Infra-Man (1975) Script

It's falling. It's falling!

A little bird is falling from the sky.

Pick it up quickly.

What's the matter?

How could I know?

Get the kids out of the car quickly.

Hurry up. Out of the car.


Professor Liu, any developments on the... disaster that happened some days before?

Professor, any comment on the disaster?

It's heard that monsters are invading... the earth. Is it possible?

Excuse me.

Enter the data in the computer.

Zhu Qiguang, the waveform seems warped.

Locate the reason and report.

Zhu, come and take a look.

Problem in the communication system Look! These two are also out of order.

Chen, record and report it to the master.

The master is here.

Reporting A strong wave hit the control center.

Communication system is out of order.

Chen, call the engineers and Fix the No. 3 transmission center now.


Hold it. Start the ultra-wave system.

Zhu Qiguang Give me the city disaster report.



Zhu Qiguang The strong wave came from outer space.

Keep track of it.

Professor, here's the city disaster report.

10 miles away from here, there's an earthquake... of magnitude 12 at the Mount Devil

This volcano has been dormant for 2000 years.

How could it erupt all of a sudden!

Could it be...

Professor Earthquake

Zhu Min Professor Stay calm. Keep working.

Professor Min, call the Earthquake Center and... find out the reason of earthquake.


Qiguang, start computerized tracking on the mount Yes Satellite Communication Section Get ready North latitude 205.6! East longitude 131.8

Professor, tracking system is ready.

We've the Mount Devil locked on scanner Report.

We've started the tracking on the mount.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6


What's this?


Professor, we are interfered

Listen, human beings. I'm Princess Elzibub.

I've conquered the earth.

I'm your new master now.

The disaster was just a small example... of my great strength.

You just have to surrender to me or I'll destroy the human race.

No one can be spared.

Zhu Qiguang Keep on tracking the Mount Devil, analyze the data... and find out where the Devil comes from.


Where are Rayma and Xiao Lung?

Rayma, it's for you.

I'll be right back.

I'm going to headquarters now.

Linlin, you bring Xiao Hu back home.

Xiao Lung, hurry up.

We've been receiving calls... from all over the world.

Almost all at the same time, Refineries, bus terminals, factories and and schools were hit by electric wave.

There're serious damages.

It's possible that human beings on earth are facing the most severe invasion as the Princess Elzibub stated.

What's the Princess Elzibub?

Professor Liu will explain to you.

It's a creature of higher level.

It's possible that it's the human being... of the Ice Age on earth.

20 million years ago, After the glacial disaster, they're buried in earth's innermost regions.

But they're still alive.

On the contrary, they adapted to the environment.

Now they feel that they've no need to be buried under the earth.

So I suggest we should execute the "BDX Plan" now.

Professor Liu, you'll be in charge of it.

You must succeed.

Specter Skeleton and Ice Monster, come out


We're back on earth.

Show your power and destroy the human beings To eliminate the invasion of Princess Elzibub and to protect our cities, I announce that from now on, the research center is in emergency mode.


Qiguang, you're taking my post now.


Lung, Min...

Yes Enforce the protection.


Rayma, come with me.


Rayma, this is my work of research for many years.

The Inframan I see To cope with the invasion, there must be someone who possesses unusual power and ability.

Most sophisticated devices are planted his body.

Then special kind...

of biological hormone is injected.

With the electric wave, he'll produce a mighty power which are... water, fire and thunder resistant.

It's strong enough to resist the devil.

Professor, I got it.

Please transform me into an Inframan Rayma, you'll suffer severe pain.

Maybe your life will be in danger as well.

Have you really made up your mind?

In order to protect the mankind...

I'm willing to do this.

How's it?

Don't worry. I'm okay.

Please proceed.

Witch Eye My Princess, what can I do for you?

Start the transport control system I want to see the Ice Monster.


My Princess, let me kill all the people on earth Do you now... there's a powerful enemy now?

It's a great threat to us.

Tell me who stops us from ruling the world.

Send me out to destroy this enemy.

Get the Mutant Drill, Monster Plant out.


My Princess,

please send us out show our power to them.


This is the largest research center.

He's the Department head Liu Yingde.

When we're back to the earth, we can't hide from them.

It's the prime obstacle in ruling the earth So the most important job is... to eliminate them completely.

I order you to invade in separate courses Go immediately

Qiguang, Qiguang-

The devil has surrounded... the research building.

What did you say?

Quick, get a grasp

Get the weapon and shoot them.

