Inkaar (1977) Script

What is the matter?

A man suffered a heart-attack. We've sent for the ambulance.

Is he inside?

What are you doing? He will die.

Be quiet. You do your work and let me do mine.

I know them too well.

You have had your meals and now you don't have the money to pay up.

"That's why the act. Please forgive me, sir"

"If you try to do this again, I'll teach you a lesson."

Take him away. Please forgive me sir.

"No, absolutely not."

It's the prestige of National Shoe company.

It has made a name for itself.

"It has its base in not only money, but on principles, too."

Your job and my work is to run this company.

That is the point. You're not listening to us.

What are you implying?

"You think of the customers, too much."

"Keep us in mind, too. What do you mean?"

The shoes you make don't wear out.

That's unjust with us.

"Shoes which don't wear out fast are good for advertisements, only."

...but results in a loss for the company

"The shoes are expensive, but the sales are less."

"Since there are no sales, there are losses."

Do you want to say anything else. The truth is that...

We should make shoes which look good.

"...and retain the latest design, fashion and lustre."

"They should be light to wear, but..."

...which wear out faster. Right?

Do you call them shoes?

The lustre is all lost with a few drops of water.

"The latest fashion, makes the feet more uncomfortable while walking."

The leather has neither been tanned enough not dyed well.

And the sole has been fixed to a cardboard.

Do you plan to sell such shoes under the name of our company?

I have toiled very hard for the goodwill of this company.

I can't change my principles for your selfishness and dubious ways.

Look at this. I was a shoemaker who made shoes with his own hands.

"Whoever wore the shoes then, still remembers me today."

"I can't cheat my customers, under any circumstances."

And that's my final decision.

"This decision will cost you dearly, Mr. Chaudhary!"

Are you threatening me?

Treat it as you will... if you don't change your decision...

...we will corner a majority of the shares...

...and take over charge of National Shoe Company.

You'll have to work fast on it.

Won't you see our guests to the door?

There's no need to.

We know the way out and also the way in.

"Sir, may I say something?"

"You want to tell me that I've made a mistake, arguing with them?"

Every single thing can be bartered for in this world...

...but not one's principles and character.

They are the directors of this company and can cause you trouble.

They can't. I'm prepared for that.

What do you mean?

A business house in Delhi owns enough shares of National Shoe Co.

And they are ready to sell them.

I've decided to buy those shares.

"With such holdings, no one can oust me from my position."

Leave by the first flight to Delhi and finalise the deal.

But that needs a lot of money.

Yes. Two million rupees.

I've taken a loan from the company.

But no one is to know about it.

"I understand, Sir."

"It's your sister, Geeta, on the line."

You take care. I'll come immediately.

What am I doing here?

What happened?

Today's my wedding anniversary. And what am I doing here!

I'll leave now. Come over in the evening and take the cheque.

He has arrived!

"Do I distribute sweets, brother? Why?"

You've finally come!

What's all this? Can you show it to me?

Let's go in first.

Listen to your brother carefully. It can be of use to you later.

Let me concentrate.

"If you want peace in your house, keep the wife happy."

"Keep praising her, every moment."

Many of your shortcomings will be forgiven.

And what should the wife do in return?

Do you have a formula for that?

You'll have to consult my wife for that.

Are all these gifts for sister-in-law?

"We've been waiting the whole day, too. What about us?"

Fine. I'll tell you in a moment.

"Is it for me, Papa?"

"Not all. You wanted a Mechano. So, here you are."

"Papa, please bend over."

Haven't you got anything for Bansi?

How's that possible? You remember your friend. How can I forget him?

There's a train for you in this.

"Come Bansi, let's play outside!"

Sir... What is it?

You shower so much of love on a servant's son...

I'll never be able to repay you...

I must have done something in my last birth... serve Madam and you...

There you go again. Haven't I told you that you are one of us?

Guddu is our son. So is Bansi.

Guddu also treats Bansi like a brother. They're friends.

"Henceforth, I don't want to hear anything more on the subject."

You called me and I hurried over.

The guests will be arriving. But where's your sister-in-law?

Aren't you getting ready?

"You can't change your face, but you could atleast change your clothes."

They're good enough.

Please change them. You're smelling of leather.

Go up and see your wife. She looks beautiful.

You'd look like her secretary!

Your sister-in-law? Yes.


There's some beautiful woman readying herself in my room.

