Inrang (2018) Script

Six years from the present day, the political order around the Korean peninsula is shaken.

YEAR 2024 Territorial disputes with China, Asia's hegemonic power, provoke Japan to remilitarize, pulling in the US and Russia and stirring the clouds of war.

As a last resort for survival, the two Koreas agree to reunify.

To minimize repercussions, a five-year interim is declared...


...but the region's great powers, the US, China, Japan and Russia, fearing the emergence of a strong, unified Korea, push back against reunification.

Economic sanctions bring the vulnerable Korean economy to its knees, and break the people's will for reunification.

ECONOMIC SANCTIONS CRIPPLE KOREAN ECONOMY GOVERNMENT AT RISK FROM ANTI-REUNIFICATION SENTIMENT Livelihoods disintegrate, social unrest spreads, and as citizens' protests grow more violent, an anti-reunification terror group called the Sect appears.

The threat they pose puts the provisional government in crisis.

ANTI-GOVERNMENT TERRORISTS With the existing police force unable to cope with the Sect, the president creates a new police force, the Special Unit.

However, within a year comes the incident known as Bloody Friday.

SPECIAL UNIT KILL INDISCRIMINATELY The death of 15 innocent girls plunges the Special Unit into crisis.

Turn off the light.


Hold your fire!

Meanwhile, after the accidental shooting of those innocent girls, traumatized Special Unit forces start hiding their faces behind steel helmets.

With their very humanity sealed in darkness, they venture out on a path of barbarism.

The Special Unit should be fighting the Sect, but the cruelest power struggle that ensues is between the president's administration and Public Security.



Reunification is a homewrecker! Reunification is a homewrecker!

Reunification is a homewrecker! Reunification is a homewrecker!

No to forced reunification! No to forced reunification!



GWANGHWAMUN How do we tell the Sect apart from other protesters?

It's not like they wear T-shirts saying "Sect."

Do we grab everyone throwing firebombs?

Everyone disperse.

You can be jailed for illegal protesting.

Disperse yourselves!


Quick! Put out the fire!

Reunification is a homewrecker!

Reunification is a homewrecker!

No to forced reunification!

No to forced reunification!

Reunification is a homewrecker!

Reunification is a homewrecker!

Where's the Special Unit? I'll check.

When's the Special Unit coming?

Shit! Out of the way!

It's the Sect!

Clear out!

It's the Sect, in front!

This isn't a protest. It's a terror attack!

Where's the Special Unit?

Stick together!

Form a line, hurry!

Shooters to the front!

Get ready to fire.


The Special Unit! It's the Special Unit!

Take everyone underground! Hurry!


This is their last hideout. Hunt them down to the last man.

Lim will do reconnaissance. Don't call attention to yourself.

Yes, sir.

Kim Chul-jin, you back him up. Yes, sir.

You two move as a separate unit.

This will be the Sect's last day. Finish them off.

Flush them out from top to bottom.

Now, move.

Bring this to District Three. Be careful.


What the...


Run for it! The Special Unit's coming!

Where's the Chairman? He already left.

Tune into channel four and take the main passage.

Switch to channel four and take the main passage.

Change to channel four. The main passage.

Entering the Sect's hideout.

Burn it.


Form a battle line!

Throw down your weapons.

We repeat. Throw down your weapons.

Special Unit Charter, Article Two, Section Three.

Responding to preemptive attack with live ammo.



Prepare for battle.


What are you doing? Shoot!


Shoot! Shoot!


SPECIAL UNIT HQ, CAPITAL POLICE With an underage Sect member blowing herself up, calls are growing to disband the Special Unit.

Today, a fact-finding committee formed by Public Security...


...discussed future restrictions on the Special Unit.


Whether the Special Unit's suppression of anti-government forces with indiscriminate force is as effective a tactic as it used to be is a question that requires further investigation.

Therefore, until the fact-finding committee issues its final report, Lieutenant Lim and Squadron One will undergo reeducation, and the Special Unit's activities will be temporarily suspended...

Four weeks? Is this a divorce?

How are they going to fight terrorists without us?

Public Security bastards, making committees and announcing whatever they like.


Luckily, no major injuries.

He got psychological treatment five years ago.

