Into the Arms of Danger (2020) Script

Okay, okay, okay.

Dude, I am so glad that high school is over.

Here's to Whittendale U.

Only three more months until we're roomies.

And I can't wait.

I'm so excited. I know, me too.

How's your mom taking all this?

Not great.

Honestly, she keeps trying to bribe me.

Last week, she offered me a new car if I stay home and commute.

And you said no? I'm not bailing on you.

We've got plans. That we do.

Just, I don't know, try to enjoy your summer with her, ya know?

Before you know it, we are going to be cramped in a tiny little dorm room.

Oh! Oh my gosh.

I'm so sorry. That's okay.

Can I get you a towel? Uh, maybe.

Or a new drink? Well, since we don't know you, I'll get the drink.

Fair enough. Okay.

It's okay. No, I'm usually, like, way more charming than this.

Promise. Right.

I'm Drake. I'm Jenny.

I've seen you around.

Friends of friends. Ah, okay, friends of friends.

Uh, let's get you that towel, yeah?

Okay. Cool.

Wow, that's a good college.

Your parents must be proud.

They are.

Um... actually, my dad died about a year ago.

So... ever since then, my mom's been clinging on pretty tight.

Right when I'm about to start my own life.

I'm sorry.

Hey, if you, uh... want an early taste of college life, my band is playing this weekend.

It's out at Wildwood Park College, so.

It's a bit of a drive but the music's worth it.

What do you play?

Almost everything.

Guitar, bass, keyboard, little bit of drums.

Wow. A Renaissance man.


In case you can make it.

Sounds great.

Oh my God, is that the time?

I have to go.

I'm sorry. No, that's okay.

Nice meeting you. That's cool.

You know where to find me. Yup.


Please, come on, start.


Um, I'm late. I'm sorry, I lost track of time and my car won't start.

I'll come get you. No, I'll just...

I'll call roadside. No, that'll take an hour.

I can be there in ten minutes.

I'd rather just take care of it now so that I have my car in the morning.

Hey, everything okay?

Jenny, who is that?

Just someone I met at the party.

Yes, everything's fine. I am just having car troubles.

Pop the hood for me.

Jenny, don't get out of the car.

I will come get you. Mom, it's fine.

I will call you back.


This wire's really shot but I think I got it.

Okay, try it now.

You're all set.

Starter definitely needs to be replaced.

I will get right on that.

Seriously, thank you so much. Happy to help a damsel in distress.

I feel like I need to repay you somehow.

Come to my show.

Seriously, I would love to see you there.

Okay. Wait, Mom?

Are you all right? I'm fine.

Drake got my car started.

Hi, Mrs. Monroe. Yeah, thank you for your help.

You can go now.

Wow. Okay.

Uh, you're welcome.

Jenny, are you okay? Yes!

Okay, we need to go.

Now! Get in the car.

I can't believe you did that. Did what?

I was concerned about you.

He was helping me and you treated him like he was a rapist or something!

Well, I was worried. You have to stop.

Stop what? Hovering.

Trying to protect me all the time.

You're always thinking that something bad is gonna happen.

Well, I'm trying to keep you safe.

I am safe.

I can't live my life afraid to walk out the front door like a prisoner. Okay? I won't.

Are you sure you wanna do this?

I can call Aunt Sadie. Mom, don't you dare.

I am 18, I don't need a babysitter.

I just don't like the idea of you staying home alone.

I'll invite Nicole over.

Mom, please, don't worry.

Okay, just go, have fun.

Have fun? At a conference for medical equipment?

I doubt it. Maybe you'll meet a cute guy.

Hm, no.

I'm sorry about last night.

With everything that's happened to us, I get scared sometimes.

I know.

But you don't have to.

I will be home Sunday afternoon.

I'll call you when I get to the hotel.

Okay. Have a safe flight.

I love you, kiddo. Love you too.


Hey, it's Drake. Leave a message.

Hi, Drake. It's Jenny, from last night.

It looks like I'm able to go tonight.

So, I'll see you soon.

Hey, world is turning And I've been searching for you everywhere For you everywhere And every move we make, every st...


Hi, Mom. Hey, sweetheart.

I just got to the hotel.

How are you?

Uh, I'm fine.

I actually got invited to a concert.

So I'm on my way there now.

A concert? Where?

Uh, Wildwood Park College.

Drake's band is playing.

Wildwood, that's like two hours away.

