Jaag Utha Insan (1984) Script

What's the problem? Pay ...

Yesterday I had to go back to the city. Why are you late?

I wanted to buy something. What?


I've got bells for dancing. Why should you buy these?

Because your bells I only listen to them.

And wear them even ota child and those listening only me.

'' You mean those bells only fulfill your command?''

O yes. "Miracle." I'm the one who ... will do Put them on and dance Why just listen to you?


'' The first seven notes: 'Up'''

'' 'D'''

'' 'Me'''

'' 'Fa'''

'' 'G'''

'' 'La'''

'' 'His'''

'' 'To'''

Did you spell? Now we dance as I want.

What's the problem?

I need to go to the ceremony of the Mother Goddess.

So what? This is not the first time which will be outside their homes.

For the first time visit village of my grandfather.

He is a priest in the temple of Mother Goddess.

Priest ...? Person that the peasants obey?

This, even children who avoided?

'' Shankar Chaturvedi ... Is he your grandfather?''

Yes. He is This man is my grandfather.

That was his last word before the break connection ..

My mother married my father against his will.

My father was a great dancer.

"Since then, my grandfather closed the doors for us.

For the first time this village dance.

I wonder if his wounds are healed.

And if I am able to play there.

'' 'Brace yourself''

'' 'Forget about caring'''

'' 'Sing all the time ...'''

'' 'Praise be to God!'''

'' Thy blessing grandfather.''

You are corrupt ... Now trying to corrupt the innocent children?

Pervert? Just trying to show them right path in life. teach them to make a living.

I Lie? Times of kings are gone.

Their palaces have been converted into hotels.

People worship money ... Leave them!

People are losing faith in God! And what is the evidence ... existence of temples? or priests and writings?

And who will feed the kids? I teach them to sing Shut up!

So they can sing in the street and to make a penny ... to feed their hungry stomachs! Or will you be enlightened slackers like me.

Santa, why provoke? How did it provoke?

Just showed him what the naked truth. In this example!

Well, I'll tell him in his own language

But then no one would have heard it!

'' 'Oh, one of ...''

'' 'Will you dance to the tune'''

Go! I'll get some vegetables

'' Welcome, sir. Come sit''

'' As this is Virgo. Your father is a priest in the temple''

And your grandfather was a religious icon You're the only heir this great family Why dare misfortune this inappropriate behavior?

'' You bring happiness, right? I am an orphan anyway''

But my great family they grow and you detachments my status

If you think I'm taking advantage status of your ...

I'll go ... No, do not do it What will happen to me if I go?

You know I'm telling the truth. the reason my people to deny me If you go Who will support me?

Who will be honest with me?

Would you like $ 5? 76 00:12:00,152 -> 00:12:02,017 '' You know why he is not?''

'' Backfire as you want. But I never pale with anger''

We lost him.

'' He talked about Virgo, right?''

What can I do about it? Just ... do not understand.

I have sinned greatly in his previous life.

That he was born ... not you ...

'' Do not say that, Mom! It may be wrong, but I will fix it.''

Oh yeah

You are welcome! Good morning!

'' This is Raghu, the 11th son. Tenth - Raju, was in town''

Raghu will study medicine

'' He came to pray to God before leaving''

'' We will wait for you Dad or? Yes, I will wait''

My ancestors built the temple but your father is our god I'll wait Ah, here it is - he comes


You can only be proud that your niece ... will dance tonight the ceremony in the temple

'' It would be great if you could come both families''

'' Dad, planted ... I heard it ...''


Go away! Please save my child!

What happened? Father, save the child!

But what has happened? Save it, it's awful sick!

'' The doctor said that only God can save him''

'' Make a ritual with coconut save the child''

Do not cry, everything 'll be fine

This is Raghu. He will study medicine.

Wish him luck! Enough! Time for your training

'' Nandu ... Yes, Dad?''

'' I heard Virgin was again ... It is not possible, Dad!''

Stop coughing! Either never a seat in medical college.

