Interrogation (2016) Script

Oh, my God!

Ma'am? Ma'am, can you give me your location?

Clearly, people here want some answers.

Breaking news... We have confirmed...

And the robbery happened around... At this time, information...

...don't go near this area.

...into the buildings here behind us...

The question on everyone's mind is how did this situation get out of control here? the pictures you're seeing, this is a major incident.

...police have a suspect in custody.

What drives a person to commit a crime?

To destroy? To weaken someone's resolve?

Vengeance? Spite?



Communities, cities, entire countries are put beneath microscopes and analyzed for their flaws, their weaknesses, so that one individual can find the smallest chink in the system's armor and benefit from it.

Clearly, this has been done by an explosives expert.

Police say... My name is Lucas Nolan.

I'm an interrogation specialist.

I elicit useful information from a suspect, build a rapport, and utilize any techniques necessary to gather data.

At least, that's what the book says.

I'm good at it.

No, I'm great at it...

Peeling away every layer of a person's mind and uncovering a clue at the root of a problem.

And if you know what you're looking for... you can prevent it all from ever happening.

Shots fired! Shots fired! Code 236, we're under fire!

Shots fired! Shots fired!

Officer pinned down, taking heavy fire! Need backup!

All units, all units, please respond. Officers need assistance.

Shots fired. Go to this location: 2543 North 6th Avenue.

All units, officers need assistance. Shots fired.

Where the hell is that backup?

Who the hell are you?

Nolan, FBI. What do we got?

Suspect robbed the Bank of America. Tracked his car here.

Four seconds a clip. Probably an M4 automatic.

Five seconds to reload.

Hope he's consistent.

Hey, where are you going?

One, two, three, four...

What the hell is he doing? I have no idea.

One, two, three, four.

Four seconds. You're out.


How'd you know he was out?

Lucky guess.

Can I help you?

Are you in charge of bomb threats?

Excuse me? You know, this bomb is going to go off at this place, at this time.

You should be really scared type of thing.

When exactly is this bomb gonna go off?


Show me your hands. Show me your hands now!

Son of a bitch.

On the ground. On your knees now!

All right, go through.

Next. ID? Good to go.

How bad is it? No casualties, but bad enough.

Sixty square blocks with no electricity.

It'll take at least 12 hours to get it back online.

Good news, we still got power.

That's not good news. We could have the day off.

Yeah, I heard that.

Next. All right, go through.


We should get this started.

A man who gives himself up like that knows he's about to be interrogated.

Who's our guy? He's a memory savant.

He remembers anything and everything.

And he plays back highlights in his mind better than ESPN.

He's a walking, talking encyclopedia.

Never pretends he has more knowledge than the suspect to gain the upper hand because he does.

How is that possible?

What'd I miss? Nice of you to join us.

Luke, you know Special Agent Sara Ward.

Anti-terror, right?

So what do we got on this guy?

Not much.

Prints? Nope.

He filed them off. Or burned them.

We're running his face through the Bureau databases right now, but so far... I get it.

We got one wallet, empty. Some kind of paint smudge on it and a key with the letters "MS" scratched onto it.

How much time I got? You don't.

You think there's another bomb out there?

You two better be right about him.

I'm Lucas Nolan.

What's your name?

You tell me.

You read people for a living, don't you?

Dave. No, or is it Bob?

Or maybe a good old Tommy.

You don't look like a Tommy. Mm.

I read books. Far less annoying.

Then let's talk about books.

"If a tree falls in a park and there is no one to hear, it is silent, invisible, nameless.

If we were to vanish, there would be no tree at all.

All meaning would vanish along with us."

Let's talk about books now.

What's he doing?

Searching his memory house.

Am I the only one in here who doesn't know what the fuck a memory house is?

It's a memorization technique.

You see, our visual memory is the strongest, so Lucas has created a home in his mind to remember anything and everything.

That sounds like bullshit to me.

"If a tree falls in the park...

If we were to vanish, there would be no tree at all.

All meaning would vanish..."

William Fossett.

Natural States, originally published in 1754.

However, he stole his line of thinking from Berkeley, who asked the same question 44 years earlier with his Treatise on the Principles of Human Knowledge.

Section 45, if you wanna have a look.

He's a game-changer.

So you are familiar with the work.

It is a simple question, really.

Either you believe physical phenomena can exist outside the realm of human perception or you don't.