SPECIAL UNIT TRAINING OFFICER JANG JIN-TAE He's got a past, and this girl, too, is underage.

He's the perfect scapegoat.

Why not just blame it on his personal issues?

He's a part of the Unit's history.

It would affect other men's morale.

That damned Sect has used kids as bomb runners for ages.

So, why blame it on the Special Unit?

If Public Security went so far as to set up a committee, things will be tense for a while.

So, did you catch Sect leader Uhm Chul-hyung?

A few of them got away. Seems he was among them.

Let's go!

Assholes sure move fast. It's the crack of dawn.

Public Security?

There's a back exit, right?

How far will Public Security go?

They're making a show of targeting Special Unit, but don't they have their eyes on bigger fish?

You think they'll stage a coup?

Isn't that their only option?

Give them the opportunity, and they're capable of anything.

Our VIP is extremely concerned about this.

I'll draw up countermeasures.



Are you in charge of the fact-finding committee?

I had no choice.

This time, the public opinion is sour.

How's Lim doing?

Haven't seen him since the incident. Must be in the hospital.

He seems quite disturbed this time.

Lim is? No, he's different.

I am probably the only one who knows him for real.


What do you think of him?

Lim suffered the most from Bloody Friday.

If there's human, there's beast, too.

The Special Unit is comprised of them, and Lim is one of them.

If the Special Unit is Lim, and Lim is the Special Unit...

If Lim is like this, isn't the Special Unit standing on the edge of a cliff, too?

That is where we belong.

How long do you think the Special Unit will serve its purpose, officer?


Glad you're no longer part of it.

The Special Unit is not a road for success.

It is about sacrificing oneself.

There’s not even a spot for us at the National Cemetery.

What can you expect from such group?

Anyhow, the top hopes this is a turning point for the unit to reestablish itself as everyone wishes.

If everyone wishes, that means no one wishes.

No alcohol for now. Don't let it fester.

Han is here.

I punched and shot and ran myself to death in this place.

That's why you quit.

I thought, as time passed, I'd even grow fond of hell.

But this place was too much.

You make it sound like you work in paradise now.

What are you here for?

I went to the crime scene.

This had fallen in the space between the walls.


I MISS YOU, MOM AND DAD Lee Jae-hee. She entered the Sect after joining a high school history club.

She was a Red Riding Hood in charge of delivering bombs.

High school freshman.

You remember?

Those kids who died then?

Any family?

No parents, just a sister.

If she has other relatives, they keep their distance.

You bring this to her sister.

Why me?

You're the last person she saw.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Snap out of it, will you?

Damned fool.

- Hello? Is this Lee Yun-hee?

Who's speaking?

I have some things of your sister's.

Don't you hate me?

You were on different sides. It's not your fault.

Besides, you didn't shoot.

Our home was torn apart after she joined the Sect.

She quit school, and our dad collapsed.

The Sect...

It's like an ant hive. You can never get out.

Listen to me blabber because my heart's gone sour these days.

But why obsess about it? We can't go back.

The living have to go on.

Your order is ready.

This is coffee. This is choco latte.

Do you come here often?

No, I happened to be nearby.

It's been ages for me, too.

I run a small bookshop. Used books.

It was my late father's, so I thought I'd keep it open.

Thank you so much.

I threw out almost all her stuff.

That's where my bookshop is.

Where is it?


Want to go? I know a good noodle place.

Lots of blackouts these days.

Little Red Riding Hood

I saw that puppet show once. It was so odd.

You know "Little Red Riding Hood"?

This one's got a different ending.

It ends with the wolf eating the little girl.

Cruel, huh?

But the hunter cuts open the wolf's stomach.

No, that's the happy ending.

I saw the sad ending.

How does it end, then?

The wolf deceived the girl and went to Grandmother's house.

When she arrived at the house, the wolf had already eaten the grandmother.

"Grandma, the cat says the food I'm eating is your flesh."

"That's a lie. Throw a shoe at that nasty cat."

"Grandma, the bird on the chimney says I'm drinking your blood."

"That's a lie, too.

Throw your cloak at that nasty little bird."

"Grandma, what big fingernails you have!"

"All the better to hold you with."

"Grandma, what big teeth you have!"

"All the better to eat you with!"

