Into the Blue (2005) Script

Stay on the beacon! Manolo, we lost the beacon.

My God! My God!

What's our heading? I don't know.

We lost all navigation.

Pull the nose up! I can't!

Come on, pool is closed, everyone. Out of the water.

Stow that gear and get out of here.

Get these divers out of the water. Let's go, let's go. Come on, back here.

Taking too long. Watch your step. Here you go.

Assholes and elbows, that's all. You all right?

Where's that fat guy's weight belt? That's coming out of your pay, Jared.

Would you shut up for two seconds?

If I wanted that kind of lip, I'd drop my fly. Let's go.

What about my weight belt? Those are 60 bucks a pop.

You want me to take that out of your paycheck?

I'll tell you what, Bob. I got them in, you get them out.

Here at the Atlantis, we have the largest marine habitat in the world.

The nurse sharks in this habitat grow up to 14 feet...

... and feed differently than most other sharks.

They suck in their prey with one powerful inhalation...

... and they swallow it pretty much whole.

Do you guys hear that? Yeah.

Did you ever get bit?

Yeah, Gina here got a little too frisky with me one day last year.

But for the most part, shark attacks are just a simple case of mistaken identity.

Hey, Boone.

What's your daddy up to?

Hey. Hey.

Smells good over there. What?

Smells good in there.

Yeah, that's my famous chili and corn bread.


Last time you made your chili and corn bread...

...your ex-girlfriend was here.

Then, the time before that, you brought home a pregnant...

...flea-infested, three-legged dog.

Last time a storm came through here, like that last one...

Kam Jackson... You remember Kam Jackson?

Found that golden cross, remember, on the north side of the island?

That hurricane that came through moved so much sand...

...who knows how many shipwrecks it uncovered?

So this is where your chili comes in?

I'm saying I should be out prospecting.

Quit your job?

No, I was fired, but it's all part of the plan.

I'm just gonna get this thing going, get the boat shaped up...

...make a big find, and we'll live the rest of our lives on our own clock.

I thought we already were. Yeah, but we'll be rich.

You okay?

Here, let me see.

I'm all right.

Honey... Stinking boat.

You know I'd live on this broken boat with you, right?

I love it when you say stuff like that.

Hey. Hey.

You guys okay?


Yeah, we're good, man. Just plugging a few holes, you know?

Sea Robin looks great. Yeah, we just finished it.

We got her out to sea before the storm hit.

We've been working every day since. What are you looking for?

They found the Titanic. You didn't hear?

Oh, you mean the one with the dishes?

No, I only hunt for stuff that comes in gold and silver. You know that.

Hey, Sam.


Found it this morning where we were blowing a site.

Maybe this guy can find a stone to put in that thing.

Hey, I'm sorry about your boat. You want my guy to take a look at it?

I think it's looking good. Got it under control.

All right. Well, the least I can do is offer.

Word on the water is you're out of work.

You can always come back and work for me.

No. I got my own thing going now.

But if you wanna subcontract me, that's cool.

We can work something out. Like a fifty-fifty thing, you know?

You don't just take a rowboat out and find a treasure chest filled with gold.

It took me almost 10 years of scraping till I found my first haul.

Hey, I mean what I say.

You need help getting back in the water, let me know.

Move it out. Hey, Quinn.

You wanna come work for a real captain, you let me know, all right?

Are you a captain now? You know, the water goes outside of the boat.

We'll see you, Sam.

You know I can't slave for Bates again.

I know that.

There's no way I'm gonna bust my ass while he gets rich.

Meanwhile, he's blasting holes in the reef.

I just don't operate that way. I know, honey.

I just want you to be happy, okay?

You know that.

Yeah? Yeah.

Welcome to the Bahamas. It's a pleasure having you here.

Thank you. Welcome to paradise.

It's a pleasure having you here, sir.

It's a pleasure having me here too. Thank you.

Business or pleasure?

Come on, bro, what do you think?

Enjoy your stay.

No way.

It's Mr. OG Wannabe.

What's up, you scruffy little beach rat?


I'm gonna throw your ass right now. Watch.

Go to sleep, go to sleep. Okay, okay.

All right.

You've been spending too much time in court.

Wait, hold on, hold on. Don't move for a second.

Oh, that feels really good.

You sick-ass.

What's up? Good to see you.

Good to see you too, bro. How's New York treating you?

It's paying me. A lot of bad guys need defending, I defend them.

That's what I do. That's still a scary thought.

Oh, my God. Can I get a what-what and a side of french fries?

Look at that body. It's ridiculous. Holy shit.

How much have you missed me? Oh, every minute.

Oh, my God, it's so tight too. It's like that everywhere, even.

It's good to see you, Sam. If we had met first, you and I...

...things would be a lot different, you know.

Easy, cheesy.

Anyway. Okay, so you must be Lisa?

Who's Lisa? Yeah, who the hell is Lisa?

Amanda. Amanda.

Amanda. Hi, Amanda. I'm Sam.

Welcome to the Bahamas. Hi. Nice to meet you, Sam.

I'm Jared. Amanda.

Sorry about that. Let's go. These guys are ridiculous.

