Island of Death (1976) Script

(Camera shutter clicks)

(Man) Ah... I can't believe it!

Is it this damn book that brought me such bad luck?

Help! Please help me!

Celia, help me!

Will it end this way?

Do I have a chance?

Oh, God, give me a chance.

Please, give me a chance!


You got to help me, please!

♪ Do you love me like I love you?

♪ Do you love me still?

♪ Yes, I love you... ♪ I always know right from the start if I'm gonna love or hate a place.

And that's why I love this island.

Mykonos, it's called.

Nothing more than a deserted rock, white houses and small narrow streets.

365 churches, a place where they worship God - the perfect place.

♪ How many years our love will go strong

♪ If the world is wrong

♪ This love will never die

♪ How many tears we'll have to cry alone

♪ If the hate is gone

♪ We'll never say goodbye

♪ Do you love me like I love you

♪ Do you love me still?

♪ Yes, I love you like you love me

♪ And I always will

♪ I can't live a moment without you

♪ Ever since you're mine

♪ And I love the world that's around you

♪ From the birth of time

♪ How many years our love will go strong

♪ If the world is wrong

♪ This love will never die

♪ How many tears we'll have to cry alone

♪ If the hate is gone

♪ We'll never say goodbye ♪

Oh, hi. Hello.

I would say you just arrived. You can tell, huh?

Well, this time of the year there aren't many strangers around.

You're American!

It shows? Uh, just a little.

Do you run this place? Yes, and I'm very proud of it.

Er... look, you must know someplace we can stay, a hotel or something?

A hotel? You kidding?

Ice cold and empty?

That's hell.

What do you suggest? Sleep out in the open, that's better, huh?

Come in, I'll arrange something.

I'll find you a house, nice and warm and cheap.

He'll find us a house, nice and warm and cheap.

Look, lover...

This'll make a nice diary for us.

I don't want a diary. Yes, you do.

Forget it!

You know that red books bring me bad luck.


I don't believe in such stories.

Come on, buy it.

Say, you don't have to be customers to get help.

No, we want to buy it.

My husband wants it to keep notes of our trip.

Are you sure?

Well... yes.

All right then. That'll be two dollars.

Bye, Paul. Thanks for the help. Yeah, thanks a lot.

(Paul speaks Greek)


Anna? Yes?

(Speaks Greek) Good morning...

Did Mr... er... Paul call you about the house?

Paul? Yes, come up, please. Thanks.

Hi. Hi.

Hello. Hello.


It's much bigger than I thought. Do you live here alone?

No, with my husband.

Is he here?

No, he's away on a boat. Why?

Just asking. He's a seaman, huh?

(Camera shutter clicks)

Are you married? Yes, don't worry.

Beautiful garden. Yeah, it is!

What is that house there?

Yeah, what is that? Oh, it's only a room.

Can we have that as well?

Yes, only it's cold. Don't worry.

My husband wants it to develop his photographs.

Yeah, I do.

Huh! Perfect little place!

Mmh, sure.

Well, I hope you like it. Yeah, it's beautiful.

Have a nice day. Thanks.

Thank you. Bye.

(Camera shutter clicks)

Let's make love. Here.

Just the two of us? Yes.

Good Lord, what a perversion! (Chuckling)

Hey, do you think we can dial long-distance?

What do you have in mind?

You're crazy! I am.

We'll make love here.

You're crazy!

Not only that...

We'll call my mother in London and let her hear everything.

Stop it! We'll Call my mother.

You don't mean it. I do.

She'll have a heart attack. Yeah?

Well, I couldn't care less.

(Bell tolling, telephone ringing)

Hello? (Christopher) 'Mother?'

(Mother) 'ls that you, Christopher?'

Yes, Mother...

And guess what I'm doing...


'Where are you?'

You won't believe it, but I'm in a telephone booth on a small Greek island.

'And I'm making love with Celia.'

Oh my God!

'You disgust me, Christopher! You disgust me!'

Foster here.

We've got him now. He just called his mother.

What? He's on a small island in Greece.

Book me a ticket to Athens.

'For Heaven's sake, stop it!

'I know you're not doing it really.

'Can you hear me, Christopher?

'Can you hear me?

'Stop this rubbish at once!

'Can you hear me?

'Christopher, can you hear me?'


I'm cold and hungry.

Well, come on. Let's go in and eat.

It's a nice place.

Isn't it?

What's the matter, Christopher?

I don't like that man.

What man? Over there.

