Jack Goes Boating (2010) Script

Man #2: Have you thought about it?

Man #2: l think you should.

What does she do there?

She's the assistant to the embalmer.

Oh no.

Something with the fluids.


Ugh. No, man.

Lucy's training her to sell seminars with Dr. Bob.

She calls the funeral directors-- phone sales.


What's her name? Connie.

So l'll tell Lucy it's on.

That's my uncle. Don't mention it.

Man #2: Hey.

That it's-- you know.

Man #2: l won't. l won't. Because he won't let it rest.

Man #2: Not a word. That's how he is.

You two talking about me? No.

Only about the money we make you.

Uncle: From your lips to God's ears.


-¶ How can we sing King Alpha song... ¶

¶ ln a strange land? ¶

¶ Sing it out loud... ¶

Jack, would you call yourself a Rastaman?

No. You thinking of becoming one?

No. l just wanted to ask.

You like the song? Reggae's mainly positive.

Some of the words, you know, l don't get, so it's hard to commit.

''Over l'' is a hard one.

''Over l''? Yeah.

We'll just order something and hang out.

Yeah. No biggie.

-¶ And the meditation of our heart ¶

¶ Be acceptable in Thy sight... ¶

-¶ Over l ¶ -¶ Sing it out, oh! ¶

¶ We've got to sing it together... ¶

-¶ We've got to shout it together... ¶

Hi, l'm Bob Thomas.

Hi, l'm Bob Thomas.

My great-grandfather started as a cabinetmaker and undertaker in the small town of Pacerville, Oregon--

Lucy: Jack's a sweetheart. My husband's known him a long time.

Do you like Chinese? Yeah, l think.

We'll just order some.

Bob: ...a tradition for 1 25 years, offering a supporting hand into life's final transition.

Bob Thomas Mortuaries is a humble partner...

You drive long time?


You married?


l practice my English.

Sorry. That's okay.

Dressing for success.

That's right? Yes, ma'am. Dress for success.

Dress for success.

Maybe shoes now. Yes, ma'am.

¶ Stood by ¶

¶ l stripped the sheets ¶

¶ And emptied out the sty ¶

-¶ The crowds that light the carnival ¶

-¶ Are calling us ¶ -¶ Home ¶

-¶ Calling us ¶ -¶ Home ¶

-¶ Calling us ¶ -¶ Home... ¶ Dress for success.

l'm sorry. You know, to see your dad like that... after not seeing him for a while.

The coma nurse said when he gasped for air his body did it in a reactive mode.


That's... right?

Yeah. ''Like a dry pump''-- that's how he put it. l was glad when he left and l was alone with my dad.

lt's good that he left because--

Yeah. Yeah, l was glad he left.

Yup. He was coming on to me.

The coma nurse?

Right there? Yup.

Right there in the coma room? That's not right.

He let his hand stay on my arm without saying anything, until my dad gasped and then he left the coma room.

And my dad was right there-- in a coma, but still-- lt's not right. No, that's-- no. ln a coma room with your dad there... in a coma, yeah, but still.

l'm fine.

Just getting your head around that-- Oh yeah.

My dad would gasp and twist his body, you know. l thought, ''He wants to get out of there,'' you know?

So when l was alone with my dad, l told him, ''lt's okay to go.

You don't have to stick around.'' Yeah.

And l told him l loved him, he was a great dad and he was free to go to heaven.

Yeah. Two days later he woke up out of the coma.

Man: Fuck. Oh, that's-- oh God.

Just woke up.

After three months. Man: Fuck.

Yeah. He talked in a softer voice, you know?

And l thought, ''Oh, well, he's in a zombie state where you stay around because there's some unfinished business you're responsible for''-- like taking care of my mom.

Yeah, your mom. Of course.

He went back to be with her at Village Care Facility.

Well, that's--

God. lt's-- he got up from a coma, went home.

And then he fell down and hit his head in the hallway and then he died.

Jack: God.

lt's, uh-- it's kind of a-- A miracle.

Coming from a coma and then--

'Cause he wanted to take care of your mom.

She was blind.

She couldn't walk, really.

She saw things in the air near the end.

She was blind, but she'd look up in the air like she was seeing them.

l don't know what.

ls the bathroom back there? Yeah.

She needed to talk about it, l guess.

Yeah. Lucy's gone awhile, right?

Yeah. Probably didn't have Chunky Monkey, so she's on a search. Yeah.



How many times do you think, ''Hey, they've been gone a long time,'' and then buzz? You know, they're there.

Jack: Yeah.

Man over intercom: Yo, who is it?

Yo, me! Me, l-never-forget-my-keys me?

No, buzz-me-fucking-in me.

What? Nothing.

