Jailbreak (2017) Script

Today it became known that the charismatic genius boss Playboy - suspected of being the boss of the Butterfly gang, was sentenced.

He was charged with money laundering, extortion and murder.

The police drove him for many years behind what led to his imprisonment.

Playboy told the trial that he reveals - the league's real leader's identity. Mystical woman.

Oh, those pigs of Satan.

Pending the outcome of the appeal, she will be in Prei Klaa Prison.

You got me.

He is good. I have taught him.

We have received a police colleague from Paris.

She is from GIGN and she has come to tell us about her experiences.

I expect you to treat him well.

What did you say? That you're like us.

You've heard the news. Playboy is furious.

Dara, you lead a group that takes him to Prei Klaah.

Take Socheat. You look again?

Yea, I have just had a half years undercover.

I have not even had time to remove tattoos.

It's easy. Tharoth, you're coming along.

Why do you still have to be a babysitter to these guys?

Inspector Ly also leaves behind.

You can get on the ride tomorrow.

We do not know who the leader is, but Playboy is in danger.

The Butterfly Gang is not like the others. Its men are everywhere.

You have to be careful all the time.

They are skilled and do their utmost to get what they want.

They're dangerous. No obstacle is too much for them.

They clear it without hesitation.

Do not let their beauty mislead you.

They are beautiful women - but life-threatening. Fortunately, we have such a woman.

Hi, I saw you doing it.

It was Muay Thai, is not it true? No, but l'bokatoria from Cambodia.

Why do you always have to play first? Let me be.

Take a drink.

What would you like? Two Johnny Walkers.

Can I get you anything else? No thanks.

It will come soon. Black Label. Thank you.

Have some fun now. Cheers. Nice to see you again.

How about you? It has been a while. Is not that regrettable in France?

Ranskaanko? Not at all. Are you kidding?

There is always warm here, and the work is not so pressing.

What about tomorrow's job? Do not worry about it.

It's easy. Back and forth, sliding like a seal on the ice.

Do not worry. Do you see them? You are in good hands.

Those two... are they a couple? Nuoko? No no.

I will go now. See you tomorrow.

Want a ride? No thanks, I'm walking. A short distance.

It's about time.

Hope it is flavored as I said.

Good morning. I'll come in 10 minutes.

Could not have waited for lunch? You can eat later.

Yes, it's incredible.

Let's go.

On your knees.

Plan C.

Yes, it was a stupid idea. I'm leaving for death.

What now? You could think that you've never been supposed to.

I need to get to the kennel.

What does she want? Stubborn.

Really. I can not hold back anymore.

Try to take it. We're almost in touch.

Show it.

I got it from her grandmother. Come on.


I wondered why you would come. Then you know what we want.

It becomes expensive. $ 200,000.

It is not enough. Think about it. Your wife and your children.

They lose their debt. They have not paid a penny.

Let's say we're taking it now. What do you say?

This does not hurt you, but it looks real.

When? -Today. Before he starts talking.

What has happened? Last night's a victim.


Welcome to Prei Klaahan.

You three, to sleep!

What are you talking about?

What the heck? Ready for bed!

Well! Hurry up!

Bedtime! Hurry up!

You can keep it. It may be useful.

Just take it.

Your cell phone is not allowed. Do not touch it.

I put my number on it so you can call me when there is a lonely feeling.

You're already married to your hand.

Do not go too close. They get in touch and pull.

If any one of them goes to you - kill without hesitation.

If they get close to you, they will kill you without hesitation.


What is this place? The worst cases are here.

They have been isolated from others. Why?

They would eat each other.

That's where the cannibal is. She is from the province of Kampong Cham.

He killed and ate 18 men from different provinces.

He would soon have eaten the whole country. It especially holds the ears.

Let's go.

What now?

Come and help!


Hands on your head!

Go help her.

One two Three.

Want to kill him? No, but he wants to kill you.

Do not leave me here. They eat me alive.

You would have thought it before.

I have not done anything wrong.

