Invisible Life (2019) Script

Come on, Eurydice! It's going to rain.


Help! Wait for me, Guida!


Where are you ?

Up here !



Guida, where are you?

You said to me:

"Go, Eurydice, please."

And I contented you.


Why did I ... if you always had the worst ideas of the world?


"You are so beautiful with this dress", I told you.


I should have taken the scissors and break yourself into a thousand pieces that horrifying Green dress.

Lock yourself in your room ... and swallow the key.





How much does it weight ! Come on, move.

Help me.

Mr. Feliciano Campelo does not come tomorrow. It comes today.

Today? Today.

If your father says so, it means that it is not a problem.

We just have to fix, cook, clean ... no problem.

But it was said that I could go to Antonieta's birthday, mom.

If I don't go, he'll kill me!

He kills you? Yes.

I'll kill you if you don't help me.

Come on, get busy.

One two three four five... Eurydice!

I can't stop my fingers!

You are eighteen, not five.

I will never cover you again!

It's hard to convince Dad to ... Cut it out!

If you help me, he'll be able to convince Dad to make you audition for the Vienna Conservatory.

If you are not convinced I falsify his signature.

I can't do it, I'm sorry.

Eurydice, please!

I feel that GGiorgos loves me.



Forever ?

But always travel!

He always travels because it is his job.

Do you know a word in Portuguese?

We don't like it very much.

But I learned some words in Greek.

What words?

So cute !

Always wrong to say my name.

He pronounces it so ...

It is very confusing.

He took me to the bathroom.

Did I tell you?


He slipped my hand ... in his pants.

It had a nice hard handle.

Guida... did you go to bed?

No! Of course not. Only after the wedding.

But he did something to me ... that I never imagined.

Thing ?

He licked me ...

Right here !

God, I felt a heat rise ...

Signor Feliciano has arrived.

Why aren't you ready yet? We were chatting.

Oh yes ? This is not the time to chat.

Get dressed. Quick, I serve the aperitif. Quick!

Good this.

I didn't understand the joke.

The accent is also good, Signor Feliciano.

This bread is a dream.

It looks like my mother's bread.

But there is a secret in the recipe.

Say the secret, Manoel.

The secret lies in the flour. Of course !

Ever since I started to use his flour, orders only increase!

It is truly wonderful, my flour.

Truly wonderful.

And her boys work with her in the activity?

Pliny, the greatest, yes. He's married.

The Younger, Anterior, is studying for a contest.

Well, are we going to have dinner? All right.

Come on, Signor Feliciano.

Eurydice, help me to serve, please. Grain.

I hope you like it. Definitely. dad, I ...

I do not feel very well, I think he will skip dinner.

No, you stay for dinner with us, there is Signor Feliciano.

And you don't want to stay?

And that I feel really bad.

Leave it alone, Manoel. So he will also eat his part.

She is very witty!

Eurydice, see if he's at the window.

What about the window?

Don't come back late.

Is he at the window or not?

I promise I'll laugh at you, okay?

They are grandma's earrings! I know.

If you like it very much, why don't you introduce him to dad?

You can explain it to me in GGiorgos.

Explain what?

I am the daughter of an ignorant Portuguese who still lives in the last century?

God, how rude you are! Don't talk like dad.

Eurydice, dad can't even imagine that I'm going out tonight.

Tonight at one o'clock, go out the back and open the door, okay?

At one in the morning, Guida? Do I have to stay up until one o'clock?

I promise that the next time I'll bring you, okay?

I am gorgeous with dress quests.

I am very nervous.

Maybe I have to poop.

Well ... Listen ...

Now go and play the piano for them, okay?

Go, Eurydice! I do not want to.

Eurydice, look at me.

Please. Go !

You are so beautiful with this dress.

Too bad you are so short.


Damn !

Good evening, sorry I'm late.

Good evening.

You are beautiful.

Good evening.

The party awaits us.

Good evening.

Dance! Dance!


Dear dad ... " Comma.

I am writing to you on the Liberty ship ... " Comma.

Direct to Greece ... "Period.

"Very happy alongside GGiorgos."

Come on here!


Who is this GGiorgos?

A wanderer.

You'll really like it, when you know him. "

GGGiorgos ...




Dear dad I am writing to you on the Liberty ship, direct to Greece.

I hope you will be happy to know that the first stop it will be your native country.

Very happy alongside GGiorgos I am sure you will like it very much, when you know him.

He is a good man.

