Insaaf (1987) Script

- A new professor's going to come today. -Oh, the poor one!

Hi baby! What a beauty!

All set? -Yes.

Just wait and watch!

I've planned everything in such a way that professor won't..

"Come to the college tomorrow.

You know some of them are quite shameless also.

Today is his first and last day.

Let's have a bet of 100 on it. -Sure.

If law students won't have respect in their hearts for..

...this statue of justice, then your presence in this..

"Classroom is just like a journey without a destination.

It appears as if some students have come here to have an..

"Aimless journey.

And let me remind you one thing that even colleges have their..


And according to this law, while studying in a classroom,"

...the practise of disco culture is a crime..

"And an illegal offense.

And justice"

Do you know that justice is blind?

Do you know or not? -Yes. I know.

And still, you tried to put your leg in between justice?

It's my first day. So I won't punish you.

And one more thing" take your disco culture along with you.

So, we were talking about this statue.

This statue belongs to that temple where every devotee..

...of law and order comes to worship and expects this"

"lady of justice to give a decision in his favour.

A lecturer's lecture is not meant to be blown away in smoke.

If cigarette smoking is more important than this lecture..

"Then you'll are free to go out of this classroom and smoke.

So shall we start our studies?

Mother..-Son, you've come? -Yes mother.

Geeta, get a glass of water for your brother.

How was the first day of your college?

I'm sure that I'm a good teacher.

But brother, you started teaching students on the..

"First day itself?

So? What did you thought? I'll narrate jokes in the class?

The first day is meant for introduction.

The students mostly try to harass their teacher.

I was afraid that you don't lose your temper on any matter.

During your college days, you were only interested in..

...2 things, study and fight.

Mother, there's a vast difference between a student..

"And a professor.

Brother, no one tried to do any mischief with you?

Mischief is ought to be. -Then you wouldn't have tolerated it.

And you musfve given a solid punch to some one, isn't it?

Absolutely not. -You didn't even scold anyone?

You musfve lost your temper for sure. -No.

Then I'll go to the market right now and get sweets.

Why sweets? -To offer God.

Why? -To tell you the truth, brother, I thought,..'ll not be able to teach the students.

Just wait for 2 years. I'll become the principal of this"

"college and show you.

You sit. I'll get sweets. -No, I'm the one who had asked for..

-..A favour from God. So, I'll go myself. -Geeta, the markets"

"are over crowded at this time.

So what? I can hear. I can walk and sense everything.

Don't I do all my work on my own?

But still this stick can't wear eyes on it.

And when I'm there with you.. No brother. It's fine up to..

...the extent of sympathy.

But when one starts pitying on us, it's really a bad feeling.

It feels as if I'm a handicap and a burden on others..

"Which I don't want to become.

However we may be but we have a right to live our lives.

Enough! You should've been a lecturer instead of me.

You gave such a big lecture to me.

Come soon.

Who's this blind person having eyes?

You want to go to the other side of the road, isn't it?-Yes.

There's a lot of traffic. I'll escort you till there.

Thank you but I'll go on my own. There's not much noise"

...of the traffic.

Be careful! These vehicle owners drive at the speed of 100.

Come. If I would be in your place, wouldn't you help me?


Good evening professor. I'm Mahesh Shukla speaking.

Mahesh? Professor, we're having a bet.

That you'll surely come to this discotheque tonight.

Why? -We'll show you our disco culture.

I'm not interested. -But we're interested and even you'll be..

...when you'll see your sister dancing on the floor.

Tell him.

Brother" Brother"

It's possible that the girl, herself, must've gone with..

"Those boys.

I've already told you that those boys told me on the phone..

...that they've taken my sister to the disco forcefully.

Please come with me quickly.

No haste!

Look, it's the question of my sister's honor.

Hurry up and come..-l told you not to make a haste, didn't I?

Are we policemen sitting idle?

There's a public meeting in the Race course. Police security"

"is required over there.

There's a strike going on in some factory. Police security"

"is required over there too.

Tomorrow a procession is going to be out. We have to arrange"

"security for it.

How many tasks will the police do? And you people, come with"

...your grievances.

Police has to hear the grievances of the whole country.

What about that?

Geeta.. -Brother..

Did they misbehave with you?

Brother, take me out of here.

Let's go.

Professor, don't do the mistake of attending the college"

. {IO I110 rrow.

We don't threaten just like that.

Tomorrow, not only kidnapping but rape can also be done.

I'll come back in a moment.

He was a coward.

I think, he'll leave the city and run away.

The principle of no haste is not applicable in the court.

As the judge asks you that were you involved in the fight,..

"Quickly say, "Yes sir. I accept my fault.."

Got it?

Your honor, on the 6th of June at 7 p.m. in the evening,..

...on the call of the manager of Prince hotel,..

...when the police entered the hotel, the staff is a witness"

...that this person broke the barrier of humanity and..

...Ignored law and order..

Come to the point. The man is guilty. Rs. 500 fine.

Sir, this is utter injustice.

Rs. 700.

But how can you pronounce a punishment without hearing" statement?

Thousand rupees, I said I object .

On the basis of the law degree, I hold and the basis which I..

"Can defend myself, I hear my plead not guilty.

And you as the judge in chair have to listen my argument"

"framed by the public prosecutor, before you pronounce any sentence.

I'll come to the point.

I feel as if you're sitting on this chair not to do justice"

...but you're doing an obligation on the people.

This is a contempt of court.

If the court wishes, it can give you imprisonment of 6 months.

But I pronounce you a simple imprisonment for 6 days.

Mother, how are you?

It's all because of me.

No, crazy girl. The day when a brother is given punishment"

...for saving his sister's honor, law and order will no longer..

"Prevail in this nation. The courts will have no meaning"

"justice will die.

I was imprisoned because whatever I said in the court..

"Was considered as a contempt of court.

This was my offense.

No, my son. You didn't violate any law.

No matter what people say, but I'm not ashamed of my son.

In fact I'm proud of you.


Come on, let's go home.

The college administration has sent a notice for our house.

Read it.

Look at the allegations, they have stated, against you.

These allegations against me are false and baseless.

I haven't caused any disgrace to the college.

I haven't violated any rule of this college.

Those boys are at fault and instead of rusticating them,'ve sent me a notice?

Do you'll know that those boys kidnapped my blind sister"

"and took her to a discotheque?

But you're a professor. Isn't, fighting with students,..

"Against the rules and regulations of the college?

They are students, in the premises of the college.

But out of the college premises, they are rascals.

And by punishing those rascals, I haven't committed any crime..

...but done justice in the society's view.

And for that you were imprisoned for 6 days?

We can't include such a person in the college staff, who..