Qiguang, what's the problem?

Professor, the centre is attacked by devils.

The power supply is damaged.

You must restore the power in 1 minute or Rayma will die.

Got it



Do you feel any change in your body?

I feel that I'm full of power.

I feel like being invincible.

I can see and hear things far far away I hear a strange sound You've the power of an Inframan now.

The devil is attacking the center...

and Lung now.

Rayma I order you to rescue Lung.



Who's he?

Inframan It's Inframan!

Fire bomb

Fire bomb

Who are you?

What do you want?

Princess, let me kill him to take revenge for Plant.

Hold it. He's my first hostage I don't want him dead.

Zhu Min, listen to my order or you're a dead man.

I...I Witch Eye, take him for brain draining.


Eye, put Min's memory nerves and other nerves together.

Zhu Min, pledge your loyalty to the Princess.

Princess, I'll be your servant forever.

Professor, I'm going to Mount Devil to rescue Min and then...

No, the enemy is very powerful.

You're no match for them.

Wait till I produce the Thunder Fist.

You'll have the power to destroy them.

Thunder Fist?

Yes, Thunder Fist.

What's the matter?

Professor, Zhu Min is back.

Ask him to come here.

Zhu Min is back.

How are you? We're looking for you.

Say something.

What's the problem?

Zhu Min, what's wrong with you?


My car had problems.

I was lost and found my way out.

I thought you've been grabbed by devils.


Zhu Min, where the hell have you been?


Rayma, maybe he's shocked.

Let him take a rest.

Professor, something's wrong with Zhu Min.

Xiao Lung, look after him carefully.


Zhu Min, go now.

Get me the design plan of Inframan

Zhu Min, what are you doing?

Zhu Min.


Zhu Min.

Zhu Min, what are you doing?

You two guard Min back for the Princess.

I'll take care of this kid.


Change to Inframan

Sun Ja


Sun Ja.

Sun Ja

Sun Ja

The Giant.

What a Chinese Inframan!

You killed 3 of my devils.

Mutant Drill, You and Min go to bomb the centre

Witch Eye, project the design plan on the screen.

I want to know how good Inframan is.

Princess, it's ready.

Freeze. Enlarge the hand.

So this is the Sun Ja.

Come on. It's fun there.

Xiao Hu, come back. We need a break.

Sister Mei, Rayma became the Inframan.

Will the devil show up again?

I don't know.

But Rayma reminds us to be very careful.

Don't be reckless.

Sister Mei, is there any Infrawoman?

I wish to be an Inframan But there're requirements.

What're the requirements?

First, good health. Secondly, courage Thirdly, self-sacrifice.

Mei, am I qualified?

You chicken.

You laugh at me!

Don't go.

Chicken, come on.

Don't run.

Chicken, come on.

Don't run.

Don't run.

Chicken, come on.

You bully me. I'll beat you.

Stop. We always come here.

Why haven't we ever spotted a hole here?

I think the devil must be inside.

You say there're devils inside.

You're bold. Go and take a look Okay. Nothing to fear.

Where's Xiao Hu?

He's inside.

Xiao Hu, don't go inside.

Zhu Min, come in.

The compression room is here.

Zhu Min, place the dynamite there.

The building will explode into pieces.

Xiao Hu...Xiao Hu...

Why doesn't he come out?

Linlin, wait here. I'm going inside.

No, I'm going too.

Oh, come on! I won't be long

Okay. What the hell!

Xiao Hu

Xiao Hu

Xiao Hu

Xiao Hu, what are you doing?

Tie her up. I want both of you buried & blown into pieces with this building.

Zhu Min, pull the lead outside.



Who are you mad at?

Xiao Hu. He's not playing with me.

I see.

I'll play with you. Let me do a flip; watch No. I want to go inside the cave.



There. Xiao Hu found it out.

Mei too has gone inside. I'm not allowed.

Stay here. Don't go anywhere.

Come on, let's go outside.

Mei...Xiao Hu...

The Inframan

It's the Inframan again!

Mutant Drill, don't move.

First grab Liu Yingde to pay for the debt.



transmit the thunder power.


Boost the voltage up to 7300 degrees

Start the light speed laser Right

Professor, power has reached

10,000 billion watts per centimeter

Turn down the laser.


Rayma, look.

Put it on.

This Thunder Fist can produce laser which has 10,000 watts per centimeter.

They'll destroy everything in range It's the carbon matter of highest density It's known as Jingang Stone.

