Insaan (1982) Script


Good boys Come on, Moti

The young Thakur starts before we do The field is his first love Greetings. Greetings Nice to see you people. The entire field must be tilled today Father is not keeping well, so I'll go home for a while I don't know! Just sign the papers No! Do you think I'm dying?

You think you are alive, eh?

You've been in bed for months now For all the things you did in life, do one noble deed and leave I've always been noble... but for one mistake I committed Marrying me, right? I didn't come looking for you When Chander's mother died, you came grovelling to me...

"Save me, I'll die." Damn me, I fell for your words if marrying me was a mistake, why did you sire all of them?

You must sell the farm for them now I'm not selling the farm. We've decided to sell it, father We have even found a buyer. Sign it, please No, no. Shankar wants the farm. It's very dear to him I reared him. He doesn't have any right over the farm any more You have this mansion, the jewellery...

Goodness! So you are also eyeing the jewellery. I got it in dowry Let alone you, even these chimps don't have a right over it Only the farm will be sold. And what will the boys do?

We'll go to the city and set up some business Son, you don't know the city. There are big sharks out there They'll fleece you. Why don't you join Shankar...?

Don't you dare mention Shankar!

A rich landlord's son! And what does he do? Cultivates land He's a disgrace to his father Farming yields, dispute destroys Even if it comes to the worst, the farm will be sold It will not be sold I beg of you. The farm is my mother, don't snatch it away Get lost! What good was your mother who had nothing to offer you?

That damned woman... Not a word against my Ma Silence!

I'll say a thousand words against her! Let's see who stops me Come on boys


I've been watching... all that you've endured since childhood I thought I'd get a wife and you'd get a mother


She could neither be a wife nor a mother Son... ignore my mistakes Like your mother did But don't forget this much They may be like broken arms, but still they are your brothers Stand by them forever

Promise me Promise me, Shankar

All right, father


The lawyer is here. He'll tell you the law Sign it. Go on sign it, sir Every thing belongs to them, after all. Here's the pen

Go ahead. My arm is going numb Your body is still working. How come only your arm is paralysed?

Get it signed fast. He's leaving Father... sign it


There's no ink!

Good Lord! He's dead

Great! That was a wonderful verdict by the village council After your mother passed away, I was the one who reared you I made a man out of you. Does it hold no value?

The mansion is ours and the land goes to you! Damn It's only for namesake, mother. I'm not going to eat off it alone I request you again, don't go. Why not? We won't live on sympathies We're certainly going to the city if you go away, it'll hurt father's soul I wish to hurt it more Mother...? He has strewn thorns in our path We won't wait even a moment here All right, as you wish But the doors to my house will always remain open for all of you See? He's cursing us. He thinks we're going to return... and seek shelter from him. Shankar... we're not the types who spit and lick We're leaving for good. I must leave now And listen. We have nothing to do with you... and you have nothing to do with this mansion any more

Here you are


The crop was sold on the spot. Really?

What happened? Something hit me I want to dig another well here. That's nice

Shankar, I'll get yoghurt for you. You want to drink it, don't you?

Well, right. But I'll get some for you too Come soon. There's lot to do. I'll be back in ajiffy

Manglu's already left. Why stone me?

One who's got rocks for brains, needs to be stoned I got rocks for brains? What else? Always working Don't you want to get married? I see I'll marry when I find someone You can't find a better girl than me Talk to my uncle quickly before he gets me married to someone else Brother Shankar!

The sergeant! Where did he transpire out of?

Welcome, sergeant. Sona wants to say something Let me go

So Shankar, what's the idea?

Great. So meet her uncle and fix the wedding Me...? Do that for me, please. What are friends for anyway?


"you are the companion of my dreams"

"You are the song on my lips"

"We've been in love for centuries"

"Promise me, you won't stop loving me"

"Promise me, you shall love me for ever"

"My love..."

"you are the companion of my dreams"

"You are the song on my lips"

"We've been in love for centuries"

"Promise me, you won't stop loving me"

"Promise me, you shall love me for ever"

"The ecstatic weather...

"the blossoms, the beauty... all thanks to you..."

"my love"

"My love..."

"I'm nothing without you"

"You are nothing without me"

"The days and nights mean nothing either"

"So promise me, you won't stop loving me"

"Promise me, you shall love me for ever"

"My love... My love..."

"Ask the Spring, ask the streams..."

"ask anyone you wish, all have only one thing say..."

"my love..."

"you are dearer to me than life"

"You are all I desire"

"You are my identity"

"So promise me, you won't stop loving me"

"Promise me, you shall love me for ever"

"My love..."

