Into the Grizzly Maze (2015) Script


Hey, Beckett. Why don't I get to carry the rifle?

'Cause you're too young.

Try to keep up!




Get away from my brother!

I packed what I could.

There's a map and the trail is marked. Good.

OK. Listen, I'm gonna set out tomorrow. I'll be gone three days, tops.

Sit tight. Don't talk to anybody.

You did the right thing.

We'll find Johnny. Don't you worry.


Be careful.

You're taking too many. It's not right.

The mother's with cubs. It's off limits.

It's gettin' late.

I think we got a problem.

Johnny Cadillac's not too happy.

We're headin' back, tomorrow.

No, we're not.

Well, you've taken enough, already.

Sheriff gave us a week, to hunt.

And you don't get paid until we're done. You got that?

I don't want your money.

This is gonna complicate things.

I know pretty, when I see it.

You stay here. I'll clean this shit up.


What the...

Well, hello!


You gonna let a woman dance by herself?

No, we can't have that.

Hey! Gently! I haven't... I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Here we go. Here we go.

Haven't been with a girl in a while, have you?

You don't know the half of it.

I am gonna take care of you. C'mere, c'mere, c'mere.

No. First you gotta take care of me.

Guess you wanna be on the bed for that?

No. No, I was talking about money, dummy. The money?



Listen, I, uh...

OK, wait, wait. I didn't know this was...

You know... no, no, no, no, no.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Hold up. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You have to go.

What? You gotta go.

Well, it doesn't really work like that. I mean, you brought me here so...

Use me, or not, but you gotta pay.

What'd you think? That this was your lucky night, or some shit?

Come on, let's just...

Just give me something, I... I can't go back like this.

Come on. You gotta leave.

Fuck you!

What the fuck did I tell you!

Get the fuckin' money first! Huh? Did I tell ya?

Huh? What am I supposed to do, huh?

I always say get the fuckin' money.

Huh? What? What? What?

This piece of shit here, huh? Yeah? Yeah.

Hey, hey. Hey! Hey, hands where I can see 'em.

Come on. Hey! Dammit! Get your hands up.

Hey, wider. Ha-ha.

Son of a bitch. Come here.

Get up. Get up, you little shit.

How'd you like that?

Fuck you! Shut up. Hands on your head.

Get your head down.


What's goin' on?

Rowan's back.

Your Rowan? What's he doin' here? Hell if I know.

Please, give us a second. Hey.

Well, he got you pretty good, huh? That fuckin' psycho attacked me.

Lemme see. Huh, yeah...

Whoa, whoa, whoa... Fuckin' asshole!

Slow it down. God!

This is a small... quiet town, Franco.

Sully, here, is near retired. He doesn't need trouble from a guy like you, so...

I see you here again, you're gonna get a lot more than a broken nose.

Go on. Get outta here.

What about her?

I'll drive her home. You deal with your brother.


What you doin' here? I grew up here, remember?

I remember. When'd you get out? What do you care?

Seven years.

Seven years, you come back here, like some random act of violence.

You point a fuckin' gun at me? Police procedure, pal.

Fine. OK. No family discounts.

Hey, you sure you got the right guy, lawman? Really?

No. When you left, I was worried sick about you.

Then I heard what you did. That you shot a man.

Then I said... No... no, that's not my brother.

You know, I thought you'da learned by now, that there's consequences to your actions, but... maybe you need another lesson.

Boy, that's some boyfriend you got there, lady.

Welcome home.

You changed the place.


There's a new boss of the house.

Where's she?

She's out in the bush.

Michelle needed a workspace, so... Yeah.

She was a photojournalist, from the east coast. She, uh... fell in love with the wildlife, became a biologist, a researcher...

Now, she's out on the trail, almost every day.

This her, here? Yeah.

Conservationist, huh? How'd you get her to marry you?

I put away my hunting rifle.

For good? Yep.

What's this? Radio frequency identifications..

We've collared about 200 animals, in the past couple years.

Had to wear one of these on my ankle, for a year.

Why are you here, Rowan?

I was gonna go out to the Grizzly Maze and pay respect to dad, where it really meant something.

Couple of nights, come back, disappear, and you wouldn't even know I was here.