He's a dirty bastard.

You don't know what he's thinking about you.

Are you crazy or something?

He's not even looking at us.

Yes, he is!

Er... excuse me, sir.

Are you talking to me? Yeah, er...

Can I talk to you for a moment?


You're French? Yes, madam.

Er... "Miss".

My cousin's not married. Oh.

Is it so? Nice to meet you, mademoiselle.

Please, sit down. Thank you.

Can I offer you a drink?

Bring us a bottle of wine, please.

Um... you may wonder why I called you, sir.

It's very simple, actually.

My cousin and I are here for a week or so, and we're very bored, having no one to talk to.

So when my cousin saw you, she said, "This gentleman is alone, let's invite him to have dinner with us."

Oh, I'm very happy, monsieur.

As it happens, I'm...

I'm alone also and I'm very pleased to meet you.

What are you doing here? I'm an artist.

I'm a painter, so I promised myself to come in the winter here to repair a very cute magnificent chapel outside of a small town.

Very interesting. I love painters.

Well... I'm sure painters love you too.


(lndistinct chattering)

Hey! Come here!

Bitch! What's wrong?

You take a look!

She's making love to somebody. It's not her husband, she's a bitch!

Oh, come on, Christopher, she's a young girl.

She's a bitch, a bloody bitch is what she is.

If I was her husband, I'd kill her.

Well, you're not her husband. Come on, let's go.

I'd kill her, you hear?

(J' Humming)

Here's to you!

Tomorrow you will get a nice chick.

Tomorrow will be a new day at last.


(Camera shutter clicks)

(Cockerel crows)

Come on, let's make love. Oh, Christopher, I'm too tired.


(Goat bleating)

(Bleating continues)

(Bleating continues)

(Camera shutter clicks)

Hey! What a wonderful surprise!

I would never expect to see you here so early in the morning.

Really? I thought I told you I would come today.

Yeah, but it was too good to believe.

What are you doing here?

First of all, I must restore the old chapel.

I must paint it all in white, like new.

And then?

And then I must restore the icon inside.

That's a lot of work for one man.

Can I help? Sure, take a brush.

(J' Sings in French)

(J' Continues singing)

Hey! What are you doing?

I'm not the wall!

Come on!

You like that? OK, I will do the same to you.

No. Yes.


(Camera shutter clicks)



(Camera shutter clicks)




César ?




Tu es fou, arréte! Arréte!


Arréte! Tu es fou!

My Wife!


(lndistinct shouting)


Step on his arm!

I beg you.


You bastard!

I'm gonna kill you! Honestly, he's gonna kill you!

You're joking!

Oh my God!

Your God is right there.

Come on! Ask him to help you now!


I need the hammer.

(Christopher) And two big nails.

(Church bell tolls) In the name of the Almighty God who punishes perversion, you sinful man, I crucify you!


(Camera shutter clicks)

(Camera shutter clicks)

Poor thing, he fainted.

Give him something to drink.

Do you think he can drink this? Yes, he'll love it!

Make sure he doesn't move.

He likes it. That's it.


(Camera shutter clicks)

(Paul) ♪ Singing in the rain, just singing... ♪

(Christopher) We made a mistake not to change our clothes.

He was too smart.

Look who's here!

Little Snow White and Frosty the King.

How did you get...?

Oh, don't tell me, you're helping Jean-Claude paint his chapel, right?

Um... I think we'd better go home and change.

No, tell me! Right? Right.

Good girls! And here's your reward: an invitation to my engagement party tonight.

Chez Catherine.

You're getting engaged! Who's the lucky girl?



Sooner or later they'll find out and Kemp will tell them.

We'll spread the news around that Jean-Claude left us to paint the chapel.

And where would you say he went?

He left for Athens in a hurry... ...after he made a telephone call.

From the booth, where no one saw him.

He took the plane. Or the boat.

But he left, didn't he?

Yes, he left.

That's funny. Jean-Claude was planning to spend the whole winter here.

Maybe he'll come back.

What he said was, "I have to go to Athens as soon as I can."

Artists are crazy anyway!

More wine?

No, thanks. I don't drink. And I bet you don't smoke.

That's right.

And you don't gamble? Right again.

So you don't have any vices?

Oh, I have a vice.

Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime.

When we're alone?

Paul, the woman in red... what do you know about her?

Patricia Desmond? The devil in a woman's disguise!

She has enough money to buy this island, and she's discovered the secret of eternal youth.