We will get married in Athens and then we'll go back to Brazil.

Do not be angry with me.

I carry you three in my heart.

A hug from your daughter and sister who loves you infinitely, how infinite the ocean is that surrounds me, Guida.

Don't throw water when you're done, I have to pee too.

You're nervous ?



Calm down Antenor! I'm comming.

You've been there for a lifetime!

Everyone is waiting for you out here.

Power !

Have you seen a naked man before?

No. Never?

Not even your father?

No, Zélia.

Have you ever heard... the member of Antenor, tough?


Don't worry.

At first it burns a little ... you close your eyes, think of something else, and pass immediately.

If you're lucky, get pregnant.

Give a nephew to Signor Feliciano, who wants it so much.

No. I don't want to get pregnant now.

Faro will apply to the Vienna school.

What school in Vienna?

The Vienna Conservatory of Music, in Austria.

Then... when is the time, ask Antenor to get him out.

Or do it from behind.

Are you a real expert, eh, Zélia?

I am an expert in trying to get pregnant and fail.

I have...

a failed uterus.

A little lacquer ...


Even behind.

A little to me too.

Sorry, Zélia!

You're a little angry, aren't you?

Are you angry... with your sister, who ran away with the sailor, right?

My sister hasn't run away.

She left for a trip.

Yes, and when does it come back?

Get away !

Warning !

A toast !

Let's make a toast!

Cheers! Cheers!

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Be careful of the dress! Holy God !

Go ! Go ! Go ! Go!

What's this ?


Come here.

What's up ? I feel bad.

I need to go to the toilet.

You need help ? No.

What a shame. No, come here.

Careful ... Dicinha.

Be careful not to scratch it. Everything is alright.

Get Ms. Ana through.

You are welcome.

Wait for me to rest it on my leg.

Go, one, two, three ... Go!

Put it over there.

Atlantic Ocean.

October 14, 1951.

Dear Eurydice, I am happy, in peace.

But the houses have not gone as I dreamed.

GGiorgos is a scoundrel.

How many women were waiting for him?

They wanted it as it once did I wanted it.

How many children have been conceived?

Brothers of what I'm waiting for.

And that I don't want.

It does not matter.

Don't waste a second to talk about him.

He's going home.

I can't wait to hug you again.


I said I'm on my way!

How hot in this city!

I went back to hell.

Where's the piano?

My daughter.

How much I missed you, mom!

Where's Eurydice?

Where's your husband ?


Is daddy at home?

Guida! pap?.


I'm back !

Absurd, before it was sunny and now it rains.

What does it mean ?

Tell me, Guida.

I made a mistake.

But when I got it, it was too late.

It could never have worked with GGiorgos.

So I decided to go back.

A bastard!

A bastard nephew.

And an ungrateful daughter.

That she got caught up in an impulse!

It smells like a sailor, doesn't it? It smells unfortunate!


That's enough ! Shut up ! Don't get involved!

Put on your shoes ! No !

Put on your shoes ! No !

Get out of here! Don't talk to our Guida like that!

Where's Eurydice?

Your sister is dead.

Of shame.

Where's my sister? He doesn't live here anymore.

I want to talk to my sister!

She's gone !

And in Europe.

In Europe ?

In Austria.

In A ...

In Austria ?

She entered the school he had always dreamed of.

To learn the piano.

Give me...

Can you give me his address?


Forget Eurydice.

How she forgot you.

You no longer have a sister ... nor a mother ... nor a father.

You would never do that to a pregnant woman.

You are no longer my daughter.

I don't have a place to go.

I have nowhere to go!

I have nowhere to go!

Exit the back!

You ran away from the back.

Spa rickshaw from the back!

If I leave this house ...

you'll never see me pifi again.

Ana Margarida!

If you want to run after her, go, but don't come back!

Our Guida is dead, Ana.

Eurydice will never have to, never know she came here.

Why did you lie, Manoel?


Don't you want me to play?

It sounds.

Not on the piano.

No, not on the piano.

Not on the piano, no.

Here ... Let's go to the sofa.

How beautiful !

Inside no.

No, Antenor.

Sorry, Dicinha!

Sorry, okay?

Hey, are you all right there?


Shall we move it? Yes.

Rio de Janeiro,

December 21, 1951.

Dear sister, yesterday my first child was born.

A robust child, with red cheeks.

She was crying desperately.

Me too.

We looked each other in the eye, until I can't take it anymore.

I couldn't stand there staring at him.