I'm innocent. I've never done bad to anyone.

The question was just about money. What did you steal from others?

In a way, but nobody was injured.

Or are you innocent? What you want from me? Let me go.

Let me go. Well? Please let me go.


Let me out!

Are you ready already? Where's the Bolo?

I am here.

Damn. Just as hard as ever.

Was there anything? Nothing.

So we're stuck here. No weapons, and use a big lute.

Have fun doing this.

Do what it used to do. Let's go to Playboy.

That is not so terrible. We're not out yet.

Soon we are.

Further. Come on.

Come here, pig!

See who came to play. Enjoy yourself here.

I'll come when I'm free.



Look who are coming to the party.

Let's get out of here.

There you can wash.

Do not leave without me.

Who's that? I do not know. Whatever.

Let me out!

Are you alone? Are you lost?

Where is he? Has he not fallen asleep in the bathroom?

Thank you for release. It was a terrible mistake.


Stay away from me. Do not come here.

Do not you know who I am?

Do not. I just like women.

This is wrong. Do not take it.

It's my Remy Hou suit. What's Remy?

Fine. Now, I'm fine.

What now?

Well done. It is not worth congratulating yet.

Not good!

Watch out. Wait.

We need to find Playboy. What are you doing?

Whereabouts? There is no time to play.

What's wrong with you? We have to go back.

We have to find Playboy. Do not argue!


This is an important day.

We have been stunned enough. Let's go back now.

Lizards, watchers and Playboy.

Now here is a bitch too.

Kill them all. All and sundry.

If anyone tries to block the nigger out!

Kill the hook!

Do not let them live!

Kill everyone!

No signs of blood. Then she lives.

She's gone.

Where are you going? Looking for a way out.

If you want to stay for him, that's it.

Want to find Playboy?

Unless he's dead, he'll die soon.

We should really leave, but he is right.

Playboy needs to find it first. That is why we are here.

We can not leave without her. How do we find her?

How can we get out of here?

You saw what happened.

Where are you wearing me? Let go of it!

Let me go. Do not move.

Let. I've heard about you.

Eventually we will meet.

Let me go. You get everything I have.

Do not bother me when I practice.

Want Playboy Dead? Yes. Is he dead?

No, he's in our care. Who are you? What do you want?

Are you sure you want him dead? I want to.

200 000? Alright.

According to Hear, Spider-Man is more poisonous than a man.

But butterfly must die. What are you talking about?

Which one do you choose? Do you fall with a knife -

Or curse you? You can choose for yourself.

Fools! Get Playboy Closed!

Why are you driving me? Stop it.

Do you know that you are the only man in the Butterfly League?

Yes, I and your servant.

He is not a man in that sense. Do you know why you are here?

That's why I'm the best at what I do.

Let me be.

Do not get closer. I have a gun.

Sort of people. Now you're not so hard, are not you?


Hold on!

I'm stuck here. You're not alone.

Let's go to the control room. No, but over the yard and over the wall.

No, but the surveillance room. It would be a suicide.

It is our duty. There is no choice.

Let's go.


What are you waiting for? Let's go.



Socheat, where is Tharoth? What do I know?

He must be found. You did not believe me.

Shut up. Now it's not just about Playboys. Let's go.

You have to call up the aid.

Where are we going now? This is a short cut.

First called the aids. They're dead already. Playboykin is.

We're not going anywhere without them.

That's right, too, the pig here smells.

Are not you employed? Come play.

There are so many more. Do not be afraid.


Where are you? -Who is there?

Do not talk shit. Have you killed Playboy?

Is Playboy popular today.

I could not wait for this. Is this always something like this?

This is not usually the case here.

We're lost. We were here before.

Perhaps. Let's go back.

Oh, no, either again? Playboy! We protect you.

Quickly in the cell.

Do you want to die here? No.

Listen to us and do as we say.

Somebody did before us.

You come with me. You watch out for me.

Stay there and be silent.

Where are you going? Just take care of Playboys.