Is Nicole with you? No.

She couldn't make it. It's just me.

You're gonna drive all the way by yourself?

It's fine! I'm half an hour away.

A half hour? Why didn't you tell me this?

Because I knew what you would say and I didn't want you trying to stop me from going.

Mom, I'm about to start college.

Yeah, I know, and you still have a lot more maturing to do.

Look, just because you decided to stop having a life when Dad died does not mean that I have to.

Is that what you think? Well, it's true!

Isn't it? I mean, you're home every single night, tending to me, hovering over me, prying into all of my business.

I'm taking care of you.

I don't need you to take care of me anymore!

Jenny, you barely know this boy.

You need to turn around and come home now.

No! No, I am done listening.

Please just get your own life and stop meddling in...




Jenny, answer me!

What's happened?

Jenny, are you there?

Jenny, answer me!

Jenny, are you okay?

Mom. Honey, are you all right?

I ran off the road. Oh my God.

Are you hurt?

Um, I just... I hit my head on the steering wheel.

That doesn't sound good, that sounds serious.

You could have a concussion!

Um, it doesn't hurt though. I'm just a little shook up.

Well, look, just stay calm, everything's gonna be okay.

We just need to get somebody out there to check on you.

Great, and my car won't start again.

Honey, you can't drive like this.

Tell me where you are and I'll call 9-1-1.

I don't know. Look, let me call them, maybe they can track my phone or something.

Fine, but call me back after you call them so I at least know that they're on their way.

Okay? Okay.

9-1-1, what's your emergency?

Hi, yes, um, I just got in an accident and my car is stuck.

What's your location?

Um... somewhere on Highway 9.

Can you be more specific?

Any landmarks?

Um, not really.

Wait, um, there's a marker, it says 183.

Okay, got it. Are you hurt?

Um, I hit my head and I'm a little dizzy.

All right, just stay with your vehicle, we'll be there as soon as we can.

It may take a little while.

That's okay. I'm not going anywhere.

Thank you.

I'm here. They're on their way.

Okay. Okay, good.

Um, I'm gonna stay with you on the phone until they get there, okay?

I'm leaving now. I'm gonna get the next flight back.

No, no, Mom, don't. No, no, Jenny, please.

Honestly, you're doing me a favor.

You have no idea how boring these conferences are.


I'm really sorry about what I said earlier.

That's okay, we can talk about it later.

What was that?

The ambulance is here.

That was fast. Good.

Good, maybe they were close by.

Count your blessings.

I looked it up, the nearest hospital is Ridgeside Memorial.

That's probably where they're taking you, so just text me and stay there till I come get you.

It's a two and a half hour flight home, so it's gonna be a while.

Thanks, Mom. Okay.

You all right, miss?

Yeah, I'm okay.


Let's, uh, let my partner take a look.

Make sure.

Take your jacket off for me, please.

Have a seat.

You guys got here fast.

We were in the area.

Guess it's your lucky night.

You look young for an EMT.

Just got one of those faces.

Any pain or discomfort at all?

Look up for me, please.

Follow my finger.

Hey, what's he doing?

Keep following, we're almost done here.

All right, good, no sign of a concussion.

Okay, hey, that's my stuff.

Just a sedative. Get away from me!

Stop it! No, let me go!

Stop it!

Don't fight it.

What is this?

Where am I?

You're home.

That is to make sure you don't try to run off.

Uh-uh, I wouldn't do that if I were you.

It won't do any permanent damage but... it doesn't feel good.

Be smart, Jenny.

How do you know my name?

I'm Clyde.

Not that you asked.

Why are you doing this?

You were supposed to take me to a hospital.

You mean the ambulance.

Best thing Daddy ever did before he died.

Bought it at auction.

Had no idea how handy it would come in.

Where's my car?

Nobody's gonna find it out there in the woods.

Help me!


Help me, please, somebody help me!

Help me! You can stop.

There's no one for miles who can hear you.

Help me!

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Now that was one of the lower settings.

You have to let me go.

Please, I swear I won't tell anybody.

No, can't do that.

Besides, you just got here.

Why are you doing this?

Put that dress on.

It's time to meet Momma.

No, please.

Please, please, you have to let me go.

I swear to God, I won't tell anybody. Please!

I'll give you five minutes to get dressed.

After that... I'll dress you myself.

Your choice.

But you don't want to keep Momma waiting.

That's not possible.

The ambulance was on its way when we hung up the phone.

