Intruder (1989) Script

[gusting wind][fluttering bats][ominous electronic music punctuated by distant screams]

[pleasant muzak on PA system]

There ya go.

Thanks a lot.

[shopping cart rattling]

[squealing feedback on PA system]

[Voiceover] Good evening, Walnut Lake shoppers.

The store will be closing in 15 minutes, so please make your final selection and bring them to the front of the store, and our cashier will be happy to check you out.

Thank you for shopping at Walnut Lake Market.

[cash register rattling]

Jen, how much is this? [Jennifer] Yeah?

[Jennifer] Uh, it's $1.89. [Cashier On Right]Tthanks.

[Jennifer] Sure, no problem. [Male Customer] Thank you.

[Cashier On Right] Jen?


Has Dave asked you out yet?

No, he's still seeing Carrie.

Uh-uh, I heard they broke up.

[Jennifer laughs]

Uh, am I interrupting something?

Uh, you know, [Jennifer] No!

[Male Customer] Oh, well, I thought, you know.

I could hear everything. [Jennifer] No, no.

[Male Customer] You know, yeah.

Here's your bag, Mr. Abernathy.

You got this ready now? [Mr. Abernathy] Oh, yeah.

[Jennifer] Wait, I don't want you to forget your plant here.

Oh, of course, thank you very much.

Oh! [groceries drop to the floor]

Good grief!

Oh, Mr. Abernathy, I am sorry about that!

Yeah, well I'm sorrier, discount the senior, nothing.

I don't know why, [mumbles to himself].

I don't even, excuse me.

Hold hands, you love birds!

[girls giggling]

Linda, I'm gonna go round up some carts.

Watch out for him in the parking lot.

[trash can rattling]

[shopping carts banging together]

[ominous electronic music]

[shopping cart rattling]

[insects chirping]

[shopping carts banging together]

[door swinging open and shut]

[ominous electronic tones]

[pleasant muzak]

[light banks turning off]

Thank you, have a good night.

Thank you.

[menacing musical accent]


Long time, no see.


How come you haven't returned my calls?

I haven't checked my answering machine in two days.

[Scoffs] Like I really can believe that.

You know, I got a gimp hand from writing you letter after letter, just hoping you'd write one back to me.

Craig, this is no time--

Then when is a good time, [violent slap against counter Jennifer, huh, a year from now, maybe two?

You don't know what I've been going through and what's worse is you don't even care.

Is there a problem, Jen?

Look, fuck off!

[bell ringing]

[Man With Glasses] Where are you going?

See what the trouble is.

Never once should those girls work that alarm properly.

Just finish looking over the contracts and check on the girls, then close the store.

Well, at least let me check out the window.

[Man With Glasses] Fine.

[Craig slaps counter violently]

It's $1.35 for the cigarettes.


look, I've been thinking about you for a long time now.

Craig, I'm sorry about what happened, I really am, but as far as you and I are concerned, it's over and it's been over for a year now.

Shh, now listen to me.

I've kept it alive for a long time.

Well I haven't, and if you can't see why my telling you is not gonna make any difference--

[Craig] Jennifer, [Jennifer] Please, Craig!

[Jennifer] Now, I have to get back to work.

You owe me $1.35 for the cigarettes--

You owe me an explanation--

Well, you're not listening to me.

Listen Jennifer, [pounding percussion]

I've been waiting too long for this.

You're hurting me!

Leave her alone!

You look, get lost!

[menacing orchestral accent]

You're crazy!

[slapping punch]

Don't ever call me that!

[Man In Striped Shirt] What the hell's your problem, man?

[rack falling over]

[jagged, menacing orchestration]

[Linda] Stop it, make him stop!

[Jennifer] Cut it out! [Linda] Guys, stop fighting!

[Jennifer] Stop it, cut it out!

Stop it, you guys just stop fighting!

[Jennifer] Bill, just leave him alone!

[pounding timpani and menacing orchestration]

[thudding punches over lurching orchestration]

[scuffling between the men]

[thudding punch]

[thwacking kick]

[pounding, unsettling piano]



[Man In Apron] What the hell's goin' on?

[man moans over more frantic music]

[cans toppling and crashing to the floor]

[Man With Tie] Jennifer, call the police.

[Man In Striped Shirt] Did you hear that?

All right, all right.

All right, c'mon, now listen up!

Listen up, everybody, check out the store, OK, but be careful.

If ya find him, yell loud and clear, but stay away from him, you understand?

All right, let's go.


