Jade (1995) Script

MAN: Careful.

You've got to...



No! No, don't!









I'm gonna miss you.

I think you should cancel your trip to LA. I really do.

I will. If you cancel your trial.

If I do, Mr. Murphy will go to jail for 30 years.

He deserves it.

How could you defend a no-good son of a bitch like Murphy anyway?

Have you heard of the Sixth Amendment?

He's entitled to the best counsel that he can buy.

I mean, that he can get.

Got it right the first time, honey.

You have to understand something.

Mr. Murphy doesn't think of himself as a no-good son of a bitch.

He gives to charities. He reads bedtime stories to his kids.

You're breaking my heart, Matt.

DAVID: Getting slow in your old age, Gavin?

Thank you for inviting me.

It was Matt's idea.

It was?

He couldn't believe you grew up here and never went to a Black and White Ball.

Well, I had other priorities. Really?

Is everything Matt's idea?

You look beautiful.


It's past your bedtime, David.

I love you, Trina.

WOMAN ON PA: Telephone call for Mr. Corelli.

Mr. Corelli, phone call for you at the lounge.

DAVID: Where's your phone?


What? How?

Okay. I'll be right there.

TRINA: Why, yes, you did. WOMAN: Yes, yes.

David, was it something I said?

Kyle Medford's dead.

MATT: What?

Oh, my God. I just saw him today.

You did? Yes.

We were talking about acquiring the new Matisse for the museum.

What happened, David? We met at his house.

He was murdered.

It's a freak show, David. I'm not here.

Right. Who's in charge?

Hargrove and Vasko. DAVID: Suspects?

Not yet. DAVID: You're on call this week?

PAT: Yeah.

You just hit the jackpot.



We're guessing time of death about four hours ago.

Wanna take a look upstairs? Okay.

DAVID: Let's get all these people out of here. They're stepping on evidence.

KAREN: Fine.

Black tie, Mr. Prosecutor?

Four separate cuts. Two to the jugular.

VASKO: Take a look at this little goody.

Some kind of an African hatchet.

KAREN: David, it's a fertility mask.

The maid says he collected them.

He was wearing it when she found him here about two hours ago.

VASKO: The maid was off. She came back about 8:00 after seeing a movie.

She found him like this. The weapon belongs to him.

It's gonna be tough to show premeditation.

This is rage.

Make sure we get some random blood samples out of that room.

Yeah, absolutely. Let's print the toilet tank.

Maybe he took a leak. Or she.

Get anything in here? I got a couple of prints off the creamer in the tea set.

POLICEMAN 1: Did they dust it yet? POLICEMAN 2: I don't know.


KAREN: We're wrapping up, so we'll be going.

All right, all right.

Send the ID tech guy out with the prints to the computer lab.

The lab clear this room?

Yeah, they're done. KAREN: Mmm-hmm.

We're gonna see if we can get a hit this time.

KAREN: That'd be nice.

The body. PAT: Yes.

KAREN: See what needs to be disposed of.

POLICEMAN: All right. Flip it.

DAVID: Karen.

Let's get these to the lab. What are they?

Well, either he collected pubic hair or he's auditioning for a Clairol ad.

We're all done inside.

Paramedics are finishing up. We're gonna head out, okay?

All right. Don't log this until I tell you, okay?

What is it? I'll tell you later.

We got prints on the hatchet.

Perfect 14-pointers.

Can I get a search warrant on Medford's phone records?

No. His privacy's gone.

The media's gonna turn this into an X-rated gangbang.

Everything goes through me, okay?

You gotta be loving this shit.

I'm sorry? Well, next year's an election year, isn't it?

Good to see you.

Good to see you, too, Corelli.


Better call Clifford, bring him up to speed.

What are you laughing at? Uh-huh? I'm not.

Well, next year is an election year, isn't it? Is it?

We'll talk later. Yeah, see you.


David, this is Mr. Wong. Mr. Wong.


Ask Mr. Wong if he recognizes this.



TRANSLATOR: Yes, it was bought at his store.

He says it's very good silver from Shandong province in China.

Did he do the engraving?


No, it was done in Hong Kong.

DAVID: For who?


It was made for a rich man who lives here.

A gift from a beautiful woman.

DAVID: Ask him what this means.


It means "Jade."


Good morning, Al. Morning, Mr. Gavin.

Thank you.

See you in a couple of days.

Okay. All right.

I'll call you.