"My love..."

Well darling Sona, you look elated today Of course, I'm going to attend your funeral. Lay off This road belongs to the council, not your Shankar Say another word against Shankar, and I'll scratch your face Oh, how I wish! I'd love to kiss your hands Let go of me Damn you!

Well? What do you want to kiss? My hands? Or my feet?

No! Hit him harder No!

Kick him!

Will you kiss my feet now?

Never Never?

Help! Save me Shankar, help me. I can't swim You can't swim, eh? Give me a hand

Who does this road belong to? The council? Or Shankar?

Don't stone me!

Came to tease me!

I can't swim. Help me. Come out Now! Will you kiss my feet? Yes, everyone's feet in your family Help me

if you even look at Sona again, I'll kill you No, never in my life

Let's go

Sonny, this is going to prove you costly

if you approve, I'll be indebted to you for ever In fact, you are doing me a favour, sergeant I'm in the city but I'm always worried for Sona I never imagined she's lucky enough to find a companion like Shankar

What are you doing?

Sana... hey silly girl, you used to be a windbag before wedding Has the cat got your tongue?

Look at me

It's our nuptial night. It comes only once in a married couple's life Only once On this night, the husband and wife pour their hearts out to each other Shankar, all a wife has in heart is a prayer May her years add to his May she die in his arms May she find so much love in him that his memories alone can see her through



Damn, it's locked He borrows money and he never returns it Bloody thief I'm not sparing him either. No way


Liquor... it's liquor

I see. So you are drinking it all alone?

You're trying to con me, eh?

I'm not going to be fooled

You think you are smart?

You locked the door from outside, but you left the window open Seth-ji, we left the window open for you

When you need money, you say your door is always open for me And when it's time to pay up, you lock the door from outside Drink it, seth-ji

Damn! After fleecing people, all you drink is third-rate stuff Have some more, you will get the taste You guys carry on. Sure, sure

That's all? It's so diluted Seth-ji, give me some money, I'll get Scotch I'll get a couple of bottles. What did you say?

I'll get more booze. Money?

Real stuff? Real stuff from Aunty's In that case, I must give you money Here you are... wait I'm drunk, but don't think that I'm out of my senses. You dig?

Before you, I have auctioned the houses of three debtors'... and sent another to jail if you don't pay up tomorrow, you will be the fifth one. Get that?

Open the door, I need to go I won't jump out of the window. Come on, come with me, seth-ji

Come on, seth-ji. Here I am Why here? The door is open. Keep the door open tomorrow I won't jump out of the window. The door will always remain open I have to borrow more from you. I'll gladly give you We're fated to borrow, and it's your duty to lend Careful, seth-ji. You do your job, I do mine Have courage, dear Sana'. What happened'?

What's the matter, aunt?

Nothing, son. It's the month when every woman feels queasy Month? Feels queasy? Why? Silly Don't let her move around. She is carrying Carrying what? I don't understand She is pregnant, silly Aunt! What are you saying? It's true I must leave now. Bye aunt

Darling, is aunt saying the truth?

It's going to be a big event It's going to be a big event. You are going to become a mother... and I, a father. And you didn't even tell me?

It should be within eight and half months What are you doing? Be seated. Aunt has forbidden you to move around You want me to sit here? No, in my arms Good Lord! I'm dead Aunt was right. You've become so heavy What will people say? Before they say, I'll yell... that I'm going to become a father. Put me down

Sergeant, why did you send for me?

You are a cheat. Who have I cheated?

The entire village is complaining. What for?

You married, you didn't make any fuss of it, neither did we You had a son, you didn't make any fuss of it, neither did we Today is his birthday, you will stay mum, while I do the talking I'll drink so much, so much...

To the hilt!

We must grab Shankar's land. But how?

That's the point. Had the old man signed before he died... we wouldn't be facing it now. No use digging the past We can use one thing. What is it?

Shankar still loves us, dearly so Why not take advantage of his weakness?

Brother Shankar!

It's mother!

My respects, mother. Long live, son. God bless you Greetings, brother. Greetings. Where's Rupa?

He has gone to see uncle. Son, where's my daughter-in-law?

Should be around. Sona, look who's here Come on

May you always be happily married Greetings. Hey baby!