You were the ones dispatched.

Like I said, there was no one there when we arrived.

Not even her car?

A blue Focus? Nothing.

Have you checked with the other medical centers?

Of course I have.

She hasn't checked in to any of them.

Then I don't know what to tell you.

How about you just tell me where the hell my daughter is!

I'm sorry, ma'am.

I wish I could help.


Come on.


Why are you doing this? Shh!

Do as you're told. You'll be all right.

We've got a surprise for you, Momma.

Oh, my sweet girl.

You're finally home.

Oh, my sweet, sweet Lizzy. Look, I don't... I don't know what you're talking about, I'm not Lizzy.

I told you boys she'd come back, right?

You did, Momma. Yeah, Momma's always right.

Listen to me, you've made a mistake.

Okay, my name is Jenny. It's Jennifer Monroe.

I am not Lizzy. Of course you're Lizzy.

Just like the day you left.

But now you're home and everything is gonna be just like it used to be.


No, no...


Here, look, see?

See, is this Lizzy?

Look, this is not me.

Your hair's a little different but that don't matter.

Momma can fix that, I can make it right as rain.

Stop! You've made a mistake!

Please, you have to just let me go!

Okay, enough of the silly talk.

You're home now.

Everything's gonna be just like it used to be.

I'm going to make a very special dinner to celebrate.

Your favorite.

My God. You're insane.

All of you.

I told you never to use that word.

It is not crazy for Momma to want to keep everybody close.

Keep everyone safe!

Now, you come help me in the kitchen.

Maybe she felt okay, decided she'd rather go to the concert.

Well, what about her car? Got it started again, drove off, went to meet this Drake.

No. She would have called me, would've answered her phone. Not if she didn't want to.

How are things at home? You two been getting along okay?

I know what you're thinking. So?

Yes, there's been some tension but nothing that would cause this.

No, but the boy, who I'm guessing you didn't approve of, which could be why she isn't calling.

No. No, she wouldn't do that. Look, I'm just ruling out every possibility.

Okay, listen to me! My daughter is missing!

Give a description of her car to my desk sergeant.

We'll put out an APB.

You got a number for this Drake?

No. I... she just met him, I'll get it.

Mrs. Monroe, I know it's hard, but sometimes our kids have a life we know nothing about.

I know my daughter.

That's not who she is.

Oh. There she is.

Our special girl.

Sit down.

You look lovely.



We say grace first.

Thank you, dear Lord, for bringing our special baby girl back home to us.

And thank you, Lord, for showing us that you heard our prayers.


Amen. Amen.

You know, you can't just keep me here.

People are gonna come looking for me.

Now, I told you, if you ran away, you'd be back, but you didn't wanna listen.

It's just a matter of time before they get here.

Listen, if you let me go, I'll try and help you.

Isn't this so nice? Just like we used to do.

You have to let me go!

People are going to find me!

People don't just disappear.

Lizzy, stop this nonsense, now.

You're ruining our special dinner.

Stay back!

Lizzy, sit down and eat your dinner before it gets cold.

Give me the remote.

Give it to me!


Open the door!

Lizzy, sit down.

My name is not Lizzy!

No... it's... Look, this is how she always acts when she first comes home.

Just ignore her.

She'll settle.

You have to let me go!

No, I don't.

You're family and family... stays together.

Oh, Nicole, thanks for calling me back.

Did she call you? No.

I haven't heard from her. Have you?


Okay, listen, I need the number of the boy she met at the party, Drake.

Drake? Yeah.

Safe in your bed where you belong.

Sweet dreams, baby.

Momma is so glad you're home.

There are other places you can sleep, like the basement.

Choice is yours.

Tommy gave me a locket.

Best gift ever.

I'm never gonna take it off.

Tommy told me he loves me.

Can't tell Momma. She'd freak.

Oh my God, Tommy and I did it.

It hurt, but it was so nice.

Momma made me break up with Tommy.

I hate her.

I hate her so much.

I'm leaving tomorrow night.

I can't be around her anymore.

I just hope she doesn't take it out on Guy.

Good work.

You know, things'll get easier if you let 'em.

You will grow to like it here.

Like Lizzy did?

Is that why she ran away?

Upstairs bathroom needs cleaned.

Why don't you go get on that?

Hey, Clyde?


She's running!



Lizzy, no!

The electric fence.

It sets it off.

Here, give it to me, I'll make it stop.


