Iruttu (2019) Script

What happened? Why so perturbed?

A huge python over there How is that possible, bro?

Come, it's true Then we must kill it

'Darkness' has enveloped us

Sir, this darkness doesn't seem like the sky before the rain Something different!

Hey! Do you hear that noise? Yes, bro

Hey! What happened to you?

Bloody hell, tell me

[phone ringing]

[dog growling]

Someone come here I saw a body Look here

Mr Balraj, will you stop blabbering?

Sky darkened all over and sudden murders it seems Speak like a policeman Don't behave like a common man There are no fingerprints on even 1 of the 6 murdered victims We didn't find a single foot imprint around any of the bodies In the autopsy report All 7 bones are shattered in every victim's neck But not even a single hand impression Victims were found dead near kora grass, cemetery, an independent house Under a bridge, on the branch of a tree and near a small pond In 6 different places The distance between all the bodies was at least 1/2 a kilometer But there wasn't any vehicle marks at all

6 victims were murdered at the same time according to post-mortem report But how is this realistically possible?

'We are left with many such puzzling questions'

This case isn't as simple as it seems It's unusual, sir

[strange whispering]

[dog howling]

'From the time the skies darkened during the day'

'...I've been enquiring only about this case'

'It has been 48 hours'

'I didn't even go home'

'It is really frustrating, sir'

I understand your problem, Balraj Only because of the remote location of this area

...the Press & Media haven't got wind of this So we are safe

'Please go home now'

'Take adequate rest and come back in the morning'

'Analyse thoroughly what our next step should be'

'Definitely we may get some clue'

[mobile ringing]

Hello, sir Kozhandhai, we were clueless and in the dark till now, right?

Yes, sir

'I have got hold of a brilliant lead'

What is it, sir?

'Meet me in the police station'

'Okay, sir'

I can help you only if you tell me!

'Don't cry Be patient'

Instead of being stubborn tell us what happened I want to die Tell me why What happened, Jaishree?

She's hell bent on self immolation Refusing to speak up Listen to me You first stop crying Then tell me what happened My husband fell in love, married me, we even have a baby but he cheated on me He is getting married today, sir Kozhandhai Sir I'm coming This is superintendent's office

'You can't create a scene here Understand?'

'I have already complained in the local police station'

'They acknowledged it'

'But no action has been taken so far, sir'

Be patient, don't cry Your tears won't help you I'll go in, talk to the inspector I will stop that wedding

[indistinct whisper]

Jaishree, make sure nothing untoward happens Sir...sir...!


Listen to me, sir SIR!

Get hold of him

Throw sand Snuff the fire


[ominous whispering]

[howling continues]

'If an unborn fetus conceived in the womb is destroyed'

'...this world will belong to her'



Chelli, stop here...stop here Here? Yeah, see the river Stop...stop

Oh my God!

Chelli, it's a beautiful location I love it Yeah Yeah, mummy Chelli, it's an amazing place Daddy, phone I'm very hungry Let us eat here Here?

Yes, because this has been in my wish list for a long time In a peaceful, alienated place like this..., me, our Thiya and Danny

...should eat together exclusively I have a wish to be ticked too!

In an open space like this Enjoying this cool fresh air Hold my dream wife really close to me Hey Thiya!

I'm not overhearing your private talk, pa See how decent my daughter is Daddy, look at this photo I've taken Daddy, take a look Okay, let me see I'll bring something to eat Darling, you clicked this?

Yes, daddy Super!

You and me 1 selfie? Okay Get ready Say 'cheese'

Good Here we go Breakfast ready Sit here, my pet Chelli Thank you And for you Where's the bread?

Here is your favorite bread

Nice place, right? Yeah Nice, no?




What is this, Chelli?

Oh my God!

Don't get perturbed Just relax, dear That was just a crow I told you, let's not eat here but you didn't listen Don't worry Get into the car Come


Daddy...! What, sweety?

Danny is missing Hey! Don't get tense He must be playing here Chelli, he is not there I'll get him Danny Danny...!


Danny, where are you?

Danny Danny...!

Regi, you sit with Thiya in the car He must be playing here, I'll find him Mummy Come...come Daddy, I'm scared Don't worry, he'll be here Danny?

Danny Danny, where did you disappear?



I'm already scared It's our Danny only Chelli, I'm already scared Why get scared for this? Wait, I'll come

Hey Danny, come here I did that just for fun Why are you so stressed out?

Not for this!

You've got a new job You're joining duty I feel these are bad symptoms You said you wanted to eat in an 'alienated' place like this Now you are blaming it on nature and a poor crow?

Absolutely no logic Don't worry I'm here, eh?

Be cool, huh?

Hello, this is Vanangamudi Who is at the other end?

Aren't you the owner of the dog-catching vehicle?

Hey, hang up Wrong number!

You are by yourself a wrong # And you get a wrong call?

Why won't you say that?

4 years since you moved to this police station But where is my real estate commission?

What did you tell me?

What did I say?

No one is willing to rent their place for a police station Didn't you ask me to help you with that?

So what? What, huh?

I called up the owner in Philippines and I convinced him I convinced him to rent his building for the station Where is my commission?

Okay, inspector is due now You get going How can you take me for a ride! Where's my commission for this house?

Hey, don't overdo it Leave right now I'll collect it from the inspector What now? Don't get me fired Listen to me Don't keep harping on 'commission' Then what?

I'll get you a job Money will pour on your mop-head nonstop Bro, do you intend joining me in the police department?

You should have a heart of-

No need for heart at all Just wee-wee bit will do Don't be a sleaze ball! Ogling down under!