You're such an idiot. Decent save. You did good.

No, that was horrible.

I love the Caribbean.

Too hot to wear shirts, too hot to wear pants...

...and we're two hot young ladies.

You dive? Yeah, I can keep up.

So how long you known this one for?

I don't know, about 14 hours now.

Picked her up last night at The Mercer...

I picked you up last night. Don't start lying already.

So you and Bryce. I think I'm in love. Serious.

I'm not serious.

The guy who owned this place got hit with 44 counts of racketeering...

...and money laundering. Our firm represented him.

This is how he floated the bill. You gotta be kidding me.

Boat problem? No problem. Boat and skis come with the crib.

We get the boat? You know how Daddy does it.

We get the boat? We get the boat.

We get the boat! We get the boat!

Let's see it, bro, come on. Oh, my gosh.

There he goes.

How you like me now?

That was so hot.

How sick was that? That was amazing.

Where are we? It's our secret spot.

Amazing, isn't it?

Shark, dude. Get out of the water. There's a shark.

Come on.

Jared, get out. It's a shark.

Come on, swim. Swim to me, swim to me, Jared, swim to me.

Get out, get out. Come on, come on, get out.

What are you laughing at? Get out. There are sharks everywhere, look.

Give me my mask and my fins real quick.

You... No, you don't need a mask. There's a shark. He looks like Jaws.

Get out. Yeah, but I lost my watch.

You lost...? You need an arm to wear a watch.

Would you get out of the water, stupid?

Sam gave me it for my birthday. I don't care. Sam, get...

What are you doing? They're just curious.

Curious as to what? As to what? What his ass tastes like?

Dude, get out. Seri... Oh, my God, look at that. That shark.

Hold on. Hold. Sam, what is he doing?

Right there, right there.

You cool?

Don't do that. Come on, don't do that.

It's not funny? No.

Look. Look what I found.

No way. That's a rock, honey.

Three-minute breath-hold and the guy comes up with a rock.

I mean, what are the odds of that? Wait till I tell the boys at the office.

No, that's a ballast stone, man.

Ships used to carry them in their hull.

Wow, right. Well, I got a box of Cohibas...

...and some rum from back in the day over on the land part of Earth. Let's...

Let's handle it over there, you know?

He always finds these things. It's the ship that's always missing.

Help me out. Let's get back in the water before the sun goes down.

Really? You think there's something down there?

I don't know. Grab your stuff.

Hold on. Are you insane?

You think I'm going back in there with those things? I'm mad at you.

They're not aggressive. It's tiger sharks you should avoid.

Yeah, she's right. Those tiger sharks are bad news.

Those are the ones that are furry and have the stripes on them.

That was a joke. He's funny now, this guy. Okay.

Yeah, no, I'm not getting in the water.

It's gold, right?

You find something?


What? A plane.

Like an airplane?

Yeah, like an airplane.

Well, that's odd.

How many of these do you think are down there?

I don't know, enough bricks to build a house.

A multimillion-dollar cocaine palace.

With a pool and a waterfall and a giraffe nibbling on the front yard.

How about a prison cell with no sunlight for 10 years?

Yeah, we're out of here.

Jared, what about this?

What-y-what-what? Come on, Amanda, don't be stupid.

Oh, we're not gonna get caught. You're right, we're not.

Come on. It's for us. Come on, relax.

I am. We'll save it for a rainy day.

Or a rainy month. Come on, seriously.

Maybe a sunny day? Let me see it real quick.

Hey, Sam. Come here. Hey. Wait, wait.

Come here, come here. Sam, Sam, stop.

Let's just let the defense present its case for a second.

All right. I don't do drugs.

I hate drugs. Sure.

But throwing this away, I don't know. Maybe I object. Silly, right?

Throwing it away, doesn't it seem silly?

Throwing it in the... In the ocean?

Trash? Wait, let me see this.

I think, you know, it would be... What are you doing?

It's going away.

Really? Yeah.

Wow, that's intense.

That's a new boat, Jared.

That's a new b... Threw away a new boat. Okay.

We're out of here. Threw a new boat into the ocean.

You guys are a lot of fun.

You're gonna keep this, though, right?

Yep. Jackass.

Okay, good.

What do you think, Jared? You think there's more treasure down there?

Big storms bring big treasure. Oh, good. What does that mean?

What she's saying is that hurricanes like the one that came through here...

...sometimes what they do is they sift stuff out that's been buried.

Good, so we go back tomorrow and we dig.

Not if we report that plane crash.

The place will turn into a crime scene.

Coast Guard, DEA. They'll be all over it and we'll never get near it again.

What happened to "finders keepers, losers weepers"?

The law down here doesn't play by those rules.

See, the thing of it is, you have to file a claim.

In order to file a claim, you have to identify the wreck.

We have to be able to name what it was and where it came from.

So like I keep saying, we go down tomorrow and we dig and we find out.

What about the plane? What about the plane?

We found bodies. Don't you think we should tell someone?

They're drug dealers, Sam. They're not missionaries...

...flying care packages to starving kids in Africa. Okay?

Don't worry. Their girlfriends will have new pimps...

...before the milk in the refrigerator goes bad. It's fine.