My first grandson. Come to me

You mustn't cry, dear, I'll your grandma

Give him to me, mother Here... he's scared of his grandma Mother, I'll get your stuff. You will stay with us We're going to the mansion, son. Now that we are here, we'll be dropping in You are not a stranger. We'll surely come to your house I'm sorry we couldn't attend your wedding Back in the city, I was down with joint pains Don't worry, mother. Everything will be fine here God knows if it'll be fine Let's go to the mansion

One way to grab Shankar's land What's that? We'll grant him salvation Will you kill him? Sheru will

"My love, I'm just blossoming"

"Do give a thought to my age"

"I've just turned sixteen"

"My love, I'm just blossoming"

"My love, mine is a waist slender"

"Slender waist"

"My love, mine is a waist slender"

"Do spare a thought for my slender waist"

"The thrust might just snap it"

"My love, I'm just blossoming"

"My body is fair, my arms are fair, I'm fair all over"

"I'm a silken beauty"

"My body is fair, my arms are fair, I'm fair all over"

"Don't treat me unfairly"

"Don't force upon me"

"My love, my eyes seduce"

"Be watchful of my eyes"

"Heads roll when my eyes strike"

"My love, I'm just blossoming"

I have already given you 25,000. What about the rest?

I'll deliver the balance 25,000 at your house tomorrow. All right?

All right. Let's go

All we want is the land. You will do the needful I don't have any ideas yet. If you pay up, I'll hatch a plot I've come with a bagful, I'll go emptyhanded Nobody leaves emptyhanded from here

How many members in Shankar's house? His wife and his son ls the wife beautiful? Exquisite Then certainly someone must be eyeing her Yes, a farmer. Girdhar could die for her So it's become much easier. You will do only what I ask you to As for Girdhar...

Shankar will tackle him

What grief are you trying to swallow, Girdhar?

Who are you? A friend. This is from me Where were you all these years, friend? I was right here But you've been losing weight for the last two years in someone's memories Whose memories? You may forget, but I can't Sana She's done with. What...?

She's married

if you wish, you can still have Sona Really? How's that?

Trust me. Get to the old ruins tomorrow evening I'll get Sona over. You are free to do anything you want

Shankar will shoot me if he finds out Even you can shoot him I'll give you a gun Sure. Here, have a sip. You need it. You got to use a gun

One, two, three... three biscuits Malti!

Take him to the sergeant. He wanted to see him Take his milk bottle too, and return soon Sana... Coming I've sent Munna to the sergeant. I'm going to the city Men are so mean. What happened now?

Till a baby is born, you will find them hovering around their women They think it's their duty to fulfill women's wishes But once a baby is born... they don't even ask their wives if they want anything Before the wedding, and after the wedding, till a baby is born... a woman thinks it's her duty to fulfill all her husband's wishes But after a baby is born, she even forgets... to give her husband money to buy foodstuff Oh, I forgot. Won't you ask me what I want?

I know. A skirt and a blouse in yellow... and bangles and bindis in red. And balloons for Munna And also Saint Peer's amulet, to save him from the evil eye Yes. Now go on May I? Yes May I...? Go...

No... After you return

Sana, where are you'?

Look what I...

Paggum? What happened? Where's Sana?

Brother, Girdhar had come here with his men. He tied me up... and kidnapped sister-in-law. He's dead!

He told his men to go towards the old ruins


Where is Sana?

Bastard! I won't spare you

Come on, sonny. I won't spare you

Stop Shankar! Or, I'll shoot Stop Shankar'.!


Your revelation has sent shivers down my spine, doctor Life becomes so tough for a widow Her late husband's step mother and brothers-in-law are hostile towards her Her father-in-law was a gentleman, but the oppression from his family... killed him God helps those who have no one You haven't introduced yourself. Are you related to Sona...?

No. I'm a Mechanical Engineer. The firm has posted me here How did you find Sana? Destiny In life, what step you take next and with whom, you never know God knows whether I was destined to save her... or if she was destined to be saved by me Bye Goodness! Where were you lost, Sona?

At least you should've spared a thought for us After all I'm your mother-in-law.

Let's go to the mansion. We won't let you work on the fields any more No way I'll go home. Goodness!

What are you saying, daughter-in-law? I mean, my child if that house is yours, the mansion too belongs to you and your son Where is Munna? He's at the mansion He's my Shankar's souvenir. I thought both of you will live at the mansion Let's go, dear

The cow always follows its calves Do tell us if you need something if not you, who else will I tell?

I have no one in this world No one can alter destiny All I know is that I won't let you feel any kind of loss

I'm obliged to you After all, dear ones are precious. That's true, sister-in-law Let's go, brother Let me have the baby, dear. He's sleeping with me tonight No, mother. Please let him be with me My youngest son is all of twenty now. I've been pining to hold a baby Let me have Shankar's souvenir Come, my darling son Go and take some rest, dear. My darling baby

Doctor, where is Sana?