She's trying to reach your heart.

But please don't get angry with me.

I should remember that my husband is suspicious. Hope he doesn't kill me.

He's blindly in love with you.

He has only one wish. And that is to be at your feet.

I am very lucky to find a place at your feet.

"If I hadn't met you, I would have been cheated in life."

That's why you keep yourself busy with work!

"I've crossed all hurdles in life, thanks to your support."

Only with the assurance that you would be waiting for me everyday.

I can solve all problems with ease.

"Is your work done, Rai Singh?"

When did we begin all this?

All the work should commence tonight.

What are we waiting for?

I'll let you know at the right time.

"Sir, it's Rakesh Roshan. He says he's busy shooting and won't come."

What? Rakesh won't come! I'll break his leg!

"So, you know how to joke, too!"

Who told you I wouldn't be coming to your anniversary?

Who can trust you? Why?

You must have been scared of giving me a present!

"Oh, because of the gift!"

Congratulations! And here's your gift.

This won't do. Why?

"Everyone gives gifts, but we expect something else from you."


May your heart... always...

...full of love...

...full of joy...

"May your life always be filled with happiness"

Sister-in-law You arranged marriages...

...for all friends...

I was the only spectator Witnessing that event But by their grace...

"there shall be happier events to come"

But there's one...

Who's the apple of your eye...

He's the epitome of Love

...existing between you all May happiness...

...always shower on you...

May your heart... always...

Full of love Full of joy

"May your life always be filled with happiness"

What's the matter? Everybody was rejoicing and...

What happened? Why aren't you saying something?

Guddu... What happened to my Guddu?

Somebody has kidnapped him!


"If something happens to him, I'll die! I'll kill myself!"

Nothing will happen to him!

I'll do anything to free him.

"I'll give him money, if he wants it."

I'll empty my coffers for him!

"Whatever the costs, we'll get him back!"

I'll call the police.

Are you crazy? You'll only be putting Guddu's life in danger!

He threatened to kill Guddu if you called the police.

No one should know about it.

"Guddu, my dear child!"

"Where were you, my son? I was playing with Bansi."

But where's Bansi?

Those scoundrels have kidnapped Bansi thinking he was Guddu!

I'll call the police!

You just said the child would be in danger if you called the police!

That was for Guddu.

But if he realises he's kidnapped a driver's son he will send him back.

He knows that I will not pay the ransom for a drivers kid.

Is the stuff pure?

Run! It's the police!

Some ruffians have kidnapped a child. Report to the head quarters.

I'll come immediately.

"Mummy, when is Bansi coming?"

He'll come. He'll be coming soon my child.

It's not the police. It's a delivery van.

Get the things.

Who are you? The police.

But these clothes.

They may be watching the house that's why the disguise.

Whose child is it? My driver Sitaram's.

"Sir, my son..."

"We'll save Bansi, have patience."

Was there a phone call after that? No.

Yadav connect the phone and Cherian take the telescope and keep a watch.

"Mr. Chaudhary, are these the only members of your family."

Yes and Bansi too was.

It's me.

You must have recognised me.

I know I have kidnapped the wrong child.

He's your driver Sitaram's son Bansi.

But this will not deter my plans.

"Haridas Chaudhary, listen carefully..."

...if you want to see the kid alive...

...then you'll have to pay me twenty lakhs.

What are you saying? Have you gone crazy?

Twenty lakhs for a driver's child!

I know you'll give me the entire amount that I have asked for.

Because you are very sensitive by nature.

Now listen to me carefully.

Half of the twenty lakhs should consist of 100 rupee notes.

"And the other half should consist of fifty, twenty and ten rupee notes."

And remember one more thing Mr. Chaudhary...

...the notes should not be in serial numbers. Is that clear?

Withdraw the money from the Bank first thing in the morning.

I'll let you know later what you have to do further.

Didn't you hear what I said? I will not give you the money!

And why should I? I don't have the money to waste on ruffians like you.

But if you don't agree to my terms.

Then you'll be blamed for the death of an innocent child.

You'll look out for his body but you won't be able to find it.

Go to Sitaram and get his child's photographs.

And also find out what the child had worn last.

"Mr. Chaudhary, if you decide to pay the ransom, let me know."

What's there to decide. I can't give him so much money.

"It's beyond my reach. Inspector, he's got the money."

But not his own. He's taken a loan from the company for some dealings.

