Jaanu (2020) Script



[bird calls]

[thunders rumbling]


[bird calls]

[bird calls]

"I never questioned the destination of any path that I am faced with."

"I am just treading the way life is leading me too."

"Though I'm not in search of anything,"

"even when there are a lot fo things visible around me."

"I'm like an immovable statue, slowly melting away like a dream."

"Even if somebody asks, I am still the same."

"I will remain a question until death."

"And I request time not bring the change in me."

"Please don't chase me to tell me how lonely I am."

"As none knows how much I've treasured her memories for many births to come."

"Whose support is it that ran my breath all these days?"

"Who has given the solace to my heart with all those sweet talks?"

[children shouting]

[children shouting]

[tribals singing]

"As the new day shines bright, a new me is born again."

"Just like the time has given a fresh birth to me."

"I keep saying my story forever."

"I'm a story that never ends."

"Just like a kite flying in the air..."

"My foot never stops anywhere"

"Wonder why the letter that carries no address and no reply..."

"...is screaming in silence!"

"Please don't chase me to tell me how lonely I am."

"As none knows how much I've treasured her memories for many births to come."

"Whose support is it that ran my breath all these days?"

"Who has given the solace to my heart with all those sweet talks?"

[engine revving]

"The world that has woven the loneliness around me"

"I call it mine"

"Do you hear me?"

"Me and my shadow, the two of us are enough"

"I don't need anyone."

"In the lap of my mother earlier and with distant hopes recently..."

"...the moon is so enticing."

"Though far away, I felt the moonlight all around..."

"...and it lulled me to sleep."

RAM [sea gull squeaking]


[birds chirping]

Sivaya, Haraya, Om Namah. [Chanting]

Sivaya, Haraya, Om Namah.

Sivaya, Haraya, Om Namah.

Sivaya, Haraya, Om Namah.

Om Namah Sivaya...

Please, come...

-Good morning, sir. -Namaste

-Namaste Sir. -What's the time now?

[in unison]: It is 8:59...

You guys have to shoot from 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m in 36 frames.

No previews.

Do not delete any pictures even if you don't like them.

Because you have to learn from your own mistakes.

[in unison]: Okay Sir.

You aren't allowed to talk to each other from 9' to 6'.

No Whatsapp, no calls, no chatting. Okay?

Okay Sir.

And yes,

take a shot only if you like the frame.

Not because you want to impress someone.

[in unison]: Thank you, Sir.

-Did you get the focus? -Yes Sir, yes...

Did you get it? -Yes Sir, yes...I got it.


Sir, Oh! That's a good shot...

[blowing conch]

Only photography has the magnificent quality of ceasing the ever changing time.

-Prabha... -Sir?

I'd be 33, forever in the picture that you just took.

So make it count.

Live the moment.

-[in unison]: Okay Sir -Okay...!

I'll, see you guys later.

Sir, just a selfie...

-With me? Why? -[in unison]: Sir please!

Alright then...

Hey, don't overlap.

Move aside... -Okay Sir.

Who among you knows how to drive?

It has been two days since I slept.

Sir, I know...

I can drive.

-Sure? -Yes Sir.

-Okay we'll start early in the morning. -Sure, Sir.

Okay, see you guys.

[in unison]: Okay thank you, sir. Bye.

[chants played]

[electronic beep]

-Hey! -Sir?

I will keep a check on you...

I will smack you if the speedometer crosses 100.

Pull aside if you feel sleepy.

Don't ram into vehicles if you're dizzy.

-Okay? -Ok, Sir.

Be careful...


Vizag, Sir.

-Hmm? -Vizag.

There was some problem on the bridge.

So, I took a diversion and came on this route.

I didn't want to disturb you as you were sleeping.

Ah, I am following Google maps, so no problem.

Go straight...

But Sir, Google is prompting to take a left.

You don't have to listen to Google. Listen to me. ok lower the window pane and breathe in some fresh air.

How does it feel to breathe in the air of my place?

Is this your hometown, Sir?

This is where I grew up...

...my hometown.

Hey... there is the Railway station.

Did you know that my parents got down here just after their marriage?


This is the KGH hospital.

I was born here.

And there it is, Jagadamba theatre.

And you know the number of movies I've seen there?

Can't even imagine.

There you see Crown bakery.

Though you are full, if you eat the egg puff, it's just lip smacking.

And that is Sampath Vinayaka temple.

For every exam...


I would definitely take blessing here before every exam.


What happened, Sir?



Just go a little faster and scare him, that's about it.

-Just watch me do it. -Go... go



Hey! Hey!

Good morning, officer...

K.Rama Chandra, 10th C.

Oh! Is it you, Bujji?

I was just wondering as to who has the guts to scare me in this city.

Are you fine, Sir?

You started off so casually!

What's this respect now?

I must warn you to talk to me casually! What do you say?


[mocks giggling]

Are you still mesmerizing people with this smile?


-Alright, let's go, have some tea. -Okay.

Has the wind changed its direction?

[parrots squawking]

Why are you looking away as I ask you something?

Devudu, can I go around the school once?

Oh! No, how is that possible?

You should get a permission letter from signed by your parents, which should be approved by the principal So definitely not possible now.

-Is that true? -Are you kidding me?

This is your school.

Why do you ask? Go and have a look around.


K. Rama Chandra!

[door creaks open]

[parrot squawks]

When did you come?

Just now.

Take that stone.

I was just getting nostalgic, Devudu.


See that? I knocked it without breaking!

Thank you.

By the way... there was this thin stick like fellow along with you best friend of yours he used to come from Maddilapalem.


Do you meet him anytime?

Not really...

Everyone is busy with their own work Oh! You took a picture of the school!

[phone ringing tone]

Here, speak to him Hello...

It is me, the watchman of St. Aloysius Oh! Watchman Devudu, how are you?

It is me Murali, do you remember me?


Murali, hope you are fine.

Yes it is me, watchman Devudu.

I was just asking about you and he called you.

It is been a long time since I spoke to you Devudu.


Is your health fine?

Yes, yes, my health is fine.

We try our best, and beyond that whatever is written in our fate will happen.

Ram, Murali wants to talk to you.

-Yes, tell me... -Hey, Jumanji, what you doing there?

I don't know. No clue!

Well said!

By the way, how is the school?

Is it exactly the way it was? Or did they refurbish it?

It is exactly the way it was. Absolutely no change.

The same building, same chairs, same tables...

-The same watchman. -Hey! When did you snatch it?

Give it back!

Hey, give me a video call once.

Why? Are you building walls around the sea?

Just call me once!

The thrill of visiting directly is entirely different.

So buddy, has it been ten years since we studied here?

Our school hasn't changed a bit!

Ten years? I'll slap you tight to get the time sense back...

We were in 2004 batch, and it's 2019 now.

How much is nineteen minus four?

Oh! It has been fifteen years!

I just didn't realise it, dude!

We are getting old as well.

You are much better! You go around many places because of your profession.

And I didn't even cross our state border!

By the way, when are you coming to Hyderabad?

I am coming to Hyderabad directly from Vizag.

I'll meet you as soon as I come there.

Can never trust you! Fake!

How come you went to Vizag all of a sudden?

I'll explain it once I come there.

First of all, send all our friends' numbers to me.

I have to speak to them.

Hey, do you even know how many are there?

And he wants to speak to each and every one!

Then, what now?

With no restriction of time... and to discuss unnecessary things there is our school Whatsapp group.