Let her learn her lesson.

That's enough.


Get her back to the house.

And give her a shot.

That was stupid, what you did.

Now you pull something like that again... you make Momma unhappy... and you'll go away just like the last Lizzy did.


You thought you were the first Lizzy we brought home?

Smarten up.

Or things'll get a lot worse.

Unit 37 responding to the domestic violence call.

All clear. Roger, 37.

Any emergency unit in the area?

Hello? Hello, hello, can anybody hear me?

This is emergency vehicle 43, we are en route to the crash site.

Hello, please. I was taken by a family.

I'm in a house that's somewhere in the woods.

It's, um, uh, uh, off of, I think, Highway 9.

Hello? Hello, please respond.

Lizzy doesn't look happy in those photos.

You're Lizzy.

I'm not.

You know that.

Momma thinks you are and she's happy again.

That's all that matters.

She ran away, didn't she?

With Tommy.

How do you know that name?

Um... I read a note in her room from him.

Don't say that name in front of Momma.

It's why they fought all the time.

That's why she ran away?

I came downstairs one morning and she was gone.

They said she ran off in the middle of the night.

Snuck out somehow.

It was the last that we heard from her.

It was too much for Momma.

Something inside her... snapped.

She kept calling out to Lizzy like she was still here, talking to her in the middle of the night.

And then she'd realize and... it'd start over.

How many other Lizzys have there been?

You're the second.

What happened to the first?

She upset Momma.

That's why you need to behave.

Stop fighting.

Or you'll end up like she did.

When Momma's unhappy, she sends you to the basement.

It's where all the rats are and other... things.

Crawly things.

I never go down, just Clyde.

Please, you have to help me.

I... I'm sorry. I can't.

Please. Lizzy.

What's all the chatter about?

You know your brother has work to do.

Why don't you come help me make some dinner?

Can we talk?


It's like I told the cops, she never showed.

I figured you scared her out of it and she just went home.

If I knew anything...

I would tell you.

So you're not just here to clear your name?

Or your conscience?

Okay, yeah, I mean... that's part of it.

It doesn't mean that I'm not worried.

You haven't heard from her?

At all? No.

What do the cops say?

Not much.

Just that, um... that they're still looking.

That they've cleared you.

They've got nothing.

She's all I have left.

We'll find her.

I'll help you.

If you want.

Hi, I'm looking for a missing person.

Have you seen this girl?

That's her picture.


Hi, I'm looking for my daughter. Have you...

Come on.

You decent? Um... one second.

You know, the sooner you accept your place here, the better it'll be for all of us.

You come around and, uh... this ankle thing can come off.

Once we're sure that you can be trusted.

Is that how you used to touch Lizzy?

Is that why she ran away?

She left.

Abandoned her family.

Snuck out in the middle of the night like a rat and... it broke Momma.

It made her dark.

One day... we were in town and Momma saw a girl and said, "There's Lizzy!"

It wasn't her.

But I knew... that it'd make things better.

If you're not here to make things better... somebody else will.

Guy's back from the store.

Momma'll be wanting your help in the kitchen.

Boys! Come on, someone's here!

Mom! Mom! Mom!




Mom! Mom!


Stay quiet.

Mom! Mom!

Mom, no! Mom!

Mom! No, Mom!

Don't make a sound.

If she hears you, she dies.

Hi. Whatever you're selling, we don't want any.

No, no, I'm not selling anything.

I just need a minute of your time.

I'm going door to door, I'm looking for my daughter.

She disappeared about a week ago from around here. Sorry, haven't seen her.

Can you please just look at the picture just for a second?

Like I said, I'm sorry, I haven't seen her.

I don't get out much anymore and, you know what?

We're just really not big on visitors.

Right, I...

Sorry to bother you.

Just, um... do you have children?


Two boys and a girl.

Then you... you can imagine what it might be like knowing that one of your kids is gone.

A short leash kept mine in line.

Don't you think this is a matter, like, you should take up with the police?

Yeah, I'm talking to them.

They tell me they're... looking for her.

I just, um...

Do you know if any of your neighbors own an ambulance?

An ambulance? Yeah.

My daughter was in an accident, and the last time I talked to her, she said the ambulance was on its way.

She never showed up to the hospital.

Sorry, I don't know of any.

Well, thank you for your time.

Just fair warning, most people around here aren't as nice as we are.

They just really don't take kindly to trespassers, especially ones with questions.


