar!


What's this?


[painful grunts]

[fighting grunts]

[fighting grunts]

[attack grunts]

[fighting grunts]


-Watch out! -[EMI] [shouts]

Bird Go!

What the hell?!



Activate N-mode. Now.


Where did they pick up that kind of tech?

[attack grunts]

[attack grunt]

[POLIMAR] They leveled up fast!


They have power systems built into their suits.

Be careful.

Pegas, Tekksetter!


[attack grunts]

Reinforcements, huh?

AI Center, change the settings to full-auto on troops who've lost consciousness.

[angry breath]

[attack grunts]

[angry grunt]

[attack grunt]

Joe...? Joe, is that you!?

[attack cry]


[attack grunt]

[attack grunts]


You're determined to see me dead, aren't you...

...Joe the Condor.


What are you doing - [grunt]


[fainting sigh]

I've got the girl.

Take her to the van.

[DR. NAMBU] Step on it.


I'm pulling back.

You should come with me.

But, Emi... [grunt]

[painful pants]



[grunts] This way...





[attack yell]

[attack grunts]


[groaning in pain]


That's enough.

[punching grunts]


[frightened gasp] ...Okay!

[painful grunt]


Okay, here's the proof.

These lowlifes are linked to the enemy.

That should make things easier.


Watch it...

Get a hold of yourself, Joe!


[punching grunt]

[fighting grunts]

[fighting grunts]

Damn you!


[DR. NAMBU] Sounds like a lively exchange.

[KEN] I'm sorry, Doctor.

Now I know how schoolteachers must feel.


What's wrong?

I don't understand...

Why bring Joe onto the Science Ninja Team?



I'm not going to deny the guy's ability as a fighter...

...and he is smart.

But the thing is...

He doesn't have what it takes... to truly understand right from wrong.

I'd say that's probably true.

However... the information he's always able to obtain has certainly made our work easier.

Yeah but it's not about that!


Your righteousness knows no bounds, Ken.

And that's funny to you?!

There was only one person I thought worthy of the title Gatchaman...

...And that's you, Ken.

Gatchaman is a symbol of hope for people.

That's why it's perfect for you.

...Joe witnessed the murder of his parents as a child...

...but he turned his pain into the power to fight evil.

You could call it a dark form of justice.

But Ken, if you are to shine the light of hope upon the world...

Then naturally... someone must become the shadow.

We need Joe. All of us need him.

But, in my opinion... you need him most of all.

[weak grunts]

Oh, you're finally awake.

Hey good morning, gramps.

Actually... I take that back cuz it's not exactly good.

[grunts] I'm okay. It's nothing.

It is really you, right? You're the real Ken I've always known?

Yeah. You never came back, so I went looking for you.

Not that I knew where to look.

We searched through every world.

And only one had an gravitational abnormality.

That's what led us here.

[JOJI] So, Ken wasn't the only one from his team pulled into another world by Kaido.

[JOE] Yeah... I remember being swallowed by the sun, and then waking up in this world.

...It was a hell of a shock.

Especially since, there was another version of me already here.

Wow that sounds really bizarre.

What was it like to actually come face to face with yourself?

No big deal... same as looking in a mirror really.

What about me?

And what about the rest of the Science Ninja Team?

Why aren't they with you now?

Because the Science Ninja Team of this world...

They're all dead.



So are you.

What the hell happened out there?

Before I answer... I need to ask you...

You know about Nexus, right? So what is it?

You mean the Singularity?

All I've heard is that it's a super dense energy.

The Ken and Nambu of this world...

They tried analyzing its powers, to find out what is was.

They were never able to figure it out.

Where do we start?

It will be difficult to understand without first talking about what the Case is.


It's a supernatural object that gives the power to manipulate possibilities.

It's important to note that... the Case came from this world.

And eventually the Case was stolen... by this dude named Kaido.

Then we came together.

Our group started fighting Kaido over the Case.

The Case itself was... endowed with an enormous amount of energy.

As long as the Case remained as it was, that energy kept this world stable.

But... what happens when you remove the Case?

Naturally the empty space left behind becomes unstable.

So it tries to absorb energy from its surroundings.

That's exactly what happened here in this world.

The surrounding energy compensated for the missing Case.

[TAKESHI] In other words, now you've got this massive clump of energy sitting there where the Case used to be.

[JOJI] That's the Singularity... or what you call the Nexus.

