Inseparable (2011) Script

Hello? Anyone home?


I'm neighbor.

This, yours, if is?

Li you are?


What is if?

You speak English, thank God.

My Chinese blows... probably fell that.

No, I just wanted you to know that this package's been sifting here since Friday, I just didn't know if you sclw if.

Are you ORGY?


Hello it's me again.

You sure you're alright in there?

I don't want to be all up in your business or anything, I saw q rope hanging in therefrom your ceiling...

And unless you've got some girl in there, and you're doing, experimental art...

Prefiy sure you're frying 10...

What do you wont?

Let's just give if cl icllk okay?

You and me, have a chat.

If you're not convinced after that, I'll guard the door for you and make sure you're not interrupted again.

How's 'that sound?

Will you furn if down?

Does ihis have 10 be so loud?

What are you doing?

I was checking my footage.

You woke me up.

When did you gef home?


Why aren't you of work?

To lock the door again, we're going to get robbed.

Good, they can steal that nasty ass fish funk first.

I hope you're not calling in sick again.

Mortgage and cur payments are two months late.

Relax already, worry obouf yourself.

You worry about yourself.

Five-star breakfast.

Not huHQIY, I need sleep.

My editor wclnfs me io go 1'0 Hencln tonight.

So what'? You just got back.

Tell him fo find someone else. Why is if ...

I volunteered, okay?

How many days have you been home this month?

Does if mqfier?

Li, you in here?

Ms. Yang's looking for you.

Where've you been?

Looking everywhere for you.

Just, grabbing some folders...

Whoi ore you photocopying?

I wasn't photocopying.

The second securities exchange hearing has been set.

On the 29th of next month.


I still think we should fry in the next few weeks fo fix the chip before The ...

Absolutely impossible. There's no time.

All the IPO pclperwork's been submitted.

So forget that idea.

Maybe we can convince Mr. Wang otherwise?

Mr. Wang agrees we handle if this wcly.

You just figure out how you're going to present things at the hearing.

That's your only priority now.

Nice cologne.

Okay. Bye.


Don't disappoint me on this...

Everyone is counting on you.

Sun Biqo.

What's up?

Was if those assholes in marketing again?

No mun...

HR said no more outside plants, only company plants.

Something about attracting bugs or something.

Maybe the janitor tossed them.

So what did Yong wani?



Nothing I should know about foo?

Just IPO related stuff.

Also, how many times have I fold you, use my English name in the office, Valentino. Okay?

Ms. Yang!

How's your back feeling?

Jusf fine, thank you Vulen ... me help curry this.

I'm fine.

Wait up!

Shit! Shit!

Li. Buddy, hey hey. What's going on?

Sorry, I just...

Come with me. Show you something.

I was looking for you this morning.

Or something?

I couldn't find your clpurfmeni you didn't fell me which floor you're on.

Right, my place is directly above yours.

Come on let's go, you're gonna like this.

Leave that stuff.

Hold on...

Been in China long?

Just o sec.

Don't fell anybody about this place.

This is incredible!

How did you find this place?

It's mine. I mode if.


Does building management know about This?

No! H's my secret oasis.

Incredible view.

Wow, we're really high up.

Probably not q good ideo I led you up here right now, you know.

You don'! Have to worry about me.

About yesterday...

I wanted to... thunk you.

Kind of embarrassing.

Actually I was just worried cbouf the inevitable smell that was gonna start seeping up to my apartment.

So what do you do with yourself when you're not frying to be a ceiling ornament.

I design artificial limbs.

So if is work fhuf made you wanna...

Not really, it's complicated.

A lot of things have happened in my life recently.

And you? Whoi do you do?

I'm u cleaner.


I clean things, for others, who need something to be...

I'm a hifmcun for the CIA.

No, like, serious?

Why care you felling me this?

I won'? Fell anyone, I promise.

I'm on u job.

Psych job.

Shut up.

Look of your face!

You're way foo serious for your cage man, lighfen up.

I play the markets.

Hiiman for the CIA.

Not bod. You remembered to lock the door.

Well, yeah.

You said remember to lock ii, so I remembered.