Her mother-in-law took her home

You...? No! Let me go Don't!

Let me go! Let go!

Help! Let me go!

What happened? What else, Ma?

Thank God that I arrived in time, else our honour would've torn to shreds Aren't you ashamed to lie, scoundrel?

Who was trying to outrage her modesty? I ? or you?

He's right. if not for him... Shut up!

Aren't you ashamed to accuse my son?

And what did you come here for? I...

I had come to deliver her medicines. I know what drug is administered... in the middle of nights. Get lost

Wait I can't stay here any more. Please drop me home What kind of people are they? After your husband's death... they should be taking care of you, but...

I don't know why they are doing it. You rescued me once again How long will you save me? As long as I can discern my duties Do me one more favour. Please drop me home But your house is three miles away Not wise to walk down, not at this hour if you don't mind, you can come over...

I have no problems, but the villagers...

Don't worry. We're not answerable to the villagers We are answerable only to God Come on Who is it?

It's me. Open the door. Punctured my grand sleep What a dream! Hema to my right, Rekha to my left and Rakhi before me...


Come in


Sleep inside, I'll lie down here

"My love..."


Boss, good morning

Tea is here Did you offer her? She left Why did you let her go? When did you ask me to stop her?

Otherwise I'd have applied such brakes...

Where did she go? She didn't tell me

Where could she have gone?

You...? Who do you want?

We“, Sana“?

Are you related to her?

No, but as a human being I am related to her As a human being? I don't understand Sergeant... he's Mr Ravi. He saved my life as well as my honour What are you saying? It's true, brother My mother-in-law and my brothers-in-law took me to the mansion last night They feigned immense love. Kuku tried to rape me Mr Ravi rescued me I spent the night at his house I didn't inform him when I left for the temple this morning Where evil prevails, good exists there too You are embarrassing me, sergeant I did all that because as a human being it was my duty I just came to say that... Mr Ravi, I'm thankful to you You've done many favours on this unfortunate woman

Do me one last favour. Do not try to meet me

Don't mind, Mr Ravi. It's a village, miles away from city culture Being a widow is a sin here She isn't even allowed to chat with anybody

Manglu, this land is in dispute Until it is settled, nobody is working here The land belongs to Shankar. No one can stop us from working here Sonofagun! Shankar is dead. We have a right to this land Get lost. I won't You won't?

Even your father will go! Get out of here Are you hitting me? I'll fix you. And listen... if you tell anyone... I know the way to your house

Welcome, sergeant

What brings you here?

Sometimes I wonder why God didn't create a world only of good men Why? Are the scoundrels up to mischief again?

Yes. They don't work, and they don't allow the peasants to work either They even stole Sona's bullocks When did all this happen? Yesterday Mr Ravi, it is very difficult for a woman to live without support I don't understand how the fields will be tilled... and how the seeds will be sown... Sergeant...

Sona's fields will be tilled and the seeds will be sown too H ow?

Her brothers-in-law, the ratbags, won't do her any harm any more Because I'm going to help her now You will? Yes, I will

It's Mr Ravi. Go and call the sergeant, quick Mr Ravi...

What happened to him? Who hurt him?

No idea, brother. But I know that it happened because of me He helped me out. When he was leaving... some thugs beat him up I've reasoned with him. Unfortunate as I am, let me be But...

In trying to douse the fires, one does get his hands burnt Sister-in-law, I'll go and lodge a police complaint I think, Shankar's brothers are behind this Could be. After Shankar's death, it was only their support I had But in the dark, one's own shadow deserts And they are just brothers-in-law. Don't worry Have courage. Everything will be fine I'll take him to my house. Come, Mr Ravi

Mr Kuku, the world is turning evil. What's the matter?

Yesterday, Sona took the tractor engineer home He even slept there last night. How do you know?

I saw with my own eyes. What? Did you tell anyone else?

What are you saying? It's my duty to tell only you All right Spread the word around. Don't you worry, Mr Kuku Consider it done

"Holi! The festival of colours"

"During Holi, the heart sways slowly"

"The lassie dares to take her veil off..."

"during Holi"

"During Holi, the heart sways slowly"

"The lassie dares to take her veil off"

"We won't listen to any excuses today"

"You can't escape us"

"We shall fulfill our desires"

"We shall paint you in different colours..."