Come on. You must have an opinion.

I'll answer one of your questions, you answer one of mine.


Where were you born? That's his question?


Match up immigration records, photos, whatever you got.

Got it.

Iran, Syria, Egypt, Gaza.

He's playing us.

Does it matter?

Would you even be able to tell the difference?

Hmm? Okay.

So you came here when you were... Ah, ah, ah.

You're going to have to earn your next question.

I don't have time for games.

No, you don't, but you're going to play anyway.

What do you want? I want to be heard.

But for that to happen, I need someone to listen.

And if I don't?

You'll find out in 27 minutes.



America doesn't negotiate with terrorists.

It does today. And there are rules.

Do we understand each other?

I understand.


The rules are simple.

They are based on truth in a world where everybody lies.

With the biggest liars winning elections and the greediest companies thriving, I am going to tell you the truth about who I am and what I want.

Then I'm going to ask you a question based on that truth.

You get it right, you win a prize.

You get it wrong, people die right now.

I want electronic countermeasures on this building.

No wireless signals in or out.

Got it.

This whole nightmare of a country is built on lies.

Everywhere you look, women with fake tits.

You turn on the television, all you see are reality shows, homes none of us own, a leader who says he's going to take care of people.

Online, you have a thousand friends, and not one in real life.

All lies.

And do you know which ones are the worst?

The ones you come to believe.

And what is the biggest lie of all?

...the biggest lie of all.

The American Dream.

Well done.

For that, you get a prize.

One question, one answer. Where's the next bomb gonna go off?

Corner of Nicollet and 5th.

Get PD to evac the buildings for one square block and set up a hard perimeter.

I want SWAT and EOD on Nicollet and 5th now.

What's there, Becky?

Offices, storefronts, a tower, apartments.

Too much. What are you doing?

You can't just walk away from him.

We're both coming with you. Absolutely not.

Why did he come in here? What?

Why did he give himself up? Because he's a psychopath.

Yes. No. Maybe.

But what he is doesn't matter.

Why did he come in here? Why did he give himself up?

Why did he just tell us where the bomb is?

He doesn't think we'll find it in time.

And what, you think he's just gonna show you where it is?

Yes, but not from in here. I need him on-site.

He'll unconsciously give up more there than he ever would here. Oh, for Christ's sake.

What if he is just lying to get out of here?

You're right. He is by definition, but that doesn't mean a bomb isn't about to go off.

If we wanna stop him, we have to let him think he's in control.

And what if he is the one in control?

He's not.

Just let me do my thing.

He's coming with.

If this goes south, it's on you.

Hey, in here!

Exciting, isn't it?

Oh, come on.

You could be stuck at your desk talking about the lousy weather or how the T-wolves are losing again or what poisonous fast food you're going to pick up for lunch.

Stuck in the same bullshit conversations with the same bullshit people as every other day of your life.

Nothing like a ticking bomb to get the blood pumping.

Ever heard of a treadmill? Do I look like a hamster?

Do you really want to waste your precious energy spinning a wheel that goes nowhere?

The bigger the crime, the bigger the challenge.

And everybody wants to beat the best.

The faster your precious promotion, your hollow pay-raise comes.

What do you think?

I think you talk too much.

Hey, it's just my two cents.

I wish you'd chose a different path 'cause there was a fork in your road somewhere.

You think you're walking the righteous path, the right path, but you're not. Your map's all wrong.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this path is just gonna see you at the bottom of a grave.

And how can you be so sure?

Because I've seen others walk it before you.

Just my two cents.

Road clear. Area has been evacuated.

Explosives team is on the way. On the way?

Get the barrier!

Move! Let's go, let's go!

Four minutes.

How do you wanna play it?

Let's see your work up close and personal, shall we?

What are you doing?

My job. What are you doing?

You better not screw this up.

I wasn't planning on it, but thank you.

What now? We walk.

Then you take this. Keep the receiver open.

I wanna hear everything.

You ever consider maybe I'm not afraid to die?

You think I'm just going to tell you where it is?

You already have.

Here I am, an open book, all the information right there in front of you, and still you need my help.

You don't want this bomb to go off any more than I do.

And why would that be? 'Cause you're not done yet.


Who are these innocents to you?

Do they really mean anything to you?

But, more importantly, do you mean anything to them?

Do you think any one of them would stop on the street and give you a quarter if you were starving?