I'm not here to mess with your life.

Well, you can sleep in my old room... if you want.

Think I'll take the couch.

Keep your eyes out.


So, what do we got? Right there, just like I said.




Don't even think about it.

Hey, listen...

Technically, half of all this, is mine.

Well... well, I don't mean to burst your bubble, Rowan, But I don't think you made it into the will.

Don't worry, I'll be gone, soon.

Hey, uh...

I was gonna go join Michelle, a little later, out at dad's flats, and check on some snares and, if you wanna wait for me...

Yeah, thanks, but, uh... I gotta do this one alone.

Yeah. Great.

Hey, uh...

Now that you're a free man.

It was like a lifetime ago.

Well, I gotta get to work, so, I'll meet you upstairs, uh...


Bear spray and a tranquilizer gun?

Yeah, I thought about usin' it on the bastards that've been huntin' around here without a permit.

Jesus! Who the hell are you?

I don't know. Talkin' about makin' the maze a protected zone.

Dad would've appreciated that.

Yeah. You know, we'll be campin' out there in dad's flats, if you change your mind.

I'll probably be in the maze, by then, so... but... thanks.

What're you up to, Rowan?

I was gonna wait for you to leave and... go rob a bank, you know, score a fix. The usual, you know.

I know you. Somethin's up. You don't know me.

We got a real mess.

Couple bootleg cutters, or what's left of 'em... Yeah?

Blood everywhere, no bodies. Jesus.

Yeah. Last night or this morning?

I don't know. We'll get up there. See what's going on.

Hey, Kaley.

Hey. Hey.

Coroner's on his way. He wanted me to come up and start collecting the remains.

Kaley... what we gonna do without you?

I guess he'll have to get his hands dirty.

Hi, folks. What's goin' on?

Well, the guns weren't fired. One of the saws is still in the tree.

Hand clutching the trigger.

Some body parts scattered, but most of it's gone.

Yeah, it's a bear. You're goddam right, it's a bear.

It's a nasty one, too.

What the hell kind of animal would come around a man with a runnin' chainsaw?

I ain't ever seen that before.

Well, he's certainly hungry. No. Desperate's more like it, uh...

It's when they get dangerous, when they're desperate.

Douglas, what're you doin' here, huh?

It's a crime scene. Go on.

I was huntin' bears when you were still playin' with tiddly winks, asshole.

Back to business, I wouldn't be a bit surprised this wasn't one of your pets that done it.

You got a bear around here?

No, I don't have a bear around here. It's not one of my collars.

What're you. some kind of psychic?

Let's check the signals.

Beckett, check the fuckin' signals. Yeah, I'll check. I'll check 'em.

Alright, that's our current position, right now. Mmm-hmm.

And... yeah, there's one bear. Mmm-hmm.

Sheriff, it looks like you want me to go huntin' now, huh?

You got the money, I got the time.

Hey, hey, hey. You can't shoot a collared bear, pal.

OK? You understand? That's the law. Alright?

Not without proof, understand? Back up. Back up, there.

Hey, hey, hey. You understand the law?

What? You're wife's out there. Your brother.

You're worried about a fuckin' bear?

Somebody's gonna go after this thing.

He's the best tracker I know.

He's a butcher, OK? That's all he is.

I'm gonna go out there myself. I'll get Michelle out and I'll capture the damn bear, OK?

You wanna use this guy so bad, have him set up traps around here, in this area.

But he stays the hell away from the forest.

Alright? I mean it. Anything you say, Deputy.

I'm just here to help. But just so you know, this ain't your average bear.

This is a clever one.

I mean, how you think somethin' that big can hide that good.

Surprise two men in a clearing before they can get even one shot off?

It's a smart fucker, that's how.

You never met a bear like this, before, Beckett.

And if you did, you wouldn't know what to do with it.

Alright, are you done?

Yeah, I'm done. OK.

I'm just tellin' ya. And I'm hearin' ya.

Sully, call me after you find the next body, 'cause you will find it.


When you're out there... and you see that, listen to me... and you see that bear, you kill it.

Now go up there, find your wife and get her the hell outta there.

I'll close down the trails. Go on.

Hey, Beckett.