Weren't you supposed 10 go To whereever?



Because "wherever" is boring, so I didn't go.


To lock the door again, we're going to get robbed.


What did you do today'?

Went lo work, who? Else?

Then I went to...

Wait cl sec, whafs going on?

Whcli do you mean?

You're being weird.

Is today our anniversary or something?

Can't I welcome my mun home?

Of course you can.

You didn't happen to cook a scrumptious dinner for your mun, did you?

Tonight, dessert before dinner.

I like dessert.


What are you looking for?

An instruction manual.

It's been way too long.

Make sure it's the revised edition.

Really glad you stayed.

You up, kiHy cat?

You there?

Let's play hooky and have fun today. Okay?


Where you oi?

Why aren't you of work?

I... I haven? Been feeling well.

Was if something you ate?

What do you wont?

I don't see your point.

You don't?

Then take u closer look.

I did, what about if?

The fesi fricll report H's missing.

So whqi?

That's none of our business.

How did you get this?

Is this what Yang keeps talking 10 you uboui?

Tell me, fell me!

Wow, you come all the way here to ask me that?

Wuii, waif!

Mr. Wang won't be happy if he finds out.

Mr. Wang made if clear how imperative if is that nothing goes wrong.

Because Mr. Wang...

Alright, stop with the Mr. Wang bit.

Jusf say "your uncle" okay?

We're all very aware of the lP0's importance, no need for you to remind me.

Seems like you're feeling befler.

Should I fell Yang you'll be in this afternoon?

You there?

What? Who are you looking for?

I thought you lived above me.

What's the matter'?

I'm screwed!

Thai nosy ass-kissing son-of-a-biich is gonna get me fired.

Riding around that stupid scooter!

Why doesn't Yang make him go instead of me?

It's bullshit Because I'm expendable right?

I like furfles.

Once, when I was young, I ate a green apple was sour, Especially yellow pajamas.


Exactly, talk lo me.

I co-head the prosthetic design team with this Sun Biao guy.

Sun Biao, nutshell.

Mr. By-the-Book.

In fact the only reason why he got promoted 10 co-head is because of his family connections.

Mun, if he finds out...

What are you doing?

It's all on the details. Go on.

So our team designed this advanced prosthetic special computer chip.

H's Cl breakfhrough in our business.

And it's the star product the company wants to roll out, as soon as we go public.

Problem is, last month I discovered a major glitch in the chipsef.

Ifs not a huge problem...

What's the glitch'?

Whui kind of glitch?

It's technical you wouldn't get it ...

Whclf glitch?

Basically, the error causes the artificial leg to... lock up... and snap.

H's not funny.

Sorry, go ahead.

Lifile more time to figure ii out.

That's so wrong, you're going to hell.

If's not funny.

Sorry, I don't know why I'm laughing, I'm sorry.

So I iold my supervisor Yang about ii.

And she told me to keep my mouth shut, especially to Sun Biao.

Well, this could be serious especially with the company so close to going public.

Yeah as luck would have if, ihe securities commission requested u special hearing to learn more about the product.

She asked you to testify as the expert.

Nof just ihai...

They wcani me to lie of the hearing.

Tell a lifile lie, company stays in business, management makes millions of dollars.

You might even get some big cuss bonus.

Tell the irufh...

Everything everyone's worked for, for years, goes right down the toilet.

And I'll probably be ouf of u job and out on the street high demand...

Don't worry.

While you've been talking, I've been formulating a plan.

Whui plan?

A donut?

It's cl tire, you idiot.

That's your brilliant plan?

Don't worry, paper's gonna teach you some new tricks.

Your fish is dead.

Kept me company for 4 years.

Couple months ago.

Remind me never to keep you company.

Sneaky bastard, you didn't tell me you were married.

She's cute.

That's Pong.

We married two years oui of college.

Rung "s I" "MW"?

She's a twig.

Should have seen her as u kid, her school photos had to be aerial shots.

Got if.

What are you doing home?

I'll explain later. Have to go.

Whatever. I'm coming foo.

Hello? I'm in cl hurry.

Let's go.

