Internal Affairs (1990) Script



What the fuck? DENNIS [WHISPERING]: Morning, asshole.

Don't say a fucking word. Put your hands above the blanket.

Wake up. Get your head down.

You sit right there. Sit there. Shut up.

Shut up.

Don't move.


DENNIS: Shut up! Aah!

Police officer! Freeze!




Is he dead?


Yeah, he's dead.

I mean, he... He made a move, right?

So I thought he was going for something.

There's no weapon, man.

Oh, man.

Hey, hold it, Dennis, hold it.

What are you doing? What are you doing?

Hey, Dennis, what are you doing, man?

It's up to you.

It's happened to all of us, man.

You're not alone.

Internal Affairs is the most important division on the force.

We're the cops of the cops. We set the tone.

Therefore, every I.A.D. Officer must avoid not only evil...

...but the appearance of evil.

If cops are better than other people, we have to be better than other cops.

Now, Los Angeles consistently has the cleanest major force in the country...

...and that's because of us.

Contrary to popular opinion, the officers in the field don't resent us.

They're glad that we're there.

Because we keep the force clean...

...they have the respect on the street that they need.

Well, let's get you started.

SMITH: Yes, ma'am, was it a two-unit car or?

All right, listen up. SMITH: A single patrolman?

I want you all to meet Raymond Avilla.

He will be joining us as of today.

Detective Peters. PETERS: My pleasure.

This is Smith on the phone. SMITH: Hi, how are you doing?

No, ma'am, I was talking to someone else. Detective Davis.

Nice to meet you.

And this is Sergeant Wallace, who'll be your partner and training officer.

Sergeant Wallace.

Hi. Raymond Avilla.

AMY: Amy Wallace. Nice to meet you. Likewise.

Thank you. We're fine.


Can I get you a cup of coffee? RAYMOND: No, I'm fine.

You want to run, go get me one?

I'm just kidding.

This is your desk.

You want to get started? I got somebody waiting down the hall.

Okay. Mm-hm.

It's this guy.

He was picked up in the Valley.

He doesn't deny he was carrying a small amount of cocaine.

He says the arresting officer planted a bag of the stuff in his car.

He says the arresting officer also beat up on him and his girlfriend.

This is Van Stretch.

Yeah. You know him?

From the Academy.

You want to pass it on to another team?


So let's go.

It's right down the hall.

WOMAN: We'll drive out to the Valley and talk to her.

Unh! Hey, Ramon, you old horse thief, it's good to see you.

Good to see you. My old beat sergeant.

I heard you made I.A.D.

I was wondering when you'd show up. Heh.

How's your wife?

Still busting my chops.

Well, some things never change. Ha, ha.

Wallace, this man is sharp. He will keep you dancing.

We report to Lieutenant Grieb on those rare occasions that we find him around the office.

Good to see you. Come say hello.

RAYMOND: I'll do that. Wallace.


Okay, if he calls, please tell him to get here as soon as he can.

VAN: Who were you talking to? Nobody.

VAN: I said, who was that?

It wasn't anybody.

Don't hit me, Van.

You call your boyfriend to come protect you? I don't have a boyfriend.

You don't have a boyfriend, huh?

Then who the fuck are you out dicking every time I turn my back, huh?


Leave her alone!

VAN: Get out of this room, Sean. Now!


PENNY: You son of a bitch!

VAN: I'm not going to hurt you.

Aah! VAN: Let go of my hair!


Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey! What's going on there, pal?

Let go. Let go.

What's going on? You having a lot of fun?

PENNY: Get him out of here, Dennis!

What are you doing? Let's go for a walk.

Look what's going on. Come here.

Come on, get some air. I'll be right out.


You all right?

I've had it with him, Dennis.

Look, man, she's on somebody else's root.

I smell it on her, Dennis.


DENNIS: Hey, hey, hey.

I didn't know it was gonna be like this.

That's the way it is.

That's the way it is, isn't it?

How many cops you know, huh?

They got nothing.

Divorced, alcoholic. Their kids won't talk to them anymore.

They can't get it up.

Sitting there in their little apartments, alone, in the dark...

...playing lollipop with a service revolver.

You get yourself together.

You hear me?

You get yourself together. You're on your own.

AMY: So when was the last time you saw Van Stretch?

RAYMOND: A couple of years ago.

Hey, I was wondering if you could get somebody to sub for me at the Galleria Sunday.

I've got to study for the sergeant's exam.

Sure, no problem.

Hey, Freddy, how you doing? Good. Good.

I need you to work the Galleria Sunday. Sure. Shit, I can't. I got Raiders tickets.

Well, that's no problem. Trafficante, you see your kid on Sundays?

TRAFFICANTE: Yeah, I do. Give them to him.

OFFICER: Ha, ha. You lose.

What Oakes said about your fellow officers respecting and honoring you..., as you probably know, complete crap.