The girl is eaten by the wolf, and the story ends there.

Who's to blame for her death?

The starving wolf?

The grandmother who let the wolf in... or the mother who sent the girl?

Who should we hate?

The worst thing is we don't know whom to hate.


Let's finish this deal.

How's Lim?

Surprisingly ordinary.

He seems to really like you.

Use any method necessary.

Even if you're caught, see it through to the end.

Keep your promise.

A commuted jail term and surgery for your brother is not a bad deal.

You think a seller feels the same as a buyer?

Did you forget who you're dealing with?

Can't you tell shit from piss?

Let's just do our respective jobs as best we can.



Lim doesn't suspect anything?


Report every detail.

Get out.

Crazy bitch.

Life really sucks.


The Director has arrived!

The Commissioner has arrived!

POLICE COMMISSIONER KIM MYUNG-BAE The Special Unit's operations... are being handled by our anti-terror team.

Our national police may seem like backup, but that's okay. We can handle it for sure.

In that sense... your temporary suspension of the Special Unit was truly inspired.

As you surely know...


...there's not much we can do about the unification plan.

Their slogans are good.

"Safe reunification." "Soft reunification."

And people are buying it.

What can you do? Life is tough.

Those terrorists are hardly worth fighting.

Well, not that we'd refuse dirty tricks.

Have you heard, by any chance...

of the Wolf Brigade?

They're the ones who killed Director Yu last year.

That's not all.

They shot Oh and Park from the prosecutor's office.

Our sources say it's a secret assassination team in Special Unit.

You mean, that wasn't the Sect?

It was a professional job.

The Sect doesn't have snipers of that quality.

It supposedly targets corrupt power, but I don't know who commands it.

We can only assume it's part of the Special Unit.

That would make sense.

What's corrupt about us? We're patriotic.

If they think we're in the way, they'll use any excuse to kill us.

Therefore... we're concocting a scandal that they won't be able to brush off.

Our side is ready.

We're counting on you.

Good afternoon. Is this to go? Yes.

Just a moment, please.


Where are you?

Going to my brother's hospital.

Come in now.

Sorry, but I really need to stop by there.

I'll come a bit later.

Don't give me that. Get here now.

It's starting.

Sorry, I'll come back next time.

What? I'm sorry.

YUN-HEE Let's meet 6 p.m. at Namsan Square

Yun-hee and Lim will spend ten minutes at the observatory.

Then, she'll stage a scene. Take the photos then.

Team Two by the restaurant, Team Three by the parking lot, and we'll be by the elevator.

Be sure to look natural.

Take your positions 30 minutes in advance.

A terror bomb will be discovered at the observatory.

Lim's only escape route will be the elevator.

We seal the elevator, then the counterterror unit goes up.

We'll barricade the ground floor and Lim will be trapped.

Okay, move.

Are you crazy?

I told you never to show your face again.

Why? You busy?

Running late to your job at Public Security?

You really want to see me dead?

What do you want?

Everyone knows you've been bought by Public Security.

How much did you get?

Don't be ridiculous. I wasn't paid.

My sentence reduced, and my brother...

Look, the only reason they let you go free is they thought you might come in handy.

I told you, never let down your guard.

They can crush you whenever they want.

They'll bury you!

Stupid bitch, what about you?

They'll rip you to pieces, then throw you in a ditch.

The Sect is over. Don't you get it?

When was the last time you saw our leaders?

You're only here because you can't reach them and you've nowhere to go, right?

Shut up before I kill you.

I get that you're trying to save your brother, but don't disgrace yourself.

You know what your problem is? The same as when you were with us.

You think good intentions are enough.

Then, you get caught between a rock and a hard place.

Damn your good intentions!


You in touch with Sect leader Uhm?

Where is he?

Who knows? I lost contact ages ago.

I can only send messages through Mr. Oh.

Mr. Oh from Buam-dong?

I've got no time to talk.

Lay low for a while. Something big's gonna happen.

I just want to escape from here, too.

I'll be watching you. Behave yourself, okay?

That bitch. What a performance.

Go ahead.

Wanted terrorist Koo Mi-kyung is here.

What should I do?

Stick with Koo. Don't let her divert Yun-hee.