Where are we going?

To my office.

My wife Pang.

This is our neighbor.


He's the guy I told you about.

What's his problem?




Why stop there? Do Yang's foo.

Do if!

Imagine their faces when they see what we did.

Live free or die frying!

Ok, I have to admit that was fun.

But what wcls the actual point of fhai?

It's phase one in the plan to free your mind and allow you To find your true calling.

How many phases are there?

Thai depends on you.

Stay here, lei me see what's up.

Look how long the scratch is, you old idiot.


Here dumboss! You blind?

Fine, whatever.

I'm a reasonable guy...

Just give me ¥2,000.

That much? Really?

Or we can call the cops, up 10 you.

I'll call Old Jica oi the precinct now.

And trust me, if the cops come it's gonna cost you more.

I don't have... to waste everyone's iime?

I really don't have...

You can forget the discount!

Hey! You lifile shit!

You trying to run? You guilty bastard.

So you won't pay?

But I don't have that kind of money!


Piss off!

If I had hil you instead, you'd be faking a concussion by now!

Stop! Please!

Take some responsibility!

Thanks bro, here.

Let's just all go home.

He's poor, so he gets away with if?

This cur wasn't free you know.

He isn't getting out of this one today.

Give if here.

It's understandable, but smashing his bike doesn't make ii right, does if?

Hey mind your own business pal.

This is the only way he'll learn.

Lesson here.

Give if!

You gonna give if back or not?

Give if buck asshole!

Ok then! You cull just wait and see!

Forget ii man. What? Whclfl?

Think I'm afraid?

Think I don't know people?

Stay, stick around and see!

You stay loo!

Go call the cops, do ii!

So what you "know" people.

The mailman friggin' knows people.

Think you're befier because you have some money?

Well, guess what?

Not on my watch, biich!




"Not on my watch, bitch"?

I'll kill you!

There he is! Get in!


Get buck here!

Go! Hurry UP!

Handbrake! Hello?

My head's going to burst!

Breath deeply, you did great.

You just completed phase two, lot sooner than I thought.

So what's next?


Enough excitement for one day.

You did good, Batman.

It's open.

Hey, where you been?

You've been holed up in here for days.

Sewing is for women and fruifcakes.

Secret project.


I'm making a costume.

I'm sick of people getting away with doing bod things.

You gonna get that?

It's just Yang again.

So whdfve you decided to do?

I haven't.

I'm focusing on more important issues.

Some one goifo do the "die frying" in order for everyone to "live free".

Are you saying what I'm thinking?

I'm destined to do more in life.

Congratulations! You've found your calling.

Now the three phases are complete.

Open up.

I don't have the key.


Whcfl are you doing in there?


Where've you been?

Hold you, Henun.

You still went?

Could have told me.

Why do you keep faking oui-of-town assignments?

Con'? You investigate local stories?

What's wrong now?

Me? Nothing.

It's always a delight to come home 10 cl pigsfy.

I'm not your maid, "picking up your crap CI" the time.

What's your problem?

It's just ca stupid old washing machine.

You're a stupid old washing machine!

Do if yourself!

What's with you?

You're nice when you wclnf The company, and snofly when you don't.

You're like u cut.


Not like you're ever home!

I know what this is about.

You really need to move on.

It was months ago!

Open up.

Go away!

Come on...

Who's the one with the dead fish in the tank!

And I need to move on?

You, You big...

Let the de-clssholing begin.

My gosh...

Alright. Ready?



Huo Lei Feng.

"Do us comrade Lei Feng did"?

"Do the right thing, serve the people."

Buck in Chairman Mao's days...

He's u hero.

Anyway, H.L.F. means Lei Feng incarnate.


Let's do this, boss.

How come we can't find trouble when we're looking for if?

Times care good, the masses care happy.


We can't just room the streets.

We should start a blog, those are popular.

Get people to write-in and request our help.

What would you do? You do if?

What would I do?

Can you afford to?

It's a rock and a hard place.

Nice fellow like you, getting thrown in with ihe company of greedy bastards who produce genetically mutated cancer tomatoes.