Most cops hate our guts, to the extent they credit us with having any.

They think we're climbers who went into I.A.D. For the promotions...

...which is true, not that we get them.

They're polite because they're afraid of us.

Judson, you got some messages for me? Yeah, you got 18 in my office.

I got better things to do than to be your answering service.

Yeah, I realize how tense it gets behind that desk.

Everything's a joke with you guys, right?


VAN: Yeah, right.


I'll be inside.

Holy shit.

Hey, Raymond Avilla. Dennis Peck, my partner.

The Hillerman case.

VAN: Right, at the Academy. Very impressive.

I got lucky.

Hey, it's great to see you.

It's good to see you, Van.

VAN: Wow. What the hell are you doing here?

He's I.A.D.

He came to see you, man.

I gotta talk to you a couple of minutes in the captain's office, okay?

It's okay.

AMY: He says you forced him to empty his pockets.

No, I asked him to empty his pockets, and he wouldn't.

He's going, like, "Keep your hands off me." AMY: Why were your hands on him?

They weren't.

Look, he wouldn't do what I asked him, okay? He wouldn't just empty his pockets.

What prompted you to wanna search him?

Because he's a fucking junkie. It's obvious.

He's jumpy, fidgeting, talking fast.

Why did you hit him, Van?

VAN: I didn't. Yes, you did.

All right, I did. I hit him. I already told you they went for my gun.

They both made a move for your gun?

They say you provoked.

Come on, you know that's nigger bullshit.


You've had three 181s for excessive force in the last 10 months.

You're wearing a hole in the carpet.

Because I stand up to assholes.

We tested the stuff in his pocket against what you found in the car.

So, what does that mean?

He had two stashes, one he used and one he sold.

If they were different.

Off the record...

...if you need counseling, Van, the department will provide it.

If you have a dependency... can go on suspension, deal with it...

...get reinstated. If you're caught using, you're off the force.

I don't have a problem. You hear what I said?

Yeah, look, I don't know what you're talking about.

I don't have a problem.

You look like shit, man.

How's Penny, Van?

She's great.

Are we finished here, or what? AMY: Almost.

We'll need to see you at I.A.D. Next week.

You're entitled to bring an attorney.


All those friends you have on the force... don't have them anymore.

Excuse me, may I have your attention?

I'd like to take this opportunity... welcome you to the new Contemporary Museum...

...and to thank Andrea Dietrich, whose work you are viewing.

Andrea's is the first installation...

...on a series of new contemporary video artists...

...we'll be seeing in the next five weeks. And all of this is made possible...

...through a generous donation from Mr. Nicholas Hollander.



This is Carlos.

Hello, hi, how are you doing?

Hey! Hi, how are you?

Excuse me, do I know you? You're the girl in the video.

No, I'm not. I'm sorry.

Nice tie. Your wife get it for you?

Yes. Nice dress. Where's the rest of it?

You're late. Let's get out of here.

We got two more hours. Be a good boy. Okay.

DENNIS: Hey, tiger, how you doing?


How did it go?


I got a couple more questions I gotta answer at I.A.D. Next week.


So how's your buddy Raymond?

Okay. I mean, I think they bought it.

It's my word against superfly, right?

Hey, I talked to Heather.

She said the guest room's okay. No problem.


KATHLEEN: Did you have a good day?

I have a racist boss.

I got a small desk and a new partner.

Well, do you like him, your new partner?

It's a she.

Is she pretty?

She's pretty smart, a good cop.

Let's go to bed.

Did you have to kiss every single person at the party tonight?

It's my job.

This is my job.


DENNIS: Hey, hey, Heather's trying to sleep. Keep it down.

Heather is not asleep.

How's my boy?

Your little girl is wonderful.

She's really terrific.


Did you get your messages? No.

HEATHER: No? Riordan called. Mm-hm.

HEATHER: And Kate called. She called twice. I think she needs a loan.

And a "Steven Arroca... Steven Arrocas" called... confirm his meeting with you.

And Jay called, I think just to say... Hey, everybody.

DENNIS: Hi. Hi, Van.

Hi, sugarpuss. Mwah.

Hi, sweetheart. Hi.

So? So?

So how was your date, Lolly?

Date? Date? My ex-wife has a date? HEATHER: Ha, ha.

With who? I'm not telling you.

I'll find out.

You won't. Yes, I will.

Hi, Raymond.

Hi, Penny. How are you?

I'm good. You look great. Thanks.

This is my partner, Amy Wallace. AMY: Hi.

Hi. AMY: Nice to meet you.

Sean looks terrific. PENNY: Yeah, he's... He's great.


PENNY: Sorry I'm late. I went a long time...

...and I have another meeting in two minutes. This won't take long.

It'll be a couple minutes, standard stuff. PENNY: Good. Okay.

That looks pretty painful.

What? Oh, yeah, this. Yeah, um...

Van can be a real jerk sometimes when he's drinking.