'' This disease got it from you, Dad.''

This is your ...?

'' Because I will make holy baths and fasted for four days.''

Forgive me ... My child is seriously ill.

And? Do not you know it's time people go to the temple?

And you go before me! Got me!

'' You also rubbish like me Let's go, time for my train''

You should not see you again I'll kill you!

Please keep it there.

Father ... Get It

You have sinned! You defiled!

I sinned? Yes, it's untouchables!

So what? You touch her. You will go to hell.

Who told you? From my ancestors ... is transferred to my father, he said to me. And now I say unto thee.

He is defiled.

Watch your step ... And carefully unload tools

Gopi! You are welcome!

Ram! How are you? How are you all at home?

All are OK ... But seeing after centuries ...

'' Come on,'' Sandy

'' It's your uncle. I've talked to him?''

Grown so much! I heard a lot about your talent.

Luckily he was able just listen. but can not see anything ...

'' And to express their feelings, it must and it is his misfortune''

Because of his grandfather, who holds the key of happiness and unhappiness.

This is Our ...? I'm Narain Chaturvedi.

He's my father. I'm your cousin.

Shut up and go home!

This is another his misery. He wants to say to stick with it.

'' I'm homeless, although I have a house.''

'' - Like you. Not very hospitable ...'' although we have a house here. Go on, ask him.

'' You know, I'm helpless, Gopi? Yeah, well''

Even his anger is like blessing to us.

Let's go and receive his blessing. Sure ... Go!

You will receive a great blessing!

That's sandals your granddaughter.

'' Come on, baby.''

Tonight ... I heard about it.

If you could attend, to bless her ...

So sweet child! That was like her mother.

'' If God wanted, it could be grown here''

I've heard it a hundred times!

What's this? Do not go into the lion's den!

Ask him immediately if we see to show sandals.

How many times would you say? I'll take care, do not worry!


Do you need anything?

Do you need something ...? What?


'' Dad, ... water. I do not want it.''

Want something else? How many times will you ask?

Dad ... What?

It is very noisy here. Go to sleep below.

You say that because I want to go there.

Not me. My wife! Go then. All.

All right.

'' Nandu, you can go if you''

I will go after you go to bed. Going to bed. Go.

'' 'Without you My nights are restless because'' '

'' 'O Lord, When I hear the words'' '

'' 'I long for you day and night'''

'' 'Tears fall from my eyes'''

'' 'I can not wait anymore Hold me'' '

'' 'Cause you are the nights without torture'''

'' 'I know the fire of passion'''

'' 'Which continues to grow'''

'' 'I want to be with you'''

'' 'Come hug me, I'm so anxious'' '

'' 'Cause the nights are so empty without you'''

'' 'Since our eyes met ...'''

'' 'You captured my heart'''

'' 'And I dream about you'''

'' 'Come hug me, I am so anxious'' '

'' 'Cause I spend my nights trembled for you'' '

'' 'Oh Lord, when will you hear me?'''

'' 'I long for you day and night'''

'' 'Tears fall from my eyes'''

'' 'Come hug me, I can not wait now'' '

'' 'Oh, my nights are so terrible without you'' '

'' 'Oh Lord, when will listen to my words?'''

Let's do not overlook anyone!

Are not you asleep yet?

'' Legs hurt you? Yes, I hurt.''

It is not an evil eye? Yes.

Well I was dancing? OK?

Crouch win Grandpa's heart Let's put this on your feet. No!

Let's put it. Otherwise you will feet swell tomorrow.

If you need to bear responsibility for me on their shoulders ...

It will not let me even to touch ground with his foot.

'' Yeah, no. My heart is big enough for you.''

'' Sir, you played it the flute yesterday?''

Awesome! I'd be able to teach but I know only 3 notes.

'' It is enough for a child, right?''

's Briskly enough to bathe and come to the temple. Come.

Great playing the flute. Thank you.

Did you like the show yesterday? Why only me? Every like it.