Be good. MATT: Always. You be careful.

Morning, Mrs. Gavin. Morning, Nick.

Would you care for some breakfast this morning?

Just some coffee. Okay.

NICK: We're ready, Mrs. Gavin.

PRIEST: Father, you are holy indeed.

And all creation rightly gives you praise.

All life, all holiness comes from you.

Through your son, Jesus Christ, our Lord by the working of the Holy Spirit.

From age to age, you gather a people to yourself so that from east to west, a perfect offering may be made to the glory of your name.

And so, Father, we bring you these gifts.

We ask you to make them holy by the power of your spirit, that they may become for us the body and blood of your son, our Lord, Jesus Christ...

What are you doing here?

I just took Trina to the airport.

You free for lunch? You see the papers?

Hey, it's the case you've been dreaming about.

It'll put your ambitious, skinny ass into the big office.

You're going to be the next District Attorney of San Francisco.

Where'd she go?

LA, just for a couple of days.

You think she's coming back?

Maybe when we get a divorce you can marry her.


MATT: She said you were a terrible lover.

DAVID: Ah. She lies to protect your frail ego.

She said that's why she chose me.

Everybody makes mistakes.

You finally admit that?

DAVID: You still playing? Sure.

DAVID: See you at 1:00? Take your best shot.

Medford was having money problems.

Last year he lost eight million dollars on the yen.

That's what he gets for betting the yen.

And there's something else.

We've got a problem. It's only a problem if we make it a problem.

We found a roll of film in Medford's safe.

Some kind of a gag? No gag.

Those pictures are not relevant to this investigation.

Who is the girl? Well, now that is a relevant question.

Let's find her. We don't know anything about her.

It's a waste of time.

Well, we know one thing. She's not a nun.

What about the gentleman?

You want to bring him in? I'm not making that call.

I'll take care of it. Okay?

You're telling me you got pictures of the Governor with some hooker?

Keep that to yourself.

MATT: What are you gonna do about it? I'm gonna see him tomorrow.

He could turn you into road Kill.

No shit!

Why don't you come downtown?

As a partner? Eventually.

What for?

Money. Real money. No.

I'm having too much fun doing what I'm doing.

There's only three fun things in life, paesano. Money, sex and power.

Two out of three's not bad.

Be careful your dream case don't blow your brains out.

What's this divorce stuff?

That. I was just yanking your chain.


You guys okay? Yeah.

Don't look so disappointed, David.

You're a cynical son of a bitch, man.

Yeah, that's why we're friends.

FEMALE SECRETARY: Governor, Mr. Corelli.

DAVID: Morning, sir.


Good to see you. It's always good to see our rising young stars, even if they're plotting headaches for my incumbent friends.

I like your boss. So do I.

Word on the street is that you were thinking about opposing him.


None of us ever run for anything, do we?

We just allow the party faithful to draft us. Yes, sir.

You know my aide, Bill Barrett. Nice to see you again, Bill.

EDWARDS: Sit down. Thank you.

I don't know how the hell I can help you with Kyle.

Poor bastard, I liked him.

Yeah, I've got a budget meeting in 10 minutes.

Actually, I was hoping to see you alone.

I don't have any secrets from Bill.

He not only knows where all the bodies are buried, he buries all of them himself.

There's something I need to show you.

Well, show me, quickly.

Push the fucking budget meeting back a half hour.

BILL: Yes, sir.

I'd like to be alone with David.

With the distinguished Mr. Corelli.


Where did you get these?

Kyle Medford's safe.

That son of a bitch.

Miserable, cock-sucking son of a bitch.


Who knows about them?

The investigating officers, my people.


And you, of course.

And me.

If you drag me into this business, David, if my name even shows up on the periphery of this, David, you better get the fuck out of the state of California because you'll have as much of a future here as Jerry Brown.

Who is Jerry Brown?

Wouldn't it just be an awful goddamn shame if one hairy little pussy and a thimbleful of sperm were to affect the future of this great state of ours?

Was Medford blackmailing you?

I don't get blackmailed, Mr. Corelli.

I do the fucking, I never get fucked.

I have my answer then.

Thank you for your help. Anytime.

I enjoy dispensing advice to those who care to listen.

You have other copies, I presume.

That's correct.

EDWARDS: Uh-huh.

Then I'll just hold on to these. Fine.

Good to see you again.

MAN ON MICROPHONE: Dr. Gavin is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the causes and treatment of violence in the workplace.