"it doesn't matter if it makes you laugh or cry"

"it's Holi. w; Holi"

"Why are you running away?"

"The sun shines in different colours"

"The weather is romantic too"

"What kind of attitude is this? You are so embarrassing"

"it's hard to reason with shameless chaps"

"it's Holi. w; Holi"

"These are colours that shall never fade"

"We will die, but the colours won't go"

"Why must you drench me?"

"You are setting me on fire"

"Fires of passion are hard to douse"

"it's Holi. w; Holi"

"During Holi, the heart sways slowly"

"The lassie dares to take her veil off..."

"during Holi"

I ask! ls he here from the city to repair tractors?

Or to outrage the modesty of women here?

Everyone has seen him smear Sona with colours and hold her hands It was a mistake perhaps to throw colours on a widow But by helping someone out I have committed no sin The village council will decide that Help, my foot!

My heart's clean, Mr Choudhary These guys are only trying to disgrace a decent woman Can you prove it? I can prove it


Move it!

Tell the council who is trying to disgrace whom

Don't be afraid, Mishrilal. No one can harm you when we're around Mr Kuku offered me some money, Mr Choudhary... to spread false rumours about Sona and Mr Ravi and poison people's mind He's lying! The tractor mechanic must've instigated him Really? Why did Sona leave your house?

This guy must've instigated her too Until now we were quiet because we were afraid of being maligned Not any more Mr Choudhary, this man has illicit relationship with Sona Ratbag! She is you sister-in-law! Aren't you ashamed to malign an angel?

If you can't keep her happy, at least don't hurt her Everyone knows that she still weeps for Shankar Mr Ravi, you can't refuse the fact that Sona is maligned because of you You offered her shelter, you plough her fields... you even tend to her son. What bonds the two of you, after all?

That what bonds a human being to another if we can't share ourjoys and sorrows, then we aren't human beings at all

Still Mr Choudhary, if I'm the reason for Sona's disparagement... then I'd rather help her I'm willing to marry Sona Mr Ravi, if Sona is willing to marry you... the village council has no problems This wedding is not happening. Never Don't be stubborn. if this wedding doesn't take place...

Shankar's house will be destroyed. His step-brothers... won't let you leave in peace. The property dispute... will make life miserable for your son Those who have snatched your husband away, can snatch your son away too Don't say that, brother. To protect my son, I can even give up my life I have nothing left but my son That's why you must marry Ravi. You must live for your son's sake To live, you need support. And only Ravi can support you And Mr Ravi...? He knows that you still love Shankar Still he's willing to marry you. No, no! I'll go away from here You will leave the land that loved Shankar dearly?

No, sister. You must stay right here and fulfill your duties Duties of a mother. For the sake of her son

This night is seen by many The nuptial night But marriage and happiness are never bound together

Don't worry Sona. I married you to save you... from your brothers-in-law and the merciless villagers They were bent on maligning you I respect the sentiments that you still hold for Shankar And I shall always respect them

Until you consider me your husband from the bottom of your heart...

I won't even touch you

The two of us are man and wife only in the eyes of the world

The tractor mechanic is too much He married Sona and stunned everyone The swine ruined all out plans No Rupa, he ran the tractor over our plans No problem. We're three and he is all alone if he is a tractor, we'll become a bulldozer. We'll raze him!

Sana can become a widow again, brother Right With some women, it's a hobby to become widows

Let's give her this wish

Sir, here's the report of the rifle we found near the well

it says, the bullet that killed Girdhar was fired from this rifle Which means, Shankar was innocent? Then why did he run off?

Who does the rifle belong to, sir?

Thakur Narendra Singh. It was stolen before Girdhar was killed Whatever. It was poor Shankar who had to bear the brunt Keep it a secret till the investigation is over


Bless you, son Sister Chanda isn't here, Ma? A beautiful baby boy is born to her That's why she couldn't come. Congratulations, Ma To you too, son. All I want to see now is my daughter-in-law's face

if God wills, you will certainly see, Ma

As I was saying, the place was called Snowland... because it was covered completely with snow. There lived a princess, too She was white as snow. When she walked on the snow, she became invisible Really? Yes. There was a poet too When he sang, his words would take the form of snowballs People would take the snowballs home, melt it and listen to the songs Follow? Yes What did you follow? That you a great fibber Am I fibbing? Stupid!

Okay, I'll tell you a lovely story this time Go to bed now, Munna. No, Ma. I'll sleep with father Okay, you will sleep with me I know, you want to listen to more fibs

To save Sona from her brothers-in-law, I had to get her married again

But who is he? All you need to know is that... he's godsend He came from the city to repair tractors... but he committed himself to Sona and Munna But Shankar, where were you for the last three years?