Santa even watched over sandals not to overlook anyone.

'' In the end, is her grandfather. How do you know?''

Sandy has told you to.

I am Nandu. The priest in this temple. I'm Harry.

One day I will become a great artist. Thank you.

'' Take God's blessing you find time''


'' Sir, three notes are sufficient for a child, right?''


'' Father, ... What is it?''

That person constantly following me and annoys me.


'' Well, Virgo? Living Truth is, after her!''

'' That's because I love! Mary, you know that she's married.''

We teach you to behave with married women like a goddess.

But her husband abandoned her! She took it to her husband.

She wears a necklace wedding. It is our goddess.

Did you see the Goddess? Yes.

Why can not I see it? Why do not you look ... with pure thought and noble intentions.

'' If you do, you can also see it.''

What guarantees do I give? Try it.

All right. I'll try. But no guarantee that you will succeed!


Fastachki ...? I use the purity of thought ...

'' And it gets old selling peanuts No! It can not be true''

Mother! Go!.

Excuse me ...

What tied there? This is a ritual

'' When tying a rope around the tree will fulfill their wishes.''

This is a very old tree. It is said ...

Goddess that it planted the manuscript.

What do you want? Swing.

People from near and far come to pray the tree. It has great power.

Really? And how things look to girl who is not married?

To marry and even will have a baby.

So, now sway me.

We can not ignore the blind faith that people have.

Let's see how powerful is this tree really.

Let's see the direction in which oscillate our lives.

Nandu ... Yes?

I am the grandfather of Sandy. I know.

Must also know Why interrupt ... relationship with his daughter. Yes.

Do I do? Do not ...

I do not think you did the right thing.

'' I am more than you in every way. As concerns the age and wisdom, Sir''

Your daughter has just fallen in love someone's art ..

It is no sin to love your daughter you just fell in love with one's art.

And in the nature of things it is the daughter of Pastor put bells for dancing ... and provide all kinds of songs ...? Did you see the dance of the plant yesterday evening.

It was filled with such purity and devotion.

Did you like it? Why do not I like?

It looked like the goddess herself.

'' Baba back today. Please bless me!''

A plant will not take my blessing? I'll bring her.

Listen ... Tell her to bring and bells for dancing.

All right.

'' What is the mood of the father, Bhola? Calm's''

'' Father, I ask you to bring Mom bells''

Yes Something special ...?

Are you in? Give them to me!

What pray for a bracelet for dancing? I do not know.

She put her hand on his ..


'' Everyone wanted to revive their relationship again, right?''

Now take pot.

Not like my granddaughter. But as my daughter.

I decided to marry planted and Nandu.

The wedding will take place after 10 days. Start preparations.

'' It's such a big event, Nandu! Go ahead and thank the Goddess!''

'' Go on, son! ... Go!''

'' Harry has little guayvi. Go on ...''

There is little. Why not?

How did this happen?

Will I forget Harry ...?

Will I ever forget ever how he played the flute?

'' Oh, how we met!''

'' 'Pauna learn from me ...'''

'' 'How to walk gracefully ...'''

'' 'How to dance in the rain'''

'' 'Yes, he took gait and grace from you'' '

'' 'Monsoon my lover'''

'' 'He is a prince of hearts'''

'' 'Monsoon learn from me ...'''

'' How to icy rain drops rain on thirsty flowers'' '

'' 'Yes, learn from you ...'''

'' How to quench thirst Flower'' '

'' 'Among the flowers I take them scent, and the world knows'' '

'' 'Flowers learn from me ...'''

'' How to steal rainbow ...'' '

'' How to bathe in dew and to bloom in the spring'' '

'' 'Yes, they learn from you ...'''

'' How can flourish and to spread fragrance'' '

Flute speaks to you today? It will also play a song My guru told me ... Guru? Who is this?

He said he would not leave the village until I learned to play the flute.

Really? Who is he? What's his name? The way he plays the flute .. be excited all the gods!

There is no equal to my Guru!