Lucy: Are you ready for Chunky Monkey?

Three delis. Where's Connie? l'm here.

lt'll have to be warmer though. Yeah.

Boating weather. Yeah.

Are you sure you don't want me to drive you?

Uh, no, it's really-- it's all right.

This is plenty.



Lucy: You like Connie?

We got along pretty well outside.

Man: Yeah?

Well, she said she'd like-- she'd like to go boating. Man: Boating?

Yeah, rowing in a boat she said, you know?

To go boating... you know, sometime when-- fuck.

So what did you say?

Maybe when it's warmer. You made a date for summer?

Uh, no. l'm not, you know, that bad to say ''Let's do something six months from now.''

Lucy: He knows. No, it-- it-- it started snowing and it came up, you know?

The warm weather and summer. lf you're afraid, it's not a good idea. l, uh, can't swim.

Man: l told you l'd teach you. Lucy: He taught me.

You said it caused problems, teaching someone you're close to, so l thought-- l don't think so. lt was something else. l just said it was the swimming lessons. lt wasn't the swimming lessons?

Man: No. Come summer, you'll go boating at night... in the moonlight.

Huh? Huh?

Under the stars.

Yeah, l should learn, l guess.

We'll go uptown-- a pool in Harlem.

Beautiful pool. lt's heated? l'm serious. l'm serious.

Man: lt'll get me back going. l used to go three, four times a week.


Thanks for everything. Yeah.

Connie: Hi, l'm calling from Dr. Bob's Grief Seminars.

The new seminar experience offers techniques-- that's right.

Credit card.

--violent acts, the pain of sudden death-- l did? Lucy: Credit card.

Mr. Pendecker.

He said to call back tomorrow.

Remember, it's ''Hello,'' the opening, ''Give me the credit card.''

The pitch, ''Give me the credit card.'' lt's a mantra. Dr. Bob: Maybe another peek at the website will help with the calls, hmm?

Get you more familiar with what we do here.

Okay. Call me.

Credit card. Give me the credit card.

Let's go a little deeper. Deeper?

You'll still touch. A little deeper.

lt's getting deep.

A little more.

lt's pretty deep. Okay, try it now.


That's good, but-- Jack, that's good, but go under.

Make the bubbles under the water, then come up. Take a breath, then go under.

Bubbles, come up. Get a rhythm going.

We'll do it together. Are you ready?

But it's good. Are you ready?



You can keep your eyes open.

My goggles leak.

They should suck around your eyes a little bit.

How do they feel? Okay. l want you to visualize.

Visualize? lt's a technique.

Close your eyes. l thought you said open them?

When you do it, yeah. But now it's something you can do at home-- visualization-- when you're not actually in the water. l want you to close your eyes.

Okay. See yourself going under, blowing bubbles, coming up.

Okay. Try it. See yourself do it.


Man: Jack.

Jack. Yeah?

You visualized? Yeah.

Your eyes were open? You said close them.

No, to visualize.

Yeah, when we do it, yeah.

But when you visualized you went under, your eyes were open?

Yeah, l think.

Try it again.

Yeah, open.

Good. Okay.

Look at me when we do it.

We'll do it now, together. Are you ready?


You're doing good. l can do better.

You're doing good. l can do better.

This fucking guy.

l just need the application. We're closed.

Just the application.

Fuck you.

Lucy: lt's a sales job. That's the bottom line. lf you don't close, you don't last. l was on the phone with Jack. l was talking to you. l was listening.

What did l say? You have to fire Connie.

When do you go in? Tonight. Why?

So what's up with Jack?

He was upset about a guy at the MTA office.

Wouldn't give him an application because he was a minute late.

He needs to hook up. lt's time.

Shit. l'm running late.

Jack's got me, you and the limo job-- that's it.

That's it for me. l've got you...

...Jack's a friend and l drive a limo.

You take business classes at City. He's talking about the MTA.

Look, l love Jack, but Jack's-- l don't know what it is to call it.

What would you say? l don't know what it is you don't know what to call. lt's something. maybe it's nothing. Connie might be good for him. lt'd be easier to help it along if she were working there, but l don't know. l'll call.

Connie: lf he's there, we can conference.

No, l'll hold.

Lucy: You're early. l want to talk to you when you're done.

Dr. Bob wanted to be here.

Jesus! Fuck. what happened to you? l was attacked.

No. Yeah, on the subway, a man. l'm fine. l'm all right. Give me the phone. l'm gonna close Curtis-Lopez! Get off the phone!

Please! l'm gonna close! Get off!

Mr. Curtis? Hi, Mr. Lopez.

Let's start by getting your credit card reservation. l need an ambulance. AmEx, sure. The number?