Don't you think somebody wants their lost luggage?

I'm sure that they do, I'm sure that they do.

All the more reason we need to keep our mouths closed.

Yeah, because, you know, loose lips, they sink ships.

That's right, baby. Loose lips do sink ships.

Now, look, what we do is we go down, we identify the wreck...

...and then we call in the plane.

Right? Unless... Unless you don't have a problem with somebody else...

...laying claim on your treasure.

These aren't like those shipwrecks you have at the bottom of a fish tank.

I mean, it could be spread all over the ocean floor.

She's right.

But, Sam, I really think we can do this.

And the equipment we need and don't have?

That's where Mr. Deep Pockets comes in.

Right? That's right.

The Kid.

The bottom line is we could spend the rest of our lives...

...waiting for another opportunity like this.

All right. What?

All right. Come on, excitement, a little bit.

Can we have some fun...? Under one condition.

Fine. We report that plane... soon as we can make a claim...

...and we stay the hell away from it until then.

Don't look at me.

Come on, guys. I'll just stay here and suck on my thumb...

...while you play Pirates of the Caribbean.

All right, one more thing, though.

Not a word to anyone.


Got it, got it, got it. We're good. Can we drink to this, please?

We're gonna be rich, people. Cheers, big ears.

Cheers. Cheers to being loaded.

Check it out, though, I need a... I need a compressor...

...air lifts, four sets of AGA gear, hookah rigs.

You got all that? Ain't no thing.

No? What about a boat that's already dialed in with electronics?

Not a problem. Please don't put me on hold.

I need a magnetometer, I need a side scan sonar.

I can set you up with that whole boat over there.

Sonar, blower, the whole ball of wax, man.

But you gotta pay.

How much? Thirty grand.

Hello? Hello? Are you there?

What's he doing? He's tripping me out.

No, he's the bank. He's putting together the funds. Thirty grand?

Thirty grand. I'll give you two weeks.

I'll carry the note. You do good, you get the toys.

What do you mean, a meeting? He's a criminal.

Criminals don't have meetings.

Look, no, don't hang... What's up?

I can't believe this guy. The nerve. I cannot understand it.

I basically saved this guy's life.

Ten years at Leavenworth, and I get him off.

He can't float me a couple thousand dollars.

So, what are you saying?

You don't have any money? You're tapped out?

Dude, I told you about Vegas. But you told me it was no big deal.

You told me it wasn't a problem. I lied. Yeah.

I lied. I got a pride problem. Why didn't you tell me that?

Tell you what? What do you wanna hear, my sob story?

Here it is, Jared. I borrowed money from the wrong people.

I took out a loan and now I'm really weighed down.

Yeah, you should've told me you didn't have any money.

You gonna float my marker?

You gonna cash in all your Subway stamps?

I'm just...

Why didn't you tell me, bro?

Why did we come here if you don't have any money?

Wasting our time.

This is bullshit.


Hey, it's me.

I got some info that might kick you in the balls and make you cough.

Yo, check this out.

Look. Where's Amanda?

She's with you. Give me your tank.

What's going on? Give me a tank.

She's not with you?

Give me that tank. Come on. Jesus Christ.

Come on. Tank, tank, tank.

What are you doing in here? What do you think I'm doing?

I was looking for your stupid ship.

I turned around, and you disappeared. So I came in here looking for you.

What? I told you to stay away from the plane.

I didn't take anything.

You wanna search me? Here, go ahead.

We're out of here.

Salt water converts silver into silver sulfide...

...and electrolytic reduction reverses the process.

Whatever, bro. Just hurry up and turn it back into treasure.

It's an old cap-and-ball. That's a old-school gun right there.

Let me see that. See the hammer, the trigger?

What is this...? These markings?

Give it to the Mexican. What does that say?

You're such an ass.

That's not Spanish. Let me see it.

Oh, it's Latin. "Sic semper tyrannis."

"Thus always a tyrant."

What? Catholic boarding school.

So, what, it's a Roman ship?

Seventeenth-century Indian dagger? I don't think so.

No, this is an American ship.

Here it is, right here.

"Sic semper tyrannis: Thus ever to tyrants."

You were close. "The motto of Virginia...

...said to have been shouted by John Wilkes Booth...

...after he had assassinated Abraham Lincoln in 1865."

Jared. Check this out.

Doesn't that look like a map of New Providence?

That's this island, right? Yeah.

Silver powder horn.

Silver horn and two silver guns. What?

"Later they confirmed it was the slave-pirate... the silver horn and two silver guns he was never without."

And this was his, right here.

Whose? Tillman Thorp's.

The runaway slave turned pirate. He was crazy. He ran the Everglades.

He and his crew were gnarly. They ate alligators, drank lead...

...pissed musket balls, gave the Confederates hell. It was like revenge.

He just worked them.

So this is Snoop Dogg Silver.

These are the homies over here, chilling.

Look at that guy drinking a 40. Chilling?

Chilling. Yeah.

So, what do you think we got?

Some Confederate flags and old Skynyrd tapes down there or what?

No, I don't think we found his ship. I think we found the Zephyr.

Yeah? Yeah.