Look there My boss

Good morning, sir Good morning Head constable Kozhandhaivel You were involved in the bank case in Chengalpet Sir, correct Hit the nail on the head, sir Sir, you haven't changed one bit That's why you looked so familiar He is...? Morning, sir He is the broker who found this house His name is...? Vanangamudi Yes, Vanangamudi Apt name! Thank you, sir This is my wife Regi Vanakkam, madam That's my daughter Thiya Hello, Thiya Sir, your daughter looks very cute Shall we go in? Sir, please come Sure, we can go in Come

Pull the door hard I opened it, bro Come in, sir Vanangamudi What, bro? Come here We have to bring the luggage in Please help me Come Regi, in Trichy we lived in such a small apartment Now we are going to live in this big house

Hey, Danny You know, sir A bunk shop owner was the previous tenant Bunk shop? No, sir He got boutique shop and bunk shop mixed up Yes, boutique shop He has left behind some of his stuff here

'I will clear all that for you, okay?'

Why are all the windows and doors in this house made out of steel?

Sir, not just this place You can't see anything made of wood in this town In fact even in our police station we can't keep anything made of wood If by mistake you happen to do so

...the very next second entire colony of termites will damage and destroy it, sir

You have just stepped in here You will know more as the days go by, sir


Okay, go to the station I'll see you tomorrow Tomorrow is Bhairava Ashtami Considered inauspicious Please join duty after a couple of days Sir, do you know to read horoscopes?

Danny...Danny Danny...?



What are you doing with that, baby? Huh?

Come here Those are mannequins Don't worry Don't get scared, okay?

As per the record Inspector Balraj committed suicide in sheer frustration, right?

Yes, sir Excuse me, sir According to me this is not a suicide case at all Mr Balraj is good as gold Just like his name He called and spoke to me just before he died, sir He spoke happily about having got a clue regarding the kora grass victim, sir What is the clue?

Before he could share his finding with me this ghastly incident took place, sir Jaishree Sir?

Give that file This file contains all the details regarding this case, sir

Sir, it is a ghastly murder Till now no one is able to decipher the killer or the motive behind it, sir

'All the victims are local residents and really innocent people, sir'

'They are not the kind to invite or get into trouble'

'Why should they be killed, sir?'

There's something very important that you should know, sir Darkness

'Sir, 12'o clock in the afternoon'

How spooky it will be if the skies darken like midnight all of a sudden at noon Just use your imagination and visualize, sir I can't believe it, Kozhandhai You have to believe some facts, sir Believe it or not it isn't just me Every single resident here is a witness to this phenomenon, sir So you think this darkness and the murders are linked?

101%, sir In all my years of service there has been no crime, however small in this town, sir This village Shikapura Halli is noted for its peace and serenity Shikapura Halli What an unique name!

Sir, in olden times I believe this place was inhabited by Arabic speaking natives They indulged in black magic and sorcery They named this place Shikapura Halli This is the Kora grass murder spot

6 people were found dead here Their names-

Maadhan Malli Sir?! Shahir Haideen Kinnimookan Kaja But tell me this What were they doing?

Shahir and Haideen are brothers One of them owned a meat stall, sir Kinnimookan was selling fish Malli was a farmer, sir Maadhan painter Kaja alone we heard was roaming around with this seer Mouliyar Who is that Mouliyar?

He came to live here recently Can you see that hill in the distance over there?

He lives alone in a house behind that hill, sir He meddles with all kinds of magic People claim it is devilry and witchcraft So our people don't go there Neither does he come down, sir He is very dangerous, sir

'But we learnt from our inquiry'

...that mad seer and Kaja who died

...hung out together and experimented in Tantric rituals

Kozhandhai, I want to meet Mouliyar Sir, please don't go there

'No one will dare go anywhere near him, sir'

He is very dangerous, trust me Don't meet him Just show me the way, that will do

'Allah, invoke blessings on our Prophet; invoke peace upon him in a worthy manner'

'O'Allah bless our master by whom all obstacles are removed'

'Distress is relieved, needs are met and desires are fulfilled'

'And by virtue of whose noble face'

'...clouds may be sent for our land to be watered'

'Send blessings and peace upon his family and companions with every breath & glance'

'Through him distress is relieved, needs are met and desires are fulfilled'

'O' Allah, send perfect peace and complete blessings'

Sir, let me open Please move, sir Open

It is so spooky Let's go, sir Please listen to me, sir

Sir...sir, don't touch all that It's a tomb and he may have cast some weird spell, sir Let's not stand here Makes sense to leave, sir Please, sir Come away

[strange whispering]

Thiya, what is that sound?

Don't make it

Thiya, how many times I told you?

Don't make noise

[loud thud]

[banging continues]

No Mummy

Mummy...mummy, please no Don't come Mummy Please don't go there Stay...stay there

'Don't go, mummy'

[dog barking]

Hi, up...up Danny, catch Up...up Come here Come to me He's my pet, he won't come


Hey, slowly

Go away Hey Danny!

Regi, just look at Danny Danny Regi

Hey! Regi What, Chelli?

Still obsessing about the crows, huh?

That's over and done with Why don't you move on?

You should've been here Then you won't say this At our picnic spot it was 1 crow Here there were about 100 crows!

Something's wrong, Chelli I'm scared I think this house is haunted by something Hey! Haunted, huh? Don't be mad Just leave it No, I am really terrified Even Thiya was petrified Thiya, huh? No way!


As if my child will get scared!

Thiya Come, sweetheart Daddy Your mum says you were scared out of your wits by those crows Did you get scared?

Of course not That's my girl! Only amma was terrified Little minx! You grabbed my legs in absolute terror And now you're saying this! Mummy Don't hassle my princess!

