Janwar (1965) Script

Do you know why l have summoned you gentlemen here? l want to know which one of you was responsible for us not getting... the contract for supplying steel in Kanpur.

Mehrchand... Yes, sir?

You are the one who fills the tenders.

Can you tell me why our tender was rejected?

Each tender l prepare is based on the rates given by every department. l believe that the rate was too high. -Why? l had quoted the figures after consulting Mr. Mahindra Srivastav.

Why did you quote a rate which was not acceptable?

Well, we have very little stock of coal. ln addition, you are aware that we have a dearth of wagons too.

For this contract, we would have had to buy a lot of coal... at a much higher price than the market rate.

Did you meet the Coal Commissioner to find out the availability of coal?

There was very little time.

We had to register the tender at 10 a.m. the next morning.

Did you meet the Commissioner or not? l was waiting for him at his house till midnight.

He had not yet returned from the defense Council meeting.

Do not speak in your defense! l am concerned with work, not your talks!

The conference was going on in Mumbai, not Delhi!

Why did you return from there? You should have waited all night for him!

But Daddy,... Shut up! Don't daddy me anymore! l'm ashamed to call you my son! lt's a loss of Rs.500,000!

And now, you talk big! For how long will l go on listening to you!

At least, learn something from your younger brother Sunder!

He doesn't keep talking like you do, he works!

He's been studying day and night for his examinations these days!

Well done! Our college is sending you to Kashmir for a tournament.

And l am confident that you will enhance the name of your college. lf your blessing is with me, trust me, l will win the championship. l'm sure you will. Best of luck! Thank you!

What's the program for the evening?

First tell me, where is Chintu? Chintu? He was here a while back.

Oh no, Chintu! You have changed your appearance again!

My dear Sunder, l am a true patriot.

And l firmly believe in national integration.

Understand? No.

National harmony. Do you understand now?

No. Damn!... National unity. l don't understand at all. Not yet?

Fool! A man living in one State loving a person from another State.

This is called national integration.

My dream will not be realized until l marry a girl from another State.

Understand? You mean you have forgotten... the beating you got from Meena's father?

Even if the fathers and brothers of the girls from every State kill me... l will not give up my desire for national integration.

So you have your eyes on Calcutta this time? Where did you meet her?

She has recently shifted to the building next to ours.

Wow! What doe-like eyes she has! Let's go!

Thank you.

Are you coming to Kashmir or not? Oh sure. Why not?

But give me an idea. What idea?

To squeeze money from my stingy father to go to Kashmir!

Does he do the crossword puzzle? Yes.

Has he ever won a prize? Come off it! He's my father!

And you knowthat l am renowned for being the college's biggest duffer!

Come on, sit in the car.

Wait for me at home at 10 a.m. tomorrow; l'll think of a plan.

Why? What's the matter? Get in, l say.

Daddy... Why are you harassing me? when l am doing the crossword puzzle! Father, l had a dream today... that you have won the first prize of Rs.50,000 on behalf of SMDC!

Really, son? Yes, father.

Just give me Rs. 1 ,000'/- on this joyous occasion.

Rs. 1 ,000'/-? By the way, l completely forgot...

You will be thrilled to knowthat your son is going to Kashmir... on behalf of his college for a tennis tournament.

Just give me some money for my expenses.

Young man, you have played these tricks on me many times before!

But l will not get trapped in them now!

Keep dreaming about Rs. 1 ,000'/- until your dream is realized!

Shake hands! Greetings.

How are you? ls your name Mr. Gyanprasad?

No. My name is Gyanprasad. He is my son Chintu. l was wondering how an oaf like him could have such an intelligent name!

You are right. l share the same opinion about him.

My name is Sundaram Mundaram.

Goodness me! What a fortunate man you are! l have come from SMDC.

Then you must have some good news! Tell me quickly, what's the matter?

Why are you creating such a racket? l want to see how strong your heart is. -lt's very strong.

How about your pulse? lt races rapidly.

Tell me quickly, what's the matter?

You sent Crossword No.420, didn't you? Yes, l did.

Goodness me! How fortunate you are!

The first prize of Rs.50,000'/- is won by you! l won! l have won! l am assured of my Rs. 1 ,000'/-!

