Insomnia (1997) Script

This is the captain speaking.

We're just now passing the Arctic circle which means we're in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Please, sit still.

What about your suitcase? Probably on its way to Murmansk.

What is it like in the winter? The opposite, completely dark.

Take it easy.

The light was red. It was green.

Yes, of course it was green. My memory fails me.

Is everything all right?

What about her clothes? She was naked.

Nothing else? Just a necklace and two earrings.

Where are they? They've been checked.

You'll have a preliminary report tomorrow.

Where are they?

You came quickly.

What do you know about the case?

She left a party in the middle of the night, Saturday.

Found at the garbage dump 30 hours later.

That's all.

Did she have a record? Did you know her?

No... but I saw her sometimes.

Where? She lived in an apartment nearby.

Let's take a look.

We won't find anything, Tom.

He's even washed her hair.

Her hands and nails were scrubbed too.


Even the best makes mistakes.

How did you get here before us?

Vacation. I have family here.

The police in Stockholm raided an apartment building.

They stormed in fully armed.

He sat up in bed and shouted.

That's when they recognized him.

The chief inspector?

In a very intimate conversation with the main witness.

Take your time.

When did they meet? Nine months ago.

Right after she moved to town.

They were together all the time.

They had an argument that night.

Does he have an alibi? Not for late that night.

Where did she get money? Grants.

Her parents are dead.

Dolce & Gabbana.

At least 6,000 kroner.

She didn't need this.

Maybe it was exactly what she needed.

What do you mean?

Boosts your self-confidence.

You need that when you're 17.

At least I did.

Don't forget this.

We'll call a press conference when we have something to tell you.

He might have followed her from the party.

An argument lead to a fight. He panicked.

This murder is no accident.

It's been carried out with too much knowledge.

You might be right about that.

What knowledge?

The way all clues have been removed.

I'm glad you're here. I'm told you are good.

When did you last see her?


It's in the report. Yes, but I want you to tell me.

At the party. Can you move over a bit?

These rooms are too small.

What did you do at the party? The usual.

Drinking, dancing, partying.

Your friends told us different.

What did they say? What do you think?

I don't know. They're not my friends.

Why not? Because they're lying.

What? They're lying.

Why are they lying?

Were you Tanja's boyfriend?


Nice girl.

Tanja left the party...

at 2:15.

Did you follow her? No.

When did you leave then? I stayed for a while, and then I went home.

Did Tanja like other men to look at her?

Listen, I don't understand fuckin' Swedish.

Me neither.

You got jealous. You argued, and she ran off to someone else.


Her clothes, do you know how much they cost?

She couldn't afford them, and neither could you.

She saw someone else.

He gave her gifts.

Maybe she needed his attention?

You weren't enough, Eilert.

Who did she go to? I don't know.

Come on. Let's get this over with.

She went to some guy. I don't know who he is.

How do you know? I just found out.

How do you know?


I'm so fed up with reviving dead people.

It's what you make of it. No, it isn't.

You should've seen her clothes.

At least 30 dresses.

I once met a woman with 50 pairs of shoes.

What did she want them for? I have no idea.

Let's get this job done quickly, Erik.

Are we in a rush?

I applied for a job in Norway, not North Norway.

I've been here before.

I know.

You do?

Yes, you told me about it. A post office robbery in the spring of 1972.

Please don't knock on the counter.



Engström and Vik.

I thought maybe I'd done something wrong.

Talk to him about that.

You must see a lot of weird things.

Working for the police, I mean.

We see a lot of pretty things too.

Don't flirt with me.

I'm on duty. So are we.

When you've been a policeman long enough, nothing is weird.

Your luggage arrived before you.


I've nearly been here before.

It reminds me of a hotel on the west coast where we stay when we visit my in-laws.

One morning we woke up with a couple standing in our room.

I tried to get rid of them, but they insisted it was their room.

Eva got really upset.

Yes. They insisted it was their room?


What interests did she have? What dreams?

Who did she associate with? Who did she want to associate with?