Ignore her Your mom is a real scaredy-cat

Daddy, had dinner?

Er...I have to eat only now Check why Danny is barking

Let go, da What happened?

I am a scaredy cat you see So why do you need me?

Hey madcap! I was just kidding You took that to heart?

Even if it is scary you shouldn't get scared Because you are an inspector's wife Does that mean I shouldn't get scared?

Chelli I'm not the kind to get scared at the drop of a hat But I feel everything is going wrong somehow Hey! I've been promoted and posted here only because this is a tough case to crack Only if I win this round, I can climb up the ladder to the top!


What is it?

Chelli, look

Hey! Who are you?

Dai! Who are you?

What are you doing at this time of the night?

Can't you hear me? Answer me

If you don't answer I'll beat you to a pulp I'm asking you and you're keeping quie-


Sir...sir, don't hit him

[chant to dispel evil]

I'll deal with him You go in, sir Please go, sir

Who is he, Chelli?

Some lunatic Harmless fellow Let's go inside

3 locked houses, sir Yes, sir Yov! Basheer Where's Kadhar?

He's on his patrol round, sir All by himself? No, with Ezhumalai, sir Thought as much!

Why are you so dull, sir? Don't start me on that Can't handle my wife's nagging I shouldn't be on call at night in the police station she says Night duty is only at home it seems Sir, my wife is no better, sir Who understands our diligence!

Well said indeed But right now our new Ins must be enjoying his 'night duty' at home Don't add fuel to the fire, sir Yov 'Sir?'

Got a cigarette on you? No, I must go and buy, sir Even if you have you won't part with it!

Tell the writer I asked for one and get me a cigarette now



Thiya is fast asleep Appa, Thiya is not fast asleep!

[phone ringing]


'Sir, isn't this the police station?'

Yes, who is speaking?

'Please help me, sir'

Who is this? 'Please save me'

'Aren't you Kozhandhai, sir?'

'I can recognize your voice very well Don't you know me, sir?'

You even know my name I don't know you Who are you? Where are you calling from?

'Please save me, sir'

Where are you calling from, madam?

'Please understand I am in danger, sir'

'I know you are Kozhandhai Don't you recognize my voice?'

Hello, tell me where you are calling from!

'Please save me, sir' Hello Can you just-



Cigarette, sir

Sir, you got the wrong end Sorry What happened, sir?

I got a call just now One female was frantically asking me to save her, she was in tears She even mentioned my name I think it's an emergency The line got disconnected abruptly before I could find out her whereabouts I am sure she will call again Our landline is dead for the past 2 days, sir That's right, eh?

True, it's dead

But I'm telling you I got a call

Atleast turn on the invertor It isn't working, sir Ask her to at least light a few candles Okay, sir Quick, get the match box

Make it fast

Who is that out there?

Sir, I'm Kadhar Come in, Kadhar What happened?

Landline has been dead for past 2 days, right?

Some lady has called in that line He's quite shaken up This phone rang now? I didn't hear it ring, sir What do you mean?

Even I didn't hear it ring, sir What is really happening here?

I swear I know I spoke to her for almost 1 whole minute Believe it or not it is a fact the phone rang But all of you claim you didn't hear That's what makes my stomach somersault!

Head constable sir, this must be your imagination When the landline isn't working how could you hear the phone ring?

[phone ringing]

[ringing continues]

Head constable sir Just like you said The ringing Look here I am looking, my eyes are pinned on the phone Not there Then where?

This side Here, huh?

[ominous whisper]

Aiyo! Oh god!

1 minute


Nothing over there Just hallucination!

Only our imagination!

[sinister whispering]

She is sound asleep

[mobile ringing]

If you pick up that call you're dead meat!

I'm a police officer Wonder if it's an emergency

1 minute

Who is it? Kozhandhai, huh?

How did you guess so right?

Who else will disturb us in the middle of the night?

Yes, Kozhandhai Sir, we are scared out of our wits Please come and save us Others should be scared of the cops Not the other way around!

Aiyaiyo! Not like that, sir Come immediately, sir

'Please save us'

Yov! What happened?

Can't tell you over the phone, sir Please come here at once You'll know why we are alarmed Understand my position I'm doing something important Whatever you're doing or however important please leave it and come immediately, sir Sir, what he's saying is 100% true Come immediately, sir Tell him, da Come, sir Right away, sir Aiyo! Fine, hang up I'll come now You intend going now?

Er...they are saying their lives are at stake I'll be back as quick as I can If you come back and knock I swear I won't open the door You can starve!

You don't get anything hereafter Don't be hasty with your words I'll be back in 2 minutes flat Madam, your beloved husband is leaving Can you come out and send me off?

Get lost! I'll come Height of respect!

Bye Bye

[oracular chanting]



'Yov! What are you doing there?'

I have to tell you something else Don't panic It's raining only around our station Don't raise your voice They are already spooked They shouldn't know this We found out, sir We know, sir You know, huh?

Where are you coming?

Wherever you are going, sir I want to take a leak, man Anyway isn't it dark, sir?

If you turn your back and pee, we can-

Jaishree, turn Get lost now! Aren't you ashamed?

Brainless blockheads!

"Ra ra Rasputin"

"Lover of the Russian queen"

"There was a cat that really was gone"

"Ra ra Rasputin"

"Russia's greatest love machine"

"It was a shame how he carried-"

"Ra ra Rasputin"

"Lover of the Russian queen"

"They put some poison into his wine"

"Ra ra Rasputin"

"Russia's greatest love machine"

"He drank it all and said I'm fine"

"Ra ra Rasputin"

"Lover of the Russian queen"

[strange thudding noise]

[clock striking 2]

[strange whispering]


Good morning, sir Good morning Coffee

Asst Engineer of Telephone department wants to talk to you, sir Hello? 'Vanakkam, sir'

'Sorry, sir, I was off duty yesterday I'll check the fault in your line today'

Okay sir, I need a favor from you Tell me, sir Is there any chance we can receive calls from a phone line that's out of order?