Is that often?


Have you noticed any changes in his behavior at home?


Having financial problems?


AMY: Is he under an unusual amount of stress?


No, not really. AMY: No?

No, no.

Okay. Using drugs?


AMY: To your knowledge, he's not using drugs at this time?

No. Then what's his problem?

We can't help unless we know.

You don't wanna help. You're I.A.D. You wanna nail him.

You think I don't know what you're about, Raymond?

You having marital problems?

I don't think that's any of your business.

You seeing anybody else?

Heh. Who told you that? Van?

Listen, uh, I have a meeting, so if there are no more questions...

Not from me.

AMY: Nope. Thanks a lot. PENNY: Yeah.

Very intuitive.

Can I buy you lunch? Yeah.

Look at that.

That's a nice car. Mm.

Plus she had the Rolex.

DORIAN: How you doing?

PROSTITUTE: Eighty dollars.

Sweetmeat, don't do this.


DENNIS: Can't do it, man. You can't do it. You gotta let her go.

What? She's my snitch. I need her.

She made me an offer.

You gotta go back. Say it's a humbug.

It's entrapment. You didn't do it right. You did it wrong.

DORIAN: But I did do it right.

Say you didn't.

Come here.

Dennis, what are you doing, man?

Dorian, you said you needed money. I got you a job.

You needed time to study, I got you that too. Now I need something.

Go on. Get out of here. Go on.

I can't do that. DENNIS: All right, all right.

Get out of here. Go on. Go, go, go!

Hey. Ha, ha. Hey, you okay? You all right? You oka...?

You still love me. I know you do.

You still... She's my snitch. What do you want me to do?

We're fairly convinced he beat them up unprovoked.

His story keeps tripping over itself.

He's got an obvious drug problem.

Plus he was rude to me.

Well, nail his ass.

How long will it take? Two days.

Why don't you give us three?

GRIEB: All right. Good.


You know Dennis Peck?

Yeah. He's a great cop.

How come he's just a P2?

I guess he doesn't care about being a hotshot P3.

He likes it on the street.

Ah, he likes pussy, is what he likes.

Why, you curious, Wallace?

I'm curious. Can you set it up? GRIEB: Sure.


RAYMOND: How you doing? All right.

Coffee break. Yeah.

I gotta go back. You wanna ask me something about Van?

Actually, I, ahem, wanted to ask you about Van's wife.

Do you know Penny? Of course I know Penny.

I think that's where the problem is.


I'm here off the record, as a friend.

Do you think maybe, uh, Penny's sleeping around?

You're married too, right?

Just friends.

You're married too, right?

I'm married. He's married. You're married? Yeah.

Does your wife fuck around?

It doesn't feel good, does it?

Stay away from wives. Don't talk about them.

Do you?

Stay away from wives? That's right.


I'll tell you what about wives. My vast, extensive experience with wives.

They're all looking for strange, just like you and me.

I don't care if it's your wife, his wife, my wife. It's all the same.

You're looking for strange.

At least you're looking, right? You see a pretty girl, you look.

All right. Here. Very pretty girl. You look.

Kee, come here a second.

Kee, this is Raymond Avillar.

Right? Close enough.

Okay. All right.

She's very pretty, isn't she? She's beautiful.

Do you want her? Do I want her?


In another life, I want her.

Might not get another. I'm not looking.

That's good. Tell you what, Raymond. What?

You wanna ask me any more questions about Van Stretch...

...take me down to Internal Affairs. Do it officially.

I don't need to ask you any more. Good.

I got all my answers. Thank you.

You can do better, Kee.

Very clever, Raymond.

AMY: Van moonlights 15 hours a week doing security at the Galleria... 38 a year from the department, plus her, what, say, 25 at the bank.

Eighty, 85 a year, tops. Mm.

And last march they bought a house in Granada Hills for $402,000.

They spent over 300 grand in the past 18 months...

...before they even bought a quart of milk.

What do you think he's doing?

Could be a lot of things.

Do you think he's doing it alone?

Not Van.

Well, whatever he's doing, the pay's good.

It's hard to believe he's running this by himself.

Dennis could be.

Which doesn't mean he is.

We could run a financial.

We're not authorized.

Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby.

I got another vice officer needs work.

He's a good man. Knows his way around.

Can't use him. Can't use him?

Do you know what shoplifters take this place for every month?

Because your cops are all boneheads.

They're in the toilet doing flute recitals.

Powdering their noses.


Get it? That's why you need more of them.

More like Lurch over here.

I don't think so.

Talk to the Arrocases yet?

It'd be nice if you could help him out, Dennis.

You picked her up, brought her in, then you released her.

That was your decision? Yes.

I mean, I, uh... I messed up the initial contact.

It was entrapment. I would've had to perjure myself in court.

What was the fight about?

That was just personal.

It was a personal thing.

Nothing to do with this? No.

Who told you that? Judson?