I did not want to.

I'm gone.

Already back, Guida?

How come you didn't stay the night in Maternity?

You had meals insured.


What's this ?

A male.

Lucky him.

I thought about you a lot.

I imagine your life in Vienna, lessons at the conservatory, your new home.

From the window next to the piano you see the snow falling as you play.

I learned a lot, since I left.

I found out what it means to be a single woman in this world.

Yesterday was a difficult day.

But I don't want to talk about it now.

It only matters that you stand behind mistakes made in the past.

I have started a new journey what will you bring me ?! up to you.

We are very young, Eurydice.

We have a whole life ahead of us.


Mom, if you're reading this letter, please send it to Vienna.

I understand that dad can't forgive me, but please, don't separate me from Eurydice.


Where do you leave that creature, Leila?

From Filomena. And the only one I can count on.

And you, don't you feel destroyed?

You're going to be broken. I'm relieved.

For taking this weight off ...

I don't understand how you can grow a son in this misery.

Frankly, neither do I.

God, how much that kid screamed

Listen ... may God repay you!

God will certainly not pay, he makes 120 in all.

I have money counted.

When I come back, what's left is yours, all right ?

It is not a good thing.

Look at her, how she cries, and you want to have a good time ...

Without paying me! How much noise, Filió!

I'll pay you. She's crying, for God's sake!

Calm down. I was in peace ...

And you come with a screaming girl. I'll pay you.

And you ask me for God's sake ...

I'll pay you. Give me 120.

And I calm down, the girl calms down. We all calm down.

Take it a moment ...


Are you alone ?

More or less.

Can I invite you to dance ?

Why don't we try a quieter place?

Go away, what comes to your mind?

You're crazy ?

"What have I done ?" I was just missing this, wasn't I?

150, it gave me!

May I ...

Will you give me a beer, please?



What's your name ?


What a beautiful name.

Have you lost an earring, honey?



And milk?

Calm down, go slower.

So and so.

Wait wait.

You ran out of milk, right?

Consciousness made itself felt.

Come in, sit down.

At first it hurts, but then you get used to it.

God forbid you get used to this.

Did you breastfeed very long?

Why do you want to know about my life?

I have never had children.

Squeeze the breast.

And you with such a big breast ... when did you give birth?


Where's the baby?

I gave it away.

I left him in the hospital.

I can't raise a child alone.

My father kicked me out of the house ... when he saw that I was pregnant and without a husband.

Why don't you go now, without a belly? Children always touch old people.

I won't go back even if he pays me.

And your mother ?

Don't you have a mother?

My mother is my father's shadow.

So you shit a fetus and you go dancing.

I have seen them in my life, but this is the first time.

Okay, I like you.

Excuse me.

I came to get my son. Mrs.

But I don't remember how it's done.

Lady ... please ... If you remember?

Ma'am, please ...

I ask you to leave.



Ma'am, I ask you to leave. Please.

And European money.

Worth a lot!

Help me!

Have you seen Peter Pan?

Why are you thinking about it right now?

Just released in the cinema.

I'd like to see it.

Her cervix is ??very soft.

Is everything okay?

You can't get pregnant any more.

No, doctor ...

Ever since I got married I have always checked my cycle.

He told me he has no menstruation since two months.

It is good that she is pregnant, Eurydice.

Otherwise, it would be a serious case.

But the audition for the conservatory Alberto Nepomuceno is in 7 months.

I am prescribing you a supplement ferrous sulphate, a bactericide, and obviously sulphamic acid.

You don't have to do anything else, except for pressure checks ... to prevent heart problems during labor.

And then rest, a lot of rest.

And avoid ... sexual intercourse with your husband, in the last two months of pregnancy, to avoid infections.




What's going on, honey?

Can you come for a second?

Come on here.

Do you want some juice?

Thank you.

What is it, Eurydice?

It's about your mother, isn't it?

I know what that means, I ...

I have lost my mother when I was very young, but ...

I'm sad.

Get some milk.

I'm pregnant.

How beautiful ! Can I hug you?

What a wonderful news!

Signor Feliciano will be very happy.

And Ana too.

It comes at the right time.

I shouldn't be pregnant right now.

What are you doing, do you want to drink a quinine infusion?

It's a pity.

God will punish you.

It is a crime.

Nobody must know it.

I know a person.

Hello, good evening.

My name is Euridice Gusmfio Campelo.

What about Mr. Alberto Macedo Gomes de Paula?

