Insidious (2010) Script


Hey, sweetie.

What are you doing up? Come here.

I don't like my room.


That's okay. You know, you're still getting used to it.

I can't sleep either.

What are you looking at?

Some old photos. You want to see?

Do you know who that is? No.

It's me. It doesn't look like you.

I know. But that's me. That's your Mom.

I was a kid once, too, believe it or not.

You're old now.

How old do you think I am? Really old.

Have a guess.

Probably at least 21.

I wish you were right.

Show me a picture of when Dad was a little kid.

You know, I wish I could. But I don't think we have any.

He's really hopeless at keeping photos.

Show me a picture of when I was a little kid.

You are a little kid. You're wonderful.

You certainly didn't cry as much as your little sister.

But she's up, so let's go. Get some breakfast.

Billing department. Let me play.

No. I want to play!

I'm eating breakfast! Billing department. Careful.

I need a bowl, Mom.

I don't want to play soon. I want to play now.

No, no, no, no.

Here, here.

It's too small. Well, just make it work.

Speak to an agent. Speak to an agent.

Oh, man, what?

Every time I think I've pulled you out, you grow back in.


Good morning, guys. Speak to an agent!

I'm an agent.

Yeah, hello, I would really like to keep the old number if that's possible.

Dude, don't eat on the floor, Foster. But I'm pouring my cereal.

Can I have it by the end of the day, please, because I...

Yes. Okay. Thank you.

Foster, can you please get up off the floor?

Cap's loose.

What is this? Is that wax?

We have no actual fruit? We have wax fruit?

God damn it.

And, honey, if you wanna look at my books, please don't leave them all over the floor.

I didn't touch your books.

Bye. See you, Dad.

See you, buddy.

You're not gonna take the boys to school? I can't today. Bye.

Are you gonna pick them up? I can't. I got a PTA meeting.

I totally forgot. Why didn't you tell me?

I'm sorry. No, no, no, don't cry. Don't cry.

I'll see you guys. Bye.

Yeah, I'm looking west.

Always been looking that way I'm gonna get it all happening.

Just can't do it today.

Yeah, I'm looking west.

Always been looking that way I'm gonna be somebody I just can't be her today.

Hello? Daddy!

Hey, buddy, slow down...

This is awesome! Share it with your brother.

Okay. Share with your brother.

Come watch TV with me. All right. Look at this, babe. Nice job!

Yes, it's getting there. Getting there?

It looks awesome. Thanks.

Hey. Hi.

Have you seen my box of sheet music anywhere?

I don't know, babe. I know we packed them.

I packed them. I know. I just... I can't find them.

I think the movers might have put them in the dining room.

Come here, baby girl, come here. It's not in the dining room.

I've unpacked every single box, and it's just vanished.

I can't find it.

We'll find them. We'll find them.

Dalton, honey? Where are you?

Stay here. Foster, stay with your sister.

Dalton? Dalton!


Hey! What?

Hey, hey. Hey. What happened?

Did you fall? Did you fall off the ladder? Honey, did you fail down?

Yeah. Are you okay?

What are you doing climbing the ladder? Honey...

Sorry. Sorry. Are you okay?

What hurts? What hurts? My leg.

All right. Can you move it? Can you move your leg? Is that okay?

Yeah. Okay.

Oh, man. What happened to your head?

Oh, gosh! Scraped it.


Honey, you cannot come up here, okay? Do not explore anymore.

It's very dangerous, okay? It's off limits now.

I'm sorry, Mom. Okay. Okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Can you stand on it? Be careful. I think so.

I got you. Come here.

What are you doing? You scared us, buddy.

You were just doing a little exploring?


So, no more exploring up there, okay? Okay.

Yeah, you may be a superhero, buddy, but you're not invincible.

You gotta be careful, all right? Okay.


Good night, sweetie.

So were you putting boxes away upstairs?

Don't, Josh.

I just hate feeling helpless. Sorry.

I'll figure out a way to lock the door tomorrow.

Good. It's dangerous, you know.

Maybe we should just put him on a child leash.

I'll stop at the pet store tomorrow.

I'm sorry I was pissy when you got home from work today.

No, didn't notice.

I was trying to do some work today and then.

Cali woke up after a half hour, and she wouldn't go back down, and I just didn't get anything done.