"If he uses the money for any other purpose, his business will suffer."

You can leave now but collect the cheque before going to the airport.

Listen Geeta. I've weighed the pros and cons before taking any decisions.

Go to sleep. I'm not feeling sleepy.

"Try to, then you can sleep."

I've never seen this facade of yours before.

"Now that you've seen it, go to sleep."

I'll never forgive you if anything happens to Bansi.

I told you nothing will happen to him.

How can you be sure? You said he's mad and capable of anything violent...

"When Guddu was not found, you were restless."

"But since Bansi is missing, your responsibilities are over."

Bansi's only fault is that he's born to a poor family.

Yes! Are you satisfied?

I said I'm trying.

You are asking me for the impossible.

You have never bartered in such a way.

You can say that because you have all the rights.

I can't become sentimental like you.

I can't ruin my secure life.

I can't shrug off my other responsibilities for one person.

"I can't ruin my family, understand?"

Why did you take the trouble?

"- It was not necessary... What? The tea or I, here?"

It's your house. How can I dictate your movements?

You could say something.

Won't you have some tea?

Not a bad idea.

I wasn't feeling sleepy anyway.

You were surprised to see me.

I was a little worried.

I had promised my brother that I would never meet you again.

There's nothing to be worried about. You are keeping your promises.

Don't say that.

Have you forgotten that I have my tea without milk.

Sorry! I'll make some more for you. No. It's alright.

Nothing matters now.

What's the matter? You aren't dressed yet.

Dressed for whom?

I'll treat you to a cup of tea on my birthday.

Why are you so grateful?

You're lucky. They swear by my tea.

"Geetu, pray for me. Why?"

There's no sugar in the house. What's there to pray for?

I'll borrow sugar from the neighbours.

But the lady's husband will invite me to the movies for the eleventh time.

And I'll have to refuse again. God help me.

You boil the water. I'll be back.

Aren't you ashamed of yourself.

I thought you were...

How many times have I told you to improve your bad habits.

I'll slap you.

I never imagined that there would be anyone else besides Hema here.

"I am sorry, forgive me."

Forgive him Geeta.

He's helpless because he's my brother.

What! Your brother?

"Yes, Mr. Amarnath Gill. She's my best friend Geeta Chaudhary."

The milk has boiled over.

I think you have entered a kitchen for the first time.

"No, the second time."

Which incident had taken place for the first time.

The first time... She hadn't met you.

But how did you realise?

I can tell a lot about you? Like what?

You've been here a short while ago.

And you had to experiment in tea- making. There was no sugar as usual.

Great. Are you an astrologer.

He's showing off. It's his job. What do you mean?

My brother is a C.I.D. Officer.

He was transferred to Bombay recently. Oh! I'll have to be careful of him.

So far no convict has been able to escape from him.

"Where's my gift? Oh, yes! I forgot all about it."

First give me a kiss!

First the gift! No! First the kiss!

Don't trouble me.

Give me my gift.

"Listen, I don't know how to brew the tea. But I can serve you some."

Don't add milk to his tea.

"One spoonful of sugar, please. And three spoons for me."

Thank you.

This tea has a different essence which I haven't tasted before.

You are moving on the right path.

"Stop giving those meaningful glances..."

This is an agreement in our life

I would like to hear you say that you love me When our hearts speak for us We don't need words When one feels shy It reveals one's acceptance

Don't talk to me in riddles

"Don't make me crazier than what I am"

"You love me, yet you don't realise"

I spoke your mind What is in my heart Cannot be revealed as yet

Can't you hear my heart-beat?

Can't you see the blush?

"The blush on your face reveals what's in your heart"

"Though I agree, my heart doesn't"

Then hear me say it...

I love you

Try to understand that whatever I'm saying is for your own good.

The path that you have chosen is not the right one for you.

I don't understand.

I don't like you meeting this man.

"Do you know him? Yes, your sister-in-law told me."

That he is a police officer.

How much does he earn? Rs. 800? 1000? 1200?

He doesn't earn in a year what you spend on dresses and jewellery!

"Habits can be improved upon. You'll find it easy, initially."

But when you start realising the truth...

...your dreams will be shattered...

Either he'll lose his self-respect...

...or your family life will be turned into hell.

How can be so sure of trouble?

Can you guarantee this won't be the case?

Does that mean that there's no life beyond money?