No. You're not doing this for them.

A town like these people, you are far too intelligent to lie to yourself about what you really are.

You know the truth about yourself.

What's that?

You're having fun.


I am going to tell you the truth about who I am and what I want.

This whole goddamn nightmare of a country is built on lies.

Women with fake tits.

All you see are reality shows, a leader who says he's going to take care of people.

Online, you have a thousand friends, and not one in real life.

All lies.

What is the biggest lie of all?

Everybody knows a house is nothing without a neighborhood.

Talk to us about your mortgage options today.

Live your dream. The American Dream.

What is the biggest lie of all?

The American Dream.

Mortgage office.

Mortgage office, let's go!

Guess you're a hero now, Lucas. Am I?

You are if you believe in causality.

Cause and effect, you fire a gun, the bullet hits something or someone.

You cross the wrong man, he wants to kill you.

You disarm a bomb, you become a hero.

The thing about causality is that it cuts both ways.

Given a different effect, the same cause can make a hero into a fool.

Hey, whoa, whoa, what are you doing? Hey, hey!

Get down!

Where did he go?

Can you see him? Can you see him?

Don't let him get away!

Okay, okay!

I'm out.

Drop it.

On your knees. Now!


Nobody move!

Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Hands up now! Hands up!

We're training your mind, Lucas, so you can do anything.

Washington, Jefferson, Buchanan, and Coolidge.


And now tell me, when you go inside your memory house, is there anything more beautiful?

Yes. A real house.

Money isn't everything, Lucas.

God will provide... Well, can He buy us a house or a car or clothes?

Because you can't.

Dad, what did you do?

Dad, it was my fault. I'm sorry.

Why didn't you shoot him, Lucas?

Because he has more bombs out there.

All right, Becky, what did he do? Not sure.

Whatever this is, it's encrypted. Well, if you had to guess.

Well, this office is a data hub, so that means the servers connect to bank alarm systems, to hospitals, to the airport.

Might be information or a virus.

I won't know until I crack the code and pull it apart.

Well, if it was a virus, wouldn't the firewall stop it?

He was already in the system.

So you're telling us that whatever he did can't be stopped?

Yeah, short of unplugging everything and causing a complete shutdown in our financial, health, security, and transportation system? No.

Get back to the office. Do whatever you have to do.

Just crack it. On it.

He's done.

He's just starting.

He's lived his entire life for this moment. You understand that?

What I understand is that we've done exactly what he wanted us to do.

I'm taking over this interrogation.

Then you might as well tell everybody to go home and start praying right now because you're not gonna stop him.

And you are?

He has been toying with you since the minute you walked into that interrogation room.

Two hours, and we know exactly nothing about him.

Not his name, where he lives, what he wants, what his next target is.

You're missing the point.

It's not who his name is or what he wants or even what he's gonna blow up next because that is going to happen.

Get him the hell out of here.

Go home, Luke.

Have a drink. We'll take it from here.



What the hell are you doing?

I know where he lives. You got an address?

No, but I'll get you within a quarter mile.

I'll bet my career on it. You just did. Well, let's go!

No one in there is going to talk to you with me looking like this.

Come on, this is undignified.


Well, here's your dignity.

Hey, friend, spare a dollar?


Bullshit. Hey, man.

Special Agent Bennett.


So... ass-face, I want you to tell me if you have seen this man before.


You sure about that?

Someone not quite so rosy white walks in here, I'm pretty sure you'd remember that.

I'm sure.

If that face showed up in here, I'd remember.

So whatever you assholes came in here for, it ain't here, so why don't you do a little 180 and get the hell out of my bar?

Unlike you, most people know where they're not wanted.


So what do you make of that?

Looks like he was exactly where he was wanted.


So you believe all this garbage?

What, that whites are superior?

Mm-hmm. Better.

You know, I read a lot.

Even disgusting crap like Mein Kampf.

You know what I know for sure?

Is that behind hate is fear.

You're just a coward.

Yeah, behind all this bravado, you're just a scared little cunt.

Hey, don't move! Stay back!

Don't move! Sit down. Now.

Don't move. I know you've seen him.

Fuck you!

Hey! Don't move.

Sit down.

What about you? Have you seen him?

'Cause I've got all day to bounce your head off this bar.

Yeah, I've seen him a few times.

Where does he live?

I know the dude. I don't fuck him. Why was he here?