"Holds a criminal record.

And you'll can keep such students who are criminals?

I understand everything. You'll can't punish those 3 boys.

Because one of those boys is the son of that M.L.A, from whom..'ll get a grant for this college.

One of them is the son of that rich man who had kept the..

"Foundation stone of this college and had given lakhs"

...of rupees in donation.

And the third one.. -The third one is my son.

Son of Sir K.K. Shukla's..

...who is the founder of this college.

And the college runs on my name.

By raising your hand on my son, you have invited bad luck..

...for yourself.

I, not only, terminate your job on the spot"

...but also assure you that you won't get a job anywhere in..

"This city.

Don't be so confident. I have my job in my pocket.

If you don't believe me, then read it.

Thank you very much for my appointment sir.

On the contrary, I should be thankful to you.

It's entirely our pleasure that a brilliant man like you will.. with us.

A car will be arranged for you in a couple of days.

At present, here are your house keys.

Thank you very much sir. You're welcome .

This is our new house.

Geeta, can you tell me what can be seen from the window?

The sea. And not only this but there's a boat in the sea too.

But tell me one thing. How did you come to know?

My ears are enough to hear the sea waves.

And about the boat, then for that one needs to be clever Mother, did you like the house?

Very much. Those happy days have come, which I was waiting for.

You'll have to vacate this flat.

The board of directors have terminated your appointment.

Why? -Why didn't you tell me earlier that you were

"sentenced to imprisonment?

At times, we have received 3 complaints against you.

At least you should've told me about it.

What would you do, if I would've told you everything?

Would you give me this job?

Mr. Ghorpade, I haven't done any fraud, or a bank robbery..

...or anyone's murder.

I had asked permission from the judge to prove myself innocent.

And for that he pronounced me a punishment.

I didn't get justice in the court and you too..

Let it be, son. The society gives us justice or not but..

"God will surely give us justice.

Here are you flat keys.

Neither we can sleep at night nor at day, in this place.

How do people stay in so much noise in this city of Mumbai?

I'm surprised myself. Whenever I go out, it appears as if..

...a bomb blast has taken place.

There's so much crowd on the roads. It appears as if the..

...whole world has accumulated in Mumbai.

A small city is better than this.

At least a person can breathe.

In this place, it's difficult to breathe even.

What if brother gets a job over here?

It's been 3 months, Mr. Luzado. I still haven't got a job.

It seems as if my law degree has become Aids for people.

Forget about looking at it. But no one's even ready to touch it.

I'm leaving this city.

How much is your bill? -Bill? Now what should I say?

Nowadays being literate is worthless.

Your bill is 1,113 rupees.

I just have 600 rupees with me.

Sorry sir. I'm liable to show these accounts to my sir.

Do one thing. Leave your baggage over here.

Take your luggage after paying your bill.


Excuse me, may be I can help you.

What? - I can give you Rs. 600. - No thanks.

I don't believe in charity but in hard earned money.

I have to catch an international flight.

Could you do me a favor by giving this to Mr. Arnold at Kings Hotel?

You can give this bag to him and can earn yourself some money.

He's right. Handing over this bag is also a job, isn't it?

Alright. I don't mind.

The job is done.

Please give me some alms in the name of God.

This beggar will pray for you, my child.

Excuse me! -How can I excuse you, Yograj?

Who Yograj? I'm not Yograj. Lay off your hands.

I'm your father, Inspector Bhende.

Did you recognize me?

Who Bhende? -Oh! Who Bhende? Do you remember,..

...five years ago, I had caught you outside Hotel Oberoi..


But later on, you escaped from the court.

If I would be present over there I would've broken your legs"

...and kept them in your hands. You rascal!

Oh Goddess, help me! I caught you.

You dog! Don't act over smart.

You baldie! Yografs right hand!

Rosaro" -Yes sir. -I've caught him.

Photographer.. -Coming, sir.

I'm Bhende.

Come on, let's go to the police station. I'll hit you black"

"and blue. Photo please.

You scoundrel! You look like a thief from your face.

Now just wait and watch!

Bhende, you've caught hold of me but the bag has reached it's"


I don't want a devotee for a temple but a cabaret dancer"

I want such a dazzling beauty that falls like lightning on..

...the hearts of people. Someone whose alluring"

...body invites everyone's eyes.

And every invitation should appear as a grand one.

But nothing appears so special about you.

What have you seen up to now?

Bring her inside.

I liked your style.

Look mister, I'm a frank girl.

If you don't like it, then there's no "Yes". And if you.. it, then it's not a "No".

It's a good principle. -Thanks.

Who are you?

Forget about me. But this bag belongs to some Mr. Agnihotri..

...of Kings hotel.

Yes. Give it to me. -Are you Mr. Agnihotri?

I don't like people who ask a lot of questions.

Give me the bag or else I'll shoot you.

Get him inside. -Yes.

I'm Agnihotri.

This bag..-From where did you get it?


From Luzadds bar.

You didn't open it to see what's there inside?

As a good citizen, I had to return this bag to it's owner..

"And not to open it.

Brother, I've never seen such honesty in this city.

May be because I don't belong to this city.

So, you're in search of a job?

Yes. But I think my horoscope doesn't match with that of..

"This city.

I had come here a few days ago and will leave in a few days.

Will you work with us?

If the job is of my capability, I'll surely do it.

A clever man adapts any job according to his capability.

What do I have to do?

Take and give.

Yes. We don't do anything simple.

But I still tread on a simple path..

...and I'll continue walking on that path.

Neither here nor there.

He's such a rude man.

I feel as if I should shoot him.

When you're jobless, then why did you refuse for a job?

I can sell my service not my conscience.

Superb! What a dialogue!

I like it. Light please. I don't like it.

What? - Neither cigarette nor a cigarette smoking girl.

Sir.. Sir, where were you?

In your absence, your mother had a heart attack.

What? -Really. -Where is she? In the nursing home. I had"

"admitted her in a nursing home on that street.

Come on. Hurry up!

Doctor" does my mother Have any danger?

Nothing can be said right now. Go to the office and fill the..

...form and deposit 10,000 rupees.

Hurry up! Doctor..10,000 rupees?

Brother" Brother"

Geeta, what has this happened?

Brother" please save mother.

Everything will be alright. Don't worry at all.

You sit down. I'll be back in a while.

No brother. Don't leave mother alone. We need you over here.

More than me, 10,000 rupees is required over here.

-10,000! -Don't worry about it. I'll get the money. Sit down.

I'll be back in a while.

Do you want to commit suicide? Come and sit in the car.

I can get 10,000 rupees from him.

Mr. Agnihotri, I need 10,000 rupees.