You have every comfort... That's why you don't value money.

Ask a poor man or ask me how it is.

I have spent almost 20 years in slums.

I have toiled hard and even starved for days on end.

That's why I'm now living in luxury.

I don't mind you not speaking to me.

But I can't bear to see you miserable in life.

"If you still want to go ahead with the alliance, then we're dead for you."

I'll go get some tea.

We found the child's photograph.

Is everything alright?

Why have I kept you people here?

To play cards? We were only killing time.

He was peeping out of the window.

The roads are far away. Who'll see him?

Go away from here.

Here's the cheque. What time does your flight leave?

"Sir, I think we should call them up before I leave."

I've spoken to them. Pay them and get the share certificates.

You spoke long ago... One never knows...

What nonsense!

"After leaving this place last night, I felt strange. I couldn't sleep..."

I kept imagining Bansi's innocent face all night...

If something happens to Bansi...

What do you want to say? Be loud and clear about it.

You are not the type to lose sleep over a driver's son.

Mr. Chaudhary you've lost every hope.

If you don't pay the ransom and save the child you'll be maligned.

"And if you do save him, you'll go bankrupt."

I follow my own principles. That is never to be on the losers side.

Why have you come here then?

I have come to give you some good news.

The shares which you planned to buy from Delhi have been bought by others.

That means the matter has been leaked by you You have taken advantage of my trust in you.

You could call it business tactics.

"No, it's betrayal."

"Mr. Chaudhary, it's your humble servant."

You must have already spoken to your Bank Manager.

No. You have not yet done so.

The banks must have opened half an hour ago.

Listen. I'm giving a chance till this afternoon. Or else...

This evening will be the child's last evening.

You must be thinking that Bansi isn't with me.

Speak up...

Talk to them!

Papa save me...

"If you've arranged for the money, place a towel in your balcony."

But before noon...

Listen carefully. I will not pay you a single penny!

You don't have the courage to refuse...

Sir. What is it?

I have been living under your shelter for so long...

"As long as we are under your care, nothing will happen to Bansi."

So long I consoled myself that he'd return someday.

"But after hearing his voice, I can't bear it any longer..."

I beg you to save my son!

I know that a servant's son is not very valuable...

But we will both serve you till the end of our lives...

"Please save my son, Sir! Please save him!"

What's going on! Stop crying!

Get up.

Since when have you become so ruthless?

"What do you want to say, Geeta?"

Are you the same Haridas Chaudhary...

...who has hung his old photograph in the office...

...with pride and prestige?

Do you value only money and not others' feelings?

You have changed so much that you have forgotten your past.

Are you under the impression...

...that we love you because of your wealth?

I always looked up to you with pride.

Because you never discriminated...

You're not so helpless or weak as to sacrifice an innocent child's life.

"Mr. Nair, this is Haridas Chaudhary from National Shoe Co."

I want 2 million rupees.

"Yes, immediately!"

Please note that I want one million in rupee 100 notes...

"And the rest in denominations of fifty, twenty and ten..."

The notes should not be in serial order...

I will send the cheque immediately.

I was doing all this for you.

"Let's start life, afresh."

"I have started hating money, after this incident."

His problems have made me hate wealth.

Money brings out the devil in man.

Do you really mean it?

This packet arrived by post.

I know you're ready to pay the ransom...

But first listen to me carefully...

Put the cash in a bag and board the train with the ticket I've sent.

I'll let you know what you have to further do.

"Before paying the ransom, you'll be able to see the child alive."

"After I am paid, your child will return before sunset..."

But beware! If you dare inform the police...

...the child will... You know what I'll do with him!

He has planned everything well.

The train will leave in a half hour. There's no time to note the numbers.

Bring the bag quickly.

Open it.

What's this?

"If he drops the bag in the water, the capsule will emit a strange odour."

"And if he tries to burn it, yellow fumes will emanate from it."

But I don't know where to hide the capsule.

Give the bag to me. It's my job.

The child is not in the train.

There's an important message for Mr. Haridas Chaudhary of Bombay.

I am Haridas Chaudhary. A telegram for you.

"Below the basin of the last bogey's toilet, you'll find a message..."

Looks like the kidnapper has sent it.

Who else could send it?

"Exactly after three minutes, the train will pass over a bridge"

"The train will slow down and on the western side, you'll find the child"

Throw the bag near him immediately.

Think before you do anything.