A woman was attacked. She's coughing up blood.

Blood. Coughing.

3-- yes-- 9-6-9-- She was attacked on the subway.

--okay-- 1-1-1. And the expiration date, please.

Hurry. 4/1 2.

ls she all right? Thanks for coming.

Lucky l caught some time. The roads are no picnic.

Hi, Mr. Kendal. Thanks for calling back.

No, l'll wait. Sure, l'll wait.

Are you okay? You sounded pretty worried. l thought it was internal bleeding, but it was blood from her nose that bled backward.

Backward? That's weird. Yeah, backward into your stomach, like a lot-- a ruptured dorsal or something.

She has a couple of fractured ribs.

Are you there?

Third floor?

What do you have? A koala bear.

Authentic koala bear. But she's okay? lt's terrible, huh? She's okay though?

They said she'll be fine. He got her a koala.

Think she'll like it? Sure, it's cute. l'll go see if l can learn anything.

Classic Limousine Service.

The hospital. So how's the gal?

She's okay.

Dorsal something broke.

So what did you get her? You got her something, right?

Uh, l got her a koala bear.

A stuffed bear.

Koala. They live in Australia.

Okay. Yeah, roger that.

Just-- you know. Yeah.

Lucy: We can say hello now. Okay.

Hang on.

Dr. Bob, you got my message.

No, before l could tell her. l've gotta take this. 10 minutes.

She closed Lopez. Clyde: Classic Limousine Service.

Okay. No, l can. l'm on my way.

Plaza client wants to take his kid to Serendipity for the hot-chocolate sundae. l hear they're good there.

Yeah. Where's Lucy?

She said to go in. We can go in?

She's on the phone with her boss. l gotta go.

Down the hall, room 302.

l brought a friend.

Oh, this is so sweet. Koala bear from Australia.

Connie: Oh.

Shouldn't you be working?

Uh, air-- airport's closed-- you know, blizzard conditions, so--

You've got to be careful driving.


l look forward to when winter's over. lt's not summer for a while.

We could do something before summer, you know, when you feel better.


Maybe-- l don't know-- dinner.

You know, when you feel up to it.

You know, a big feast.

Just-- just have too much of everything.

No one has ever done that for me before. l hope you're a good eater. No one has ever cooked for me before.

Cooked? No one has before.

Well... cooking.

That'd be nice. Yeah, no one's ever cooked for you?

My mom, yeah.

Your ma. l only have a basement at my uncle's.

Kind of a-- a hotplate.

Oh. Oh no, it's-- it's okay.

No no.

You know, Clyde and Lucy have a kitchen, so l'm gonna cook for you.

A dinner party?




So do you feel okay? l think l'm on drugs. Yeah, probably.

Someone was pressing up against me. l could feel he was-- you know?

He was rubbing against me.

Oh shit.

No, that's-- lt wasn't out.

l shouldn't have told you.

You'll think of it when you look at me.

No. lt's not your fault.

Do you-- do you think you might wanna--

listen to this song? lt's a positive vibe.


Some of the words are hard to get at first so... you have to listen a few times.

Clyde: You wanna cook for Connie?

Yeah. This is something you want to do?


The problem is you don't know how to cook.

Yeah. l don't know how to cook. Lucy doesn't cook.

Plenty of people don't know. Yeah, and l don't know.

Thanks. So what's the solution? l need another beer. Mmm.

The solution is to have the Cannoli teach you how to cook a meal.

Who? Someone Lucy knows.

He's the head pastry cook at the Waldorf-Astoria-- desserts, but he can cook food too.

He can write out a recipe and teach you how to cook it.

He'll do it? He'll do it for Lucy.

What do you think you want to make?

Chicken, fish or beef, you know?

Any one of those.

Okay, but be open, because he might suggest something else, like, um, uh... a casserole.

How much do you want to spend? l was-- l was thinking about a hundred-and-something.

When do you have in mind for the dinner party? l was thinking about a month.

A month? Yeah, about a month from now.

Okay. Well, then that means there's no rush. That's good. ls Cannoli an actual nickname?

No. Federic.

Cannoli is something l call him. Federic.

l'll ride in the back, be the big shot.

l wanna tell you something. Yeah. Fuck. l don't wanna, but l gotta. l don't want you to freak.

Don't freak? Don't freak.

Okay. Lucy and the Cannoli, they had a thing.

What? A thing.

A thing? That's the deal.

Oh no. You mean-- Yeah. lt was when there was the swimming lessons-- in that time frame. l should've told you before. You're my fucking friend.

She said it was a one-time thing, then we got honest-- it fucking went on for two years.

Two years? Off and on... she said.

That's it.

l-- l don't know if l want this guy to show me anything.