I'm guessing it wasn't for the hospitality and hors d'oeuvres.

Freeze! Don't move.

The feds, man! Heads up!


Thanks, man.

Well, that was stupid.


No, definitely.

You should've waited for backup. You're too smart to let it get personal.

You get stupid again and you're out.

The detonators are military grade.

Digital timers. Explosives?

Nothing. What do you mean nothing?

This place is clean. No explosives anywhere inside.

You gotta give me something better than that.

Well, one of the detonator units was missing from the box.

That's the best I got. Shit.

I'm gonna go see if they know anything.


They won't know anything more.

He kept his bomb components separate so only one can be compromised at a time.

But he lives close. I bet we'll find our explosives there.

How can you be sure? He has no ID, no driver's license.

He doesn't come up on any CCTV matches, so he doesn't take the bus or train.

Too much surveillance.

You keeping it together, Luke?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

'Cause you don't look fine.

Come on, this is undignified.

I've seen him a few times.

Where does he live?

Do you think any one of them would stop on the street and give you a quarter if you were starving?


No, I've never seen him before.

What's he doing?

Proving that no good deed goes unpunished.

Oh, thanks.

Yeah, he lives right around the corner...

Let's go! Come on, let's go.

Prepare to move. Follow where they're going.

You're the boss. Let's go.

Talk to me.

Had one wallet, empty.

...a key with the letters "MS" scratched on it.

...a key with the letters "MS" scratched on it.

"MS" was scratched into the key, right?

Melissa Smith, apartment 34.


He's smarter than this. He wanted us here.

It's either part of the game he has us playing or it's a trap.

I want EOD at Jackson and Grant now.

Yep, I got it.

All right, just got a hit on Melissa Smith.

She's 35, clerical worker, unmarried, no children.

Facebook page says she likes cats and Internet dating.

No Social Security, no driver's license.

It's an alias. She doesn't exist.

Perfect alias. Wouldn't raise any flags.

Okay, guys, this is taking too long.

Almost there.

We're all good. No booby traps.

We still need a warrant. Yeah, you get on that, Sara.

What are they?

Power grid. Water mains. Gas lines. Internet.

He's got a blueprint to the entire city's infrastructure.

Bring him up.

This is a crime scene. The real crime hasn't happened yet.

Do it.

Bring him up.

What are you?

Let's find out.

Well, make yourselves at home.

Uh, be careful with that, please.

Well? You're jerking me around.

You're only starting to figure that out?

But you led us here on purpose.

Who says I led you anywhere? You're calling the shots.

What I do know is that you want me to keep playing.

You've already lost.

Well, then you won't mind if I walk. It's hard playing against yourself.


I want you to keep playing.

Then you're gonna have to make this much more interesting.

What do you want? I want to change the world.

Is that why you paint? To change your world?

The world's an ugly place.

You wanna make it beautiful, so you paint?

You need a blank canvas, am I right?

Everything around us is fake, Lucas. Why shouldn't I burn it down?

You must've had a fucked-up childhood.

To end up like this, living like this, I mean, you got some serious issues.

But we both know where they came from.

Really? And where is that, Lucas?


Did some woman break your heart?

Was it Mommy?

She didn't love you enough?

Whatever it is, it's clear that you hate women.

You think you know me. You don't know shit.

Just got a hit on Melissa Smith.

It's an alias. She doesn't exist.

She likes cats and Internet dating.

...Internet dating.

Internet dating...

Wait, is that his laptop?

Not surprising. He used private browsing.

Nice hack. I see Becky's been rubbing off on you a bit.

We need to get her on the phone right now.

What's up? Beck, MNluvconnect.

Run any woman he might've met in the last six months against construction companies, uh, demolition firms, commercial contractors, anyone you can cross-reference with explosives.

A password would be great.

Seems to me like you have two options, Lucas.

You can get a warrant, or you can ask me.

Not enough time for one, too much pride for the other.

Pity. You were doing so well.

If we wanna stop him, we have to let him think he's in control.


Oh, now you've gone and done it.

The fuck did you do, hmm? Nothing.

It was him. I'm sitting right here. Fifty seconds and she blows, Lucas.

Stop it. Shoot me.

Throw it out the window. He can't do that.

He knows the answer he needs is inside.

He throws it out, he has nothing, and I win.

Tick-took, tick-tock, brother.