[phone buzzing]

[ominous orchestral crescendo]

[unsettling and menacing orchestral music]

[box crackling]

[faucet creaking]

[floorboards rattling]

[uneasy, mysterious electronic tones]

[door rattles open]

[dripping water]

[ominous strings and uneasy electronic tones]

[distant rattling]

[door clangs shut]

[uneasy orchestration continues]

[crescendo of ominous orchestration]

[tense flurry of fluttering strings]

[toilet flushing]

[fluttering, uneasy strings]

Hi. [Voiceover] We're sorry.

[Voiceover] Please hold.

Don't, don't put me on hold!

[uneasy, fluttering strings]

[squeaking sneakers and thud of body down slide]

Jesus Christ, you scared the shit outta me!

What are you doin' working tonight?


I thought you were Craig. [Man With Glasses] Craig?

[Man On Right] Craig Peterson.

Craig Peterson, hey I remember him!

One time, we got into this fight, and I kicked his ass.

Yeah, yeah, we just got in a big fight with him up front of the store.

He's in here somewhere, so if you see 'im, keep your eyes peeled.

Now, tonight?

Tonight, now.

[Man With Glasses] [Chuckles] Great.

[Linda screams over jarring piano accent]

You ass, you practically scared me to death!

What, I'm sorry, I couldn't help it.

[Bill] Hey, what, what happened, did you see him?

Did you see him in here?

No, it's just Tim scaring me.

You are such a dick, Tim. [Bill] Jackass, come on!

[Man On Right] This is so typical of you, Tim.

[Bill] Quit screwing around, dammit, this is serious business!

You know, I, I think, I think I know where Craig might be hiding.


The attic, the attic! [Tim] The attic!

[Bill] Hey, shut up!

Up there where I caught you guys smokin' that wacky tobacky?

Aw, come on, Bub, let's check it out.

Me? [Bill] Yeah you.

[Bill] C'mon dammit!

You got me in trouble, what?

You wanna have a beer with me back here?

[Bill] Hey, I heard that, no beer!

Hey, help me find him!

[Tim] What?

[menacing and apprehensive strings]

I can't see nothin' up here but a whole buncha darkness.

Hey, gimme the flashlight.

[boards crack as Bill falls to the ground]

[Bill grumbling and moaning]

[Bub] Come on.

Ah, ah oh, my heart!

[Bub] Outstanding, Bill.

Well, if he's up there, he's gonna have a helluva time gettin' down.

[phone buzzing]

[ominous piano accent]

[Voiceover] Hello, police emergency services.

May I help you?

Thank God!

[Voiceover] Sergeant Andrews, may I help you?

It's Jennifer Ross and there's someone--

[Voiceover] Your name and location?

I, I told you, 2100--

[doors swing open aggressively]

[Voiceover] Are you in danger ma'am?

[phone clangs and slams down]

Now give me my change.

Are you kidding?

Does it look like I'm kidding?

[jingling coins]

[coins drop to the floor]

[men struggling over frantic orchestral accent]

[menacing accented bass tones]

Ha, you're done!

Right, now you listen and you listen good.

If I ever catch you around here anymore, you're gonna have more to deal with than the police.

You're gonna deal with me.

You understand, you better hope that the cops get you before I do.

Bill, unlock the door.

Come on! [Craig spits aggressively]

[Man In Striped Shirt] Be gone with ya!

[men struggling]

[Man In Tie] Get goin'! [Bill] Goddammit!

[chattering between employees]

[Bill] Don't be a punk.

[Man In Striped Shirt] Get the hell outta here!

Roll the fuck off! [Tim] Beat it!

[menacing electronic music accent]

[Tim] Fuck.

Beat it.

[Man With Tie] Go back to work, c'mon.

[jangling, unsettling piano]

The police said that they'd send a squad car as soon as possible.

You gonna be all right, Jennifer?

Yeah, I'll be fine.

Well, I think we have enough excitement for one night.

[chuckles and affirmation from crowd]

Danny and I wanna congratulate y'all on the way you handled this situation this evening.

You, ya'll did a fine job.

Does this mean we get a raise?

Unfortunately, no.

As a matter of fact, tonight we start marking down everything in the store half price.


Bill and I are selling the store.

What? [collective gasp and shrugs]

Now, now calm down everybody, calm down!

Just hear the man out.

Well, Bill and I, we've agreed to sell the store to the city and your jobs will end about the first of next month.

However, however look, Bill and I want you all to know we appreciate the way [grumbling from the employees] that you've been loyal to us, and you'll find a nice bonus check from us as a little token of our appreciation.