Maybe this dinner thing can just-- Don't go there. Don't go there. l recommended him, didn't l?

She's on the phone with Dr. Bob and she's telling him about a big cannoli.

She was saying ''big big cannoli'' and l was listening. l didn't know what it was at first.

You know, a 10'' cannoli-- the way she was saying it.

Never mention it to Lucy ever.

No no, of course.

lt's kind of weird you're telling me now.

Why is it weird?

All of a sudden to come out with it-- lt isn't rational, okay?

This time of year-- like it's a fucking anniversary. l can get-- you know. l keep it hid mostly.

Now l've told you, that's the deal.

You've never been hooked up with someone long-term.

You take some fucking shots.

Jack: Oh.

50% of couples, someone betrays the other and more than once.

That's the test.

Jack: Wait. What?

Jack: lt happened again?

Clyde: There was this death guy-- a grief expert at their seminars with Dr. Bob.

Charismatic, she said.

Jack: Ah. A death guy.

Clyde: She only kissed him, she said-- in the elevator, helping move a body.

''l only kissed him,'' she said.

That's what you live with-- never knowing for sure.

You've never been through anything like l'm telling you?

Jack: No.

Clyde: lf it becomes long-term with Connie, and if you learn about something and you decide to stick it out anyway, know that you will have vivid images and know that they'll recur probably forever.

Jack: Did Lucy tell you something about Connie l should know?

No. Nothing.

Are you okay? l'm good.

Well, thanks. Yeah. l needed to unload that, l guess. You know?

Are you okay? Yeah.

Clyde: Man, l love you.

You know l love you?

Jack: Yeah.

l liked the movie. Thanks for taking me.

Jack: lt was intense. l like scary ones.

lt's dark already. lt seems like only two seconds we've been talking.


Now we're snow people.


l like talking to you. l should invite you up, but my place is a mess. l'm gonna clean it and l'll invite you up next time.

Yeah, mine's worse. l'm usually neat-- well, not neat but not disgusting.


l'm really glad you're better. Um, almost.

Uh-huh. l'm getting there.


Maybe a little good-night kiss?

Maybe. You know, nothing overwhelming.


Good night. Good night.

Doorman: Hello, welcome to the Waldorf.

Thank you. Yup.

Can l get a couple of minutes? l've got to run to the men's room.

Yeah, pull it out of the way and don't be all day.


No coins.

¶ l know how it feels to have wings on your heels ¶

¶ And to walk down the street in a trance ¶

¶ You walk down the street on the chance that you'll meet ¶

¶ And you'll meet, not really by chance ¶

¶ Don't cry, young lovers, whatever you do ¶

¶ Don't cry because l'm alone ¶

¶ All of my memories are happy tonight ¶

¶ l've had a love of my own ¶

¶ l've had a love of my own like yours ¶

¶ l've had a love of my own like yours ¶

¶ l've had a love of my own like yours ¶

-¶ l've had a love of... ¶ May l help you?

No. -¶ A lovely lovely love of ¶

¶ l've had a love of... ¶

One cucumber.

All right?

You cut... like this. Jack: Mmm.

You chop like this.

You try it.

And your side against the finger.

Side against the finger or you end up like this.

You didn't notice?

Keep it straight. You've got to kick with the whole leg, all right?

Point-- point the toes out-- pigeon toe-- and the whole leg.

Not just the feet, not just from the knees.

Like this. Use all that muscle you've got there.

All right? Not like this. Not like this.

Like this. Okay, let's see you.

Good. Kick! Kick!

Hold it out like this.

Like this? More out in front.

Keep the end up a little like this.

Like this. Like this. Like this.

Like that. And breath in, breath out.

Good! Okay, go for it!

Kick kick! Good!

Head. Head.

¶ lf you'd only cut ¶

¶ So now the blade is deep... ¶ Good! Good! Champion! Champion!

Master kickboard champion!

Now back. Oh shit.

¶ She went south on the train ¶

¶ She wore plastic boots ¶

¶ For rain ¶

¶ And you crawl along the floor ¶

¶ ln your dream, dear ¶

¶ Caught lonely ¶

¶ lf you'd only cut ¶

¶ So now the blade is deep ¶

¶ lf you don't eat yourself ¶

¶ You will explode instead ¶

-¶ 'Cause l know l love you so... ¶

¶ When l know ¶

¶ You don't love me... ¶ Any felonies? No.

Drugs? Convictions?


You'll be notified for an interview.

Umm, how-- about when?

Two to four weeks. Woo!

Thanks. Man: Woo.

l put in the application. Well, good.

Uncle: You put in your application? Yeah.

Uncle: 'Cause l talked to the guy. lt takes two to four weeks for the interview.