I'm comin' with you.

Gerry, find out how many people we got out there and find a way to get 'em back.

Zoe, put out signs. Close all the trails. Close 'em all.

You got it, boss. Alright.

Here. You mind... carryin' this for me?

It's a tranquilizer gun. You really wanna capture this bear?

Well, I... prefer to save it.

Just in case.

Watch it.

C'mon, Kaley.

Michelle can't be too far ahead, if she left this morning.

We gotta catch her before she heads off trail.

Why would she do that?

Snares. She likes to set 'em when, when she finds a bear trail.

Look, why don't you head back?

Look, I wanna help, I'm not gonna slow you down, OK?

Rowan's out here fast. You know that.

And why is he here? Hell if I know.

You OK?

Oh, boy. We need to get outta here.

Donne-moi ta main.

You're Michelle.

I'm-I'm Rowan. I'm Beckett's brother.

Holy shit! You're deaf! We gotta get you outta here.

Alright, alright, alright, alright. Here.

Do you have... Listen, do you have a first-aid kit?

First-aid? A bandage?

I'm deaf, not stupid.

Fair enough. You read lips?

Where is it, then?

Over here? OK.

You ready? Come on. Yeah.

Sheriff's department.

Douglas, you in there?

Yo, Douglas! It's Sully. You here?


Sully, you nearly got your head blown off.

Listen, Douglas, if you're still up for it I want ya to kill this bear.

Thought Beckett was gonna adopt it, or somethin'.

He's lookin' for his wife. I need a hunter.

So, that's why you're comin' to me, now?

Sure. Why else?

I dunno, maybe you're worried that people might think it's your fault for lettin' assholes like Johnny Cadillac take poachers out there?

I mean, I'm not judgin' ya, Sully. I can't even say I blame ya.

I mean, a man's gotta do what he's gotta do to survive. But, uh...

With all the loggers and poachers, out there, it upsets the balance.

See, this bear, it... it's not just territorial, or hungry...

What is it?

It's pissed off.

Just a case of mother nature fightin' back.

You're welcome to stay, Sully, but I got shit to do.

I just need you to kill this fuckin' bear. The sooner, the better.

Sully, I've been waitin' on this bear my whole life.

I'm just surprised it took this long.

Hey, Sheriff, come in?

Yeah, Zoe.

I, uh... just posted a sign at Skyline. I found something, here.

I think you guys should come take a look.

What is it? It's Johnny Cadillac's car.

Any sign of him?

Huh-uh. It's been here awhile.



Zoe! Come in!


I'll call ya when it's done. Let's go.

Beckett, come in!

Hey, go, Sully.

You find Michelle? No.

No, not yet.

I sent Douglas after the bear.

Ah, Christ, Sully, why the hell... There's been another attack.

Zoe. I think she's gone.

Where? Skyline Trailhead.

Found a car. Johnny Cadillac's.

This bear's near ya, son.

Find your wife. Get the hell outta there.


Copy that. OK, thanks.

You ever use one of these? Yeah.

Thumb down, safety off. Alright?

Won't stop a bear, but... might scare it.


You OK?


I'm gonna pitch the tent, make a fire.



Here we go.

Oh, shit, Zoe.

Stay cool.

One step at a time.

Whaddaya think happened to Johnny and those poachers?

I figure they're gone, too.

You don't know that.

It's been twelve days. Twelve days, Gerry, and they're not back yet.

Sully, maybe you need to come clean on this.

Zoe's dead. What else you gonna do?

Give Beckett some help. Worry about the rest, later.

Holy shit.

She used her bear spray.

What the hell happened here?

I'm deaf, not stupid.

I think she met Rowan.

Douglas and Beckett's dad were the same kind of hunters, old school.

Lived on what they got. Thought they were guides.

Yeah, to pay the rent, now and then, but they'd never take hunters into the Grizzly Maze.

Never. Place was sacred to 'em.

Then, one night... Douglas was out with four Canadians...

Bear got into their camp.

Attacked Douglas, in his sleep and Douglas managed to get his knife out and stab the bear, under the chin.

Right in the jugular. Saved his ass.

Jesus! That's impressive! Yeah.

But he snapped...

