Into the Storm (2014) Script

Hey, pass the bottle over.

- A little busy back here. Okay? Yeah, we can see that, David.

Yeah, you can get un-busy.

Oh, come on, Marce. I mean, you know, we skipped graduation for this.

You are not graduating down there, David Brody.

Hey, you better not be filming us.

No, just checking messages.

Oh, oh, your Trojan's in my head What was that?

Do you see that? What?

Man. You guys seeing this?

Whoa. Hey, Billy. Whoa. Ho-ho-ho.

Hang on.

We should go. I gotta get this. Hang on.

Can we go? Come on, let's go.

Yeah. Hold on. Get in!

I will! Just give me one minute!

Come on! Are you seeing this?

Whoa! Billy, get in!

Oh, shit! Tornado!

Oh, my God!

Get us out of here. Go!

The tornado that struck Oklahoma last night... took the lives of four high school students... when it picked up their car and tossed it into the air.

Tornadoes in this region of the Midwest are common, but it only took a glance... to know this was different.

Not so much a twisting column but a behemoth.

Great. We missed another one.

Hey, you guys know the goal of a documentary... is to actually document something, right?

Copy that.

We need a tornado.

That's it. We need a tornado. Yeah. When was the last time we shot one, Lucas?

That EF4 that we shot a year ago.

Right. A year ago. So we're 0 for 365.

Let's figure that average. Hey, Jacob, you play baseball. Right?

Hockey, actually. Yeah? I played lacrosse.

Really? No way. This is fun. It's like a family road trip.

Did I miss something? Yeah, Jacob.

You missed everything.

No. Except we do have 200 hours of cloud sunsets... and us going to every drive-through from Idaho to Texas.

Which makes this the most expensive home movie ever.

Just to be clear... we're gonna get paid whether we see a tornado or not, right?


Where do you wanna go, boss?

I have no idea, Daryl. My job is to shoot them...

...not find them.

He's upset. What else is new?

Three months of that broken record. I'm over it.

Just be thankful we're in here and not in the Titus.

Must be brutal in there. - You left the radio on, genius.


That probably didn't help his mood.

Screw his mood. We've got other problems.

There's no way we could have known that tornado was gonna hit.

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch... throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri.

Pete. National Weather posted a tornado watch across five states.

Front's growing and moving fast.

I think this thing's gonna hit about 200 miles north of here.

Then we better haul ass.

If you're in the path of this storm, you could be in for a very long day.

Hey. So today is June 16th... and this is my time capsule message to the future me.

Um... This is gonna be recorded and stored for 25 years... when you, the 41-year-old Donnie Fuller, will...

I don't know, see how life's panned out, I guess.


By now Dad is 65.

So Mom would have been...

Mom would have been 63.


What else? You're a junior at Silverton High School.

You're head of the Video Club, which is awesome.


And that's pretty much it.

So this is Casa de Donnie...

Where you spend most your time... staring at the photo of Kaitlyn Johnston and doing nothing.

This is Trey, your annoying brother. Respect to you too.

By the time you see this, Trey's gonna be in the state pen.

Heh. No way. I will be playing lead guitar to 100,000 fans in Madison Square Garden.

But you will be stuck right here, moaning over her.

This is Dad. He's the vice principal at Silverton High School... which is not the greatest for me.

Uh, Dad? Hmm?

Hey, come on. I'm having breakfast here.

Trey, I am leaving in five, ready or not. Relax!

Wanna say something to the future you, Dad?

Not now, Donnie, okay? Busy day. Can't you see that?

Dad, you're the one... that wanted these video-time-capsule pieces in the first place.

This weather's gonna kill the graduation ceremony.

We should postpone it.

Okay. This is time-capsule interview, version number two.

What kind of man am I? That's a hard question to answer.

I mean, how do you describe perfection?

I thought you did your interview already.

I did. Yesterday.

But then I remembered I look way better in the morning light.

Lift with your legs, Dad.

Come on, guys, I could use some help.

Ah, man, I can't. That old soccer-injury thing with my back.

Yeah? You get all that? I did.

Good. Get in.


Donnie, let's go. I'm taking my bike.

Dude. Chill. If you want shotgun, just take it.

Hey, I'm sorry. With the storm and graduation today, I got a lot on my plate.

I know. It's always something. I'm used to it. What does that mean?

It means you're either ignoring me or on my case.

That's not true. If it's not my room, it's my grades.

Or it's this time capsule, which I'm working my ass off to get done.

No. What's the point? Nothing's ever good enough for you.

Stop for second. Let's talk.

No. Busy day, Dad. Can't you see that?

All right, Dad. Dad.

Right at this moment... Don't even think about it before you answer. Just blurt it out.

...who is your favorite son?

Get in the car.


I know we missed it last night. We couldn't get there in time.

Yeah. I know. I know.

Well, if you pull my funding, that's it for me.

And we're onto a big one.

I don't know how big. It's a tornado.

They don't call to tell me how big they're gonna be.

There's a massive storm front moving through the area.

We're gonna get it. We just don't have it yet.

Uh, well, she was your idea.

I wanted David Sinclair, remember?

Yeah. Well, I was getting a lot closer without Allison and her data.

It's an instinct game.

And she ain't got it.

Hey, Jacob. A little help?

I can't. If I stop filming, Pete's gonna fire me. Dude.

Don't you dare let him bully you.

Easy for you to say. You're not the one sitting next to him.

You having fun yet?

Oh, yeah, dude. This is so much better than CancĂșn.

I'm telling you, last year we got within 100 yards.