I'll put someone else on Yun-hee.

Update me every ten minutes. - Okay.

Go to Ahyeon-dong. Yes, sir.

You're the guy in charge?

I can tell from that entry you made that you're the guy.

Koo Mi-kyung.

Head of the Women's Third Unit in the Sect's southern committee.

It's been a year since your leader, Uhm, escaped.

And also since your cash flow stopped.

Isn't that a coincidence?

We've been investigating the Sect's source of funds for a while.

Where did you think Uhm was raising funds?

What do you mean?

Uhm Chul-hyung.

Next to him is Public Security's finance officer.

You know the prosecutors who were shot last year?

About that...

There was an internal investigation at the prosecutor's office then.

Dozens of fake bank accounts were found linked to Public Security officials.

At first, we thought they were slush funds.

But tracing back the cash, someone unexpected turned up.

The prosecutors pressured Uhm's dear colleague, Lee Yun-hee.

You need to do this.

The prosecutors contacted Yun-hee and she informed Public Security.

Think of your brother.

They stirred up a hornet's nest.

Or we both die.

In the end, Lee Yun-hee took out the prosecutors.

Look, it's a familiar face, right?

Look at the photo, not me.

Relax. If you rush, you may not remember.

Or you could ponder a moment and pretend to recall.

No, just say whatever you want.

And we'll write whatever we want.

That guy next to you writes well.

Do us a favor, okay?

What the...

This incident became a vulnerability for Yun-hee.

Or, rather, it became both their vulnerabilities.

That's why she and them are stuck with each other.

But why would Public Security act that way?

Because the Sect preserves the chaos.

That chaos is an excuse for them to grab power and execute their plan.

You see the whole picture now?

Find your leader Uhm. That's the deal.


So, now it's my turn to say what I want.

As soon as I find Uhm...

make me a new ID.

We have located Yun-hee and Lim.

But Lim's being tailed by Public Security.

Should I text him the code? No.

If they're tailing him, they hacked his phone.

Use a safer method.

Did you request a delivery?

You've got the wrong number.


Hey, look up the number.

It's a delivery service. No red flags.

All right.

His phone's being tapped.

They've started their operation.

Where is Yun-hee headed?

Where are you going?

To meet someone.



What people?

Don't worry. They're good people.

Get some sleep.

I'm late, aren't I?

It's okay.

Let's go.

One, two...

Lim is entering the exhibition hall.

Don't move yet. Stand by.


Less to see here than I thought.

I'll visit the restroom.

When you exit the restroom, walk calmly towards Lim wearing your prettiest smile.

You just need to drop the gun in front of him.

Then our team will take over. Take the gun.

And this is most important. Don't forget it.

A tracking device.

In an emergency, push this.

It's simple.

Push it and we'll find you.

If I complete this job, then I'm really done?

Completely done.

Yun-hee. What are you doing here?

You're such a fox. An informer or a lover?

Regarding the Pain of Others? Give me a break.

What's with you?

Do you study together?

Come here.

What's going on?

Let go!

Last piece of advice from a friend.

Don't believe anyone.

I'm gonna live my own life.

Watch out for yourself.

Out of the way!


Lee Yun-hee.

Follow me.

Go launch the drone. Okay.

Out of the way!

Lim broke through the window and fled.

Keep your positions!

Where'd he go? Report to me!

He's headed to the ground floor parking lot.

Move! Yes, sir!

We found Lim! Get him!

Get that car!

What is Han planning?

He said nothing would happen. That nobody would get hurt...

Hey, Lim.

Why are you causing so much trouble?

It's still not too late.


What's my situation now? - Not good.

The president and Special Unit agreed to throw you under the bus.

The Special Unit abandoned me?

That's how they are.

You know what Jin-tae is like.

Did he protect you on Bloody Friday? All that's left is you and me.

As soon as you sign a confession, they'll disband the Special Unit.

That's your only path to survival.


Take a look at this first.

Hey... look...

I'll explain this.

I'll explain everything. Just come out, bastard!

Agents from Public Security are engaged in a manhunt, searching roads and homes near Namsan Tower as the Bureau prepares to issue results of its investigation.

At the suicide bombing...

no one committed suicide.

We and the police are searching the whole city for any place he might hide.