And if any of you kids need any kind of a recommendation, you know we'll give you the best, best one in the world. [grumbling from the employees]

I'll be in the back.

Oh you guys, clean up this mess, OK?


And I just got a raise. [Man In Striped Shirt] Yeah.

[Bub] Jesus, I don't believe this.

Oh man, three years of seniority down the toilet.

[Tim] What about me, what about my job?

I had two weeks paid vacation comin' to me.

It's not so bad, I can get unemployment now.

[Tim] You're never working anyways.

[Dave] Get that straight.

You would say that. [laughing and chatter]

We shoulda joined the union.

Look, look, I'm not the one that wanted to sell the store, believe me.

I've been here for over 10 years.

I made this store my life.

Randy, I started out here as a butcher, just like you, and finally worked my way up to co-owner of this place.

It's my home away from home.

If that's so true, Bill, then why'd you give in to Danny?

I didn't.

Not voluntarily, mind you.

Aw hell, let me put it this way.

I own 49 percent of this place, he owns 51.

That about says it all.

Yeah, I'm gonna miss this ol' place.

Me too.

More than you'll ever know.

Now, does everybody know what they're doin' tonight?

[downbeat affirmation from employees]

Good, I gotta take a fastie.

[ominous electronic tones]

[clacking footsteps]

[rock music on Walkman]

Lost your job, Joe!

No wonder Danny's got the whole crew working tonight.

It is going to be a bitch changing all these prices!

Are you OK, Jen?

I've been better.

Aw, it's OK!

Know anybody who needs a new cashier?

[phone rings]

I'll get it.

See, opportunity calling right now.

Ha ha. [phone continues ringing]

Walnut Lake Market, this is Jennifer, hello?


[Craig] Hello Jennifer. [ominous electronic music]

What do you want?

You'd think of anything to shove me away.

I called the police.

Am I supposed to be scared or what?

Leave me alone! [phone slams down]

[ominous electronic music]

[phone ringing]

Don't answer that.

This guy is a total creep!

You really went out with him?

For two months about a year ago.

That was the last time I saw him.

Where's he been?

Prison. [Linda] You're kidding!

[Jennifer] I wish I was.

[Linda] Why, what happened?

Craig took me to this bar, Dillon's, you know Dillon's.

And I told him I didn't want to see him anymore, and the bouncer came over and told Craig to settle down because Craig was starting a fight.

That's not surprising.

And when they pulled Craig off of the guy, he was dead.

[Linda] You mean he actually killed someone?

It was an accident, I guess.

That's just great, and now he's out.

[jarring orchestral accent]

[Linda sighs]

Felt like someone was watching me.

[phone ringing]

Not again!

You know, if Craig's gonna keep calling you, he's gonna have to take some abuse.

Look here, shithead, if you call here one more--

[Voiceover] Linda?

Oh, Teddy, sorry! [Voiceover] What's going on?

[Voiceover] That's no way to answer the phone.

No, yes. [Voiceover] What's goin' on?

[Voiceover] I want some beer.

What kind of beer?

[Voiceover] I dunno, bring home some Coronas OK.

[Voiceover] You're gonna be all right, arent' ya?

No, there's just this creep keeps calling here.

He's driving us nuts.

Yeah, he came in and he started a fight.

Yeah, OK, I'll tell ya about it when I get home.

[Voiceover] Do that.

OK, I'll talk to you later.

[Voiceover] Love you. [Linda] Bye.

[ominous electronic music]

[unsettling synthesizer accent]

[paper crumpling]

[broom rustling and sweeping]

[meat hook rattling and clanking]

[machinery whirring]

[peppy rock music on Walkman]

[Joe sighs]

[price gun clattering]

[roller clanking and spinning]

This thing is not childproof, I'm sorry.

[Jennifer mumbles]

Hey Jen, lemme see that.

[bottle rattles and pops open]

Thanks, Dave.

You need anything else?

Mmm, yeah, a new job.

You and me both.

Listen, Saturday night I'm having a few people over.

Maybe you'd like to join us.

Are you still seeing Carrie?

Uh, well, no.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked you that.

Oh, no that's OK.

Listen, how 'bout if we blow off everybody else and just you and I go out on Saturday?

I'd like that. [Dave] Yeah?

[Bill] Dave, you better get back to work.

Danny, ooh! [Jennifer chuckles]

Nice imitation there, Bill.

Dave, I want you to bring out all them cases of baked beans and pineapple.

I'm gonna make a display of that stuff.

You wanna make a display of both baked beans and pineapple?