Her findings have been published in the National Review of Psychiatry and in her two bestselling works of nonfiction.

Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Katrina Gavin.

Good afternoon.

Today I'd like to examine a few situations common to your company and others in the changing workplace.

It's important that we distinguish between someone who has had a bad day that ends in a temper tantrum, and someone whose failure to resist aggressive impulses results in serious destructive acts.

The people who commit these acts are in many ways no different from you and me.

But they are no longer able to control their urges.

They disassociate themselves from their own actions, often experiencing an hysterical blindness.

They're blind to the darkness within themselves.




FEMALE RECORDED VOICE: You have reached the law offices of Gavin, Terry and Clarinda.

Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

At the sound of the beep, please leave a message.


Hey, it's me.

TRINA: Thought maybe you were working late, but guess not.

So tired of these things, honey.

I feel like I'm disassociating myself from my own actions.


Maybe I'm reaching hysterical blindness.

Hey, you better be careful, I might give in to an uncontrollable urge.

Anyway, I miss you.


How does that make you feel?


Be nice.

You don't give a shit about anyone, do you?

That's none of your business.


Governor Edwards called me.

Yeah? Yeah.

Are you out of your fucking mind, hmm?

The next time you go up there, you check with me first.


I want you off this case.

Cliff, am on to something here. I need a little bit more time.

David, I want you off the case.

You take me off this and I will go public, Cliff.

I don't think the Governor would appreciate that. Do you?

Why don't you work it up and try it yourself?

Maybe I will.

You haven't tried a case in 10 years, Cliff.

Will there be anything else?

Here's the Governor's lady friend.

She's 17 here.

Had to get into the juvenile files to get this.

Patrice Jacinto. 21.

Works for a beauty parlor in Chinatown.

One prior. One arrest for solicitation when she was a juvenile.

You talked to her yet? No, not yet.

Her bank account shows two $10,000 deposits in the last six months.

Medford's had this place a couple of years. His investment company leases it.

Hi, John. Vasko.

VASKO: I bet you just can't wait to see the bedroom.

POLICEMAN: Corelli. Morning.

Deep-seated massage oil.

And over here we have a harmony pillow.

"This pillow allows deeper penetration

"by positioning both partners most advantageously.

It raises the female hips, facilitating male entry.

You can inflate the pillow to varying degrees of hardness or softness while enjoying the thrill of rotary and floating action."

Over here in the nightstand, we got about three grams of coke.

Some poppers, some assorted children's vitamins.

My best guess is Ecstasy.

DAVID: This is the room the Governor was photographed in.

Maybe it's his bridal suite.

DAVID: You look in here? Yeah, that's been photographed.

Cristal, Beluga, Wolfgang Puck.

It's a fuckhouse.

It's not just a fuckhouse.

He's got a nice little camera over here.

And there's another one up here. Low light, high density.

Next door neighbor says he saw a lot of women come over here.

Hey, did you check out these jam and jellies and Clitorifics? I was thinking about you.

Honey, if I were you, I'd rip off a few of those butt plugs.

They're designed for the perfect asshole.

POLICEMAN: Inspector Vasko.

Take a look at this.

You think the lab can do anything with that?

They can try recycling it. Great.

VASKO: What's the story on this neighbor? KAREN: His name is Guy Henderson.

Claims that he never saw Medford here but he's seen a lot of women going in and out of the house.

DAVID: Can he identify anybody?

KAREN: I think he took a closer look than he's letting on.

His bedroom faces the Medford house and he's got a scope up there.

Well, I didn't spy on him or anything like that.

HARGROVE: I'm sure you didn't, Mr. Henderson.

A lot of women came up there. A lot of men, too.

How many different women did you see over there?

I don't know. Five or six maybe.

You ever see any of these women over there?

HENDERSON: Yeah. Yeah. I think I saw her.

VASKO: Patrice Jacinto.

She's been working at this Chinese beauty parlor for about six months.

Fifteen jobs in two years. Waitress, actress.

Wonder how she puts so much dough in her bank account.

Miss Jacinto? Yes.

VASKO: Can we talk to you? Yeah. Just a second.

VASKO: Shit!


DAVID: Watch it!


Watch out!


Patrice, stop! Patrice, Goddamn it!

Goddamn it, hold still! Goddamn it!


Here! Here, here! Shut up!

VASKO: Sweetheart, you're going downtown. PATRICE: No!