Listen, um, why don't you keep that?

My number is on the bottom.

Call me, please, if you see or hear anything.

I'll make sure I do.


Get the recorder.

Read it. No.

Oh, you'll make a message or I'll make a call.

I'll tell her I found something and she needs to come meet, and the boys will take care of the rest, make her stop snooping where she doesn't belong.

So, choose.

You or me.

Mom, it's me, Jenny.

I just wanted you to know I was okay and for you not to worry, so you don't need to keep looking for me.

I'm sorry I left like I did, but I just needed some space.

Things just got too hard between us.

So, you live your life...

And I'll live mine... and I'll come back when I'm ready.

I love you, Mom.

Tell Dad I said hi.


We brought you some dinner.

Look, I know you're upset, but what's done is done and it's for the best.

A momma's job is to protect her children and keep them safe.

You'll understand one day.

Now you know no one is coming for you anymore.

No one is gonna find you.

They're not even gonna look anymore.


So, you live your life and I'll live mine, and I'll come back when I'm ready.

I love you, Mom.

Tell Dad I said hi.

That. That right there!

That's code to me.

Something is wrong.

Whoever took her doesn't know about her father, but she knew I would know.

Maybe. Maybe?

What else could it be?

Guilt or drugs.

Are you kidding me?

Mrs. Monroe, calls like this, they're fairly common in these situations.

A kid runs off, feels guilty, reaches out.

So, you're not gonna do anything?

We'll trace the call, see where it originated from.

Maybe that'll give us an idea where she is.

I need to mention that, um, I've gotten reports that you've been trespassing.

Trespassing? Yes.

Entering people's property, going door to door or bothering them.

I'm looking for my daughter.

People around here, they, um, they live this far out for a reason.

They like their privacy.

Many of them own weapons or dogs or both.

I just don't want to see anything happen to you.

How considerate.

How about you show some of that concern for Jenny?

I love you, Mom.

Tell Dad I said hi.

Yeah, that is definitely weird.

What did the cops say?

Drugs, guilt.

Something is not right.

Can I make a copy?


Mom, it's me, Jenny.

I've missed this.

You know just how to do my hair the way I like it.


I'm sorry about that night, the night that we fought.

I didn't mean it.

I'm sorry, too, and I didn't mean it either.

I was just trying to keep you safe.

I know you were.

You know, just those boys in town.

That Tommy.

You just wouldn't listen.

Did whatever you wanted, you got yourself into the worst kind of trouble.

That's why I lost my temper.

That's why everything got so heated.

You do know I would never hurt you, right?

Not on purpose.

It's okay, Momma.

No need to think about it.

It's all behind us.

Who is she? Rebecca Miller.

She went missing about 18 months ago.

Another girl around Jenny's age and that's just a coincidence to you?

No, which is why I looked into it again.

Only the circumstances are totally different.

The Miller girl was traveling with her boyfriend, both from troubled homes. They were last heard from fifteen miles from where Jenny disappeared.

Yeah, outside my jurisdiction.

According to the officers who investigated, all signs point to them running away.

Just like you think Jenny did.

You're 0-for-2, Sheriff, in case you're bothering to keep score.

I just wanted you to know...

I'm sorry I left like I did, but I just needed some space.

Things just got too hard between us.

So, you live your life...

I'm sorry I left like I did, but I just needed some space.

But I just needed some space.

That's a train.


Guy, is that you?

I need your help with something.

My zipper.

It's stuck.


You like the dress?

I see the way that you look at me.

It's okay.

It's okay, I'm not her.

And I feel the same.

We could go.

We could be together, we could get out of here just the two of us.

We could be happy. I can't. Momma.

No. No, just... just us.

She needs you here.

Momma is better when you're here.

What do you need?


No, Momma, it was my zipper!

Shut up! Get over here.

Get over here.

Ma! You disgust me.

I can't believe you touched your sister!

Wicked ways.

That's why I got rid of your father

'cause he was disgusting like you!

Just like you! You're sorry.

But Momma, stop, please!

You stay right there!

Don't you move!

Please, I'm sorry, please stop.

Yeah, you're sorry.

Too late.

It was a mistake.

Never touch family!

Never! You know the rules.

I won't do it ever again!

You look. Look!

Take a good, long look.

That's where you're gonna be!

You want to act like an animal, you're gonna live with the animals.

Do you hear me? No, Momma!

Momma, please don't! Don't do it!