Yep, and I think I'll call 'er my fartblossom special.


How many times have I told you not to ride on that damn thing?

Hey Jen, I'll pick you up around eight, it's a date.


You know, sometimes I think half the people in this damn store are half backwards, except for you.

You know, Jenny, my old buddy Jack Lehey's opening up a new place over at Nine Mile in Shiawassee.

I'll betcha he could use a good cashier.

I'll give ya his number if you'd like.

Yeah, that would be great.

Do you have any idea how much the starting pay would be?

Well, you'd have to take that up with Lehey, but I'm sure it'd be close to what you're gettin' now.


So you and Craig used to be friends?

[Bub] Yeah, he got me this job.

I was his best friend for awhile.

That's nothing to brag about.

Well, Craig used to be really quite cool, you know.

I don't know why he went nuts.

I, I figure it's because his old man died.

That musta really freaked him out.

After that, he started acting really weird.

Weird? [Bub] Yeah.

[Bub] He started stealing money from me, and then he needed more money to buy drugs, I mean like very serious drugs.

He was dealing them and then he became addicted, he started treating Jennifer like shit.

He and I got into it one night and I swear to God, if my brother hadn't hit him in the head repeatedly with a blender, he would've killed me.

A blender?

Yeah, a Hamilton Beach blender.

[shrieking feedback on PA system]

[Bill] Break time, sorry 'bout that, guys.

[sparse and haunting electronic music]

[Bill] What's wrong, they're good for ya!

[Dave] They're like, gross.

Where I grew up in Greasy back home, those are considered health food.

[Randy] Well, they never looked--

[Bub] Where's Linda? [Jennifer] Shopping.

[Bub] Yeah, that's right, she's working the early shift now.

Hey, the Produce Joe?

I told him it was lunch, I don't know where the hell he is.

The police haven't arrived yet.

The only time they show up is when you're speeding, then they're on your ass immediately.

Yeah, they're almost as slow as the fire department.

Hey, watch it, Dave.

I used to be a volunteer fireman.

[Dave] Yeah? [Bill] Yep.

[Bill] Gave 'er up though.

[Dave] Why, too dangerous?

Aw, not that it was too dangerous.

Mind you, we didn't always just put out fires.

A lot of times we get called out on accidents, and I'm here to tell ya, that last accident I was at was enough to make anybody give 'er up.

Why, what happened?

Not that I'm interested, but he's gonna tell us anyways.

Well, what happened was, we was all sittin' around the station one evening having dinner and we got this call that there'd been an accident out on Nine Mile in Middlevale.

So, we all dropped what we was eatin' and run out of the station.

Well, that is everybody except for goddamn Parker.

Took his hamburger right with 'im!

And the first thing we get to the scene is, the first thing we see is this headless corpse layin' right in the middle of the road, and they can't find the guy's head!

Oh, that's sick! [scattered laughter]

Guy lost his head.

So, Parker goes walkin' off down Nine Mile lookin' for the head, still eatin' his goddamn hamburger, so everybody, everybody just gets through.

They gets themselves composed a little bit so they can do somethin' constructive.

They walk between the engine and the squad where the accident was and the godawful putrescence was layin' there and everything, and here comes fuckin' Parker.

Walkin' down Nine Mile, swinging the head by the hair in one hand and his hamburger in the other, and he's still eatin' it!

[gasps and laughter from employees]

Then of course, needless to say, everybody just lost their cookies.

[giggling from employees]

[distant knocking]

What the hell was that?

Police, police! [knocking on door]

[Bill] Yeah, I'm comin', I'm comin'!

Hold on.

[turnstile rattling]

Hello and good evening.

Evening, I'm uh, Officer Dalton.

This is Officer Matthews. [Bill] Good evening.

[Matthews] How'd you do, sir.

I'm Bill Roberts, Jennifer here called you.


How you doin', ma'am.

Uh, had any more trouble with that guy since we've talked?

Have we?

Well, he called a little while ago.

Well, did he make any threats or obscenities?


Mm, we ran a check on this guy, um--

Craig Peterson.

Craig Peterson, yes.

Well, all we know is that he's out on parole now.

Well, if you see him around here again, why, don't hesitate to call and here's my card.

No, that's not my card.

That's my card, yeah [chuckles].

Well, as I said, don't hesitate to call.


Ya'll have a nice night.


[keys jingling over rattling door]

[Dalton] Now you can't get in, you can't get out.

[Randy] Feel a lot safer already.

[playful guitar drowns out chatter from employees]

Let's get to it, c'mon.