VASKO: Come on, come on, Goddamn it!

My name is David Corelli.

I'm the Assistant District Attorney in charge of homicide here.

Congratulations. Thank you.

Can I get you something to drink or smoke?

No. They said I couldn't smoke in here. Mmm. They were wrong.


Let me tell you how this is gonna work. I know how this is gonna work.

Goddamn it, I'm gonna fucking call my lawyer!

I can't believe you did this shit to me!

I'm gonna tell him what you did. Look at this!

Look at my face! Sit down, Patrice.

Now sit down.


You're right. You're gonna call your attorney and you're gonna tell him that I have a witness that can identify you going in and coming out of Kyle Medford's Pacifica house.

Sound familiar? You're gonna tell your attorney that I have pictures of you fucking the Governor of California.

And then you're gonna tell him that those pictures are going to ruin the Governor's career.

And you know what's gonna happen then, Patrice?

Your attorney is gonna tell you to go fuck yourself and hang up on you.

Payphone, right out there in the hall.

Wait a minute.

(SOBBING) Wait a minute.

I met Kyle at a party and he knew I was broke, so he offered me $500 a pop.

I mean, I've fucked guys for less.

I'd go to the Pacifica house and a guy would come in and we'd spend the night.

They wouldn't know who I was and I didn't know them.

A couple of those creeps, they didn't even want me.

They wanted this other girl that they'd fucked before.

They called her Jade.

One of those guys was the Governor.

Jade must have rocked his world.

Because he wanted me to bend over and turn around.

But I don't take it that way.

He told me that Jade, she took it any way. She couldn't get enough of it. She loved it.

I saw her once leaving Kyle's house.

She had long, beautiful hair and great legs.

Think it was her.

I never met her.

I'd like to, though. I'm into women mostly.








MAN: Corelli!

VASKO: Somebody sawed through your brake line.

There was no fluid in your wheel cylinders.

FEMALE DOCTOR: Basically, his blood count's low.

He's had a loss of consciousness.

He could have a concussion. We're gonna have to run some tests.

HARGROVE: Somebody up there loves you, Corelli.

They want to subpoena my records.

They talked to my CEO. He's gonna plead to two felony counts and tell him everything he knows.

What does he know? Everything.

You know Vince. He's my closest friend, 20 years.

Who is representing him? Laughton.

Harry Laughton? Yeah.

Has he signed a plea agreement? I don't know.

I know Harry. Don't worry about it.

What do you mean? He's a bullshit artist.

If it wasn't for me, he would have been disbarred.

What am I gonna do, Matt?

I've got four kids.

A trial will kill Sarah.

You will not go to trial. You will not do one day in jail.

All right? You have my word on it. Listen to me.

When they find out I'm representing you, this will all go away.

Everything. It's just that simple, okay?

We made the prints on the hatchet handle.

Patrice. No. But we got lucky.

They came off an arrest in Palo Alto in 1980.

Some kind of animal rights protest in Stanford. No charges ever filed.

But the Sacramento computer held the prints.

Anna Katrina Maxwell.

We're trying to locate her through the Stanford admissions office.

You okay? Yeah, I'm fine. Nice work.

Really appreciate you taking your time to do this, Mr. Henderson.

Just want to show you one more set of pictures here.

Okay. Anybody look familiar?

No, none of these are familiar.

Nobody from that set. Okay.

One more group.

One, two, I got one more.

Yeah. I've seen her over there.

DAVID: The one in the middle? Yeah.


Paesano, get in here. It's about time.

Tell Judge McCaldy I'll give him a ring this afternoon.

SECRETARY: Yes, Mr. Gavin. Come on.

She told you she saw Medford the day he was killed.

She said they were looking at a new Matisse for the museum, didn't she?

Matt, you know how this works.

Her prints are on the hatchet. I got to start at the beginning, don't I?

Well, she probably looked at the rest of his collection while she was up there.

What are you saying exactly? I'm saying that if I'm gonna eliminate her, I need to at least speak to her.

Fine. She'll be back from LA tomorrow. Talk to her.


Come on, David. You know her.

You know her as well as I do.

You were in love with her, for Christ's sake.

You're still in love with her. That's a cheap shot.

You think she could take a fucking hatchet to somebody and slice them up like a Sunday roast? No, I don't.

Which is why I need to talk to her.

Fine. Come out to the house, you have lunch, then you talk to her.



Yes. Can I help you?