He's full of shit.

You're about to take the sergeant's exam? Yeah.

What are you interested in?

Homicide, what else?

Nothing else. Ha, ha.

That's my wife, Liz.

Hi. Raymond Avilla. Nice to meet you. Hi, nice to meet you.

Honey, you have 10 minutes. You're gonna be late for work.

Yeah, okay. I'm no longer here.

Where do you work on your second job?

I'm working at the Galleria.

Doesn't Van Stretch work there?

DORIAN: Yeah. Yeah.

How'd you get that? Every Valley cop's after that job.

Dennis knows the boss.

He recommended me.

RAYMOND: Look, I'm sorry, but this thing just came up.

I don't know, Kath. I'll be home as soon as I can.

Look, I gotta go.

Love you too. Bye.

This had better be good.

At 5:00, I got a call from the watch commander at Northridge.

A guy named Judson.

He says that Dennis Peck had a beef with a young vice officer named Dorian Fletcher.



Dennis Peck?

Steven Arrocas?

My wife, Tova. DENNIS: Tova.

How do you do? Why don't you have a seat?

Would you like a drink?

Yeah. Scotch. Rocks.



I'll go get the waitress.

So how do you know Rudy?

I've known Rudy since...

How do you know Rudy?

We have contact. Heh.

He works for Rudy Mohr, who's an ex-con.

He got the job through Rudy Mohr's paid consultant...

Dennis Peck.

That's very good.

Now we need to find out how many other officers are moonlighting at the Galleria.

You'd have to go through every single personnel file in the division.

So we're going after Peck?


If we blow this...

...or if we're wrong...

We're fucked.

This is your pile. This is my pile.

My pile is bigger than your pile.

We have a family business.

We manufacture floor coverings. Fine floor coverings. We cover the world.

We're the largest importers of tile in the United States.

We import tile from Japan, France, Germany, Holland.

We have great Korean tile.

I can get you a deal. Steven.

I run the business.

I've run it for two years.

My parents control the stock. They control everything. They...

They started the company. They came here with nothing.

They were immigrants, you know.

They came here, and they started it from nothing.

They did a lot of things I couldn't have done. I appreciate that. I really do.

But they don't get it.

They won't borrow. They won't diversify. They won't do anything.

They have no idea how to conduct business today.

I mean, we've tried to have them declared incompetent, but, uh...

But they'd have to be grossly mismanaging, and they're not.

They're just not bad enough.

I want you to kill my mother and father.


Rudy said 15,000.

Fifteen thousand.

Well, I can do it for 15,000.

I can do that.

I get you a couple of gang bangers.

They go shoot them, cut their heads off, bury them.

They leave their parking tickets all over the house.

Name, addresses. They're picked up by the police.

They would love to talk, and they will.

First they'll talk about you and your lovely wife.

What are you saying?

What are you saying, man? Don't fuck with me.

Fifteen thousand dollars.

How much do you want?

DENNIS: I'll tell you what's gonna happen here.

You're gonna go home and think about this.

I've thought about it.

DENNIS: Shut up.

And you're gonna call me in a couple days.

Nice to meet you, Steven.

Can I trust you?

DENNIS: Of course you can trust me.

I'm a cop.

You go home to your wife.

Still gotta pull some files on Rudy Mohr.

I can do that.

Just be back by 9.

I got a break on a case.


Will you close the door? It's cold.

RAYMOND: If Peck is handing out income to 40 percent of the division...

...the possibilities for abuse are extensive. You can have...

...a single low-ranking officer controlling the entire division just by pulling favors.

This is bullshit. RAYMOND: Why?

Total speculation.

We're not even talking about his association with Mohr...

...who is a convicted felon.

Do you have enough for a formal complaint?

No. Then shut up.

I'm sorry.

You're talking about one of the most productive officers on the force.

What do you want?

A great cop who at the most bends it a little bit.

Because that's all it is, if it's anything.

Or some straight-arrow pencil-ass who doesn't give you diddly?

Which this department, with all due respect, is full of.

The lieutenant is right. There's not enough to justify an investigation.


...may we get on with it, please?

Okay. So?

RAYMOND: Well, it's clear you're involved in an ongoing pattern of illegal activity.

Now, we know you're not acting alone, Van. We know you didn't initiate it.

We're prepared to change our recommendation for termination...

...but you're gonna have to cooperate.

LAWYER: Cooperate how?

You gotta identify the others.

You gotta help us obtain the evidence and testify in the prosecution.

LAWYER: Heh. And wear a wire, right?

If necessary.

Raymond, give us a minute?

May I talk to you?

[WHISPERING] You are not authorized to make this deal. It's a violation to offer it.

RAYMOND [WHISPERING]: Just look at him. He wants to talk.

If Peck was clean, there'd be nothing to talk about.

AMY: I am the senior partner.

Your mistakes go on my file.

You retract the offer to Van, or I will.