'If the cause for the faulty line is a loose connection'

'...sometimes due to the wind factor a call can get connected, sir'

Another small favor, sir 'Tell me, sir'

We received a call last night in our station at 11:45 Can you trace that #? 'Definitely, sir'

Give me half an hour I'll trace the call Thank you, sir Kozhandhai, loose connection can be the reason it seems What about the rain only around our station?

Sometimes when it rains in Cherin Cross won't rain in Hill tower And vice versa, this is a common occurrence in hill stations, Kozhandhai Yesterday you spoke differently Today your view has changed topsy turvy, sir Everything is a matter of 'time pass', Kozhandhai See you?

Time pass, huh?

If you had delayed your arrival, all of us would have died of cardiac arrest, sir!

Hey! Aren't you Mouliyaar?

Wait! Don't run Hey! Stop, I say


Where did he disappear?

[strange whispering]

What is this?

As if you're seeing it for the 1st time, hmmm?

Simply for fun Just kidding you

"My love, will you come to me? Come to satisfy my mind and body?"

"Are you the wick to our amorous rapture? Are my lips igniting this overture?"

"Looking into the pupil of your eyes My body flares up in fervor to entice"

"Girl, my fingers touch base; lust surges to caress your waist and satiate my urges"

"Your sensuous curves sweep and sway My senses reel; intoxicating interplay"

"My soul yearns in earnest, my beloved to devour your lips and glow satiated"

"Sweetheart, will you come to me? Come and saturate my soul and body?"

"With me as wick to our amorous rapture will your lips ignite this adventure?"

"Our lips interlocked in hunger Let layers of passion linger"

"Come and inspect the moles on me on our bed in intensified intimacy"

"In a fevered climax of brazenness if we stick together breathless"

"A spirited union gloats in greediness"

"Stop your teasing laughter; that will do Come as wax, to melt our combined libido"

"Pearls of sweat from our bodies entwined will glisten like the sea unconfined"

"A lustful longing, our fingers yearning Our minds willing to burn; no adjourning"

"Our bodies like wave and shore crave for more as encore"

'Vanakkam, sir'

Tell me, Kozhandhai

'I was trying to reach you all this while'

'You must've been busy, sir?'

Sort of! What's the matter?

'We got that #, sir'

Is that girl safe? Did you call her?

'Sir, the thing is-'

What is it, Kozhandhai?

That # has been traced to your house, sir!

What do you mean? 'Confirmed, sir'

'That call was made from the landline in your house, sir'

No chance in a million I was very much at home then

'I know, sir, that's why I'm so confused'




'Sir' Er...Kozhandhai

'Tell me, sir' I don't want my wife to know She's already shaken up

'Okay, sir'

Er...Kozhandhai, I'll call you back 'Okay, sir'

Regi, why are you calling me while you're right inside?

Want a 2nd round, huh? 'From inside?'

'What are you blabbering? Okay, where are you now?'

Hey! Where are you?

'I dropped Thiya in school and I've come to buy groceries'

Hey! Don't play the fool with me

'Look who's talking!'

'In all fairness, last night the way you ditched me'

'...without finishing what you started'

'I shouldn't have even spoken to you'

'Okay, leave it'

'Chelli, I found the shampoo you wanted'

'There are 2 colors White and pink'

'Which one you prefer?'

'Chelli, just tell me'

1 minute

Why did he hang up all of a sudden?

[phone ringing]

What's up with him?

Why video call, da?

'It's a super market!'

Oh! Sir is in a 'romance' mood, huh?

'Fine, you wanted me to get shampoo for you, right?'

'2 colors available'

'One is white, one is pink'

'Which one you want?'

Hurry up, da

Get the white one Okay, fine Hey! Wait...wait

'Remember to feed our Danny'


Okay? 'Alright'


'It's a super market!'

What do you mean, sir? I simply can't believe this If you're so spooked by just hearing it imagine how I must be feeling!

I still can't come out from the shock

Come, Kozhandhai Okay, sir

Peace be upon you, bhai And upon you too, sir How are you? Hmmm...inspector Vanakkam, sir

Is that CCTV camera working?

Yes, sir I want to see this morning's footage Is there any problem, sir?

Nothing to worry, bhai

5 minutes Come in, sir

Come in here, sir

When do you open your shop usually?

At 8:00 a.m, sir Play all the footage from 8:00 a.m

Zoom #7 please 'Yes, sir'

Go forward please Some more Okay

Make that camera #7 full screen Yes, sir

Sir, your-

Regina was here in the morning That is confirmed now Sir, the very thought sends shivers down my spine Then this morning, the lady dressed up like my wife In my house and in my bed?

Who is she?


Danny, where are you hiding? Danny, where are you?





Where is mummy?


Mummy Mummy...mummy!


'Thiya, where are you?'

'Thiya...?' Mummy



[dog barking]


'Send blessings and peace upon his family and companions with every breath & glance'

'Allah, invoke blessings on our Prophet; invoke peace upon him in a worthy manner'

Hey You bloody well answer my questions You stopped me from going home that day Why did you sprinkle powder across the road?

'There is no God but Allah' So I don't get to see the girl, eh?

'Muhammad is the messenger of Allah' She came in the form of my wife How are you connected to her?

Who is she?

You had better answer I'm in a murderous rage Has she come? Really here?