Week after he got out of the hospital, he went back out there.

Inside a few days, killed over 20 bears, left 'em all to rot on the ground.

Then he started takin' hunters into the maze, makin' money.

Beckett's dad never talked to him, after that.

Ya alright? I got it.


Welcome to dad's flats.


I've never been over this side of the ridge.




Bad girl. What happened to your leg?

Here, let me take a look.

Yeah, will ya?

Bear. Rowan, O-K.

Where is he?

You sure you're OK?

Mind moving from there?

Makin' me nervous.

So that's the infamous Grizzly Maze.

Yeah, that's what my dad used to call it.

'Cause even grizzly's can get lost down there.

You remember. Of course, I do.

Why are you... why are you here? What are you doin' up here?

Came with Beckett. Oh.

He's down there.

Came to find Michelle.

Excuse me. Hey, what the hell do you think you're doin'?


No, you're not, alright? No, 'cause I need you to take the girls back down, tomorrow, OK?

There's a killer bear out here. Three people are already dead. I need to get after it.

Hey, hey! You hear what I said? You're not leavin'!

I'm not asking your permission.

Alright, guys. Just relax. Kaley... stay out of it.

You lied to me. You wanna tell me about Johnny Cadillac?

Get out of my way. No!

You're gonna tell me what the hell you're doin' out here, or I'm going to arrest ya.

Ha! You're gonna arrest me? For carryin' bear insurance.

Nope. For illegal possession of a firearm.

Hey! Hey!

Guys, come on!

Are you done, yet?!

What're you, fucking twelve?


Johnny was supposed to be back five days ago.

Took poachers into the maze, never came back.

Mary called me. Didn't wanna come to you. Didn't wanna come to Sully.

Thought you'd throw him in jail.

That's what I'm here for.

To help the one guy, who stood up for me.

Thought it'd be a great idea to hide it from me?

Three people dead. Michelle got attacked.

Yeah, that's right, and I saved her life. That's not what I'm talkin' about, dumbass!

I tell you my wife is out here campin' and you keep quiet?

Johnny Cadillac and a couple of poachers didn't go down by no bear.

You take the girls home, tomorrow. If I see your bear, I'll kill it.


Come on, at least stay the night. Go back in the morning.

Grizzly out here might be comin' around.


All my other collars are... migrating north... in a pretty big radius.

Michelle says, uh, she thinks the bear is just scared.

Looks like they're all leavin' the maze, you know? Like they're runnin' from somethin'.

That's gotta be the same bear that went after Michelle.

Yeah. Did you get a good look at him?

No, he stayed off in the woods.

It's almost like he knew better than to give me a clean shot.

That was the biggest bear I've ever seen.

Michelle says that it's... she never got a chance to thank you.

It's OK.

And... I'm-I'm sorry, OK?

I could really use your help on this.

Look, I'm not givin' up on Johnny, so whatever you need from me, just don't ask me to do that.

And if Douglas is out there, he's gonna beat us to it, anyway.

That's what I'm afraid of.

Do you wanna kill this bear, or do you wanna save it? You gotta make up your mind.

I wanna kill the right bear.

Jesus Christ, you gotta be kidding me!

I got a friend out there that needs my help.

And if he gets killed out here, runnin' around in the woods, poachin' bears, then he got what he deserved, didn't he?

You're a righteous prick.

I'll take first watch.

Did a nice job on her ankle.

Is it bad? No. It's OK. She'll walk.

Assuming I can keep it from getting infected.

So, you're a doctor, now... huh?

That's funny, I... always figured you'd leave this place.

I am.

In two weeks.



Do you know how many times I tried to contact you?

What do you want from me?

I don't know.

Some answers.

Stick to what you believe. It's as good a story as any.

I once had my whole life planned out, with you, in my head.

What was I thinkin', huh?



Gimme your hand, gimme your hand!




Shoot, goddammit!

You hurt? He get ya?

Looks like your bear was trackin' us.

Let's get our shit and get outta here.

You mind explainin' to me what that was all about?

You know what I'm talkin' about.

I didn't have a shot. You didn't have a shot?

Come on. You might not get a better one.

What were you doin' in that tent?

What? Shoulda been outside.