Do you know who the admin of that group is?

Who else can it be? It must be you!

I know you since our schooling. You never give a chance to others.

It is best to get appreciated among all our friends!

I'll add you to our school Whatsapp group. Be ready.

[message tone]

Welcome back to school Mr K.Rama Chandra

May I come in, please?

Come in, you latecomer!

Hi friends!

Buddy, welcome!

Come in Sir, respected photographer.


Enter the dragon.

Oh! Hello, Mr. Ram!

-Hi Ram! -Hey fatso, where were you all these days?

No matter what, a hero is forever a hero and a comedian remains a comedian.

Did anyone ever greet me after joining this group?

How is that you appeared in this group out of the blue... while you are nowhere on any other social media?

I have been to our school this morning.

The playground, classroom reminded me of you all.

If possible I would like to see you all in person.

Hey Ram, we are eager to meet as well.

What's the delay then? Let's meet.

Like Ram said, we should all meet up sometime.

So you want to see us all, right!

Just wait and watch.

You have changed a lot.

He is not growing any young...

His age is melting away! So he wants to meet us all.

What say you?

Admin is typing...

Then it is definitely some important message.


It has been fifteen since we finished our schooling.

Our 2004 batch should meet at the reunion.

Everyone can meet each other again.

I vote yes.

Awesome idea. Well said.

That is the prowess of a class leader!


Oh! I guess I have to say something.

Hey Murali, when have you become so clever?

Nailed it!

Let us fix a place to meet while everyone is online.


Let us all be done with it and drown ourselves in the sea.

Only a few of us live in Vizag now. The majority have shifted to Hyderabad.

While others have left to USA, UK and Australia.

So, is Hyderabad fine?

-Okay. -Super!

Hyderabad is the correct choice.

I am sure it is easily accessible to our international friends.

Alright, but when do we meet?

Please fix the date.

Otherwise people will come up with loads of excuses to avoid it!

True that! We will plan it on a weekend only.

-What is the date today? -January 4th Alright. Exactly two months from today, i.e., March 4th... we will have our Reunion in Hyderabad.

Everyone must attend. I will update the venue details soon.

-I am in. -Double okay.

"Those who skip this will be ruined" and this is my curse.

Why such agony, I am here to give you some comfort.

Thanks Ram, it's because of you that we are going to meet again.

Yes, Mr. K.Rama Chandra, "Amar Rahe"

Shut up, that is said when a person is dead.

Someone, please request my wife.

She will definitely not allow me if I ask her.

Can I get my kids along?

It's a little difficult to leave them alone.

Please come as a family.

This reunion is the best thing we've done so far after forming this group.

Hi, friends...

She is my wife... Shakuntala.

And he is my son... Vinni.

Ah! It is Srinu!

-Hey! -We will meet regularly as you stay here.

-Hi! -Hi...

How are you?

-How are you doing? -I am good She hasn't changed a bit.

Didn't I ask you to take left after the temple and take the second right?

Who asked you to take the left?

Well, come back to the temple again.

I know the route only from there.

Yes, please come there.



Well, then... Go now!

You wait. Come to the temple!

Why hasn't he turned up yet?

I trusted him and even ordered some extra food.

I have already called him thrice.

He has warned me that he will break my leg if I call him again.

Yet, I gathered courage and called him again.

Now I am scared if he is going to break my leg or call me!

What is this? Gulab Jamun?

Ah, Zandu Balm, want to eat it?


[lady screams] [men cheering]

-He wrote a poem on Facebook for the girl. -Is it? Tell me.

-"Swathi!" -Hey!

-Hey! -Hey, please!

"Swati, seeing you I lose my mind, "Open the doors of your heart for me, be kind."

-Trying to make a rhyme! -Hey, please...

-Hey... -Ram is here!

[men screaming]

Hey, hey, wait, wait...

Hey! Hey!

"A friend is for life, and friendship is permanent."

Hey, what is it?

Your sister is very annoyed. Go and find out.

-Where is she? -Right there.

-I am coming. -I guess someone is "red hot".

Someone here promised me that they would meet me the next day!

I think I should just kill him Hey, niece, your uncle is here.

-Niece? -What if it is a boy again?

-Will you leave him? -Hello I wanted a niece this time, and a niece it would be.

I even thought of a name, Ambuja.

-You agree to it as well. -What say you sweetheart?

Alright! Enough now, have this sweet.


Hi Satish! How are you?

Hmm, you talk to me well now, now that you are married and have kids.

Back then, you always ran away as if I was a monster.

-Hey! -Oh...

Sir... don't worry Sir.

She has a very good girl... and she has a good helping nature, Remember how well she used to help us copy in the exams.

[lady chuckles]

Come on, come on...

Come on., come on...

Come on, Ram...

[crowd cheers]


-Ready... -Yeah!

-Ready... -Yeah!

-Do you know where Shiva is? -No!

-He is in Paris. -Oh is it? He didn't tell me!

He asked me not to tell you.

What are these pictures?

It is all dark.

Can you see anyone in the picture?

And you boast of being a big photographer.

So has everyone arrived?

Should I ask them to serve the food?

-Still four more to come. -I've sent the address to three of them.

Who is the fourth one?

-Er... -Huh?

Why don't you answer me?

Who is it?

Why are acting smart instead of answering me?

Who is it?

Why isn't he telling me when I'm asking him repeatedly?

Who is it?

-Huh? -Huh?

It's Jaanu.

[music playing]

"Whatever is heard in thunderstorms... "

"Whatever is seen in lighting..."

"The cool shadow of the moon craved in the heat of the sun."

"The cool shadow of the moon craved in the heat of the sun."

"Like the tunes on a Veena,"

"In the courtyard of hopes, laid are the thoughts as rangoli."

Jaanu meant song for all of us, But music meant the world for Jaanu.

She'd always sing, or talk about songs all the time.

She used talk about tune, pitch and all.

And I wouldn't understand a thing.

Even before she was born, their parents decided to name their baby BalaSubramanyam if it is a boy and Janaki if it is a girl.

I wonder at what a moment they named her Janaki Devi...

She would never sing any song other than the ones sung by singer S. Janaki.

Except for one song.

"A Jasmine garland for my sweet Mother Telugu."

"Reverence to the Mother who gave us birth."

For once it feels like Jaanu has originally sung that song.

Whenever I hear that song, her face flashes my mind.

I love Jaanu's songs... and Jaanu too so much.

She knows that too.

If I have an attendance of ninety percent in school, then it's all because of her.

We have been studying together since pre-school.

And whatever she wants, she asks me alone.

And I hear to all that she says.

If at all I score less marks, get scolded by parents, or feel sad, no matter what...

Jaanu somehow got to know about it.

She would just ask me what happened.

And that would make all my worries vanish.

They'd jus fly away.

I would feel the strength of a thousand elephants.

And feel like knocking everyone down.

I do not know about my feelings for Jaanu.

Whenever I went to a temple I would only wish for one thing.

That my Jaanu should forever be in the span of my eyesight.

-Hari Babu -Present Miss

-Jitendra -Present Miss Janaki...

S. Janaki Devi...

Absent Miss.

-Kavya -Present Miss

-Kalyan -Present Miss

-Naziya -Present Miss

-Pushyami -Present Miss

-Ram Chandra -Present Miss

-Satish -Present Miss Today we are going to learn about cell biology.

