Ivan the Terrible, Part II (1958) Script

Ivan the Terrible Part two The Boyars' Plot Written and directed by Sergei Eisenstein

This story about Ivan the Terrible the founder of the Tsardom of Muscovy tells of his struggle against the foes of Russian unity

In the role of Ivan the Terrible Nikolai Cherkasov The Oprichniki:

Malyuta Skuratov: Mikhail Zharov Alexei Basmanov: Amvrosy Buchma His son, Fyodor Basmanov: Mikhail Kuznetsov Philip, Metropolitan of Moscow and of all the Russians Andrei Abrikosov Pimen, the Archbishop of Novgorod Alexander Mgebrov Pyotr Volynets: Vladimir Balashov Efrosinia Staritskaya, the Tsar's aunt Serafima Birman Her son, Vladimir Staritsky: Pavel Kadochnikov Prince Andrei Mikhailovich Kurbsky: Mikhail Nazvanov Sigismund, King of Poland: Pavel Massalsky It is the year fifteen hundred and sixty-four the year in which the Tsar formed his special bodyguard the Oprichniki The year in which Tsar Ivan withdrew to Alexandrov The year in which the people organized a procession to beg the Tsar to return The year in which Prince Kurbsky committed the base treachery of surrendering the Russian armies to the Poles and transferred his allegiance to King Sigismund

There are certain defeats that are more resounding than victories The defeat of my Russian army near Revel will spark off the revolt Tsar Ivan has fled the wrath of the boyars and taken refuge in Alexandrov

The Moscow boyars, the Kolychevs, have managed to get some messages through The Tsar is assailed on every side like a baited bear The boyars are seething with revolt:

The Tsar will fall without a blow being struck and the throne of Moscow will be free for a new Tsar well-disposed towards Poland

God in his wisdom decreed that Lithuania, Poland and the Baltic States should serve as the outposts of Europe in order that the civilized nations of the West might be protected from the Muscovite barbarians They say the Muscovites eat children alive Russian soil is fertile. The herds are well-fed The sub-soil conceals inexhaustible riches Of course, the Russians have to be kept down But a strong man on the throne of Moscow would shatter the most cherished dreams of all the European sovereigns We need the dim-witted Vladimir Staritsky We must support the rebel boyars The solitary reins of absolute power must be wrenched from the Tsar and returned to the feudal princes We must destroy the unity of Ivan's Russia Once that has been done, the Christian kings will embark on a new crusade We will force the Muscovite to serve the West We will drive the Russians out of Europe and force them back to their Asian steppes

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Tsar Ivan is on his way back to Moscow!

So I've caught you!

You didn't expect me back, eh?

You were delighted by the Tsar's departure!

You've shown yourselves for what you are - traitors!

The rogues They wanted to govern the land themselves!

Alright, if that's what you want!

From now I'll give you land to govern!

I'll give you land

But as the widower I shall keep the widower's portion

the towns along our borders. From there I will watch over the security of the State and guard the integrity of Russian frontiers

And I shall stamp out treason!

I have no confidence in you boyars

Therefore as God created man in his own image so I have created men in mine. They will carry out my orders and only they will enjoy my confidence that is why I have christened them Oprichniki

These plans come not from God

but from the devil

He who defies ancestral traditions shall not remain sovereign for long Fyodor Kolychev!

Say no more

Why are you so severe with me, Fyodor Kolychev?

Why, my good friend, are you so cruel?

You should really pity me!

I am not Kolychev, I am Philip the monk I carry out the will of God not the designs of the Tsar Listen Ever since I was a child The boyars showed their hatred of the Grand Duke of Moscow

After my father's death My mother was killed

They have poisoned me!

Ah! I am dying!

My son!

They have killed me!

Watch out for poison!

Beware of the boyars!