Here I am, an open book with all the information right there in front of you.

"If a tree falls in the park and there's no one to hear, it is silent, invisible, and nameless."

Philosophy. Do it.

This is seriously messed up.

And we are... in.

Got ya.

Yep. Thanks.

Joan Marian. And I care why?

'Cause she's co-owner of Marian Demolition, and their demo is explosives.

Her name came up on our boy's little sex site.

Where? Richmond.

Let's go.

Let's move!

Hey, you can't go in there!

Joan Marian? Special Agent Eric Bennett.

What is this about?

Oh, I think you have a good idea what it's about.

Oh, God.

Is there anything you wanna tell us, Mrs. Marian?

Um... I'm unhappy in my marriage.

I went on a dating website and he pinged me, and so we went out on a date...

I could give a shit about any of this. Did he give you a name?

Vasti. Vasti Radan.

I'm on it.

Oh, God.

If I had known it was him, I swear I would have turned him in.

How much did he take?

A lot. Oh, Christ...

Show us, please.

It's like these drums here.

Take him outside.

Okay, so he stole two barrels off you.

A little over a week ago.

What kind? What's its application?

It's the powder form. Go ahead.

It's highly conductive.

Add formaldehyde and you can mold it into shaped charges or apply it to pretty much anything.

Like what?

Plaster, concrete, paper, paint even.

We use it mainly to pour into drilled, reinforced concrete supports, then let it dry for three days and then...

...we detonate. Oh, Christ.


Don't move.

Vasti Radan. Very little on him.

We did get a hit on his father, a Magid Radan.

Tax records show that he worked for a private security agency called Simons Security.

It's basic rent-a-cop that contracts out to federal agencies.

He was good for three years, then he was found drunk on the job.

Company fired him, he lost everything and more.

He was sued for unpaid debts.

His home was foreclosed on. He fell off the map.

Two years later, he was found dead in an alley in Chinatown.

So this is personal. Good.

How the hell is any of this good? That means his targets aren't random.

There's a... a method behind them, a logic pattern.

But what pattern? That's the question.

I'm not sure yet.

All right, what do you wanna do?

Ask him.

Book her.

Do you miss your dad?

Hmm. She told you my name.

Yep. You wanted her to.

And why would I do that? So I can figure out why you did it.

What you want is locked up in here.

I don't think you have the time...

or the talents to unlock this vault.

Seems a waste of water to wash a car in the rain.

Power grid, water mains, gas lines.

He's got a blueprint to the entire city's infrastructure.

Hey, Why'd you turn the water off? Water mains.

Explosion reported. 935 5th Avenue.

He just hit the... The water department.

And two substations. They're shutting down the pumps.

All of them. And without water... The fire department can't fight fires.

Eric, he is finished.

Get him in the car. We're taking him back to the federal building.

What's it going to be, Lucas?

More talking? No.

I've done enough of that. It's your turn.

Tell me everything I know.

You know my father was a drunk.

He was fired from his job and lost everything.

And you know or should know or will know that my mother died six months after that.

I lived on the streets and was forced to fend for myself, educate myself.

Everything I am today is because of a system of people like you.

You know that I have over a thousand pounds of high explosives somewhere in the city and that I am not afraid to detonate them.

But what you don't know is where or really why.

Now, you can take me to Gitmo and torture me, but we both know that won't work.

And you can even offer me money, but you know I would only laugh in your smug face.

Hey, hey, hey, come on! Get him off! Get off!

Come on! Lucas! Lucas!

Get him in the car.

You take yourself so seriously.

Go home. That's an order. Go.

Got a wallet with some kind of paint smudge on it.

It's a powder form. Highly conductive.

Add formaldehyde and you can mold it into shaped charges or apply it to pretty much anything.

Like what?

...paint even.


Some kind of paint smudge on it.

I gotta go.

Hey, hey!

It's okay, let him go.

What are you doing here, Lucas?

Evidence. What?

Vasti Radan's wallet. I need it.

Lucas, you can't take that.

I need an explosives test kit.

There you are.

What are you doing? Just give me a minute.

The paint. He mixed explosives with paint.

A building? Maybe.

There's over 200,000 in the city alone.

It'll take months to check every single one of them.

We need to find out where he worked.

It would have something to do with painting.

Commercial painting, uh, I need you to find out where.

There's no job records, there's no EDD filings, there's no tax records for a Vasti Radan.