The Zephyr was a clipper ship owned by this wealthy...

...French trader, lived in New Orleans. The war broke out, and he freaked out.

He takes his ship, family, throws them onboard.

His antiques, valuables, gold, silver, whatever he's got, onboard.

They try to make a beeline for France.

Okay, but Mr. Two Guns and a Horn here screws up his itinerary, right?

The ship wasn't all he took. He also took the Frenchman's daughter.

He kidnapped her? No. She ran away with him.

Long after the ship was sunk...

...they were spotted living together in Eleuthera.

Oh, my God, this is a fairy tale.

They knew the French would catch up... they sunk the ship to throw them off their trail.

Right. Gave up the gold for a girl.

Stop kissing. First of all, it's disgusting.

Stop kissing. No self-respecting pirate would do that, okay?

That's ridiculous. Ten-to-one, this guy got so deep...

...into that fine, white, French "poo-needy"...

"Needy"? "Needada," that he took his eyes... the road and crashed, splash, right into a rock.

Guys. That's what happened.

This is my new Romeo, right here. It's reality.

I really don't care what happened.

The bottom line is, the Zephyr's down there.

And if we found it...

...we have hit the mother lode of mother lodes.

What kind of mother lode are we talking about here? For real. Reality.

Tens of millions.

In 1861.

Sounds like hundreds of millions. More.

That's insane.

Okay, this is the hook, though.

If we want it to be ours, clean and clear..., legal, no ifs, ands or buts...

...we have to come up with something that says "the Zephyr" on it. Anything.

No, no. What we need to do... figure out what thousands of millions divided by four equals.

That's what we need to figure out.

God, it's so crazy. I can't imagine.

Hey, Amanda, you're gonna stay topside.


Because you need to keep an eye open for visitors.

Well, I still get my cut, right? Of course, baby.

We're all equal partners.

All right. I'll stay up here and I will work on my tan.

Tie on.

Everything okay out here?

Yeah. Yeah. You sure?

Yeah, you know, just trying to even out my naughty bits.

Can you cover yourself up, miss?


Do you have any drugs or weapons onboard?

No, I don't. This is Bahamian water.

We have the right to search the boat.

Sir, I found something.

Looks like prescription drugs to me.

Are these yours?

No, they're not mine.

What's your name, miss?


Yo, is everything cool?

Jared? Hey.

Yeah, everything is cool. I didn't recognize the boat.

Yeah, it's a friend of mine's.

Hey, Sam, how you doing? Hey, Roy.


How's Allison and Emily? They're good, good.

All right, guys, wrap it up.

Roy, this is my friend, Bryce.

Hey, Bryce. How you doing?

That's Amanda up there. We met. How you doing?

What happened to your friend's arm?

Oh, I just... Got a little too close to the fire coral.

Better wrap that up good.

Why didn't you have a "diver down" flag?

Yeah, I know, I just... I got lazy, man, you know.

There's not a lot of boat traffic out here, just a bunch of jellyfish.

And drug traffickers. Flying their planes in from Colombia...

...dropping loads in the water. You know. Boat like this...

We just saw a shark fin and, I don't know, I couldn't resist.

Wanted to show these mainlanders a real shark.

Yeah. Didn't really think too much about it.

Right. Nice. Yeah.

Came a little too close. I almost pissed in my Speedo.

You crazy. If I saw a shark...

...I'd be like Jesus of Nazareth and run across that water.

You hear what I'm saying?

All right, brother. All right, girl.

Can't wait to see the girls. All right.

Take care of that arm.

I will. See you, Roy.

All right, guys, let's go. Bye, guys. Have a good day.

Bye. Bye, boys. Thanks.

If everything pans out correctly, we're gonna be doing a fifty-fifty split.

That's half for me, and half for you and Sam.

Well, what do you mean? Don't say it. Do not say it.

Amanda? Not family. You, I? Family. Amanda, not family.

You'd cu...? You'd cut her out? Yeah.

Guaranteed, she's telling everyone. She's gonna talk?

Yeah. No, if she talks, we'll...

We'll have her in the Special Olympics next year. She's not gonna talk.


Let's go. Now. Come on.

What? Protect my ass. Come on.

Hey. I gotta go cool off. What?

Hey, Jared. Hey, what's up, Danny?

Listen, some pointy-looking dreads been asking for you.

It was freaking me out a little.

They was all up in my mouth, like, you know, "Where you been diving?

Who you been hanging out with?" What did you tell them?

I didn't say shit. I don't know nothing. I got your back, dog. Trust me on that.

But they don't look like they from around here, that's for sure.

Yeah, well, I appreciate the heads up. Thanks.

Everything cool? Yeah.

Yeah, everything's cool. Thanks, though, Danny. I appreciate it.

Wet white guy coming through.

Oh, here he comes. Here he comes.

Where's Amanda?

I don't know.


Hey, my man. My man.

My man. Girl's with me.

Just talking to the lady, my boy.

I'm just telling you she's with me. Baby, it's cool.

What's cool? This is Primo. He owns this joint.

What's up, my man? No, we're good, bro. We're good.

Great. Come on.