All right. l want you to do your thing, but if it doesn't work out, you can always come back.

That's great, Mr. Richter.

Oh, Dr. Bob will be happy you're onboard.


You skipped lunch? l wanted to reach Richter Brothers at 10:00 out there. Ah. Richter.

He flirts but never commits. l closed him.

You're kidding.

Huh. Wow. l guess l'll see his happy face in Seattle.

That'll be a first.

Tell Lucy to say hello when she comes in. Nice job.

TV: What was the situation there?

Why wasn't he playing for you?

Man #3: Well, l think the reason is that we made a trade early on...

How did Connie say the breast thing happened?

Dr. Bob reached in to look at the confirmation card.

She thought he copped a feel.

She's one of those. Mmm.

Things go on inside the mind. l understand it.

Lucy: She said he let his hand stay on her breast.

Clyde: So she made it up?

Lucy: No. l don't know.

Clyde: A mystery.

So to get at the truth, to recreate the scene, to determine the possibilities-- they're alone.

She confirms the deal.

Dr. Bob enters.

''Let me look at your confirmation card.''

Oh no, it's-- it's too weird.

''Do you like it here at the mortuary?''

l'm gonna practice the dessert a couple of times.

Okay? Let me see the list. lt went all right with Federic?

Yeah, the Cannoli was cool.


Good job.

You show real aptitude.

Jack: Sifter.

Lucy: You've got that nervous thing.

Jack: Hmm? lt's what you do when you're nervous, right? l-- l might not even know l'm nervous and my throat thing starts.

Cooking l guess, maybe.


The MTA maybe.

That'd be a new thing.

The thing with Connie, hoping that goes okay.

Lucy: What did Clyde say about the Cannoli?

Uh, who?

You called Federic ''the Cannoli.''

Oh, l think Clyde said it was a nickname.

So what else did Clyde say?

Jack, he told you.

What? He told you.

We worked through it.

lt's the two years, though. That's what would get me.

Jack, it was five years ago. l just found out and... l'm talking about what's up with me about it, and l shouldn't.

But you said you just kissed the death guy in the elevator.

He didn't know for sure.

That's what he said you live with-- not knowing for sure.

What else did he tell you?

Nothing. Yeah well, there are things he has to deal with too on his side. l shouldn't have said anything.

He didn't mention the woman he drove to Poughkeepsie before the Cannoli?

''Just once in the back seat,'' he said-- like that made it okay. l'm sorry. For what? l, uh-- l don't know.

You've never been in a relationship for any length of time.

A lot happens. That's what he said.

A lot of good things. Yeah.

A lot of things you wouldn't wish on your enemy. lf you become something with Connie-- l mean when you stay together with someone, things will come up that you have to live with.

Core pear. Squeeze the lemon.

Combine the syrup with the lemon juice.


Stir till blended.


You're making it nice. Thanks.

l'm sorry. Jack: No.

You're a great kisser.

Jack: Thanks. l'm not ready yet for penis penetration.

Jack: Well, uh, no. l-- l mean l want to. l mean physically l'm okay.

No, it's-it's-- it's okay. l'm not, you know, an expert so--

No no, it isn't that. l even imagined it with you.

That's-- yeah? ln the bathtub l imagined l was with you.

We took a bath?

No, l was in a bathtub imagining it was a pitch-black night.

We were in a bed in a spaceship flying through superspace.

That-- that's a long way off, you know, space travel... for tourists.

You can touch me again if you want. lf you want to, like you were. l'm not ready yet for total intimate contact, but l will be with you though. l can tell. But not yet.

And it isn't because l don't think you're sexy.

You are.

l like how you touch me, how you barely touch my skin.

Oh, that feels good.

You can stop if you want to.

No, l like it.

l know you haven't said you'd be patient and wait for me to get over my problems, now that you know l have some. l'll wait. lt could be sooner, but l know summer for certain.

Okay. Oh God.

Jack. Yeah?

Can l ask something? Yeah.

What do you want to see in a woman?

You mean you or--

Yeah. l mean when you think of a woman, what do you want to see?

Someone who likes music.


Someone positive.

Not a dark-mood person.

Those are all nice things.

Not too hard.

Sorry. What?

No. l mean, you're being gentle. l mean it's not hard to be a positive person around you.


Someone who doesn't need to look around to other men.

You mean have sex with other men?

She feels, you know, that she has to.

l won't do that ever.

What do you want to see?

A sense he can tell me the truth.

A sense of humor.

Has a job.

Patient, like you.


Jack: l can be some of those things.

¶ Sweetheart... ¶ We're gonna start with your breathing.

Watch me. From the diaphragm.