Every guru should be like him! You did not tell me who he is ...

'' After a few years, people will welcome me as a master flutist (Pandit) Baldi''

'' You too, huh? Right now you - okay?''

My guru is Hari Mohanan. Seriously?

Oh, yes.

He gave you this?

He says that to be bowed someone who understands music

'' I said that Sandy will. Why did you engage in it?''

My guru spoke to you. And a lot of praise.

It is seen how dance Said ...

Goddess of art that manifests the dance bells sandals.

He asked me to make, to perform the ritual.

'' Please, sister, do it. Please!''

All right. Sit here while I get something to eat.

What happened to him? looks like dried

Enough! Thank you.

Here you go.

Put it on. Why?

How would eat something my guru? I touched something? It is not I'll give you more for it. Now eat it.

Open it! And probably said something to me.

No wonder it is sent. I did not say ...

She knows everything about you. For me? So I'm nobody.

I talked so much about you. She's a smart girl and knew everything.

You should know everything for you.

'' And how so? I ...''

'' When breathed into the flute, everything that comes out is air'' 335t 00:51:14,500 -> 00:51:17,500 '' But when my guru blows, this music out!''

So soft and melodic!

She listened as carefully I talked to you

Really? She should know ... understand how well the music And I said ...

The guru ji would not go anywhere. Not until you learn to play The Flute In'' she said. And I told 'My guru praises you'''

What would say then? Nothing.

She just looked so ...

'' Looks like you, not me And then ...''

How can I trust you? -I can not get an answer from her.


What's this? Note.

I took the food that you gave me I brought the note that he gave me

'' If you have an answer, will take it.''

Sister! Yes?

Hurry up! I gotta go.

Seven Notes

Gurudzhi! Come Brought to you reply.


Brought answer.

It is so hard! When will teach him a little finesse?

As soon as the commit with flute ritual.

'' 'Rock slightly from the mountaintops, approaching clouds'' '

'' 'Let's dance while playing the flute'' '

'' 'While playing the melody ...'''

'' 'Which would have turned off thirst in my life ...'' '

'' 'And my heart charm'''

'' 'Let's dance while playing the flute'' '

'' 'Everything is captured from you'' '

'' 'You drive even mountains to dance with you.'' '

'' 'So's your magical dance'''

'' 'Play my flute, and let the sounds of dance your tune'' '

'' 'As a star that shines day ...'' '

'' 'It now seems so magical!'' '

'' 'This is the magic of your Music'' '

'' 'So, let's dance while playing the flute'' '

'' 'Play my flute, and let the sounds of dance your tune'' '

'' 'Rock slightly from the mountaintops, approaching clouds'' '

'' 'Play my flute, and let the sounds of dance your tune'' '

'' 'Play my flute, and let the sounds of dance your tune'' '

bald guy playing the flute very well.

He has a guru who taught him. Guru?

'' Yes, the boy said that no one Lord Krishna also can not ...''

... Playing as well as he.

Seriously. Who is he ...? The show in Rampur ...

'' One of the audience? Yes, then he plays the flute''

Oh, I see ... He played pretty well Dad ...

He wants to play the flute in our programs.

Very well. Call him and will discuss the issue.

How many times have I told you not to touch the water in the village ?

Contaminate all the water!

You will not get away with it! I'll break bones today! 389 01:01:18,541 -> 01:01:22,841 Scumbag! Drink from your own well!

You will not get away ...

'll Oshamarya! Are not you ashamed to reach out a child?

What happened?

Tell me.

I walked away and I drank water. I went to drink a little ... and they hit me so much!

The child is thirsty, and what do you do with it?

Child? Dirty Worm! He untouchables!

He Harijan! All our dirty water!

Who says that only Brahmans can drink water?

He can not drink water designed for Brahmans!

Really? No! You can! 400th 01:02:06,200 -> 01:02:07,800 '' Come on, Talku. Quench their thirst.''

Who the hell are you to defend him?