I read your ad in the newspaper.


Does it deal with missing person?

Have you been here long?

Don't you have anything to tell me?

I went to your family, got out of work.

Your father wanted to talk to me.

He needs a hand for the accounting of the bakery.

And nervous, poor fellow, he's worried ...

He's afraid he won't be able to pay your mother's therapy.

Can't we pay part of it? Yes, that's why I went there.

To understand what we can do, but ... your father can't explain to me, does not understand very well.

Then I...

I picked up the phone and I called Dr. Osvaldo.

I'm very tired.

Do you know what he said to me?

The doctor said ...

Congratulations !

Antenor, congratulations.

He was worried.

He told me you weren't happy of the news.

He thought it best to tell me.

Did you want to surprise me?

Dicinha ...

You see it ?

Sara beautiful, Dicinha.

Where are you, Guida?

I'm scared.

You're in love.


Very far.

You left me here ... alone.

I would never have done it a similar thing.

Calm down, professor.

I don't understand what I have, I can't concentrate.

It will be the heat.

It has been a difficult week.

My mother is sick.

In a few months it will be quieter.

And we can prepare the piece for the audition.

You must be a little patient with me.

You were a promise, Eurydice.

The Erés are hidden in this forest.

Where will these Erés be?

Rio de Janeiro, June 21, 1952.

My beloved sister, I am writing to you from Filé's house.

It has become an important presence in my life.

And a good friend who keeps me company, and help me with Chico.

Today they are my family.

Look who's there!

Here are children every day.

Neighborhood women can work, thanks to Filé ... who looks after their children.

I have two jobs.

I clean up on Saturdays and the other days I work at the shipyard.

I guess your life as a pianist is very busy, but ... if you can, write two lines to your sister who misses you so much.


P.S. Mom, if by chance you open these letters of mine for Eurydice, please send them to Vienna.

I already told the manager I need a special league.

My fingers are all ... split.

And for welding.

My hands are also ruined.

All cold!

How disgusting.

Better not to complain too much ...

Otherwise, put someone in your place and you find yourself on the street.

Are you talking to me? Yes.

You should thank God for a job as good as this.

Thank God?

Yes, a woman like you should work in another place.

Look at my hand.

It is massacred.

I have to sleep.

I'm afraid of going crazy.

The poor don't have time to go crazy.

God... how much I stink.

He won't find a man anymore in this life.

Stop crying on yourself, Guida.

Thank you for having a job.

I'm already half the money I need to go to Vienna with my sister.


Why don't you forget your sister?

Think about your son, who needs you much more.

Let me understand, apply for a passport for your son, but it doesn't have a date nor a travel itinerary, is it correct?

Yes, but the final destination it's Vienna, where my sister lives.

But I don't know yet the exact dates of the trip.

Well, he knows that when he gets to know the itinerary, however, must go at the various consulates to apply for a visa for everyone?

Yes, yes.

I just want to speed things up for Francisco's papers.

Does the father have a passport?

Only my son and I are traveling.

I understand.

Among his documents I have seen that the stamp for the release is missing ... and I don't even find it Authorization from the father.

What authorization?

The authenticated signature is enough, or the father can come here if he prefers.

And that GGiorgos, the father, does not live ...

It is not currently located in Brazil.

I understand.

Then we'll have to wait for you to come back here to release the passport.

Without it, it is impossible.

No... Maybe I wasn't clear.

My son doesn't have a father.

I am a mother girl.

I'm sorry, but unfortunately ... this is the protocol.

I need my father's authorization or we cannot proceed.

Look, do you see the birth certificate? There is only my name.

I'll raise my son alone. Even if it were, I can't distinguish case by case, there is a protocol.

Rio de Janeiro.

May 4, 1954.

My dearest Eurydice, I wanted to knock on the door of our house, last week to ask about you, but I didn't make it. keep hoping for your letters that never come.

I'm afraid mine too they don't come to you.

I haven't seen you for two years.

I have not lost hope that you will return to Brazil ...

And that we will meet, by chance ...

On a day of the week, crowded, hot ...


In the middle of the road. it will certainly be a little fatter, and will have dirty fingers.

You will be a little higher.

And from your eyes I will pour out the music.

Can i pull?

Could you stay with me a little longer?

That garden is impossible.


I have to ... set up the baby's room.

Haven't you done it yet?

There was no time, even today I had piano lesson.

Wait, he's inflamed here, it hurts.

You never know when the time is right.