I know that I won't be able to repay you this amount.

That's why I'm ready to work with you.

Take and give or anything.

I'll reach your office tomorrow at 9 o'clock in the morning.

Our office doesn't start at 9 in the morning but 9 in the evening

Avinash" I'll pray for your mother's quick recovery.

Did you get a job? -Yes. I've got a job.

Have you told them everything about yourself?

Mother, you take rest.

Doctor has said that you'll have to stay here for 3 weeks more.

3 weeks? But what about money?

Don't worry. All the hospital expenses are being paid by..

"Brother's boss.

There are good people too in this world.

Son, work really very hard.

I'll pray to God..

...for your prosperity and promotion in this job.

May God make you a big man.

"Friend, one gets his destination."

"..after crossing many hurdles.."

"Friend, one gets his destination."

"..after crossing many hurdles.."

"Myrtle gets it's prominent color.."

" getting crushed on the grinding stone.."

"Myrtle gets it's prominent color.."

" getting crushed on the grinding stone.."

"A wave turns into a stormn"

" striking the shore.."

"Myrtle gets it's prominent color.."

" getting crushed on the grinding stone.."

"Myrtle gets it's prominent color.."

" getting crushed on the grinding stone.."

"Friend, one gets his destination."

"Why are you agitated.."

"..from the whole world?"

"One has to sow a garden of his dreamsn"

"..with a saucy heart.."

"Myrtle gets it's prominent color.."

" getting crushed on the grinding stone.."

"Friend, one gets his destination."

"Don't try to become God.."

"First learn to become a human.."

"Don't try to become God.."

"First learn to become a human.."

"It's important to have a little craziness."

" life.."

"A person realizes a thing.."

"..after losing his sensesn"

"Myrtle gets it's prominent color.."

" getting crushed on the grinding stone.."

"Myrtle gets it's prominent color.."

" getting crushed on the grinding stone.."

"Friend, one gets his destination."

"..after crossing many hurdles.."

"Myrtle gets it's prominent color.."

" getting crushed on the grinding stone.."

"Myrtle gets it's prominent color.."

" getting crushed on the grinding stone.."

Difficulties and too for Inspector Bhende?

What are you saying?

The word "difficulties" had vanished at the time, when..

"Inspector Bhende had taken birth.

Brother, if you say, I'll turn him into a fried lady's finger.

I'll stop the smuggling that is taking place between Mumbai"

"and Ahmedabad within 24 hours.

I'll arrest all the smugglers.

I'll hit my rod on their heads.

I shall finish off all of theml.

Brother, think it over again. If you say, I'll shoot him.

You always have a single solution to all the problems.

According to me, we should hold back the consignment that's"

"arriving from Ahmedabad.

But then our payment will be held back due to this.

We'll run into a loss.

If you permit, shall I get the delivery from Ahmedabad.

Brother, there's a vast difference in saying and doing.

I can do it.

Mr. Agnihotri, consider this as my test and give me a chance.

Alright. You'll get the Address and code number.

If you need anything else.. -Well, as for now I just need.. make a phone call.

Operator, call Inspector Bhende on the line.

It's a matter of his life and death.

Are you afraid of death? -No. I'm not afraid of death.

Death is afraid of me.

If I would be afraid of death, then why would I join the"

"police force?

Sir, there's a phone call for you. Look, I'm again needed..


Who is it? -He says that it's a matter of your life and death.

It must be a matter of my life and his death.

Just now you have challenged on the T.V. that you'll put an..

...end to the Mumbai-Ahmedabad smuggling link.

Absolutely. I've taken my mother's swear.

Don't take a swear. A consignment of 2 crores is coming to..

"Mumbai by tomorrow morning's flight.

If you have guts, then catch hold of that consignment.

Challenge? And that also to Inspector Bhende?

Yes. A small time inspector like you will not have guts to..

"Catch hold a consignment worth crores of rupees.

L.. a small time inspector?

It's a bet. If you catch the consignment tomorrow, then..'re Inspector Bhende. Otherwise you're a small time..


Hey, where are you going?

To Ahmedabad. Someone's thinking of committing suicide.

Our Mumbai is far better.

He's riding the motor cycle so fast.

I'll fix him up. Hey, take over that bike.

Stop! Hold it! Where are you going?

I'm Bhende.

Oh God! What happened?

Did you get hurt?

Don't touch the bag!

Didn't you hear? Leave the bag!

Sir, I just want to help you.

Who are you? -l? I'm Bhende. All India Inspector Bhende.

You musfve heard my name.

Show me your identity card.

I am captain Chopra, military police.

You're a government employee. So I'm telling you.

This bag contains military secrets.

And it has to reach Mumbai by tomorrow morning's flight at"

...any cost.

But my motorcycle" -No problem.

My jeep is at your service and that too a government jeep.

Now it's my responsibility to deliver this bag to Mumbai.

Don't touch the bag!

What happened to you?

Don't touch the bag, idiot!

Come. Please come.

What a strange man!

Don't touch the bag. shut up!

Wait. What's there in this bag?

Hey! What's your problem? Nothing sir.

Sir, I know you're having a terrible pain in your hand.

Give it to me. I'll hold the bag.

I'll give up my life but won't let anyone touch this bag.

Please come.

Hey, check him properly. Check over here.


Come. Sir, did you see my interview on the television?

No. -When I was giving the interview, a son of an ass"

...called me up and said that he'll smuggle diamonds worth"

...2 crores from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

Can anyone smuggle in the presence of Inspector Bhende?

Forget about humans but I don't even forgive beasts.

Sir, I'm very famous in India.

If the military police finds this bag in your hands, then..

...I'll be court marshaled.

Be careful!

Thank you for delivering diamonds worth 1 crore.. Mumbai.

Yesterday I spoke to you on the phone regarding the smuggling"

"consignment which was going to come by this flight.

I'm the same person.

You have cheated me by becoming a false military police.

You have cheated all India Inspector Bhende.

I arrest you.

Leave my hand, Inspector.

You don't have any proof that I have brought these diamonds.

But still if you try to drag me to the court forcefully"

Even you'll have to go to the prison along with me.

You yourself have brought the bag of diamonds from Ahmedabad.

Take this. -25 paise?

I have proved that you're a small time Inspector.

My name is Inspector Bhende.

I eat six eggs daily.

And I hit my rod on the heads of rascals like you.

I won't spare you. I'll put you behind bars.

By turning my belief into reality, you have proved that..

...a person who has brains can do anything in this world.

He is Raghu. He's the caretaker of our godown.

Hello Mr. Watchdog.

You called me a dog?

Raghu, you misunderstood him.

He didn't call you a dog but a watchdog"

"which means a caretaker.