He seems to be a wise man.

Listen to me carefully.

We'll be passing a bridge in three minutes. Switch on the cameras...

"...before we reach the bridge, and shoot every single thing in sight."

Recognise the child before you throw the bag.

What happened? Nothing.

Has the job been done? Yes. It's done.

Take him inside.

You start your job on the car while I hide the bag.

Bansi is alright.

"Uncle... Yes, my child."

Where's Bansi? You'd said that he'd return after you pay the ransom...

We've paid the ransom. Bansi will be coming soon.

When? Tonight.

We've got the money. What about our share?

What's the hurry? But why the delay?

The police is after us right now...

It's good to lie low for sometime.

The police will cool off after some time. And we can share the money.

Did you do away with the car? Yes.

What will you do with the child?

I'll do the right thing at the right time.

I don't want to spare anyone...

...who could turn out to be a threat to my life in the future...

Bansi hasn't come as yet.

"Inspector, I'm beginning to fear..."

I hope that man doesn't go back on his word...

...and something happens to Bansi... No!

No it won't happen. My Bansi is alive.

"He will return. If not today, then tomorrow!"

I will wait for him. Nothing will happen to my child!

He has harmed no one.

My Bansi is alive!

He's alive and not dead as yet.

"Sir, he's alive. Isn't he?"

"Inspector, my Bansi is alive. Isn't he?"

"Tell me, he's alive! Isn't he?"

Has anyone got anything to say? Switch on the slides.

Her face is not visible...

Some lady is washing clothes. Enlarge her...

Find out the lady quickly!

Now tell me the colour of the car. Black and white.

The registration number?

I couldn't read it. The car was far away.

Do you know English?

The number was in our language. In Hindi.

On which side was the girl seated?

Beside the drive. I didn't mean that.

Imagine this is a car. Was the girl on this side or this?

On this side!

Did you call me?

We are sorry to trouble you Mr. Haridas Chaudhary.

What have you called me for? Nothing much.

You'll be glad to know that we've bought the shares from Delhi...

"Such incidents, that take man unawares, often happen in life."

You must also be aware that we will be taking charge of the company.

"In other words, we are the owners of the company..."

All that you have now is your principles and character.

It is my greatest wealth.

Where did you get so much wealth from?

You boasted of sincerity and principles...

What do you mean? Don't try to put on an act.

Where is the money?

I've taken it as a loan from the company.

Without the permission of the board of the directors?

I was about to seek approval in the next meeting...

And you were very confident that you'd get our approval!

Because we were the puppets who danced to your tunes!

We have paid that amount! Where are the two million?

I have invested it in my business. Don't lie!

You'll misuse the money to increase your prestige!

And also earn respect in the city!

"Do what you will, with your own money. Not ours!"

"Return our money within three days! Or else, we'll charge you with fraud!"

You can leave.

Won't you see our honourable guest to the door?

May your heart...

Be always...

Full of love

Full of joy

May your life...

"...always be filled with happiness"

How can I tell you what we are going through?

Everyone at home is petrified.

My brother doesn't speak a word.

"He is suffering in silence, which I can realise."

My sister-in-law is the type who weeps...

...when she's helpless.

Sitaram too suffers in silence.

"Tell me, what should I do?"

Guddu keeps enquiring about Bansi.

"He neither eats, nor drinks."

"We've given up hope of seeing him! I can't bear this, any longer!"

I can't do much...

"But, you could share your sorrows with me..."

"Yes, Geeta"

I've send the photographs of the tyre-marks to the lab.

The dept. Has said that unless we find the car...

"...and match the prints, we can't do a thing!"

Have you checked out the gas stations?

Yes. Right from the place where the bag was flung...

" the city, we've checked with them all."

We've also informed all the police stations in the city...

...that if they find a black/white car with the licence plate in Hindi... inform the police headquarters.

Have you caught any? None. I've been waiting from long.

You don't know how to bait a fish!

You bet? I'll show you!


I've discovered oil!

Oil spells wealth!

You hugged me the moment you heard 'money'!

You were sitting quietly all along. Hold the bait. I'll call the police.

Sir. What is it.

I've got great news for you.

Report over there. That means he'll get all money.

I've got great news sir. But may I have some water first?

"Spell out the news, first."

It's great news. You'll be thrilled.

So will the government! I will become rich!

"I'll get a reward, won't I?"