Think with you ...


Think how it was with you.

All in a hurry, we had not yet arrived in Maternité.

It was amazing.

And Guida?

Did he never send you news?

Everything is dirty here, look at the tiles ...

I'm filthy, and the tub too ...

A mess.

And the garden ...

It's a jungle. I asked you for help.

I do not remember.

He claims he never has attempted to return to Rio?

If he was in Rio, we would have met, Mr. Macedo.

It must continue.

My mother is very weak.

When someone doesn't want to be found, complicates our work a lot.

It makes it very difficult. Yes, but this is not the case.

He looked for it in hospitals, has he returned to the morgues?

Of course, I searched in hospitals, in morgues, in prisons.

Have you forgotten I'm an ex-cop? And one of the good ones.

I'm a little tired, do we sit down?

Yes, of course, take a seat there.

Euridice, has ever considered ... mugwort infusion?

Eamaro, but it's good.

No, I don't want them.

I don't want to take advantage.

Excuse the frankness, but ...

I think ... we should stop here.

I did everything I could.

Mr. Macedo, she is my last hope.

You listen, my cousin lived very close to me for 15 years and we never met.

Don't you think he's delusional?

Be careful with that.

That dress... would love it to the cleaning lady at the post office.

We think about that later.

We could paint the room blue.


With that pointy belly you have ... it will certainly be a boy.

We could paint it yellow.

Let's make it blue.

Who would want to go and live in Greece?

Have you ever thought about it?

You don't understand how they speak, not even the alphabet.

Do you think you're witty?

I just think it makes you laugh The alphabet. Because you don't understand anything, of all places in the world ...

And do you think this makes you laugh?

I just wanted to talk about a topic that could interest us.

I'm going to practice a little.

Haven't you taken a lesson today?

Yes, but proof with the conservatory it's in a month and I ...

I have to practice pifi.

The conservatory! A pregnant woman studying at the conservatory!

What's the problem ?

What's the problem ? Yes, what is it?

What's the problem ?

I just wish you thought a little more to your son.

To your family.

You all spend the day thinking to one who died!

Your sister is dead, Dicinha.

What a desire for French toast!

Hello. Good evening.

A table for three, please. We're full, I'm sorry.

But there are a lot of empty tables. They are all booked.

Ready? Hello, sir, please.

What does it mean, book yourself?

Booked, it's Christmas Eve and therefore, unfortunately ...

We are not much, we just wanted french toast.

I understand, you can take them at the counter, to take away.

No, we want to come in and sit down.


' What are you doing here ? And the women's bathroom.

But I'm a kid.

All right.

Do you keep Mom's bag?

Yes, sir. Where's Chico?

Please, let the passage free. Where's the baby?

What a baby ?

The one who was with us!

Oh god, where did it go? I haven't seen any kids.

He was with us. Chico?

Where's Chico? Chico?

Do you want to see the aquarium?

Where's your mom, baby?

Out here. Can I go, mom?


But what is an aquarium?

What is this?

Chico, love, I told you not to go around.

I told her not to go in, please, ml follow.

You leave me. You leave me.

Our money is worth like those of others.

Our money is worth like that of others. Lower your voice.

Lower your voice.

Of course, he just has to try to throw me on the street.

Get out of here, please. Forget it.

I changed my mind, come on.

Come on Chico, come on.

What are you doing up here? For God's sake!

What are you doing ?

Do you climb on things?

She climbed the aquarium. Sitting.

And codfish?

Breaded and fried.

You don't fry cod, Filé.

My mother cooked thin for us, all Christmas.

Are you homesick?

Why didn't you talk to your father?

I don't understand all this obstinacy, go and knock on their door.

I don't miss my father, Filomena.

I am furious with him.

I will go back to that house only when the child is older.

To slam it in his face.

What if your sister was there too? Would you have gone to talk?

If she had been there, I would hold her and never let go.

And she who should come to see you.

If he really cared about you.

Aunt Filé, do we light the Christmas flower?

Let's light the Christmas flower.

And there, can't you find it?

Make me do it, look.

How beautiful !

It's good !

Merry Christmas.

Oh God...

What is it, Filo?

I'm hot and everything turns around.

Nelsinho, bring me a glass of water, please ?

Get off my chair! No...

Don't you want to do it with the good guys?

Look who's here.

The evil hand. No, that no!

That hand is bad!

The evil hand takes you! Stop!

Here it is, the killer hand.

Leave it, evil hand!