Which teachers did she like and dislike?

Which boys did she like? Or maybe she didn't like?

Everything is equally important.

It's absurd that Tanja is gone.

It's hard to understand that she won't be sitting here tomorrow.

Or next week.

Some of you liked Tanja, and some of you hated her but none of you will ever see her again.

Because she is dead, murdered.

What did she want?

Who? Hagen.

What is it with you and Hagen?

Nothing. The body of a 17 year old.

What did she want?

They've found Tanja's backpack.

When did you find the bag? Two hours ago.

Outside an old shed near the dump. Some kids found it.

Why isn't Tom here? He's finished.

He's already checked it for finger... Where is he?

On his way to the shed.

Stop him.

Find out who she went to the movies with.

Astrid, maybe the staff remember something.

The Moment. Jon Holt.

"Pia falls in love with Thomas, but thinks he's hiding something from her."

"A voice inside Pia's head tells her how to get rid of the problem."

Anyone here read crime novels?


Nobody goes near the shed.

If the perpetrator thinks the bag may reveal him, he'll come and get it.

It was the same school bag the murdered Tanja Lorentzen had with her when she left the party on Sunday morning.

It's not been found.

If you see or find such a bag, then please contact the police.

It may contain clues which will lead us to Tanja's killer.

Maybe he doesn't watch TV.

Oh, yes.

There's nothing else to do around here.

Am I upsetting you?

You probably hear jokes like that all the time.


He's here.

Wait till he picks up the bag, then we follow him.


Freeze. Police.

He went into the shed.

Let's get him.

You can't get anywhere now. Please come out.

Zakariassen. Down to the sea, and follow the waterline.

Erik, you take the hillside, and when you reach the bay, you go left.

Here. Here.

Which way did he go? There.

You said to the right.

Then I found Zakariassen laying between the stones.

He pointed. I ran in the direction he pointed.

Then I saw a figure disappear behind a stone.

Then I slipped. I heard a shot, and saw him running towards me.

First he shoots Vik, and then he runs straight towards you.


After he shot Vik... did the perpetrator run straight towards you?

I suppose he didn't see me. It was foggy.

And then?

When he saw me, he turned abruptly and ran back.

I ran after him down towards the sea.

Then he turned again.

Shot at me, missed, and ran further.

That's when I spotted Erik and stopped to... help him.

Describe the man you saw.

It's that fucking map's fault.

Every stone is marked on it, but not the bunker below the shed.

Yes, most unfortunate.

If I'd known about that tunnel, I'd had a man down there, and Erik would've been alive.

We should always be armed, like you do in Sweden.

When will the autopsy take place? Tomorrow.

The bullet's in his spine.

The bullet is no good without the weapon.

Don't worry.

One of your detectives will handle the Vik case.

We need a special permit to be armed, and there was no reason in this case as we couldn't imagine...

We heard you were the first to arrive at the crime scene.

What did you see?

It was very foggy.

I was the first person to reach the beach, and found Vik lying there.

There was nothing I could do.

How does it feel to lose a colleague like that?

Damn sad.

Does it hurt?


You've been on the TV all night.

Had you been working together for a long time?

Just over a year.



He was standing there yesterday.

I wish I'd been nicer to him.

Don't worry. You could say anything to him.

He was...

Do you have masking tape?

Masking tape? Yeah, masking tape.

How does it feel?


Like a horse kicked you?

I thought you came to turn out the light.


It was irresponsible.


To send you after him. It was irresponsible.

The guy was armed. How could we know?

Madman. Waving his arms around before he shot.

Did you see him shoot Vik? No, I didn't see anything.

It can't be easy.

He was a nice chap.

Have they removed the bullet?

It went straight through. Just a flesh wound.

Good. We need you.

He knew it might be a trap. That's why he was armed.

He's cold, calculating and thinks he's more intelligent than the police.

His arrogance will lead him to make a mistake.

Tanja's bag contains something that may convict the killer, or at least the killer thinks so.

We have to check its contents more thoroughly.