Cell biology is the study of cell structure and function, and it revolves around the concept... that the cell is the fundamental unit of life.

Why do you look like suffering with indigestion?

[knocks] Hello!

Hello... mister!

Jaanu has not come. I don't know why.

-Hari Babu -Present Miss FRIDAY

-Jitendra -Present Miss Janaki devi...

S. Janaki Devi...

What happened to her?

I don't know Miss.

-Kavya -Present Miss

-Naziya -Present Miss

-Pushyami -Present Miss Rama Chandra...

K.Rama Chandra

-Hey... -Huh! Present Miss...

Shall I mark it as physically present?

Always daydreaming...


-Satish -Present Miss.

-Sravani -Present Miss.

-Sai -Present Miss.


What did I do?

Call her.



Call Subha

Call Subha...

Call Subha...

Your brother is calling you...

What is it?

Where is Jaanu?

I don't know.

I'ill kill you if you don't tell me.

Oh! As if I am going to watch you kill me!

She always goes around with you... Don't you know?

I swear I do not know.

You know that I come to school with you every day.

I don't know her house either.

Okay, listen to class now. Otherwise, she will scold us.

-Go to the second lane beside Supermarket. -Okay, okay, I know...


He knows where Jaanu's house is.

It is here near the Supermarket.

Seems there is a name Sukumar written on the gate of their house.

It is somewhere here...

Let us go home, brother.

It's about to be dark.

Mom will spank me if it gets late.

Don't worry she will come on Monday.

What happened?

Why are you late?

Special class.

[song playing on TV]


[loom running]

[steel box clanks]

SUNDAY I told you, that's enough.





You do this daily! Go now.

[indistinctive chatter]

Hey! Jaanu has come!

I saw Jaanu after four-five days, and that too when she was not well.

If I was as before...

-I'd have asked her how she was. -What happened, Jaanu?

Slight fever.

But, I could not dare ask her that day.

Something held me back.

Looks like the fever hasn't come down.

Everyone in the class except for me greeted her.

All of you, go to your places!

But deep down inside my heart... I wanted to hold her hand... ask her about what happened, ask her about her well being.

And to tell her how miserable I felt missing her.

But I just could not.

Why did you come to school when you're so ill?

I am feeling okay.

Why don't you stay at home and take rest?

It's fine madam.

-Okay, Subha please take care of her. -Okay Miss.

[class lecture continues]

I was not sure of how to express my feelings in words.

But for all I know, that was the first love in our class.

I could not understand what was happening to me.

There was some kind of mysterious joy within me.

I felt like I was flying in the sky.

When alone, I'd keep grooming my faint moustache.

And after that, I could never talk to Jaanu.

There was some kind of hesitation I used to hide when I saw her.

But I couldn't hold this feeling from Shubha.

We thought no one could decipher the language of our eyes.

But one fine day, Satish got to know about this.

Hey, since when is this happening?

You never told me about this!

Once Satish gets to know about something, Murali will definitely know.

Don't ruin your studies by getting distracted.

You ought to study well. Okay?

Do you have anything to ask me?

Or are you sacred?

Alright then, can I leave?

What happened? Did he say something?

Hey, what did you speak with her?

-Nothing at all! -Oh my God!

[indistictive chatter]


Why are you shouting like crows?

Jaanu, please come here.


Ask her to sing "Yamuna thati lo"

Jaanu, Jaanu...

He is asking you to sing "Yamuna tati lo"

"Should I be the lighting amidst the clouds..."

"or come down like drops of rain?"

"Should I be the roaring waves of an ocean..."

"or become the colors in the streets at dusk?"

Didn't I request her to sing that song?

She is purposefully doing it.

Can you please sing the "Yamuna thati lo" song?

Ram is asking for it.

Sis, Ram has snatched my geometry box and forcing me to ask you to sing that song.

What is such a big deal about that song?

He is dearly requesting you, what the big deal in singing it once?

Jaanu, it is the audience request.

Can you please sing the song "Yamuna thati lo" from Dhalapati movie?

Mr. Maddelapalem, They play the song we want, only when we ask even in All India Radio, tell this to the one from Appanna Colony.

Murali, Is she okay with it?

Look now...

"You being there and me being here..."

"The song being here and the words there..."

"The person being here and the heart there... even after a long time."

"You being there and me being here..."

"The song being here and the words there..."

"The person being here and the heart there... even after a long time."

"Your words being my hopes..."

"your thoughts being my vows"

After that, I requested her to sing the song many times but she never sang.

The Devil.

-Happy Birthday! -Thank you!

Have this chocolate.

-Did you go to the temple? -Yes, I went early in the morning.

Where is your brother?

Wait, Where did you buy this dress?

Bomanna brothers?

No Chandana Brothers, it is my father's choice.

Bava, let's go...

Turn around now...

Here, take these chocolates...

Take another.

One is enough You have grown so big, how can one suffice?

Take another Hey don't leave, otherwise, I will get smacked.

Thank you.

Just a thank you? Tell me what is it today?

Won't you wish me?

Hap... happy...

Happy? New year, isn't it?

Happy Birthday.


Why are you sweating profusely? Did anyone say anything to you?

Leave me man.

Hey, my brother is a sportsman, and that is the reason. What do you say?

[heart beating fast]

What happened?

Why is your heart beating so fast?

What happened?

Check it for yourself.

[heart beat racing]

Hey brother, what happened to you?

-Why are you falling unconscious? -Ram, Ram!

Hold him! You go get some water.

Shubha did not understand what made me unconscious that day.

And Jaanu couldn't understand what she did to me, that my life was dedicated to her.

Hey, buffalo, what happened to you? Why did you faint?

But I, K. Ramachandra studying in class 10, had no other thought.

Just like a straight line drawn on a slate... all my thoughts were about Jaanu.

Do you know what will be the name of Jaanu once she gets married to me?

Janaki Ramachandra Hey Jaanu...

Days passed by like passing waves.

Aren't you ashamed to write the exams with the help of slips?

Sorry madam

-What sorry? -Please Madam.

-Leave me for once. -Move, let's go...

What else... We have two months of holidays.

I wonder how you can stay without seeing us?

Hey Jaanu, quick...

Hey, Subha... for how long will you be so informal in calling her?

You know you have the right, why don't you call her sister-in-law!

I know that... You go get the bicycle

-Move! -Ah!

I did not answer this question. Did you?

Alright, I'll leave now.

Don't forget this.

Happy holidays!

[indistinctive kids chatter]

When did she tell you that she is coming?

I have been calling her since a week.

She would neither take my calls nor reply to my messages.

And I assumed that she will not turn up.

And after that?

She messaged me just today that she is coming.

You didn't bother to tell me, is it?

It isn't like that.

She is in Singapore, right?

I thought leher come first.

Why does he still behave like he did in school?

Just that his uniform is missing!

Hey, come here...

I will smack you!


Get lost!

It's Jaanu...


Hi Jaanu...

-How are you Jaanu? -Hi.

-How are you Jaanu? -Hi. she is my daughter.

-Here... -Say, thanks!

You have to share it with the others, okay?

Hi, how are you?

Sorry, I am a little late.

You have made it at least now, and we are glad you did.

Are you all happy that I came in?

Thank you, Madam...

Satish, come here.

How are you dear?

I am good.

-Which month? -Seventh!

First is a boy. And this is my second.

I didn't expect so many to turn up.

Is this all your planning?

It was all a combined effort.

I did not expect this either.