No, I want to throttle you.

Cecilia, come here to Aunt Zélia.


I prefer to be with dad.

No, I prefer to be with Aunt Zélia.

Come here, my love.

Look, the baby Gesfi. Wonderful.


This is the baby Gesfi, the one who sleeps is Gesfi.

Here is the Madonna.

This is Gesfi's dad ... What about Santa Claus?

He is not here. Think only of Santa Claus.

Santa Claus arrives at night, when you are sleeping.

It's ready ? Here we go.

Come on.

We are all waiting, Dicinha.

Sorry, I had to roast other potatoes.

What they smell! It looks good, Eurydice.

Cicinha, no tantrums.

Sit down, be good.

Wonderful !

Wonderful, sooner or later you will write a recipe book.

We could tell daddy, which is in Portugal.

Maybe he knows someone ... We publish your recipe book!

What's that got to do with it, Pliny?

I don't know, he is there, maybe he knows someone ...

Can I say two words?

Just two words.

Go Go go.

I'd like to thank you all for being here, it was a difficult year, it was not easy for anyone.

But I'm very happy to have you all here.

Especially Mr. Manoel, who now lives with us.

I am very happy to have you here with us, Mr. Manoel.

Thank you.

And to my Dicinha, my wonderful wife who cooked all this for us.

Thanks sweetheart.

And obviously, a thought to Mrs Ana,

which is always present in our prayers.

That's all, thank you.

Bless, O Lord, this table ... and reserve a place for your canteen.

Today and forever. Amen.

Amen. Amen.

Say "Amen"

Sorry, I serve you immediately.



Dinner was excellent, my daughter, excellent.

Mom did it better.


But your mother took many years to do it properly.

Guida cooked very well.

GGiorgos was lucky.

You need help ?


Go to rest.


I was afraid .

I was afraid it would be too sad ... the first Christmas without your mother.

However... it was... a beautiful evening, my daughter.

Thank you.

I stay here a little longer.

If you have... need of me, call me.

Happy New Year, Filé.

You too ! A nice party?

Happy New Year.

Good morning.

Have you been with anyone?

I met a boy.

I see.

And did you like it ?

I didn't like it, Filé.

You have noticed how many times you come home saying you didn't like it?

So why do you insist?

It is a waste of time.

I'm trying, Filé.

Trying what?

To have some fun, but it's difficult.

Who needs a man to have fun?

What about me then?

Buy an aftershave, spray it all over the house and have fun alone.

I'm tired of making others enjoy, I want to entertain myself.

Have you not slept with anyone anymore?

Of course not, I'm retired, the last client gave me this house.

He just couldn't do it, poor thing. But I was pretending.

I did...

And he was so happy!

So do you, my little one.

Fun costs.

Have you ever gone to the circus for free?

But there is no taste to have fun alone.

What about me then?

Rio de Janeiro.

January 2, 1957.

Dear Eurydice ...

Or maybe I should start by saying: Dear Diary?

It would be more honest.

Happy new year, my sister.

On Christmas Eve I saw dad, after five years.

And today I clearly feel I am not most part of our family.

My family is another, and it's to this new family that I have to dedicate myself.

Filomena is my mother, my father, and my sister too.

It hasn't been very well recently.

Try to hide it, but i0 know it's serious.

I try to help you.

Chico's love helps.

Morphine helps.

But it's been two months now that I see Filé go out ... day after day.

I'd give both hands for her.

I don't know what it's like in Austria, when you are a successful pianist, lead a beautiful and comfortable life how yours should be.

But on this other side of the world ... i0 I created a new bond, with someone who loves me unconditionally.

My head breaks.

The family is not blood.

It's love.

Alcohol is out.

The scent.

Guida, I'm cold.

Raise your arm, Filé.


Relax your arm.

Relax it.


Yes. I can ?





Let me go.

The moment has come.

I need five doses.

Five doses in one go.

Bring Chico here.

I want to leave.

I'll take some water.

I'm leaving.

Hi, Tonic.

Hi, Help.

What did you do to your hair?

What hair do you have, beautiful? You look like a ...

Filomena has gotten worse.

I need five doses right away.

I'll give you five for 2,800.

N0, it's too much for me.

I don't have all this money.

I've been buying from you for months, help me. As if I had no other choice.

Why don't you take her to the hospital? The hospital?

Have you ever seen a poor man come out alive from the hospital? Let's go inside. Power.

What about that earring?