Has Sila come?


Who is Sila?

She won't show her real form to you You wouldn't have seen her You won't see her Answer properly Who is Sila?

How am I connected to her? Why is she hounding me?

Who is she?

Contrary to what you think Sila is not even a human being

[strange whispering]

I have been chanting Salatun-Naariya 4444 times Tomorrow, after I finish chanting I'll meet you and explain everything If you are still around till then

I mean if you are alive

Hey! Give me the ball

Thank you Come on, girls, catch Hey 1...2...3


Hi Mummy

Hi Thiya, how was the day? Mummy Our Math teacher asked us a question today No one could answer that question Haven't you told me if Miss asks such a question...

...I shouldn't brag about it saying 'I know the answer'

[ominous whispering]

Everyone clapped...uh?!

Who are you?

Where is my mummy?

[strange whispers]



Sir, did you see how the sky has darkened for the 2nd time today?

What are you trying to say?

When this happened the first time

...the consecutive murders happened You didn't trust me when I told you Now have you seen it for yourself?

Darkness Kozhandhai Sometimes it is a normal occurrence for the sky to darken in the evening What fertile imagination! Sir, is it twilight darkness?

Or a 'Twilight Zone' darkness?!

Only God knows

Kadhar Sir?


Kadhar, do you know anyone in your mosque?

The Haji priest is related to me Good, I need to talk to him Okay, sir Give it to me, sir Put it on speaker mode Yes, sir

As-salaamu alaykum, brother Wa 'alaykumu s-salaam, uncle I'm calling from the station Inspector wanted to ask you something important

'Okay' 1 minute, I'll give the phone to him

'Okay' Talk to him, sir Take Haji sir, vanakkam Vanakkam Aren't your prayers based on daily sunrise and sunset?

'Yes, sir'

Can you elaborate a bit further?

'Our prayer at the time of sunrise is called Fajr'

'At sunset, our prayer is called Maghrib'

As per your calculation, when is sunset today?

'At 6:42, sir'

Didn't the sun set early today? 'Yes, sir'

'We are also discussing the same'

Thank you, Haji sir 'Thank you, sir'

Sir, sun has set earlier than normal They are also wondering why, sir Sir, because of this will something untoward happen today, sir?

Yov! You shouldn't-

[phone ringing]

Hello Chelli Thiya is behaving so weirdly ever since she got back from school She has red rashes all over her body suddenly Must be either allergy or eaten something-

Why don't you understand?

'She came back from school and has been crying in total fright'

'I saw an aunty in a black dress'

'And I got scared', she said

'I asked her why'

'She is crying and claiming her whole body is itching'

Please, please give us some importance Where are you now?


Daddy It's itching all over, daddy Itching, daddy My darling princess Daddy What happened, sweetie?

Daddy, itching Gawd! All over your body Don't worry, sweetie Doctor, what is this? Nothing to worry, sir I've prescribed antibiotics Let her take rest She'll be all right Don't worry Don't worry, sir Daddy is here Is it paining, dear?

'No, doctor'

Okay, it should be fine You'll feel better very soon

'Mummy, I feel like scratching all over my body'

Hello 'Chelli, where are you?'

'I have been trying your # for a very long time'

'You weren't reachable'

I called up the station and I was told you weren't there either

'Thiya is in a mad daze ever since she returned from school'

'Her body is full of rashes'

'I'm so scared, Chelli'

'We have to take her to the doctor immediately'

'Come soon'


Where are you?

'Why are you talking like an idiot?'

'Don't you know I'm calling from our landline?'

'Come home immediately, Chelli'

'I will hang up now, okay?'

'She is here'

'But I'm getting a call from home'

'Is she that spirit?'

'Then who is at home?'

'But our child is here?'

'I will leave them both here tonight'

'Go home and find out'

Is it okay if she spends the night here and we take her home tomorrow?, Chezhiyan Not necessary Er...she has rashes all over Just for observation-

Chelli, it's okay We should trust our doctor Just an insect bite, Chezhiyan Administered an injection, she is dozing off She'll be alright in the morning Chelli, I'll take care Just a precaution No need, I'll take care

Chelli, Thiya has slept Let me tuck her into her bed

Regi, did you keep it there?

No, not me




What happened, dear? Daddy,!

What happened, dear?

Thiya, tell me

'Thiya, why are you so terrified?'

Tell me, Thiya Thiya, look at me I am your daddy Tell me what happened?

Talk to me, darling

[chanting 'Ruqya']

Hey, look what I'll do to-

I'll get you!

Thiya Mummy!

'Slumber does not overtake Him nor sleep'

Didn't I tell you not to come here?

Get lost! 'His are all things in heaven and earth'

No, Chelli Don't beat him Go away!

'For He is the Most High, the Supreme in glory'

Nothing to worry Go inside If I see you anywhere near my house, I will kill you Idiot!

I obeyed your orders and chanted I was able to drive her away only from the house but not once for all

'Prayer at 5:00 a.m: Fazr'

'Allah, invoke blessings on our Prophet; invoke peace upon him in a worthy manner'

'O Allah bless our master by whom all obstacles are removed'

'Distress is relieved and needs are met'

'Desires are fulfilled and a good end achieved'

'And by virtue of whose noble face clouds may be sent for our land to prosper'

'Send blessings and peace upon his family and companions with every breath & glance'

'O Allah, send perfect peace and complete blessings'



[phone ringing]


Why isn't my door opening?