"What reward? Atleast 10 to 20,000"

"Now tell us specifically, what happened?"

I've been trying to. But nobody's listening to me.

I lit my cigarette and threw the match in the lake. There was a fire!

Yes! The lake was on fire!

"Fire in the lake? Arrest him! I think, he's drunk!"

Why are you arresting me? Forget the reward. I'll show it to you for free.

Leave him. What happened.

There was fire when I flung a lighted match in the lake.

Which place? At the China Creek.

"The car is totally white. The number plate is in English, too."

I think this is not the car we are looking for.

No. It's the same car.

I can now guess how the colours were changed.

"Look at this, Sir. What is it?"

Looks like black paper. Yes.

"Sir, look at this."

What happened?

There are no records of finger-prints found on the car.

I knew it.

It's alright. You may leave. You too come along.

Yes. What am I doing here?

Let's take the car to the service station.

Come quickly!

He was repairing the hosepipe of the car. This hanky was wound on it.

Ask the owner if it belongs to him.

"If not, go to the laundry whose mark is on it, and find out."

What's the matter.

I'd like to ask a few questions. Please come in.

Come in. What is the matter?

Is this is a marking of your laundry?

"Yes, sir."

Tell me who it belongs to.

I want his name and address. Please wait.

Here it is. He is a very old customer.

He may come to pick up his clothes in the evening.

When are we leaving for Calcutta?

I've got the tickets for the 16th.

But that's very far off.

That's why I'm going to the station.

I'll try to get tickets for an earlier date.

But don't leave the place before I return.

Don't go anywhere.

This is where the man will come to pick up his clothes.

The owner will crush a piece of paper and throw it outside...

...and that will be our signal.

"You pose as a vendor, here. And we will take our positions."

"Are my clothes ready? They are ready, Sir."

You wash them well. But you don't iron them properly.

"But this time, I've washed them and ironed them, well, too."

You'll have no cause to complain.

I am at Madh Island. I'll keep you informed.

Rajsingh can't be back so early. Hide the child. I'll see who it is.

Who are you?

Please show me your ration card.

Preeti get the ration card.

Is anyone other than you staying here?

No. What about the child?

"Don't move! Or, I'll break your arm!"

Where're you going? Come on!

"Where's the child? Tell me, where is he?"

In there...

Take him away...

Don't be afraid. I'm a policeman. Come to me.

No! Your friend Guddu has sent me.

It's true!

Go to the H.Q.

"Give me your gun! Uncle, save me!"

Hurry! Help me!

I'm a chunk of sweet

"If you wish, come to me, or else I'll leave!"

"If you wish, come to me, or else I'll leave!"

I'm a chunk of sweet

"If you wish, come to me, or else I'll leave!"

"If you wish, come to me, or else I'll leave!"

"Hold this hand so fair and beautiful"

"Let go off the bottle, you silly drunkard"

I'm a chunk of sweet

"Try me out, since you have come to my lane"

"You'll be mesmerised by the sway of my hips"

"Every glance I cast... and knock the glass out of your hand"

I'm a chunk of sweet

"How shy he is... and how bold am l"

I'm a chunk of sweet

"If you wish, come to me, or else I'll leave!"

"If you wish, come to me, or else I'll leave!"

"Trying to latch on to my girl, eh?"

Your plans will be disrupted. Scram!

"Bansi has come back! Look, Bansi has returned!"

"Those people hit me a lot, Papa."

Nothing will happen to you. No one can do anything to you.

"A plan to kidnap a child in Bombay was foiled today"

"The child has been saved and is in good care"

"Mr. Haridas Chaudhary, an industrialist..."

"...didn't bother about his downfall"

"...paid a ransom of two million for his servant's son"

The culprits were finally nabbed

"But the money has yet to be traced And that's the end of the news"

Be careful.

Who will come here? Who knows.

What happened? Nothing.

I'll tell you everything. Leave me!

Tell me where the bag is!

Leave me! Tell me about the money and the bag.

Leave me! I'll tell you everything.

Tell me where the money is! I don't know!

"Tell me, or I'll break your bones."

I'll tell you... Yes. Tell me...

Rajsingh has taken it away. Who's Rajsingh?

Tell me who's Rajsingh? I don't know.

Leave me. I only know him by face!

What do you mean? I don't know him well.

Tell me! I really don't know.

I know that his name is Rajsingh. Nothing more...