Is it a real jewel?

No, it's costume jewelry.

Help me.

Give me five.

I have just five.

So if you ... find another way to pay me ...

I can think about it.

Don't you want morphine?

Let me look at you.

My sparrow.


Not now.

I still endure the pain.

The house records are in that box near the laundry.

You just have to change the photo on the identity card'1.

This house will be yours.

And you will become Filomena Delfina Saraiva Dos Santos.

If I don't give you the house like this, they will take everything.

And we will lose everything.

Chico. Yes.


Take good care of him, Guida.

He will become a good man.

Eurydice Gusmfio Campelo.

Good evening.

Good evening.

Good evening !

Mom !

Good evening !

What an ugly eyeshadow.

You do not like it ? No.

Do you have socks? Yes.

Let me see. You didn't go barefoot, did you?


Zélia left her here.

Were you playing with your grandfather?

Zélia said she could no longer keep it.

He told me where you were.

Tell your father the news.

Come on, tell Ciga.

Are you pregnant, honey?

Only if it's from another man. Antenor, are you kidding?

Fuck, when a woman starts to lie to her husband, of course he doesn't trust you.

Am I wrong?

Do you know where mom was, honey? No...

To audition.

She lied to dad, stole out and did a piano audition.

But isn't that his dream?

I never dreamed of being admitted.

Did they catch you?

Come here, come here ...


At first try !

Holy God...

Congratulations !

Now what's the plan, Dicinha?

What's the plan?

What do you want from life?

Do you want to live piano? Do you want me to leave the post office?

And what do you do with the house? I'm doing.

I keep everything clean.

Antenor ... I water the plants.

I look after you ...

Stop it, Antenor! Daddy takes care of you, puts you to bed in the evening.

Then I pass the broom into the living room ...

I put a handkerchief on my head and I clean the whole house!

Zélia helps me, dad lives with us, and you won't stay all day in the conservatory, stop it!

Silence !

Your husband is completely right, Eurydice!

Come here...

You already know how to play, Dicinha.

What else do you want ?

Do you want to live on music?

Because when I play ...

I disappear.

Then go away, Dicinha.



Take the opportunity and go!

Antenor ...


Speak slowly.

Slowly, Ciga can hear us.

Did you hear what you said in front of her? That you want to disappear.

What do you want ?

Just that I was a little at home. That I was a housewife?

Zélia stays at home all day, did you know that ?

Stop it, Dicinha.

Your daughter is watching you.

What are you doing ?

What are you doing ?


Stop it, Dicinha.

It's a man.


Tell me well.

Did you find it?

Where is it ?

I told you that I would find his sister, I'm sorry I did it this way.

Am I sure it's not a mistake?

No, no ...

I checked everything before I called her.

How did it happen ? The cause of death?

From the death certificate, below of a pancreatic cancer.

I'm so sorry.

What about your son?

Son? What son?

There is no heir in the registers.

What son, dad?

Your sister had gone home.

He had knocked on the door in an interesting state.

How do you care?

She was pregnant ?

When did it happen?

She had returned from Greece ... shortly after your wedding.

Have you ever tried to contact her again?

No, that time ... he only asked for money.

I gave her what I could and left.

Then nothing more? No.

What I spent with your mother ... she never accepted it.

Did mom know too?

Don't put your mom in the middle.

All this time she has been in Rio and nobody told me anything?

I wanted to protect you.

I didn't want you to know that your sister she was a wretch.

I felt sorry for you.

For me ?

And for Guida, what did you feel?


A lot of shame.

It's a lie.

It's a lie, it's all a lie.

Open this grave! Open it!

I want to see Guida! Open it!

Calm down, Dicinha!

Enough, stop it, Dicinha.

Stop hitting him.

Dicinha, Dicinha ...

To hell with Dicinha!

You are doing the same thing with me!

I just wanted to protect our family.

You ... you killed ... Help!

See you soon, Mrs. Filomena.

Next week I bring you the documents.


Why did Filomena call you?

Come here.

Now you go.

Take a shower so we go out.

And the eggs?

Give it to me.


29 in June, 195s.

Dear Eurydice, or maybe I should start by saying:

Dear Ms. Ana and Mister Manuel ...

Because now I'm sure that these letters remained in Brazil.

Did you at least read them?

Or you threw them away immediately in the trash ?

This is the last one I send you.

Starting today, Ana Margarida Gusméo there is no pit).

I hope how long it can go by this letter comes into your hands.