Sir, his entire body has been eaten by termites This must have happened atleast 2 days ago, sir Kozhandhai Sir Termites won't attack the human body More than that He has hit his big toe and due to blood clot the bruise is still blue Not yet turned black So it should be in hours Exactly, sir Doctor, handle the formalities Okay, sir Excuse me, Dr Ravi Mr Anand Yes, sir Take blood samples, at least from 20 different spots of his body

Selvam, enlarge this photo Okay, sir

Zoom his hand alone

16:113 What does that mean?

The last time I met Mouliyaar He said he wanted to tell me something the next day Looking at this Before his demise

...he has written something with a thorn hurriedly He's trying to convey something to us Really? 'Yes, doctor'

Show me the report

Blood group is HH? I haven't heard of it Sir, this is a rare blood group This was discovered first in Surat Also known as Mumbai blood Less than 1 million people in India according to a survey share this group Why is this group called Bombay blood?

Sir, because this blood group is found mostly in Gujarat and Maharashtra regions No other region?

So far not in any other region according to our survey, sir We found 2 types of blood groups from the samples we took As per the autopsy report victim's blood group is O+ve Another one is HH blood group

Okay, doctor, thank you You're welcome Kozhandhai Sir?

Murderer's blood group has to be HH Kumar Sir Get total survey report of HH blood group

Sir, now this problem has travelled from here to Mumbai?

I'm totally confused Looks like this will lead us on a wild goose chase, sir You are right, Kozhandhai Even I am frustrated That's why I told you on day 1 Today is considered an inauspicious day for Lord Bhairava, so don't join duty Did you pay heed to my words? Look at our plight now A crow fell down dead the day you came here A murder of crows descended on the house like the plague!

Baby Thiya is suffering from rashes Pet dog is missing Sir, and the anti climax in all these disturbing events Some female has taken your wife's form and misused you!

Only this piece of startling news Only this has been disturbing me every minute and second It is also the only reason I'm unable to focus on this case

Kozhandhai Sir Send a cop to take my wife and child to your house Okay, sir Bring the police dog to my house at once Okay, sir Let's go Hello, listen to me carefully You should be here in 2 minutes Sir, Maya the dog is on the way Okay, spread the bed sheet on the bed, I shall be back Spread the bed sheet?

Kozhandhai, bring the dog and make it sniff this bed sheet I'll wait in the lawn If my guess is right that dog will come in search of me

Kozhandhai Yes, sir She must have been here

Kozhandhai Sir Check this entire area Okay, sir What, sir?

Everything here is made of wood!

You are right, sir But not even a single object has been attacked by termites

Take photos of everything here Okay, sir Selvam, please come here Looks like Arabic font

'Sir, look at the pictures drawn here'

Sir, it is a dog Next?

Termite Kozhandhai Sir Something is happening on a much bigger scale than we thought Kora grass was the first crime spot Fish Inspector saw this and howled like a dog after self immolation This must have been responsible for his death too My pet dog is also missing What is actually happening here?


Hey Danny Kozhandhai, Danny is here

'What are you saying?'

But he looks very different from the Danny we know

What happened, sir?


Danny Kozhandhai Danny He seems to be in a murderous rage Caught my leg, sir Kozhandhai, move Save me, sir


[dog growling]

What is the total count of people with HH blood group?

Sir, 917303 How can we find the person we are looking for in this list?

We can, Kozhandhai

Separate the females in this list Sure, sir

Number of females is 3,67,583, sir The girl who came to my house in my wife's form could be...

...between 25 and 30 years Get the list of girls in that age group

Sir, it is 13,186


Tell me, Kozhandhai Now can we find the girl we are looking for?

Chances are there Listen everybody Driving licence of these 13,186 girls Voter ID and Aadhar card And any other Govt ID proof Search and find immediately Yes, sir

Check this ID card

1 minute What is this? Signature, sir Signature, huh?

Enlarge it

Sir, even in that house it was written like this in Arabic Basically when someone signs will either be in English or in their mother tongue If it is in Arabic-

Is Arabic her mother tongue?

Exactly, sir What is her name?

Shikara, sir Shikara, huh?

The name of that place is also Shikapura Halli Please enlarge that photo

Is this the girl we are looking for?

There is a way to verify that How, sir?


Yes, daddy Are you alright, darling?

Feeling better, daddy But I'm feeling very tired, daddy Then why are you straining, dear?

I have a lot of studies to catch up on, daddy



Have you met the person in this photo anywhere?

Chelli Tell me, dear

'Have you seen her?'

Chelli Excuse me, sir Don't do this Have you seen her anywhere?

Chelli Thiya

'Stop it'



I AM RIGHT HERE Thiya, it's daddy I am your daddy Your dad Thiya

What happened, Thiya?

Thiya, there's nothing wrong with you

'Allah not only knows you, but your mind too...!'

'Holy Quran 4:63'

'Allah not only knows you, but your mind too...!'

'Holy Quran 4:63'

'Holy Quran 4:63'

'Holy Quran 4:63'

16:113 Means?

'Holy Quran'

'When you see this looks like just before his death'

'...he has urgently written some clue with a thorn'

He is trying to convey something to us

Sir, your guess was right In chapter 16 Sentence 113 exists, sir Please read it

'And there had certainly come to them a messenger from among themselves'

'But they denied him'

'So punishment overtook them while they were wrongdoers'

What does this mean, sir?

A messenger came But they did not accept him So punishment overtook them Before this happened...

...a seer aware of everything must have visited this place Not trusting him, the villagers must have chased him away That is why so many problems plague this village Kozhandhai Sir About this village... there anyone living here who knows everything about it?

The only man who knows top to bottom about our village... Ambuliraj working in our file section, sir

Ambuliraj, sir I know a man who fits your requirement Where can I meet him?

There is a forest path 5 km from here

'Beyond that flows a river'

'After crossing the river...'