We have to confront Tanja's classmates with its contents and knock on all doors between the house of the party and the crime scene.

Tom, your preliminary conclusion.

Tanja Lorentzen died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

We assume that she didn't die instantly.

No sexual assaults. No sperm.


He worked with Erik for a long time.

I'll be handling the Vik case.


We'll just have to do our best. Of course.

We shall remember Erik Vik... as a sociable and proud policeman... with one minute's silence.

Something wrong?

He was lying on his stomach. Not on his back.

Was this where you found Vik?


Okay. Mark the spot and take a photo.

We found this next to where Zakariassen was.

Good. Make sure Tom runs a match with the bullet.

Reminds me of a hotel where we stay when we visit my in-laws.

Then one morning we woke up, and there's a couple...

Do you have something to drink? Something strong?


Watch the reception desk.

Do you like whiskey? Yes, sure.

Cheers. I'm not allowed to do this.

Talk to strange men in the middle of the night?

No. We have to drink in silence.

How about you?

Don't you ever ask anybody for permission?

Not to drink with you.

Don't you have a family?


That's a pity.

It's nice to be alone too.

Do you have any sisters or brothers?


I once had a brother, but he died when I was 11.

I don't know anybody who has a dead brother.

It's not that strange. I thought it was embarrassing.

When I came to school, the others didn't know anything.

I didn't say anything.

But they must have asked for him?

Yes, but I invented stories about where he was and what had happened to him.

As time went by, the stories got more and more unlikely.

I'd better go upstairs.

Your colleague was here looking for you.

Who? He didn't introduce himself.

What did he look like?

A bit older than you.

A bit rough.

I never remember how people look. Just the impression they make.

What impression did he make? A bit nervous.

Smiled all the time.

Did he leave a message?

He'd seen something.

He wanted to talk to you.

Is it important?

No, I don't think so.

Aren't you going to finish your whiskey?

Another time.


You're Frøya Selmer. You're the cop.

I have to talk to you. Can you come over here?

You might've looked better in a uniform.

You went to that party. I was wasted.

Too wasted to remember what happened?

Nothing happened. That's why I got wasted.

Was Tanja just as "loaded"? "Loaded"?


Nobody understood anything you said.

Pardon? In the classroom.

But you understood?

It's not the first time I've met a Swede.

Was it Tanja's boyfriend you spoke to?

Why did you ask when you knew the answer?

Will you come for a ride?

A ride with you?

Don't you have the guts?

May I smoke?


Show me something cool.

"Something cool"?

Something cool.

I don't know what's cool any more.

Let me out!

Here you go.

Maybe you'd like me to accompany you?

I think you know.

Know what?

Where Tanja got all her nice clothes.

How should I know?

Did she have a better friend than you?

Here, you see.

This is where they found her, in a garbage bag.

Tanja had a relationship with an older man.

Older than me.

He paid for her expensive clothes.

You told Eilert about him.

He would've found out anyway.

But you told him at that party.

She didn't have to go.

It was her own fault.

What's his name? The man she was with?

I never spoke to him.

She was really weird about it.

Like it was something special having an affair with him.


An old pig.

How did they become a couple? Where did they meet?

She wrote him a letter.

She had read one of his books. Was completely hooked.

What's his name? The author?

Jon Holt.

That wasn't hard, was it?

I'll take you home now.


Yes? Engström.

I don't want any more visits.

Jon Holt. We have to meet.

No, not the two of us together.

I suppose you understand?

Why not?

Keep the police away from me, and you'll sleep much better.

There are two pages missing from the book.

They've been torn out.

What was written on those pages?

I went to Tanja's apartment to check.

Did you find the pages? I found another copy of the same book.

Must be a damn good book then?

What was written on the pages?

A description of two young people infatuated with one another.

So Tanja buys a new book because two pages are missing.


The other book was signed "To Tanja" with Holt's own signature.

Well done, Arne.

We'll have to ask the author... if he remembers her.

He probably writes thousands of autographs...

Engström, I need a word.