Elena Glinskaya is dead

That's how I came to be an orphan, alone and abandoned

whilst the boyars governed in my name and handed over Russian territory to foreign enslavement

Ivan Vasilievich, Grand Duke of Moscow has graciously ratified a commercial treaty and agrees to pay duties for the transit of goods via the Baltic to the great Hanseatic League of the German merchant towns

The Grand Duke of Moscow has reconsidered his decision He has concluded the treaty with the Order of Livonian Knights

Someone has certainly been lining Shuisky's pockets The Hansa!

It was the Boyar Council's decision The Grand Duke is free to annul the council's decisions But he has pledged his word The Grand Duke is the sole arbiter of his word He gives it or rescinds it as he pleases It is the Grand Duke's will which constitutes the law But the will of the Grand Duke is to conclude a treaty with the Hansa The Grand Duke's will is to concede the privileges to the Livonian Order The Grand Duke's will is law!

We must pay the Hansa!

No, we'll pay the Livonians!

The Hansa will be more profitable to the State!

You mean more profitable to yourself!

And you have been bribed by the Livonians!

The money must go to the Hansa!

We'll pay the Livonians We will pay no one!

We're not obliged to pay The coastal towns were built by our ancestors Those lands are our inheritance; they must be returned to Moscow Who would be fool enough to give them back?

Anything that falls off the back of a wagon is lost If they won't return them voluntarily we shall take them back by force By force?

And where will we find this force?

You have wasted Russia's strength it has been frittered away by the boyars

O Lord! I'll die laughing

Take it off

Off, I say

Get off my mother's bed!

My mother, who was murdered by you, you dogs!

A dog, am I?

Well your mother was a bitch She used to sleep with that dog Telepnev

No one even knows who your father was!

Race of dogs!

Seize him!

Seize him!

The leading boyar handed over to the kennelmen!

I shall reign alone! Without the boyars!

I will be Tsar!

Now... I hold great power The people support me My personal guard form an iron ring around me My enemies are kept at bay

But I have no close friends God refuses me the sweet consolations of friendship On whose shoulders can I rest my head?

With whom can I share my joys and sorrows?

I am alone, abandoned I had a single close friend- Anastasia She has left me I had a friend, Kurbsky He has betrayed me No, not just myself... but our great cause

I don't fear the trouble-makers I don't fear the sword, poison or betrayal I fear not for myself But I tremble for our great cause A new cause, on which one had hardly embarked There is no higher destiny than to reign according to ancient traditions As our ancestors did. Pay heed to the boyars Share your authority with them You lie, monk!

These are old wives' tales!

You reject the counsel of your spiritual guide? Very well!

Remain alone!

Condemned, accursed... and alone!

It is no longer the Tsar who pleads with you but a friend crushed by the burden of authority

Don't leave me in my isolation. Stay with me Help me to re-establish Russian power

And for this accept the office of Metropolitan Bishop of Moscow Will you allow me the right to plead in favor of those you accuse?

I never accuse the innocent Wait!

Very well. It shall be as you say

Why give the bishop such power over you?

Why let yourself be humiliated by an ignorant priest?

None of your business, dog!

I know I am a dog... But a faithful dog You are wrong, Tsar, to prefer a priest to a dog

I know, you want friendship You languish without friendship For friendship you are ready to bow at his feet Do you not see that Philip has only one idea:

To conceal your enemies under his own skirts?

A friend, eh?

He's hardly worth more than Kurbsky!

You dare pronounce that name Ah! I know you love Kurbsky!

It's not his treachery which wounds you It's the loss of a friend!

You don't sleep at night!

Hold your tongue, dog!

You don't show any gratitude or affection to those who are loyal to you, who'd give their lives for you, who carry the weight of your power on their strong shoulders

My power is carried by the shoulders of the people and their will is my strength I hear the voice of God through them and I carry out His holy designs Tsar, I beg you, don't let the priest do as he pleases.

Don't trust anyone. You hold the power. Use it!

I understand. You've given your word to the priest You've made him promises You can't go back on your word I understand So we must see that the Tsar's word is respected and wipe out the traitors too

It's just going back on your word that worries you, isn't it?