What are you doing? -Come on to stay here. I'm going to find others.

He said he was married. I am a bachelor.

So, stay here. Do you understand?

What the hell are you?

Me? Take him!

Mother, help!

Go over there. Be careful.


Socheat, call Colonel Pros.



Why does he not answer? Reply.

Does he not answer? Damn.

If you had believed me, we would be out. Now we are stuck here.

I'm with you. Take it easy.

What? I'm waiting for life outside of you.

I have a girlfriend and a hut.

What are you talking about? I do not want to die here.

Hey, come on!

What about the other watchers? Some are imprisoned.

Everyone can not get out. And the others are dead.

Trying to find a way out.

Oh, the sailor - Kannibal.

That I hate that type.

What's wrong with him? He is an ordinary man.

He is not human.

Do you see? I told you so.

He ate his own testicles in hunger.

What happened? Are you well?

You were knocked off. I was worried about you.

Compare it just is. You got a knife.

Let's go.

Is this the right route? Of course.

We finally get out of here. This is over...

Let's go back. What are you doing? Are you crazy?

Who is your boss? I got something for her.

How can this survive? It does not work.

What then is it done? We'll let you go to Bol.

Then I'll walk out of here. They're killing me.

Well done. Get in Playboy and you're a gambler.

Get Playboys. Now is being negotiated.

What? Negotiate? Let me get you.

Oh that what? Let me get you.

It may be that I will take both of you. But I brought her to you.

Do you think you can negotiate with me?

You're not here.

Okay... I'm going home now.

Too late. You're not going anywhere.

Is the last wish?

I'll get it if I can ask.

What has happened here?

One more? She does not look kind.

Let's go back. Get back.

What are you doing?

What a treat.

I have been in confinement for 10 years and waiting for this moment.

I have been devoid of everything. From screams, from blood - pain, death, extreme tension.

Outside is not known what evil is.

When I hoidellut you, is your little friend's turn.

Bring it on!


Hey beauty.

You look gorgeous. What is your name?




Hello. They have not come back, boss.

You should rest. There's no time.

I thought you were dead.

I am here now.

Thank you.

Where's Socheat? She went with Playboy.

Did you find him? Yeah, but we lost her then.

He can only be in one place. Unless he is there -

I do not know where else to look.

Uncle, can I ask you?

Uncle, I have a question.

Who are you calling the bride? -You. You look like a bunny.

Really. Why are you kidnapped me?

Who has given an order?


I suppose that was a positive answer. So I am right.

I would have an offer. Continue. I'm listening.

Whatever they offer, I double that.

Really? Do you have money?

Because you look like a hammer.

It's a good offer, uncle. You saw who wanted to negotiate!


Well done. Hope it was not too much trouble.

You could have fun.

How do you... How did I get here?

It's a long story.

I want more money. We had agreed.

It has become a change.

Back off. I do not fancy money.

Honesty and loyalty is important. Old values, you know.


That's not gonna happen to me.



Man against the man.

I am sorry about what happened. Shut up.

That stingy. This is not over yet.

Are you still about to kill me? You're gonna have a little more time.

Is she your friend? She's just a girl.

I see it.

Stay there.

You fought well. Join us.

Kill all the hooks!

Where's Playboy? He was caught. Sorry.

On your feet.

Moment of truth.

Now? We could not let you talk.

Is the last wish? Is.


If it suits.

If you were me, what would you do?

I was threatened with a 25-year prison sentence.

I would not have endured it. Would you be? That's why I trapped you.

Here's a bit hard to tell about their feelings.

But I think you know that I'm talking about it.

The fault is not mine. Was that all?

One more thing... Enough already.

Hi friends. Are you still alive?


Socheat, Socheat!

We came as fast as we can. We could be dead already.

Are you okay? Was it a job as you imagined?

You said it would be an easy job.

Do you feel good about returning to Paris?

Yes, there is still a little time left here.

Where's Playboy?

Make them definite.

I'm too old for these to work.