Yes, of course.

Did Vik have any problems? Problems?

I just heard his memory failed him.


He was a very competent policeman.

I can't understand your explanation at the reconstruction.

You said you were here when the perpetrator shot at you.

Yes, exactly.

And that's where you saw Erik Vik.


I have compared the photos with your statement.

It wouldn't have been possible to see Erik Vik in the water from that distance, not in heavy fog.

I might have been a few yards closer.

You must have been 15... We're chasing a killer.

Would you like to change your statement?

You do it, if you want to.

Hello. Let me take you to the hospital.

Where does bus 27 go?


Bus 27. Follow it.

Thanks for calling.

Have we met?

No... but I've gotten to know someone you used to know.

I know very few.

Thin, little girl... with dark hair.

No, I don't think so. Don't pretend.

You were stupid enough to give her signed books.

My colleagues are looking for you.

You mean the young girl at the hotel reception.

She's a blond, isn't she?

Was it wise of you to come to the hotel?

I needed some support.

But you're never there during the night she said.

She has nothing to do with this.

No, but she's very cute.

Likes you, and I can tell these things straight away.

What's her name again?

I don't know. You could have asked.

You look good on TV.

It's really strange. I've always had such deep respect for the police.

Yet sometimes one has to alter the truth a bit.

An author understands that.

Do you suffer from acrophobia?


I stood right behind you.

I saw you.

Saw you lift the gun and shoot your friend.

But the bullet we have is from your gun.

You lost your gun.

There have never been any weapons registered to me.

Couldn't you just have admitted it?

A short suspension and back to work, everything as it used to be.

Nobody is perfect.

You did nearly everything right.

Enticed her out to a deserted place. Beat her to death.

Cleaned up after yourself. Washed her.

Even washed her hair.

I've been doing those things for 20 years.

Trying to imagine what happens afterwards...

when you really cross the line.

What happens here.

The fiction became too boring.

When you've put all the pieces together... the account balances.

Nothing is missing. You have complete control.

Complete control.

It's all just mathematics.

But it's impossible to calculate such a thing.

You realize that afterwards, when you've been there yourself.

You know that.

I know nothing of the sort.

What do you know about her boyfriend?


Her boyfriend.


What about him?

We'll have to make up a story about him.

Do you think it's him?

Well, he met Tanja several times.

I'm looking for Frøya Selmer.

Her parents don't know where she is.


You know her, don't you?

What does she look like? You spoke to her yesterday.

What did she say? Not much. She was scared.

Why didn't you tell me? I'm telling you now.

That's not good enough. We have to cooperate.

I'm sorry.

Shall we go in?

Where were you on the night of May 28th?

I'm always at home during the night.

That's when I write.

Were you alone?

Yes, I like to be alone at night.

It's worse during the day.

No alibi?

I've never needed an alibi.

How did you get to know Tanja Lorentzen?

She appeared at my door.

Strange girl.

She'd read one of my books. Was very engaged in the story.

She thought there was something wrong with my angle.

What was the book about?

Some youngsters who were very co-dependent.

She has fantasies about killing him, getting rid of him.

Read it yourself. I did.

What kind of relationship did you have?

She thought it was exciting to meet an author.

Did you have sex?

She was about 15. Did you have sex?


Why not?

Why not?

I was like a father to her. She had a lot of problems.

What kind of problems?

I don't know, she didn't want to talk about them.

So how do you know she had problems?

She was always covered in bruises.

On her arms, on her neck. Everywhere.

Did you ever ask her why?

She fell down when she drank.

You think her boyfriend knocked her around?

She had a lot of "bad luck".

You saw her several times. Secret meetings.

Became a father to her.

But when she's murdered, you don't even go to the police.

Come here.

I'll show you something.

Look here.

He can barely see you.

No. I suppose that's just as well.

So he has something to look forward to, you mean?


I think they're disgusting.

They're just a bit helpless.

Where is their mother? She died.

Don't touch me!

I'm sorry. Sorry.

I just wanted to show you the kittens.