Because of this mistake, a good thing happened.

I got to meet a real man.

That's like it. Let's go, Avinash.

This is your reward.

This bag contains the keys of your bungalow,"

...your car keys and 1 lakh rupees.

Such a big reward for such a small job.

Sometimes I feel as if I should shoot you.

1 lakh cash, car, flat in one stroke!

I was totally flat to see it.

I mean. I was totally flat to hear it.

To gain something, you ought to lose something.

Isn't it, Sonia?

In my life, up to nowl have only lost, not gained anything.

Perhaps because of that you smoke out your life.

Life is precious. Keep it carefully.

For whom? -For yourself and for your beloved.

Geeta..-Brother, where were you since morning?

Mother will wake up. I'm already awake.

Oh! You're awake. Mother, get well soon.

A beautiful house is waiting for you.

Brother, you got a house? -it's not an ordinary house.

I've got a very big bungalow.


You? How did you come here?

The doors of the heart were open. So I came in.

Do you know how to reach to one's heart?

"My eyes have a lust for you, my arms are craving for you.."

"My eyes have a lust for you, my arms are craving for you.."

"Take me in your arms, because my heart feels so.."

"Turn me into ash, burn me into ash.."

"Blow me into the air, because my heart feels so.."

"My eyes have a lust for you, my arms are craving for you.."

"Because my heart feels so.."

"A storm rising over there, a storm is rising over here too.."

"Get me out of this whirlpool, because my heart feels so.."

"My eyes have a lust for you, my arms are craving for you.."

"Take me in your arms, because my heart feels so.."

"We've come till here, we've reached up to here.."

"We've come till here, we've reached up to here.."

"Sweetheart, I'll cover you with the dense shadow of my hair.."

"Sweetheart, I'll cover you with the dense shadow of my hair.."

"This cessation and curling up, this curling and then rising up.."

"Move aside all these curtains, because my heart feels so.."

"The days are of spring, the nights are of our youth.."

"These are just a couple of blessed nights.."

"I'm being intoxicated, the journey is passing away.."

"Let's celebrate these nights, because my heart feels so.."

"My eyes have a lust for you, my arms are craving for you.."

"Take me in your arms, because my heart feels so.."

"Turn me into ash, burn me into ash.."

"Blow me into the air, because my heart feels so.."

"My eyes have a lust for you, my arms are craving for you.."

"Take me in your arms, because my heart feels so.."

I'll.. I'll fire you.

You won't be able to dance in any night club of this city.

And if anyone gives you a job, I'll shoot him.

I can get you to the footpath.

You'll be sold only for 100 rupees. Got it?

Why do you want to reach to such a condition?

Ok. I forgive you. I just want to know, where were you last".


Just think about it. Your food is free, your accommodation is.. You get 5000 rupees for a single show.

You won't get such a job anywhere else.

Nor will you get a lover like me.

Did you hear? You won't get a lover like me in this world.

I have found a lover for myself.

You, over here?

Are you scared? I'm Bhende.

I've come here carry out some investigation.

Think twice and answer honestly.

Because every answer of yours can be..

"Presented in court as your statement.

My first question, what is your profession?

Second question? -From where did you get such a big..

"Bungalow and such a big car?

First of all tell me, how did you come inside?

If you want you can call your lawyer over here.

Because I'm sure that when you'll go out of here,..

...your hands will be cuffed.

I'm speaking from 32, Kamakel Road.

A man has entered into my house forcefully"

"and is threatening me.

He can be a thief, robber or a murderer.

Come here quickly.


And one more thing. Don't forget to get handcuffs.

No. It doesn't seem so.

You're talking of escaping away. He's not even ready to leave..

"The chair.

What kind of a joke is this?

-97.-What do you mean?

I can sue you for criminal trespassing.

Sue me? -Because without a search warrant, no one can"

"enter anyone's house.

I don't need a lawyer because I'm a lawyer myself.

And also I am the managing director of the company"

"which has given me this bungalow and a car.

Any more questions?

Sir, you? How come you reach everywhere before us?

Arrest him..-Do you recognize this man?

Yes. - Who's he?

He is the famous inspector Bhende, sir.

Maybe he's a fake Bhende.

Sir, you didn't show him your card?

I'm a fake one? I'm the real Bhende.

My father's real, my mother's real. You're a fake one.

And I'll prove it.

Let's go.

What? -You had said that while going out from here, I'll.. handcuffed.

It suits you more.

I've come here forever.

I didn't even perform my show last night.

Dilip fired me.

That rascal says that I'll come to the footpath.

So I came here.

And that fool was also saying that I'll never get a lover.. him.

I've already told him that I've found a lover for myself.

At Avinash's flat?

No listen. First finish Avinash.

But what about boss? -Don't worry about boss.

I'll take care of him.

What can boss do if he dies? Nothing at all.

No wait. Listen. Follow him.

And when you get a chance, place a time bomb in his car.

Geeta, guess what I've got for you.

A box that contains something like a cloth.

You win. There are clothes for you.

I bought all the colors. God knows which one you prefer.

Take it. -I just don't like black color.

I've become fed up of this color.

Son, why don't you take her for an outing?

I've heard that your car is very beautiful.

Tell me, where shall we go? Gateway of India? Ok.

This is Gateway of India.

Brother, it is made of red stone, isn't it?

Yes. Do you when it was built?

When King George V had come to India for the first time, he..

"Had landed over here.

You' re quite intelligent.

Now let's go to Chowpaty.

Here comes Chowpaty.

Chowpaty? -Yes.

What are you smelling? This can't be Chowpaty.

Why? -Neither can I smell the sumptuous snacks nor can I..

...her the voices of people selling coconut water.

This is.. Brother, you've turned the car and"

...again brought me to the Gateway of India.

You're very clever.

Now I'll have to take you to the Chowpaty. Let's go.

Brother, tell me one thing. Now you have a job. -Yes.

You even have a house. -Yes.

You have everything, a car, T.V. fridge. -Yes.

Then what should be your next step? -Marriage!

So when are you doing it? As soon as I get a good..

...looking, honest and a working boy..

-..I'll get you married. -Brother!

It'll be a great day for me when I'll be able to get my sister"

"married off with my own hands.

Are you a real Inspector or are you wearing a hired uniform?

I'm the real inspector Bhende.

A real identity card.

A real search warrant.

You're a fake one. Give me the car keys. I want to make a..

"Search in the car.

Hurry up!

Bomb! -What?

Geeta, come out quickly.

Come out quickly.


There are 6 boxes. Get them off.

You? -He's Avinash"

...whom I was appreciating that day.

Then you'll have to appreciate me first.

The credit goes to K.K that you've got a man like Avinash.