Max Factor?

Not only Max, my dear, she lays everyone she meets.

And that's how she can afford such cold winters in Mykonos.

Young tourists who seek shelter and food, people she might fancy...

Fishermen, boatmen... anyone.

If I called her a rapist, she wouldn't blame me.

Attention, everybody!

I want you to meet... the bride.

(Cheering, applause)


(Camera shutter clicks)

Here, take this.

Can't we postpone it? Why?

I'm too tired to enjoy it. I drank too much.

That's why I never drink.

Come on, let's go!

Wait, I forgot the gun.

(Christopher) I enjoy punishing perversion.

Paul Kemp was a filthy creature.

A bloody homosexual that didn't deserve to live.

And the other guy...


How disgusting it was to see a man lying there like a whore!

I was right when I told Celia that we shouldn't wait.

Besides... Paul said he'd hoped he'd see me soon.

It was sooner than he could imagine.


Come on, I'll help you with this.


Come on, I won't bite you.

Maybe I will bite you...

Tell me where you want me to bite you...

(lndistinct whispering)


Mon dieu!

I didn't expect to see you so soon! - ll est fou!

I was dying to see you!

“' '

God punishes perversion, and I'm his angel with the flaming sword, sent to kill dirty worms.


Oh, mon dieu, appelez la police. ll est fou.

Shut up, sister!

Oh my God! Don't take the Lord's name in vain!

No, no! I believe in God!

It's too late, my friend.

He doesn't believe in you anymore.

Poor thing.

He shouldn't have done this to you.

I'm sorry.

Didlook I hurt you?

- Don": worry. Qu'est-ce que tu dis?

I won't hurt you.

Qu'est-Ce que tu veux?

(Dogs barking)

It's only a toy.


It's a dead-end, my friend!



(Gun shot)

Am I hungry! Me too.


You know, I'm always hungry after a good night's sleep.


Not to mention the fresh air, pleasant company, this exciting island...

Hi! Come on in, join us!

Good morning. Take a seat, have some breakfast.

Oh, I couldn't eat a thing after all that's been happening.


Haven't you heard? The whole island is in an uproar.

Don't tell me... they found oil on Mykonos.

It's Paul and Jonathan.

They've been found dead.

How awful!

How did it happen? No one knows, but it seems to have been a crime passionnel.

At least they say Jonathan killed Paul with a sword and then committed suicide.

Well I'm sorry to hear that, but don't all marriages end up the same way, more or less?

Oh, come on, Christopher, stop joking.

No, I'm sorry of course.

I'm always like that.

I can't help it.

(Christopher) So it worked.

I cleaned my fingerprints from the sword and I put it in Jonathan's hand.

Same thing with the gun, and bingo!

It looked like a perfect crime of passion.


(Celia) We must stop all this, Christopher.

I don't get the same kind of kick out of you anymore.

You used to in London, didn't you? Uh... it's different there.

It's the same everywhere.

Here it's dangerous.

It's a small place, they'll find out.

Look... by the time that happens, we'll be miles away.

Come on, Christopher. Let's get out of here.

I don't think you see what I mean.

This place belongs to innocent people.

They have rights here.

And if this island's full of shit, I'll help them clean it up.

Maybe they don't want to do that.

They live with those people.


No one wants to live with perversion.

Children must be brought up in a proper way.

Nature is strong.

(J' Humming)

Christopher, what about Foster?


That funny nigger?

The one who thinks we're killers?

He's a maniac.

Christopher, what about Foster?

Have you met Leslie? No, I haven't. Who is she?

Then you're missing a great girl.

Leslie. Come over here, darling.

Bourbon and a beer chaser. Not yet, darling.

I want you to meet my friends, Celia...

Celia? Hey!

What? Hi.

And Christopher. Hi.

Do you like something to drink?

Yeah. A glass of milk, please.

Milk? Yeah.

(Celia) I'd like a tequila.

Is this some kind of a joke?

I mean, men drink tequila and girls milk.

How come you do vice versa?

We do everything vice versa.

Hey, did you notice the way she looked at you, darling?

She always does the same with pretty girls.

I mean, she doesn't get any kicks out of men, and for sure she doesn't get any kicks out of anything.

Girls, maybe.

Pity, such a beautiful chick, and so young.


When I think what I used to do when I was her age...

Not to mention what I'm doing now...

What's wrong? I'm only 40.

Would you believe 45?


And what brings you to Mykonos at this time of the year?