I just want things to be different in this house.

I just had such a had day. I'm scared nothing is gonna change.

It will, I promise you. We've just got to give it time.

Thanks for letting me take some time to work on my music.

Come on, I want you to do it.

I think I have a couple of good songs. I mean, not all of them, but I think...

You know, there's a few that I can do something with.

I love all your songs.

Shut up. You do not! I do. Stop it.

Which one's your favorite?

You should write a song about me. They're all about you.

Like how cool I am.

Like, "He's the coolest guy..." No, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no. Quiet. "Big muscles!"

"Really, really pretty!" You'll wake up the baby.

Foster, can you finish your eggs, please?

Hey, Cali.

Can you go wake up Dalton, Josh? Yeah.

Hey, Mr. Sleepy-pants. Get up.

Hey, Sleepy-pants. You'd better get out of that bed or your mother's gonna kill us both.

Dalton, come on, buddy. You gotta get ready for school.

Hey. Hey.



Dalton. Dalton. Dalton. Dalton!

There is no brain damage that we've detected.

Technically, yes, he's in a coma.

He doesn't react to stimuli. He has no sleep-wake cycle.

But there's no brain trauma or infection. His scans are all normal.

To be honest, I've never seen anything like it.

But he can't just not wake up. I mean...

There's got to be something.

I'm sorry.

Okay, so what do we do?

Does he stay here? Do we... We'll conduct some further testing.

It's only been a couple of days. It could take a little longer for...

Excuse me a minute. I have to step out. I'll be back in just a moment.

Dr. Sercarz, how long will the tests take?

Okay, so what I've done here is I've inserted a nasogastric feeding tube.

To get the length of the tube that I'm gonna need, I measure from the tip of the nose to the earlobe and down to the xiphoid process, which is here.

Then I usually Mark that off with some tape.

And then you need to lubricate the end of the tube that I'm going to insert about 4 inches.

And then I just slide it in like that.

I have to make sure the end of the tube is curved and that his head is a little bent, a little bent back.

And then we usually hold it in place with some surgical tape.

And that's it.

If there are any problems or any bleeding, just call me, okay?

There's nothing you can do. Nothing you can do.

I want if!

Give me it! Give me it! I want it!

I want it! Now!

Hey, hey, hey. It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay.

What's this?

An award.

That's today's date. Did you get this today?

Honey, why didn't you tell us?

I know it's hard right now, but things are going to get better, I promise.

I'm gonna show this to your Dad.

It's fantastic.

I'm scared, Mom.

Scared of what? Dalton.

Can I change rooms?

Why would you want to change rooms?

I don't like when he walks around at night.

Something really weird happened to me today.


I heard this noise coming from Cali's room.

It was on the baby monitor. It was like voices.

And I ran up here and I had a look, but there was no one in there.

It was probably just interference.

Those things are always picking up somebody else's signal.

I don't know. It sounded so clear.

It was like this whispering.

It was... It scared the hell out of me.

I was at the piano, and I could hear it on the monitor, and I turned up the volume and...

Who the hell is that?

Hold on.

Stay here.

Who is it?



Oh, my God! Josh! Josh! Josh!

Please. Someone's in Cali's room! Someone's in Cali's room!

There's someone there! I saw somebody!

He was standing right there! He was standing right there!

There's nobody here. I saw someone!

Okay, take her, get Foster, go in Dalton's room.

Foster! What's going on?

The alarm's gone off!

God damn it!

Thanks, guys.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Hey, honey. It's me.

They just told me, I've got to... I'm gonna have to stay late tonight to...

I gotta grade some tests, and it's gonna be a while so...

You don't have to wait up, okay? I'll be home as soon as I can. I love you.

Did he respond to any of the new tests?

No. No, he didn't.

But we have to give it time.

I've seen coma patients with a much longer inactivity time suddenly start making noises.

He's not in a coma. They don't know what to call it.

They don't know what to do with him, so they've just given up.

I feel like the universe is just trying to see how far I'll bend before I break.

Well, the universe picked a fight with the wrong chick.

That's okay. I got it.

Thank you.


Josh, where are you?

I need you to come home now, please.

It's 10:30.

You've been coming home late every single night.

In all the years you've worked at the school, you've never had to do that.

Why all of a sudden are you staying back late?