It's like nothing you've seen before. Trust me.

Okay, so larger system is moving toward Riverside as predicted.

I think we should go here.

The wind and precipitation readings in the trailing cell look better for a funnel.

Exactly what you said about Morristown and Osgood.

This one's different. It's not following the pattern. It's growing faster.

It's growing faster.

Every storm chaser this side of Hawaii is going to Riverside.

Which, by the way, is where I think we should go.

But you want us to go where? Silverton?

If you would like, consider this an instinct thing instead of a data thing.

If you heard that, then you also heard that Steve cut us off.

And it's on my dime now. I heard that.

This is months on the road. And guess what.

We got nothing you can't get on YouTube. Worst season I've ever had.

You think this is instinct. I think it's data.

The fact is, it's neither without a big fat dose of luck.

And there is nothing I can do about that. Okay?

So back off of me.

I just want you and your data to find me a goddamn tornado.

Then Silverton's our best chance.

What do you think?

She's the one with all the degrees.

My money's on her.

Silverton it is.

You better be right about this.

It's your last chance. Wow.

Yeah, okay. Hang on. Okay. It's okay.

All right. We recording?

We're good? You ready?

Hell, yeah, man! Yeah! Get fired up!

I'm ready! You ready for this shit?

Maybe we should get some girls to watch this stunt, huh?

That's what I'm talking about. Get fired up! Let's go for real! It's go time!

Let's go, let's go! Safety first.

Okay, just do a test run first, all right? Move, jackass!

Get out of the way. Here we go. Come on. Yeah. You got it, buddy.

Come on, buddy! Come on, Donk! Let's go, boy!

He's gonna check the speed on this one.

Yeah! Do it, bro!

Let's go! Test drive!

Let's go for the test drive!

There you go, Donkie!

Well, that looked pretty good to me. What do you think?


What? You wanna nail some tail or what, dog?

I'm always up for nailing tail! That's what I'm talking about.

Once this hits the Internet, you'll be beating them off with a stick.

Fours? Fives? All kinds? I'm talking fives, sixes.

Fives, for sure. Come on!

Bam! Trust me, buddy!

Yeah! All right! Hang on.

Richie! Record this, son. Are you drunk?

Yeah. I'm just getting started.

Hang on! Wait! We're gonna light the pool on fire.

Light that thing, Richie! Yeah! Light it up!

Light that puppy up.

Whoa! Oh, my God!

The Flaming Pool of Death!

You ready to go?

Let's do this!


That's right! Come on, Donk! You got this!

Oopsie daisy!

That was awesome. Ha-ha-ha. Ha-ha-ha.

Ha-ha-ha. That was awesome, Donk.

A million hits, easy! Oh! A million?

Maybe more! Hell, yeah, dude! We're gonna be famous!

Shit, my pool! Dude, your mom. Your mom.

What the hell are you two idiots doing?

I thought you were at work! That makes any difference?


That's the Titus! I've seen it on TV! Come on! Bye, Ma!

Let's take a tour of the ultimate storm-chasing vehicle, the Titus.

She's equipped with 24 surveillance cameras, so we have eyes from every angle.

Bulletproof Lexan windows.

A gyroscopic stabilized camera.

A five-ton winch.

Four-millimeter solid steel armor.

Now, back here, we have a mini weather center, complete with... an anemometer, humidity sensor and potentiometer.

But the thing that makes her really special are these grappling claws.


They can stabilize us in winds up to 170 miles an hour.

We're not going anywhere with those suckers dug in.


This is the culmination of my life's work.

What about the turret, Pete?

Right. The turret is up here.

Which gives us a 360-degree view of outside.

It's fitted with a digital cinema camera that will, when we find one of these bad boys... give us the shot of the century.

A sight nobody but God has witnessed: the eye of the tornado.

That means "cut," Jacob. Cut it.

Let's get some B roll.

Get shots of the claws, the instruments on the back, panel stuff.

Just give me stuff I can use. Okay? Got it.

My storm's expanding.

That means it's going to be really big by the time it gets here.


How's my bug?

Well, listen, um...

I know I was gonna try and make it home this weekend... but we got a real big storm coming, and Mama's gotta work.

No. No. I'm gonna need you to tell Grandma and Grandpa that we're...

I know.

I know, sweet girl. I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.



Hey, hey.

Did you get all that?

We can't postpone this, Gary. There's not enough room inside for everyone.

The weather's gonna be fine. It's your call.

There's Dad taking shit from Principal Walker.

I Will do that.

Did you get the last of the interviews?

I still got a few to do.

But what I did get was a nice shot of Miss Bell's cleavage. Wanna see?


What? You don't get many teachers with a rack like that.

Cut it out. We need to start editing right after graduation.

Dad wants the clips online by the end of next week.

What's the point of doing a video time capsule?

Video won't even exist in 25 years.

What? Let's just get it finished. Okay?


Did you see the weather report? Supposed to be a big storm coming.

Maybe they'll cancel the whole...

Whoa. There's your girl.

If I don't get it by the end of the day, you'll not get the internship.

It's as simple as that.

Oh, dude. Now's your chance, man. Vulnerable girl.

Comforting guy. Right? Just go talk to her and see if she's okay.

We have work to do. Chickenshit. Come on.

I need to get the last of the interviews, and Dad's, like, on my case about it.

Screw Dad. Go do something for yourself for once.

Bro, I am literally begging you. Just go talk to her.

All right?

All right.


Stop. Heh.

Have fun.

He's really doing it. I gotta film this train wreck.