There is a way out... use a cat's paw No, a red-headed dog - me, Malyuta I'll take the Tsar's sins on my shoulders I'll give my soul for the Tsar I'll go to hell if need be, but I'll keep the Tsar's word

What does the hound do when the game tries to go to earth?

Flies straight as an arrow to the lair He outwits it... heads it off outruns it Outstrip the priest? Is that what you're suggesting?

So he won't have time to double back?

You'd give your soul for the Tsar!

Eh, dog?

You complain the Tsar doesn't spoil you?

Be off with you!

Do what you have to do. By God's will, be judge and executioner And to outstrip the priest We'll start on some of his distant relatives, the Kolychevs Kolychevs are untamed, but we'll tame them!

By what right do you set yourself as a judge, Tsar Ivan?

By what right do you wield the sword of justice?

Let me not drink of this cup You cannot avoid it... Even though some cups contain poison!

The cup?

The goblet

They poisoned her!

They poisoned my sweetheart!

Who gave the fatal goblet to the Tsarina?

She received it from my own hands!

And who gave it to you?



Is it possible? The Tsar's aunt?

My own blood relation?

Silence! Not a word of your suspicions to anyone

until I have ferreted out the truth. Come!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost

Our Sovereign Ivan Vasilievich Tsar and Grand Duke of all the Russians has pronounced these boyars of the Kolychev family to be traitors the aforementioned boyars having been in communication with the king of Poland, with the aim of submitting to foreign domination Ivan Vasilievich, Tsar of all the Russians has condemned them to be beheaded for high treason

Too few!

By God's power invested in you, bring the Tsar to heel

I charge you to excommunicate him I shall return to my monastery You daren't. If you don't bring the Tsar to heel you will answer for it before God!

Ah! My lord!

I ask for justice against the Tsar, and protection I ask that the boyars' cause be defended No, I do not ask, my lord, I demand!

That's not all I'm demanding I demand that the Tsar be humbled

I do not ask, I demand!

God be my witness It is not for myself

nor for the members of my family who have been executed

that I take up the sword. It is on behalf of the boyars Justice must be done against the Tsar Beneath my priestly robes beats the heart of a Kolychev!

And a Kolychev who is a prince of the Church!

Even the Tsar can do nothing against the Church

Come tomorrow to the cathedral!

I shall humble the Tsar I shall crush him with the weight of the Church

God be praised Mother... What's the story of the fiery furnace?

The story tells how a heavenly angel led three youths called Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego out of the fiery furnace of Babylon into which a ferocious heathen Tsar, Nebuchadnezzar, had thrown them Now, there are no such angels

Innocent, we were flung into the burning, fiery furnace lit by the Chaldeans

for having disobeyed the heathen Tsar

Chaldean! Hey! Chaldean!

What is it?

Is this the Tsar's work?

The Tsar's!

They disobeyed the Tsar?

They disobeyed!

So, we are going to hurl them into the burning, fiery furnace!

We are given into the hands of lawless princes wretched apostates into the hands of an unjust Tsar who is the wickedest in the world

With her staff the old lady... Hands off the Tsar's aunt!

She's Tsarina in her own house!

So she slapped your faces, you and your henchmen!

I recognize the family spirit right enough!

Perhaps this is the right moment to polish off the Staritskys with one blow They've opposed the Tsar's will!

It is not for you, Alexei, to tell the Tsar what to do Not for you, Fyodor to raise your hand against the Tsar's family

No harm shall come to Efrosinia

as long as she calls herself the Tsar's aunt and does not claim to become the mother of a Tsar a Tsar who submits to the boyars

As for you, Basmanovs... learn to keep your place!

And the poisoned goblet... have you forgotten that?

Be quiet

Be quiet, Fyodor! Don't mention that grave charge!

God grant it was not she who was guilty!

Why, shameless Chaldeans do you serve a lawless Tsar?