Those guys couldn't catch a cold.

[playful guitar over blaring police siren]

[shopping cart rattling]

Hey, were the cops just here?


Did they pick up Craig?

Nope, not yet.

Teddy is waiting for me at home and he hates it when I'm late.

Jen, your nose.

Here, I think I have a tissue.

Are you OK?


[ominous electronic music]

[clacking footsteps]

[thumping rhythm and ominous droning bass]

[rattling boxes]

Who's there?

[thumping rhythm and unsettling synthesizer]

[thumping rhythm slowly accelerates]

[crescendo of menacing strings]

[punchy and jarring orchestral accents]

[knife crunches through melon]

[Joe] OK.

I cut that right outta there, that's what I'm gonna do.

[peppy rock music on Walkman]

[Joe spits]

I still can't believe we've been losin' money consistently now for the past two years.

[spike ripping through paper]

Sad but true.

Well, Danny, what the hell d'you expect me to do?

Just sit around here and watch 'em bulldoze this place to the ground come the first of the month?

As long as that clears, they could turn this place into a porno shop for all I care.

[spike ripping through paper]

Now look, you're getting some cash outta the deal, you've looked over the contract, now sign it.

Danny, I can't--

Sign it.

All right, I've got a shitload of work to do.

Why don't you go downstairs and make sure those jokes aren't rippin' us off blind, hmm?

[pen scrawling]

[pen thwacks off of contract]

[glass shatters as door slams shut]

Close the door on your way out.

[pleasant and expressive piano]

[water running from faucet]

[loud mechanical whine and whirr]

[door latch rattling]

[uneasy and apprehensive electronic music]

[loud crack of object falling]

[Bill sighs]

[tinkling, apprehensive electronic tones]

[echoing cracks from door latch]

[door latch rattles loudly]

[water flowing from faucet]

[menacing electronic drone]

[apprehensive electronic music]

[dog barks]

You get the hell outta here, little feller.

Get outta here, scat! [dog whimpers]

[dumpster lid slams down]

Son of a bitch.

[men struggling over frenzied and frantic electronic music]

[water flowing from faucet]

[men continue struggling over frenzied electronic music]

[hammer rattles across the pavement]

[thudding punches]

[thudding crack of hammer to skull]

[sack of potatoes thuds to the ground]

[peppy rock music from Walkman]

[ominous ambient tones]

[whirring machinery]

[distant whistling]

[heavy breathing]

[price gun rattling]

[can pops as it opens]

[Tim burps and sighs in satisfaction]

[liquid pouring]

[frenzied, menacing strings]

[Danny struggling for breath]

[Danny] Help me!

[squealing feedback on PA system]

Oh, man!

Brain hemorrhage!

[feedback continues over menacing orchestral music]

[phone ringing]

Walnut Lake Market.

[Voiceover] Hi Jen. [Jennifer] Hi Teddy.

[Voiceover] Is Linda still there?

No, she left a while ago.

[Danny struggling for breath and moaning]

[muffled scream]

[spike crunching into Danny's eye socket]

[Danny gasping for breath]

[adding machine rattling]

[menacing and unsettling ambient music]

[heavy breathing over unsettling ambient drone]

[pleasant but vaguely ominous piano accent]

[approaching footsteps over dripping water]

[Dave] Hey Jen. [Jennifer gasps loudly]

Oh. [Jennifer] I'm sorry.

[Dave] What's the matter?

My nose won't stop bleeding.

Craig was staring at me in the window and Teddy called and Linda's not back yet--

Hey, hey, hey, just relax.

Look at yourself, you're shaking.

The police are gonna get Craig.

You're safe here with all of us.

Don't worry.

[Tim chuckles]

[Shrieks] Wait, wait. [conveyor belt whirring]

[Jennifer laughing and shrieking]

Oh my God, we're gonna get in so much trouble!

[Jennifer laughing and shrieking]

[heavy breathing]

[menacing and ominous electronic music]

[bottles rattling]

[heavy breathing]

[lips smacking]

[jarring synthesizer accent]

[metallic cling]

[menacing orchestral accent]

[peppy rock music from Walkman]

[thwacking knife strikes]

[crunching puncture to Joe's head]

[Joe moans over menacing orchestral crescendo]

[Joe grunts as he slumps to the ground]

[box cutter slicing through cardboard]

[flowing powder]

Shit, I hate when that happens.

[cash register rattling]

[Jennifer hums quietly]

[box slams to the ground]


[box slams to the ground]

What the hell.

Hey, asswipe, cut it out!