'...if you climb up the western hill'

' can find him at that hill top, sir'

Looks like there is no path beyond this point, sir It is blocked I can see a hut over there But can't see anyone around

Come, Sivabala Did you find it very tough to reach here?

Sivabalan How do you know-

Aiya, his name is Chezhiyan No, Kozhandhai Till I was 5 years old I was called only Sivabalan Aiya, how did you know this name?

In this world only human beings have the power to change nature If man decides he can destroy this world Or can keep it healthy and safe But man uses such a vital power only to eat and sleep peacefully Other than that... should learn to read the mind One who has studied the mind...

...can become a seer or sibyl When that happens, everyone can find out about everything You are right A small clue on Mouliyar's hand brought us to you What is the relationship between you and Mouliyar?

Mouli is my disciple He learnt yoga from me Our investigation suggests a female is responsible for all these murders But what was her motive?

Evil spirit around her We still don't have answers When Silas begin their magical games this will be the outcome Sila...sila...?

Mouliyar also mentioned the same name What do you mean by Sila's magical games?

Like how God created human beings along with other living things He also created certain bad spirits for humans to realise the good Such an evil power created by God is Sila It is said God created Jinn through fire And man using soil according to Quran Sila is also a Jinn In local slang she is devil incarnate Sila was born in Surat Why should she come to Shikapura Halli?

And why kill innocent people?

'Hundreds of years ago Jinns lived here'

'These evil spirits love darkness and cold'

In terms of global conditions Shikapura Halli has both in abundance

'So they wanted to claim possession of this village'

'Going against God, they tried to convert the entire village...'

' habitat for Jinns who follow the devil's culture'

'Even though few fell prey to it'

...many opposed it Really? My God!

Okay, be patient Save us O' Allah In the holy month of Ramadan...

...on the Night of Decree Laylat al-Qadr

...when God's power at night is to the brim and overflowing Hands of all these evil spirits. the Jinns were tied by God In that moment of darkness when they lost all their evil powers

'Few God-men who were in our village'

...planned to kill the remaining 6 Jinns

'And unto you peace'

In case we are destroyed is only a temporary state The six of us will be reborn We will surround this village Shroud it in darkness and destroy it Until then...

...we'll spread jinn society to this whole world


'Allahu Akbar'

'God is great!'

'In the name of God'

Those 6 Jinns swore to destroy this village by being born again here But they couldn't be born as humans

'Kora grass with 1 sense'

'Fish with 2 senses'

'Termites with 3 senses'

'Snake with 4 senses'

'As a dog with 5 senses'

They were born again and again

'Is that why, grass, fish, termites, snake and dog disturbed us to this extent?'

Surprisingly only one of them

'...survived the earthquake in Gujarat'

'She was born as a human obviously with 6 senses'

'In the ashram where she was raised...'

'...while other kids were yearning and crying for mother's love and milk'

'...this child alone sat alone without shedding a single tear'

'She was very weird!'

'Everyday that child had some thought or the other which she expressed'

'Without her knowledge she started drawing weird pictures at a young age'

'Looking at her complexion'

'...the other children ridiculed her cruelly'

'Just look at her'

'That affected her mentally'

Hey white-washed girlie!

'That child started to use black 'kohl' on her fair complexion'

'She was so stunned the flames did not burn her hand'

'Why are things happening like this around me?'

'The question 'Who am I?' started to plague her mind'

'Ordinary words and sights enjoyed by others had a repulsive effect on her'

[Islamic prayer]

'She started to read a book on Jinn'

'She felt closer to living things with 1,2,3,4 and 5 senses'

'Suddenly one day she had a dream'

'In that dream...'

'...incidents of many births ago became crystal clear to her'

'She saw herself in that dream'

'After that...'

'...she began to draw what she saw in her dream'

'Incidents that happened to her many births ago...'

'...she felt it realistically'

Born as a human being Stepping into adulthood Within a specific time frame

'She realises she is a Jinn and not a human being'

'After realising that...'

'...she switches to the same robe her ancestors wore'

'To the outside world clad in a black robe'

'...she starts wearing the white robe in her habitat'

'Realising there is no point living here'

'...and Shikapura Halli is her hometown'

'She navigates to her homeland'

The moment she stepped on the soil of Shikapura Halli...

'...the skies enveloped this village in darkness'

'People who tortured 5 living beings...'

'...were cruelly murdered by her'

'She killed the inspector who was investigating the case'

'And Mouliyar who came to help you'

Why didn't she kill me like she killed the one who held my post before me?

Instead why did she come in my wife's form and have-

You belong to a family lineage of spiritual efficacy and power of penance

'She saw the mole on your chest in the form of the sun'

To conceive a baby through you And to destroy the fetus in the womb is called 'Garba-bali'

To destroy a fetus in the womb before its normal gestation period

...this world will belong to darkness

'She has written that in her heart in Arabic'

Normal gestation period for a woman is 10 months But for a 'Sila' it is just 28 days!

Only few hours left for that 28th day to begin The sun sets today at sharp 6:06 p.m If she aborts the fetus at that same minute If she offers your daughter as sacrifice

...her power will increase multi-fold Using that power...

...she will change the remaining 5 living things into human beings She will surround this village, shroud it in darkness and destroy it That is why she mesmerised your daughter by licking her face Tonight is when our Prophet was given a 'Buraq', a mythical winged horse

The whole of today they will recite the 'dhikr'

Today her power will only be as much as you can fight But you will not be able to kill her The moment she knows you know the truth of her present birth

...she would have changed her form for sure

Insha Allah May God be with you Praise be to Allah Lord of the Universe!

Sir, what form has she taken and where will she be?