Why, bewitched Chaldeans do you serve a devilish, blaspheming and despotic Tsar?

Why do you torment us with fire?

Why do you burn us?

And now, bear witness to a miracle The terrestrial lord will be humbled by the Lord of Hosts The Tsar of all the Russians begs your blessing

I do not recognize the Orthodox Tsar in his pagan actions!

In what way, monk, do my actions concern you?

Your actions are those of a bloodthirsty beast!

Silence, Philip. If you question my sovereignty you will incur my anger!

Now bear witness to a miracle The terrestrial lord will be humbled by the Lord of Hosts Ivan, like Nebuchadnessar, you cast those who are close to you into the fire But the avenging angel will descend from heaven and free them from their prison Silence, Philip!

Submit to the authority of the Church, Ivan!


Dissolve the Oprichnina before it's too late!

Ivan... dissolve the Oprichnina before it is too late!


Mother, is that the terrible and godless Tsar?

Mother, it is the terrible and godless Tsar!

It is her, Fyodor! It is her

From now on I will be just what you say I am!

I will be Terrible!

Philip has been arrested

He's been forbidden to go back to the monastery

He'll be given a savage trial

He will be condemned

In the old days they would have handed Philip over to us for trial We'd never have let him be humiliated It's no good living in the past. We must find a solution There is no solution There is a solution. Just one

The last Kill the Tsar Either kill the Tsar or lay our own heads on the block

But who will do it?

Only the pure in heart would be worthy of carrying out so elevated a mission!

Pyotr Volynets I consecrate this mission to you

Come, my brothers embrace for the last time God's servant, Peter, who lately dwelt among us

He has vowed himself to the grave He will repose beneath a cold slab He is entering into the shades He bids farewell to friends and relations

He will lie with the dead

He confiscated Church property We will exterminate the beast!

We must save Philip, because he has incurred Ivan's wrath for our sake That will depend on Philip's judges Who will preside at the Tribunal?

To whom must we send our gold, plate and furs?

It is I who will preside at the tribunal That means he's saved!

That means he's lost!

Philip is more useful to our cause as a martyr A corpse, a martyr

a saint is more valuable to our struggle

A dead man... A saint is invincible, even for the Tsar!

His cowl is white, but his soul is black

Why are you always trying to make a leader of me, mother?

Why do you want to sacrifice me?

A black beaver was bathing In the river In the frozen Moscow River

He didn't wash himself cleaner He only got blacker

Having taken his bath, the beaver Went off to the capital's High hill

To dry himself, Shake himself and look around To see if anyone was coming to look for him The hunters whistle Searching out the black beaver The hunters follow the scent They will find the black beaver

They want to catch and skin the beaver

And with its fur then to adorn A kingly mantle

In order to array Tsar Vladimir!

I'd suffer the pangs of your birth a hundred times over for you to ascend the throne To see you seated on the Tsar's throne!

Take the crown Take the collar!

I've always been frightened of blood!

You won't have to shed it. That will be Pyotr's job!

Yes... but after to be haunted by remorse for the rest of my life always seeing him wherever I go, enduring his silent reproaches Whatever else you need fear - it's not that When the throne is yours, you will punish the regicide

and others, too

A sovereign should not stray from the path of righteousness if he can help it

but he must be prepared

to tread the path of evil if necessary

Our great sovereign offers you a cup of wine

Moreover our great sovereign invites his cousin Vladimir Andreyevich to the royal table

The hand of God!

Our cause prospers!

You will accompany Pyotr to the banquet

And don't forget to wear your new kaftan

I'll remind him!

The hand of God!

Our cause prospers!

It's empty!

Holla! Holla!

Faster! Faster!

Bravo! Bravo!

Ah, Brother Vladimir, you don't love me You don't care that I am so alone, that I'm just a poor, abandoned orphan whom no one pities It's not right for the Tsar to fraternize with the landowners

and above all not with the Staritskys!