Hands that will certainly be engaged to record records, to sign autographs, and to play in crowded theaters of all the world.

I am afraid to forget you.

Please don't forget me.

From your sister who loves you so much and admire you.


Everything is alright.

Your situation, Eurydice, it is quite common.


you have to relax king.

You have MDP.

But don't worry ... because there is a therapy.


Maniac-Depressive Psychosis.

As a rule, I would prescribe Seconal, but I prefer to be more cautious, more cautious.

It may be dangerous.

And a very strong barbiturate.

Why is it dangerous?

Eurydice is pregnant, Antenor.

Oh God !

Calm down.

Everything will be fine.

He just has to rest, lie down.

Caution is essential in these cases.

I recommend hospitalization.

They will subject her to sleep therapy.

And to a drug treatment.

Slowly the trauma will disappear and she will look like new, ready to be a mother again.

Mom, the shuttle has arrived.

Mrs. Eurydice!

Mrs. Eurydice! Lunch is ready!




Mom, medicine.

The medicine.

We have lunch ?

No not now.

All right. I'm going to help Luisa, okay?

Luisa, don't forget the salad.

Mom, come and eat, everything is ready.

What day is today ?

What do you mean, of the month?

Of the week, what day is today?


I don't remember if it was Wednesday or on Friday that your father was giving this medicine.

I do not know.

Oh, hold on ...

I serve you first, here.

That's enough, thanks.

Eat a little, mom.

I eat later.

Mum's cod.

Etriste this house without Antenor. Then I'll taste it.

Go back to the table, Antenorzinho.

I answer.

What about the cell phone? A little.

Incredible, today is already a week ...

what dad is ...

It's too much...

Thank you.

Lu, will you give me some?

Very good, aunt.

Mom ?

Mom, come and see.

Look here.


Five shirts, all the same.

My God...

Look what I found, you won't believe it.

What's this ?

The invoice of a Ford that dad bought in 1955.

Oh yes?

It tastes like mold, throws it all away.

No, nothing is thrown away!

Nothing !

If he kept it, it is an important document.

Your father wanted to keep it.

He had a crazy fear of tax checks.

I don't know where I put the mosquito spray.

Grandmother !

Daddy's safe.


Do you know the combination?


Six, three, fifty-one.

On the day of the wedding of mom and dad.

Why does he know the combination and I don't?

I don't know it either.

67 years of marriage, eh, mom?

How beautiful.

What is that ?

They must be letters.

Letters ?

They are for you, mom.

For me ? Eda who?

Guida Gusmao.

A relative?


Here, mom. They're for me ...

There are others here. Oh God !


Son, look here.

Look here.


Take my glasses.


But look ...

Here, grandma.

My God...

See how many letters.

They are old, aren't they?


For me.


Look here.

My God...

My beloved sister ... "

"October 6, 1956"?

My beloved sister ...

you don't know how much I miss you.

I wish I could go back in time ... go back home...

And meet you there waiting for me.

I wish I could sit ... near your piano, and hear you play.

I wish you were proud of me.

Proud to be my sister ...

how proud I am to be your sister.

But this seems every day more impossible.

I'm less of a Guida every day. "

Here is the address.

Where is it ?

Professor ...

It's here.

It's always the same, Quintino do Vale.

Quintino do Vale. And in the Estécio neighborhood.

Quintino do Vale ...

I accompany you.

My sister...

My sister.

Can we help you?

Hi, are you all right?

Everything good ? Yes, yes.

Thank you.


It's all right, mom.

Sorry, dear, sorry.


My grandmother gave me this name.


I didn't know that she too it was called Guida.

She was a very mysterious woman.

She didn't talk much about her life.

Didn't ever speak of me?

Were you a pianist?


I do not believe it.

Back then that story was true.

I thought it was invented to have a sister pianist, to convince us to study music.

Are you a pianist?

No, no. I never had a talent for that.

But if it were up to her, I would have become.

How funny, my grandmother ...

My grandmother said that her sister ... she was the greatest pianist in the world.

Would you like a coffee?

Can I offer you a coffee?

Do you need sugar?

I say goodbye, Eurydice.

I think I'm deluded ... and that I need to write not to forget you ...

Or forget the person that I have been a long time.

I know I'm a disappointment for you, my sister.

I know.

But I'll fix it all.

I promise you.

And this is the only thing that gives me strength today, the certainty that we have before us a whole life together, Eurydice.

A whole life ... together.

With love,