He used an alias. What alias?

I need a name.

Let's talk about books, then.

"If a tree falls in the park and there is no one to hear..."

William Fossett.

A William Fossett was terminated from his position at a commercial painting company after starting three days ago.

His employer, Bleaker Paint Works, filed a charge for a trespass and illegal entry into their warehouse.

Seems like he stole some supplies.

When the PD checked the address, it didn't exist.

I need his most job recent site, Beck.

They were contracted to paint the inside of the Federal Reserve Bank.

You did it, Lucas. I didn't.

Get Eric. Yeah.

No answer. Shit.

I was starting to think you weren't going to make it.

How are you holding up, buddy?

Wanna tell me what the hell you're doing, Lucas?

Solving a case. No, you're the case now.

Bring him back, turn yourself in.

Can't do that, Eric. We talked to Becky.

We know about the Federal Reserve. EOD teams are en route now.

They won't find it.

What are you talking about? The paint.

It takes three days to dry. He quit three days ago.

He's gonna detonate it and he doesn't think we can stop him in time.

Hold on, hold on!


Okay, so what do you wanna do?

I'm gonna give him a choice: life or death.

You wanna take him inside?

About America. How unfair it is.

So he wants to burn the Federal Reserve to the ground.

But I don't think he's willing to die to make his point.

And if you're wrong? I'm not.

Go, go, go, go, go!

Stop backseat driving!

Maybe he's onto something. He hasn't steered us wrong yet.

Yeah, well, he hasn't steered us right yet either.

Priority command, Special Agent Lucas Nolan.

He's heading to the Federal Reserve with a suspected terrorist.

I want them stopped.


Put your hands up! Knees!


Put it down! Drop it!

Drop it! You drop it!

Freeze! I'm FBI.

You put it down! I said drop it! Now! Now!

Kick it over.

Get up.

That was fun.

Just act normal or I'll shoot you.

Lucas Nolan, FBI. I need to speak to someone in charge.

Edward Watson, building facility manager.

Everyone's cleared out of the building now.

Okay, good. Was the bank painted recently?

Uh, yes.

How much of the bank was painted, Mr. Watson?

Well, everything. Over 200,000 square feet.

How much time do we have? Not enough.

What you want is locked up in here.

I don't think you have the time or the talents to unlock this vault.

Did they paint the vault?

Uh, yes. Take us there, please.

Uh, this way.

Do you still have power? Uh, some.

Backup generator's enough to run basic systems.

Surveillance cameras? Uh, no.

Not until power's restored, but that won't happen till 6:00 PM.

Check down there.

Down here.

Tell me about the vault.

Thirty feet of reinforced steel, set 60 feet below street level.

It's designed to be almost impregnable from outside attack.

So how much is in there?

Twenty billion in coin and currency come through here every year.

Right now at the end of the month, close to three billion.

Exterior doors are electronically controlled.

No getting in or out unless the guard inside knows you.

Watson, Edward.

This way.

Open it, please.

Please. The currency is surrounded by an electrical field.

If you touch even a single bill, full lockdown will occur.

No detonator.

God damn it, Lucas.

Take your weapon out, put it on the ground.

Now! The paint is the explosive.

We gotta stop this. It's gonna blow somehow.

The detonator, it's in here.

Check it out.

Explosive is confirmed.

I'm not picking up a detonator.

I'm not finding any detonators either.

Okay, what else is in here besides money?

Plates and electronic currency wiring stations in there.

What for? We can wire money anywhere in the world.

All you need is an account number.

Can you feel it, Lucas?

The energy is positively electric. We're so close, I can taste it.

Can you? No?

Maybe you should try harder. How am I going to do it?

How am I going to detonate all this explosive?

I've given you the answer, all the tells, everything you need.

Now, impress me. How am I going to get away with it?

Or am I?

You still have surveillance cameras?

No, not until power is restored.

We heard that's gonna happen at 6:00 PM.

6:00 PM.

Eric, does your cell phone work?


Mr. Watson, do you have a phone line to the outside?

Uh, there.

Hey. Do you have Joan Marian?

She's in interview three. I need to talk to her.

Now? Yes, now. Right now.

It's Lucas Nolan.

Yes? Mrs. Marian, you said the explosives were highly conductive.

Conductive of what? Electricity.

That's how we detonate it. We use electrical current.