Yeah, good afternoon. I'm Inspector Vasko, San Francisco Police Department.

Yes, come in. In the living room, please. VASKO: Thank you.

Hi. Hello.

Hi, Maria. Hi, Mr. Corelli. Nice to see you again.

HARGROVE: Cozy little pad.

VASKO: Yeah, kind of like Candlestick Park.

Sorry to keep you waiting. Hello.

Inspector Vasko. Trina Gavin.

Hi. Bob Hargrove. Hi.

Hi. Good to see you. Hi.

Matt tells me you were in an accident. Yeah, I'm fine.

Let's get something straight.

Mrs. Gavin has only agreed to talk to you because she understands she is not a suspect.

The investigation is not focused on her nor is she under suspicion at this time.

I think we can live with that.

HARGROVE: What can you tell us about your relationship with Kyle Medford?

I'm on the board of the Pacific Museum. Kyle was the chairman.

He felt the museum was too conservative in its acquisitions program.

So I supported his efforts to make us more active.

HARGROVE: Did you ever see him socially?

TRINA: No, not really.

I mean, my husband and I saw him at various functions.

VASKO: Did you ever see him alone?

Yes, one time. The day he died.

He called me, wanted to talk about the possibility of acquiring a new Matisse.

Said we had to move quickly. I was leaving town for a conference, so I agreed to meet him at his house.

That was last Saturday?


What time did you get there?

I got there around 4:00.

We talked about the Matisse, he gave me some tea, showed me his collection.

Was he alone?

Yes. Did anyone see you there?

No, I don't think so.

What sort of things did he show you?

He showed me this god-awful mask from the Cameroon.

I think it was a fertility mask.

And a hatchet.

He said it was more than 100 years old.

Did you touch anything?

I touched the hatchet.

The mask, he held it up. I can't remember whether I touched it or not.

HARGROVE: What did you do after you left Medford's house?

I went home. Was your husband here?

No. Was anyone here?

Staff? No.

Did you use the phone?

No, I had the machine on. I was preparing a speech for Los Angeles.

Look, I have no alibi until 9:00.

That's when Matt and I went to the Black and White Ball.

Is that what you're asking me?

MATT: Come on, Bob. What else do you need?

HARGROVE: Have you ever been to Medford's beach house in Pacifica?

I've only been to his house in the city.

I didn't even know he had a place in Pacifica.

Ever give Medford a silver jewelry box?

No, I never gave him any gift.

And you never had a sexual relationship with him?

What the hell kind of question is that, David?

That's why they're here, Matt. You don't have to answer that.

I said I had no social contact with him.

I do consider sex to be a social contact, David.

And, as you know, I'm married.

I think she did it. Why?

She's got no alibi and we got her prints on the hatchet.

And she lied to us.

Typical shrink behavior. They like to pull your strings.

HARGROVE: She was pulling your strings pretty good.






Yeah. Well, the guy almost had him convinced when these guys showed up.

POLICEMAN: Good morning, Corelli.

Hey, David, how're you doing?

Got something to show you. How're we doing?

Now, this is what you gave us.

We were able to transfer and enhance it using software algorithms.

Let's see.

This is how it looked when we got it. DAVID: Medford's beach house.

VASKO: At least it's not the Governor again.

Or the President.

Oh! Thank God. I can still believe in a place called hope.

It's a lot of jump cuts, but we were still able to save a few minutes.

You ever take it like that, Corelli?

Is that an offer, Inspector? You wish.

Now, we cleaned it up a lot more from this point on.

Cleaned it up? Right.

You keep working on this, you'll have a PG rating before you're through.

Boy, it's a wonderful country, ain't it?

Freeze it right there. Magnify it.




David, got a minute? Yeah.

Ms. Jacinto called three times. She wants to meet you somewhere at 5:00 today.

Okay. Tell her Fior d'ltalia, Washington Square.

WOMAN: Okay. She said it's about Jade.






DAVID: Get away from her.

Call an ambulance. Call 911, code three. Just do it. Come on, get out of the way!





MAN: Hey, you assholes!


Fuck! Fuck!












Man, you fucked up!



DOCTOR: Medical examiner's case, number 3209.

March 16th, 1995. Patrice Jacinto.

There are abrasions to the chin. The abrasions are minimally hemorrhagic and red to purple in color.

The neck wound is of a Y-configuration.

The horizontal line being five inches long and one half inch in width.

Well, we don't have a talking head anymore.