In our computer projections, the world achieves a state of equilibrium via a cycle of accumulating and diffusing energy.

But now we have an abnormality.

Energy that accumulates perpetually.

In this world, they tapped into the Singularity's energy.

Because it's only absorbing energy, it doesn't reach equilibrium.

That constant influx of energy has warped this world's gravitational field.

I imagine that's also why those who are stuck here, can't return to their original worlds.

I understand.

It all makes sense now.

It's why this world is teetering on the brink.

What the hell?

[gasp] What is that?

[JOE] The side effects of Nexus.

[TAKESHI] Wait... really?

[JOE] Before all this Nexus business, this world was under attack by invaders called Galactor.

[KEN] Galactor? That thing?!

[JOE] I know. It's completely different from the Galactor we knew in our world.

Couldn't they simply be two different entities that share the same name?

With several worlds, it's a possibility.

Whatever they are... this world's Science Ninja Team had been battling them for ages.


But it didn't matter what we tried.

Nothing seemed effective against them.

Until Doctor Nambu had the idea to turn that mass of energy, the Nexus, into a weapon.

I'm amazed that kind of thing was even possible Well I can tell you... we knew it would work.

I'm sure that researching the Singularity... must've brought about a technological breakthrough.

This isn't only about Nexus.

Apparently, he used Galactor technology too.

That's what powers the new Bird Suits you saw.

The thing is though... Nexus energy comes at a cost.

It creates an abnormality in the world, each time that it gets used.


[JOJI] I suspected as much.

The Singularity's a concentration of this world's energy.

When that energy has all been spent... it causes a shortage elsewhere.

Poor bastards...

As you can imagine, Galactor was totally wiped out...


...but in exchange came catastrophic weather, hardly any kids were born...

The birth rates hit an all time low. [sigh]

If it keeps up this way... it will result in the death of this world!

But you knew that this was possible?

And we fought it! Ken and I did!

But... but in the end Ken was...

Ken was killed by Nambu.

He killed me? Nambu?!

Even with Galactor defeated, Nambu refused to stop.

And even right now, he's still exploiting the energy of Nexus.

In the beginning, you had to be near Nexus to use it.

But now he's got portable tech.

You can charge it and take it with you like a battery.

...Can you imagine what he could do with that power?


That's why I have to end it once and for all.

Nambu has to die.

How can you say that?!

Where're you going?

I know exactly where he'll be today.

It's time to settle this.

Joe! Wait!


Joe, wait!

Think about where we'd be without Doctor Nambu and his support. You can't just go out-

It isn't him. He's not the Dr. Nambu we knew.

This is the only way.

Stop it. I won't let you do this.

Oh, yeah??

Doctor Nambu trained us to fight for justice! Both of us!

We stand for it.

You sound exactly like the Ken of this world.

He talked like that till the end...

'Till he got himself killed.


[NEWSCASTER] This afternoon, a solemn ceremony is being held in memory of the victims of the Galactor invasion.

Peace Park, the site of the ceremony, was recently completed inside the Nexus district's first security area, where entry is usually restricted for ordinary citizens.

People say prayers... not just for those they have lost... but also for themselves.

Having now achieved peace, what should we turn our attention to next, hmm?

[struggling grunts]

Should we mourn those we couldn't save?

Agonize over our helplessness?

A well-trodden path, but a mistaken one.

To my mind...

It's anger that we truly require.


We avoided destruction. How long can that be sustained?

When another enemy like Galactor appears, I wonder... will mankind be able to confront them?

What are you talking about?

Who knows if another enemy will even come?

[struggling grunts]

But when they do, it'll be too late!

In the meantime... the people's will to fight must be carefully nurtured.

What do you mean?

People only stand and fight... in the face of a threat.

So until a true threat appears again...

I guess...

I'll just have to play that part myself.

As far as Nexus energy weapons are concerned, this one's on the weaker side.

But it can detect the unique vibrations of the Galactor and will fire automatically.

[small gasp]


Of course... it is only a prototype and those do tend to malfunction.

Its issues are very well documented.

But as you can see, we lack the budget to dispose of it, let alone repair it.

So the whole thing is simply neglected.

[gasp] My god, you're totally insane!

You said earlier that you can "get rid" of Nexus.

Your words... gave me a lot to think about.

Nexus is a natural phenomenon. It's existence, fundamental.

To unmake it would be a miracle.

Can you work miracles?

If so, go right ahead and try to stop this.