Was freezin' outside. Uh-huh.

Oh, come on... you were cold.

-What's goin' on? What's wrong?

-Move yourself, right now. Get her arm, get her arm.

You alright?

We're in the kill zone.

Let's get outta here. Yeah. Let's move. C'mon.

Damn. What do you think we should do?

Let's just stick to Johnny's trail.

I don't wanna take these girls down in that maze.

We should stick to Johnny's trail. It leads us, right down to Teredo Point, it's just on the other side of the maze.

We radio Sully. He can come in, pick us up, take us out by boat.

Wanna go back up that way, the way we came?

He's on our trail. Alright, let's try to lose him in the maze.

It's our only shot.

Sullivan, this is Beckett. Come in.

Sully, wait up.

Appreciate the help, Gerry, but I told ya already, I need you back here to keep everybody calm.

You're not going in there alone.

If you haven't heard from me, by tomorrow afternoon, call Fish and Game.

I should go with ya. Don't worry. I'll take care of it.


Man, that better not be one of my bears!

Are you lookin' for this?

Dammit! I told you, man. If you fuck with one of my bears again...

I'll deal with it. I'll be damned! Rowan, is that you back there?

They let you out? I guess I was wrong.

There is a fellow hunter out here with me.

I's just fixin' to cut this thing open, you wanna come help me with it?

I'd rather not. Back the fuck up!

Hey, hey, hey. Hey!

There's a camera on there, ya butcher! All we gotta do is plug it in, see what he ate.

Don't you go soft on me, too, son.

Your brother, Beckett, here, he thinks he knows bears

'cause he puts them cute little necklaces on 'em.

But you and me know when there's a problem. You're the only fuckin' problem here, old man.

Hey, Rowan, now you been gone a long time, bud.

Lotta strange shit's happenin' around here.

Beetle outbreaks. Salmon don't swim upstream like they used to.

Bears ain't got anything to eat.

Throw people into that mix, you're askin' for trouble.

'Cause when a grizzly gets angry he don't give a shit if you're a logger or a tree hugger.

All of ya taste the same.

Anyway, this ain't our bear.

Don't look so sad, honey. That one was hurt, just limpin' around. I just put it out of it's misery.

But somewhere around here... there's a real rogue.

A big, nasty, mean son of a bitch, and he don't give a shit what's in his way, he'll eat it.

Anything to survive.

When a bear like that encounters man for the first time, he just looks at him as a predator he's gotta get rid of, 'fore it gets rid of him.

Yeah, well, let's find out. What you got?

Holy shit! That's the bear from last night.

See there? I told you so. Ripped the collar off and broke his neck.

Looks it. Yeah.

Well, if y'all do run into him again...

Split up to a 180. That way somebody can get a side shot, 'cause if he's chargin', you won't get 'im.

Y'all have fun.

Ya say, Beck? Still wanna play darts with this thing?

I like it.


Watch your step!




Oh, my...

Tell me what to do. What do I do? OK.

You need to cut the branch.

Cut the branch. Yeah.

OK. You're OK. We're gonna get you outta here.

It's not as bad as it looks.

OK. Alright. Is anything broken? Alright. Think it's broken?

I gotta see it. I gotta see it.

Let's cut this off. How red's it get?

It's fucking...

You gotta pull it out.

What? You gotta pull it out.

We got-you gotta pull it out. You gotta pull it out.

No, no, no. We pull it out, she's gonna lose a lotta blood.

Walkin' around with a stick in her leg?

Well, just gimme a second. I can cut it off.

Then we're still hangin' around... No, no, don't, no. Just pull it out, OK?

We're gonna stop the bleeding. I can get up and stitch, OK?

Just stabilize the ankle and then he can pull it out.

I'll get the knee, you get the ankle. Alright. Keep it steady.


OK. On three, alright?

Ah! One, two... three.



Almost done. Pressure, pressure.

Gauze! Here's some gauze.

OK. Put this, on here. Both sides.

W-what'd she say? What'd she say?

When a bear smells the blood... we gotta get rid of these clothes.

You'll be alright. We'll get you outta here.

We gotta move.

Radio Sully. I'm sure he's on his way.

Uh, go on. Here we go. There we go.