There's electrical current everywhere. Why is it stable?

It's because of the differentials.

It responds to rapid fluctuations in current.

The building's the detonator.

It's gonna blow when the power comes back on.

We need to get out of here. Eric, now!

Okay, I was wrong about him. I didn't understand.

I thought he cared about living. He doesn't.

In order for his plan to work, he needs to die.

Oh, Christ.

Okay, this vault is gonna blow at 6:00.

No, no, no.

Shh. Well done. I must say I am impressed.

Let her go. Then they'll shoot me.

Fine, then take me. Why?

Because I'm willing to pay the price. These people aren't. She's not.

Okay. Walk towards me.

Slowly. Slowly.

Take the shot if you get it. Copy that.

Now the lesson is over. Now go.

We're not fucking moving anywhere. You need to get out of here now!

Not without you. Eric, go!

Emergency. Vault shutdown.

Move! Out! Out now! I'm sorry.

I am so sorry. Go, go.

Eric, now!

I'm not gonna fucking leave you here! Eric, go!

Go! It's closing! Go! God damn it.

God damn it!

Hey. Becky, what did you hear?

The explosive is triggered by electrical current fluctuations.

Okay, get with the power company right now.

Tell them not to turn the power back on.

That wasn't 2,000 pounds of anything.

Maybe he's alive. Open the door.

I can't. Open the goddamn door!

I can't! Nobody can. Not until an hour after lockdown.

Oh, Jesus!

I need welders down here now.

Becky? I can't do anything. I'm on hold.

God damn it!

Please tell me he's gonna be all right.

Everything's gonna be fine.

What the hell?

My computer just shut down.

Same here. It's erasing the files.

Damn it.

What's happening, guys?

The virus, it's wiping the servers, the backups, everything.


Four bombs and only two casualties.

It appears... Special Agent Lucas Nolan is credited with saving the lives of numerous federal agents and local...

Estimates put the paper losses in the range of $3 billion, however, as the money never... FBI's Minneapolis office experienced a cyber attack.

Their secured servers systematically erased all data, including records involving suspected bomber Vasti Radan.

I'm honored to give the eulogy for Lucas Nolan today.

A colleague... and a close friend.

A man who came from literally nothing to becoming the best behavioral analyst I have ever worked with.

A childhood of poverty, a life on the streets, and... and the ability to find courage in the face of what happened to his father was a testament to Lucas's strong-willed mind.

A mind that... that baffled us all.

As we remember Lucas today,

let's hold him in our hearts and remember him, not just the colleague... and not just a hero, because he was.

Let's remember a friend.

God bless Lucas and Godspeed.

Yep, that's quite the send-off.

Come on!

Get him!

Get off him now.

I'm Lucas. I'm Vasti.

You gonna put down my gun now?

Can I?

How do I know you're still with the plan?

It wasn't the easiest plan to follow, but I stayed on point.


That was some convincing shit, brother.

Oh, you think so? I thought maybe I went over the top.

Are you kidding me? You had me thinking you were one of them.

Well, what about that accent? Where'd you pick that up?

I had five years to work on it.

And Why'd you come on so hard in the fight?

Dude, you shot at me. I shot near you.

Okay, whatever. We gotta get going. You ready?


Here we go.


That's a lot of zeros.

We good? Oh, we are so good.

Let's go.

I hate tight spaces. You got this.

Okay, this is the only part of the plan I was not crazy about.

You okay? Yeah, I got this.

How much time before the water comes back on?

We got six minutes, so we gotta book it. Let's go.

All right, ladies first. Yeah, suck it up, buttercup.

You okay back there?

Yeah, aside from the 2,000 pounds of high explosives on my ass.

That means the water's coming. We gotta haul ass!

Water's coming!

Go, go, go, go, go!

All right, man, we should get going.

One last stop. Yep.

Knight to queen four. Checkmate.

I heard you were dead.

Yeah. I heard that, too.

Come on.

Planes waiting. Fake passports cost me a fortune.

Uh, is there any rush?

Not anymore.

The terrorist responsible and a hero perished in the attack.

But today, we look forward knowing that as a people we are unbowed.

In other news, an anonymous donor has pledged $100 million for the establishment of scholarships and other services for homeless children in and around the Minneapolis area.

So what drives a person to commit a crime?

I guess I'm that individual who found the smallest chink in the system's armor and benefited from it.