When you do, I'll be more than happy to make your power my own.

Hey, wait! Wait...!

[struggling grunts]

[EMCEE] And now we ask, if you are able to stand, please rise.

...Let us pray...

One year ago, The Galactor, a threat to all mankind, were defeated.

However, for me I would describe this victory... as a rather bittersweet experience.

Even now... that feeling remains with me.

What is victory?

As you are all aware, I was the one in charge of the Science Ninja Team...

Five brave warriors who protected mankind.

Each one of them faced the Galactor head on.

Sadly... they all perished.

So with the defeat of Galactor, those warriors will never come home to us.

When I lost those precious comrades.

I knew for me there could never be, such a thing as victory.


And yet, I had to keep going.

I had to keep fighting no matter what!

So... now I want to make sure that no one, including me, will ever encounter such loss again!

I promise you! That's the reason... the only reason I seek power!

That menace is gone now, people.

But I continue my research on Nexus... and its potential use for military applications despite knowing there are those who voice fierce opposition to my actions.

[alarm sounding]


[struggling grunts]

Do not forget...

When the Galactor first appeared from space, we had no warning that they were coming.

So... what guarantee do we have that another such threat will not appear?

You can see our battle is not over yet.

We must stay strong... and keep fighting.

As long as we live we cannot stop fighting!

Power is essential. That's a fact.

But so is the people's will!

You all have gathered here today... out of the love for those that we've lost...

However... I must be very frank.

Thinking of those who are no longer here... amounts to nothing.

Furthermore, prayer is simply a means to console oneself.

Let's move on.

Let's advance forward and forge our own future!

Bird Go!

I can give you... each and every single one of you the power to fight!

[frightened gasp]


[frightened screams]


[frightened cries]


No, stop! Please, stop it!

[gasping breaths]

No! Stop this now!

[struggling grunts]



[small grunt]



Hang on.

A little good luck charm from yours truly...

[frightened screams]

[DR. NAMBU] There is nothing to fear!

Listen to me.

We only have to unite in opposition to this threat!

If you have the will, step forward! Come on!


You don't need any special training... nor do you need any techniques to fight in these suits.

All you need is the desire to wear them... and then, the suit will do the rest.

There are three Galactor.

We'll work in teams of three to subdue them.

I feel so light!


Ken, there's no need to rush in.

They've been kept frozen in storage.

It drained all of their strength.

Those amateurs'll do fine.

[KEN] Are you sure? Seems risky.

No need to worry-let them have their fun.

[JOJI] We might be able to use the advanced wave generator from Blue Earth's braking system.

Advanced wave?

Mm. See normally... a wave moves outward from its point of origin.

But in contrast, advanced wave generation moves in toward its point of origin.

Professor... simplify it for us will you.

No problem. An advanced wave cancels out... a normal wave it collides with.

In Blue Earth, when we executed the dimensional jump, we used advanced waves to brake by offsetting our momentum.

We can use a similar method to block the energy being supplied by Nexus.

[TAKESHI] Sounds good, but how do we do that?

Those intruders from this morning are back.

You can use your railguns now, and you can fire at will.

Ready!? Fire!

[POLIMAR] This time they have guns and they're using them.


Initial velocity Mach 2. They're not very powerful.

Plus they're using practice bullets.

It shouldn't penetrate your Polimar suit.

That is... unless you're at point-blank range.

[CASSHAN] Professor...

Tetsuya that goes for you as well.

[loud sound]

[CASSHAN] Yeah, that's pretty strong.

[POLIMAR] Hey, dummy, he said be careful!

We don't know enough about Nexus yet... it supplies energy to the Bird Suits. It's a mystery.

[attack grunt]

[JOJI] However... when it does, it ends up warping the gravitational field.

...Considering that, we can have the computer create a theoretical model of the energy waves.

In other words, we use the shape of the vessel to predict... what's inside?


[attack grunts]

[fearful gasp]

Tsk. He's too nice.


It's Gatchaman!

I thought he was killed by Galactor!

[gasp] That's not the real Gatchaman, dammit!

He's an invader from another world.

Stay back, he's dangerous!

[running grunts]


Use your railguns on them!

But we shouldn't just execute them!

[groan] AI Center, set the new recruits Bird Suits to full-auto.

And then Set G1 and G2 as the main targets.

What's happening?! My body's moving... on its own!


Doctor, N-Mode is down.


[JOJI] Ken, I've initiated advanced wave generation.

