Intemperie (2019) Script


A hare! A hare!

What is this, a party?

One-eye, give it to me.

Portuguese, I told Don Emilio the harvest would be in by the end of the month.

There's no men left. Then fetch the women.

Or the children.

Or you'll be working the sickle yourself.

Pass it here.


Don't spend it on wine. No, sir.

This is... so I can feed my children.

It's me who feeds them. Back to work.

Mr foreman!

Mr foreman!

The boy isn't in the house, he's disappeared.

I think he's gone.

What do you mean, he's gone? When? Yes, yes.

I went to the village to buy some things.

I was a few hours at most, when I returned, he wasn't there.

Did you leave anything open? No, sir. I swear I didn't.

I don't know how he escaped, but his clothes are gone.

There's cheese and bread missing.

The money for this month's bills and...

And? What else?

And your gold watch.

Go back to the farm.

Send me a message if he turns up. I warned you he couldn't be trusted.

Did I ask for your opinion?



Here, brother!

Did anyone see you?

Are you sure? Yes.

Where did you hide it? Where you said, in the yard, with the pigs.

How did you do that? Don't ask.

Did the foreman do it? I said don't ask.

I want to go with you.

You can't, Chani. I already told you.

I'll come back for you when I have money.

Father says they treat country people badly in the city.

What does he know? He's never been. Neither have you.

You can't tell anybody, Chani.

Do you promise? I promise.

Leave this on the path to the fountain of the Virgin, where we get water. Do you know where it is?

I'm going, Chani.

I'll come back for you as soon as I can.


Where's Chana? Chana?

Chana is in her cave. Do you want to see her?

Come in.



Chana, the foreman!

Good afternoon, sir.

The boy left the farm this morning and hasn't come back.

I haven't seen him since you brought him here last week.

He'll be out getting into trouble with the other children.

He'll turn up when he's hungry. Your boy stole my gold watch.

- My brother isn't a thief! Don't talk 10 the foreman like that!

Chana, I don't have all day.

Have you seen your brother? No.

When did you last see him? Three days ago.

Did you talk to him?

And? What did he say?

When she returned from seeing him, she said he was very serious, very quiet, she said it seemed like he didn't want to stay at the house with you anymore.

How old is she now? She's nine next month.

And a nine-year-old can know all that?

She's very bright.

And you're very stupid.

You know what?

Your brother's First Holy Communion suit arrived yesterday.

Not even the master's son had one like it.

I'm very happy.

My son is very lucky, you've been very good to him.

Just to him?

To all of us. Right. Don't forget it.

Do you know where your brother could be?

The dogs found this shirt. It could be the boy's.

Where was it? There.

There's no other sign of him.

A small lad like that wouldn't leave any tracks on such dry ground.

Do you think he went that way? Up there? And go where?

The nearest town is 50 kilometres away.

The shirt was there, in plain sight.

If you didn't want to be followed, you'd bury it.

Go back to the village with half the men and comb the area.

You, the valley, with the other half.

Spread the word.

I'll pay 50 pesetas to whoever finds him or helps us find him.

You, go up there, just in case. Come back at sunset.


Sir, I wanted... to apologise. One-eye, get out of my sight and don't come back until you find your son.

Boy! Boy!

Boy! Boy!

Boy! Boy!


Boy! Boy!


Boy! Boy!

Boy! Boy!

Boy! Boy!

Good morning, Chana. Good morning.

You could knock before coming in.

The foreman is outside. He wants to talk to the girl.

I had the impression you were holding something back yesterday.

I'm giving you another opportunity.

Tell him or you'll get a beating. Don't touch her.

There's more nobility in that body than in this whole village of idle drunks.

You know what?

I can forgive a soldier that doesn't snitch, but in the end, you have to tell the truth.

It's your brother's.

You left it by the fountain of the Virgin, right?

Listen closely. You're not in danger here, but your brother is.

There are wolves out there, wild boars, scorpions under every rock.

Bad men that could hurt him.

Do you want them to hurt him?

Me neither. That's why you should tell me where he is.

I'll find him before anything happens to him. Alright?

I'm running out of patience, Chani.

You're going to make me do something I don't want to do.

Do you know what that is?

Come here.

I'll put you in the cave, you, your parents and all your brothers and sisters.

I'll block the entrance SO you can't escape.

Then I'll wait until you all die of hunger.

Tell me, do you want me to do that?

Did you help your brother?