And he's pulling into the station.

Hey, Kaitlyn?


It's Donnie.

Yeah. I know.

Strike one.

Are you okay? I saw you outside with Miss Blasky.

Right. Uh...

I had this application for an apprenticeship, and it had to be submitted by the weekend.

And Miss Blasky checked it for me, and it's just completely corrupted.

I don't know what happened to it.

It was fine yesterday.

Yeah. Yeah, that's toast. What was it about?

The abandoned factory on Garner.

Oh, the paper mill? Yeah.


When they shut it down, the state never paid for an official cleanup.

So there's all these chemicals and hazardous materials sitting there... contaminating the soil and probably running off into the water.

That's what the film's about. Pretend to be interested.

Anyway, the submission doesn't make any sense at all without it.

So I'm screwed. Come on, man. Take a swing.

You're into all this environmental stuff, huh? Come on, man. Just ask her out.

Gotta take care of the planet, right?

Or else the planet will take care of us, right? Heh.

That was awkward.

Heh. Yeah. Well, some of us care, or at least are trying to.

No. I'm sorry.

I can help. I have all these cameras and this editing software and...

Really? Yeah.

Well, this will be easy. We can reshoot this.

It'd have to be today. Today?

Oh, you're filming the graduation. No, it's fine.

No. No. My brother, Trey, he's good with all this stuff too.

He can get that. No way.

Like, he can get that footage. Really?

It's not a problem. Sure?

Yes, it's a problem. I'm sure. Yeah.

Thank you so much.

No. You have no idea what this means for me. I owe you so big for this.

No. Well, you know, me and the planet go way back, so...

Thank you.

I'll see you later. Cool.

Thank you. Okay, no.

This is so not cool.

You are kidding me.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

You're gonna skip the ceremony?

Yeah. Yeah.

You said do something for yourself, so I'm doing something for myself.

Yeah. And leaving me to do all the filming?

You can handle it. Right?

You can handle it, right?

Yes. Heh.

Yeah. Yeah. Totally. Hey. You go for it, bro.

But get some skin on camera. E-mail it to me.

Just get the interviews, all right? All right, all right, I'm going.


Yo, Todd. We're rolling.

Yo, what's up, me? How's life in the future, bro?

So I just know by now you are playing for the NBA, you're super loaded... and you got a super-smoking-hot cheerleader wife.

So why the hell are you watching this right now?

Why don't you get up to your penthouse and bang her good, right?

That's your time-capsule message, Todd?

Why not?

A message?

Too late for me. Too late for these guys. But my kids? Grandkids? Simple.

Study. Get good grades.

Or else you're gonna hang around this group of losers shoveling shit all day. Sorry.

Please marry a rich guy. Please marry a rich guy.

Uh, we're rolling.

So, what would you like to say to yourself in 25 years?

That was it.

Twenty-five years' time? Ha! My guess is we'd have blown up the world by that time.

All right.

High school sucked.

Hopefully, it was all worth it. You've got your Ph.D. from Brown.

You're doing research and using your skills to help...

Douche-rocket! Ha!

Sorry, man.

Radio check. Yes, sir.

Copy that.

Camera's good.

Hey, guys. So you think we'll get to see a tornado today or what?

You never know.

Jacob, did you bring all the camera batteries? I only saw four.

I, uh, left them back at the hotel on charge.

Today is not a good day to run out of power. We gotta go get them.

Let's get moving. This system's supposed to hit within the hour.

If that.

Come on, dude, get your shit together, man. You're making me look bad.

Mike check. One, two, three.

Where's Donnie? Mike check.

Yeah, it's good. I don't know. Around.

He knows what time we're starting? Yeah, sure.

Anyway, I can run the cameras.

All three?

Well, yes, Dad. That's why they invented tripods.

Trey, this is important.

And I can't do it, right?

I didn't say that.

You kind of did.

Hey, Mom. How's Gracie? She still mad?

She's 5 years old. She'll be fine.

I know, but I've been gone for months. That's too long to be away from her.

I keep thinking it was a mistake coming here.

MRS. McGEE: Allison, we're fine.

This is your job. What you're doing is important.

I can't stop thinking about those kids that died.

What kids?

Nothing, sweetie. Grandma and Mama were just talking. But listen.

I am sorry about our call earlier, okay? I don't want you mad at me.

When are you coming home?

Real soon. The season's almost over.

Why can't you just come now?

I wish I could. I really do. I miss you.


Listen, I gotta go. But I'm gonna check in every couple hours, okay?

Promise me you'll be home soon?

I promise.


I gotta go. I love you, bug.

I love you too.

I'm coming, boss!

We have now confirmed that a tornado has hit Riverside.

All of Shaw County remains under a severe thunderstorm warning.

Chuck, what do you see on radar?

What we're watching now is this very rapid...

Data, huh? Shit.

Maybe we'll catch the tail end of it.

What's going on in Silverton? Give me a minute.

Um, it's dissipating. There's some scattered thunderstorms and that's about it.

Thunderstorms? Thunderstorms.

Put everything in the van. We're moving now.

Where do you wanna go?

You're not going anywhere. We are going to Riverside.

How about...? We'll catch the next one.

Look. There's not gonna be a next one.

Let's go.

Look at the size of them!

I thought you said it was dissipating. It was.

Where you going? I'm gonna check the Doppler!

Right behind you, Allison.

Whoa, wait! Wait up!

Oh, you see these, Allison? These are huge!


Ow! Son of a bitch!

Oh, my God! Look at these, guys! They're bigger than golf balls!