'' No, Guru ji. Do not ...''

'' I told you goes.''

Beat it!

Why did you do that?

They were Talku. He told me everything.

'' You see this river sandals? Nobody knows where he was born.''

'' And yet it flows along mountains and rocks and carry'' dirt and trash ...

However, it is pure and unholy.

Would be contaminated if Harijan drank water from it

Every day someone gets bit.

It's nothing new. I know it is nothing new.

I go through it as a child.


I am also a Harijan.

Tell me that's not true! ...

Tell me you're lying!

Say it is not true!

Say you're lying!

No. lt's true. I am a Harijan.

Just as you are undoubtedly Brahmin ...

So I Harijan.

That is our misfortune.

I am not ashamed, I Harijan.

'' You ought to be ashamed Gostod, if created Harijan''

'' Society should be ashamed if you called Harijan''

A child walking on mill stones.

Many rush of Scripture.

'' But because I Harijan, I can not enter the temple.''

'' So I stole bramanska cord hung it around my neck ...''

'' I walked in the temple. I started studying Vedas'' in. ..

I became a student favorite our guru.

But when he learned ... This guy is a Harijan!

Whatever happened was inevitable. He threw me out of the temple.

They burned the sacred cord and put it around my neck.

'' I briefly took a bramanin''

I even studied music secretly.

'' But I was never dishonest with you, Sandy''

Neither have their revenge for anything.

What we have gathered thy Bells dance, and my flute.

Goddess lives in them ... they have no barrier of caste.

What I forgot is that differences between us.

You will ask me why I did not tell. Why are they deluded.

'' If I was kidding you, I would not say anything today.''

'' We are from the same caste, Sandy. We are born to people.''

And that's the truth. Truly, that is not true.

"If music is your life ...'' '

'Let us be a part of it'''

'My heart is mad at you ...'''

'Please do not forget'''

'Kiss flute ...'''

'' 'With their lips, and make me your'' '

'Do not ever leave me!'''

'Stay in My Heart'''

'I let some ...'''

'' 'The dance bells at your ankles'' '

'' 'The lamp of love brightly lit'' '

'' 'Together we are difficult will extinguish its flame'' '

"This lamp will shine forever ...'' '

'' 'The lamp of confidence '' '

'Take me to the music of your life ...'''

'' 'The bracelet, which kiss your ankle ...'' '

"Let me be there forever'' '


And I could not have dreamed that My father in law to me.

It's the luck of Sandy She won even his grandfather.

When is the wedding? I left my father in law this

'' Come on, baby ... Vikas! They distributed sweets!''

Sit down! ... Sit down I say!''

It is nice to pretend that shy ... Save it for your husband.

What's your fiance?

Brahmananda Chaturvedi. He was an orphan ... and raised by my father in law He gave the same culture.

'' Congratulations, sir. Come here, Taklu!''

Take a ... He takes after his father in law to me.

Take that, Harry.''

I'm dirty.

I can not understand how to tell my father!

Sneaker! Good way to me back!

Beat it! Broke his leg!

Kick him out of the village!

My daughter never had the courage tell me even that hungry. and now dares to tell me that is in love untouchables!

And probably did magic.

I'll beat you!

'' Dad, let him go! Get out!''

I beg you Dad spare him!

I can not tell my father ... What to do?

'' You're wrong, Sandy ... They will not stop and just beat me''

They even burn me alive.

I'm ready to face it ...

But one of the fires can burn and you, and I do not want this to happen.

Whatever I have achieved there was fraudulent and false.

I was very disciplined. No art or my talent.

'' Now ... Not only I, you are also penalized.''

I am willing to endure any penalty

I always pray for your happiness ... Now it spoil?

No, Sandy.''

I want to come with you.

Run away with you is the best solution to this problem.

If we can not be together after understand the truth of my origin ... can not live with this truth anywhere in the world.

Or you have to lie that You're not braminka ... or I should pretend I'm not Harijan.

Worthy Is a life is built on a lie?