Okay. -¶ Beating next to mine... ¶ You try it. -¶ The right words... ¶ Early bird. Showing initiative-- that's good.

-¶ When all our times... ¶ Sorry l'm late.

¶ Were fine... ¶ Not like that.

Remember the first session?

Yeah. You cut the onion like this.

Breathe through your nose, you save your tears.

A clean area always.

This is Federic.


Lucy says hello.

Good work, Becky. Oh, thanks.

Good night. Oh, he's fine.

He's doing fine. Yeah.

Oh. Wow. -¶ How l miss your heart.. ¶ Oh.

¶ Beating next to mine... ¶ Okay, l'm going.

Okay. Have a great trip.

Oops! l will. Take care.

¶ When all our times were fine... ¶ Are you okay? Fine. l have a 7:00 PM to Omaha to make. l'll call.

¶ Sweetheart ¶

¶ How l miss your heart ¶

¶ Beating next to mine ¶

¶ Flesh ¶

¶ Of my flesh ¶

¶ Soul of my soul ¶

¶ l come back home... ¶

Jack: Sift flour.

A pinch of seasoned salt.

Crumbs. Pepper.

Combine in brown bag.

Crush garlic. Dip chops.

Add to bag. Shake.

Remove. Set aside.

Yeah, perfect.

Wash, chop parsley.

Peel. Grate leek. Set aside.

Preheat 350.

Squeeze lemon. Core pears.

Combine the syrup, lemon juice.

Stir till blended.

Dip pears. Set aside.

Yeah. Peel.

Perfect. Slice potatoes.

Yeah. Perfect.

Butter, thin layer.

Spread. Add onion.

Stir. Add pepper, milk, cheese.

Add potato. Cover with sauce.



Head under.

Open wine to breathe.


Jack's happy. l know.

He practiced the chops six times. l ate them six times.

Six times in two weeks. l can't eat them again. l can't eat the potato thing again. You have to. l can't eat the dessert thing again either.

You have to. The chops, the potato thing-- it's au gratin, either way-- and the dessert too. lt means a lot to him.

Don't get drunk. l won't.

Don't get weird. No way.

Forget about Federic. You brought him up.

All l said was Jack was a good student. He cooks great.

Clyde: l don't have trouble with it in reality.

Fuck reality. lt's in my head l have trouble. l called him about Jack like you asked-- once. l never talked to him again. Once.


She called from the stop, so...

You hungry? Yeah, it's-- l'm very eager.

Okay. You know, l'm gonna go for a walk around the block, get my appetite going. l'll be right back.

She's almost here. Five minutes. l-- l'd better open another bottle of wine.

Federic said to let it breathe. Maybe we should invite him. lnvite the Cannoli. The Cannoli?

Lucy, have him over and not let it be a big thing.

Have the Cannoli over? Just for dessert.

Nah. l'm messing with you. l'll be right back.

Lucy: Jack, someone beautiful is here.

Yeah. Okay. You look really good.

Thank you. Oh.

Wow. And you dressed up. l shouldn't have, right?

Am l too early? Jack: No no.

That smells really good. Yeah.

You want some wine?

Oh, that'd be nice. lt's French-- French Bordeaux.

l saw Clyde. Yeah, he's out working up an appetite.

Yeah, he wants to out-eat everyone, l think.

He's okay, right? Yeah. He's...

Yeah, he smiled and said ''Hot to trot.''

Yeah, he went for a walk.

''Hot to trot''?

Um, like a compliment, you know?

But he seemed-- l don't know-- a little upset first, maybe.

Yeah, he went to get out, l think, you know, get in a more positive vibe.

Yeah yeah yeah. He gave me a hug even.

A regular hug, right? l mean you're not saying--

Oh yeah, regular.

He's had a little wine l think so--

Connie: Oh.

Yeah, he just said, ''Nice cha-chas,'' gave me a hug and said he'd see me in a minute.


Yeah, he's okay.

Wine coming up. Okay.

Here. Okay.

¶ See what l have. ¶

Yeah. Wow.

A hookah. Connie: l've never tried a hookah.

First time for everything, right, Jack?

A special night for special people.

Connie's having wine. Would you like a glass?

Not yet.

You look really pretty. Doesn't she, Jack?




¶ You will lift his body from the shore... ¶ ls it time to take a check on things?

¶ Oliver James washed in the rain ¶

¶ No longer... ¶ Black hashish.

¶ Oliver James washed in the rain... ¶ l used to get high with a bagpipe player from Scotland.

He could really take a puff.

¶ On the kitchen table ¶

¶ That your grandfather did make ¶

¶ You and your delicate way ¶

¶ Will slowly clean his fate ¶

¶ Oliver James washed in the rain... ¶ The au gratin is turning the required amber hue-- the critical juncture.