Ah! Come on! Hurry up! Let's go!

What do we got? It's regenerating.



It's coming.



To all the students of this year's graduating class... who have dedicated themselves to the hard work necessary to reach this day... you are now standing on the threshold of adult life.

You are free to take your own path... and that path will be different for all of you.

But it's now time to create your own lives.

To create your own destiny.

I mean, look at this place.

They should tear it down. Decontaminate it.

Plant some trees or a garden or something.

They should totally build a skate park here.

No, a garden. Definitely a garden.


So you wanna just put the tripod down over there?

Wow. Hmm.

Watch your step. Yeah.

I look okay?

Yeah. You look beautiful.

I wasn't saying... I was, like, for the...

I don't know. Uh, I'm rolling here.

So whenever you're ready to... Thanks, Donnie. You're really sweet.


Pete, where are you?

I'm coming right up.

Got wall cloud to the east. Whoa.

Yeah, but no vortex.

Jacob. I got some circulation over here. Over here, got it.

It's heading towards those trees.

I'm on Oakwood Road.

If you're in Shaw County, you need to get yourself to a safe place now.

This thing is going to track right, almost towards town.

There it is now. You can see the wall cloud.

It's lower as it transitions to the east.

Just south. Right behind the base. Wow. Look at that.

Come on, baby.

Come on, baby. Come on, baby.

What are those idiots doing?

Aw, this is a beauty! Whoo!

Yeah! Twista Hunterz, baby!

Get in the field! Get in the field!

Look at that funnel.

We got a vortex. Come on. Here we go, guys. Here we go.

There's debris.

Jake, you getting this? Oh, yeah.

There it is.

This tornado just touched down. We can see it from here.

It's ripping up trees. It's ripping up everything in sight.

If you're above ground, you need to get to a storm shelter or a safe place right now.

I leave you with John Updike's words:

"You cannot help but learn more as you take the world into your hands.

Take it up reverently... for it is an old piece of clay, with millions of thumbprints on it."

Oh, great.

I guess we should, uh...

I guess we should start finishing up, then.

Whoo! Look at the size of that sucker!

Look how fast it's spinning, man!

Shit! Man, that was close!

Dude. My arm hairs.

No. Dude, it's your "hairs" hairs!

They're standing up on your head, bro! Ha-ha-ha.

Come on. Come on.

That's the vorticity stretching. We're on, we're on. Let's move!

I wanna report a tornado on the ground. Let's go.

There's no damage yet, but it's in a semi-residential area.

About 15 miles to the north of Silverton, Oklahoma.

Seniors! Stand up!

Stand up!

We salute you!

All right! Ah.

Go inside, guys.

Stay calm! Move inside in an orderly fashion! Everybody, back inside.

To the main building. Dude, come on.

Quickly as you can.


Here we go! Quickly! Come on!

Here we go! Come on, this way.

Pete, give me an update.

I'm gonna find the intercept near Grant and Malcolm.

- Approach it from the east. Jake, you're out of focus. Tighten up.

You need to position yourself. This thing is moving fast.

I need a clear path.

I got a field coming up on your right that should have access.

Give me a second to calculate rotation speed.

Make it fast.

- Wind speed is 140. Direction?


Lucas, we good? Yeah. We good. We good.

You getting this, Jacob?

Oh, yeah. Sure.

Okay. Ready for intercept.

Daryl, pull over.

Get out there, dog! Get out there! Look at me!

I'm in a tornado! I'm in a tornado! Whoo!

Yeah! Oh, my God!

We're in the path! We're in the path!

Okay. Anchor down. How we looking?

It's heading right for you. Get ready, guys.

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit! Oh, my God!

Jacob! Don't you lose it on me, you hear?

Hold on, boys!

Shit! You guys, come on, now!

This is crazy, you guys. This is nuts.

Come on, come on! God!

Shit, that thing is crazy!

Hang on!

It's coming right! Go! Go on!

Damn it!

It dodged to our left.

Oh, shit.

It's headed for the school.

Everybody! Okay, go!

Here we go. Here we go. Keep moving. All the way down the hall.

Keep this door open. Come on.

Move on in, folks. Move in. Come on.


Everybody into the storm shelter area.

Keep this hallway clear. Come on.

Make sure nobody's behind us. All the way down!

Go on, all the way in.

Trey! Where's Donnie?

Uh, I don't exactly know.

Get away from the window.


Get going! Run!

Come on! Come on! Let's go! Go, go, go!

It's okay!

All the way down the hall! Keep going!

All the way down! Keep moving. Come on. Fast as you can!

Okay, get down!

Let's go. Come on.

Face the wall! Cover your heads! Stay down!

Heads down, everybody! Everyone stay down!

Get your heads down!

Get your head down.

Stay against the wall!

No, no! Oh, my God!



Anybody hurt?

We're all right.

Trey? Yeah. I'm good.

You ready?

Oh, hey, can you hold this? You got it?

My dad. Are you gonna answer it?

No. You kidding me? I missed the whole grad ceremony. No.

Is he gonna be pissed at you?

Nah. You know what? Trey will have filmed it.

Oh, come on, pick up.

Trey, give me your phone. Yeah.

Trey? Donnie, you okay?

Dad? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Where are you?

Dad, Trey can handle all the filming and stuff. It's not, like, a problem.

Never mind about that. Are you safe? Tell me where you are.

Safe? Yeah. I'm at the old paper mill.

On Garner? - Yeah.

Listen, it's really important that you...

- Dad? Dad? Donnie?