Somebody knew she was talking to us.

What happened to you? You fuck yourself up again?

I didn't know you knew the Governor.

I don't. I know Bill Barrett. Why?

You want me to introduce you? Go fuck yourself.

Aren't you glad you convinced her to talk?

What did you say? HARGROVE: You heard it.


HARGROVE: Hey, hey, all right. Come on. I am on to you.

VASKO: Come on. Don't do it. Don't do it.

DAVID: Get off me, Petey.

I am on to you.

KAREN: You wanna tell me about that?

I can't yet.

What is it?

It's a cufflink. Don't play with me.

I wanna know what it means. I don't know.

What if this comes up in trial, David?

There'll be questions asked I'm gonna have to answer.

I would never put you up for grabs.

You're taking a huge chance here. So are you.

Yeah, no shit.

There was something between you and Mrs. Gavin, right?

Long time ago. And you're okay with it now?

I hope so.

People who commit these acts are in many ways no different from you and me.

But they are no longer able to control their urges.

They disassociate themselves from their own actions, often experiencing an hysterical blindness.

They're blind to the darkness within themselves.

This is from a speech she made in Los Angeles, just a week ago.

We have her prints on the hatchet. We have her lying to us in her statement.

She was in Medford's house just before he was killed.

She's got no alibi.

What are we gonna charge her with? We don't even have a motive.

What about blackmail?

The murder weapon wasn't hers. No premeditation.

Jesus Christ. Matt Gavin's wife, are you people crazy?

He'll eat us for breakfast.

It was her. She did it.

What was the make of the car that killed Patrice?

Black Thunderbird. But you didn't see who was driving?

Or ID the plates? No, no plates.

What does Mrs. Gavin drive?

I've got three cars. A Jag, a Range Rover...

And a black Thunderbird, right?

All right. Bring her in.


Just the man I wanted to see.

Those photographs you left in Sacramento, I thought maybe now that you won't be needing them, you could help me find the negatives.

Why don't you help him, Pat? Yeah, right.

DAVID: Excuse me. Are you putting me on?

What do you need them for, David? They're not relevant anymore.

Beat it.

Aren't you going to read me my rights? HARGROVE: You can leave anytime you like.

Well, I've told you everything I know about Kyle Medford.

What else is there to talk about? This is about Jade.

PATRICE ON TV: A couple of those creeps, they didn't even want me.

They wanted this other girl that they'd fucked before.

They called her Jade.

One of those guys was the Governor. Jade must have rocked his world.

'Cause he wanted me to bend over and turn around. But I don't take it that way.

He told me that Jade, she took it any way. She couldn't get enough of it. She loved it.

What does this have to do with Katrina? Can I have that other tape, please?


DAVID: Mrs. Gavin, is that you on the tape? What the fuck is this? That's not her.

DAVID: Mrs. Gavin? MATT: You don't have to answer.


I'm sorry, Matt. Fuck you, David.

All right. Let's get on with it.

I met Jim at a fundraiser at the museum.

I'd never cheated on my husband before.

He took me to a house. I spent the night with him.


In Pacifica, someplace on the beach. Did you have sex there with other men?


I cheated on my husband one time, I didn't know I could be arrested for it.

PAT: You're not under arrest, Mrs. Gavin.

HARGROVE: You never called yourself Jade?

You never used Medford's house as a place of business?

No. Look, why don't you bring that girl on the tape in here?

She'll tell you I'm not this person she's talking about.

The girl on the tape is dead.



Excuse me.

Would it surprise you to know that Kyle Medford owned the Pacifica house?

TRINA: Yes, it would.

What if I were to tell you I have a witness who's seen you there on more than one occasion?

She's already answered the question. I'd say your witness was mistaken.

DAVID: Would you?

Where were you yesterday between 5:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon?

In the city. I met Matt for a drink at the Clift around 5:00.

And I went to my office.

I returned a few calls and then I went home.

I think I got in around 7:30 or quarter to 8:00.

How does this relate to Kyle Medford?

What were you driving? I asked you a question.

I'll do the questions, Matt. That's enough, Trina.

What were you driving? My car.

KAREN: Black 1992 Thunderbird? Yes.

Anything else?

Can you be available for a lineup tomorrow?

That's enough. If you're gonna charge her, you charge her right now.


Well, I think she had an uncontrollable urge coupled with hysterical blindness.

It's time for you to take yourself out of this.