You underestimated him.

If you find them, shoot them at once.

If she goes over to their side, there's no telling what could happen.

She's got a tracking device.

If Lim finds out everything, she'll be in danger and will activate it.

I trusted you too much.

What'll you do if things go wrong?

If things go wrong, will you take responsibility?

Yes, I'll take responsibility.

You idiot.

Lock the door on your way out.

What's going on?

I'm safe.

- Is the girl with you? Yes.

Go to Safe House Four and meet Kim Chul-jin.

This phone will be destroyed.

If you've got somewhere to go, then go.

I've got nowhere.

Wherever I go, it's the same.

Where did Yun-hee turn off her phone?

Near Yongsan.

Yongsan? Yes.

Do they have a base there?

Hey, check on Special Unit bases near Yongsan.

Yes. You, follow Yun-hee's signal.

Yes. Put up CCTV feeds from Yongsan.


A suspected Wolf Brigade member is on the move near Yongsan.


Kim Chul-jin, a key Special Unit member.

He's on our list? Yes.

That's it, then.

Bastards are crawling out of the woodwork.

Kim Chul-jin is going in.



Hey, Kim Chul-jin!

It's a checkpoint.

What a day. Damn.

We'll get out here. Okay, thank you.


Take that off.

Kim Chul-jin.

I'm Deputy Director Han of Public Security.

You've heard my name?

Of course. You're a legend at Special Unit.

Your name is mentioned often regarding Bloody Friday.

You defected here after being blocked from promotion?

Did I hear it wrong?

Wow, the Special Unit must study creative writing.


What am I doing here?

Right. What are you doing here?

There's a lot I want to know.


You know this woman?

Lee Yun-hee, former Sect officer.


How long have they been meeting and what plan are they hatching?

Give me a break.

Seems like you guys need creative writing class.

This is so ridiculous.

Is this how you'll announce it?

Listen to you.

Damned Special Unit thugs. You've all got rocks in your ears... or maybe you get trained not to hear right.

Up and down the ranks, you're all the same.

If I use nice words, you think I'm nice.

Don't you get what's going on here?

You don't get it?

The first target.

The second target.

Target one. Hey, don't move. Don't move!

Or it'll take multiple shots.

Grab him. Grab him, damn it!

I'll give you one last chance.

Answer my question and you can live.

Where is Lim?

You're making a big mistake!

Huh? A mistake? A mistake?

Answer me.

Where is he? Answer!

Huh? Next is your shoulder.

Answer me, asshole.

Let go. Let go, you!

What the hell?

Clean this up.

Dongin Corporation.


I couldn't enter the safe house.

Wait for our call.

Over there is Yongsan Station.

I'll sleep, so if you've got somewhere to go, leave.

How long have you known?

Tell me.

How long have you known?

What does it matter?

The first day I saw you...

I prayed inside my heart.

That me, the dead girl, my sick brother and you... would all be saved.

It was my first ever prayer, so I thought it'd come true.

When I joined the Sect... my family had fallen apart and I just needed to survive.

I had no other choice.

It's true.

Han told me nobody would get hurt.

I believed him. I didn't know.

Lim, we'll be okay.

Someone will help us. They can't keep chasing us forever.

I'll announce that it was all fake.

I'll tell everything. How they tortured me...

I can prove it all.

I know it's hard for you because of the past.

Han said he'd target your vulnerability.

If we go together, we can live. Let's leave, okay?

Let's go. I've got nothing here.

I don't care where. Let's just go.

What's the situation? - I'm safe.

They got Kim Chul-jin.

Change of plans.

It's 2315 hours now.

Come to underdrain C-21 before 0500 hours.

With the girl?


We don't need the girl anymore.

We know what they're doing, so she's no use to us. - Listen.

It's my business. I'll take care of it.

Bring the girl.

Understood, Lim?

Is there a problem?


We've got her location.

Bring Park.

Where is she? Over here.

Good work, Yun-hee.


Put teams One and Two on standby.

Alert the press, too. Let them in five minutes after we finish.

Send the location to the Special Ops Team.

Yes, sir.

Yun-hee's come to her senses.


Public Security is sending out their troops.

You can move now.

Put the ghosts in motion.