It's just like we thought:

The energy supply has been obstructed.

Within two minutes, it will stop completely.

The cause is unknown.

Nexus is sending energy at a normal rate.

But somewhere along the line, the energy is being drained.



[nervous gasps]

Cut out the energy feed immediately.

If you cooperate, you will not be harmed!






Let go.

Don't kill him.

You know that's not the way that we do things.

I don't care.

You should care...

Kids are watching.

Protecting the people is the duty of a hero.

Don't lose sight of what is right!

This is why you're the leader.

[SASAOKA] I have no time for your personal grudges, Joe the Condor.

I shouldn't have to remind you, your job was to secure Nambu.

Who are you?

[JOE] She's my boss.


I'm a government representative.

But I can't tell you for which country.

I'm here to carry out a resolution from the United Nations.

With Nexus in Nambu's control, I could only wait for him to stumble.


But I would never have imagined this.

Oh I see...

You were only helping Joe in order to stop me.

I figured working with her would give me the best odds.

Looks like I was right.

Dr. Nambu...

At an emergency board meeting this morning, your removal from office was decided.

They're currently getting final authorization.

I guess that explains the Prime Minister's absence.

Your cohorts in these illegal activities will be dismissed, too.

Listen up! You have a new commanding officer now.

We are taking Nambu into custody... with the consent of the Japanese government.



[long exhale]

It looks like there nothing's happening.

[small exhale]

I don't get it.

If I had to guestimate... there's not enough power.

What? Are you kidding me?

C'mon, are you serious? It ran out of power?

So something's changed since Kaido?

The original power of the Case was scattered back then.

Only fragments remained with Emi.

Actually it's something more like echoes.

Yes but... when I was back in my own world...

Emi-it can create miracles but... but only in your original world.

For now, that's the extent of the Case's power.

Then that means...

There's no way to undo this.

[groan] Let's think!

There's got to be a way.

What if we destroy the device extracting energy from the Singularity?

Yeah but... that'd be a temporary fix at best.

Energy is no longer being extracted.

So if the energy flowing in starts to fill it up and stays there, the Singularity will begin to diffuse.

And then it's possible....

It might become small enough for Emi to extinguish.

Let's hope so.

You went too far. I warned you.

You could've taken a different path.

You could've used Nexus to create other military weapons, like the one that brought down Galactor.

But instead you focused on creating a more versatile Bird Suit for mass-production.

And why?

Because the threat you were envisioning... always included humans beings.

Sleek, mobile suits were the perfect choice... for counteracting an invading force.

And I suppose... just as useful if you are to side with the invaders.

You are a frightening man.

Did you actually think other nations would ignore someone like you?

My country however... is ready to make a deal with you right now.

Without... UN involvement.

So you want a part of the profits then?

It's not fair for one country to have all the power, is it?

A deterrent is necessary.

That's my line.

Do you want to remain locked up for the rest of your life?

Or will you accept our proposition?

It's a rather simple question.

My wish has always been to strengthen mankind.

Your proposition is beneath me.

You can't sacrifice other countries and take the moral high ground.

Not everyone is destined to have real power.

Those who are...

Well, they must accept the responsibility to wield it.



[small gasps]

What's the matter?

Did you guys just... hear a voice?

Nah. I think you're imagining things.

How'd you get here?

[finger snap]



Emi! Hey Emi! Are you okay?

I think... I think I'm hurt.

Bird... go!

What is he up to?

Damn it all! He's tapped in directly!


[painful grunts]

[fighting grunts]

Hey! Are you okay?

Be careful. It's stronger this time.


Pegas... Tekksetter!


[fighting grunts]



[fighting grunts]


Stay here and try not to move.

Trust me, moving's the last thing on my mind.


Don't get involved. I know you're set on killing Dr. Nambu.

Leave the situation to us. Dumb-ass. Quit wasting time.

[shouts in pain]



I'm asking you to back off, Doctor.

You cannot keep using its power!

This world can't take it... You know what'll happen!

Yeah... He's way too far gone to care.

Bird... Go!

[fighting grunts]

Don't you remember...

You formed Gatchaman... because you wanted to protect mankind.

So what are you doing?!

Nothing about my objective has changed.



But I didn't know how weak I was.

Until I lost what I valued most, my precious comrades!

That may be true... but the man I knew was righteous to his core!

You know nothing!

[fighting grunts]

[fighting grunts]

Of what value is righteousness?