And where is he?

In the city. What? I can't hear you.

He said he was going to the city.

To the city...

Did he say how he was going to the city?

On the bus.

If your son doesn't turn up with everything he stole, you'll be looking for another village.

You won't find work here while I'm foreman.

But, sir, we don't know anything.

You can't kick us out of the village!

Am I making myself clear?

If not, I'll burn down the cave with you inside.

Afternoon, sir.

Did you pick up a boy aged about twelve?

No, sir.

You didn't see anyone on the road? No, sir, nobody.

Your next stop? The Chato Moreno Inn... a few hours away.

He's not inside.

Nobody has seen him.

Why don't you report it to the police, they can look for him.

I don't need the police to find a kid.

He won't make it to the city on foot in this heat.

He'll try, he's pigheaded.

The shortest route is along the ravine.

If he doesn't know the route, he'll get lost.

I doubt that. He has my compass.

He can fend for himself.

Bloody hell! He can shoot better than any of you.

With all due respect, sir, what if he's fallen off a cliff or been attacked by a boar?

Portuguese, do you know what they call you in the village?


"Deceased". And why is that?

Because the doctor says I have a disease of the blood and I'll die one of these days.

Exactly, you could die any day. But not the boy.

I want the boy alive, without a mark on him. Is that clear?

Is the old man still in charge at Rancho Chico?

Yes, sir.

Go find him. And bring two horses.

You, get the dog. Stay here in case he turns up.

Stay out of sight.

And you...

Borrow the innkeeper's mule and return to the farm, in case there's any news.

I'll follow the bus to the next stop, I'll wait there.

Let's go, damn it!

Where are you going with my food?

Why are you stealing from me?

I'm hungry.

We're all hungry here.

Haven't you been taught to ask? I haven't eaten all day.

That doesn't mean you can steal another man's food.

What are you doing? Stay there, I'll kill you!

Understand? I'll kill you! You're not going to kill anyone.

Put that away, you'll hurt yourself.

Boy! Come back!

Boy, your bag!


Devil child!

He hasn't turned up at the village or the farm.

His family haven't heard anything either.

Have you brought the map? Yes, sir.

Old man.

The lieutenant has offered to help.

I told him you'd be in touch if you needed anything.

Afternoon, sir. What do you have to eat?

I made a stew with what I could find.

Well, let's try it. I'm starving. Bring some for all of us.

Not for us, we're not hungry.

No way, damn it. Or do I have to eat alone?

I've been around here, right to the edge of the region.

The boy won't have made it that far.

I left messages at the houses and inns along the route.

That boy walks fast, he's got stamina.

He won't last without food and water. We need to watch the wells.

Where will he find water? This is the closest well.

That well is dry. The lad won't know that.

This one has water, but it's out of his way if he's going to the city.

The gypsy's inn is closer.

He won't go there if he doesn't want to be seen.

If he needs food and water, he'll have to take the risk.

And if the child is lost?

Lost or not, we'll find him, even if we have to search every corner of Spain.

You go to those two wells. I'll stay and search this area.

Come on, man, let's go.

I thought you said you weren't hungry.

Shall I serve you, sir?

Hasn't your husband come back? My husband didn't run away, they kicked him out. Is that your son?

Yes, sir.

He was with my sister. She had twins and couldn't feed another mouth.

What's his name? Pedro, like his father.

Give him my plate.

I'll send a cart to take you to the village, one of the caves is going to become available.

I'll find you a good job.

I appreciate it, sir, but we're going to my parents' village.

There's nothing left for us here.

You like my motorbike?


Wake up, boy.

Wake up. Come on, get out of the sun.

Don't touch me, I'll kill you! Calm down.

Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you.

Let me go!

Let me go.

Let me go!

Let me go!

Don't worry.

Slowly, slowly, slowly.



Careful, carefully.

I said slowly, damn it, you'll throw it back up.

Don't touch me. Don't touch me.

Where are my clothes?

There, behind you.


Crumble the bread in it. Eat slowly.

Slowly, boy. I told you to eat slowly.

Little devil!

Where's my bag?

Where were you going with no food or water?

None of your business.

Can you walk?

I think so.

Can you or not? Yes.

Well, start walking.

I'm out of water, my animals need water.

Get a move on, boy.

Does it hurt? No, it doesn't hurt.

Think about something else if it hurts.

It's impossible to think in this heat.

Here, put this on.