I thought a lot would drop out in the last minute.

I got a lot of extra food made for this. And that was another tension.

But almost everyone came.

He ate all the ice creams since he came... didn't care to save some for the kids.


I least expected you to come.

[balloon burts] Aw!

Damn you...

Why are you playing with the balloon like a kid?

Why aren't you coming there?

You go, I will be there...

Come on...

Get lost...

Jaanu is here...

-I will come, you just go... -Hey, come now

-Damn you... -Oh god!

Listen to me. go Hey, I am old now.

If you hit me like you did in school, I'll be dead.

You please go, I will come.

Get lost you pig!

All of my family were in Singapore last summer.

If I knew you were there, I would've definitely met you.

-Do you have your family picture? -Oh! Yes.

Where is he?

He is smacking me, if I'm going there...

You go ask him yourself.

You are not worth anything!

What happened?

Ram has come.

He is hiding there and refuses to come here.

-Hi Jaanu! -Hey, hi...

-The muscles don't show up. -Hey, hi...

How are you?

-Hi Jaanu, -How are you?

-Hi, Namaste... -Namaste...

-Please sit down, -You didn't pay heed to me!

Hey, sorry, sorry...

All of you go to your places.

Anji babu...

Present Miss.

-Bharati, -Present Miss.

-Eshwar Kalyan, -Present Miss.

-Harshini, -Present Miss.

-Harshavardhan, -Present Miss.

-Hari Babu, -Present Miss.

-Janaki Devi, -Present Miss.

-Kalyan -Present Miss

-Kusuma, -Present Miss

-Mahendra... -Present Miss

-Maheshwari -Present Miss

-Raghava -Present Miss

-Ruchita -Present Miss

-Satish, -Present Miss.

-Susheela, -Present Miss.

-Yamini, -Present Miss.

Miss, you have not called out K.Ramachandra's name.

His name is not in the register.

I think he is in another group.

You may go and check in the recess.

Is Ram in your group?

No! I thought he is in your group.

Don't you guys know that this boy got his T.C.?

Why did he take a T.C.?

Hey, you keep calling her a brother...

Don't you even know where he is?

I swear I do not know.

I came from my hometown this morning.

Where did he go without informing us?

Hey, we'll visit his house in the evening. ell know what happened.

Who is that?

The guy from this house, named Ram...

-What? -I mean Krishnamurthy uncle...

Is nobody home?

Oh! Krishnamurthy...

Oh! What can I say!

His father had many debts, so they had to sell their house.

That is their ancestral home.

In fear of losing dignity, they shifted to Hyderabad, But their location in Hyderabad is unknown.

Sad that both he and his mother knew of it... only that night.

"My dream left me, like a lie."

"How can I ever..."

"believe this truth!"

"My peace is destroyed"

"Sorrow peeped in for the first time"

"I've turned into a stone"

"Why don't you come before me?"

"Why don't you explain the truth to my heart?"

"give me the answer..."

"Without you beside me"

"even the classroom looks dull"

"In this manner"

"Unable to remember to forget you"

"My heart is searching for you again and again"

"Whose crime is this actually?"

"How can I ask that?"

"The river of tears flowing out of my eyes"

"How can I stop it?"

"What a burden is it on my heart..."

"How do I convey this to you?"

"How can I believe so easily..."

"That this is the goodbye?"




Did you recognize me? It is Jaanu.


How are you, Ram?

I'm fine.

It is unbelievable!

I never thought we'd meet like this again.

Fifteen years...

To be precise... seventeen years!

You look so different!

You didn't even have your mustache the last time I saw you.

What do you do, Ram?

[heart pounding faster]


Travel photography...

[heart pounding faster]

[heart pounding increases]

-I am fine, nothing happened to me. -Tsk! Shut up!

Is this what you do if I leave the kid with you for just five minutes?


What is this?

She came here after so many years.

And you had to fall literally just by seeing her?

I just slipped. Didn't see that.


By the way, did he talk to you or just lost it seeing you?

Ss... Sorry.

Did she come all the way from Singapore for this?

Instead of asking her at least how she is doing, how can you still behave like a kid?

Well... She got married and had a daughter too.

Did you at least ask her about that?

[scoffs] You are simply great!

Did you all have food?

Didn't you eat?

Usually, I do not eat during flight trips.

Hey donkey, run to that tree, touch it and come back.

-What? -Tsk!

Just go.

Okay... Okay...

Hey, if you come back soon, you will have to run again.


Hello, are you still at the temple? Then we will meet you next year!

-That's best. -Hey...

What is this? What are you up to?

This is not going right!

Sister-in-law, are you bribing me or something?

My dear sister-in-law, please walk slowly, touch the tree and come back.

-Huh? -You may please go.


Thank you

Didn't you eat?

I will eat later... You eat it first.


[phone rings]

[phone rings]

Hey, pick up the phone.


Sir, tell me.

These guys seem to be advancing fast.

I have observed it too, sir.

Hey, I am worried they might just pick up from where they've exactly left in the school.

Hmm... Yes, sir. I am feeling the same.

Hope nothing happens, right?

No... No... Don't worry at all, sir.

The project is a safe project, sir.

Merger is not happening. I can vouch for that, sir.

You didn't eat, right? Here you go, eat this.

-Hey... -Yes...

-What is happening there? -What do I know?

What if something happens that's ought not to happen?

That is not my fear.


What if something that should not happen, ensue anyway?

And if her husband in Singapore gets to know of it, and enquire about who the organisers are, and comes to know that it is us... Imagine what would happen if he comes after us.

It would be clobbering time.

Hey, shut up dude. I am already scared.

[mic echoes]

I am very thankful to all those who have made it.

And for those who did not attend I would like to state only one thing.

You have missed an amazing opportunity in your life.

Because we don't know when might this event happen again or Because something like this may or may not happen ever again.

Anyway, on the behalf of 2004 batch of St Aloysius school, I would request our most admirable Jaanu to say a few words.

Jaanu, can you please come on stage?

Aha... The singing nightangle...

The singing angel...

Your words are sweet...

-Oh man! ...and your songs are sweeter.

My dearest, the way you sing is heavenly.

Dear nightingale of Vizag, come on speak.

I am so happy.

I feel like a small kid again.

I thought everyone would have been changed with the changing time.

But nothing has changed.

I feel like going to school all over again wearing our blue and white uniform.

Thank you.

Hey Jaanu, sing a song before you leave.

I just had ice-cream, my throat doesn't feel right.

No problem, this is not a competition. Just sing for fun.

Hey, Murali...

Murali... Murali...

Ask her to sing "Yamuna Tati Lo" song.

"Yamuna Tati Lo" song. Please, dude.

"Yamuna Tati" song?

Please... Please... Ask her... Ask her...

"I am not sure of the penance that I did"

"that I got this loving result"

"I wonder which God will bless you"

"with such a rare boon..."

"Oh my heart, listen to me... he is very handsome"

"he isn't easily available to be your pair..."

"So stop dreaming these silly things, my heart."

"Oh my heart, don't get thrilled"

"Don't desire excessively"


In unison: One, two, three...

[cheering] [party cracker bursts]

Everyone: Yeah! [camera clicks]

[camera clicks]


-Ready... Ready... Ready... -Just a moment... Just a moment...

Handkerchief... Does anyone have a handkerchief?


Tsk... Hey, look here.

[camera clicks]

Yeah! [camera clicks]

It went so well, isn't it?