Go to your room! I'll deal with you later!

What are you never gonna do again?


Never touch your family.

You hear me?




Shh, shh.

Are you okay?

You promise? Guy? That you?

Um, no, it's just me.

We got to go.


My ankle.

Go, go.

I tripped.

Let me help. Uh, no.

I got it.

My chores, remember?

You're learning.

That's good.

You seen Guy? Um, I think he went out back.

Try to keep it down, don't disturb Momma's nap.

You know how she can be.

Let's go, let's go.


Clyde! What?

Someone's here!

Go! Go, go, go!

Come on!

My car is that way! They're getting away!

Go, go!


That way, that way.

I can't. Come on, we've got to go.

We've got to go. Ah!


Here! Oh, my God!

Here, come here!

Sit! Sit!

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

I don't know. Here, take these.

Take them, my car is by the road.

No, I am not leaving you. Jenny, you have to!

Okay, you have to go.

I promise, I'll be fine.

I'll be right back.

I promise you, I will be right back!


Help! Somebody help!



No, no, no, please.

No, please.

Please don't, please.

Please. Ah!




Hi, Amy Miller?

I haven't found Jesus and I ain't looking.

Oh, no, we... we spoke on the phone.

It's about Rebecca.

She was your daughter, yes?

All right, this is where they tracked her cellphone.

It's not like it is in the movies.

It's not exact, but somewhere between these two cell towers is where she made her last call.

It was to 9-1-1.

That's just like Jenny.

This is the same area.

Same 9-1-1 call.

Can I borrow this?

"Troubled home."

That's what they kept saying, the police.

I mean, what home isn't troubled?

Especially with teenagers.

I don't even remember what the fight was about.

If I... if I'd known that that was the last time I was gonna see her and the last words that I was gonna say to her, I would take everything back.

But you can't.

There's something you should have.

No, no, no, no. I... I can't take that.


I bought this for whenever I found who took her.

But now I know that that's never gonna happen.

I'm never gonna find them and I'm never gonna find Becca.

I can't take this.


So I don't use it on myself.

And if you find who took our girls, and I hope you do...

Use that on them.

Stop it!


What did you do to him? Where's Drake?

You bastard!


You're a wily one.

Causing all this ruckus.

Tricking me!

Lying to my face!

Telling me you changed.

I gave you a chance. Look, you gave Lizzy a chance when she wanted to leave.

What did you do to her?

You are not my Lizzy!

You disgust me!

I can't believe you betrayed me.

Get down there!

No, no, please!


That whore is not your sister.

Let me out of here! And you go find her like you were supposed to!

Don't let her get in your head.

I warned you about women like her.



Guy. Guy, please, you have to help me.

You shouldn't have done that.

Look, it's not too late.

Okay, you are not like your brother.

I know that you didn't want to hurt the others.

Okay, I know that you did it to protect Momma.

I completely understand.

But Momma is sick.

Momma needs help, and we can do that for her if you help me get out of here.

I can't. Yes, you can, Guy, please.

Look, you just have to unlock the door.

No, stop, you're lying.

This is my family, family is forever.

Please. Just stop!

There's nothing I can do now.

You upset Momma.

Now we have to go find a new Lizzy.

Guy, they are lying to you about what happened to Lizzy.

Shut up. You're the one lying.

No, I am not lying, okay?

Lizzy did not run away.

Something happened to Lizzy.

Momma hurt Lizzy.

Just go ask Clyde.

Guy. Guy!


Hey, it's Drake.

Leave a message.

Drake, I can't reach you and now I'm worried.

Listen, I have an idea.

If you get this, meet me on Highway 9 just two miles north of where Jenny crashed.

I got rid of the car.

They won't find him.

Good boy.

Such a good boy.

You know what you have to do now?

Yes, Momma.

Protect the family.

You're the man of the house.

You have to get rid of that harlot.

Once that's done, then we can go find Lizzy.

You can find her, right? Yes, Momma.

We'll bring her home. Of course, Momma, like I always do.

You know I didn't mean it, what happened.

I really didn't.

It was an accident.

I would never, never hurt her.

I know, Momma.

I know.

Oh, my.

This won't do.

Let Momma fix her face.

Go on.

9-1-1, what is your emergency?

Hi, yes, I crashed my car.

Oh, my God, my parents are gonna kill me.

I'm... I'm 18, and I'm in the middle of nowhere, I... I think Highway 9?