Dad? - Stay where you are...


Donnie! What happened?

It just cut out. Here.


Maybe we should go. Heh. Yeah.

What is that? I don't know.

Come on! Aah!

It's all right. It's all right.

Where are you going? I gotta get my son. He's out there.

Oh, my God.

From our vantage point... the damage could have been a whole lot worse.

The tornado just narrowly grazed the school...

Daryl, are you hearing this? you can see from this footage.

The National Weather Service is currently tracking a second supercell... moving in our direction. I know it's hard to imagine...

A second cell.

This is gonna be bad. How can there be another system?

I've never seen anything like this. These updrafts are insane.

Got downed power lines.

We're stuck. It's all right. I'm about to make his day.

We're gonna send it back to Don Lemon in the studio.

Heads up, Lucas. Live wire.

What else we got?

Activity heading toward the center of town.

Second cell?

It's organized. The hook echo is huge.

I wanna set up as close to the perimeter as possible.

I wanna be in the middle.

I'm not gonna miss it. I hear you.

Jake, how you doing? - Never better.

You hang in there, honey. That was nothing. Here you go.

Send that to my GPS. Let's roll. Come on.

You want a coffee with that, boss?



Are you hurt? Yeah. My leg.

Okay. Your leg?

Here, let me see it.

It really hurts.

Ugh. Hold on.

Okay. All right, hang on.

Don't touch it. Ow.

I'm gonna tie this, okay?

Be careful. Sorry.

All right? Yeah.

What was Donnie doing there in the first place?

He's with Kaitlyn. He's been in love with her forever.


Yeah. He's shooting this video project thing for her.

Why didn't he just tell me?

I don't know, Dad. You're so easy to talk to.

I'm just saying.


Oh, my God.

Hey, boy.


Dad, that's Chester's dog.




Dad, be careful!

You okay? Had to go looking for shelter.

Was gonna drive.

Let me see.

You hurt? Get the door.

The belt's stuck.

I gotta cut him out.

Hey, can I get some help over here?


I know, I'm not supposed to have that. We'll talk about that later. Hang on.

Put this under him. Yep.

Right there. Put him down.

Can you get everybody to the high school? Uh-huh.

They've got a storm shelter.

You wanna go with them? No way.

Make sure he's okay. You got it.

Oh, shit.

Oh, come on.

Try your phone again.

Oh, come on, come on, come on.

Anything? There's no signal.

Damn it.

There are those idiots.

Pull over.

Hey, Pete, you can pass us.

- Allison, we don't have time to waste. Yeah, we'll catch up to you.

Hello! Your main man Reevis here.

I'm with my buddy Donk. Badonkadonk! Heh.

What just happened? All right, so check this out.

I was in a tornado, right? And let me tell you. One word:

"It sucked." Ha-ha-ha. Ha-ha-ha. That's two words, jackass.

I know. Two words, but I was, like, getting sucked up in the thing.

It was smart back there with the knife.

Thanks. I thought you'd be mad.

Oh, I am. Hand it over.

We should turn left on Main.

I'm gonna take the highway.

Dad, if we out through Main, we can take Rosewood all the way.

We save like 20 minutes.

All right.

Ha-ha-ha. Hey, guys!


It's gonna be damn head. Ha-ha-ha.

Ha-ha-ha. Hey.

You two need to go inside and stay there. Whoa.

You guys actually get paid to do this shit?

I'm in the wrong damn job, man.

You don't have a job. Heh.

Let's go, Allison!

Grab a brew. It's like a zombie apocalypse out here.

We're wasting time. I don't think we can leave them.

Look. They're not our responsibility. They're drunk.

Guys. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You getting this?

Look, look. Donk, Donk. Oh. Hell, yeah! Ha, ha!

Hell, yeah.

Look at it.

Whoa, shit! Where did it go? Where'd it go? What?

Where is it...?

It's moving, it's moving, it's moving. Whoa.

Hey, Allison, what's happening?

Keep filming.

Whoa! Guys! Look at that!

Reevis! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Yeah! You getting it?

No! No! Holy shit!

My truck! Oh, my God!


Get out and run for the bank!

Go! Go! Hurry! Hurry!

Oh, shit!

Oh, my God! Dad! Hurry!

Go inside!



Hang on!

Oh, my God! No, no, no! Hang on!

Dad, hold on!

Oh, God! Aah! I've got you!

Hold on!

I won't let you go!

Grab the door!

No. Dad, no!

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Are you okay?


Allison, you okay? Come on, Trey. Let's get in the car.

Everyone here? Yeah.

This is crazy, guys.

Oh, shit.


Hey, can I use your cell? My son's out there. I got no signal.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh...

I don't either.

Where is he?

He said he was at an industrial park on Garner Road.

Is that north of here?

This is crazy. This is what we're paying you for.

Give me one second.

Guys, what's going on?

Daryl, can you believe this? Your buddy here wants to quit.

Hey. No one's quitting here. Just give us a minute, Pete.

You got a minute.

You'll be okay. Right?

This is crazy, man, all right? I mean, a truck almost fell on us.


Make it through today, and by next week... you got cash and you are sitting on a beach sipping margaritas... with that beautiful girlfriend of yours. All right?

I don't even like margaritas. Heh. Trust me.

Come on, we're wasting time. Daryl, just take his damn camera from him.

He's got this.

Let's get ready for the next system. All right.

Another system?

Wait a minute. That was going north, right?

That's toward the paper mill.

I gotta get there. Can you take us? My car is totaled.

Sorry. No time. His son's out there.