I really don't know anything...

An artiste drew a picture of the culprit...

"...with the description of his associates, Manmohan and Preeti."

And it's surprising is that they both don't know much about him...

...except that his name is Rajsingh.

"Where he comes from or what does he do, is still a mystery."

"He looks like that man, but... But, what?"

Where's his handkerchief?

Handkerchief? Which one? Yes.

The one he ties on his left hand.

Does he always do so? Yes.

"Do you know why he does so? Can I tell you, Amar?"

"You? Yes. Bansi, please go outside."

"His name is Rajsingh, isn't it? How do you know him?"

"He's a very dangerous man. A little crazy, too."

He used to work in my factory a few years ago.

He once tried to molest a girl in the factory.

I dismissed him at once.

He vowed to avenge himself one day.

Can you tell me something more about him?

He's got a scar on his left hand.

That explains the handkerchief.

Taking into consideration the evidence and witnesses' testimony...

...the court has reached a conclusion that Haridas Chaudhary...

...has defrauded the National Shoe Company...

It is true that he took the money as a loan from the company...

...and he should return it as a responsible person.

The court gives him ten days to return the money.

If he fails to do so in the stipulated time...

...his house and property will be auctioned.

"Come in, inspector. Please be seated."

These are a few letters which arrived at our headquarters.

I thought you had come with a warrant for me.

Who are these letters from? They are a gift of love and respect.

Written by strangers for Mr. Chaudhary.

"I lost a lot of wealth, but..."

...received a lot of love.

A man lives only for this.

Someone might be rejoicing. Who is he?

He too is a police officer.

That man loved Geeta a lot and wanted to marry her.

But I refused.

That man respects you like all the others do.

Do you know him?

Yes. Very well.

He must have told you about me.


What's his name?

C.I.D. Inspector...

We have searched every nook and corner.

Every road has been blocked by the police...

"...yet, nothing has still been found."

His identity has been revealed but still no clues.

Why don't we print his photograph in the newspapers?

If he comes to know that the police is after him...

...he might turn more dangerous to handle.

He might even kill innocent people to save himself.

We've got to be very careful with him.

"Then, what is to be done?"

"For the time being, we should give details of the bag to the press..."

...which contained the ransom.

This is the same bag which Haridas Chaudhary gave me.

"Sir, I'm ashamed of my behaviour."

Why are you wasting your precious time?

"It's true, Sir. Not only me..." everybody at National Shoe Company has realised his mistake.

They want to make up for it.

They want you as Chairman of the National Shoe Company.

I see! What have I to do?

The best thing about it is that you don't have to do anything.

In other words you and your directors want a puppet?

I know you all too well.

"You don't want me, but someone who will be praised by the people."

You're trying to make use of the love and respect I've earned.

Return the ' precious' offer to your directors.

I thought you must have come to your senses by now...

...that you must have done away with your so-called principles.

"But, no! You will struggle for every single penny."

We will auction every single brick of your house.

Please sit down. You can use your things before the auction.

"Don't cry. We've seen better days. The bad times will go away, too."

"I was tired of these old things, anyway."

"It may have been a bungalow for you, but it was our home."

Where we have spent our entire life.

Nothing seems to belong to me.

I wish I could bring back your money.

I'm leaving.

The auction will be held the day after. I wish you would be around.

"Papa look, yellow fumes."

How long you've been working here? For twenty five years now.

I mean what time did you arrive this morning.

At seven in the morning.

Have you thrown any red and yellow coloured bag in the kiln.

I beg your pardon.

Have you thrown any red and yellow coloured bag in the kiln.

Yes Sir.

Who gave you the bag? I didn't follow you.

The bag you threw in the kiln. Where did you get it from?

"I found it in the garbage. It was torn, so I threw it in the kiln."

It's alright.

You mean to say that you have found the culprit?

"Not yet, but we will find him soon."

You've said this earlier too.

This time we're sure to find him.

We are aware of his hide-out.

The place where the bag was burnt has been discovered.

"We also found burnt pieces of the bag, some marks and a few clues."

What are the clues?

I can divulge nothing more than this for the time being.

But I'm telling you this and be sure to print it.

But soon these clues will help us to nab the culprit.

Can you tell us about the place? No more questions please.

I can tell you no more.

What are the new clues you haven't told me about?

I haven't revealed them because I don't know them myself.

What do you mean? There's a motive behind it.