And ihen you're just u guy trying to put food on the table.

What does your wife say?

You haven? Fold her?

I don't wanf her 1'0 worry about ii.

Money is fight enough as ii is.

How much money do you have on you right now?


We can still do this.

You pay, I'll pick.

We'll split halves if ii works.

This is so stupid, man.

We're lucky Pang's not home.

This is if.

Tonight's loffo is for a 15 million jackpot...

Good guess. We lose the rest.

You're so negative.

Alright this is ii. Here we go.

N01 bud, my mun.

Four numbers.

We must have won something, right?

And the last number is...


Whcli did I fell you!

We won! No way! We won!

I can't believe this. How'd you know?

You're u genius!

We did if, I just knew!

This is so great.

I can finally quit my stupid piece-of-shii job.

Pung's going to be so happy.

This is gonna fix everything.

N01 only Thai...

Our new operation is fully financed!

What the...

I wouldn't go in there for about an hour.

Tell me you see that!

See what?



Where were you?

Taking my firs? Dump cls a mulfi-millionclire.

What's happening io me?

Did you... put something in my beer?

You're acting cl lifile strange, Li.

How many fingers cam I holding up?


Yeah that was me.


Let's go.

You feeling befier today?

Didn't have any dragonflies visii fodcy.

I have the results from your lost fest.

I have a few more questions.

Has anything tragic, or very stressful, happened in your life recently?

Tell him about the dead fish in your funk.

Well, I'm in this sifuufion of work... besides work.

A few months ago, my parents died in cl cclr accident.


Why didn't you say anything mun?

Condolences, buddy.

Anything else?

Also, a few months ago, my wife had cl miscarriage.

She was 4 months pregnant...

What does this have to do with...

No man. Why do you bofile all this shit up?

This supports my diagnosis.

This is going to be difficult for you to accept.

There is u rare form of menial illness known as "brief psychotic disorder".

Simply put, it's a short-term illness with psychotic symptoms.

If usually occurs offer, or in response to, severe trauma, such as assault, loved ones, catastrophic events, or major stress in life.

Symptoms usually appear suddenly, often in the form of hallucinations.

Whcli do you mean?

Are you saying I'm CFCIZY?

Yes, but not entirely.

You gonna listen 10 this quack-off?

Where'd you buy your license from?

Brief psychotic disorder, BPD usually lasts no more than a few monfhs.

I will give you some meds, if should help deal with the hallucinations.


Way to push the drugs, right?

Don't listen 10 this guy, do not believe him Li I appreciate ii, but will you just go ouf and have a smoke or something?

Doctor, are you sure about this?

Maybe, maybe ii was something I ate.

I'm quite certain.

Often, BPD symptoms include disorieniafion or confusion, delusions of grandeur, and seeing and hearing things that aren't there.

Are you saying I've been imagining everything lately?

Of course not.

Everything you did was real.

The places you went all exist.

You need to deal with this illness, before if gets dangerous.

Here. Look of this.

I storied recording earlier...

Are you saying I'm CIGZY?

Yes, but no!' entirely.

I appreciate if, but will you just go out and have a smoke or something?

So what's up, you crazy or what?

Seems like if.

Really. You're not gonna get a second opinion?

No need.

So what now.

Of course I didn't win the jackpot.

So what's if this time?

I haven't been feeling well.

Wasn't that last week's excuse?

Let's not ploy this game, okay?

I've let your recent absences slide, but don't think you can'? Be replaced.

What's with ihe bed head?

Comb your damn hair. Boss wants 10 see you.

If we fake care of this problem the company won't forget you.

Now, when we meet with Mr. Wang, don'f mention ihe defective chip...

He doesn't wont to hear about if.

He just wclnis Cl chat with you.

Okay, sweetie?

It's a procedural matter.

At the hearing, just do what you're supposed to do.

Be sure and do your homework.

Don'? Screw if up.

Don't worry Mr. Wang, I've made if very clear to Li.

I'm sure he won't let us down.

Done with the old guy, let's go.

We goi crime fighting io do!

From whcfl I've heard, your recent performance hasn't been up to par.

