Isolation (2005) Script

Where is? In the barn all day.



Are you alone? Okay.

Quiet, small.

Ho. Quiet.

Have you ever broken the placenta? No.


Orla? Shit!

What's happened?

I'm fine.

Did you see anything?

No, it's okay. Are you sure?

Yes, perfect.

You can not stay here.

Not bother anyone.

Not Provided I ask, is the saying.

Go back to the main road and do not cause me problems, right?

But... we will not be long.

We're not on your property.

Damn brats...

Tomorrow are far from here.

Better we leave...

We will be looking now. We were .

In a day or two...

... stop searching the roads.

Do not you feel, right, Jamie? No...

Bovine Gene Technology

These caravan can not be .

Must go. Tomorrow. I told you.

I've already explained this.

Is a matter of commercial confidentiality. It's what we pay.

A pain. Thus there will be no secret.

How's the cow? Nothing yet.

John wants his tests.

Do not need you...

A little behind.

A little lower. Do not treat me like an idiot.

Only pay on time.

Should I proceed carefully with money, you know.

Maybe it was not the best candidate .

Damn was the only candidate. And you still have not paid me either.

Do you see the head?

I think it's all good.

Something bit my hand.

Pressure of the cow. Maybe one you pressed bone.

I noticed something, John.

Bit me.

In recent security controls everything was correct?

All? Yes.

Maybe we should stop. That cow looks normal.

Then all is well.

Will everything all right?

That's what it says.

Do you believe him? I'm just the vet.

You're sleeping with him, no, Orla?

None of your business.


I thought... you could change. I mean, you...

Let me know when labor begins.

No one comes, Jamie.

Come to bed.

Hold it now.

I will only examine you, okay?

Jamie, wake up. What?

Stay there.

Turn off the flashlight.

I told him we were not going.

I need your help. Want to help?

I have a cow... Why would that help?

What's going on? It's no problem.

I have a cow giving birth. Do not know what I can get.


I thought we had found. Yes I too..

Having trouble, Jamie.



Be careful, Jamie.

Close the door when you leave.

Jesus, this is amazing. Quiet.

The vet should be here already.

Good idea. Call her. She solve it.

There is no time. I must begin, or lose both.

Come on.

You help me or not?

Yes, why not? Good choice.

Easy, easy. Will you lie down.

That's... So, good girl.

We must grab this package and rotate it.

God is sealed.

This is crazy.

I have never encountered this difficulty.

Here we go.

Okay, small.

You're good.


Stretch your legs with the stick.

Drops head. What I have.

Not breathing. What?

Not breathing. Depart.

Grab the head. That's it.


What? Something is wrong.

Where is your phone? I have no phone.

Here. Break it and make a band.

Water cauldron. Fill that pot.

This is going to hurt.



Jesus, Jamie. Do not do that.

Something is wrong with that calf. Must kill him.

Release him from suffering. We can not. Is a newborn.

Well... What are they called?

She is Mary. I'm Jamie.

My name is Dan.

Let me give you a look at the hand. I'm fine.

I'm fine. You should...

Best Go away. Tomorrow I will go to the doctor.

Come on.

Come on.


Stay much as they want. Right?

I no longer bother you.

Thank you.

I thought something...

Anything what?

Anything what, Mary?

Just fled from me.

No. We're fine, you and me.

This calf... is over.


And nobody is coming for us.

Must be available by phone. You can not even fix that?

Like I said: have not paid me yet.

Jesus, what have you done?

The calf bit my finger.

The calf?

I had to separate it from the mother. The biting.

Jesus... I see what you grabbed my finger.

John, we must dismantle all. Has gone wrong.

Orla, what's going on here?

Grab, Orla.

I blocked, right? For the love of God.

What do you expect?

Acábala ..

Easy. Steady.

Shit. Take this.

Be still, small. Steady.

Orla wait.


Pick up the calf.


It's okay.

Wait so.

Is almost done.


What's wrong? I'm not sure.

I need to clarify some things.

Not look good.

Grab your leg, would you? So we will see.

Shit. What's in there?

Seems L.O.S.

Gigantification syndrome. Bodies overgrow.

Can you see the lungs and heart? What is the cause?

Is a genetic abnormality is transferred to embryo .

As in these tests. Did you expect this?

No. Not my experiment.

But am veterinary work for him. That's it.

That's it.



What is that?

Is a fetus, Dan.

The veal was pregnant.

This is unbelievable.

Are completely malformed.

The structure is totally wrong. The skeleton is on the outside.

What the fuck have you done?

Never would have survived.

What have you done?

John worked at a GM for cattle most fertile...

... those that grow faster would be a more fertile young.

Is born pregnant. Something has gone wrong.

Do not look like that.

Grabs, money. Are stuck too.

What now?

No one must know what the cow. Close the door.

Also cow barn winter.

Keep other animals away.

Could be a dangerous infection. What?

May be possible. Infection? What kind of infection?

I'm not sure yet.

Rest assured . Back tomorrow.


Want to give to eat other cows?

If you do it, naked.

Well, no food in the barn silo . Give them water too.

And they need to see that.

Thank you.

Good. Thanks.

I think clean.

I'll put disinfectant. May fester.

You must go to the hospital. No. Thank you.