Hey, you wanna...? You wanna do a little...? Little bump?

Yeah, yeah, let's do a bump.

That shit's for losers. You know what I mean? Let's go.

Ask her how she was gonna pay for it.

How she was gonna pay for it? Yeah. Ask how she was gonna pay.

Here, hold this.

Hey, hey.

Oh, shit.

Watch out. Watch out. Get out of the way.

Get out of the way!


Hey, cut it out.

Talk to your boy, Jared. Primo...

Talk to your boy. Come on.

Chill out. You're a bitch.

Don't. I'll murder you, boy.

Jared, this just sucks. What's your problem, Bryce?

I ain't got a problem. What's your problem?

What are you looking at?

He's not the guy to pick a fight with.

I didn't pick a fight. No, he didn't pick a fight.

I didn't do it. He just punched the guy.

Shut up. Shut up. You're awesome. Real tough.

You know what, you shut up. And don't screw this up.

Okay, I'm so... I'm sorry, okay?

I'm sorry. I apologize. All set, let's go, come on.

Come on.

You all right? You all right?

All right, let's go, let's go. Get the heck out of here, man.

Mother flip. My jaw must be broken.

What the hell was that all about?

Okay, let's gather around here. You wanna stay away from the ropes.

Now, you guys know what these are? No.

They're called "mailboxes."

Hit it.

Now, watch this.

We use the mailboxes to deflect the prop wash, right?

To blow away sand and debris so we can find sunken ships.

All right? Now... Hey. Oh, my God, what is that?

What is that? It's a pirate.

It's a pirate. It's a pirate.

What does he have? Treasure.


There we go.

Yeah, enough chocolate for everybody.

Like I told you, I'm not a treasure hunter, I'm a?

Treasure finder. Finder! Yeah.

Bye, pirates. Bye.

Bye. Thank you. Hey, absolutely. It was a blast.

I hope you guys come back. Thank you.

See you guys later. Bye.

Have fun back at school.

Hey, Jared. What's up, man?

The Bonzel was that wreck you found off Mysterioso Bank.

What's going on, captain? Don't know.

Jared here found a hat. Seems pretty excited about it, you know?

I don't normally buy back old souvenirs I sell, but, you know...

...if you need the dough and, you know...

Just tell your boys to back off.

My boys?

You boys been bothering this man? No, sir, captain.

I got over 100 people that worked for me on the Bonzel.

I sold a shitload of hats... this could belong to anybody.

Just stay away from us, okay?

Look, you're the one who boarded my boat without permission.

You realize people still get shot for that down here?

Time and money, Jared.

That's what it takes to bring stuff up from the bottom of the sea. I got both.

What do you got?

Borrowed time and a borrowed dime? That must suck.

All right, you take care.

Drive safe.

Do you realize it's just a matter of time until Bates finds that wreck.

Meantime, we're crawling around the bottom of the ocean...

...digging for treasure with spoons, man.

Yeah, and I know...

...where to get the money to get the stuff that we need...

...only I can't go down and get it by myself.

No, we've already talked about that.

But what are we talking about?

What are we talking about? We're not talking about a lot.

We're talking about just enough to get what we need.

Look at me right now in my face and tell me you haven't thought about it.

Well, you know I've thought about it.

But have you thought about the penalties here for drug trafficking?

I know what they are. They throw you under the prison.

Nope. Nope. Maximum...

Maximum first-time offense for trafficking, Jared?

You know what it is? Five years. Five years, Jared.

It took me longer to get through law school and pass the bar.

Only five years, huh? Yeah.

Man, you wouldn't last five days in Fox Hill Prison.

You know what, man? We're risking our lives.

We're risking our lives every single day...

...looking for a 150-year-old ship that might be buried...

...under the bottom of the ocean, while 100 million, easy...

...easy, sits in a plane 200 yards away.

We could get that money we need to get that boat.

And what do we do? Keep swimming on by it like it doesn't even exist.

Tell me what's crazy.

Jesus Chri... Jared, I've dealt with these people.

I defended these people.

These people who move tons of this shit.

They're not gifted people, Jared. This is not rocket science.

And I'm not a drug dealer. No. You are not a drug dealer.

You're a 29-year-old dive bum.

You are.

I'm serious, man. What's so funny? You live in a trailer.

You got a boat on blocks.

Okay? And you got 50 bucks to your name on a good day.

I mean, come on. Well, Sam... Sam.

How long you think a girl like Sam will stick around if you don't fix that?

Sam is not like that. They're all like that.

Sam isn't. Okay.

Look, I love you to death.

The whole flip-flop-and-board-short thing is cute now...

...but what about when you're the old man sitting at the bar...

...and nothing in your pocket but sand...

...and you're drooling and you're going on and on about how you...

You were the one who found the Zephyr.

It was you until Bates came along...

...and he stole that shit right from under you. You gonna be that guy?

You know what, Jared? Winners.

Winners make the rules, and losers live by them.

What are we talk...? It's a one-time thing, man.

It's a one-time thing. Means to an end.

That's all it is.

Where are you going?

What, the conversation's done now, Jared?


He didn't go for it.

You wanna keep tricking or you wanna start pimping?