I've got another idea.

Why don't you and Dennis Peck pull them out, and I'll decide which one's bigger?

No deal.

Come on, Van.

It's a big mistake, Van. Big mistake.

Do you want some sugar in it?

Um, I would like a very little bit.

Is that enough? That's perfect.

Raymond offered me a deal.

DENNIS: Van doesn't have any tea. Whoops.

Would you like some sugar?

DENNIS: Would you like some tea?

If I roll over on you, I skate.

You skate?

He doesn't have the authority to do that.

Don't you understand? It's just me.

I'm all alone.

I got nothing to lose, okay?

I put two sugars.

Whoops. You think I'd wear a wire on you?

Don't you ever threaten me.


You wanted to see me?

Yeah. Thanks for coming.

I know you're a busy guy.

I thought we should talk about our problem.

RAYMOND: Our problem? We have a problem?


I don't know how it happened. We just got started on the wrong foot.

It's my fault.

I come on a little strong.

No hard feelings.

Got a minute?

Got children?

No. You?


RAYMOND: Eight kids?

I got three by my first marriage, three by my second marriage...

...two by the third. Uh...

Heather's got Megan from a previous marriage, and she's pregnant with Number 9.

That's a lot of child support. I love kids.

Do you like them?

Yeah, I like them. Yeah?

Don't wait too long to start.

You and your wife okay?

RAYMOND: Yeah. Good. Good.

You know how it is with these new couples today.

They get so wound up in their careers and busy with everything...

...their personal life suffers.

They still do it once in a while, but it's like they gotta put it on the schedule.

You don't hug, you don't kiss, you don't...

You don't do it nice, fool around like before.

Everything's in a hurry.

Such a hurry you don't enjoy pussy anymore.

You start thinking she's not getting off the way she used to.

You think maybe she's looking...

No, no, no. There's nothing going on, nothing you can point to...

...but you start wondering.

You're talking about yourself, right?

No. I'm talking about you, Raymond.

You're talking about me? DENNIS: Yeah.

It's not because I see it in you.

I see it in your wife. I see it in Kathleen.

You see it in my wife?

DENNIS: In fact, I saw her this morning. At the museum.

Blond. Got long blond curly hair? Up?

She has green eyes?

Got two earrings in her left ear.

She's very pretty too. She's very, very pretty.

A little skinny for my taste. But skinny ones give good head...



All right. I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.

I'll fuck her and teach her how to come.

RAYMOND: Get up. Then she can show you what she likes.


They told me you were a good boxer. Pretty good.

Not bad.

RAYMOND: Clean yourself up. Ha, ha.

Give my best to Kathleen.


You know how many wives Dennis Peck has?


I wanna run complete backgrounds on them. Bank checks, loans, mortgages, everything.

What do you say?


RAYMOND: Hey, Chris. CHRIS: Hi.

MAY: So he throws me on the bed and ties me to the bedpost...

...and I say, "Carlos."

And he opens his bag and takes out this little box.

Remember Belle de Jour, that Korean man with the box?

He opens this box...

...and he takes out a paintbrush.

What, like a paintbrush? No, I mean like a number 6 sable brush.

Oh, my God.

MAY: I tell you, this guy is a great painter.

Hi, Raymond.


MAY: Night, night.

KATHLEEN: Get some sleep.

I will. Good night, Raymond.


So Carlos is a good painter, is he?

Were you listening?

What did May mean by that?


I think she means that he's not like Peter...

...that he takes his time and makes her feel good...

...for once.

Sweetheart, you're a good painter...

...when you paint.

I guess I should buy a sable brush.

Yours is fine.

You just need to dip it.



PENNY: Hello? VAN [OVER PHONE]: Penny, it's me, Van.


VAN: How are you?

PENNY: I'm, uh, fine.

VAN: Look, uh...

I'm gonna talk to Raymond.

I've gotta get all this stuff off my chest, honey.

Are you still there? Yeah. Yeah, I'm here. Get what off your chest?

All the stuff we've been doing with Dennis, Penny.

I mean, I'm on my own now.

They're gonna throw me off the force.

If I talk to Raymond, they'll cut me a deal.

I mean, don't you think we should talk about this?

Penny, can I come home?

No. No, Van, uh, not now. Um...

I've gotta get up early tomorrow.

I'll take Sean to my mom's in the morning, okay?



Don't say anything to anyone before you see me, okay?

Okay? Okay.

I'm really sorry, Penny.

You know...

You know I love you.

Me too.

See you.

So I talked to Chief Healy.

What did he say?

Ah, he knows you're a good cop.

I told him you're in a program. He liked that.

He's a family type too, so... know, the sooner you and Penny get back together...

You're gonna have to take a suspension...


...he's gonna overrule any recommendation to terminate.

Thanks, partner.


You'd do the same for me, right?

You know I would, man.

Thanks a lot.






17-Adam-79. Officer needs help.