It is not for you, Alexei to teach the Tsar his business nor to raise your hand against the Tsar's relations But it was you who taught me to weed them out The Tsar's connections outshine all other connections As the celestial tamarind outshines homely oak Aren't we the new forest growing about you?

I don't hack down oaks to make room for wretched aspens Don't touch the Tsar's relations!

The ties of blood are sacred!

Aren't we who are closest to you bound to you by other blood- blood which has been shed?

You're no relation of mine

You are my slaves I raised you from the dust to crush the boyar traitors I express my will through you Your function is to serve me, not to teach me how to behave Keep to your place, Basmanovs!

You are beginning to catch the boyars' sickness You are beginning to get ideas about rank Would you like to put yourself beside the Tsar?

I've sworn never to fraternize with the boyars nor with the landowners

I am alone, a poor orphan No one loves or pities me!

The guests have assembled In the courtyards of the boyars In the courtyards of the boyars The axes skim the necks of the boyars The axes, the axes Come along! Come along!

What happens next? What happens next?

Come on, tell us more Come on, tell us more Strike with the axes

The gates have split down the middle Down the middle The golden goblets pass from hand to hand From hand to hand Come along. Come along What happens next? What happens next?

Come on, tell us more, Come on, tell us more Strike with the axes!

Oh, you are wrong, Tsar of all the Russians you have friends. I haven't one.

Yes, you have! Don't lie.

I'm not lying. Then who is my friend?

Well, me for one. I don't believe you!

I swear it!

Don't swear it. Prove it by your actions!

I will prove it!

And when the guests are parting Having drunk their fill Drunk their fill

They set fire to the castle Set fire to the castle Come along. Come along What happens next? What happens next?

Come on, tell us more, Come on, tell us more Strike with the axes!

What is Archbishop Pimen's man doing amongst the servants?

Pimen assigned him to the service of Vladimir Andreyevich

You lie... You won't prove anything!

I will... I will prove it to you!

You sit here celebrating and you don't even know some people want you out of the way Is that so? I swear it!

And who do they want in my place?

You'd never guess!

I said to her: Who'd want to be Tsar?

Plots... executions As for me... I'm just a peaceful man; all I ask of life is to drink and live in peace Indeed, who'd want to be Tsar?

The task is a heavy one!

That's exactly what I said Why do I want to be Tsar? But she insists Take it... take the crown Take the collar!

Take the collar... Take the crown Take it!

Take it! Why not? Take it, cousin!

Bring the Tsar's regalia!

He likes it, this lackey of the Poles!

The farce is over

Enough of this ungodly revelry!

Brothers, let's address ourselves to the Almighty!

Let us think upon our last hour!

Awake, my soul, Awake

Lead us to the cathedral!

A Tsar does not draw back

The Tsar is always first to enter!

Ivan is no more!

Good people, look!

Ivan is no more!

The brute is dead!

Russia shall flourish under a boyar Tsar! Vladimir!

Holy Mother of God...


Torture me!

Execute me!

You'll never make me speak!

I won't give anyone away

Why are you holding him?

It was not the Tsar he killed... only the fool!

Let him go

And it was not only a fool he killed but the Tsar's worst enemy!

My grateful thanks!

As for her

They want to catch and skin a beaver And with its fur then to adorn A kingly mantle for... for...

Tsar Vladimir

As for her...

A black beaver was bathing...

I swear before God to accomplish in Russia, my royal mission

to purge the Motherland of her savage enemies to shed with my own hands the blood of the guilty

without mercy, either to myself or others

For the sake of the great land of Russia

A Tsar must always weigh and assess Mercy and gentleness for the good Cruelty and torment for the wicked

A Tsar who hesitates in this will never make a Tsar!

Today in Moscow, we have struck down the enemies of Russian unity My hands are free!

From now on the sword of justice shall flash against those who dare to oppose from without the greatness of Russian might

We will not let Russia be abused!