You know, I don't like it either. I was grading tests. I mean...

What choice do I have?

I've got to pay Dalton's bills. Josh.

I'm scared. I'm so scared and...

I'm scared. He's my son, too.

You don't understand. I'm scared for Dalton.

I'm scared of this house.

There's something wrong with this place.

I'm not imagining it. I can feel it.

It's like a sickness.

Ever since we've moved in, everything's just gone wrong.

You think our house is haunted?

I don't think it. I know it.

Things move around in here by themselves.

I walk into the kitchen at night to get a drink, I can feel eyes on me.

I can't be in there alone anymore.

I need you. But you're never here.

Where are you? I told you. I was grading tests.

That's not what I mean. You're not here with me in this situation.

You're just avoiding it, like everything stressful, whether it's this or parking tickets.

Oh, God. Stop saying that, okay? I don't avoid stressful situations.

I'm just dealing with it in my own fucking way.

Fine. Deal with this!


Oh, God.





What, what, what? What is it? There's someone here.

There's someone in the room!

He was right there, I swear!

Don't you dare not believe me.

Please. Please, believe me.

I swear he was right there.

I do, I do. I do believe you.

I just don't know what you want me to do.

I want to leave. Please. I want to leave this house.

I can't spend another night here. Please!

Please, help me! Okay, okay, okay.

We're going.

Lorraine, please, you shouldn't be doing any of this. Just sit down.

I'm perfectly capable of putting a few things away.

I did it for Josh his whole life.

I know, but I feel terrible.

I think it's you who should be sitting down by the looks of it.

I can't believe you got Josh to hold still for a photo.

What I can't believe is that we are doing this all over again.


You must think I'm crazy.

Nobody, not me or anybody, knows what you're going through right now.

Whatever you have to do to get through it, do it.

And you don't have to apologize for anything.



Your faith can help. Trust it, you know.

Hello. Josh.

This is the first line of a joke, right?

A guy comes home to find his wife with a priest.

This is Liam Martin.

Nice to meet you. He's actually a very old friend of mine.

This is my husband, Josh. What's going on here?

I should be going. Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for the tea.

This thing from the other house has followed us here.

I saw something today.

I thought it was a little boy. I followed it into Dalton's room.

But it wasn't a child. It was something else.

So what? You just brought a priest in to get rid of it?

I didn't know what else to do, Josh.

Come on, Renal.

When's the last time you went to church?

What's happening to Renai is real.

I've seen it for myself.

I came today because last night I had a dream about this place.

I was in this house, but it was late at night.

I was afraid.

I went into your bedroom, but you were both asleep.

I knew I was asleep in the dream, but I could feel that someone was awake in the house.

I went into Dalton's room.

There was something in there with him.

It was standing there in the corner.

I asked it, "Who are you?"

And it said it was a visitor.

I said, "What do you want?"

It Said, "Dalton"

I can still hear that voice.

What? What?

It's here! What?


Oh, my God!

Okay. He's okay.

Please! Please, help him! Please!

I know someone who can help

if you're willing to ask.

I'm Specs. This is Tucker.

I'm Renai. Hi. Hi.

You must be Josh. Yeah. Hi.

That wasn't psychic. Elise already told me your name so...

Where is Elise?

She sent us ahead to do some preliminary tests.

Helps weed out the nut jobs.

What is that? It's a Trifield meter.

Measures DC fields and the natural electromagnetic environment.

Yeah, sometimes old wiring can leak into the atmosphere.

It causes hallucinations, changes in energy.

It's a little more important than that, but whatever.

The tech stuff's not really relevant to you guys anyway.

It's all very relevant, actually.


Starfleet Series One.

It's hard to find.

Should have kept it in its box.

This device measures changes in UV light.

I make all this equipment myself, you know.

It's impressive.


It's not that hard if you know what you're doing.

Yeah, that one's basically a modified toy.

I'm gonna need some time alone to concentrate.

This field is... Look, the body is made up of energy.

Where does that energy go when we die? We can call Elise.


I wasn't sure the doorbell was working. I'm sorry.

That's fine. Come on in. Thank you.

Mrs. Rainier?

No, Mrs. Rainier is my mother. Just call me Elise.

I'm Josh. I knew that.

You've grown since I last saw you.

Since you last saw me?

Your mother and I have been friends a long time.