Shape up and focus.

That's if for now.

Finally! I thought the old geezer would never shut up.

Sir, would if be possible for me to work from home?

I'll be able lo concentrate befler, and less risk of others gefling involved.

What do you think?

Now you're fcllking.


Perhaps for The iime being...

There'll be fewer distractions.

I'll be calling io check in.

Come on, what do you...

Hey Li, is there something wrong with the door?


Hi, this is Li Yue.

Li, Pcmg's husband...

I can't reach her cell.

What case?

Ok, no ifs fine, never mind.

Where are you?


If we're going to be together, there needs to be some changes.

You're not mud at me anymore?

No man.

If wasn't you, if was me.

What kind of changes?

First of all...

You can't keep coming around when I am with my wife.

In fuci, don't folk 10 me when I'm with other people if makes me look crazy okay?

Just do me this favor?

Are you saying we didn't have u good time, the three of us, on Operation Donut?

Shit! See that's what I mean.

Pclng must think I'm a freak for Talking to myself...

And in English!

What? No.

Not 10 mention, seemingly introducing her to that jerk neighbor.

Since obviously you weren't really there.

Just, follow the new rule.






Come here. I've missed you buddy.

If was more fun hanging with you anyway.

You haven't told Pang about our extra-curricular activities have you?

No, she wouldn't understand.

She's changed.

Back in the day she probably would have thought this idea first.

Kid won't solve.

After the baby... ifs just mood swings with her now.

Where'd you get all this footage from?

Whenever she does cm undercover reporting, she has to secretly tape her interviews to keep as evidence.

She's got more balls than you do.

Yeah, worries fhe hell ouf of me.

She loves her work.

The key is to capture every detail of the illegal activity on camera, otherwise the station can't broadcast the story.

So what case are you looking for?

The roof of my marital troubles.

I know it's here somewhere...

Our first mission.

What took you so long?

His secretary's got cl friggin' big bladder.

Let's do if.

We don't keep cash of the office.

Take my wullei.

We don't want your money.

We have other plans for you.

Take off your clothes!

Keep crawling until you're ready to talk, diaper mun.

Who are you? Why are you doing this?

Yes. Think. Why?

You want cash, how much do you want?

I got the safe in the bathroom. Non-sequential bills.

You're noi listening.

I don't want your blood money.

The sooner you cooperate, the sooner fhis'll be over.

My secretary will be buck in a minute.

Don't worry...


Took cure of your secretory.

What have you done to her?

Wait here.

"We took cure of your secretary."

Hurry up! He's gonna leave.

Where do you think you are going?

Answer the question!

Whuf question, you fucking psycho!

You think you gonna gei away with this?

You know who I um!

I'm gonna hunt you down and chop you up and serve you like cl Mongolian beef.

Do not threaten me, you bastard!

Maybe this will help you remember.

Drink if.

Drink if!

Now why would you spit out your own product?

You worried about mqlnuiriiion 10o?

So this is what this is all about.

That's bullshit.

Folic acid.

Essential lo nourishment and growth of the baby during pregnancy.

Hey, isn't that your assembly line?

Let's see what they're doing shall we?

When do you puf in the folic acid?

We don't. These are all the ingredients.

What are these?

Sugar and corn powder.

That's odd.

Folic acid supplement without any folic acid in it.

How does this get past regulators?

That's not my business.

You don't have any proof, you freak.

That's one of the things that can happen to a fetus when ifs mother fakes your fake vitamins.

Like I said, you hove no proof.

This was my baby boy.

After the miscarriage, doctors did extensive tests.

And concluded that my wife did not have enough folic acid in her body.

Investigations were made and of least 3 oiher similar cases were found with women who also took your product.

Whclf do you want from me?

Why do you pick on me?

Just because I run this joint-venture you ihink I'm can easy shake-down?

You befier go and lalk to my Chinese colleagues, they're...

I could cure less where your company is.

You're in charge here, so I hold you responsible.

Did you really fhink you guys can get away with it in the end?

I want you to tell me to my face...

Tell me you did this just so you greedy pricks could make a few extra bucks.