How come? -He's right.

If he wouldn't have fired me from his college, then"

I, not only fired you but I didn't let you get a job..


It was very kind of you.

Absolutely. What would you do in a job which would give you..

...only 2000 or 3000 rupees?

You should be thankful to me.

I slapped on the face of your poverty in such a way that..

...It'll never turn around and look at you again.

Well, I should really thank you.

I've slapped on the face of your foolishness.

Even that will never ever turn around and look at you.

Leave me.

Agnihotri, this is my insult.

Don't be angry. K.K., cool down.

I think, Avinash has given you a reply of your slap.

So that in business, we shouldn't look down at each"

"other but consider everyone equal.

Come on, cool down.

Avinash, you very well know that K.K. owns many colleges.

But you don't know that K.K. buys cocaine from us with the..

"Donation he gets from the students.

And then distributes the same cocaine among the students.

Isn't it a profitable business?

Get aside brother. He had placed a time bomb in my car.

He wants to kill me.

If he wanted to kill you, then he would place the time bomb..

...In the bonnet, not in front of you.

Got it? Just as you had kept it in his car.

Didn't you place it in his car?

Now go.

There's nothing to worry about. You're pregnant.

There's good news for you Mr. Avinash.

Today, your mother is being discharged from the hospital.

I hope there's nothing to worry about. Yes. But you'll have" take care of her.

And again if she gets an attack, then do one thing. Keep this"

"injection along with you.

This is not available in India. We have to import it from abroad.

That's why it's very valuable. Take care of this.

Thank you doctor. - It's alright. Thank you very much!

Where are you'll going secretly?

Doctor has given me a discharge from the hospital.

In fact brother, today you're secret is out.

Without informing us, whom have you kept in the house?

At home? Nobody.

Don't lie to me. I spoke to her on the phone. She has a..

"Beautiful voice.

Son, there's no use of making excuses.

We've come to know that she's staying in our house.

Oh! That girl? She's my boss's secretary.

Her accommodation couldn't be arranged. So she's staying"

"at our bungalow for a few days.

She's all alone with you? Don't get any wrong ideas.

She's a modern girl.

Her style of living is very Different from that of ours.

I want such a girl who can take care of you,..

...who can manage the house.

One who can perform Religious customs.

"How much ever you may trouble me.."

"But still I'll adore you.."

"Whether I live or die.."

"I won't accept failure.."

"Lord Vishnu's son, Krishnan"

"Lord Krishnan"

"The one with a flute in his hands.."

"How naughty he is!"

"What a trouble he has put me into!"

"Day and night.."

"..l worship you.."

"I don't believe in any other deity.."

"But still you didn't bother about me.."

"But for you.."

"..l kept this garland.."

"Come to me.."

"Radha is turning crazy for you. Please come now.."

"Please don't go. I suffer day and night.."

"Please don't go.."

"Krishan Kanhaiya, listen to me.."

"The one with a flute in his hands.."

"Settle me down. Hold my armsn"

"Come in front of me.."

" hold my restless heart.."

"Please come.."

"Please come to me, O king. Where are you Lord Krishna?"

May God bless you, my child!

You turned this house into a temple.

Sister in law, my name is Geeta.

Son, you were saying that"

Now let it be, mother. I understand everything.

Child, who's there in your family?

My father and a big sister.

Write them a letter and call them over here at once.

I want to fix your marriage.

Really? -What are you saying, mother?

Is marriage a joke? We should at least know about the girl's"

"attitude, her identity.

I'm not in a haste.

Whenever I'll marry, I'll think twice about it.

Don't cry, my child.

I'll see to it, how he doesn't marry you. Don't cry.

I've prepared it approximately. It would be better if you..

...would give me the size of her finger..

...or she would've come along with you while placing an order.

After wearing this ring, she's going to stay with me forever.

But yet she doesn't know about my feelings.

When I'll hold her hand and put this ring in her finger all..

...of a sudden"

There will be a mixed feeling of happiness and surprise.

It will be a scene to be seen.

Where are you coming from?

Where had you gone? Couldn't you inform before going?

Mother and Geeta are upset from morning.

I'm asking you something. Where had you been for so long?

In the hospital. -Why had you gone to the hospital?

To terminate my sin. -What? I've aborted your child.

What was the need for an abortion?

I didn't want anyone to call my child, a bastard.

Who would call that child a bastard? -What else do you..

"Call an unmarried girl's child?

You call yourself a man? You can love me. You can sleep with me.

But you can't marry me.

How did you think that I won't marry you?

What did you say in front of mother and Geeta yesterday?

You'll think twice before getting married, isn't it?

Foolish girl! That was only a joke.

What do you want to hear from my mouth?

That I love you? Till now that I've done with you, what was" if not love?

You're staying in this house till now. What is it if not..


If you didn't sense all this, you should've asked me at least.

What was the need to get an abortion done?

The child is still there. -What?

Yes. I had lied to you.

I wanted to hear from your mouth that you'll marry me and"

"that you love me.

Why are we moving from this street?

You should have a knowledge of all the branches of your.. - But this is the red light area.

Avinash, smuggling can be stopped. Cocaine, opium, and"

"the business of drugs can come to an end.

But the business of whores will continue till the species of..

"Man is alive on this earth.

We earn 1 lakh rupees daily from these women who run their.. in these buildings.

I want to introduce you to Michael Fernandez who's the" charge of this place.

What about the lot of 125 girls that had come?

All have been sold except one.

He's Avinash, our new partner.

From today onwards, he'll check the accounts of this place.

No, I won't come with you. Brother, please have mercy on..

"This blind girl.

Brother, please save me. Have mercy on this blind girl.

You bitch! You won't sell your body?

You hit a blind girl?

I'll kill you.

This is cruelty. To force innocent girls to sell their..

...body. Not only by law but also on the grounds of..

"Humanity, it's a crime, a sin.

And I won't be a part of this sin.

I won't let this sin happen.

Avinash, whatever you've done with us till now, wasn't it..

...a crime?

The money with which you're feeding your mother and,"

"sister, isn't it a sinful earning?

Avinash, goodness or sin is not stated on money.

Money is only money, without which your mother would've..

...died in the hospital. Got it?

Yes. I admit that in the struggle of life, this was my..

"First failure in the form of of my helplessness.

But life is still there.

And also it's struggle.

And also your helplessness.

Avinash, once the parasite of the earning of this business"

"gets into the blood of someone, then that blood..

"Remains of no use for the whole world.

Or else we make it useless.

The ladder through which you've climbed has been taken away.

There are many steps ahead of you but behind you there's"

...only a dark, hollow and deep basin"

"which is always hungry.