Can you be more specific about your location?

Yeah, I think there's some old water pumps.

Okay, I know where that is.

I'm sending an emergency vehicle, but it may take a while.

I'll distract, you inject, just like we did before.

I'll take care of the rest.


Attention all units, I have a female victim, eighteen years old, involved in a vehicular accident on Highway 9 near mile marker 1-8-7.

Go get dressed.

We'll do this after.

You ready?

What is it?

That night, the night Lizzy ran away, what happened?

She was gone when we woke up, I told you.

She slipped out.

Okay? You remember how willful she was.

Why are you asking this now?

Just thinking about her.

Well, don't.

This is the spot, right?

That's what she said.

Someone must have already come along.

Now what?

Well, we keep listening.

Maybe we'll visit the college again.

Maybe it's time we stopped.

You remember what Momma was like when Lizzy first left, don't you, how dark she got?

You want that again? I remember.

Okay, but there's been a lot of close calls:

That woman coming by and then the guy today.

So, we'll leave her body where they can find it.

It'll stop them from looking.

Go grab the syringe, I'll get the shovel and Daddy's hatchet.

Go on!


Guy, what are you doing?


Guy, this isn't funny.

Come on, stop messing around!

Guy, open the damn door, you little jerk!

What? I'm... just give me a second, hold on.

Come on! Clyde, stop.

Get me out of here now! I'm coming.

I'm on my way, stop.

Come on!

How the hell did you do this?

Get me out of here!


Where's my daughter?

Where's my daughter?

Come on!


Guy, what's going on out there?


Get back.

Jenny? Mom?

Jenny! Mom!


Oh, my God!

What... what is that?

You know exactly what this is.

Where did you get that? I got it from Lizzy.

She's down there where Momma put her!

She's dead! No, that's not true.

You don't believe me?

Well, then go!

Go look for yourself!

Don't listen to her.

She is down there.

Guy! Guy, come back here!

Guy! Don't listen to her!

She's messing with your head.

She's nothing but a liar.


You ruined everything.

Get away. Get away!

We're leaving and you're not gonna stop us.


You're trespassing. No!

No one threatens Momma. Get off me!

Guy! Get back up here and help your brother!




See how you like it.

Who do you think you are, coming on my property?

This is my family!

Boy, move. You lied.

You said that she left, but she was down there!

Alone in the dark, and you left her there with all the crawly things.

Just did it to protect you.

You were only protecting yourself.

What did you do?

Tell him.

But tell him the truth this time.

It was an accident.

You know we'd been fighting all the time, and all she kept talking about was leaving.

I just... I couldn't let that happen.

It's not safe out there.

I had to keep her safe.

Look, I tried to grab her and she just... she pulled free.

And she whacked her head on the banister and then she just stopped moving.

No. You lied.

About all of it.

About everything that you said.

I... I did it to keep her safe.

You killed her!

You killed Lizzy!


You guys all right?

They're over there. Who is over there?

All right, stay back, stay here.

Sheriff's department!

Drop your weapon!

Everything that I said, I was wrong.


I'm sorry.

We're gonna be okay.

Watch your head.

I want to get you two checked out, call for an ambulance.

No. No, thank you.

I think we can get there ourselves.

In an increasingly bizarre case that law officials are referring to as highway horror, a young woman was rescued from a rural home off Highway 9 near Ridgeside.

One of the surviving kidnappers has confessed to the murder of three others, including an attempted rescuer.

Also among the victims was Rebecca Miller and her boyfriend, Dominic McAndry, who had been missing and presumed as runaways for nearly a year.

Thank you, Sharon, for that live report...

Are you guys sure you have room in your dorm for all this stuff? Yeah, we'll...

We'll make it work.

Okay. VoilĂ .

Are you gonna be all right? Yeah.

Are you?

There's a break in six weeks, so maybe I'll come back and visit then.


Or maybe you could come up in three.

Yeah? Yeah.


Yeah. Yeah.

I love you, Mom.

I know. I love you, too, baby.

Okay. I'll see you soon.

Okay, you guys are gonna do great.

Call me when you get there, okay?

Okay. Okay.



There she is, my sweet Lizzy.

My baby has come to visit.

You're so thoughtful.

You caught me before I was ready.

Why don't you give Momma a couple of minutes so she can make herself presentable, put my face on?

A lady should always look her best.

Then, I'm gonna make us a nice dinner.

Your special dinner.