There you go, darlin'. We gotcha, we gotcha.

Sully. Sully, come in.

Sullivan, this is Beckett.

Come in.


Too deep in the maze.

Fuck. Sullivan. Do you read me? This is Beckett.

Jesus Christ!


Uh, it's so slippery. Uh! OK.

Hang on. Wait here a minute.

Alright. What-what is it?

It's a cabin. Oh, thank God.

OK, now, just lean on me.


Here. Sit down here.

There you go, honey.

Ya got her? Yeah.

Hey, easy, now.

There, that's it.

Rowan! Wait! Wait, God... damn it!

See this?

Gall bladders. Paws.

Oh, the big money.

Who's that? Is that him? Is that Johnny?


Get the hell outta here.

Don't touch anything!

Let's go.

C'mon, we gotta go.

What's wrong? We can't stay here.

Still think those guys are worth savin'?

Oh, my God.

Goddamn savages.


Let's go. OK.

Watch it. Watch yourself.

Hey. Lean on me, there.

I gotcha.

There's your boy.

No, don't do that. Leave 'im... Fuck off!

Leave 'im up there. We'll come back and get help.

You take 'im down now, the goddam bear'll leave nothin' to bury.

I imagine you woulda liked that. Look, I'm sorry about that, OK?

It's back!

Douglas! What the hell you doin' out here, man?

Fucking hell, Douglas.

Looks like your bear found Johnny.

Good God almighty!

Lord, have mercy!

Chewed his leg, right off.

It wasn't the bear that killed him, though. Lookee, there.

He was shot.

I had a bad feelin' when I saw him hangin' out with them guys.

You have anything to do with this, Douglas?

With this? Hell, no!

They came to me, first, and they was snoopin' around for a guide and... I turned 'em down.

I knew what they was up to. What?

I seen 'em down at the truck stop, all of 'em.

What you talkin' about?

Why don't you ask your boss? My boss. Sully?

You spend too much time huggin' trees, pardner.

Johnny shoulda known better.

I may be a lotta things, y'all, but... what these guys are up to is pure evil.

You start messin' with evil, you open up the door to the devil.

Well, so we're in hell, now.

What're you up to, over there?

Kaley's hurt. She can't walk. Gonna take your horse.

Is that right? That's right.

Well, listen, normally, I wouldn't mind givin' y'all a ride on ol' Gus, but see, right now, we're huntin', and we don't need no damn distractions.

Well, you can keep on huntin'... I just need ol' Gus.

See, if I don't find that bear, before it finds y'all... ain't gonna make it, anyway.

And it will hunt you. Trust me. That's a risk we'll take.

Give the old man his horse back, Rowan.

Give 'im the horse, Rowan.

Come on, Gus.

Y'all like bein' hunted?

Ain't a damn bit o' fun, believe me.

I hope you know what you're doin'.

Leaks more, we gotta carry her.

Take my arm, let's carry ya.

OK, I got her. Gotcha.

How come you never asked me what happened?

What's there to know? Ya... smuggled booze and shot a man.

Alright! I got it.

Let's just get outta here... and go our separate ways, for good? How 'bout that?

That's the best idea you've ever had.

Uh, I don't feel too good.

OK, I need to keep it elevated for awhile.

Michelle says... Kaley needs the restroom.

Oh, what? No, no.

It's taken us two hours to go one mile. It's double the amount of time it shoulda taken.

We got no time.

No, you're... I'm not bein' stubborn! You're the one bein' stubborn. I know she's hurt.

Alright, w... we're gonna wait here... for a little while, but we gotta get outta here, way before the sun comes up. OK?

I'm sorry. Don't be.

Can you get some sleep?

Did you really shoot a man?

Get some sleep. Please, Rowan.

I need to know. Don't make it be for nothing.

You know, the last time I came up here was with my dad, in the dead of Winter.

My mom was not doin' great. She needed the operation.

But we had nothing.

All I knew was, may dad just... he needed to be up here.

It's, like, the only place in the world, he felt, made any sense to him.

And the first night...

I wake up and I hear this... weird sound, and so I poked my head outside the tent and it's snowing, and... and I see him. He's got his back turned to me... and he's... sobbing.