What do I tell you, friend?

After falling in the river, I lost my senses

And when I came to, I found myself with a poor family An old woman was staying with her daughter They tended to me for months, gave me love I changed my name and started living with them But when I decided to return home...

I hope you won't forget us, brother Tirath?

Will you be able to forget us once you are married and gone?

Ma, brother wants to drive me out of this house No silly, he wants to see you settled I'm not leaving you alone, Ma Who's asking you to leave her alone? Take her along Both of you will take care of her. I'm not talking to you, brother My daughter-in-law will serve me May God grant you this wish, Ma. But...

But what? I'll find a pretty bride for you... and a handsome bridegroom for Chanda Sona, I'd have married her off long back... but Sheru has made our lives miserable. The bloody thug!

But since you are here, he won't dare to come here Ma!

Ma! Brother!

Brother, it's him



The testimonies of the witnesses prove the accusations against you And the court under section 307 of the Penal Code... sentences you to three years of imprisonment I was framed and sentenced to three years in prison I was released last month

But how was I to know that... it wasn't all over? My punishment has just begun

Son... don't forget this much They may be like broken arms, but still they are your brothers Stand by them forever Promise me Promise me, Shankar

Lord... what am I supposed to do?

If I go back to my house, it'll be like destroying a home And outside, death is chasing me In the battle of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna told Arjuna...

"Arrayed before you isn't the army of your brothers and relatives"

"it is the root cause of evil. Vanquishing it will sustain the truth"

But why do my limbs fail me?

How do I complete the task that has brought me here?

H ow?

It's been so many years, yet Ravi is not willing to quit this place He's not scared of us at all. There's a way out It'll scare him and also drive him out of here What's that? If we kidnap Sona's son...

Yes! I got it. But...

No buts. Just mind your own business, leave the rest to me

Get up!

Father! Bandits! He'll quit this place for good You're staying with us, boy. Ma, help me Forget Ma, even your father can't save you now Let my son go!

My son! He will stay with us... until you and your husband quit this place Drop your guns

Sana, take Manna inside

You think she is all on her own?

I'm still alive

What are you staring at?

I'm lame, but my arms are strong Pick up your gun and scoot

I empathise with you. Pick it up!

Pick up your toy

Sergeant, were they the same...? Who else can they be?

The same thugs. They were trying to harass Sana and Munna Thank God he came in time... and chased them away You have saved my wife and son I'm obliged to you Sergeant, I'm away at work the entire day These goons can come anytime and harass them. I don't know what to do Mr Ravi, he's a brave man. He can be useful Why don't you employ him? What are you saying, sergeant?

My wife and kids... Why don't you bring them over?

They will be in front of your eyes. They are still before me, but...

Father! I'm very scared of bandits No son, you mustn't. Sons of brave men never chicken out

"When you have no company..."

"O Heart of mine, tread alone"

"You never know how long..."

"this celebration of life will last"

"Along the path you have chosen, dance around..."

"why worry, why fear?"

"The road is breathtaking"

"And you are a traveller, frolicsome"

"When you have no company..."

"O Heart of mine, tread alone"

"What's parting?"

"And what's meeting?"

"it's just illusion"

"His life is worth..."

"who has played with life"

"When you have no company..."

"O Heart of mine, tread alone"

"it is only your deeds..."

"that you take away from this world"

"Life is nothing but coming and going"

"Like raindrops, falling and vanishing"

"When you have no company..."

"O Heart of mine, tread alone"

What's your name?

Why are you staring at me? Tell me your name

My name is Baba

I call my father Baba. (Baba - Father)

Will there be two fathers here now?

Yes, son. But you can call me... Gunman Gunman, all right. As you wish But your Baba too has a gun But you are braver than my father No, son. Your father is braver than me in degrees Living for the sake of others is bravery... beating up someone is not. What your father did...

Ma is calling. I'll go Munna, my son...

Go on, son. Your mother is calling you I don't understand. Why did you give him shelter?

He seems to be a gentleman. Besides, he also helped us He could be one of them. He could be just pretending...

Not again! Can't I judge men?

I'm afraid of this imposter Here's his food. All right, I'll go and give him Continue with your studies

Wonderful. Hail the peasants Not only wield weapons, you can drive too The tractor and the gun serve the soil, Mr Ravi But why must you do all this? If the land is not tilled in time... it'll be too late. Don't worry I'll get the seeds from the city and we'll complete everything in time Good seeds is found at the market in Khetgadh There's a fair going. We'll take Munna along too. He'll have fun All right, we'll go there. Our food has arrived too Come, son

I'll take you to the fair tomorrow. What will you buy me?