Put it on.

Do you know how to milk them?

No, sir.

But I can learn.

I hope so. And don't call me "sir".

I can give you some bread and cheese.

It's not much, but If you're careful, it'll last a few days.

I have money.

What do you want that for? I can buy your food.

You want to buy my food?

Whatever you want to sell me.

And you also want to buy my donkey?

I'll make you a swap, for my gold watch.

A fair exchange. Yes, sir.

May I ask you where you got it?

I was given it. Who by? Your parents?

I don't have any parents.

Who hit you then? No one, I fell.


you can tell me the truth or not.

It doesn't matter to me.

But I won't help you if you lie to me.

Where are you going?

To the city.

How do you plan to get there?

On the bus.

I arrived late. There's another one in two days.

I know, but I'm not going to wait.

Why? Because I'm not. I'm going to walk.

To the city?

Do you know the way?

The sun rises in the east.

North is over there and the city that way.

Where did you learn that?

Someone... Someone showed me.

Did that someone also show you where the wells are and how to protect yourself from the heat?

Money and gold serve no purpose in these barren lands, boy.

Do you have a family? Not my own.

I have brothers, cousins... Don't you have a house?


You live alone, out in the open?

Yes, you could say that.

You stay here all summer in this heat? No.

I'm going to the mountains, to my sister's house.

There's grazing and water for my animals.

And it's cooler.

But I'm going to the city. Yes, I know. You already told me.

Go on, rest a while. We've got a long walk.

Don't sit there, boy, you'll melt.

Come here.

Are you hungry?


Imagine you've eaten well and you're full.

Do you mean that?

What I mean, boy, is that there's two of us now and we have to ration the food.

When I catch that boy, I'll whip him to death.

And after killing him, you'll take him to the foreman?

I'm just making conversation, old man.

You tell me something.


Put that away.

And think carefully before threatening anyone.

That's from the German army, from the Nazis.

Where did you get it?

What are your nightmares about?

About... About insects. Spiders and snakes too.

Why do you lie so much, boy?

Why so many questions? Because if someone is after you, they'll also be after me. And I don't like being followed.

No one is after me.

I hope not.

Let the animals past and stay behind.

If one falls behind, move it on. Let it know who's boss.

Come on.

We'll spend the night there.

It's the only place with water around here.

Or I hope it is.

Boy, the bucket!


What are you doing, boy? Sorry, it got away from me.

Clumsy little devil!

Have they eaten enough?

Right, well, lock them in and have a wash.

Come on, boy, get a move on! Don't you want to wash?

Don't you realise you smell like a farmyard?

And bring more water.

When you're done, rinse your clothes out.

They'll have bugs on them.

I only have one change of clothes.

Keep them for the city. If you look like a beggar, they'll treat you like a beggar. I'm not a beggar.

No one will even bother to ask you, boy.

What will I wear if I wash my clothes?

You're in the middle of nowhere, boy. Who's going to see you?

What will you do when you get to the city?

Get rich.

Aren't you rich now?

Alright, and after getting rich?

I'll go home. Kill the boss.

Then I'll buy his land, kick everyone out and burn the village down.

You're going to buy land from a dead man?

I'll buy it first, then I'll kill him.

The one who's after you?

You don't need to buy a village to burn it down.

All you need is fire and guts. I have both.

I don't doubt it, but fire in the heart... fills the head with smoke.

What does that mean? That you're very young for such words.

It's no surprise you have nightmares.

Do you have nightmares?

Everyone does.

So it'll never end.

No, No one can escape nightmares.

You've got your whole life ahead of you, boy.

Don't waste it being bitter.

This is the only well with water in the area and it's a good place for them to spend the night.

What do you mean "them"? That kid isn't alone.

How do you know?

Your dog told me when he was barking.

You go in at the front.

I'll go around and enter from the side.

Don't let him bark, he'll scare off the hare.

You're not that useless after all.

Leave me some!

Hide, quick.


Well, hello, Moor, what a surprise.

It is, corporal.

You know him?

He's the "Moor".

We were in the army together, in Morocco.

He stayed on to live with the Moors. I think he's become one of them.

I thought they killed you in the war. Well, no.

I got lucky.

Son of a bitch...

He's got more lives than a cat.

Aren't you going to offer some wine... to an old friend?

Want some, old man? I don't drink anymore.

To your health.

Here, Moor.

What are you doing on this land? Why? Is it yours?