So my friend, think from your mind, not from your heart.

You are right Mr. Agnihotri, I am sorry.

I was carried away in emotions. I really sorry.

Right from day one, I had told you that this man is not a..

...genuine one.

We should've shot him on the very first day. - Shut up!

Go and keep a check on him.

So you want to help the police?

Basically I'm a law person.

What do you mean?

I hold first class, first degree in law - I see.

Avinash, there's one more way to help the police against"


You stay and work With them as usual.

So that they don't have a doubt on you.

And then slowly and steadily, collect evidences against them.

These are the addresses of 3 of Their locations, where you'll..

...find all the evidences against them.

I hope you understand that by helping the police in this"

"way, you're life can be in danger.

After knowing about the danger, I've come to you sir.

From today onwards, I'm with law and order.

What? Oh no!

Sir, there's nobody inside. There's no one in here.

There's no one even in this room.

What are you saying? You didn't get anything over there too?

Hey.. today's our wedding day.

Aren't you haPPV?

I'm too scared.

I was fortunate that you pulled me out of that quick sand.

But I'm worried about you.

I'm worried about our child.

I don't want that the token of our love should grow under..

...the shadow of falsehood and deception.

The people for whom you work.. I realize this fact.

Very soon, we'll be out of this environment.

And then we'll start a new life.

Avinash, there's a port at a distance of 8O miles from.. named Mandva.

Reach that place right now. I want to meet you. -Ok.

Avinash won't return From that place.

But.. But brother, what about Sonia?

Do you love her? -Yes.

Go, get her. Your path is clear.

Thanks brother!

Daughter in lawn-Mother, today I feel as if I could"


I want to see my sister in law.

What's the matter, daughter in law?

Mother, you have a big heart.

Without knowing anything about me, you accepted me as your..

"Daughter in law.

I trust my son's choice.

But still I want to tell you everything about my past life.

Tell all that to Avinash.

I'm dreaming of the happy future of your married life.

Please fulfill my dreams.

Sister-in-law, mother wants to be a granny very soon.

What? He's got hit by a bullet?

How is he? - I'll come right now!

No!.. Avinash!

Leave me.. - O beautiful" Leave me! - My sweet heart!

You bastard! For this act of yours, Avinash will kill you!

Stop her! Leave me!

Leave me! I am pregnant!

Avinash, this place is the dead end of all the streets of the..


Now all the ways of your life have also come to an end.

I had already told you, my friend, that the ladder on..

"Which you've climbed has been moved away.

Now there's only a deep, hollow and horrifying basin beneath"

"which is always hungry.

Do you know the consequence of betraying Agnihotri?

Finish him off.

Agnihotri, I'm not sad about my death.

I'm happy that I've terminated all your illegal activities.

By the way, I remembered one thing.

Today is your wedding day, isn't it?

But your girlfriend is with Dilip in the hotel and"

You are under arrest.

I've to take Sonia to the hospital. Move aside.

If something happens to Sonia, I won't leave Dilip alive.

Nothing will happen to her.


Perhaps, she wants to say something to you in her last breaths.

Dilip.. Dilip.. my child.

My child is dead.

My child is dead.

What happened? - She died.

Where are you going? - Dilip has killed Sonia. I won't leave him.

No. I understand your emotions very well.

Don't violate any law.

Move aside. -If you kill Dilip, you'll be hanged to death.

Don't give up your life for a cheap man like him.

Move aside.

Stop it, Avinash.

I won't leave him alive.


Avinash, you've committed a blunder in haste.

Well, I'm sorry for whatever happened.

But don't lose courage.

Speak up everything against Agnihotri.

I'll speak from your side in the court.

And I'm sure that with the help of police, your punishment"

...will be a nominal one.

I'm not worried about myself but my mother and sister.

Don't worry. They are under police security.

And both of them will be present in the court along with me.

If you want to see your mother and sister alive"

...then take all the blame on yourself. Otherwise"

The first accusation, after suffering betrayal in love,.. his lover Miss. Sonia, who was the cabaret dancer of..

"Kings hotel, he threw her from the 10th floor of the..

"Same hotel.

And she died on the spot. Now the second accusation"

The murder of his rival in his love life, Mr. Dilip.

Mr. Avinash, whatever charges the public"

"prosecutor has held on.., are they correct?

Do you plead guilty or not?

I've done both the murders.

Under section 302 and 307 of Indian Penal Code, the"

"court's verdict is that accused Avinash is held guilty..

...for the murder of Miss. Sonia and Dilip Agnihotri and is..

"Sentenced to death.

Why are you hiding food From a hungry person?

Give it to me. My entire body is restless.

Dare you touch my child!

A hunter never leaves his prey.

Come to me, my queen. Leave my child alone.

Leave her.

What a bite! Come on, bite me. Bite me.

When you bite me a tickling sensation runs in my body.

You shameless man! I'll kill you.


Don't worry. I'm here.

I'm Bhende. All India Inspector Bhende.

Don't worry. You're absolutely fine.

Oh! The patient has come into his senses.

What's your name? -What are you doing?

Didn't I tell you that the doctor will examine him first?

Look sister, this is my duty.

It's my duty that I shouldn't Allow anyone to talk to him.

Today, after 6 days, he has regained consciousness.

Doctor has said that he has suffered serious head injury.

It's also possible that he Musfve lost his memory.

If I make an excuse of having lost my memory,..

...then I'll be saved from the death sentence.

And then I can take revenge From Agnihotri.

You're very lucky. -What?

The van in which you were travelling had met with an..


Do you remember or not?

My accident?

I don't remember anything.

You'll remember everything.

Are you having pain in any part of your body?

You?.. Who are you?

Dr. Sarita. -Dr. Sarita?

What has happened to me?

Which accident is this nurse talking about?

I'm absolutely fine.

What's your name? -My name is..

What is my name?

What" What is my name?

I don't know.

I don't know who I am.

Doctor, now that he's come in his senses, you please hand"

...him over to us.

We'll get him treated in a government hospital.

I'm sorry Inspector. He's my patient.

Until I'm satisfied that he's absolutely normal,..

...I can't hand him over to the police.


Doctor, the patient of room no. 9 is not on his bed. - What?

No! How many times have I told you that I don't remember..

-..Anything. -You're lying.

I'm not lying. -But you're also not telling the truth.

You' re a murderer.

I don't remember anything.

You have done 2 brutal murders.

I don't remember anything. You have also raped someone.

I don't remember anything.

You've been sentenced to death. -I don't remember anything.

You're lying. We know many ways to get back one's memory.

Inspector! - Yes sir. - Carry on!

Leave me! I had told you'll not to allow anyone inside.