I'm not the only Harijan in this country .... you're not the only Brahmin. We are part of a struggle.

'' There can be no compromise in this great battle, Sandy.''

Either you win ... or lose.

And what should I do?

Listen to your parents and fill debt. Marry him.

Why not? I look bad?

Do not be ignorant?

From poor families coming? Do not.

I belong to a lower caste? Do not.

Well, marry him.

'' And when your child is born, teach him ...'' it is not a big deal to be born in Brahmin family.

You have to be a Brahmin by their works.

'Oh, mother, riding a tiger'''

"Oh, Mother, you inhabit the mountains'' '

'Oh, mother, riding a tiger'''

"Oh mighty!'' '

'' 'Goddess of mountains You give us hope'' '

'' 'I pray for centuries Your grace, O Goddess'' '

'' 'Devotion to you and worship are my life'' '

'' 'All I want is to I'm at your feet until his last breath'' '

'Praise the Goddess!'''

'' 'Sing all ... Praise the Goddess'' '

'' 'Harder! Glory of the Goddess'' '

'' 'Let me hear you ... Glory of the Goddess'' '

'' 'Oh, hear the call of your supporters, thirsty for your blessing'' '

'' 'I pray for centuries Your grace, O Goddess'' '

'' 'You are doing everything possible your ways are mysterious.'' '

'' 'You are manifest in many forms'''

'Praise the Goddess!'''

'' 'Sing all ... Praise the Goddess'' '

'' 'Harder! Glory of the Goddess'' '

'' 'Let me hear you ... Glory of the Goddess'' '

'' 'Hear the cries of your followers O Goddess!'' '

'' I pray for centuries Your grace, O Almighty'' '

'' Ma'am, would you like eggplant? No, thank you.''

Bless you''

Nandu not see anywhere ... not going to church?

I do not know.

Glad already married. After account will be gathered at least regularly.

He regularly spends goals 24 hours in the temple.

Goddess of ... Ma'am!

Granny wants her to come to the temple.

Tell him to come over. Go!

Send it quickly. I. Go!

'' Come on, babe. It's a tradition in this family ...''

Daughter to bathe in flowing waters of the river ... and bathe the idol of the Mother Goddess. Come. Hurry.

Last night ...

Father! I was adopted the medical college!

Give me your blessing!

Have you ever heard of the bridal room, how the groom spends wedding night? ...

'' The temple alone? What are you talking about?''

If you still find it tonight, there I'll tell you.



Phula! I salm Ladoux, Gopal. Your husband.

Where were you all these days? Did not think about me?

What have you done? Why turn away from me?

I am ashamed. I can not look!

Do not say such things. Eventually should go home.

Such things happen between male and female. Come on.

'' What is it? Wine you use it? No Water.''

'' In four days I have not eaten anything. I drank only water ...''

Are you hungry? Yes.

Let me give you something to eat? Yes.

Sit down, I'll go and I'll something to eat.

'' Phulan, bring a little milk. Of course. You rest, okay?''

Phulan! Have Good news for you!

Your husband is dead! What?

Phulan husband is dead.

'' Did you see it? I have not seen it ...'' but I heard he was dead.

Phulan a widow? Naturally.

How he died ...? Do not commit suicide?

Were you sick?

Was it a disaster?

And what else? I'll tell you.

It was a dark night. He lay drunk ... and the flash of lightning!

And blew vatar

Dogs barked

The door opened slowly

What was that? Three bandits.

They went to him and rose quilt He woke up. They caught him throat and udoshtili.

Shut up! You strangle me and yelling at me?

But I have to scream!

Shut up! Who are you?

'' I'm the one who killed a sapragat Phulan, Ladoux, Gopal.''

What, like you killed Phulan wife?

What are you ...? Get out!

Why did you kill my husband?

Is your husband? Yes.

You've been married to this clown? Yes.

Is it a man who is napusnsl wife soon wedding husband be called? There are people who give ... women still in their wedding night! What would they call them?