I think it matters.

What matters?

The legend.

About the pirate and the girl.

I think it matters that he gave up the treasure for love.

You do? Sure.

Don't let Bryce hear you say that.

What about you?

Would you give up treasure for love?

Like it's even a question.

I'd definitely take the treasure. You're an ass. You would.

No way. No way. Yes, you would.

We have a good life. A great one.

You should ask yourself what's missing in your life...

...that money will get you.

All right, hit it.

We good? Hold on. Hold on. Now.

Hey, guys.

How's it going?

Like shit. What you gonna do about it?

I have a feeling I'm gonna make it all better, baby.

Winning. Winning. What's that, bro?

What you gonna do?

What'd you do if I sock you in your face, homeboy?

What if I sock you...? What if I sock you in...?

What if I sock you right in your head?

Yeah. No, no. We're good, right? It's all good?

What's that? You want the one-two-three?

One-two-three? What are you gonna do, bro?

Get out of the car, Opie.


I gotta go, man. You gotta go?

I gotta go to work. My baby mama harassing me for a new weave.

All right, see you, Danny.

I'll see you later, all right? Yeah.

Yeah? Hey. What's up, bro? It's me.

Hey, what's going on?

- Can you meet me somewhere now? Yeah, where at?

Now, stop that.

Hey, what's up?

This him?

Yeah. He's a local. I know him.

He's okay.

What's going on? You tell me.

Here's the deal. Don't give me that look. Everything's fine.

It's fine. It's fine. These guys... Everything's cool.

They thought I was Babylon, I'm clearly not.

So everything's good now, right, brothers? Right?

Come on. Hey, come on.

Mr. Nobody, from nowhere, tried to crash my party...

...without an invitation.

I need someone to vouch for him before we nail his coffin shut.

You found my plane, didn't you?

Okay, now, you see that? Look, let... Do we have a deal or not?

Because I mean, it's...

No, we don't.

So what's...? I mean, F you. Is there a problem?

Is there a problem? Yeah.

You sound like you work in retail. Yes, there is a problem.

It takes balls, stealing my cocaine and trying to sell it back to me.

Your cocaine. Okay. That's something we didn't know.

Now, listen up. Listen up. I swear on my...

I don't care how my stuff found its way back to me.

I just want it back. All of it.

That is all of it. No, this stuff don't come in six-packs.

Well, that's all we found.

That's all we found.

There is 800 kilos in that plane...

...and I want every brick of it in 12 hours' time.

Primo tells me the ocean is your soccer field.

Me, I never leave this boat.

So this is how it's gonna be.

You are gonna swim back down to the octopus's garden...

...get the rest of it and bring it to me. Then we'll talk numbers.

There's a lot of boats buzzing around out there, looking for my plane.

If you get caught and you give them my name...

...I'm gonna come after those you love most.


No, it's not okay.

Did you say something?

We don't have the equipment we need to haul the rest up...

...and it's gonna cost...

...30,000, nonrefundable, to get the rest of it.

Give him the money.

You have 12 hours.

Spend it wisely.

That was intense. Hey, hey.

Hey. Okay.

I can't believe you. Okay. All right.

You put everyone's life in jeopardy.

What's wrong with you?

I don't understand. I don't understand what the problem is.

We go down there, we go down in that wreck...

...we bring up some coke, we deal with these morons...

...and then in a month we're on the Discovery Channel...

...up to our knees in treasure, smiling, like this.

What's the problem?

It better be that simple.

And if anything happens to Sam, I swear I'm gonna kill you.

Come on.

Sam, it's all good. This helps. This is not a problem.

Jared hooked it up. It's all good.

I told you she wouldn't be into it. She's so clean, she squeaks.

Shut up, you coke whore. Sam.

Very nice. Amanda, stop. All right?

We're all in this together now, right? Not me. Not anymore.

Bye. Sam.

Hey, Sam.

Sam. See you on the 10:00 news.

What? You heard me.

Sam, come on, what are you doing? What is wrong with you?

A week ago you had too much integrity to work for Scuba Bob...

...and now you're working for frigging drug dealers?

Yeah, but...

I believe in you more than in the prospect of any treasure.

If we do this just this one time...

...we salvage the Zephyr and it's over. That's it.

It's already over.

Oh, come on, what are you talking about?

Sam, come on.

Sam, come on.

Yeah, you ready, Bryce? All right, hit it, Jared.

Turn it off. Turn it...

Hey, Bryce, you okay?

Let me get the sand out of my ass and I'll tell you exactly how I am.

You see anything?

Bryce, you hear me?

I see something.

Keep it going, keep it going, keep it going. Yes, yes, yes.

Keep it going.

Bingo, baby.

Cut it, cut it, cut it.

Bryce, how are we doing?

Come down, come down.

Baby, here we come.

Yes, yes.

Oh, my God, look at this.

Let's go find the gold, the G-old.

Blow, baby, blow.

All right, now suck.

Hey, over here. What? What is it?

You got gold? What?

Hell, no.

What's that say? What's that say? Read that shit, bitch.

Look at that. What's that say?

Zephyr. Zephyr. Zephyr.

That's what we need, the name on something, right?