Lim, I deceived you.

We shouldn't be here. Let's go. I'll show you this.



Real name, Kim Seo-hee.

Arrested last March as head of Sect's women's unit.

Then, identity changed to Lee Yun-hee.

A Public Security spy.

When you contacted us, it took us a while to figure out what Public Security was up to.

Lim went through a lot because of you.

Public Security wanted to use you to strike at us...

but actually, you served as Lim's bait.

You heard of the Wolf Brigade?

He's one of them.

We're not humans in wolves' clothing... we're wolves in human clothing.


That's not possible.


You understand now?

That's the real Lim.

It's a trap! Yun-hee's not here. It's just Lim!


What do you mean, she's not there?

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?


Several of our men are down.

Still no sign of Lim.

Sir... our men are being slaughtered here.

Send Special Ops quickly.

I'm coming down to B-1. Send me your location.

I'm passing through zone B-9.

After Lim goes by here, he'll head to you.

Be ready!


Hey, Lim made it past B-9.

He's going toward you now. - All right.

He'll be here in ten seconds.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two...


Come on out!

Hey, you remember?

We're back in that hell from five years ago.

Let's go together!


It's a trap.

We need to get out.

It's just one guy.

He's the Wolf Brigade.

Don't you get it?

He's the Wolf Brigade!


This is ridiculous.

This is ridiculous.


God, I hate you.

What's so different between us, anyway?

Hey, lift it up.

Put Yun-hee in the car.

Load the bodies up there.

What are you planning to do?

About Yun-hee?

I'll take her to the Special Unit. Finish her off there.

I don't want her corpse mixed in with the others.

Do it now.

I don't understand... why we need to kill her.

I don't get it.

It's simple. She's a Sect member who helped Public Security.

We achieved our goal of drawing out Public Security and we used her enough already.

I know it's not easy, but she's a terrorist. That's a capital offense.

This is a fair execution.

She wasn't born to be a terrorist.

Snap out of it, Lim!

You do it.

That way, she'll leave no regrets in this world.

You do it.

I can't.

I won't say any more.

You judge if this is fair or unfair.

You should have listened to me.

When I said to go, you should've gone.

You should have asked... why I didn't run... why I didn't leave you.

Did you think of me even one moment?

I did.

I think you did, too. If so, I forgive you.

Stop it.

I'm sorry I deceived you.

But I meant it when I said I'd go with you.


The wolf deceived the girl and went to Grandmother's house.

When she arrived at the house, the wolf had already eaten the grandmother.

"Grandma," she called out and approached the bed.

"What big hands you have!"

"All the better to grab your hand with."

"Grandma, what big ears you have!" Stop.

"All the better to hear you with."

"Grandma, but..." Stop!


Stop the car.

The target's still alive. What should I do?

I will deal with her.


Yes, sir.

That idiot.

You go on ahead.

The girl is gone and you still won't answer me.

You thought you could take me on?

Get up! Is that all you got?

You bastard!

After Bloody Friday, I thought a lot.

I agonized over whether the order I gave was fair.

I thought until I couldn't think.

This time, it's fair.

You know what it feels like to be covered in blood... that will never wash off your whole life?

Those kids were unarmed and weren't enemies.

And it's the same with this girl.

You have to break branches to move a mountain.

That's our job.

Those kids were unarmed and weren't enemies.

Why'd you give that order?

We had some false information... and mistakes can happen during an operation.

Up until now I've followed your orders...

and lived by the organization's rules.

Now, I'll live by my own rules.


are you doing this?

I'm leaving this place.

This just in.

Uhm Chul-hyung, the de facto leader of the Sect, - is holding a news conference. Koo Eun-hye!

He will provide verification of rumored past deals between Public Security and the Sect.

We'll connect you to the news conference.

Ms. Koo Eun-hye, your new bank account is open.

Is the information in the press release correct?

I received funding for operational costs and personal spending from high-ranking Public Security officials.

Who were those high-ranking officials?



Attention, all passengers waiting to board the 14:30 train for Sinuiju, North Korea.

Please head to gate number 1.

Again, all passengers waiting...

The temporarily suspended meetings on reunification have now resumed.


Who's to blame for the girl's death?

The worst thing is we don't know whom to hate.