With whose permission have you brought my patient over here?

Do you want to take his life?

Are you aware about his mental condition?

If anything happens to him, you'll be responsible for it.

And I'll sue the whole police department.

Police understands it's responsibility very well..

"And so we've brought him over here.

We're sure that this man is pretending of having a loss"

...of memory.

This is a lie. I don't remember anything.

Your belief will not decide this but my report will decide", which I haven't yet submitted to the police"


I'm taking my patient along with me to the hospital.

But child..-I'm a doctor at this moment.

But he's still a criminal on the grounds of law and he can't" kept under a security cover in such a big hospital.

That's why I'm taking him at my house.

According to me, if a criminal can't be secured in an..

"Inspector General's house, then he can't be secured"

"anywhere else.

After a long time.

How are you? -Fine.

Sir, there's a bad news.

A policeman has a habit of hearing bad news.

What is this bundle in your hand?

Sir, your daughter was missing, isn't it?

She's still missing.

And inspite of being the Inspector General of Police,"

...I still couldn't find her.

She's the one. Where's Kavita?

Kavita? Oh!

Perhaps this was the reason that we couldn't trace your..


Actually Kavita had changed her name to Sonia.

But where is she now?

She's no more alive.

Kavita had become a dancer in a night club.

Over there she met a man who changed her life.

She was about to marry Avinash, but suddenly"

Avinash? -Yes. The same man who's at your place nowadays.

That person? That murderer?

No sir. He's not a murderer.

To some extent, I hold myself and the police department"

"responsible for his death sentence.

He had come to me.

We're grateful to Avinash for whatever he's done for Kavita.

And as a doctor, I'll try my best to regain his memory.

Memory? -Joshi..

Avinash has really suffered injustice.

According to me, police itself will have to rectify it's..

-..Mistake. -Yes.

Can I speak to ACP Joshi?

One minute.

Joshi, there's a phone call for you.

Yes. I'm Joshi speaking.

Sir, I want speak to you about Agnihotri.

Sir, my life is in danger.

No, not on the phone. Sir, can you come at the hotel.

And sir, don't come in police uniform.

If Agnihotri comes to know about it.. He's a cruel man.

He'll fill my body with bullets.

Please sir. Sir, will you come? -Yes.

Thank you. Thank you, sir.

He's coming. Poor, poor ACP Joshi.

Wait for me till 5 minutes.

And if I don't come out After 5 minutes"

"then you'll come inside.

Let's go.

There's nobody in here. Let's go.

Avinash, you must be wondering that why have you been..

"Brought over here.

An honest person has expired whom you know very well.

Come with me.

Who's this man? -Don't you recognize him?

Don't you even know Agnihotri?


In an investigation against him, Joshi is the third officer"

...who has been murdered.

Before dying, he had told me everything about you.

Also that whatever happened with you was because of your.. to the police against Agnihotri.

Officer, carry on with the final right.


Vibhishan had a big hand in destroying Lanka.

That's why is it said that, Traitors are the worst enemies.

Agnihotri was the reason behind my pretension of memory loss.

And Agnihotri again was the reason for which I was..

...going to escape from here.

What do you mean? -If we let this disease like Agnihotri" spread, then God knows how many more policemen will..

"Lose their lives.

God knows how many women will turn into whores.

God knows how many students will become drug addicts.

Give me a chance to finish off Agnihotri.

I know everything about him and his gang.

I understand every plan of his very well.

Sir, I'm such a weapon, which the police force can use"

"against Agnihotri.

Om!' me!

Police officer? You're going to make that man a police officer..

...who doesn't know anything about himself.

And you think that he'll catch hold of dangerous criminals?

Those people recognize Avinash's face very well.

How will that benefit? Time will tell you.

Doctor, at this moment you're speaking to an Inspector"

"General of Police.

And my decision is final.

Now you think whether you want to continue your treatment?

Of course. I'll continue.

I can't leave the patient alone.

Wherever he goes, I'll go along with him.

Laxman, food is ready. Yes mother.

Geeta, come to have food. -Coming.

Who's there?


Brother" Brother"

Brother.. -Geeta..

Mother, brother has come.

Yes. Brother has come.

Geeta, how can your brother come over here?

He has gone far away from us.

Come on, let's go inside. Have you dinner.

There is no photograph in this camera"

"Raghu, but your life is captured.

If I want I can send you behind bars for..

"The rest of your life.

You can't even imagine where I can send you.

When a person loses sight for a moment"

...a person becomes so helpless.

My sister too was helpless.

And you took great advantage of her helplessness.

Today, I too will make you helpless.

Alas, I thought you were a man.

Call K.K. and tell him to come personally for tomorrow's" at 1O o'clock.

Come on, call him.

Ok. I'll call him. I'll tell you!

K.K., I want a fat witness.

Tell me - will you testify against Agnihotri, or..

Yes, I will!

No, I think I should kill you.

Else, the spirits of the students"

...who died because of your cocaine will torment me.

Farewell! - No!

Let' S

I'm all-India Inspector Bhende.

I knew you'd come here to take revenge on the fatso.

So I followed you till here.

O Lord, my wish has been fulfilled today.

Raise your hands.

Raise them! So I did catch you!

Take him away!

Hey you!

You've turned fat by supplying drugs to others!

You fatso, you'll now cry and say:

"Please forgive me!" But I won't!

I never forgive anyone, but fix him up! .. Take him away!

He looks like a truck from behind!

My respects, sir.

What's happening today? - My respects, sir. - I'm Bhende.

Bhende, what's this nuisance? No, it's a breakthrough.

He's Avinash, who was sentenced to be hanged for murder.

There was an accident on his way to jail..

...and, taking advantage of it, he escaped.

But for how long could he remain on the run?

My name is all-India Inspector Bhende.

I knew he'd come to take revenge on Agnihotri and his gang.

And he came. I came there too, and have brought him to you.

You don't know that Avinash had lost his memory in the accident.

And, at a request of a senior officer"

...and with special orders from the President of lndia..

...he has been sent here as an ACP.

And, right now, he's your senior officer. Salute him.

Open his handcuffs immediately.

Don't you really remember your past? - No.

Not even anything about your mother and sister?

Mother and sister?

Something is definitely wrong.

Who's this ACP? - He's newly come to the city, sir.

So that's the reason.

Requesting the Principal, I had called the entire class today..

"Though it's a holiday. But only the 3 of you are here.

You want to know about Prof. Avinash Kapoor, right?

We'll tell you. - We'll teach you disco culture!

And we'll also show you how a rape is committed!

Who are you people? What do you want?

Please stop!

Please stop!

What's going on here? Who are you?

Mister, listen to me! Who are you? Say something!