I'll go with the gunman. You won't take me along?

Of course, I will. And your mother?

I don't want to go to the fair. Why not?

Just like that. Okay, give me the food Munna, go and give this food to the gunman Gunman, I've brought food for you Come, Munna... sit Have you eaten? No Eat with me Why did that man go there? I don't know Eat Have the food before it cools down. Let's go over there Let me feed you, Baba. All right

Welcome Thakur. What land are you here to sell this time?

One that you couldn't get vacated yet That's why I've come to pay you for a life Whose life? My dear nephew's I don't kill children. You can hand him over to his uncle Price? Already paid. The job's left be done Agreed. But what will you do to the kid?

I'll send him where you've sent his father Then the land will belong to us. Half of it Or, I'll send the uncle to his nephew First you will deal with the stranger who is employed as his bodyguard It is possible that he will send you where you want to send me

My men have already met him I'll meet him soon We'll do the rest of the shopping after buying some dresses for Sona Mr Ravi, you can shop for the dresses, while I buy some toys for Munna Yes father, toys first All right, toys first. Tirath, I don't know what ladies like Help me, please. I don't know either...

Oh come on What do I pick up? What do I say, Mr Ravi?

Come on, tell me, buddy. All right... these one, yellow skirt and blouse... do you have a yellow veil?

Yes, sir. Here you are. It's beautiful Pack them. What else?

Red bindis and red bangles will match. Fine. Pack them too Mr Ravi, I'll buy some toys for Munna. All right. Go on, Munna

Pack them properly. Right, sir Shoot the target and pick up toys Four tries for a rupee

What say, Munna? Sure Let me try it Four rounds for a rupee. Here's a rupee I'll hit the target and you can pick up the toy you like


Bat Goodness

Jeep. Not again!

He's a real marksman!

Enough! What else do you want, son?

Give me some more rounds. Why do you want to ruin me?

Stop it now, please. Why do this business then?

All right, lay a bet. If I miss the target this time...

I'll pay for those toys. Bet? Okay Here are the rounds Give me a ball I'll throw the ball upwards. If you hit it... you win. Otherwise, I win. Agreed Throw it. Shall I? Here goes

Thakur, not dummies, I shoot real birds

Let him have all those toys. He'll play with the kid All right

Help, father!

Mr Ravi! Hurry up!

Help, father!

Munna, are you all right?

Don't tell your wife about this incident, or she will be worried

Let's go Look what I bought for you Skirt and blouse in blue and red bangles They'll look good on you. Put them on Won't you ask me what I want?

I know. Skirt and blouse in yellow, red bangles and red bindis What happened? Don't you like them?

Nothing of that sort Then what were you thinking of?

How do you know that I love these colours?

Strange Who else will know a wife's choice if not her husband?

Father, how does this toy work? I'll show you

So you are the tractor mechanic, eh?

Yes if you want you and your family to live, then leave this place I give you three days Only three days Who are you to drive me out of my house?

I can shoot too Gentleman, playing with guns is not your cup of tea

Who leaves? We'll decide right away

I have decided I give you three minutes Get gOinfl

Look what I've got for you, Munna What's this, Baba? It's Saint Peer's amulet They say it protects you from the evil eye From the bandits too? Yes, from the bandits Let me see. Wonderful I'll show it to Ma. No, Munna... no Don't tell your mother that it's Saint Peer's amulet

You had me scared I know. A skirt and a blouse in yellow and bangles and bindis in red And also Saint Peer's amulet, to save him from the evil eye What are you staring at, Ma? Who gave you this amulet?

The gunman Baba gave me. It's Saint Peer's amulet it protects you from the evil eye. I'll take on the bandits now, Ma Saint Peer...?

"My love..."

"you are the companion of my dreams"

"You are the song on my lips"

"Ours is a bond since centuries"

You went to bed so early? Yes, I was exhausted Be seated

I think you travelled a lot

A man travels from within too Miles and miles... it hardly matters which way he's headed Besides, today's confrontation. Everything will be fine Every time we met, it was a casual meeting I never enquired about your family, how they are, where they are

God is kind

ls everything all right? Yes, everything is fine God is really kind I have a wife and a son They are always before my eyes Obviously. How old is your son?