Scientific tests show that it's the most hardest matter on earth.

Rayma, see if you can break it up.

Thunder Fist

Professor, we did it!

Inside the glove, there's a Laser Blade from the fist... which can cut the monster's limbs to pieces

You're powerful enough... to eliminate any monster.

Rayma, go and make preparations... take some rest for tomorrow's attack Yes.


Mei, why are you here?

Dad, you haven't slept for 2 days.

Your eye has turned red

I'm not tired.

As long as I see you living peacefully I won't feel tired.

You shouldn't always lock yourself here.

Mei, you should know the monster is invading our world, destroying out cities and killing people.

In this critical time,

it's almost impossible for me to... rest peacefully and be comfortable.

Dad, I...

Come on, kid.

Do you know in your dad's life, what has been the most happiest moment?

I don't know. Tell me.

You sit down. I'll tell you.

The day a little life came to this world.

Her face so red and crying out loudly Her skin shriveled all over But when I saw it, I just felt very happy.

Dad, you've described me as an ugly girl.

No matter how ugly, you're my daughter.

Stay here. I need to attend to something I'll be back and we'll have dinner together.

Then I'll have a good rest. Okay?

All right

Stay for a while.


We're late again. The old guy has gone.

Daddy Please take her away

We'll land her and attack Mount Devil.

We must eliminate the monster Rayma, you've a heavy burden.

Professor, I'll finish my mission.

Have a good rest for tomorrow's mission.



Liu Yingde.

Your daughter is in my possession now.

Don't harm my daughter.

Professor Liu, lose your temper?

She's so nice and comfy here!


If you wish her to be safe and sound... come to see me before noon tomorrow Oh, and yes... remember to come alone

Professor, what should we do?

I've to go this time.

I'm going with you.

It's too dangerous.

Right. Let Rayma go with you.

No. They stressed I had to be alone Rayma, if anything happens, attack as planned.

Welcome, Professor Liu.

Where's my daughter? Where's she?

Your daughter's well-being depends on how well you work with us.

I need to see her.

Okay. Witch Eye, bring her here.




Don't be scared.

I know you love your kid very much.

Of course, you'll sacrifice anything for her.

What do you mean?

It's simple.

Zhu Min.

My Princess.

Did you see?

Zhu Min has turned into ashes.

If you want her alive, you must obey me and work for me forever.

No, dad Professor Liu, it's about her life.

You've to think carefully.

Princess Elzibub, you listen carefully too.

Stop thinking that I'll work for you or that you'll get to rule the world.

It belongs to the peaceful human beings.

No matter what you do to my daughter, the Chinese Inframan won't spare you.

The Chinese Inframan?

Don't you know...

I already have the design plan of your Inframan?

The Sun Ja doesn't work anymore.

But you can't do any harm to him.

I can.

Sun Ja is produced from solar energy.

I just have to produce water vapor which will condense as cloud and block the sun.

No matter how powerful Rayma is, he'll be surely dead.

You devil!

Mutant Drill, Fire Dragon...

Get me the Inframan Rayma.

He'll have no reason to turn me down.

Rayma, allow me to show you some of my power!


Rayma, let's see how powerful I am.

Sun Ja

Sun Ja? It's not working anymore.

Rayma, your Sun Ja is gone.

What else do you have?

Lethal Kick!

Lethal Kick.

Good! Liu Yingde, your Inframan is really good.

But don't feel happy too early.

Now we'll see how Rayma will be killed by us.

Rescue Professor Liu. I'll take care of this.


Rayma Rayma, you never expected... you'll be in my hands, did you!

I'll destroy you today.


Professor Liu, your work will be burned with heat of 6000 degrees.

However... you could certainly make a replica Not for human beings, but for me.

Devil, you can kill, but never expect me to produce killing weapons for you.

Shut up. Skeleton, bring him inside.


Professor Liu, willing or not, with the glacier air, within 3 days, both of you will transform into icemen!


Laser Blade.

Lethal Kick.

Rayma, you'll be dead.

Show me all you've got

Rayma, you're fire, water... and thunder resistant.

But you can't resist the glacier air which freezes your body now.

Skeleton, bring him inside and bury him under the glacier.

Rayma, if you face with extreme coldness, use the 5 Fire Bombs to cope with it and re-charge your power.

Lethal Kick

Laser Blade

Thunder Fist

Laser Beam

Professor, go.

Professor Liu, will the monster come back?

Linlin, we now have the Inframan and so... whatever monster it is, we don't have to be scared.