The culprit must be hiding somewhere.

He may read about it in the papers and come out of his hiding...

and commit some blunder.

"No, Inspector Amarnath Gill. You can't trap me so easily!"

"Look, Jaidev."

Looks like our passenger.

So take him home. What does that mean?

Where's the scar on his left hand? And where's his wrist at all?

Forget the wrist... he doesn't have a left arm.

I'll be back in a moment.

A ticket to Calcutta.

Where's the scar on his left hand? Where's the wrist?

"Forget the wrist, where does he have a left arm at all?"

"I was at the railway reservation counter, Amar."

I came across someone who resembled the criminal.

He had a beard. But he didn't have a left arm.


Let's assume for a while that you don't have a left arm.

All right.

Here's a purse. Put it in your pocket.

Not that pocket... the right one.

When I don't have a left arm...

"I'll put my wallet on the right hand side, not here."

That's just what I've been trying to say.

"How can a man without his left arm, keep his wallet in the right pocket?"

Anything else? He has booked a ticket to Calcutta.

By the airconditioned coach on the 16th

Calcutta Mail?

Put your signature here.

Sign it.

"Now for the table, gentlemen. Make your bid."

4000 Rupees. Only 4000 for such a beautiful table?

5000 5000?

"7000 7,000! Anyone else?"

Going for seven thousand... gone!

This beautiful table goes to that gentleman in the suit.


I'm not giving you my toys! Who are you to take them away?

"Give it to me, son."

"Papa! He wants to take my toys away! Stop him, Papa!"

"I'm very sorry, Mr Chaudhary."

But... I understand.

"Give your toys to uncle, Guddu. No, Papa! I'm not giving them away!"

You shouldn't be...

"Uncle, you may have my toys. Please spare Guddu's."

"See, my son? How understanding he is?"

He knows they're taking away the toys for children... who need them very badly.

They don't have any toys to play with.

Know what? You must give up playing with toys in the future.

You and I will play out there in the world... you and I.

"I'll show you real trains, buses... everything."

"Papa, will you take Bansi along too?"


Now go and give uncle the toys.

Manmohan and Preeti have escaped from jail!

Amar was right. This is our man.

"Raj Singh, Preeti and I have escaped from jail"

"The police are after us. It's difficult to escape"

"As soon as you get this note, bring our share of the money..."

"to the usual place. If you don't turn up..."

"we'll have to tell the police everything about you - Manmohan"

Let's see what he does.

We have him in our clutches!

Raj Singh must've been delighted when he heard about our imprisonment.

Oh yes. The bastard!

He wanted all the money for himself.

"Preeti, he'll now realise I'm a smarter man."

"Be careful how you deal with him. Oh come on, darling."

I'll teach him a lesson he'll remember all his life.

He's not going to get a penny from this loot.

How come?

I'll unload all the bullets in this gun... into his head.

"Okay, Raj Singh... your game is up."

Quietly give yourself up to me.

He must've swum across from somewhere here.

"Take a look over there, Yadav. I'll search this place."

Wait there!



"This beautiful bungalow's going for 600,000 Rupees."

"601,000... 650,000!"




"800,000... first call!"


"This posh bungalow's going for just 900,000!"

Anyone else?

"900,000... first call! 900,000... second call!"

"And 900,000 final call!"

"This beautiful bungalow goes to Mr Rai for 900,000 Rupees."

Who would pay anything more for this old bungalow?

"Let's go, Sonu. This last link with our lives is broken too."

Prepare to leave.

Please put your signature on this. What else must I sign?

"These are the documents of the bungalow, sir."

We need the buyer's signature for our records.

The buyer? I?

"Yes, Mr Chaudhary."

You are the owner of this bungalow. What?

Yes. Raj Singh was killed and your money has been recovered.

Here you are.

"I must take your leave now, Mr Chaudhary."

Must you punish me like this for a mistake I've made?

Are you only an inspector and am I just Mr Chaudhary?

I made a mistake about you once. But Geeta has done no wrong.

"Guddu and Bansi have trusted you. It isn't their mistake, is it?"

"So why must you punish all of them, while you punish me?"

"Amar, Geeta is my sister."

Won't you give a brother the opportunity to set wrongs right?

"Geeta, come here."

Let me see how the two of you look together.

May your heart... always...

...full of love...

...full of joy...

"May your life always be filled with happiness"