There is someone in the room. I sit up in bed.

They insist it's their room. Yes, they insist.

The guy threatens to throw me out.

I ask who the hell he thinks he is.

"Erik Vik", he says.

I say, "What? Erik Vik, Oslo?"

The reception mixed up the bookings.

Hope you'll clean up.

That's what we're doing.


That's not mine!

Let me go!

Jonas... is everything okay?

I'm not sleeping well.

You're sick.

You've already made it all up in your nasty mind.

You are so sick.

Don't make this worse. We've found your weapon.

A bullet from it was found in our colleague's chest.

What happened? How did you get the gun?

I don't have a gun, damn you.

Do you want an attorney? I haven't done anything.

I didn't do anything.

Back to Oslo's underworld?

No, I'm going home. This was my last job in Norway.

How can you take it?

Take what?

Two bodies in one week.

I've had it up to here.

It made me think of you seeing this year after year.

You get used to it.

You just have to avoid mixing your job and your personal life.


What the hell do you want?

Is everything okay? Of course.

I don't know if I can trust you.

What do you mean?

You're not quite sane. You don't even sleep at night.

Who told you?

Tanja told me.

She visits me at night. Doesn't give in.

What else did she say?

That you should be careful who you team up with.

I should have known that.

You should be very careful who you team up with.

Tanja should have thought of that.

It was an accident.

She called me in the middle of the night.

She was wild. Her boyfriend had dumped her.

Do you understand? It was an accident.

Don't worry. Everything's been taken care of.

She misunderstood. I just wanted to comfort her.

But then I got so turned on. She noticed.

Only once, and that was too much.

Calm down. She didn't bleed much.

She was just very tired. I put her to bed.

Afterwards I tried to wake her, but she just wanted to sleep.

She slept and slept and slept.

Calm down now.

That friend of yours, did he get too close to you?

Was that why you shot him?

Go away. There's nothing you can do.

Get lost.

I know about a quiet place where I can write.

Nice to see you again. We were worried about you.

Your parents didn't know where you were.

Have you come to tell us something?

She's going to drive me home.

Somebody's lying in this case.

Frøya tells me quite a different story about Tanja.

Like what? Eilert never hit her.

Frøya... when did you last see Eilert?

Is that so important?

I'm just trying to clarify her relationship with Eilert.

You're in love with him...

aren't you?

It was that writer. He could get completely crazy.

Relax. Just get into the car and I'll drive you home.

Eilert wasn't nasty. He never was.

One more thing.

The fingerprints on the actual gun were wiped clean, but Tom found one under the barrel that didn't belong to Eilert.

That just proves that someone else touched the gun.

I want Holt's fingerprints.

I'll get a search warrant.

I've already got one.


Drive Frøya home and I'll see you at Holt's apartment as soon as possible.

Nobody here.

We'll find him. I'll put out an APB on him.

Take his toothbrush to start with.

You'll probably find his fingerprints on it.

Get some sleep. You look tired.


Calm down. I've just come to talk.

I know it was an accident.

She started to laugh.

She just laughed.

I never touched her.

You buy her dresses for 20,000 kroner and take her to a shed to fuck her.

Just once. Just one single time.

She took my hand.

She touched my neck, and then, she touched me above my eyes.

She smelled so strange.

And she was very warm. Too warm.

Didn't you manage?

I tried.

I don't want to listen to that crap.


- Jonas? Finding anything inside?

Are you awake?

I've rarely come across a more calculated killer.

He planned every detail. He even washed her hair.

It's wrong. Holt's no killer type.

It could've been an accident.

He did shoot Vik.


I'm glad you're the one who was called in.

I have to admit you really lived up to your reputation.

Never gives up. Not until the case is solved.

Your spirit has been an inspiration for all of us.

Engström, am I disturbing you?

No, come in.

What a surprise.

I've come to give you something.


I went back to the crime scene.

Found a cartridge case. A Norma.

That's a Swedish make.

The Swedish police use them. Yes.

Say what you have to say.