-I hope your family is doing good. -Yes, they are all good.

-Actually, I'm very happy to meet you all. -We are happy too.


I have personally monitored and got these decorations done.

And these Chinese lights are very famous. They are found only in China.

And I made sure that our school logo...

[phone rings]

-Yes, I am coming. -My head is severely aching.

Let's have coffee on the way.

Well, shall we leave? The vehicle has arrived.

How long is your stay in India?

Stay? I have an early morning flight tomorrow.

Why are you in a hurry?

I couldn't book a ticket in the last minute.

And I just got a connecting flight.

So, I have to go to Chennai and board a flight from there.

You should have planned to stay a little longer, right?

I too want to extend my stay.

Well then, stay back.

I left my daughter back there. And she cannot stay without me.

What is your daughter's name?


-Here is her picture. -Oh!

Show me.

-She is so cute. -Here, give it to me.

Is this picture taken there?

I wanted to get photographed in a foreign country before I die.

And I don't think that will happen.


Look at him, he is hitting on your daughter right in front of you.

Doesn't she look like me from the school days?

Yeah... Yeah...

Everyone says the same.

Brother, that is why they say to get married at the right age.

[scoffs] Look,he is still staring at school kids.

What, he is not married yet?

Who would wish to get their daughter married to a travel photographer, who travels all over the world?

Why? Why didn't you get married?

That is...

That is...

My father is looking for alliances to get married.

-Ram, go get the car. -Okay...

-You guys have coffee and come. -Okay.

I'd be waiting in the car.

I am asking, right? Why didn't he married yet?

What is his problem?

-Had your coffee. -Hmm...

-So your headache subsided? -Hmm...

-I hope you have no other pains! -Uhuh.

Let's go.

Hey, did I say something wrong?

Your mouth itched and did all the damage.

I am asking you something and you are not bothered to answer me?

The thing is that...

All of you are staying here with him, right? Didn't you tell him?

Well, his father...

Yeah, his father...

Satish, I am asking you. Why didn't he get married yet?

Hey, all three of you are going together, right?

Only after dropping Jaanu, you should go home. Understood?

Don't overthink. Just do as I say.

Why did you take this route?

Jaanu's hotel is in Hi-tech city.

I will drop you first and then, drop her.

But that will be a long route, right?

Who said that? This is a short cut.


Is Panjagutta near from Gachibowli?

And is Hi-tech city far?

Well said!

Well, shall I open Google Maps?

What is the use?

The route he takes cannot be found on any map.

Hey, are you serious or just being sarcastic?

-Tsk! I was serious. -Hmm...

Get down carefully.


Go... Go... Just go...

-Go. Just go... -Ouch!

I'm warning you, drop her and go home straight away.

-Understand? -Ouch!

Don't you have any unnecessary thoughts.

I will speak a few words and... drop her.

You know me... very well, right?



Enough of grinning! Shut up and go.

Go... Go.

Take care of your health.

Take care. Call me as soon as you reach Singapore.

-I will call you soon after my delivery. -Don't forget

-Alright. -Okay...

-Bye. -Bye.

Bye... [car engine starts]


I will kill you.


So you don't prefer to talk to me if Subha is around?

-Ram. -Hmm...

Why didn't you get married?

What's the hurry? I still have time for it.

Ram, I am serious.

Why didn't you get married yet?

Just think that nobody was ready to get married to me.

Ram, I am pleading you. Tell me.

I won't mind even if you blame me. But just tell me why.

I should know why you didn't get married.

Will you tell me or not, Ram? [car revvs]




We are at your hotel.

Are you asking me to leave?

Well... Subha was very clear, right?

Don't you have even the slightest feeling of talking to me?

No... No...

Nothing like that.

Tomorrow, I will pick you up from the hotel and drop you at the airport.

Take my number.

"Is this all?"

"Is this all?"

"Won't you..."

"...even speak a word?"

"Is this all?"

"Is this all, after all?"

"I've come to you..."

"...with many hopes."

"Though the time has changed,"

"Though the distance caved in"

"Though the spring is covered by the desert"

"My heart yearned..."

"...for this day"

"And it is your silence"

"that has won even today"

"You'd never straight away show"

"your emotions and pain"

"that are lying hidden behind"

"your heart"

"How to convey or"


"if you play with me"

"just like my fate."

"You are the time that I have read the lessons"

"You are the time that has taught the lessons"

"Like a lesson that can't be understood"

"You are every moment, my dear"

[dialer tone rings] Yes, Jaanu...

Ram, did you leave?

Tell me Jaanu, do you need anything?

Where are you?


Have gone far?

Have you gone too far, Ram?

I'm there exactly where I left you.

Is it wrong to talk to you?

And that too for seventeen years.

[Jaanu gasps]


Now tell me, Jaanu. Where do you want me to take you?

[phone ringing]

Shh! Subha is calling...

Yes, Subha. Tell me.

Where are you?

I am at KBR park.

Did you drop her?

Yeah, long back.

Did she say anything?


She just asked about mother and father.

Meanwhile, we've reached the hotel. I have dropped her and left.

Oh! Alright, you go and sleep without further thought.


-I will call you early in the morning. -Okay... Okay... Bye.

[phone rings] Subha.

Take the call.


-Where are you? -I am in the room.

What time is your flight tomorrow?

At 5:50...

So you have to go to Chennai and leave from there?

Yeah, I have to go to Chennai and then, to Singapore.


-Call me once you reach, okay? -Hmm... Sure.

At least, put a message.

-Hmm...-Okay, bye.



Now, tell me Jaanu... Where do you want to go?

Let's go anywhere.

You tell me.

Why are you asking me? What do I know?

Take me anywhere.

I gathered some courage and asked you.

I have no idea either.

You decide, Jaanu.

Shall we go to a saloon?

-Saloon? -Hmm...

Once you enter Monda market, there is a turning to the left and from there comes a junction.

-Take a right from the junction.-Okay, brother...

-Are you at the junction?-Yes.

-Did you go a little further?-Yes... Yes...

-Is there any marquee?-Yes, brother.

There you are!

You explained the address so well on the phone, brother.

I don't know how to explain so well at all.

I will call you once the work is done.

Once the marriage is over, give the money in the shop.

Did you get it?

Brother, someone is crying here.

It think he is the bridegroom.

-Why are you talking like that?-Ow...

Did you get it done somewhere else?

-Uhuh.-What is that, Brother?

I have a bigger problem to deal with. Disconnect the phone.

-I know him since my childhood.-Okay, brother.

Hey, is this the way to introduce a girl?

You should tell her that I know you even before you got your moustache and beard.

During his childhood, his father would ask me to trim his hair very short.

And he would ask me to do a nice hairstyle!

When he was new to this place... he would crazily stare at every bus that came from Vizag.

-Okay. Tell me, dear. -How do you want me to style him?

Like Chiranjeevi sir or Pawan Kaylan or Mahesh Babu or NTR?

Give him a hair cut like a tenth class student.

Tenth class student?

Which year?



Come on...

Is it necessary to get rid of my beard?

[trimmer whirrs]

He is like a wooly mammoth. It is going to take a lot of time. Please sit down.

Turn this side.

[trimmer whirring]

[scissors snipping]

You look half your age, son.

[blower humming]

Hey, take of your hands.


Double okay.

You sit down as well. I will make two plaits.

No, I don't want.

Okay, leave now. It is time to close the shop.