Just stay out of the way.

You guys can come in the van with me.

I can take the kid with the camera. Really? Sweet.

No, no, Trey, you're staying with me.

Look, the Titus is the safest place for him.

He's right. It's a tank. We'll be right behind him.

Just as far as Garner, okay? Right.

Keep that camera rolling. When this is over, I'll give you 3 grand for your tape.

Three grand? Yeah.

Heh. You got it. Now we're talking.

Let's move!

How's your leg?

It's a bit better.


Ah. All right?


Where'd you learn that?

Uh, my mom was a nurse... so when we were kids, instead of story time, we'd have, like, CPR lessons.

At the time I was kind of lobbying for Cat in the Hat, but now...

Ha, ha. Yeah, thanks, Mom.

Okay? Yeah.


I told my parents I was going to the library.

Your dad is coming, right?

Someone will find us.

You okay?

Look, I waited my whole life for a storm like this.

Please don't let me down.

Who you trying to reach?

My little girl, Gracie.

I've never been away from her this long before.

Where is she?

She's with my parents about 200 miles to the south.

They'll make sure she's safe.

Yeah. It just really feels wrong to be away from her right now. You know?

How old is Gracie?

She just turned 5.


They're a real handful at that age. She's a really good kid.

How old is your other son?

Donnie? He's 17.

He'll be all right. He knows everything at that age.

After his mom died, I kind of lost him for a while.

We'll find him.

So is this what you guys do for a living? Go around chasing trouble?

They chase. I study.

Makes me the grown-up. Right, Daryl?

I've never heard of this many tornadoes before.

It's a freak occurrence. Two storm fronts taking the same path.

It's not freak anymore. Not after Katrina. Not after Joplin.

What used to be once-in-a-lifetime seems to be happening about once a year.

Look what happened with Hurricane Sandy.

Whatever it is, we have to figure it out... before they start shifting to places they've never been before.

Like where? Like Los Angeles. Or Chicago.

Even London.

Tree blocking the road.

We got a problem. Can you get around that?


Moorpark. Right, Dad?

It's about three miles west. It might be clear that far out.

Good call.

Doubling back to Moorpark.

That's a great boy you've got.

Do you ever think about the last thing you said to your mom?

I think about it every day.


Because I was pissed at her.

I was always pissed at her for something.

For leaving Dad. For leaving me and Trey.

We used to spend the weekends with her, so she was...

She was dropping us back, and she tried to kiss me goodbye, and I just...

I barely looked at her, and she walked away.

Yeah, that was it. That was the last time.

What happened?

It was a car accident.

I'm sorry. No.


You hear that?


Hey! Hey, we're down here!

Hello? Please help us!

What happened? I think a pipe burst!

Oh, my God!

Get on it, Donk. You see anything yet?

I think the twister cloud's up ahead. Twister cloud?

Shit! Slow down, Donk! You're busting my balls!

Straight over this hill! You'll be fine! No! Not the hill!

Hey! Moron!

Oh, my God!

Ugh! Damn! You dumb-ass!

What the hell, man? Whoo! Yeah!

You all right, man? Yes! Ha-ha-ha.


Aw. This thing's awesome.

She's a beast. Absolutely.

Wow, this is so cool.

You gonna be all right?

Look, I know I yell at you a lot. But listen.

When I first started, I was scared shitless too.

We got a lot riding on this. But when the moment comes... trust me, you're gonna be fine.

Yes, sir.

You getting this on radar?

I see it. It's headed fast in this direction.

I got three small hook echoes. Maybe four.

D, you getting any visual on this? No. Nothing.

I'm not seeing anything, you guys.

What's happening up top, kid?

I got nothing up here. Just clouds. Wait, there it is. Right there on the left!

Are you seeing this? Yeah, yeah, I got it.

We got movement to the northeast.

Take a look at that!

Guys, it's splitting.

We're gonna have another funnel. Something's happening behind us.

There's another one.

There's one to our right!


There are three. Four! Shit, they're everywhere!

We have multiple vortices touching down.

These systems are too erratic. We gotta get out of here.

No, no, no!

Look at that thing! Aah!

Oh, my God!

Oh, God!

Look at the size of that thing!

We're gonna be YouTube stars for the rest of our lives!

Ha, ha! Better than sex, Donk! Ha-ha-ha.

How would you know?


Behind us!

Is everybody all right?

Yeah. I'm okay.

Oh, shit.

Keep filming! Yeah, I got it!

This is unbelievable!

Dad! Are you all right?

I can't get out the side. We're gonna go through the back.

Trey, you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.

Let's go!

Come on, come on, come on! Come on. Come on.

Trey! Over here!

We gotta take cover! Everybody in the Titus! Run! Let's move! Move!

Come on! Let's go!

Look out!

Come on!

Everybody head for the church!

Come on, Trey, stay with me! Look out!

Holy shit!

Oh, my God!

This is amazing! I gotta get this!

Jake, forget it!

Jake, come on!


Jake! Jacob!

My camera! Leave it!

But I gotta get the footage!

Jake, come on! Let's go!


No! No, no, no! Come on!

Help me! No, no, no!

No! Jacob! No! He's gone! Allison, he's gone!

Get inside! Shut the door!

Come on, come on, come on!

Get down!


Oh, shit.

Trey. Trey!

I'm here, Dad.

Let's get out of here. Yeah.

Where are you going? I'm getting my son.

Please, wait. It isn't safe out there.

What if it was your daughter?


If we can get the van back on the road, we'll be safer than we would be on foot. Okay?