Aren't we all?

(Breathes heavily)

(Screams) No!

Celia, what's wrong? What's happened?

I was dreaming.

A nightmare. But it's all right now, huh?

It's all right. Oh please, hold me, Christopher.

I'm so scared. Look...

Look, it's OK.

I'm here with you now, and there's nothing to be afraid of.

Oh, that man in my dream...

Awful man!

He killed you... and raped me.

Look, calm down, Celia. Cool it, huh?

Things like that only happen in nightmares.


Only in nightmares. OK?

Come on. Go back to sleep, baby.

(Camera shutter clicks)

Good morning. Ah...

Is it? Don't be mean.

Good morning, Anna. How are you?

Fine thanks. Would you like me to make some coffee?

No, thanks. We're just going for a walk.

I'll fix the room. No, don't! Uh...

We like it how it is.

Do you want to go and hide these photographs?

No, I... I'll hide them when we get back.

Hey, you wanna go for a ride in the hills? It's OK with me.


♪ Mother

♪ I see the wonders of the day

♪ Millions of people left like clay

♪ Millions of whispers saying...

♪ "I'm dying"

♪ Mother, I see the wonders of the day

♪ Millions of people left like clay

♪ Millions of whispers saying...

♪ "I'm dying"

♪ I see the earth move under my feet

♪ The giant pillars made of concrete

♪ I shout, "I'm happy...

♪ "And I'm dying"

♪ Desperation, understanding

♪ Destination isn't ending

♪ Desperation, understanding

♪ Destination isn't ending

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword, get the sword... ♪

Excuse me, Miss. Is my friend here?

Your friend? Yes.

He's a young fellow with a girl. Oh, yes.

They're not here. They went for a ride.

Oh, that's too bad.

Is it all right if I wait?

Oh, do wait. They'll be back.

I have to go shopping, excuse me. All right. Thank you.

(Christopher chuckles) Chris, let's go back.

I'm cold. All right.

Whatever you want, princess.

There's a friend of yours at the house. What?

Er... what friend?

I don't know, he said he was your friend.

He came this morning.

He's waiting for you there now. Yeah, but I'm not expecting anyone.

Oh... OK, thanks.

OK. Bye. Bye.

Who's this friend of yours?

I'm not sure, but I think it's Foster.

♪ Destination isn't ending

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword, get the sword... ♪

Hey, look, you wait here, huh?

Watch out.


Son of a bitch!

It's Foster all right.

Come on, let's get the hell out of here.

How did he find us? He's clever, that's how.

And he must have seen all those photographs in the room.

Shit! How did he get here?

There's no boat in the morning, there was no boat yesterday.

You're right.

He must have hired a plane.

Let's go to the airport.

Ah, but first I wanna buy something.

Now you have to run, Foster.

And you have to run good.

Come on, propeller! Whoop!

That's it.

Oh, now I'll show you how they fly free!

Do you think he's dead?

Yes. I think so.


Cut the rope.

Goodbye, Foster.

We'll miss you.

I hope he's got a water-proof watch!

(Camera shutter clicks)

Er... "Blue Skies" aviation?

Yeah, hello, er...

Yeah, I'm a good friend of Mr Foster's.

Look, he's a client of yours.

Yeah, he rented a plane this morning.


Yeah, well, ma'am, he's had a little engine trouble, and...

No, I know it's OK, but he had to leave immediately, so he took the boat and, er... he asked me to telephone you to come and get the plane.

Yeah, good. Oh, and charge him.

Thank you.

The end? One more act to go.

(Camera shutter clicks)

(Christopher) Then, suddenly, Celia didn't like it anymore.

We spoiled every nice moment sitting there, silent.

I tried to convince her that there was nothing to be afraid of.

Hey, how about Patricia?

What about Patricia?

I've never been with a middle-aged whore before.

Cut out the crap. I'm not in the mood for that.

Just think of it!

Patricia lying in bed naked, and me, you know, the passionate lover, thrilled by her charm, violent and burning.

Would it be amazing?

I mean, it's something you've never seen before.

No. If there's something else, they'll get us for sure.

No, you... Look, you don't understand.

No victims this time. Just fun... and pictures.

I don't know.

Come on...

I know you'll like it.

(Christopher) Yes, it was going to be fun.

I called Patricia and told her my wife was sick and if she had some cold milk in the fridge, so I can spend the evening with her.

She was excited, because I...

I really think she would never expect something like it.

And we went there, my sick wife and I.