Clyde: Hey hey!

Yo yo.

Whoa! Look at my foxy lady. Jack: Everything's almost ready so--

Some after-dinner brandy that l had to sample to make sure it was worthy of your fine cuisine.

Okay. Great. Yeah.

Uh, just mellow.

You're my best friend.

Yeah. l love you. l want to say something. Jack: Uh, maybe later. Lemme just--

For you and for Connie. Let me say something.

Look at this. This is beautiful.

Let's smoke a toast from this beautiful hookah that my foxy lady got special for this special night.

To you.

Come on. A toast.

To Jack and to Connie.


¶ Where is my love? ¶ Beautiful.

Beautiful together.

Both of you.

Let's smoke a toast to all of us.

¶ ln my arms finally... ¶ Connie: Ooh.


Oh. Connie: Wow.


¶ Where is my love? ¶ Clyde: Oh, man.

¶ Horses ¶

-¶ Galloping... ¶ Clyde: Whoa.

¶ Bringing him ¶

-¶ To me... ¶ Yeah, this is--

-¶ Where is my love? ¶ Clyde: So...

¶ Where is... ¶ Cool... -¶ My love? ¶

...that Lucy would get this. lt's so perfect. -¶ Horses ¶

¶ Running free ¶

¶ Carrying ¶

-¶ You and me... ¶

-¶ Where is my love? ¶

¶ Where is my love? ¶ What's that?

What? Something's burning.

Burning? What?

Oh oh oh!

Oh! Oh no!

Shit! Fuck!

Oh, God damn! Clyde!

Hurry! Jack: Fuck!

Calm fucking down.

Well, fuck it. What about this? Yeah, what about this?

Just fucking stop! Stop it. Whoa.

Stop it! Ah!

Oh fuck!


Jack: Not now!


Clyde: Fucking--

Shut the fuck up!

Fucking bitch! l'd like to talk to you. l just need a minute!

Connie: Jack. Just a minute!

Clyde: Jack.

This always happens. What?

Jack: Whenever there's anything good, it fucks up! lt fucked up, but, you know, it fucked up because we forgot. No, you fucked it up, because you made a fucking toast!

Clyde: Because l love you.

We all love you.

You forgot the food because you were being loved.

That's the important thing to remember.

We can get by this. Everything's ruined.

That's fucked up, but we can get by this.


Clyde: ''Positive vibes.''

Who said that?

¶ The rivers of Babylon! ¶ Tape: ¶ By the rivers of Babylon ¶ -¶ We sat down there! ¶ No, it's ''Where he sat down.''

Tape: ¶ Where he sat down ¶ -¶ Where we sat down ¶

¶ And there we wept ¶

¶ When we remembered Zion ¶

¶ But the wicked carried us away ¶

¶ ln captivity ¶

¶ Required from us a song ¶

¶ How can we sing King Alpha song ¶

¶ ln a strange land? ¶

-¶ Sing it out loud... ¶ Yeah yeah.

-¶ Sing a song of love, sister ¶

¶ Sing a song of love, sister... ¶

Clyde: Forget it, man!

Come on, Jack!

¶ So let the words of our heart ¶

¶ And the meditation of our heart ¶

¶ Be acceptable in Thy sight ¶

¶ Over l... ¶ Fuck it!

Tape: ¶ Me got a feeling, shorty... ¶ Clyde: All right. The man.

Man of men. My man Jack!

No one ever cooked for you.

You cooked for me.

You're gonna cook, row in a boat-- everything.

Everything. Right, Connie?

That's pure he said?

What? She's okay.

Yeah yeah yeah, the guy said pure--

Bolivian. Rare he said.

What's she doing? She's in-- looking into the mirror.

Lucy: Pink? She's been in there a long time.

Jack: She's looking into the mirror-- hash.

Clyde: Yeah, pink flake he said. Pure.

Wow. This is mine too, right? Pink? What?

Pink? Bolivian.

Clyde: Jack, last chance. l'm cool.

Bolivian pink. High-grade, that's what the guy said.

What guy? You know, one of those guys. lt's gone now.

All done. ls she coming out?

Jack: Yeah, she's coming out. Lucy: She's okay. l-- l think l'm gonna--

The bell rang? Who can it be?


They'll go away. Who?

Wrong buzzer. We won't answer.

He's calling. Who? l don't know. Whose phone is that?

Shit! What?

Nothing. Nobody. Restricted.

Fuck. l need to-- Forget it. They'll go away.

Fucking paranoid moment.

Shit! Jack: What?

Put out the lights.

Somebody's there. The lights?

Who is it? No no no, put 'em out.

No. Fucking let me go. l want to see.