Admif if!

How do I know you won'i shoot me either way?

That depends on whether I think you're telling the truth or not.


4 That's not a real gun.

You really want to find out?


2 No no, alright!


We lefl oui the folic acid.

But we never puf in any harmful ingredients.

How did you get post The government regulators?

We switched if out q few months ufier ii was initially approved.

Okay? You happy now?

Say goodbye.

Whoi? You said you wouldn't...

Sucks when you been lied 10.

Think we went overboard with your diaper idea?

No, if was great.


Do not threaten me, you bastard!



Remember that folic acid case Pang was investigating?

What about if?

We didn't touch anything.

As soon as we saw him we contacted you.

The guy locked me in the bathroom!

Find that son-of-q-bifch!

It's the chief.

Maternity products.

His name was Richard.

You transferred me f0 another case remember?



Undercover reporting and anonymous tipster prompt arrests.

There's nothing about us.

As long as if gets the job done.

Our iape can't be submifled as evidence, but if prompted the cops who? 10 look for.

For u few bucks you can stop aging and ovoid cancer...

Dear old people.

Do not fall for this scum.

If if were a miracle drug as they claim, it wouldn't be sold on the streets by sketchy guys.

Please leave a message after fhe beep.

Hello. Are you home?

Your phone's always off...

Chuck and Li's nexi superhero mission lo fight corruption...

That's definitely fclinfed tofu.

You know they soy Pluto is no longer considered a planet?

How weird is that.

I mean you go through your whole life knowing it's a planet in our solar system.

And they fell you "sorry, wrong info".

Yeah well if a planet can disappear, what does that fell you?

Experts don't know shif about shit.

These guys are puffing formaldehyde preservative.

Don't get foo close.

Are you sure this snifch's reliable?

Worry, your wife's notes were very thorough.

Are you sure uboui the location?

It's there mun.

I had to load half of ii in there.

Before they screwed me out of my cut.


A lifile light pal?

Tell that snake to get lost before we beat his boney ass to a pulp and feed him to the cops.

You heard him, gei lost.

Before we beat your boney clss 10 a pulp skin you and feed you to the cops.

You do not want to piss off my buddy here.


Come on.

What are you doing?


Don'? Be cl pussy, alright?

You know this is the right thing to do.

We gotta make sure that no more of this shit gets into the markets.

Come on.


Do if.

Do you think formaldehyde is flammable?

Welcome. Fill if up?

Just give me a hundred.

Nevermind, make ii fiffy.

I'm currently on location of the explosion.

You can see there is blown up tofu everywhere.

According lo police, this was an illegal storage facility.

If appears to have been used to make the fainted tofu.

The crime scene has now been sealed off.

Though the reason for the explosion is still unclear, but police have arrested a group that may be responsible for the bad tofu...

Alright let's see, what oiher cases...

Insurance scams...

Faulty construction...

Fake Viagra? Now that's really cruel.

You know, we should go global.

We should go to countries like the United States or Belgium...

Do you speak French?

Fighting corrupt companies all over the world.

Hey Brazil, we could go there, ihofd be fun.

They have carnival.



What's your problem? Let go!

Can't you waif for him?

I'm in a hurry. Move.

I said waif!

What are you doing?

Go ahead.

Crazy jerk.


Where's this from?

Who the hell are you.

I'm asking one more Time...

More shif tofu.

I stole if! We made if, ok?

Keep if up, I'll call the cops.

I said stop!

What's going on?

Look you so long? This asshole's harassing me.

Where'd you get this tofu from?

What's if to you?

Please! You think we don't know what your cargo's mixed with?

You crazy son-of-a-bifch!

You added formaldehyde didn't you? I can smell if!

I added what?

I'm calling the cops.

If is formaldehyde!

Enough Li, Toss fhcli shii!

Cull the cops!

Pay UP!

Give my tofu back!

Stop hitting me...

Give me my Tofu!

Where you going? Come back!

Way to go kid.

He's siill in the hospital.

You did o nice number on his right eye.

So until I hear back from the doctors, you're not going anywhere.

I didn't mean to.

Whcli were you thinking?