Patricia? Yes?

Patricia? Here!


Where is that cold milk you promised me?

First things first. Right? Right.

How about... trying something hot, instead?

Not a chance.

My wife has a fever.

If I wanted something hot I'd stay with her.

Oh yes?

Poor thing!

By 'me way,.

I told Leslie you were coming tonight.


When I want something, I get it, darling.

I know you didn't come here to talk about milk.

So I'll pay you for what you offer me.

And you better be good.

Otherwise, if it goes down, the price will go down too.


What the hell!

What the hell!



(Camera shutter clicks)

Let me show you how good boys get a decent erection.




You hurt me.

I'm sorry.

But you hurt me too.



Oh no! Oh...




No please! (Screams)

(Screaming stops)

You're mad! Shut up, Celia!

Let's go! We can't go, she'll tell everyone!

We'll finish it.

You said no more victims!

You hear me?

No more victims. Yeah...

Come on, help me carry her out.

Help me carry her out!

Now move!

(Engine starts)

(Camera shutter clicks)

(Christopher) The bulldozer did a nice job.

It also helped me push Patricia in the lake.

♪ Can you call it love... ♪ Patricia part one, and Patricia part two.

♪ Can you change its shape?

♪ It will still be there

♪ It will still be there

♪ It will still be there

♪ But it's something more

♪ Than we really know

♪ It is something more

♪ Than we really think

♪ Yes, it's something more

♪ That can make you cry

♪ That can make you live

♪ That can make you die ♪

(J' Greek music playing)

(Camera shutter clicks)

Hey, it'd be a great day go fishing.

I want to buy a spear gun. Come on. No, I'd rather stay home.

I don't feel OK.

Suit yourself.

I'll bring you back some fresh fish, huh?

Well, she's alone at last, brother.

It is about time we put it to her.

Which way to the beach?

That way.


Surprise! Surprise, honey!

(Shouts) Who are you?

Room service.

You can have anything you want!


Don't cry!

We're not going to hurt you.


It's gonna all right!

Shut up!


It's OK.





(Camera shutter clicks)

Hi. Hello.

It's er...

Mrs Lambert, I presume? Hi.

Mr Lambert? That's correct.

My name is Dimitri Spatos, I'm a novelist.

I'm sorry to come in just uninvited, but the door was open.

I see. Well, er... I'd like to see you for some time.

Fine. Do you mind if my wife goes and lies down?

You understand, she's not feeling very well.

Oh, I understand, after that... what happened.

Erm... have a seat. Sure.

As I told you, I'm a novelist. Yes.

I'm working here in Mykonos, writing novels, mainly about people, tourists and crime.

Crime? Especially crime, yes.

And I heard what happened to you.

I came here and found the door open, so I thought I could wait for you here.

You don't mind, do you? I see... No, no, it's quite all right.

I left in a hurry. It probably wasn't locked, so...

Well, you might wonder what I want from you.

It's just... authors usually get incidents and events as fiction. It's a great help.

So could you please tell me what happened to you and how it happened exactly? It would be a great help.


(Christopher) That's the moment I started thinking about the little red book.

I never had such bad luck before.

This stupid novelist didn't want information, of course.

It was a good excuse to meet us and ask questions.

I'm happy that Foster had taken all the photographs.

I played my part well that morning, and I convinced him that those two hustlers were responsible for the people who were found dead on the island.

Anna has told me you're doing great photographs.

I saw your equipment. Quite great cameras you have.

I'd like to see some of your photographs sometime, if you don't mind.

Yes, sometime. Sure.

(Camera shutter clicks)

Please, Christopher, I don't wanna do it.

Don't make me do it.

I never said no, did I?

I always kept the promise.

That's why I love you.

I've never loved any other girl.

I never went to bed with any other girl.

So I paid back whatever you did for the two of us.

Now it must be over. It will!

But we've got to get her!

Look, she knows!

She's a bloody lesbian and a heroin addict.

I saw her the other day giving herself a good dose of it.

She's got two monkeys on her back. Let's kill 'em!

They'll find her dead.

They'll soon find out.

Christopher, it's a small place. For God's sake!

Don't mention God! He's got nothing to do with this conversation!

I love you.

I don't wanna talk to you like that.

You and me are one.

Look, nothing can part us.


So please... I'm older, I'm wiser.

Let's do it my way, huh?

(Camera shutter clicks)

Well, well...

A tequila for the lone ranger?

No thanks, Leslie.