It belongs to the man who pays me, which is the same thing.

The wells around here are dry. This one has water in it.

May we know where you're going?

To find somewhere cooler for the summer.

The next time you want to cross this land, ask permission.

I will.

If I ever pass through again.

We're looking for a kid aged about eleven.

Have you seen him?

I haven't seen a soul in days.

Why are you looking for him?

He's a thief. What did he steal?

I don't ask, I just do as I'm told.

Yesterday evening, at the dry well on the ravine, I saw some vultures hovering.

Perhaps it was the kid you're looking for.

You think he's dead?

These ravines are treacherous, even for those that know them well.

Don't you find that a shame? Why? He's nothing to do with me.

Old man, imagine if the vultures have eaten him?

The foreman will be in a foul mood with us.

You remember what he said, right? He said:

"Don't come back without the boy, I want him alive".

And if we have to go to hell and back to find that bloody boy,

then we'll go. So stop fooling around, Moor.

I don't know if the boy is dead.

I just said I saw vultures circling the well.

When did you last take a piss, Moor?

I don't know, about two hours ago.

My bladder's not so good anymore, I'm getting old.

Where did you piss?

Back there, where you came from.

I found a wet patch over there and a boy's footprint.

Moor, or whatever you're called, I don't know you, and I've nothing against you, just tell me what happened to the boy, and you can go on your way with your animals.

I don't know. If he's nothing to you, why are you doing this?

Perhaps you've done something to him?

I haven't done anything to that boy because I've never seen him in my life.

Don't make this hard for yourself.

You can beat me all you want, but I won't talk.

Lift him up!

We'll do the same to you... if you don't tell us where he is.

Where's the boy?


Look, Moor. Watch closely.

I saw it in a book, pictures in a book my son brought home from school.

This is how they transported slaves, the blacks, to sell them.

And now I'm going to do a lap of the ring.

Like in a bullring.

Seville, the Maestranza, the cathedral of bullfighting.

I was going to be a bullfighter when I was a lad.

Josete "El Triana".

That was my professional name.

You never made the grade?

No, because for that you need money and you need an agent. I had neither of those things.

Also, a bull almost had me. Let me tell you about it, old man.

It went like this: I faced the bull, I looked him in the eyes, I offered him the cape.

But the bull, instead of aiming for the cape, he aimed at my chest.

Almost disemboweled me.

I stared death in the face that day, old man.

That was the end of your career.


But I'm starting a new one now, old man, dragging this dead carcass out.

Stop it, Triana, that's enough. Stop!

That's enough.


I've had enough of your performance, I don't want to waste any more time.

Moor, I don't care about the boy, but I have to take him to the foreman in one piece.

If you don't help me, I'll do the same to you as I did to your sheep.

Where's the boy?

Behind you.

Boy, lower the weapon, it's loaded!

Easy, boy.

I'll kill you.

What are you doing? Put the gun down!

Boy, give me the rifle. Move, old man, or I'll kill you too.

Put the gun down! Out of the way!

What have you done, you bastard?

Corporal, start running.

You don't have the balls.

I've got one bullet left.

That's all I need.

Go and get his horse.

Go on. Careful, don't scare it off.

Why bury him?

If I'd left you where I found you, you'd be nothing but bones by now.

But this man was going to kill you.

Some of the living don't deserve any respect, or...

But the dead do.

The dead do.

We can stop when you want.

Let's carry on a bit further, I can go on a little further.

Thank you for not giving me up to those men.

Hiding in the well... Little devil!

I'm sorry, please forgive me. Don't be sorry, it's not your fault.

Think about something else if it hurts.

We'll spend the night here, I can't go on any further.

They didn't give very much.

They need water and rest, like people.

You drink first, boy.

No, I drank while I was milking.

You'll have to go for water alone tomorrow.

There's a well two hours away.

If you walk fast, you'll be back before midday.

Cut it into smaller pieces for me.

No, no, no, don't cut it with that knife.

Are you scared of going alone?

If we don't get water, it won't matter if you're scared or not.

In Morocco, soldiers went mad when they ran out of water.

What did you do? Bear it.

Eat something, go on.

That meat's impossible to chew cold.

I'm not eating that meat.

It's all we have.

They were your sheep.

And my dog.

We can't change anything now.

When there's a storm,

the strong, hard trees break but palm trees that aren't as strong, can bend in half, which isn't the same as bowing down.