I've seen you somewhere before.

There's no hurry. Look at this.

Don't accept their bail. - No.

Let them spend a night in the lockup. - Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. .. Sir, call for you.

ACP, I'm Agnihotri"

...proprietor of King's International, speaking.

Yes? - I've heard so much about your valour..

"That I want to hold a party in your honour.

I hope you won't disappoint me. - I'll be honoured.

An enticing and dazzling party is definitely my weakness.

I'll certainly come. Thank you.

So I'll wait for you tomorrow at 9 pm.

What are you doing here? Who are you?

Don't you recognize me? - No.

I'm A.K., the Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Are you the ACP?

I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you.

I'm Agnihotri, the owner of this hotel.

So you've thrown today's party for me? - Yes.

I'm really glad to meet you. - Yes.

But you look as if you're not at all happy to meet me.

Not at all; I've to form a new relationship with you.

I've come for that very purpose.

But our relationship won't last for too long. - Why?

I'm on deputation, and may be recalled anytime.

So extract whatever benefit you want from me quickly.

Then, first of all, please accept this gift from me.

Good! I'm impressed!

Our friendship can grow. Thank you.

I'll leave, my party is over.

SP sir, our hospitality isn't over yet.

"There's you and me, and there's this night.."

"This restlessness and impatience are increasing.."

"My darling, you have beauty and love with you tonight.."

"There's you and me, and there's this night.."

"This restlessness and impatience are increasing"

"My darling, you have beauty and love with you tonight.."

"There's you and me, and there's this night.."

"The intoxication of the eyes is permanent.."

"Intoxication of wine is just a whiff of smoken"

"I will intoxicate you with my eyes tonight.."

"There's you and me, and there's this night.."

"This restlessness and impatience are increasing.."

"My darling, you have beauty and love with you tonight.."

"There's you and me, and there's this night.."

"Wherever I raise my voice, there's melody.."

"Wherever I raise my voice, there's melody.."

"Entering one's heart through his ears" is a talent too.."

"Both our characteristics and voices are different.."

"I'm a shower that rains love.."

"There's you and me, and there's this night.."

"This restlessness and impatience are increasing.."

"My darling, you have beauty and love with you tonight.."

"There's you and me, and there's this night.."

Mr. Agnihotri, I liked your gift.

...The party and this gift for the party too.

You certainly escaped the hangman's noose"

...but won't escape from my clutches.

I'll definitely avenge my brother's death.

Your eyes are really fit to be lauded.

But raise them and see who's standing behind your men.

They are all policeman dressed as waiters.

Mr. Agnihotri, I'm giving you 24 hours more, stop all your..

"Illegal activities or else"

I'll stop your breaths"

Thanks for this money for the Police Benefit Fund.

Sir, I'm Michael D'Souza, Agnihotri's man, speaking.

I want to talk to you, but not on the phone.

My life is in danger. Can you please come to the hotel?

I'm coming.

Sir, what shall we do with these flowers?

Agnihotri must have sent them for you.

Send them to him on my behalf with the message that..

"His shroud is ready too.

A ghost!

I, all-India Inspector Bhende, scared of a ghost?

To hell with the ghost!

How dare you. It's real!

This is real, and that was false. So where's she?

No, this is real, and" Sonia was my sister.

I'm Dr. Sarita. - I'm really happy to meet you.

I'm all-India Inspector Bhende. You're real!

Were both of you born together? Inspector" come you're here? Good morning, sir.

I came to invite you. Tomorrow is my wedding.

Not like that. You'll have to come to my wedding to wish me.

I'll certainly come; I'll be very happy to.

You please come too, Dr. Sarita.

Sir, you'll be very happy to meet my wife.

She's a very beautiful girl. .. I'm going.

I'm so grateful that you've come. Please come.


My son!


My son! - Pardon?

You've come at such an opportune time!

Mummy, where's brother? Gita, see who's come!

You, my sister? - Don't you recognize your own sister?

Child, Laxman has told me everything"

...that my son really can't remember anything.

Yes. - You're lying.

It's impossible for my brother not to recognize me.

Brother" - I don't recognize you.

Garland him now.

Touch his feet.

Garland her now.

What are you doing?

Tie this on his hand.

Who will give away the bride now?


It's alright if you don't recognize me.

Even then, listen to this old mother.

Consider my daughter to be your sister"

...and give here away as a bride.

I'll take it that I've got my son back.

Please fulfill this mother's request.

Pour the water.

Pour the water onto the girl's hands.

"My eyes are smouldering, and my arms are craving for you.."

"I want you to take me into your armsn"

"Remember those old relationships and bonds.."

"Hand those past timesn"

"Remember those old relationships and bonds.."

"Hand those past timesn"

"They are still yours. Without giving it a second thought.."

"..l want you to experience them again right now.."

Stop it. Stop It.

Hello. Hello Doctor.

Mummy has had a heart attack.

The doctor wants that medicine"

"which he had given to brother.

Where's the medicine the doctor had given for your mother?

What happened to mummy? She's had a heart attack.

You go to the hospital; I'm coming with the medicine.

Don't cry, everything will be alright. What happened?

Brother is coming with the medicine.

Your remembering this medicine clearly indicates that.. were fooling everyone till now..

"That you had lost your memory.

But I'm Inspector Bhende.

You know that mummy has had a heart attack.

It's most necessary for her to be given this medicine.

She'll die. Even you are related to her now.

She's your mother too.

Come to the police station first and confess your crime.

As for the medicine, I'll convey it to her myself.

Hey, stop! Water!

Dr. Sarita, have you come to meet Gita's mother? - Yes.

Come with me.

Here's the medicine.

How's mummy now? - At present, she's out of danger.

Brother. - Don't worry, mummy will be alright.

Where's Dr. Sarita? She didn't come here.

She didn't come here? - No.

Hi handsome.

You? - Congratulations on your victory and Agnihotri's ruin.

He's fleeing from this country. In order to prevent any snags"

"he's taking the lGP's daughter with him.

Don't make the mistake of going there.

His men are waiting everywhere as your death.

I'll twist back the face of death!

What a crazy man!

Till when will I have to remain here?

Till Avinash comes and takes you away.

Do you know what it means to provoke Avinash?

He'll come here and destroy you.

How will he do that? Even God won't be able to bring him here.

Leave me!

Leave me!

No, Avinash!


Avinash, leave him!

I'm Inspector Bhende!

As per the testimonies of all the witnesses" has been proved that Mr. Agnihotri"

"isn't just a criminal, but a traitor too.

Therefore, as per section 302, he is sentenced to be hanged.

To be hanged until death.

You go there, and you come here. Justice has been done now.

This is a happy family.