Who are you talking about? For your brother.

My brother?

'' Well, my brother? Sitting at the place which sleep''

'' Oh, that ... Day after the wedding?''

Go on home. Go!.

'' No, Mary, I ... I understand!''

Your grandfather taught only lessons in religion.

You are not told anything about sex. I'll teach you!

No, Virgo. This is not about that.''

'' When I got home yesterday, I saw the Goddess in Sandy.''

But of course! You were grown only the outline of the temple.

'' You've seen just how praised Goddess''

'' If you've ever been homeless as a me, would not say these things''

'' They even God displayed once a year to show him seve out.''

Just imagining stuff. There are no goddesses.

Go home! ... It sure they wait ... Go!

Listen! The bride is gone with her husband!

Night in the temple priest every night.

Radha! Did you hear?

Lady is gone with the Pastor.

He sleeps every night the temple.


Lady is gone with the Pastor.

He sleeps in the temple every night.

You know what they say people in the village?

Do you know what is the hottest discussed topic of all?

You. They say that you and Nandu will not understand.

There is no smoke without fire.

He saw how we live. If it was not approved by Nandu .. could refuse to marry for him.

We thought nevertheless part of the family.

You shut the door of her husband.

What did he do wrong ... Nandu? Why are you playing with his life?

Ye are now married. So forget about the show.

Keep the family. This will be best for all of us.

You? At this time?

What's this? Our people make fun.

My aunt makes such typical mother in law.

What have I done that so away from me?

I need to know what I've done. At least I could apologize .. and try to fix it.

'' But what I can do after do not even know where I am wrong?''

'' Who do I contact support?''

Who do you have, and you ...?''

Knowing the answers your questions ...

I'll tell you.

'' Let's dance in the rain middle of the night?''

Very strange.

'' Nandu, something is wrong? He did not say even to us.''

I think the bride is possessed by spirits.

'' Why do they swing the sacred tree, sir?''

'' I think everything will be fine. What do you say, ma'am?''

Yes. Everything will be okay.

Take this.

Bind it.

Sandy! What happened to you? Open your eyes!

Sanho ...

Suddenly get a fever. I wonder what will happen.

You must know the secret. What is it?

'' I'll tell you, since you insist. When dancing lady here ...'' it came with the man who playing the flute.

Sledkato asked me for the forces of this tree ...

I asked for a swing that filled desires. I told ...

"Society will never find us. Let napravilm cradle of the tree ... '

'And see what the power of this tree.'' '

Mother! Nandu has taken somewhere Sandy sick.

What? Yes.

We stand here in front of the goddess.

You've got to answer the question without hesitation.

Goddess is my mother. This is the place where I was raised.

Vinagi I learned that the only which I have been ...

Goddess want for yourself And I see the goddess in you.

You belong to another Sandy.''

Who is he?

Now I belong to you. Now I vrekla.

You got me with that decorating wedding necklace.

You anointed my way Sindu by (henna).

'' Marriage is not just some rituals, Sandy.'' neither was wearing a wedding necklace or Sindu.

Marriage is ..

.... when two hearts meet.

This did not happen between us.

You belong to one who has taken your heart.

No. Nobody except you has no place in my life.

Do not talk about your life. I'm talking about your heart.

'' Can you say that in your heart There is no place else for me?''

'' My heart is helpless. The heart can not be divided, Sandy.''

You should go back to him ... whoever he is.

If you want to return to Sandy? In one of whom is already married.

'' Married? What are you saying, Nandu?''

Sandy marry you. Yes, I performed the ritual ... but gave final vows. Last vows?

The last promise is what contains nature of male-female relationships.

'' You always told me Baba that Marriage is not just a merger of two bodies ...'' it is a collection of two people. That being married is not a for rituals ... and for the heart. Just because you say so ... can be disconnected, concluded by Scripture.

Scriptures are not just reciting. They are to be practiced.

'' When people just let them ritsitirat, marriage is falling apart ...''