I don't feel like drinking at the moment.

Bad mood?

I had a fight with Christopher.

I know. Men are all the same.

What you going to do? It'll be over.

But I... I don't wanna sleep with him tonight.


I'll offer you shelter.

You will? What do you think?

And maybe we can think up something interesting to do.

(Christopher) The fireplace was her favourite seducing centre.

As I watched them sitting there, I was only sure that the proper way for dirty Leslie to die was to burn.

Still, there were some things that had to be done.

♪ Can you change its shape?

♪ It will still be there

♪ It will still be there

♪ It will still be there

♪ But it's something more

♪ Than we really know

♪ It is something more

♪ Than we really think

♪ Yes, it's something more

♪ That can make you cry

♪ That can make you live

♪ That can make you die

♪ Can you call it love?

♪ Can you call it love?

♪ Can you call it life?

♪ Can you call it so?

♪ It will still be there

♪ It will still be there ♪

(Camera shutter clicks)

You see?

After all, who needs men?

I love Christopher.

You sure do.

Loved lots of Christophers in my life.

I loved the last one more.

They're all bastards.

They say goodbye with the same ease that they throw a finished cigarette in the ashtray.

Know what they call this? Yes.



They call it "loneliness fighter".

One fix... and who needs men?

I'd never try.

I won't insist.

Besides, it's too expensive to be wasted on amateurs.

Seems I've joined the party.

How about a drink?

(Breathes rapidly)

(Camera shutter clicks)

(Cockerel crows)


Come on!

I'm gonna show you what it's like to be with a man, huh!

You'll like it.

I know you'll like it.



Where are you?

Where are you?


Come on, wake up.

Hurry up, please. We gotta run.

Come on!

♪ Mother

♪ I see the wonders of the day

♪ Millions of people left like clay

♪ Millions of whispers saying...

♪ "I'm dying"

♪ Mother, I see the wonders of the day

♪ Millions of people left like clay

♪ Millions of whispers saying...

♪ "I'm dying"

♪ I see the earth move under my feet

♪ The giant pillars made of concrete

♪ I shout, "I'm happy...

♪ "And I'm dying"

♪ Desperation, understanding

♪ Destination isn't ending

♪ Desperation, understanding

♪ Destination isn't ending

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Truth was born in a thousand meanings

♪ And I was made from evil spinnings

♪ Why Jesus said

♪ "Look, I'm flying"

♪ There is a bucket in my hall

♪ To save the raindrops for the fall

♪ That means I'm rich 'cause...

♪ I'm crying

♪ Desperation, understanding

♪ Destination isn't ending

♪ Desperation, understanding

♪ Destination isn't ending

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword, get the sword

♪ Get the sword... ♪

(Church bell chiming)

(Chimes echoing)

(Continues ringing bell)

I can't.

I can't walk anymore.


We'll stop here.

(Sheep bleating)

Christopher, this is the man in my dream!

He raped me and killed you!


He may be primitive, but he's innocent.

He just proves that I was right.

This island belongs to the innocent people.

It's their island.

I was right from the beginning.

Now say I was right.

You were right.

(Camera shutter clicks)

(Cockerel crows)

Help me, Christopher! Help me!

Help me, Christopher!

(Camera shutter clicks)




(Breaks wind)

(Christopher) And suddenly I realised that once things go wrong, they will always go wrong.

I'm in a pit full of lime.

Still I'm not burning.

I know why:

There's no water in the pit.

As long as there's no water, I'm safe.


Celia help me!

Celia, don't go there!

Come here and help me!



(Moaning intensifies)



Help me Celia, please!


Celia, help me please...

Help me get out of here.

You want some? Celia?

Help me.

Help me get out of here.

You think I can?

Oh, it needs a strong man to get you out of there.

Talk to him.

He likes you. He'll listen to you.

It won't do any good.

He doesn't speak a word of English.

Actually, I don't think he can speak at all.

But you've got to help me.

I'm your brother. Shh!

You promised not to tell anyone!

To hell with promises!

I'm your brother, you've got to help me!

You don't like it in there, huh?

Do you know what water could do to me?

Melt you?

Help me, Celia!


Help me!

Forget it, Christopher.

God doesn't help perverts.

(Camera shutter clicks)

(Thunder rumbling)


Somebody help me!

Get me out of here!


God! I'm burning!


Help me!

Help me!


Help me!

Help me, please!

(Groans) Help me!

Help me!


(Camera shutter clicks)