That's it right there, baby, that's the claim and the fame.

Now let's go find the gold and get paid.

Where's the cheddar? The golden cheddar? The old-gay eddar-chay?

Jared, where are you going? We need to find the cheddar cheese, the gold.

Amanda, come here, come here.

Look at... Look at the P. Diddy juice.

1853. Good year.

Keep it crispy. Pop the top.

I can't take this mask off.

Let's go upstairs. Come on. Whatever.

Would you give up treasure for love?

Would you give up treasure for love?

I love you.

Give me the bags.

Hey. Hey, Chico, get the yeyo, man.

I've never seen so much yeyo in my life.

Lots of cheese. Look at all the cheese.

Come on, let's just get this done.

Take it to the line. It's heavier than I thought it would be.

All right, I need another bag.

Listen, I'm gonna bring up this load and the bell. Keep filling the bags.

Bryce, I need another one, come on.

Here you go.

Jesus Christ. Shit. Jared!

Hey, Bryce, come back.

Jared! Oh, no.

What? What's wrong?

Jared. Jared, you gotta... Oh, no. Oh, no, what happened?

Take off her BC.

Help me out. Get her on the boat.

Turn her over.

Oh, dear God.

Oh, shit. We're getting out of here, come on.

Was she a certified diver?

You know, I don't know.

What about yourself? Are you a certified diver?

Look, ma'am... Ma'am, I'm a lawyer.

I'm sorry.

I'm just glad you're okay. I love you.

We gotta get back down there and get it.

It's down there, just waiting for us. Shut up, Bryce.

Why don't you shut up, Sam. Why don't you shut up, okay?

You put us through all this. Would you...?

This wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you. Get it?

Yes, I got it. Great. Now we're here, so let's go.

The quicker we go down there and get them off our backs...

...the quicker we can get our treasure.

Amanda's dead, and you're still thinking about treasure.

I've known her for five days. Five days.

You are such an asshole.

Why am I an asshole? What do you want me to do, Sam?

You want me to wear an armband? Go into mourning? Plan a funeral?

I'm a terrible person. That's what it is. I'm a terrible person, Sam.

Yeah. You got it?

Who is it? - You got the product?

Wait, who is it? Man, we ran into some complications.

- You got it or not? No.

Then we have a problem, Scuba-Doo.

Look at me when I'm talking to you.

He's got a gun. Go, go, go.

Go, Jared. Watch those kids.

Make a right, make a right.

Slow down, slow down, slow down.

Come on, Jared. Jared. I'm going for it.

Jared. Oh, shit.


You okay? Jared? Jared?

Jared, he's coming. Jared?

Hey, I'm sorry. Jared, here he comes. Get in the car.

What are you doing? I'm gonna take him out.

Jared? Yo, he's gonna hit the car. Back up.

Back up, man. I'm going, I'm going.

You'll hit my car. What you doing? Jesus' sake.

I got it, I got it.

Get him. The man move.

Oh, man.

What are you doing? Go to Shoreline Cove. I'll meet you.

Jared... Sam, you drive.

No. Jar... It's not safe. Bro, don't be a hero. Be a coward.

Be a coward, get in the car. Drive. I need you to drive.

Sam, get in the car. What are you gonna do?

I'll meet up with you. Bryce, you drive. I'll see you there. I'll be okay. Drive.

No. No... Fuck.

This boy a madman. Him a madman here.

Sam, where is this place? Right up here.

All right, slow down.

Where you going?

This is what we should've done a long time ago.

Hey. Oh, what are you doing?

What's going on? Where you been? Where's Jared?

Can we talk for a minute? What's going on?

Stupid. So stupid.

Go. Just go. Just go.

Sorry, Sam.

Here you go. What this?

This is from a sunken ship full of treasure.

Easily worth 10 times more than your boss's coke.

And you guys can have all of it, if you forget you ever met us.

Let's see if we can make a deal.

This is serious, Sam.

If I go to the wrong person with this, right?

I got the chief of police in my back yard right now. We're coworkers.

And I don't even know if I can trust them.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to drag you into this.

I just... l... I didn't know who else to go to.

Let me make a call.

I might know somebody who may be able to help.


Get down.


Well, I see you've met my business partner.

You have something that belongs to me, Jared?

No, don't shoot.

There he is. Use the solid. Go get him.

Man, this boy, he gotta be around here somewhere.

See him over there, mate?

What it is, man.

No sign of him yet, boss. Brother's got skills.

Forget about him. Get back to the boat.

Everything's gonna be all right. What about Jared?

Everything's gonna be all right. What about Jared?

Oh, Jared, he'll be okay. Trust me, Reyes is done. Over.

He won't be a problem anymore for anyone.

Thank you, Roy.

You don't have to thank me, Sam. This is the guy right here.


Hey, Bryce.

Where's Sam? What the hell happened to you?

The hell with that. Where's Sam at? She went to... To the cops, bro.

She went to Roy. I couldn't stop her. She just jumped right out of the car.

Give me your phone. Why? What's up?

I'm gonna call Sam. What's going on?

Reyes and Primo are dead.

Bates killed them.

What do you mean, Bates killed them?