Jaanu, wait outside. I will come.

-Who do you think she is? -I know everything.

What do you know?

My hair did not turn grey just like that.

No... No...

-Hey... -Hey...


Shall we go?

We will go but...

-Before that, take that shirt off. -Eh?

You have a T-shirt underneath, don't you?

And it's not sleeveless, right?

So take it off...

-Why Jaanu? -Now!

See, how smart you look.

Otherwise your shirt, hair, beard made you look like an old man.

Are you a virgin?

Are you still a virgin?

Yuck! What are you talking, Jaanu?

Is that true?

You have changed for worse after going to Singapore.

Come, let's go.

It is okay, tell me.

Jaanu, let's go. It is already late.


No matter whatever I question, you are simply escaping without answering.

Please leave, otherwise my shirt will tear.

Will you tell me or not?

What do you want now?

-That, you are still... -Whoa!

Jaanu, whatever you want to know, I will tell you in the car.

Please leave me. Please.



So, tell me now.

How can I not tell you now?

Swear on God.

One should not swear on God for this kind of matters, Jaanu.

As if I don't know you!

You'd have thought something by the time you came from there to here.

-Jaanu, -Swear on me!


-I am a virgin. -Huh?

-I am a virgin. -[gasps]


I've told you as you've insisted me.

So please leave this topic here. Please...


I made a vow to Lord hanuman. First, you get into the car.


-What is it now? -Uhuh! No dearth of ego.

You have grown up like a buffalo. What's your age now?

Please leave this topic.

I feel very embarrassed when you are asking me several times.

Well... Didn't you love anyone in all these years?

-Who told you that I never loved anyone? -That is what...

You will slowly let me know.

What? -Girls go crazy for guys like you!

How did they miss you?

What do you mean by "guys like me"?

You are so handsome that any girl can go crazy for you.

Why? Didn't anyone ever mention that to you?

-Come on, Jaanu! -Oh... Oh... Ooh!

Enough of your blushing. Tell me.

-Chaaru. -Full name?


She was my junior in college.

Very nice girl. She was very beautiful.

She never told me anything while in college.

One fine day, she called me suddenly and said she wants to talk to me.

I asked her what's the matter.

She said that their parents were looking for a marriage alliance for her.

I congratulated her.

She got annoyed.

She told me that her parents would talk to my parents, if I was okay.

What did you answer her?

What will I say?

-As I didn't understand what she said... -Tell me what she said.

-I told her I wasn't settled, no job etc. -What did she reply?

-She didn't hear me out. -Then?

I realized she wasn't giving up on me, so I told her the truth.

-What truth? -I told her about you.

She was quiet for some time and then hung up.

She has sent me a wedding card three months later.

She called me asked me to forget what had happened.

And wanted me to come for her marriage without fail.

Did you go?

How will I go, Jaanu?

Whatever it is...

She was interested in me.

She would feel awkward if I go there. So, I didn't attend.

I just couldn't understand why you have left without informing me on that day and why you didn't come back for me.

I didn't know whom to ask. Neither did I forget you.

I lost interest in my studies. And I've passed Intermediate with great difficulty.

I've studied well in my graduation out of fear that my parents would get me married.

Whenever I meet our school friends, I used to very eagerly listen to them hoping that they would talk about you.

If someone looked like you, I used run after them searching for you.

But when I knew it wasn't you...

Moreover, as if we are having dearth of problems, my elder sister eloped and got married.

And three months later, my parents have fixed my alliance.

Watching my father agitation on my sister, I couldn't object him.

Anyhow, what can I say?

That I loved a guy in the tenth standard and have absolutely no clue about his whereabouts?

I was so unsure even on the day of my marriage.

I was sure that you would come back looking for me.

It might seems surreal, but even when I was getting married, I felt that you were somewhere standing in that wedding venue.

I have eagerly waited with the belief that you'd dramatically appear...

...just before tying the wedding knot and scream "Give me back my Jaanu", just like in movies.

But it didn't happen in that way.

[sniffles] I got married anyway.

My heart broke.

Even to this day, whenever I feel low, the person who instantly comes to my mind is K Ramachandra Mohan of tenth standard.


What is it?


It is getting late. I have to lock the gate.

I will lock it if you move the vehicle.

Ram, I wanted to tell you this whenever I get a chance to meet you.

With whom can I confess my feelings?

And that is why...

But I don't want to hold you at fault.


Which means... You never knew that I came to your college

and wrote on chit that I want to meet you.

Don't you know anything about this?

When did you come?

I came to meet you, Jaanu.

What are you talking about, Ram?

Re... Did you really come?

[birds chirping] [water rustling]

Sister, can you spare a minute?

Hey, ask her.

Err... It is...

Can you please call Jaanu... Janaki Devi from second-year B.Sc Computer science?

I just have to talk to her.

-Is it a 'love matter'? -No! It is not what you think, sister.

They love each other since school days. There has been some gap in-between.

We need your help since it's a women's college. Otherwise, we could have gone.

We came all the way from Hyderabad. It is more than enough if you inform her.

You guys came all the way from Hyderabad for this?

Yes, sister!

I feel like I can be empathetic towards you guys. Well, I will help you.

-But I won't get into any problem, right? -No... No...

You won't get into any problem, sister.

We just have to meet and talk to her. Please.

What is her name?

S. Janaki Devi. Can you give me your book once?


Hey... Write her father's name too, just to be on the safe side.

Suppose, if we're having a bad time, and if there are some other girls with the same name, it will become a mess.

-You go. -Okay.

-What is your name? -K Ramachandra.


Where are you going?

-S Janaki Devi? -Ahh, that's me...

His name?

A boy is waiting outside to meet you.

What is this? Are you a messenger of love?

And is this why you attend college?

Let me know if you don't like to study. I will ask the principal to give you the TC.

Hey, I will slap you if you ever do this messenger service.

I don't know why... but she has scolded me upon seeing you.

I guess it is better you speak to her directly.

Can you just do another small help?


Tell her that I will never bother her again.

Come, let's go.

Hey, don't be hasty.

Let her come out, we will speak to her directly.

No, dude. It has been three years. Anything could have happened?

It is better not to trouble her any more.

-Let us go. -Did we come all the way here for this?

-Sorry, I didn't even ask your name. -Vasanti.

Thanks, Vasanti.

[bike starts]


Sir, enter from here.

[machine blips]

[door creaks]

Four twenty two...

[Jaanu weeping]

-Jaanu?-Don't come in.

Don't worry, I am right outside.

-Jaanu, are you alright?-I didn't see you.

I didn't see you that day, Ram.

-[tapping sound] [weeping] -Jaanu

-Jaanu... -[sobs]

I didn't know you were there that day. I didn't see you.

I didn't see you that day. I didn't know you were there that day.

I don't know... I don't know...

I didn't see you that day, Ram. I didn't see you.

-S Janaki Devi? -Yes, that's me.

Ahh, his name is...

There is a boy waiting outside to meet you.

What is this? Are you a messenger of love?

Is this why you attend college?

Let me know if you don't like to study, I will ask the Principal to give you the TC.

Hey, I will slap you if you ever do this messenger service again.

If we are not destined to be together, then why should we even meet again?

Poor you... You are like this because of me.

But how could I believe that you didn't like me!

Damn! That was a hasty decision.

I should have waited until I met you.

If that girl had mentioned your name on that day...

I am ill-fated!

Why should we know this truth now?