What were you doing fofu fighting?

You know what, if if turns out you seriously injured him, like if he is blinded, the rest of your days will be just as dark.

His tofu was fainted!

And you know that because...?

You had a mini-lab kit in your pocket?

If you suspect something is wrong, you cclll the relevant authorities.

There's u hofline.

Reward if your tip leads to ca conviction!

Of course, we don't do if for the reward.

Don'i be stupid.

Next time use your head.

You get me?

Can you please analyze the tofu?


No messing around.

Mdclm, I was fold 10 ask for Mr. Lin.

I'm Li Yue's wife.

Officer Lin, Li's wife is here.

You're lucky The vendor's injuries were minor.

Your wife's here, you're free to go.

I had the tofu analyzed, there were no illegal additives.

Listen kid, just because there are roflen apples, doesn't mean all are.

Sorry for the trouble.

Tell him that.

Go see if your wife brought enough money

10 pay for the guy's medical bills, and fhai cart of tofu, all over the street.

Are you alright?

Sign these.

Your husband doesn't seem to be doing foo well.

Bring them out

I'm very sorry.


So thin?

Are they kidding?


Let's cull it cl day.

I'm sorry.

I fake pride in whuf I do.

Have a bite.


What's gotten info you?

I cut my trip short 10 come back, can you scly something?

Are you fired of me?

Don't be ridiculous.

Then why are you so distant?

I'm not.

Whcai makes you ihink his tofu wcls fainted?

Do you even know what formaldehyde is?


The bank culled about our house and cur payments.

What if we sell the car?

I have to check in of the office.

I'll drop you off of home first.


You don't exist Go away!

Come on man that's not cl nice thing to say.

I mean if. I need 10 get well.

You're being cl jerk. Just open up.

We have important things lo do, don't run away from your responsibilities.

This is me being responsible.

Just leave me alone!

Come on now those things have side-effects.

You take those pills, retard.

They use those pills to fronquilize elephants for Christ's sake!

Don't make me toke these. You'll be gone so fast.

No okay! I'll leave.

No I won't Whcli do I care. Take the pills.

Don't blame me if your dick fOllS off.

You idiot!

Okay fine! I'm not supposed to tell you this, Li...

You're not crazy, okay?

And I can prove if.

You are not crazy.

The truth is I was sent here to protect you.

You've been having problems in your life...

I'm actually, your guardian angel.

Alright you're happy now?

Cause they're gonna kick me out of heaven for felling you this.

I'll be seeing you again real soon.

Whclfs going on wiih you?

Come have something to eat.

Sleep... Leave me alone. Please.

What banana?

Whafre you spacing about? You high?

I don't want to hear about bananas and tofu.

Are you kidding me?

Why would you spit out your own product?

Are you kidding me?

You worried about malnutrition foo?

You worry about malnutrition foo?

Drink if!

Did you check?

Not looking good for you buddy.

What's your wife up to?

She'd rather hang out wifh her co-worker.

You are really losing her, man.

Shut! Up!


Are you gonna do, the whole ignore-me thing?

Well can you blame her?

Not like you're exactly there for her... mentally.

Alright you know whcat, this is cool this is good, because superheroes can't have lusting relationships.

H's not conducive 10 crime fighting.

Get lost!

You think you have it bad, fry floating around in your own shit everyday.

That's bud.

Hey lih'le guy.

When are you going to face your problems?

A philosophizing dead fish.

Snap out of if and grow up.

Only you can clean up your own mess.

Whclf the, shit.

Going out and having fun without me now?

Will you just 9¢?

No way I gofiu see this.

Look of you, clll dressed up fancy and shit.

It's too late though, she doesn't care for you anymore.

Thanks, ifs none of your business.


She is looking fine tonight.

Sorry, had to go home and change.

So what's the occasion?

He's just frying to get back... o husband luke his wife to a nice dinner?

We haven't been here in ages, bit pricey, isn't ii?

You bum, it's u waste of money.

You already married the girl, not like you have 10 impress her anymore.

Don'? Worry about if.

Just wanted us to have some... alone-time.