[Bub] Oh, it hurts.

Hey Dave, throw me your cutter.

[Dave] Get your own cutter.

[Bub] Just let me have it, mine broke.


Here it comes.

[cutter slaps off boxes]

[Bub] Got it, thanks Dave.

[warbling music coming from Walkman]

Hey Danny!


[knocking on door]

[menacing orchestral music]

Where the hell did they go?

[Randy screams as ladder falls to the ground]

What stupid idiot put this, oh.

I did.

Ah, get outta the way!

[price gun clattering]


[price gun rattling]

[price gun clicking rapidly]

[door creaking]

[ominous orchestral music]

Hey, shut the fuckin' door!


And what are you doin'?

Shut the door, man!


Can you guys quit screwin' around here?

I'm tryin' to work.

Don't leave the beer cooler door open either, please.

[jarring orchestral accent]

[crunching knife puncture]

[Tim gasping and moaning]

[blood and beer flowing]

[Tim gasping and coughing]

[menacing orchestral music]

[saw blade whirring and rattling]

[Jennifer whistling quietly]

[machinery whining and whirring]

Hey, who is that?

Tim, Tim I know it's you.

Very funny, Tim!

Tim, this isn't amusing, Tim.

Think you're gonna give ol' Bub another wedgie?

Well, you know, I really think not

'cause I had the foresight not to wear any underwear, Tim.

Very funny, you dick. [shattering glass]

What the fuck?

Tim, you're screwed Tim!

[menacing electronic tones]

Oh wow, it's Tim, what a surprise.

Tim, you look horrible.

Anal itch got you down?

Can you actually speak, Tim?

What are you catatonic?

[menacing orchestral music]

[cans rattling over muffled scream]

[can rattling along the ground]

[frenzied, menacing orchestration]

[Bub screaming desperately]

[Bub screaming over whirring machinery]

[splattering crunch as Bub's screams stop]

[mechanical whirr over ominous orchestral music]

[splattering crunch]

[whirring machinery over ominous orchestral music]

[Randy singing to himself]

[thudding crunch]

[unsettling electronic tones]

[dripping water]

This is one of those ribs.

Two rumps.

OK, this is Moss's.

This is Marge's.

What the hell is this?

[screeching electronic accent]

Phew, you're goin' on special tomorrow in a big way.

The hell is this?

[jarring orchestral accent]

[crunching and splattering of hook puncturing Randy]

[Randy gasps sharply]

[ominous electronic music punctuated by echoed screaming]

[Jennifer humming to herself]

[box ripping apart]

[clacking footsteps]

[Dave sighs as box hits the ground]

Tape these suckers up here.

[screeching and menacing electronic accent]

Hey Bub, throw me my cutter, will ya?

I'm over here in aisle seven.

[cutter clangs to the ground]

Hey asshole, why didn't you close the cover before you threw it over?

[meat slicer grinding and whirring]


Left the slicer on.

[melodic but haunting electronic music]

Never any of the big ones.

[unsettling electronic music continues]

[music grows darker and more ominous]


[gurgling water]

[ominous piano]



Who's in here?

Very funny, guys, with the pig's feet.

[rhythmic and apprehensive electronic music]


Aw, shit.

Randy, you got some blood to clean up out here.

[metallic crack and hiss]


Hey Bub, I know you're up there screwin' around.

[hatch creaks open]

[Dave gasps over jarring electronic accent]

Very funny.

[wood creaking and swaying]


I know you're up here, stop foolin' around, man.

Bub, I know you're up here!

[jarring and menacing orchestral accent]

[Dave screams]

[unsettling and tense orchestral music]

[ominous electronic music]

Ah, Jennifer, ahh! [pounding thuds on window]

[muffled pounding over ominous electronic tones]

Jennifer, behind you!


[muffled pounding over ominous electronic tones]

[slapping thuds against window]

Please help me please, help!

[Dave screams before slamming to the ground]

[blood dripping over menacing orchestration]

[creaking door]

[frenzied, menacing orchestral accent]

[thudding kick over metallic clanking]

[cleaver slicing through flesh]

[Dave moans in pain]

[cleaver clangs to the ground]

[Dave moaning over frantic and tense orchestral music]

No, no!

[Dave screams over tense orchestral music]


[Dave screams desperately]!

Oh no, no!

[Dave continues to scream over whirring saw]

[blade whining, shuddering, and rattling through flesh]

[ominous ambient music]


[clock ticking]

[door creaking]

[box slams to the ground]

[unsettling electronic tones]





[unsettling electronic music continues]

Where is everybody?