Pete, can you hook up...?

Is that all you care about?

No. No.

Jacob's dead, Pete.

He'd probably still be alive if it wasn't for you.

You think what happened is my fault?

I mean, he wasn't out there shooting for himself, was he?

He was getting your shot for your movie... because you told him nothing else matters, and you wouldn't let him go.


It wasn't Pete.

It was me.

I brought him here. It was my fault.

No. No. None of this should have happened.

You gotta help him find his son.

I will. What about you?

I'm gonna stay here.

I'll see if I can find Jacob's parents. Get in contact with them.


Help me close up the gap! Huh?

Help me close it up!

Can you stop it coming in? I'm trying!

Lucas, you coming?


Suit yourself. I gotta finish this.

Trey, come on. Get in.

Let's go find your brother. All right.

Come on, baby.

Come on.

That's my girl.

Dad, it's getting worse out there.

Still no signal.

My phone. It's not working.

Try yours.

No, there's no signal.

Try it through the gap right there. Okay.

Your arm can fit.

Oh, my God. There's a bar, there's a bar. Put it on speakerphone!

This is Gary. Leave a message.

Dad! Dad! Please help us!

The building fell down on top of us, and there's water pouring in... and I don't know how long we've got!



Oh, shit!

Oh, shit.

I'm sorry. It's dead.

I'm sorry.

Are you folks all right? I'm taking these people to the shelter.

You been by the industrial park? Sure have. Whole place has been flattened.

Did you see anyone? A boy? A girl? I didn't see anybody. I'm sorry.

Maybe he made it to the school. What if he didn't? We gotta go.

Listen. I heard on the radio, all the warning sirens are down.

If a tornado's coming, you're not gonna know it.




I just wanna thank you for everything.

I was gonna come down the stairs this morning to say goodbye... but when I came you were already gone.

I got a message.

Dad! Dad! Please help us!

The building fell down on top of us, and there's water pouring in...

- ...and I don't know how long we've got! Oh, my God.

You should know I'm not alone.

Donnie's here.

He's been really sweet.

So it's kind of okay.

I love you so much.

Guess what.

I spent the last week filming time capsules about people's futures... and now it looks like I don't have one.

So, uh... if there's no future... we should talk about the past.


Some bad shit happened along the way.

You know, like it does to everybody, I guess.


And I didn't move on, Dad. I blamed you.

I really gave you shit, and I wish I hadn't.

I so wish I hadn't.

No point in wishing now, huh?

What do I wanna say? Um...

Go easy on Trey.

He's gonna tell you that this is all his fault.

This was his idea. But it wasn't.

It's just Trey. His attention-seeking behavior.

My idea.

My fault.

Trey, you should be the person you always were, dude, because you're awesome.

You're awesome and I'm proud of you... and just live every day like it's your last.

Because, shit, someday it will be.

And for once, I know what I'm talking about.

And, Dad...

Dad, I love you.

I really love you and I'm sorry.

Okay, I'm sorry.

Okay. Sorry.


Come here.


All right.

Come on.

Take a left here.






It's Donnie's!



Where are you?


Over here!

He said there was water pouring in, right?

Dad! Over here!

Listen! Nobody move!

We're over here!

Donnie! Dad!

Where is he? It's okay.

Donnie, I'm here! We got you.

It's okay! I'm here! I got you! It's Dad! Can you hear me?

Dad! Trey!


Dad, you've gotta help him!

Can you swim through? There's a gap here!

Now you hold on!


Gary, I can't move it!

We gotta move this! We gotta move this I-beam! Come on, push it!

It's not gonna move. Dad!

Donnie, you're okay. Help me get her out.

You're doing good.

We're gonna get you out.

Trey, what are you doing?

Watch out!

Okay, I need you to duck down!

We're gonna move this beam! You understand?

Got it!

You guys Okay?

I got it. I got it. All right.

Kaitlyn, come on. Are you okay?

I got you, I got you. Let's go, let's go. Get her out.



Donnie! I got him.

Pull him up!

I got his head.

Get him up.


Right here. Here we go.



Put this under his head.

He's not breathing!

Oh, God!

Donnie! Oh, my God.



Come on!

Go on. Cough it up. There you go. Come here.

There you go, son. Cough it up.

Here. It's okay.

I got you.

Kaitlyn. It's okay. She's here.

It's okay.

I love you, son.

We got him now. We got him now.

Come here.

I love you both. Donnie.

So much.

I thought you might need some help.

Never thought I'd be happy to see your face again.

Getting my hard drives.

You were down there? Yeah.

Camera rolling? Uh-huh.

Mm. Yeah, there's the guy I know.

Guys, we gotta get out of here. Come on.

Everybody in the Titus.

We are tracking a massive tornado.

Pete, you seeing this?

- There's a second tornado formation. I see it.

This storm is heading northwest. There. And it just touched down.

We now have two very large tornadoes moving towards the town of Silverton.

All residents of Shaw County should seek shelter immediately.

They are converging, which could generate wind speeds of up to a...

There! There they go! They just converged.

We are looking at wind speeds inside the funnel of over 300 miles per hour.

This is definitely an EF5.

This is the biggest tornado I've ever seen.

The school. The whole town's in there.

Warning systems are out.

They're sitting ducks.

Okay, everybody out. Now. Let's go.

Hurry! Get out! Go!

What are you doing? You out of your mind?

There is another tornado heading this way. And you want us to go outside?

You don't understand. You have to.

This is the storm shelter, for chrissake.

Not for this. Would you believe us?

We've been out there. We know what this can do.