I know I've been acting strange, and maybe disiclnf...

My recent behavior...

Where do I start.

There's a reason I may have seemed strange, these lust few weeks...

Honey, can we order firsi?

Of course, sorry.

My stomach hurts.

What's wrong, are you okay?

You want me to gef some medicine?

No use.

I'll go buy some.

It's okay.

I have Wei De Shu. Helps the stomach.

No "ShU" will help.

It's that time of the rnonih, ok?

Whuf did you just say?

Why are guys so dense?

Do we have io spell if out every time'?

No, no! The other thing you said.

What ihing?

Can you see him?

Who, the chimney over here?

How can you see him?


You know why.


I fold you if was no use.

Poor guy, took him long enough.

What the hell is going on!

She doesn't exist pal.

You don't have q wife.

You're lying.

Silly boy.

You're lying!

What's the problem, we still got each other.

Bros before hoes right?

Go lo hell, you're lying!

I'm lying?

She must be on assignment.

Curious how your mind plays tricks so things mclke sense to you, isn't it.

Are you lrying lo gel yourself killed!

Are you alright?

I hcld cl green light...

So it's nof my fault.

Hello my friend.

Cull me when you're ready.



Hey Li

I'm right here.

Why don't you look for me?

Come here.

What's your problem!

What the fuck, man!

What are you doing?

She is real. See.

Are you sure about that?

And what do you cure? Weren't we having more fun?


I love you Mr. Li.

So I lied, so what?

She's real, doesn't love you anymore, some difference!

She does, I can feel if in my heclri. I know if!

Let's ask her then.

I used to love you.

But offer I lost the baby, you turned info u son-of-o-bifch.

This marriage was dead long ago and you know it.

I hope I'm around to see that high and mighty face when your company announces a recall of its crappy product to all those poor and crying customers.

Why cam I even talking to you guys.

Get out of my head!

I saved your life. This is the thanks I get?

I thought we were bros.

And I'll always remember you for that.

The doctors said I can't will you away bui... maybe you'll be different?

You iry living with on expiration date of a couple of months.

So no more superhero assignments?

Come on, we'd have so much fun.

Daddy's sleeping.

Poor daddy works so hard f0 put food on the fable.

Look of his dirty socks on the floor again.

Let's teach him a lesson, shall we?

This is your temporary home.


Don 'f worry, you'll soon be living out here with us.

This is your new room. Do you like if?

We're going to have so much fun together.

Tomorrow mommy's going fo fhe docfor f0 see how you're doing.

Always remember mommy and daddy love you.

We can't waif fo see you, baby.


Hey gorgeous, need a ride?

Depends on where we care going?

How about my place? It's close-by.

Why didn't you fell me?

Why did you hide your problem from me?

I wanted 10 fell you...

How did you find out?

You forge? Who? I do for cl living?

I checked all the hospitals, friend of work culled me lust night and confirmed.

The folic acid case in the news, that was you right?

I'm so sorry, for not being therefor you offer The baby.

Ijusi... I shut down, you know?

Our baby meant so much to me...

I know maybe ii didn't seem like if, but I...

I know.

Promise me, you'll never keep things from me again.

I already lost a baby,

I don't want to lose you foo.

From now on, total communication.

Toiul communication.


Yes, almost there.


What's up?

Boss wants you to head buck to the office, now.

What about the hearing?

Didn't say.

I will tell them the truth.

And what is that?

Glitch in the chipsei.

It's not ready for production.

I was going to give you this offer the hearing.

Why didn't you bring This up sooner?

I did. I fold my supervisor.

When did you fell Yang?

Right offer I found out.

Didn't she...?

Buf she said Mr. Wong knew.

I had to be sure for myself if you were involved in frying 10 cover ihis up.

You can thank Sun Biuo here...

He uncovered what was going on.

The hearing is cancelled.

Yang has been fired.

Sun Biuo will fake over her duties.

We'll just have to fix ihe problem first.

What's this? You want to quit?

You know what? Pretend you never saw this. Ok?

It'll siill be the some...


H.L.F. to the end.

So what are you gonna do?

Not sure.