WOMAN [OVER RADIO]: All units. All units stand by.

Go ahead, 17-Adam-79.

17-Adam-79. Officer needs help.

I'm at 4000 Block of West Long Beach.

There's been a shooting.

Partner is down. He has been shot. One suspect has been shot and is down.

Request ambulance. Code 3.

Dennis, help me.



VAN: Help me.

I was shot.

All right. Okay.

I was shot. It's okay. It's okay.

VAN: Don't let me die. Don't let me die.

Don't let me die.

I gotta get back to Penny and Sean.

I don't wanna die. It's okay.

VAN: I gotta get back to Penny and Sean.



Shut up!


What's going on, Raymond?

We eat dinner together twice a week.

I talk about my job, you don't care.

You're not talking to me about anything.

We don't even fuck anymore.

Are you working while we're fighting?

I'm putting the thing away.

No, no, don't put it away!

Don't do me a favor. Keep it open.

Continue doing your work.

This way you can go back to your office and compare notes with your fucking girlfriend!



What does that mean? What are you saying?

You tell me. My fucking girlfriend?

If you wanna lead a separate life, go ahead, okay?

I can do what I want, and you can do whatever you're doing with your girlfriend.

Ask me a question. What do you wanna know?

Just tell me anything!

Tell you if I'm fucking my partner? Is that the question?

I'm not fucking my partner. My partner's a dyke.

What do you want? Really?


It's for you.


AMY [OVER PHONE]: Van Stretch is dead.

Internal Affairs.

OFFICER: 17-Adam-17 to Control.

Have the vehicle used in 187PC involving police officer.

The vehicle's described as a 1975 Chevy Impala, white in color.

The driver is a male Hispanic.

We have to find this driver before Peck does.

I've gotta put the word out on the street.

Let's go see my cousin.




[IN ENGLISH] This is my partner, Amy Wallace.

Officer Wallace, how are you?



PRIEST: Van, may you rest in peace.



Hi. Don't touch me.

You bastard.

It's all right.

It's all right. Relax.

It's okay. Oh, God.

It's nobody's fault.

I'm gonna take care of things. Don't worry.

It's all right.

You ought to know, I can't go against him.

I'm not asking you to go against Dennis Peck.

I'm asking you to find the guy who hit Van.

And find him fast, or there won't be any case.

You can't feed Dennis Peck any information.

DORIAN: Heh. I get it.

You got me on this case, didn't you? You wanted Homicide.


That's just what he would do.

You're just like Dennis, man.

You're just like him.



His name is Demetrio.

He's a dealer, and he's bad news.

DORIAN: He's the guy who killed Van Stretch? Yeah.

That's what I hear.

Tell him about tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, I know where he's gonna be tomorrow.

He's gotta complete a drug deal. He needs a stash before he crosses the border.

And Gregory's gonna identify him?


It's your call.

RAYMOND [OVER RADIO]: This is 5-Young-23-Adam to 5-Young-23-Boy.

Come in. Do you copy?

AMY [OVER RADIO]: 5-Young-23-Boy. That's a roger. Go ahead.

RAYMOND: Keep him alive. We just wanna talk to him.

Keep the channel open.

23-Boy, that's a roger. I'll wait till I hear further from you.

DENNIS: So, what's new? LOLLY: Nothing.

No problems?


No one coming around? Questions?

No, nobody.

You'd let me know, right?

Yeah, I'd let you know.

How come?

What are you doing now?

Um, I gotta pick Kevin up at noon.



The Hollywood sign, Tinseltown's best-known landmark...

...symbol of dreams and aspirations...

...was today the grim setting for the discovery of the bodies of an elderly Los Feliz couple...

...missing since last week.

Louis and Elaine Arrocas had each been killed by a single shot... what police described as execution style.

There are no immediate leads.

MAN [ON TV]: Thank you for that report, Gail.

And in Los Angeles today, city officials continued to debate...

[IN ENGLISH] Yeah, this is 23-Adam to 23-Boy, do you copy?

AMY [OVER RADIO]: This is 23-Boy. We copy.

Yeah, we're gonna back off this thing.

He ain't gonna show.

AMY: Okay, that's a roger.



[IN ENGLISH] Wallace.

Who the fuck call the SWATs?

Wallace, look out!


No. Amy! Amy, you okay?

AMY: Yeah! Dorian's hit! RAYMOND: Stay with him!



RAYMOND: Police officer! Police officer!

Police officer!






Okay. Hey!






AMY: Police officer! Hold your fire!

He's a police officer!




Get a medic, you shit!

AMY: Come on.

Come on. Let's go.

Come on.


Hello? AMY [OVER PHONE]: Hi.

Hey. Is this a bad time?

No. It's good to hear your voice.

Are you watching this? Yeah.

Weird, huh?

RAYMOND: How do you think the SWATs found out?

I think...

I think Dorian told Dennis.