That's how they survive.

Sir, the food is ready. Shall I serve you?

I'm not hungry, make coffee.

Yes, sir.

Help. Help. Water.


What happened?

Water, water. Bring water, for God's sake!

Did you see him?

Is he alive?

Yes, but the old man isn't.


The boy isn't alone, he's with the Moor.

Who's that?

A man who spent many years in Morocco, in the army. A son of a bitch.

And one man managed to take you both on?

It was the boy's fault, he took the old man's rifle.

Put a bullet in his back as if he were an animal.

Fix him up.

Eat something and rest. We'll leave at sunrise.

Don't give me water, for God's sake!

Bring me wine!

It's nice and cool, right?

Who are you?

I'm Angelito Pareja.

Come closer, I won't hurt you.

How do I know that?

What harm could I do to you? You're bigger than me.

I just came for some water. I didn't see anyone to ask.

This place looks abandoned. Yes, you're right.

Can I fill these bottles?

Of course. No one can deny a man some water.

I'm doing the best I can to look after the house.

My brother and his family left for the city.

I was left here alone.

Are you alone as well?

No, my father and brother stayed with the animals in the mountains.

What are they doing? Taking a nap?

I already said, my father and brother stayed with the herd.

The herd doesn't kick up much dust, does it?

It's the wind.

Ah, it must be that, the wind.

You can't see them from here, but they're nearby.

Why don't you wait for them in my house? It's cooler in there.

My father told me to return quickly.

I could offer you to something to eat.

I've made a soup that could revive the dead.

Come on!

I don't have anything now, but before...

We had everything. We were the best inn in the region.

When the drought came, everyone left.

Nobody came anymore. They had no money to spend.

My brother left too.

He said he'd come back for me, but... a year has passed... and nothing.

I'm still here alone.

Do you want some?

Trains used to pass by, but even they've stopped.

There are no trains? No.

And to get to the city? You can't if you don't have the means.

It's possible on foot, following the train tracks.

But I can't, otherwise I'd have left ages ago.

Would you like to go to the city?

No, I'm with my father. We're going the other way.

Your donkey looks strong. It's a good animal.

Would you sell it to me?

It's not mine. It's my father's. It's not my decision.

I'll give you lots of money, double what it's worth.

I can't sell it to you. Triple, I'll give you triple.

I said it's not my decision. Help me, boy.

Take me to the city, I'll pay you well. I can't take you anywhere.

Please, help me. I'll give you everything I have.

I've got money saved and enough food. I'll give it all to you.

I have to go. Thanks for the food.

I'll talk to my father, maybe he can help you.

Do you want some food for your father?

And your brother?

How much do you want? Nothing, it's a gift.

For the time you've spent with me.

Go on, go to the cupboard and take cheese, chorizo and a bottle of wine for your father.

I can't see anything. Take the lamp.

This food's no good, it's rotten.

Open up, cripple! Open the door!

Son of a bitch!

Open up! Open the door, you bastard!

It's not my fault your brother left you alone!

Open up! I'll kill you when I catch you!

Don't hurt me, boy! Don't hurt me!

I need to go to the city to find my brother.

I'm going mad here alone.

I hear voices. Here, here...

I didn't want to lock you in. You're a good boy.

Don't you feel sorry for me?

Don't hit me, don't hit me! Shut up!

You rat, you bag of bones! Stop crying!

What happened to you?


I hurt myself getting the water. I'm fine.

And you? Are you better?

Yes, a bit better.

And this? Where did you get it?

I bought it off the owner of the well.

Come here, let me see to that wound.

Help me! Help me!

Where did you come from?

Water, please, water. Who are you?

Angelito Pareja, "Stumps".

Bring him water.

What happened? Did you fall?

No, sir, a boy... A boy?

A devil of a child that wanted to kill me.

Was the boy alone?

Yes, he came by donkey for water.

Please, please...

Are you sure you didn't see anyone else with him?

He said... his father and brother were waiting for him.

But I think he was lying.

Water! For the love of God, water!

Tell me more and you can have it.

There's nothing else to tell, I swear.

When did this happen? A few hours ago.

Which way did he go? I don't know.

I was unconscious, I don't know which way he went.

You're not helping me much.

For the love of the blessed Virgin, give me a drop of water and a doctor. You're asking for a lot.

I think the boy was alone because the Moor can't go on after the beating I gave him. I don't care about that.