'' Because then rituals are important but their hearts are oppressed.

'' What do you mean, Nandu? You're married to Sandy.''

She is your wife. If she was my wife ...

I can see why it Goddess? Whenever I enter the room ...

'' I see the Goddess standing before me. This is sasmata truth ... Grandma''

I see the Goddess in Sandy. So I can not even touch it.

Would you spend the rest Sandals part of my life like this?

Only honored rituals?

NOT. Sandhya belongs to the people who accepted wholeheartedly.

'' Because of the fear of elders Sandals can not tell anyone what he feels.''

Who is he?

He Harijan. Musician Harijan? Disgusting!

The daughter of a Brahmin can marry for Harijan!

'' Yes, Nandu. What is possible and what - not ...''

'' Know better than me, Grandma. All I want to know is ...'' who untouchables? You are untouchables!

For this the grandmother they grow?

So you want to shake the foundations the temple? Answer me!

Who has not untouchables ...? We are all born untouchables.

'' You, Me, Baba ... Dad! Nandu is right.''

'' In our scriptures is: 'We are untouchables, while not act otherwise'' '

We are all born untouchables Brahmins become subject to learn.

'' Shut up! You ... Do not. Daddy''

'' Grandma, is it not true that the great Visvamitra were untouchables?''

Is not become a Brahmin by deeds?

Now you will learn it?

No. Not just a constant test what I learned from him.

Baba, we are people.''

Man who chose Sandals also a man.

'' If this is true, you must Sandy budeshteto decide.''

Marriage is not just a ritual. Marriage is a joining of two hearts.

We are all untouchables in birth. We become Brahmins ... by their works. I see the goddess in sandal.

The man who chose Sandals no untouchables.

'' He's a man. It belongs to him,'' Granny ...

It belongs to him.

To destroy the cruel walls that society has built the ...

'' I agree with the decision of Nandu. What do you mean, Grandma?''

What I did not dare himself to say ...

We will neither I nor anyone else do it.

'' All we did was 'read' and 'teach' ...'' edinstvenich who really knew is Nandu.

'' It is true Nandu. Arrogance arising from my position ...'' reckless and rules of society I osakatiha You're the one who trazbi chains and awakened my soul.

You awaken humanity.

The priest bows before Nandu rantings. I do not care the life of Nandu. But I will not allow, to happen in the village.

Yes Guru ji! What happened?

Harry ... Come with me immediately. Life of Nandu is in danger.

The villagers want to lynched for what he did.

No. That will never happen.

God never gave anything.

Unable to take anything from me.

'' Should something go wrong with their lives, ...''

Will the world collapsed to the ground!

Baba! Religion is a great parents!

'' While we are here, not Sandy crossed the river''


Do not go further, Grandma!''

I want this place to be become a battleground!

'' He's right. If you take another step, will kravoprelitiya, Father!''

I told him not to do one step!''

Stop, Dad! Stop!''

This is impossible! Kill him!


Beat it!

Wait ... wait!

Stop it, Nandu! My son!''

Mother ...

All I want to ask is ..

How long will withstand this view?

How long will this struggle?

How long will the blood flow? Then what ...?

When will it end?




How did this happen, Harry ...?''

'You're it ...'''

'You're it ...'''

'' '...

'It's me'''

Sandia! What happened to you?

You have to go your way.

I can do their duties.

Now recall those chosen by God, to light funeral pyres ...

'' For Brahmins, and Harijan.''

'' But do not forget to ask the dead caste to which they belonged.''

Later, when their ashes be scattered ask and the land of which caste they belong.''

Before we dive into the sacred river dust

'' Asked her caste from which they are. And everyone would answer ...''

'We are God's creatures we are all equal'' '

'' But people's greatest creations ..''


'' And fight and kill. Pollute the world with ashes!''

Pollute it with ash ...

(??) These children from different social barriers ...

'Cries that reached Heaven the ground ...

'' 'And will forever resound ... Awake Man!''

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