We would have lived our life...

...believing the lie that we believed all through, to be true.

But, to know that you loved me and came back for me

is a bit of pacifying my grief.

[cicadas critter]

What made you realize all of a sudden after three years which you couldn't do tell me when I was beside you?

I tried to tell you several times.

But something or the other held me back.

I don't have good looks like you.

I can't even sing like you.

I didn't know how to express.

I don't know you...

But on that day, I felt like I would die if I didn't tell you.

I've got a lot of courage on that day, which I usually don't have.

I have immediately come to your college.

How did you know that I was studying in that college?

Crazy woman! What kind of a question is that?

I get to know everything about you.


Yeah, but how did you know? You used to stay in Hyderabad, right?

I've appointed a person to get to know everything about you.

I would get an update of any information about whatever happens in your life.

Whenever I wanted to see you, I immediately came to Vizag and used to secretly follow you from college to your home.

If I was in close proximity, I used to hide.

Just that day... Tsk! I couldn't realise that you were scolding another guy.

Apart from this, I know everything else about you.

Tell me what do you know about me.

-It is... -If you tell me anything wrong...

You've scored 482 marks in tenth class and 364 marks in intermediate.

On my birthday, you wore the dress that you bought on your birthday.

You favourite God is Lord Venkateshwara.

You've stopped singing after I left the town.

You wanted to study Telugu literature...

...but your father has joined you in B.Sc Computer Science branch.

Because of which you didn't have your food for two days.

And even your father had no clue about this incident.

-Huh... -Err...

I meant, I know about this incident which even your father doesn't.

-I am sorry. -[chuckles]


You got Jaundice in 2006 and Typhoid in 2007.

You've got both of these diseases exactly during your exams time.

And after that, a curly-haired guy named Pradeep used to follow you.

And someone bashed him very badly.

He got admitted in the hospital and a police case was filed as well.

And it was me who has bashed him.




Apart from me, there were three other guys who were in love with you at that time.

You wore a saree for the first time on your college annual day.

It was a blue saree.

On one hand, you were scared about your saree falling apart... and on the other hand, you were shy that everyone was staring at you.

Do you know how beautiful you looked on that day?



Do it again.


And after that, I saw you in a saree on your wedding day.

It was a yellow saree.

Just as you felt my presence...

I was indeed there at your wedding.

I saw you from a corner standing in the crowd.

I wasn't there until the time the Mangala Sutra (holy thread) was tied.

The crowd, the hustle...

I went as far as I could.


[door bell dings]



Sorry sir, for being late.

Don't be, you've come at the right time.

-Shall I pour, sir? -It's okay.

-Thank you, sir! -Hmm...

Well, I shall leave now. Have a good night sleep.

I will come at 3:30 am...

-...and call you from the lobby. -Come here.

-Get ready... -I have to tell you something.

-It's okay, tell me from there. -Tsk! Just come, sit here.

It took seventeen years to see your face.

And that too just this night.

I must thank God for this.

But I will be thankful to him tomorrow.

But today, don't give me useless advises such as get rest, sleep etc.

I want to be with you, and talk several matters.

That's about it.



"My life..."

"is tied with you this way"

"The first song..."

'when it's sung'

"Let the stars"

"shower their glimmer all our way"

"And may it take a long time

"for a new dawn"

"My life..."

"is tied with you this way"

"The first song..."

'when it's sung'

"All our childhood is like"

"the story of full moon day."

"While a no moon day tells the story"

"of the time when we were apart"

"And now is time when we are together"

"and when the moon is bright shining its high"

"before this changes let me seize the moment"

"and treasure it forever in my heart"

"Let the stars"

" shower their glimmer all our way"

"And may it take a long time

"for a new dawn"

[doors open]


Oh my God! I'm doomed!

What happened?

They are my students.

So what?

Don't you get it? I'll be doomed if they see me with you at this time.

By any chance, are they looking here? Look... Look...


No, they are leaving.


But they'll have to pass from here to go out.

Yes, you are right. Well, I will go and hide in the bathroom.

Call me once they leave. Okay? Please... Please...


-Sir this is the kitchen. -Where is the bathroom?

That way, sir.

All of you have come. I am very happy!

Yeah... Yeah...


-Sir... -Yes.

Your new look is awesome.

I could not recognise you at all from a distance.

I thought it was some young boy.

Well, what are you doing here at this time?

It is Abhi's birthday, sir.

Oh! Happy birthday.

We are here to make her do the cake cutting at 12.

-Thank you, sir! -You are leaving, right?

-Okay, go... -Sure...


Go, go... It's too late.

Sir, is she your wife?

-Hello, ma'am. -Hi.

We are Ram sir's students.

Yeah I know, he told me...

Just now.


Actually, we have no clue that sir is already married.

-Huh? -He never told us.

No, Janu... No...

Actually, ours is a love marriage. So we did not tell this to anyone.

Love marriage?

Hmm... Why are you startled?

We cannot digest the fact that sir is already married.

And on the top of that, a "love marriage" is unbelievable Why did you make such a statement?

Of course... Do you know how strict sir is?

We are not allowed gaze here and there, talk to new people and... -Alright... Alright...

Enough of your complaints. Now, go home.

Why are you threatening them? Come, sit down.

See, ma'am... how he is behaving even when you are there...

No problem, tell me.

Where did I stop?

"Not allowed to talk, giggle..."

Yeah, and we're aren't even allowed to wear sleeveless.

My father is much better than him, ma'am.

He's been like this since his childhood.

From now on, I will teach him how to behave with girls. Okay?


But ma'am, how did sir fall in love?

Err... [chuckles]

Ours is a 'school days' love.

Since tenth division.

Since school days?


Who was the first one to propose, ma'am?

What, sir? Are you feeling shy?

When did you accept sir's love, ma'am?

The very same day... The very moment.

At once.

Why did you accept it instantly, ma'am?

The way you look, you should have made him come behind you for at least a week.

And when it comes to a person like sir, it is not a mistake even if it is a month.

But at that time, he was my everything...

Even now.

Please ma'am, can you tell me how sir proposed you?


We won't ask anymore questions.

It is my birthday wish. Please...

Our tenth class went very happily.

I was a very joyful girl.

But... one day Ram left to Hyderabad without telling me.

After that, the smile on my face vanished.

Then I joined college but...

I could never forget him.

I used to feel very terrible.

But deep down inside, I knew Ram would come back one day.

He would come back for me.

Sometimes, our heart would know it in advance that something is about to happen though nothing is happening in life.

And on that day, I exactly felt the same.


[tyres screech]

Excuse me...

Can you call S. Janaki Devi of the second year in Computer Science?

I have to talk to her.

Is it a love matter?

-Yes. -I hope I won't get into a problem.

-What is your name? -Vasanti.

Look Vasanti, you don't have to worry at all.

You just have to go to S. Janaki Devi of B.Sc second-year computer science, and tell her that K. Ramachandra has come to meet her.


Vasanti, thanks.

S. Janaki Devi...

Yes, that's me.

A boy named K. Ramachandra is waiting for you outside.

And the events that had happened after that are those which I've been waiting for them to happen all these days in my dreams.

My Ram has come searching for me.

My world changed in that very moment.

K. Ramachandra.

I couldn't put a step forward.

The moment I heard that name I went numb.

Yet I ran.

"So many..."


"The day without tears..."

"is atlast here"

"In my life..."

"for his love"

I saw him after three years.