I want to know where the hell they are. They can't be far.

I know that, damn it. But where?

Water, water, please.

Please, please...

I've done him a favour.

We'll spend the night here, carry on tomorrow.


What's wrong?

What happened yesterday?

You have to tell me, I don't want any more surprises.

I killed a man, the owner of the well.

Are you sure?

I don't know. He wanted the donkey. I hit him with a stone.

He wasn't moving when I left.

No one saw me. Yes, somebody saw you.

Who? God?



We have to hurry, we need to get there.


To the well. If he's not dead, we have to help him.

And if he is?

Then we'll have to bury him.

In any case, it's not much of a detour.

Detour? From where?

From your way.

Don't think so hard, boy.

It's harder than you think to kill a man.

And you? Have you ever killed anyone?

I had to.

In Morocco, when I was a soldier.

And then in our war.

What's it like?

What? The war?

Thousands of wretches killing each other to defend the wealth of a few.

And Morocco?

Poor, wretched people like us.

I spent many years there, I met many good people.

It doesn't matter if you're a Moor or a Christian, people are just people.

And the other war?


It's best not to talk about our war.

You don't need to see this.

Look inside to see if they left any food or water.

This poor soul isn't going to need it.

Did you tell him where you were going?

No. I didn't tell him anything.

He asked if I was going to the city.

I said no. I said I was with my father.

With your father, you said?

And my brother.

And that we had a large flock of sheep.

Did he believe you?

I don't think so.

Why is the foreman so intent on finding you?

The men who beat me up were from his estate.

You know him?

Since he arrived in the region, everyone knows him.

He's a son of a bitch. Same as them all.

He's worse. Why?

You stole from him, right?

Yes. But he owed me.


What did he do to you, boy?

Give me the bag.

Come on, give it to me.

Follow the train tracks.

Make the most of the darkness to get as far as you can.

Before sunrise you'll reach a hut with a sheep pen.

The owner is a good friend.

He was also in Morocco.

Give him the horse and explain your situation.

Tell him the truth.

He goes to the city every week to sell cheese.

I'm sure he'll help you find work.

What will you do? Today... rest.

Tomorrow, I'll see.

Come on, get on.

If you're staying here to wait for him, I'm staying too.

Enough of your foolishness, boy.

Get on.

Steady. Steady.

Don't worry, boy. I've had my time.

No one will miss me. That's not true.

I don't mean me, I mean your animals.

Little devil!

Go on!

Boy, come here!

Come here!

Get off. Go inside.

Moor! They call you "the Moor", right?

I'm told you were a soldier in Morocco.

I was there too. In the Legion.

Isn't it a shame wars are so short?

Now that we're comrades, I'll forget everything that's happened.

Let the boy come with me, and you can continue on your way.

I can't make that decision.

I don't own anybody.

This isn't your war then.

That's where you're wrong.

This is my war.

They killed half my animals and dragged me around like a beast.

These things happen in combat, you should know that.

You can keep the old man's horse if you want.

Payment for your dead animals.

Hand over the boy. Then go.

You and I fought in the same war, but I'm not like you, and I'm not your comrade.

I saw many of my friends die because of bastards like you.

I can't let that happen again.

I won't give you the boy.

Come here if you want him.

Let's go!

Run! Run!

After all I've done for you.

You were a nobody. I fed you and your family.

I clothed you and taught you everything you know. And you repay me like this?

What were you thinking? Look what you've done.

You didn't have to escape to go to the city. I'd have taken you.

And if you wanted my watch so much, I'd have given it to you.

You only had to ask.

You only had to ask.

Ungrateful wretch.

Get in. No.

You're getting in.

I'm not going anywhere with you.

I'll kill you first.

If you're going to kill me, make sure you do the same to your parents.

Then go to see the priest, who didn't believe you when you told him.

And the mayor, who does the same with his maid's niece.

Kill us all, boy.

And then set that hell hole of a village on fire.

Get out of the truck.

I won't kill anyone else. Just you. Boy!

Don't do it.

Don't look, boy! Don't look!

Don't look!

How can I help you?

How can I help you?

You can't do anything. Why not?

Why not?

I'll get the horse.

We'll go to your friend's house. I'll get the horse and...

You can't. You can't.

I'm sorry! It's all my fault!


Don't say that.

Children aren't... aren't to blame for the wickedness of man.

Don't forget that when you're a man.

How you've grown, boy.

How you've grown.