Well, hello. This is my wife, Renai.

How do you do? Hi, thank you for coming.

Thank you for having me. Can we get you anything, Elise?

No, I'm fine, thank you so much.

We took Trifield and EMF readings of the whole house, all the wiring, alarm clocks, radios, toasters, IV, record player, fuse box, nothing went off the charts except for the...

And the previous home?

Tucker hadn't monitored that yet. You know what?

Don't even sweat it.

I'll make myself available. I'll get on that this afternoon.

Yeah, but I'll have to come, too, because who's going to operate the equipment?

Well, strictly, I could do it without...

Yeah, but I need to oversee... Yeah, but it's not...

That's fine, gentlemen. I don't think bad wiring is the problem here.

May I walk through the house?

Sure, of course. Thank you.

Your other children are with Lorraine, right?

Yeah, they are.

Steven, do you have your sketchbook?

Yes. Yes, I do.

Good. 'Cause we're gonna need it.

What do you need that for?

She tells me what she sees, and I draw it.

It's the most important part of her process.

That's debatable. It's not debatable.

It is, but whatever.

Leave the light off.

Hey, Dalton.

You are a very handsome boy.

Your Mom and Dad are here, so don't you worry.

What? What...

The face...


Blood red face.

Black... Black arms. Black legs.

Black body.

Slow down.

His feet are black. His legs are black. Slow down.

What is it?

Oh, my God.

And pitch black eyes. They're like two dark holes.

He has hooves for feet.

What? And long spidery fingernails.

Elise, what's...

Hey, what is that?

I'm not sure if you're ready to hear this yet, but unfortunately, I can't waste any time easing you into it.

I want you to know, this is what I believe, and it may contradict a previous medical diagnosis, but...

You called me here, and I'm taking that as an acceptance of my readings. Yes?

Yes, go on.

Your son isn't in a coma.

Falling off a ladder had nothing to do with this.

His physical body's here.

But his spiritual body is not.

And the reason these disturbances, they followed you to a new home, is because it's not the house that's haunted.

It's your son.

I don't understand.

Have you ever heard of astral projection?

Yes. It's out of body experience or something?

I like to call them travelers.

You see, these are people with the ability to leave their physical body and to travel to different places in astral form.

Now, Dalton, he is a very accomplished astral projector.

He's been doing it in his sleep for a long time.

He has been since he was very young.

And he's unafraid because he thinks they're dreams.

And it's that very lack of fear that has led him to travel too far.

And to become lost.


Lost where?

In a place that I call the Further.

What? What does that mean?

The Further is a world far beyond our own, yet it's all around us, a place without time as we know it.

It's a dark realm filled with the tortured souls of the dead, a place not meant for the living.

That's where Dalton is.

And the problem is that with his astral body gone, he's just left us with a physical body, an empty vessel.

And there are entities that know this because they can smell it.

That's why they're gathered around him.

Are these the things that I've been seeing?

They're all trying to get inside of his physical body simply because they...

They crave life, the chance to live again.

But there are other entities who are malevolent and have a more insidious agenda.

And then, there's this.

A demon who seeks Dalton's body for one reason:

To 'cause pain to others.

He is so desperate to possess Dalton, and he's the closest of all the entities to getting inside of him.

What do you mean the closest?

Because these entities, they can't just walk into the bodies of the living anytime they please.

To cross over from their realm, it takes time.

It takes energy.

But the longer that Dalton's astral body is kept away from his physical body, the weaker the link gets.

The easier it is to possess him.

Is there anything we can do to bring Dalton back?

There's something we could try.

It's a little unorthodox.

But I would need your complete trust.

No, no, no. I'm sorry, this has gone too far.

What? No, please, Josh. You said you would give her a chance.

I have given her a chance, honey, but I can't have somebody coming into our home and telling us the reason our son is in a coma is because his soul has floated off somewhere in another dimension.

We're gonna bring her all the way here and not even consider what she's saying?

I did this to make sure you could feel at ease.

And if it helped, great.

I've listened to the dog and pony show. I have seen the drawings.

But to bring Dalton into it, no.

But why is our son still in a coma?

Why can't the doctors tell us what is wrong with him?

How did the voice of reason become the bad guy here?

Don't you see, Renai? You want to believe. Anybody would.

You don't believe me! You don't believe me!