When we have no clue of either how will we identify her?

In the short time frame at our disposal it is impossible to find her, I know Before that, ask Constable Jayasri to escort Regi and Thiya to Hill house Okay, sir How do we find her-

I have a plan to make her come looking for us What is it, sir?

I'll let you know

Sir, what is this?

The skies are darkening for the 3rd time

[mobile ringing]

Hello 'Hello, Chelli'

'Thiya is-'

'Hill house 2,210 meters above sea level'

Regi, what has happened to Thiya?

Where is she?



Is she our Thiya?

Thiya darling

Thiya Don't go too close, sir Wait, man

Thiya Thiya Don't go near her, sir Sir, don't...don't, Thiya


Don't worry, Thiya Calm down, you're fine Thiya, your dad is here with you What is happening, dear?

Why are you behaving so strangely?

Why are you doing this?

Tell me what you feel Chelli, why did you bring us here?

Be patient I'll explain everything Thiya, you will be fine Thiya...Thiya Chelli, look over there

'Allah! There is no God but He'

How did he come here?

Don't get tense We misunderstood him Everytime he came was to help us Even now he's here because I called him He will cure our child for sure Thiya, bear the pain You will be fine soon

'Who is he that intercedeth with Him save by His leave?'

You won't be harmed, dear

'He knoweth what appeareth to His creatures'

' before or after or behind them'

'Nor shall they compass aught of His knowledge except as He willeth'

Thiya, don't be scared

'His Throne doth extend over the heavens and the earth'

'He feeleth no fatigue in guarding and preserving them'

I'm here, you will be alright

'...except as He willeth'

Thiya, listen to me

'His Throne doth extend over the heavens and the earth'


'He feeleth no fatigue in guarding and preserving them for...'

'He is the Sublime, the Tremendous'

Please bear this for a little bit longer Thiya What is this, sir?

I had only 1 way to find her, Kozhandhai She can't bear it if those 5 living things are in danger She will somehow come out of hiding to stop that I thought she will attack me Instead she has used Thiya-

[surat al-baqarah; verse 2:225]

Kozhandhai Sir?

She may come here anytime soon In any form too


Thiya, let go of him Listen to me, let go Thiya

'Don't kill him Listen to me'

Let go of him Thiya

Hey Thiya

'Chelli! Regi?'

'Where are you?'

'Sir, where is Thiya?'

'Chelli, where is our daughter?'

'Thiya She is missing, sir'

'Thiya, where are you?'


Sir, look at his leg!

Thiya Thiya Regi, back




'What is this?'

Fresh blood, sir Chelli, Thiya will be fine, right?


I am even more petrified ever since I saw that Jinn, sir

Regi, don't panic Nothing will happen to us She's gone, sir



Thiya, where are you?



Sir Regi Chelli...Chelli? Open the door Chelli Chelli Regi, I'm trying, wait Daddy Thiya

Chelli Chelli



Where are you, sir?



Thiya darling?

Can you hear your dad's voice?

Thiya darling, where are you?

Thiya? Daddy!

Where are you?

Thiya...wait, daddy will come and save you

Thiya, I am coming


Daddy Thiya Don't be scared I'm here to get you Thiya Thiya!!



Thiya Daddy?

Daddy, don't shake I will fall down Daddy, don't shake I am terrified, daddy

Daddy, I will fall down

Be brave, dear

Don't let go

"In the name of God Almighty Immense thanks to the all mighty"

Thiya, hold on to the rod Where are you, Kozhandhi?

Where are you, sir?

Hold my hand Daddy, I will fall down Save me, daddy Thiya

Thiya Daddy?

Save me, daddy Don't cry, dear I'm there for you Thiya, wait, my dear I'll drag you to safety

Don't look down, dear Don't loosen your grip Aiyo! Don't Thiya!

Daddy Mummy

Don't let go of your grip


Chelli! Sir...!!

I'm scared, daddy Snuff the fire, Kozhandhai Open the tap, Kozhandhai Daddy, my hands are paining I'm absolutely petrified, daddy When I pour water, the flames intensify even more It's burning as a green color sir This doesn't look like ordinary fire, sir This fire seems so different, sir

'It is said God created Jinn through fire'

'And man using soil according to Quran'

I can't hold on any longer My hands are aching, daddy Daddy, I'm scared Daddy, save me

'The sun sets today at sharp 6:06 p.m'

'If she aborts the fetus at that same minute'

'If she offers your daughter as sacrifice'

'...her power will increase multi-fold'

Only 1 minute remaining, sir Chelli Daddy Chelli! Daddy, save me Thiya, I'll hold you tight Don't be scared Chelli, what are you doing? Sir!

Don't be scared, Thiya Sir, don't!

"In the name of God Almighty Immense thanks to the all mighty"


Kozhandhai, we have only 30 seconds left She should not win whatever the reason Before she can kill my child I'll do it with my bare hands!

Don't, daddy Forgive your dad, Thiya NOOOOOO!

Don't worry You are fine, dear

How is she burning, sir?

When the green flames licked her feet Thiya didn't say they were burning She only said her hands were aching Daddy, help!

I knew right then this fire won't harm human beings This fire created Jinns I realized And only this fire can destroy Jinns That's exactly what happened Then why did she create a green fire?

To delay, waiting for the right moment and get the weapon to kill the fetus

Why has she come, sir?

Man is the best of God's creations All the jinns should bow their heads to humans, it is said so in Hadhees The reason I attribute to it is...

...the 6th sense God has bestowed on humans Only that 6th sense has saved Thiya from you It has destroyed you too

"If you destroy a fetus in the womb equal to our world being dark as a tomb"