I am not going to risk it. I've got hundreds of people here.

You will have hundreds of dead people if you stay.

Sir. I've studied storms all my life, all right?

This is bigger than any storm that has ever been. Can you hear that?

It will flatten this building in seconds. Exactly.

With or without you, we're getting these people onto those buses.

Trey, stay with me. Stay close. Okay.

Come on, everybody! Get on the buses! Move!

We gotta go.

That one! That one over there!

Stay with us! Let's go! Let's go!

Come on, move!

Trey, put the camera down and get on the bus.

I'm coming. Okay. Go, go, go.

Come on, folks.

Come on! Let's go!

Everybody on. Move, move, move.

Come on, get in there.

Trey, get in.

Come on, Trey, come on, come on. I'm coming, I'm coming.

Hold on.

Holy shit. Lucas, you getting this?

Yeah. We good.

How we looking? It's still picking up speed.

Dad! Dad, the tower's coming down!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Look out! Hang on!

Dad, be careful!

We can't get through. There's no way around. We don't have any time.

We gotta go back. Okay.

Hey, are you okay? Yeah.

Come in the bus. Come in the bus with us.

You guys, we gotta back up! We gotta go back and find a road!

Gary, we need cover. We can't stay in the open.

It's moving too fast. We're not gonna outrun it.

The road's blocked. We gotta turn around.

No, Dad, pull over up here. What?

Dad, trust me, okay? I filmed here. There's a storm drain. Right over there.

Okay, everybody get off. All right, come on! Come on!

All right, this way!

Come on, you guys. Let's go. Let's go.

Come on! Follow me this way!

Dad! Dad! We can't get in this way!

Go in through the manhole! Manhole?

You got a crowbar? Yeah.

I've never seen anything like this. Lucas!

Come on.

Here we go.

Okay, everybody in. Everybody in!

Come on. Let's go. Go! Go! Okay. Okay. Donnie!

Get in.


Come on! Come on! Hurry!

Come on!

Now! Hurry up! Come on, come on!

Lucas, get in! Go, move! Go!

Right behind me, guys! Yeah, go!

You guys okay? Yeah.

Give me a hand. I got it.

Close it! Come on!

Oh, shit!

You guys all right? The truck opened the other end! Hang on!

It's gonna be a wind tunnel in here! Hold on tight!

Oh, my God, the grate's loose! Hold on!

We're gonna get sucked out! Keep your head down!

Hey, this footage and data could save lives one day!

What are you doing?


No, no! Wait! Allison!



Lucas! Give me that!

Peter, please, come back!


No! Allison! I can't reach!

Give me your hand! Aah!

Come on!

Come on. Come here!

Allison! Here. Come on.

You okay?


Okay, anchor down.

What's he doing? He's trying to plug the hole!

Damn it. She won't stay anchored.

Allison! Allison!

Can you hitch the winch to something solid?

The truck! Yeah.

The release. Here.

Okay, I got it.

We're good! All right, Pete, we're set.

You can tighten her up.

Okay, then.

Titus versus tornado.

Dad, hang on! Gary!

Hang on!

Is that it? Is it over?

Pete, what's happening? Did it pass us?

It's not gonna last.

We're in the eye.

Oh, God.

Guys, the trailing winds will be even stronger! You've gotta hang on!


Hold on tight.

Hold on!

Donnie! Get down!

It's not gonna hold!



Grab my hand! No!

No! Gary!

And let's see. We're gonna stay right here.

We're gonna see if it re-cycles.

It's becoming more of a barrel-shaped.

The wedge has decreased a little bit, and it looks like it's roping out at Air Depot Road.

Look at the rope on that thing.

Feeder band looks like it's pretty low to the ground. It's way lower than we are.

There it is. It's gone, Mike.

Everybody okay? I'm fine.

Yeah, we're good. You're okay.


This was a storm that was on the ground for at least 10 miles before it hit.

...assault by giant tornadoes. And look how powerful they are.

One tornado is already being called the largest tornado in history.

The intense storm that set off the twisters... dropped golf ball to baseball-sized hail.

There's no denying the tragedy that we've all endured here today.

But you know... our faith will carry us through, and we will rebuild.

I'm sorry about Pete.

Hey, little bug.


No, Mama's okay. I'm okay.

I am. I promise.

I'm coming home.

Yeah, Mama's coming home.

I love you too.

In 25 years?

It doesn't matter, you know?

Just taking it one day at a time.

Every day's just fine.

Because I'm alive.

That's it.

Nothing else matters.

Sometimes I think the human race as a species is crazy.

But when the chips are down... ordinary people, like you and me... are good.

I like that.

You know, Pete and I had our moments... but I know why he got up every morning.

And I know why he gave up his life.

He wanted to make a difference and...


Well, hopefully this film will help accomplish that.


Uh, to be honest, it didn't look good back there.

But we made it.

We stuck together, and here we are.


I'm just grateful that we'll be able to look back on this in 25 years.

Twenty-five years? Wow. You are gonna be so old.

Heh. And probably bald too.

All right, you're cut off.

Donnie, you have something you wanna say?

Uh, I don't think we really have to say anything, you know?

We're all here now. Together.

And that's all that matters.

Yeah, it is.

Okay. Let's get back to work.

Hey! Donk!

Donk, where are you?

Over here!

Hey, you're upside down!

No, you're upside down! And you're in a tree!

Well, so are you!

Oh, yeah.

That camera still working?

Yeah, it is! Ha, ha.

Man, we are gonna be so rich! Ha-ha-ha.