As young as your son But everytime I think of him, I see him only as a year old baby And wife? Gorgeous. Fair But a shade lesser than your wife Besides, your wife is an angel Yes, friend. My wife is not material at all She is a soul Maybe you don't know, Tirath. Sona is my wife only for namesake Meaning?

It's a touching story, friend Sana': first husband murdered someone He was shot by the cops when tried to flee, and he fell in the river People saw blood in the water, but didn't find his corpse Then Sana married you Oh no Not her. It is I who married Sona To save her from the people You know how our society treats a widow It's been four years But Sona hasn't forgotten Shankar

That's why, even when we are married... she sleeps inside, while I sleep in the verandah Yes, I was shocked when I saw that if your wife is an angel, you are no less than a god Sleeping under one roof with a young woman... being married, and yet not touching her... is not a joke

I must leave now


What are you doing here? Shankar!

Shankar? Who Shankar?

My husband. No! You're mistaken I was mistaken, but not any more No, I'm not Shankar You can change your accent and con the world but not me My Shankar knew I liked red bangles, yellow skirts and blouses And Saint Peer's amulet for Munna... No! It was sheer coincidence

You bought the sacred amulet to protect Munna from the evil eye

ls that coincidence?

Say that you are my Shankar Say it, Shankar Forget that Shankar Forget that you ever met him... that you were ever married to him You are Mr Ravi's wife And he's a man who is no less than God For a woman, there's only one god

And she worships him forever Mr Ravi is your god now You are my Lord, he is only my support Why don't you understand, Sana? I'm a murderer, my life is in danger The long arms of the law will always hover above me I will leave once I have completed my task No, Shankar. '(es Sana it must remain a secret. Don't ever try to meet me

if Mr Ravi sees... else the so-called farce that the two of you have been putting on... will be seen through I can't live without you You must, Sana!

Not for you, not for me, but for the sake of Munna, for his future

Go on, Sana


Sana... where have you been?

To the temple. I went to pray

Still playing cards? Bloody fools We're too smart, Ma, that's why we're having a bad time Everything in excess is bad. Shut up Shankar is long dead, and you haven't grabbed the land yet, nor will you ever Five years have been wasted. Every thing in the mansion is sold Peace, Ma You must never doubt your sons' brilliance and courage We could've grabbed the land long back, but the mechanic interfered first... and now it is the thug with the gun. Thug? We are no less We're our mother's sons. I'm only waiting for my mother's consent Ain't I right, Ma? My foot You guys will die of hunger, and you will kill me, too Ever since the stranger came to the mechanic's farm... he's been a menace. Also the lame soldier We must separate the three of them Kill the soldier first, then the stranger... and finally the mechanic. But the stranger shadows him Not in good time

So cripple, how are you related to the tractor mechanic?

Same fraternity. We're humans, not monsters like you Are you abusing me? I'll break those crutches Stop barking. if you dare, try touching me ls that so?

I'm not sparing you

You were so proud of those arms! I still am

"The bodyguard in your house is eyeing your wife"

"if you want evidence, come over to the hillock at 2 pm"

"if you can't come, you can send your wife's lover over"

"We'll fix him. Sher Singh"

What are you doing?

I'm going to settle the score with Sheru No need. I'll fix him. Move What's the matter, sir? It hardly matters Just go away from this house

The job you've entrusted me... I shall go away once it is over You have a family, and...

It is the duty of a husband to protect his wife and children Not a stranger's I'm not a stranger, but you can't go there when I'm still around You can't take on Sheru Can you? You have seen it before Then take me on One who can defeat you can take on Sheru also See some sense, sir... Of course, I'm seeing

Mr Ravi!

No, Shankar!

Gunman, why did you hit my father?

Stop Shankar! You cheated my father Stop Shankar! Stop!

Mr Ravi...

Who is Shankar?

He's my husband

Father! Father! The bandits are here The bandits are here

Get inside, Sana, quick Shut the door , Sana

City punk... your time is up I give you one last chance Quit this land Life and Death are not in the hands of men, Sheru

I'll also fight like father Let me go, Ma

Where is Sheru?

I don't know

I'll tell you!

He's gone with his men to the farmhouse to kill the tractor mechanic's family Who killed Girdhar? Sheru did Shankar was framed

No! Swine!

For the sake of property, you sold off your brother and his wife Recognise me!

Don't, brother Shankar

Torch the house

Ma! Help me!


NO! My son!

Mr Ravi!

No, Mr Ravi...

Mr Ravi, I brought Sheru here

No Shankar...

it's too late

Take care...

take care of your family