[cooler whirring]

[dripping water]

[blood frying on light bulb]


[Jennifer gasps as box slams to the floor]

[unsettling electronic music with thumping rhythm]


[unsettling electronic music with thumping rhythm]


[unsettling electronic music continues]


I thought you were supposed to clean up in here.

[eyeball squishing into the floor]

[metallic clanking]

[metallic rattling]

[Jennifer gasps]

Ugh, that's not funny, Randy!

[Jennifer screams over jarring orchestral accent]

[lurching, menacing orchestration]

Oh my God!

[lurching, tense orchestration]

[pounding rhythm and menacing strings]

[metallic creaking and swaying meat hooks]

[pounding rhythm and menacing strings]

[shuffling and rattling]

[Jennifer screams]

[frantic, menacing orchestration]

[Jennifer grunting and struggling with door]

[thudding puncture of hook into flesh]

[tense orchestral flourish]

[metallic rattling]

[Jennifer screams as lurching orchestration continues]

[frantic and tense orchestral music]

[music gradually fades out]

Danny, Bill! [pounding on door]


Oh shit.

[menacing ambient music]

[Jennifer screams over tense orchestral music]

[muffled screams]

[jarring orchestral accent]

[sliders cracking and rattling]

[Jennifer sobbing]

[sobbing continues over warbled music from Walkman]

[fluttering, unsettling piano and punchy orchestration]

[pounding on door]


[discordant, clanging piano]

[heavy thudding footsteps]

[menacing orchestral music]

[hammering, unsettling orchestral accent]

[Jennifer whimpers]

[coolers shuddering as they power down]

[Jennifer breathing heavily]

[car driving up and stopping]

Oh my God!

[tense orchestral music]


It's closed.

[tense and frantic orchestral music]

[tires screeching as car accelerates away]


Let me go!

[crunching meat hook puncture into flesh]

[shopping cart crashes to the ground]


[Jennifer sobbing over haunting electronic music]

[Sobs] God.


[Jennifer sobs over haunting electronic music]

[haunting electronic music continues]

Craig, oh God!




[Jennifer mumbling between sobs]

Saturday night,

it's a date.

[door creaking and slamming]

Who's there?

[ominous electronic tones]

[distant footsteps]

[menacing electronic music]

[Jennifer laughs tentatively]

Aw, there, there, baby.

Everything's gonna be all right.

Everything's gonna be fine!

Everything's gonna be all right.

I tried to stop Craig in the back of the store, but the sonuvabitch knocked me out with my own hammer!

He killed everyone.

Shh, just calm down.

Just calm down, you're gonna be fine now.

You're gonna be safe.

Just wait here and I'll go call the police.

[ominous and unsettling ambient music]

[rotary phone dialing]

[uneasy orchestral music]

No, no!

[Jennifer screaming over tense orchestral music]

[blaring orchestral accent]

[hair ripping from Jennifer's scalp]

[Bill breathing heavily]

You killed them, you killed all of them.

But why?

For the store.

Danny was always the big boss.

He always called the shots on every business deal until now.

I couldn't let that son of a bitch take this store away from me.

This store's my whole life!

I had to kill him!

The night crew had nothing to do with it!

Oh, I couldn't let anybody stop me [breathing heavily].

I guess I just got a little carried away [chuckles].

You're sick!

[Jennifer spits]

Don't you see?

I'm just crazy 'bout this store!

And I'm sorry, darlin'.

I truly am sorry, but there's gonna be one more killin' here tonight.

[ominous orchestral music]

And Craig'll take all the blame.

[thudding smack of bottle to Bill's head]

[shattering glass]

[frantic and tense orchestral music]

[shattering glass]

[frantic and tense orchestral music]

[punchy and menacing orchestral accents]

[crescendo of screeching strings]

[ominous droning tones]

[lurching strings and droning ambiance]

[clacking footsteps]

[ominous droning tones with rattling percussion accents]

[screeching strings]

[menacing orchestral music]

[Jennifer screaming as cleaver hacks through display]

[Bill grunting and struggling as screaming continues]

[lurching, menacing orchestral music]

[metallic cling from knives]

[pounding heartbeat rhythm and syrupy orchestration]

[music grows more ominous]

[Bill grunts as boxes tumble to the floor]

[Jennifer screams as knives fall to the floor]

[Jennifer screaming over tense orchestral music]

[jar shatters on Bill's skull]

[tense and frantic orchestral music]

[thudding slams against door]

[Jennifer hyperventilating]

[thudding slams against door]

[frantic and menacing orchestral music]

Help me, somebody-- [knocks on window]

[crunching puncture wound over frantic orchestration]

[Jennifer screams]


[thudding smack]

[jingling keys]

[Jennifer breathing heavily and whimpering]

[distant rattling]

Who's there?