RAYMOND: I shouldn't have got him involved in this.

Don't blame yourself.

RAYMOND: He's dead. He's got a family.

He was a cop.

It comes with the job, okay?

You okay? How you doing? I'm okay.

Yeah? Yeah.

Okay, partner. I'll see you tomorrow.

Thanks for calling. Okay. Bye-bye.


How you been? Good.

Has there been any change in Raymond's behavior lately?

We're worried about him.

He's working too hard.

He's obsessed with one case.

Anything you'd like to talk to me about...

...feel free.

It's up to you whether you tell your husband or not.

It's probably better for him and for me, for the department, probably...

...if you don't tell him about this.

MAY: Hi, Raymond.

RAYMOND: Where's Kathleen?

She's shopping. She called from lunch.

What time is she due back?

MAY: I don't even know if she's coming back.


My wife call? No.


Hi, Raymond.


You know what she really wanted?

You know?

I should have guessed.

She liked it in the ass, Raymond.

That's right. Right in the fucking ass.

Drove her crazy.

She came so much I thought she was gonna pass out on me.

You know what they say about Latin fighters, Raymond, huh?

You know what they say? Too fucking macho!

Yeah, that's right, too fucking macho.

Won't back-pedal when you have to.

So they're used up young.

Why don't you clean yourself up with that?

Go ahead, clean up. That's right.



Raymond, how nice to see you.

How are you?

Can I get you a drink?

Can I talk to you a second?

Excuse me.

What happened to your eye? Sit down.

What's the matter?

Where'd you go to lunch, Kathy? Who'd you have lunch with?

Let's talk about this at home.

Who'd you have lunch with?

No one.

Raymond, don't.

Don't do that.

What is that?

NICHOLAS: Raymond.

RAYMOND: You still here? Sit down. Have a drink.

Get out of my face. KATHLEEN: Raymond!


KATHLEEN: Go home! Why?

Am I embarrassing you in front of your friends?

KATHLEEN: Yes, go home. Who'd you have lunch with?

I said not here. RAYMOND: Not here?

Why not here?!

Why not here? Who'd you have lunch with?

None of your fucking business.

RAYMOND: None of my fucking business. Get out.


RAYMOND [IN ENGLISH]: Got a problem, Nicky, with that?

Hey, anybody have a problem with that?


Thank you. It's okay, sit down. It's okay. We're okay. Come on.


Hi, Raymond.




Where the fuck do you think you're going?


Why'd you lie to me? Huh?

Who the fuck is Dennis Peck? You tell me that.

Is this the guy you're investigating, the guy that's making you crazy? Hmm?

Why'd you lie to me? Is this why you pulled me out in a restaurant...

...and threw my panties in my face and beat the shit out of me?

That's right! Yes, yes, that's him!

Why'd you lie to me? Why'd you lie to me?

He comes into the museum and tells me you're in trouble.

RAYMOND: I'm not in trouble! Why'd you lie to me?

This guy tells me something's wrong, and you're not telling me jack shit.

I was worried about you.

RAYMOND: I saw you. Why'd you lie to me? What?

I saw you with him! Why'd you lie to me?

What do you mean, you saw me with him? You following me?

Yes. I'm following him! Why'd you lie to me?

You saw me with him... I saw you smile at him.

...and you didn't stop it? Why'd you lie to me?

You didn't stop it?

You are fucking crazy.

You are crazy.

I'm fucking crazy. No.

This is gonna stop.

This is not gonna go on anymore. Understand?

If I see you with somebody, I'll kill you.

I was not fucking him, do you understand that?

You have to believe me.

If I was fucking anybody else, I wouldn't be with you.

I'll kill you.

You're crazy.

Look at this.

Dennis' various wives hold 2 to 3 million in real estate equity among them...

...none with apparent means.

Look who writes the mortgages. Penny Stretch, Valley Fed.

What happened to you? Sorry about yesterday.

Penny okay?

Yeah, she's fine. It's just she's alone.

If someone...

...came around here, started asking stuff...

...about your real estate, Heather... know what to say, right?

Who would come around?

A guy from Internal Affairs.

Named Avilla.


Is he cute?

If he's cute, I'd talk to him. Did he contact you?

No. Did he?

No! Did anybody contact you?


Fuck off.

[WHISPERING] I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

We're in trouble, aren't we?

Not if you don't talk to anybody.

Okay, we're gonna run through this again.

You're participating in a money-laundering scheme... evasion, fraud...

...police corruption.

You have violated the entire federal banking law.

Okay, here's the deal.

You testify against Dennis Peck, we'll grant you immunity.

Fuck you.

You can't prove anything. These mortgages are legal.

Come on, Penny.

Who do you think you're dealing with?

Why are you trying to protect somebody who's killed your husband?

I don't get it.

You're fucking him, aren't you?

Get out of my house.

I hope you got off, Pen.

Get out of my house!