I moved houses for you.

What do you mean, I don't believe you? I'm on your side here.

But this, this is dangerous and exploitative.

You guys come into the home of a seriously ill child, and you make some tenuous connection between him and the images my wife is seeing, and voilĂ !

Tears validate your power, and thank you very much, that will be $600 please.

Thank you for coming. Please. Please.

Thank you. No, I really understand. Please.

Thank you for your hospitality. Good luck.

Oh, Jesus!

Sorry to waste your time.

Where are you, buddy?

Did you go somewhere?


No, you're right here. You are right here.

Can you hear me?

I know you can hear me, but you gotta show me, okay, buddy?

You gotta show me that you can hear me.


What's most important is that you realize no two attempts are the same.

I'm going to be completely honest with you about the results.

If there's no dialogue established, I'm gonna tell you.

These still cameras are rigged to pick up any changes in the atmosphere, both electrical or temperature-wise.

Don't be alarmed if they go off.

You're gonna see a lot of confusing things, things you don't understand.

But do not question them and do not speak in any way.

I want you to know whatever I say when I'm in tune is going to be at a very low volume. You won't hear any of it.

But Steven's gonna write it down. He's going repeat it for you. Okay?

Dim the lights, please.

We are calling out to you, Dalton.

Tell us you're safe. Tell us where you are.


Can you hear us? Answer us.

Who's there?

Dalton, it's your mother and father.

We've been searching for you.

Where are you?

I can't see in here.

Dalton... Dalton, you don't need to see.

Follow my voice.

Follow my voice, Dalton.

Dalton. Why aren't you...

Why aren't you talking anymore?


If they hear me, they'll hurt me.

Who will hurt you?

Who will hurt you, Dalton?

The man

with fire

on his face.


Dalton, can you find your way out?

There is no way out.

Follow my voice, Dalton. Follow my voice.

Be quiet.

They'll hear you.

They won't hear me, Dalton. Follow my voice.

Follow my voice.

They heard you.

Oh, my God.

Mommy and Daddy.

Help. Help.

Help me, help me, help.


You bitch.



Leave this vessel!

Leave this vessel! Leave this vessel!

Leave his body!

Tucker, turn on the light!

Leave this body now!

Come here, Dalton.

Son. Come here.

He's alive. He's alive, oh, God. He's alive? Jesus.

Honey. Oh, God.

Three cameras. Around the clock. We got nothing.

But I did find this on the video.

Take a look.

You see that?

I went through it.

Frame by frame by frame.

Oh, my God.

Who's that? I'll get it.

Hi, Lorraine.

Mom, what are you doing here?

I asked your mother to come over.

I called her immediately after the session.

Why? There's something we must talk about.

Lorraine, have a seat.

Go on. Tell him.

Tell me what, Mom?

The reason I knew to call Elise in this situation, the reason I know her so well, is because I called her myself once, years ago, to help you.

What are you talking about, Mom?

It's no accident that your son is a gifted traveler.

The ability was handed down to him.

By his father.


No, I don't do... I can't do that.

When you were about eight, you suffered night terrors, these awful fits of pure fear.

You were terrified of an old woman you said used to come visit you at night.

I dismissed your stories. I...

I told you to grow up.

And then I saw her for myself.

At first, I thought it was a camera problem.

And then I saw her again.

In each photo, she got closer

and closer

and closer to you.

Finally, I was so frightened, I found Elise.

Do you remember any of this, honey, do you?

No. I don't.

Suppressing your memory and your ability to astral project was the only way to stop her from getting into you.

But in the back of your mind, you're still afraid to have your picture taken, aren't you?

I kept those photos hidden from you ever since.

I advised Lorraine to hide them, to stop taking your picture, to just let you forget.

Who is she? A parasite.

She befriended your astral body and then drew you out into the Further, just as Dalton has been drawn out.

I'm so sorry, Josh.

I didn't want to make you remember all this.

I do it for the sake of your son.

Your son is out there.

And you are the only one that can bring him back.

And with what we saw tonight, I would say he doesn't have much time left to wait for you.


You've always been stronger than me.

You can do this.

I love you. I love you.

Please come back.

Remember why you're traveling and keep one foot in this world. Do not draw attention to yourself.

If they realize you are not one of them, they will come for your physical body in this world.