Who's there, answer me!

[sparse, uneasy piano and menacing strings]

[Danny] Help me!

Somebody help me!


[Danny moans]


[menacing piano accent]

[Jennifer gasps]

Help me!

Somebody help me!

[Bill chuckles]

[smacking kiss]

You're next.

[ripping knife wound over jarring orchestral accent]

[Jennifer grunts]

[tense and menacing orchestral music]

[knife clanks to the floor]

[tense and menacing orchestral music]

Here comes fucking Parker, walkin' down Nine Mile, swingin' a goddamn head by the hair in one hand, and his sandwich in the other [chuckles].

You're playin' hard to get.

Way off!

[jarring, menacing orchestral accents]

[Jennifer whimpering and screaming]

Jen, we're, shh!

Shh, now listen to me.

That son of a bitch Bill tried to set me up.

That's how come he didn't kill me.

Now, we were fighting, he knocked me out.

When I came to, I saw him kill Linda.

I tried to run after him, but he ran into the store and locked the doors before I could get him.

I even tried callin' the cops.

Now listen, I got in here through the bathroom window, and that's how we're gonna get out of here.

[Bill shouts angrily]

[thudding strikes with severed head]

[tense and frantic orchestral music]

[thudding strikes with head]

[tense and frantic orchestral music]

[thumping heartbeat rhythm and ominous ambient tones]

[Jennifer gasping and struggling]

[Jennifer screams]

[rattling and crashing boxes]

[crescendo of menacing orchestral music]

[jarring orchestral music]

[Jennifer gasps]

[Jennifer screams]

[blaring, tense orchestral accents]

[Jennifer screaming]

[blaring, tense orchestral accents]

Leave it to cleaver [chuckles]!

Suck on this!

[crunching knife puncture over menacing orchestration]

Where'd you get the knife?

[knife flips through the air as body slumps to the ground]

[knife plunges into cardboard]

[insects chirping]

[telephone dialing]

[telephone buzzing]

[Voiceover] Hello, police emergency services, may I help you?

This is Jennifer Ross.

I'm at 2100 Walnut Lake Road.

This is an emergency, I need help!

[Voiceover] Are you in danger, ma'am?

Do you need us to send you a squad car?

[shattering glass]

[Jennifer screams]

[thudding strikes with phone receiver]

[Bill roars aggressively]

[Bill laughing as he pounds on booth]

[Jennifer screaming as glass shatters]

Yoo-hoo, where you goin'?

[Bill cackles maniacally]

[metallic cling from cleaver]

[frantic and tense orchestral accents]

[thudding strikes with cleaver]

[cleaver crunches into flesh]

[Bill screaming as cleaver is removed with a splatter]

[thudding cleaver strikes over tense orchestration]

[Craig hyperventilating]

[insects chirping]

[approaching police siren]

[car screeches to a halt]

All right, freeze!

[Officer in driver's Seat] Drop it!

We didn't do it.

[Officer On Left] I said get down.

[Officer On Right] Go, go, get it over there.

Get thataway, pal.

[Jennifer] Officer!

What's this, what's this? [Craig] Hey!

Hey nothin', pal.

It's my box cutter!

Shut up. [Craig] What're you doing?

[Officer On Right] Whatta ya think?

Gimme the hand there!

I'm the one who called you! [Officer On Left] Shut up!

[Jennifer moaning in distress]

They did it.

They killed everybody in the store.

He's lying.

[Craig] He's the murderer, goddammit!


Hands down on the car, get down!

[Jennifer whimpering]

[Bill chuckling over lurching, uneasy orchestral music]

[Voiceover] Unit four?

This is Officer Adams, yeah.

[Voiceover] What's your 20?

2100 Walnut Lake.

We didn't do it! [Adams] Shut up!

[Jennifer] Ow!

Roll us another vehicle, code three, pronto!

[Craig] Leave here alone!

[struggling between men]

[thudding chops]

Aw, Jesus Christ.

It's a bloodbath in there, man.

They got bodies all over the place.

They're all mutilated.

He did it!

You're under arrest.

Let's go. [Jennifer groaning]

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can be used in a court of law.

[jarring orchestral accent]

No! [screeching orchestral accent]

[tense and menacing rhythmic orchestral music]

[unsettling, droning ambient tones]