Reyes and Bates were partners.

We found their lost coke, and Reyes tried to cut Bates out of the deal.

So Bates doesn't look for treasure, really.

No, he's been looking for his plane, been moving drugs this whole time.

Hello. Hey, who's this?

Jared. Hi. Listen, I just wanted to say...

... that I am really, really sorry about all this.

Your girlfriend says she doesn't know where my plane is.

Either she's a good liar or she likes pain.

Not sure. You know her better than I do. What do you think?

Hey, Derek, why don't you just let her go.

Well, you tell me where my plane is and she walks.

Let me talk to her for a minute. I would.

I would let you talk to her right now, but she's got this thing in her mouth.

Look, you want me to show you where your coke is?

No, no, no. Not show, Jared. Tell.

You give me the coordinates right now and Sam walks off this boat.

No, I'm gonna tell you how it's gonna go.

This isn't a partnership, Jared.

No, that's exactly what this is. Fifty-fifty.

If you want your coke, meet me three klicks due south of Easter Point.

All right. I will see you there.

Oh, and Jared...

... you saw what happened to the last partner who tried to screw me.

Remember when I said if anything happened to Sam, I'd kill you?

Oh, don't do that. Don't hit me with the fucking chair.

You told me this would be easy. This would be a one-time thing.

Yeah. Okay, it didn't go the way I planned it. All right? It went wrong.

Yeah, this was all wrong.

If I didn't have such a sweet tooth...

...I would kill you. Right now.


Yes, Roy?

What? You got what you wanted, right?

She's had enough.

I see.

You're the one who was right on top of it...

...when you stopped them the other day, right?

And you're the one that didn't log the location.

Was that you? I told you it didn't merit the attention.

I believe them.

They're friends of mine.

They are friends of mine too.

I'm not the one who put the gun to your head.

Did I make you settle with those guys for that extra cash? Did I do that?

Oh, no, you did. You were there, Jared, too, just like me.

Your eyes were spinning. Gold bars. Same as mine. No?

I'm sorry, Jared.

I screwed up.

Man, I screwed up.

I was the one that screwed up.

Bates know I'm still here?

Hey, Danny, we need a favor.

Jared? Bryce? What are y'all doing here?

Come on, help me tie on. Oh, yeah, man, no problem.

There he comes.


All right. She's job security.

Now, if you want her to live, you take me to my plane... dive with us. It'll be like old times.

Let her go and I'll sweeten the deal.

Sweet...? With what? That shipwreck in your back yard? What, your dog?

You have nothing to give me, Jared.

I found the Zephyr. What?

And I'll let you have the claim.

I brought you here to save her life, not to get her killed.

Hundreds of millions... The Zephyr doesn't exist.'s all yours, if you want. If you let Sam go. It does exist.

It's not a myth. It's not a myth?

You want it? Then let her go. Okay.

Then let her go right now. Sam, let's go. We're out of here.

Go. Let her go.

Sam, he gave up the gold and they got away.

He found the Zephyr.

Maybe we'll meet up in Never-Never Land...

...because I heard the tooth fairy was gonna be there.

Santa Claus is coming, you know, with my coke.

So how long you been a drug trafficker?

I'm a salvor, Jared, the same as I've always been.

But investors don't like it when you come back... shore with nothing but empty fuel tanks and a sunburn.

All right, is this it? Throttle down.

Throttle down.

Why did you have to put me in this situation, Jared?

I mean, what am I supposed to do with you and Sam now?

Pay us a finder's fee.

Yeah, see, now you sound like a man who has a future.

The way I see it, Bates, you're the one whose days are numbered.

You got this big ship and crew, all this fancy gear...

...and you couldn't even find your own plane.

That must suck.

Hey, captain, there's something up ahead.

Do you see it? Right up there, 2 o'clock.

Raolo, slow down, man.

Right here, captain.

Now who's the treasure finder?

What the hell is this, Jared? That's half your coke, captain.

Now I'm gonna go down and destroy the rest of it.

Suit up!

Hey, crane's out. I'm going below.


No. No, no, no.


Oh, Lordy, Lordy. Hey, hey. Oh, today's your lucky day.

Hey, boss, just the man I want to see. You see how big this baby is?

What you saying? We got divers in the water.

What divers, man? I is the only diver out here.

Come on, you and the wife can grill this up tonight.

I say leave. Now.

Do you copy?

Patrol. Message for patrol boat five. Over.

This is patrol boat five. Control...

Come here. Come here.

Mayday! Mayday! This is Sea Robin.


Sea Robin, do you copy?

Sea Robin, do you copy?

Sea Robin, please repeat your position.

Sea Robin, do you copy?

Sea Robin, please repeat your position.


Hey, Boone.

All right, we're good to go. Is it all bueno?

Go ahead, bring it up.

Here it comes.

A little bit more.

Up, up. All right, there we go.

Jared? That's all right. Keep going.

A little more, Bryce.


Oh, well. Let's come back tomorrow. What do you mean?

I got everything I need right here.

Bryce? What the hell?

What's he doing? What a jagoff.


I got the cheese. What?

I have the dough. What?

I have gold. You found the gold?