Federic. You called him? Who?

The cooking guy. Let him in. Let him fucking in!

You fucking asshole! Let go of me! Maybe, let's-- if we--

Cannoli: ls everything okay? Yes, everything's fucking okay!

Let go! Jack: l'll talk to her.

Let me explain! Okay.

Oh! l'm sorry.

Just stop! Just fucking stop. Sorry.

Federic! Federic!

Federic. We'll talk later.

Put the lights on.

Put the fucking lights back on!

Lucy: You wanted to totally fuck up a perfectly good time with friends...

Clyde: l was gonna be okay with it. ...to totally embarrassed me.

Asshole. No, because l've grown. l wanted to show l've grown. You are so fucked up!

Okay. Okay, forget it.

We're done.

l'm sorry. You're right. l fucked up.

Forget it, okay? Okay.

Yeah. Yeah.


Lucy: This didn't happen, okay?

Just forget it. Asshole. Clyde: l wanted to be normal. l just wanted to be normal with the Cannoli.

You'll look for some other life with some other person, like the death guy. Don't embarrass yourself.

You think l'm nothing. You're fucking nothing!

That's what you want?! You're fucking nothing! l fucking try, okay? l fucking try! You love l fucked someone, you piece of shit. lt makes you feel so moral.

Your bullshit night school.

You'll be driving a limo when you're 100.

You love l fucked someone else, so you can feel superior. You're a baby!

Clyde: l never lied to you. N-- he, uh--

What, Jack? What is it you want to say about your asshole friend? l told you what l did and you couldn't stop wanting to fuck me all night. l never lied to you. And l never told you everything.

You're right. You're fucking nothing!

You'll always be nothing! Nothing! No!

What the fuck, man? Come on.

What are you staring at?


Open the door.

Oh. Oh no. -¶ And there we wept ¶

-¶ When he remembered Zion... ¶ We're going.

Let me in. Let me fucking in.

¶ But the wicked carried us away in captivity... ¶ Lucy! -¶ Required from us a song... ¶ Jack! We're going. -¶ How can we sing King Alpha song ¶

¶ ln a strange land? ¶ Thanks. -¶ But the wicked ¶

-¶ Carried us away in captivity... ¶ Clyde: Lucy!

Please! -¶ Required from us a song ¶

-¶ How can we sing King Alpha song... ¶ Let me fucking in.

¶ ln a strange land? Sing it out... ¶

l don't want it to ever be like that.

That's why l'm standing here with you.

This feels good now. Better.

Jack. Yeah? lf you took me--

if you took me,

overpower me--

Oh. Ooh.

That's your heart? Yeah.

Racing. Yeah.

l pictured the first time by the lake, but maybe it could just be now. l pictured grass by the lake, but maybe it could be now if you overpower me.

Overpower you?

Force me, in a way.


Make me.

Hold me down, take off my clothes.

Don't hurt me, but overcome me.


You think you can?

Yeah. You can?

Yeah. Will you?

Yeah. Okay.

l really like you. l know.

Don't hurt me.

No. Overcome me.


Are you all right? Yeah. You're strong. l've been going to swimming practice. You're good at it l bet. l'm getting there. Oh God. Take me.

Yeah? Yeah. l want you to take me.

Yeah. Come on.

Take me. Yeah.

Clyde: Pull the water to you.

Let it go. Pull the water and let go.

Let everything flow.

Good. See, you're swimming.

That's right! Good!


You know what? l'm coming in.

¶ From fallin' in the snow ¶

¶ And l turn round and there you go ¶

¶ And, Michael, you would fall ¶

¶ And turn the white snow ¶

¶ Red as strawberries ¶

¶ ln the summertime ¶

¶ l was following the pack ¶

¶ All swallowed in their coats ¶

¶ With scarves of red tied round their throats ¶

¶ To keep their little heads ¶

¶ From fallin' in the snow ¶

¶ And l turned round and there you go ¶

¶ And, Michael, you would fall ¶

¶ And turn the white snow ¶

¶ Red as strawberries in the summertime... ¶

Clyde: Oh yeah.

¶ l was following the pack ¶

¶ All swallowed in their coats ¶

¶ With scarves of red tied round their throats ¶

¶ To keep their little heads from fallin' in the snow ¶

¶ And l turned round and there you go ¶

¶ And, Michael, you would fall ¶

¶ And turn the white snow ¶

¶ Red as strawberries ¶

¶ ln the summertime... ¶

Jack: Don't worry.

l'm a good swimmer. l know. Yeah. l knew you'd be a good swimmer.

When we talked about summer, l knew you'd be good at it.

Jack: Yeah.

l am for you.

Connie: l knew you'd be good.

Jack: l am for you.