Hi. Amy Wallace.

Oh, hi. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.

KATHLEEN: Raymond.

KATHLEEN: Raymond!

OFFICER 1: Hey! Hey!

OFFICER 2: What's wrong with you, Raymond?

OFFICER 1: Hey, sergeant! RAYMOND: Get the fucking smile off your face.

Hey, sergeant!

Get it together.

DENNIS: I'm here. I'm standing right here.

Dennis, get back. I'm right here.

I don't know what that was for.


Anyway, they came into the house and they, uh...

They've got computer printouts and everything. They just know everything.

And it's just a matter of time before they know...

Before they can prove it.

It's just instinct, but this is what they think too.

They think that, uh... They think that Dennis killed Van.


How was it?



TOVA: Please. Please, please.


Raymond Avilla?

Yes. This is my partner, Amy Wallace.

You're investigating my husband.

I have information for you.

I know where his money is.

I know where he gets his money and where it goes.

That won't be enough. We know about that.

We talked to Penny. What else you have?

There isn't anything more. RAYMOND: There isn't any more?

What about Van Stretch?

You know your husband killed Van Stretch or had him killed?

I don't know anything about Van.

I don't know anything about Van Stretch.

Listen up. You ever been to jail, sweetheart? Huh?

You know what they do in jail?

You listening?

Take away your kids, including the one that's on the way.

You understand what I'm saying?

Son of a bitch. RAYMOND: That's fucking right, son of a bitch!

What else you got?

I don't know anything... RAYMOND: You'll go to jail!

Do you understand me?

Your husband's killing people!

What else you got?


I could kill you. I could kill you.

DENNIS: Go ahead.

Kill her.

Come on. Kill her.

Come on. Be a man, Steven.

She paid me to kill you.

That's right. She did.

Go on. Shoot her. Kill her.

She's a tramp. She's a real tramp.

Your parents are dead, and you got a tramp for a wife.

She fucks everybody.


Steven, that's my foot.

I'll go look downstairs.







You okay?


Is it bad?

Right through, babe. Right through. Okay? Okay.

Good girl. I don't know how...

I don't know... You're okay.

Yeah. I'm gonna get an ambulance.

Press hard, okay? I'm sorry.

All right. I'm sorry. I...


Raymond. RAYMOND: Yeah?

All this is for me?

RAYMOND: All this is for you, sweetheart.

You okay? You're doing good. Uh-huh.

RAYMOND: You're doing good.


It was Peck.

RAYMOND: I know, sweetheart. Dennis Peck shot me.

RAYMOND: I know, sweetheart. Don't tell him.

RAYMOND: What? Is he here by himself?

Do you hear that? EMT: Dennis Peck.

Dennis Peck, sweetheart. We got it.

RAYMOND: We're almost there. My feet are cold.

Your feet are cold?


Okay. Can we hurry this thing up a little bit? Hmm?

You want some coffee, huh?


You wanna run and go get me some?

You wanna hold my hand?

RAYMOND: I'd love to hold your hand, sweetheart. Here you go.


MAN: Sergeant.

Sergeant Avilla? Yeah.

Hey, how you doing?

How we doing in there?

I can't tell you anything now.

She's lost a lot of blood.

We're doing the best we can. Wait a second.

Is she gonna make it? Is she a fighter?

She's a fighter. That's the best we've got.

Now pardon me. I've got another patient waiting.






DENNIS [WHISPERING]: Don't scream. Don't scream.

Don't do anything.

Don't do anything, okay?

It's all right. I'm not gonna hurt you.

I'm not going to hurt you.

Don't scream.

Don't do anything.

All right. Now stand up.

It's all right. Stand up.

[IN NORMAL VOICE] Come over here. Come on.

It's all right.

KATHLEEN: What are you doing here?

I went to my house...

...and my children were crying...

...because there were black-and-whites...


I went over there and looked in the window around the back.

My wife was crying.

My children were crying.

They were being interrogated by my buddies.

I know all of them.

Little Megan.

I can never go back there now.

I felt very bad.

I was very angry with Raymond.

Can I ask you to do something for me?


Would you help me take my boot off?

Hi, Dennis.

Kathy, you okay?

Cover him.

Shoot him if he moves.

Get off my bed.

Sorry about the dyke, Raymond.

Cute little ass.



You're so fucking easy, Raymond.

Like a little baby.

Buttons all over you.

I push the buttons...

Push them.

I'm going to miss my children.

I'm gonna...

Going to miss them.

Put the knife down.


You think he was aiming for my leg? Huh? Ha-ha-ha.

That's good. That's very good, Raymond. Ha-ha-ha.

I'm taking you in.

Fuck you.

You're so...


You feel...

...because you... not have children.

You don't know what it's like.

Everything changes...

...when you have children.

You don't think about yourself anymore.

You don't think about anything but them.

You go around the world for them.

You selfish yuppie!



We'll be all right.