Ready? Yeah.

I don't know what I'm ready for, but... Okay.

Close your eyes, Josh, take a deep breath, and relax.

With each breath, let the life around you fade into the background.

Just listen to the ticking of the metronome.

Focus on the spot in the center of your forehead.

The universe is deathless.

It is deathless because having no finite self, it stays infinite.

A sound man, by not advancing himself, stays the further ahead of himself.

It's useless. I have no idea what I'm doing.

Now you're outside.

Let my voice be your guide.

Keep a steady stride.

Into the Further you go.


He's in.





I'm looking for my son Dalton.


Where's my son?

Tell me where my son is.


What's happening to him?


Help him, Elise! Please!

You're stronger than they are, Josh.

You can beat them. You are stronger. You are the one alive.

Get away from me!

Dalton! Daddy?

Oh, God! Buddy! Daddy!

Oh, my God! Oh, buddy. Daddy.

Oh, my God. Daddy.

Oh, buddy, it's okay.

It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. Oh, God.

Daddy, look. I'm chained. Okay. Okay. Okay.

Face me, buddy. Face me. Come here.

We'll get you out. We'll get you out, buddy, okay?

Daddy's here. Daddy's here.

What? What?

On, God. Okay.

It's okay. Listen to me. Look at me.

None of this is real, okay? This is not real.

Look at me. Look at my eyes, buddy.

None of this is real. We're going to go home, okay?

You gotta help me.

There's one.

Oh, my God, Dad. He's looking.

Come on, baby. Stay here, baby. Come on, stay with us.


He's made contact.

Grab the light!

He found your son.

I know it.

Well, then wake them up, for God sake!

I can't. He needs to find us.

I'm scared, Dad.

No! Stop!

Please, Elise, do something!

Renal, you must call out to him.

Josh. Josh. Follow my voice!

Follow my voice, honey.

Get away! Get away!

Come back to us!

Follow my voice, Josh.

Daddy! Listen, I think it's Mommy!

Josh, come back to me. Follow my voice.

Josh, follow my voice.

Follow my voice, Josh.

Follow my voice.

There's something in there! In there!


Steven, Lorraine, go check on Dalton.

What? Go check on Dalton.

What? Go check on Dalton now!

They're crossing over into our world.

Elise! Tucker!

No, you have to shine the light on Josh.

Come on!

Let's go around back.

Shine the light on Josh! On Josh!

Tucker, on Josh!

You've got to call him back! Josh!

Josh! Josh! Come back to us, Josh, please!

Josh! Josh! Come back, please!

Come on, Dad! Come on, he's right behind us!

We have to go! I'm right behind you! Go!


What do you want from me?

I'm not scared of you.

I'm not scared of you anymore.

You can get away from me.

Get the hell away from me! Get away from me!

Get away from me!

Leave me alone!

Please, please, please!

Come back to us! Follow my voice!

Follow my voice! Please, honey!

Josh, come back! Come back to us!

Get the hell away from me!

Please, Josh, please, come back to us, please!

Follow my voice! Follow my voice! Please!

Josh, please! Come back, please!

Leave me alone!

I've got Dalton. He's awake!

Oh, my boy!

He's okay! He's okay!

We did it, buddy.

You're back. You're back.

Dude, I got some amazing shots.

You're gonna write a book, and my photos are gonna be the main selling point.

Not the main selling point, but they'll definitely be important.

They will be important.

A picture's worth a thousand words.

Yeah, but words are worth a thousand words, too.

You're really hungry, aren't you?

And I'm tired, too. You're tired?

No, you can't be tired. Yes, I can.

No, you've been asleep for far too long. And you know what?

I'm never letting you go to sleep again.

You showed me a new world.

No, I didn't.

You've been there before, remember?

Well, let's hope I forget again.

Guess I don't need these anymore.



I'm gonna get rid of these.

Au right.

Why did you do that?

Why would you do that to me when you know how I feel about that?

Why? Why?

Why? Why? Why?

No, you're not tired.

In fact, you're never going to sleep again. You have to stay awake for the rest of your life, with me. No.

Why? Why? Why?

You bitch!

Can you watch him, Lorraine? Sure.


Josh! Josh!

Josh, where are you? Josh!

Honey, please... Josh!


Oh, Jesus.

Renai, I'm right here.