Have to wait for the vet. Then I'll go with it.

Have you always lived here? Yes, I inherited from my father.

What about your family? We are six.

I am the second. Three brothers, two sisters.

A big family.

And how will the boy traveler? Do you like?

Would you like you you to them?

Are you in some kind of romantic travel ?

Outside a farm.

If my brothers are, kill him.

I dunno.

You're right.

It has become bad.

I really do not know what the fuck was...

Shit. fuck, Mary. Mary.

Good morning, Tom. Hi Reilly.

How's it going? Well.

Is yours the caravan road? . Yes Are you upset, Dan?

You have caused a problem? No. No, Tom.

Well, Dan, but be careful , okay?

It's okay. They can stay a day or two.

If so then I go .. What could steal here?

Times are tough .

Heard throughout all the banks around here .

With that kind of damn car. It's true.

Can not mix with these people. It's not good business.

You are planted here in your property with a manual, to lend kicking your own land.

Want to tell me something in particular Tom?

None. It was just a simple recommendation .

Do you know that the vehicle is 1.5 km from the property Buckleys Orla O & apos; Dwyer & apos; s?

Yes, and we can not find. How can you not find it?

It was not working today. Was here yesterday afternoon.

Was watching a calf. But he returned.

What time did you say you left? I do not know. It was late.

Good. If you see her, let me know .

Long they stay? A couple of days.

How many?

Me, my dad and my sister. There is a place of rest in Kilmartin.

It's okay. For me may be a night or two.

But should leave soon. Maybe today. Perhaps now.

Good luck, Daniel.

What are we going to do?

I closed this last night.

Is she back?

Returned at night without telling me .

Stay away.

The vet said it could be contaminated .



Where is the cow?

Was not well when he left.

Like what? I do not know. Like I have a fever or something.

What is going on here?

It will just tonight. Tomorrow morning will leave.

're Coming.

Oh, my God.

I will stay here to check everything.

Go away.

That's too fast.

Jamie, so no. Wait...

What is it, Jamie?

I'm sorry.

Got something.

's My foot.

're Burning.

What is that smell?

I dunno. We are on a farm.

Is very strong.

Do not listen.

Do not pay any attention.

There is nothing.

We checked. No.

In here there is no going. Correct.

I know what happened.

In utero veal grew spontaneously. She was pregnant.

Problem. Something went wrong.

Somehow it was defective. Wore these creatures. There were six.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5... I think Orla lost one.

And is still alive. Did you know this?

Not everything.

Come on.

I do not understand.

If the missing leaves the farm... thousands of cows will give birth to these monsters million.

Be something unstoppable.

Can not go. I'll put quarantined the farm.


should be here.

Where is the other cow and calf? There isolated.

I swear, Jamie... What?

I was bitten. Bitten? Have you been bitten?

What was that?

How deep is?

There on the wall... A meter or one and a half.

If there is something there, you're stuck. Have to go through here.

Well, wait... can hunt.

Dan, go toward it.

Do you see anything? No. But hurry.


In the North Sea if you recover a drowned corpse... van with caution because sometimes...

He ate almost all of his intestines. Eaten? It's disgusting.

Yes Help me..

Give me a hand.



The creature... it must have been attacked, has gotten into her.

She tried to escape.

Somehow, he fell into the well and drowned .

But in that slurry body gets cold, so he left.

In search of a new host.


What is that?

This degree of increased cell is outrageous.

Was mixed with human cells.

Orla cells.

Why is that? Shut up. Shut the fuck up.

That's impossible.

My... The cells are assimilating.

That creature can contaminate people.

Is bite. We can not leave the farm.

Can infect everyone.

People do not know they have been infected .

But their offspring... Children, mutated...

Distorted, how are you things.

This could eliminate to a whole generation.

Your foot.

Show Me, Jamie.

No... please.

Stay away from me. No, Jamie.

We checked. Now. Quiet.

You can not leave yet.

Show me your foot.

Away from me.

I can help.

Mary and I left now.

I have you.

No you can go.

Feel sick.

That is normal.

No, I mean that there is something wrong .

There's something wrong...

What was that?

Where is Jamie?

Stay away! Get away!

Creeps within them.

's Like a parasite.

Hides within cows and grows.

Then devours. We must find him.

Grows too fast. We must stop it.

What about the other guy? Where is your last cow?

I'm Jamie.

's In the barn.

Has to be in it.

Has already given birth. We must find the veal.

Do not treat them like animals, but as objects .

Numbers. As your lab rats.

Orla is dead. You destroyed my farm.

Can you hear me? You're bad, wicked stupid.

'm Calling the police.

This ends now. Can you hear me?

You can not go.

Was wrong.

Infects humans.

Oh, God. Jamie...


What have you done?

Dan... killed Jamie, Dan.

He killed Jamie. Where is?

Should be here.

Jesus, you can not.

I will.

Are you sure?

Aim nearby.

Help me.

Cursed bug.

Do it.

Help me.


Come over.

Come on.

Kill him. Fast.

You can not...

... leave the farm.

Saint Thomas Hospital Birmingham - England

4 months later.


Do you see the head?

It's okay.

Want to know?

Is a small. Beautiful and healthy small.

No need to worry anymore.