I don't understand something. How could you do this to me?

How could I do this to you? What did you expect?

What did I expect?

I didn't expect to go downtown and sit in a basement in the Hall of Justice, and watch a tape of my wife fucking somebody.

What, you think I don't know about you? Know what?

I know everything. I know their names.

I know about the suite at the Fairmont Towers, sometimes your office.

I'm not stupid, Matt.

Is that why you did it?

We could haul it in, spray it with luminol, see if that's blood on the tire.

You'll get me a comparison with Patrice's blood?

VASKO: Yeah, right.

DAVID: What about this? This looks like blood.

VASKO: Could be paint transfer from an impact.

This is the car, Petey.

One problem. This car was reported stolen in Sacramento about a week ago.

Belongs to some computer company executive.

Not Mrs. Gavin's car. No.

But maybe somebody wants us to think it was.

This is the car, Petey. This is the car.


What, did the tape turn you on?

Don't you ever talk to me like that again. Do you understand me?


What are you doing here? I need to talk to you.

I can't talk to you, Trina, you know that.

I need your help, David. I'm afraid. Afraid of what?

Who am I speaking to?

Can l come in?

Come on in.

I didn't know Kyle was taping any of it.

I knew they were powerful men, but I had no idea he was using them.

He told me they were friends of his. How many were there?

A lot. I don't know. I lost track.

How could you let them do this to you? They didn't do anything to me, David.

It was my choice. I liked it. I was in control.

What about Matt? You don't fuck your husband that way.

That's not what I'm talking about. What did you tell him?

Nothing. He only knows about the man on the tape.

Who were the others? Men with money.

Reputations. I didn't have to fall in love with them, David.

It was safe and...

At least I thought it was.

David, I know too much.

One of them killed Kyle and Patrice. I could be next.

I think you should leave. I know too much.

I know you love me.

Don't do this. Don't do this.

Nothing's changed. Everything's changed.

What? You killed Medford.

Where are you going?






DAVID: San Francisco, DA. All right.


There's our last link to Jade.

Anyone who's ever seen her is either dead or suffering from penile amnesia.

Jade doesn't exist anymore.

Careful. You nearly stood on the murder weapon.

He was obviously killed with that.

Anyway, there doesn't appear to be any forced entry.

His brother came over to have dinner with him.

Found the body. The brother has a key.

DAVID: He's still warm. He's only been dead an hour.

How long? An hour.

DAVID: Where's the phone? It's right up there at the top of the stairs.

Hey, your friend Trina sure gets around. DAVID: She couldn't have done this.

Why not? She was with me.

Maria. Maria, it's Mr. Corelli. Yes, is Mrs. Gavin home?

No. Okay, how about Mr. Gavin?

Okay, would you tell Mr. Gavin that I'm going to my apartment, that I will be home at my apartment? Right. Thank you, Maria.

VASKO: Hey, where the hell are you going? David!




TRINA: Stop! Stop!





Hello? Hello? Hello?

You fucked her, didn't you? Huh? Huh? Matt, where is she?

Matt, where is she? She's in trouble.







Maria, are you in your room?

Anybody here?















This is Katrina Gavin. 1100 Hillsborough.


No, Hillsborough. Talking to one of your boyfriends?

DAVID: Drop your weapon.




Trina! Trina!

TRINA: No. You like it like this, don't you?

Let her go!




Who's there?



EDWARDS: It's a tragedy for justice when law enforcement people go bad.

They were cleaning up your shit.

They were just two loyal supporters.

Two supporters who got carried away.

They just wanted to see if Mrs. Gavin had any more pictures of the Governor.

They acted purely on their own out of misguided loyalty.

Kyle Medford was shaking people down.

He had pictures of you and he was killed for it.

Patrice was in those pictures.

She was next, and then Henderson, who could ID everybody.

That left Trina Gavin. Why are you wasting the Governor's time?

Anything happens to Trina Gavin, I have a roll of film with you and a dead hooker.

EDWARDS: And what if something happens to you?

Leave her alone.

Get the fuck out of here.

Ready, darling? We're gonna be late.

Where did you get these?

Kyle Medford showed them to me the day before I killed him.

You knew and you killed him.

He was a scumbag. He would've taken us both down.

I told you, I would never let anyone hurt you.

But I don't remember any of it.

You know what I think it is? Hysterical blindness.

Do me a favor, Trina.

Next time we make love, you introduce me to Jade.