The face that I saw during school, got completely changed.

He looked like a lion with his moustache and beard.

For me...

For Jaanu...

I wanted to question him hard upon seeing him but...


"Dreams and imaginations don't seem to go away"

"As life in the heart blossoms."

"But when those dreams and imaginations forget you"

"Is the time when the breath leaves me too."

Well... Enough of listening to stories. Go, go home.


Hey, you come here.

Can't you do the cake cutting at home?

Do you have to do it at midnight out here?

Message me once everyone reaches home. Okay?

-Okay, sir. -Go.

You look good together, sir.

I'll hit you on your head! Go!

Hello, should I tell you specifically?

-Good night, sir. -Good night. Take care

Shall we leave?

Where shall go next?

If you don't mind, can I ask you something?

Oh! I am scared.

Tell me what it is.

Well... The hotel is far off.


-Nothing. Come, let's go. -Tell me.

The hotel is far off...

...and my home is nearby.

-You... -What do you think of me, Ram?

Oh no! Sorry... Sorry... I didn't mean it that way.

That's why I didn't want to tell you.

Well, I will book a cab and we will go to the hotel.

What is the name of the lady who tried to seduce Sage Vishwamitra by dancing?


Right... And who are the other two?

Rambha and Urvasi.

Even if those three ladies are left in your house at night, in their usual attire we need not worry at all.

Moreover, you would take care of them like a warden.



You are feeling that way because I've trimmed my moustache or beard.

Oh! Otherwise?

You'd feel the same even then.


Where is your house? Let's go.

[thunder rumbles]

So Ram, do you have girls living in your neighbourhood?


Crazy you!

-Step in with your right foot. -[gasps]


So this is K. Ramachandra's house.

-Hey, the floor will get wet. -It is okay. No problem.

Your house looks very good.

-Where is the bathroom? -Here, on the right side.

You go. I will get you a towel.

[shower running]

Jaanu, I kept a new soap and a fresh towel here, and leaving.

There is a soap in here already!

Hey, that's my soap, Jaanu.

Why? Do you have Psoriasis or something of that kind?

No... I don't have anything of such kind.

Can you put these clothes to dry?

Take the soap and towel.



Ram, I will be talking and you just listen.

You cannot go on like this. Get married.

You should have a family of yours.

I have to see your kids and give them love.

I have to see whether their eyes and nose resemble you.

I should be the one to know your wife first.

I should meet and insist her to take good care of you...

...as no one would be as lucky as her to have you.

I will definitely tell her.

[indistinct aeroplane whizzing]

Do you want to eat something?

You didn't eat anything at the hotel either.

Should I order some food on the phone?

I am not hungry.

But I am hungry.

Is it okay?

Hmm... It is just like how my mother cooks.



Are you happy?

Hmm... Yes, after a long time.

Hey 'loose', I didn't mean about this moment.

I meant are you happy in your life.

What's with you? You are asking me like how my mother does.

It's alright if you don't like to tell me.

It used to be very difficult initially.

I was alone in Singapore and didn't know what to do.

I used to sob a lot profusely standing in front of God.

But he is a very good person.

He is a good father to my daughter.

He understands without me telling him anything.

I have no dearth of anything.

If you ask me whether I am happy or not,

I can say that I am at peace.


But I want to say something to you now.

But I won't.

No, don't tell me.

[Jaanu laughs]

Oh! Sit right here Jaanu, I will get a lamp.

"On the banks of Yamuna"

"Goddess Radha awaits for the dark hero"

"The love swells, the golden moonlight..."

"haven't they withered..." [things clattering]

"The night has passed," [things clattering continues]

"the day has passed Lord Krishna hasn't arrived..."

"The romantic prince hasn't arrived"

"Is there no musical connection?"

"During the time when Krishna is not around"

"Radha feels immense agony in her heart"

"During the time when Krishna is not around"

"Radha feels immense agony in her heart"

"Poor Radha..."

[indistinct thunder rumbles] [indistinct rain dripping]

-What are these things? -Memories.

It's smell is still intact from that time.

How did you keep all these things so intact all these days?


This is yours.

How did you get this?

Oh! It grew legs and came to me running!

What did you think? I stole it, as a token of your remembrance.

That's is what I'm asking, how did you do that?

You used to leave your dupatta in the class every time you went for P.T.

-Do you remember this? -Hmm...

I've followed you for a long time and then snatched it at the right time.



Careful... Careful...


-What is that? -Nothing.

-Is it a love letter? -No... No...

Is it a poem?

-Hmm... -[gasps]

Is it about me? Oh you...

Give it to me.

No, Jaanu. I will blush if you read this.

Hey... Hey... Hey... Who else will write about me except you?

Well... You read it out while I will listen to it.

-Read it out... -Jaanu...

Come on, read it.

'You are the rising wave and I am the shore waiting for you,'

'Like the water lily waiting for the moon,'

'Like the black clouds waiting for the breeze,'

'To get a glimpse of your eyes, your vibrant smile.'

'My heart kept counting the stars all night.'

'Can't you lend me a look?'

'and say those magical words in my ear?'

'If you accept I will accompany your shadow.'

'If you give me a boon, I am ever behind your every step.'

'If you belong to the mother who had you for ten months in her womb,'

'Then you belong to me too, for having you all these years in my heart.'

[knuckles pop]


Jaanu... didn't you asleep?

Come up, here.

-It's fine, I'll sleep on the floor. -Just come up here.

Give me your details like email id, height, weight etc.


To find a girl for you.

-That's not necessary. -Why?

How can I marry someone after having loved a person like S. Janaki Devi?


Didn't I get married to R. Shiva Shankar after being in love with K. Ramachandra?

Tell me your details first.

Is it time to leave?

Fifteen more minutes to go.

Your student told me something at the restaurant.

Yes, I was about to ask that. What did she whisper in your ear?

She said, "Sir is a very good person, take care of him."

I already know that 'Sir' is a good person.

But I'm unable to understand how to take care of him.

Shall we start?

[bike arrives]

"The bird is leaving the branch..."

"The flower is shedding tears"

"Like a baby leaving its mother's lap."

"And a heart drenched in a relentless wail"

"Just after the summer holidays in a school"

"You will have to come back"

"Our dreams materialised just for an evening"

"Wonder how the days to come shall pass by"

"My life is the past with your sweet memories"

"The eye is losing its vision"

"Who will wipe the tears of mine?"

"All those smiles are leaving me"

"Looking for that part of me that doesn't leave you"

"Little hopes make me live now"

"Our talks are drifting apart unable to pair up"

"The fate that has split us apart"

"That fate, I shall defeat and win you over"

"in my next birth"

Thank you, ma'am.

Hope you had a pleasant stay.

"Even if we part and move in different directions."

"Even if one tune land in two ways."

"Will I ever look any which way other than you?"

"All my steps lead to you alone"

"My surge of memories asked about you repeatedly"

"The eternal memories keep feeling my thoughts"

"to write poems for you again and again"


I want to stay with you for some more time, Ram.

It is already late, Jaanu.

Please, Ram...

Don't look at me that way.


[indistinct announcement]

Here, hold this.

Where are you going?

I'll be right back.


I've booked a ticket in the flight which you are boarding.

So, I will be beside you until you board the flight. Okay?


Come on, if you cry even for this...

Wipe your tears.

Come, let's go.

Thank you.

[indistinct airport announcement]


[birds chirping]