Dad was the strongest man I've ever met, and could survive in the wilderness, with a hunting knife, for weeks.

And there he was... cryin' his heart out 'cause he couldn't save my mom.

And that... uh... wrecked me.

So, I went to Johnny Cadillac. He was the only guy I knew who could get money, on the fly.

I mean, he was harmless, I mean, he was sellin' weed, to, you know, make ends meet.

But his supplier was, the real deal.

They were smuggling booze to, some of the Indian towns, and they needed a guide.

Um... the way I saw it, I didn't really have a choice. So, I took the job.

Um, easy enough. Everything went smoothly, right up to the exchange.

The, all of a sudden, we get hit by State Troopers.

And I found myself right in the middle of a fuckin' shootout.

So, what did you do?

Well, I took the bag of money and I ran off into the woods.

I noticed there was a Trooper that'd... been hit in the leg, crawlin' away, for his life, and one of the smugglers, comin' up from behind him, just ready to put another one right in his head.

Jesus, one of those moments, when you're just, like, what the f...

How the hell did I get here, in the first place?

So, as soon as I saw the guy raise his gun, I just... well, I stopped and I shot him.

I weirded everyone my way.

Fifteen seconds cost me seven years.

But, you saved a cop's life. I still killed a man.

And I was the one holdin' the cash.

I remember handin' over that bag of money was like... puttin' my mom in the grave.

Why didn't you tell anyone?

I don't really have a great history of... people in this town believin' what I have to say.

You could've told me.

I'm sorry, Rowan.

I'm so sorry. It's OK.

Get some sleep.

Michelle's probably freezin' out there.

Listen, I was thinkin' maybe, uh... maybe you and Michelle should just keep movin'.

I'll stay back, with Kaley, and... No.

This time, we're stickin' together.

For better or for worse. We stick together.


Buddy, I think we're in for a long night.

Hear that? Gotta give it to him. He's one hell of a hunter.

Jesus, Rowan, you alright? Yeah.



Holy hell!


Oh, shit.

Rowan?! Rowan!

Kaley! Kaley!


Oh, what happened?

Douglas is dead. He's dead.

Leave the tent. Leave everything. We're gettin' the hell outta here.

I'm stayin' here. What?

You heard me. The hell, you are!

Trust me, I know what I'm doin'. Rowan, no. It's suicide.

I'm gonna lead it in the other direction.

You take the girls down to the beach. What?! No!

You heard me. Come on. No, you know, I'll do it. OK?

I'm faster, and what, you're stronger. Carry Kaley on your back.

Come on.

There's five rounds left.

There's one in the chamber.

Make every shot count.

Asshole. Yeah, I know.

It's not gonna be able to move as fast as me, in the maze.

Wait, what are-what are you doing?

You're gonna play tag with it? It's crazy.

Please.... it's our best shot.


Get outta here. Go!

How far?

Two miles, maybe.

I need-I need a break because it's really painful.

OK, OK, here. By this tree.


I'm gonna have to take a look at this leg.

Easy, now. Just gonna cut these off. Alright.

Oh, God.

Let's go.

Oh, shit!

Oh, fuck!

Wait up.



That's not Rowan!

Where the hell is he?





I gotta put you down.

Where's Sully? He's here.

Help me. Help me.

Where's Rowan?

Rowan's gone! Douglas is gone, too.

And I oughtta leave your ass right here.

Sully! Alright! I took money!

I turned the poachers loose. I didn't know this shit was gonna go down.

Son, I'm retiring... and I got fuckin' nothin'!

Sully. Behind you!


Oh, my God!


Beckett, it's Rowan!

Hey! Hey!

Hey! Fuckin' quit!


Come on! Hey!

Hey! Hey!

Come on, come on, come on, come, on!

C'mere fucker!

Hey, hey hey!

Here, here!

Yeah, yeah! C'mon?!

Alright? OK.

Sully. He's gone.

Come on, keep movin'. Let's get outta here.


Oh, my God!

Whoa! Pull!

Move! Move!

Buckle it!

Beckett, hurry!

Go, go, go!





Rowan, no!

No! Rowan!



Help me up. Alright. Can you move?


Come here.

Welcome home, Rowan.