[fighting grunts]

Do you know what it feels like... to watch your team members be killed off one by one?

To be totally overcome by helplessness?!


I could've protected them with this power. But I was too weak!

[attack grunt]

Now! Super Destruction Beam!

[fighting grunts]


[fainting gasp]



[POLIMAR] Bastard-!

[fighting grunts]

You know... you're such a coward...


You can't overcome your fear of loss, so you throw a fit.

You're like a scared kid.


[fighting grunts]

It's pathetic. The thought that I followed a guy like you... makes me want to puke.

Maybe I can't understand how you feel...

But... when I look at you now all I see is a weak man!

And that's not the kind of man you were before this!

Be quiet.

The one who gave me the name Gatchaman...

The one who taught me the meaning of the word hope...

Where is he now?!

I said quiet!

[fighting grunts]

[weak grunt]

Ken... [gasp]

[VOICE] Stop....

Who are you?

[VOICE] Stop it!


[running breaths]



What're you doing? Stop!

[strained grunts]

Emi, no!



That was crazy. What were you doing?

I don't know, but it's what the Case wanted.

What? What do you mean?


It's okay... I think.

So this is Nexus...

Something's there.

Is that a bird?

No... It's Gatchaman's Bird Run.


[painful grunt]


[painful grunts]


[VOICE] Please, stop... Dr. Nambu.

That light...

Does the power of the Case live in that Bird Run now?





Ken! Get that Bird Run!

[attack grunt]




[groaning in pain]



[attack yell]

No, don't...!

[attack yell]


[panting breaths]

[stunned gasp]

Get back!


[grunt] Get back here!

Joe! Hold up!




The Singularity's energy is dropping fast.

What should we do now?

It's been reset.

But as it reaches its equilibrium, it'll cause a massive counter-current.

Wasn't that the original idea?

No. The energy flow is too rapid.

Okay... What does that mean?

Too great an energy flow... will drain the surrounding area.

At this rate, the entirety of Shibuya will be drained.

It'll crumble to ash.

Is there anything we can do?

[JOJI] This kind of reset should only be temporary.

...We just have to ride it out...

What about that building that was hit by the Nexus weapon?

There might still be some people at the ceremony site.


[bewildered grunts]




[attack cry]


[NAMBU] [Groan]

This better end right now.

The only thing we received in exchange for his release are these guns.

[SASAOKA] We're far from done with him.

...So the best thing you can do is put down your weapon.

So that's how it is.

You wanted Nexus all along from the very beginning.

Dr. Nambu is currently the only one... who knows how to convert energy from Nexus.

The world will slide into chaos without him.

Letting him live is the right thing to do.

It's always the same old thing.

Humans can't help but lust for power.

"The right thing to do" Really?

[small chuckle]

That's not my style.



[SASAOKA] That's enough! Cease fire!

[dying grunts]


[struggling breaths]



Bird Signal?

Hey Joe, is that you?

You okay?




[dying breaths]

Why, Joe?


[JOE] Still... shining...


Hang on...! Joe!




[angry scream]

[JOJI] You're really going to stay here in this world?

[KEN] Yeah.

The Nexus is still here. So I can't leave now.

The doctor may no longer be around, but eventually someone'll show up who wants it for evil.

That's cool then. I suppose someone ought to be guarding it.

The device draining the world of energy is finally gone now.

[JOJI] From now on, it'll be an easy ebb and flow.

[JOJI] Over time it will stabilize.

But... realistically that could take many years.

Once people here can live in peace and the Nexus can finally be eliminated...

Then I'll return to my world.

Alright. We'll keep an eye on your home world for ya, until you're ready to get back there.


We'll take good care of it.

Thank you.

[TAKESHI] Emi! Hey, this is goodbye ya know.

Don't you want to say anything to us?

I hate that stuff.

And why are you always like this?

Why do you have to do all the heavy lifting?

You never ask for help. It's really annoying.


[laugh] I'll be fine.

[shy laugh]

[happy sigh]

[KEN] You'll see.

[gasps in amazement]

[NEWSCASTER] It's been nearly three months since the incident caused by Kozaburo Nambu and the Ministry's announcement shortly afterwards about the elimination of Nexus.

Despite knowing the dangers posed by Nexus, they allowed Nambu to have sole authority over its management.

As to the responsibility of the government...



Are you going to kill me? Tell me now.

Heh. That's just not how I operate.