Watch out! Feel your moustache!

Daddy! Congratulations!

Did you see, my dream has come true? Yes, l admit that.

You do? Will l get Rs. 1 ,000'/-? Sure.

Here's Rs. 100'/- Go and entertain him.

And when you return, do bring a bottle of sleeping pills.

Sleeping pills? Yes.

For you, father? Not for me, but for you.

So that you fall into a deep sleep after taking them.

And you keep seeing such dreams everyday!

Thank you Mr. Mundaram!

Give me your blessings, Sir. l'll leave.

50,000! l have won 50,000'/- !

Okay Chintu, l'm leaving. l owe you one. What a plan!

You had him going. -At least you got your way.

You have to overcome obstacles to be successful. Look at me.

My whole life is in front of you. l have worked day and night to gain this wealth and respect.

However foul your mood may be today, l will say what l have to, daddy! l am going to Kashmir for a tennis tournament!

My blood flows in your veins!

This is the noble and holy blood of the Srivastav family! l've great expectations from you.

Why don't you realize that you are a Srivastav?

Hail the Srivastav family! There's my son! My son!

Daddy, l...

Do you know about my plans for your elder brother? l am going to get him married to Sir J.P. Sinha's daughter.

And you, l'm sending you to Germany for an engineering degree.

When he returns, qualified, all the work will be entrusted to him.

And then watch! No firm will be able to compete with us!

Daddy, l... l... How proud l will be... of both of you!

Prosperity will be bestowed on the Srivastav family because of you!

Hey, you were going to say something, weren't you?

Yes. l was going to say that... l mean... l have to go to Kashmir for a tennis tournament.

May l go? Of course, yes!

Thank You. But you will have to win. l'll do my best. l promise. l know.

There's a trunk call for you from Calcutta. lt's that idiot, Goverdhan. He's messing up every job!

Mahindra, l may have to send you to Calcutta a few days. Be ready.

Let's go. Hey, hold this. Go ahead and play.

Brother, what's this issue about Sir J.P. Sinha's daughter?

How about Seema then? Nothing will happen. lt's yet another scheme of my father. l will get married only to Seema.

Had you been in love, we,d have been married by now.

And l wouldn't have had to bear the taunts of my colleagues in office.

Everybody is saying that you're only putting on a charade of being in love.

That's an old story.

Perhaps you don't knowthat people are often jealous of the ones in love.

What do l do? l'm not getting a chance to speak to father. ls that the case, or are you unable to muster the courage?

You speak the truth, but do not worry. l will convince my father when he is in a good mood. l wonder when that day will come. Very soon. lt's time to go and Chintu isn't here. -Who is Chintu?

One of my old friends. -Have l met him before? lt's a good thing that you haven't because he's a bit mental.

No problem. lntroduce me to you girlfriend then. l donit have a girlfriend in my destiny.

You have taken the prettiest girl in the world.

Am l lying? Ask brother. lt's the truth. -Have you started talking too? lt's the truth.

Goodbye, brother.


Hang on guys... stop the train!

Seen your face in the mirror? Oh yes. This morning.

What attire is this? You look like a joker!

We are going to Kashmir.

And who knows what destiny hold in store for us.

Go get me some water. l'm thirsty.

Good Lord! l forgot to fill water in the thermos flask.

You mean it's as empty as your head?

Give it to me! l'll fill it at the railway station!

Make my bed! And bring me some milk.

Mr. Kalicharan...

Mr. Somnath. Give me some water. ls Soonanagar the station's name? lt's indeed very 'Soona,(deserted)! Hurry up! Quick!


Have you filled it? Yes, l have, Sir.

Hey, Chintu! You have already gone to sleep!

Drink some water or you'll have nightmares. Come on.

Come on!

Who are you? l think l have accidentally got into the wrong compartment.

You look like a thief to me! .... Pull the chain!

Look, please don't pull the chain or the train will come to a halt.

He'll throw me out of the train. Please don't do this. lt's a ladies compartment. l will be mortified. Please have some mercy!

Take a look at me. ls this how a thief looks? lt's a thriving business nowadays to get into a running train... and loot the jewelery of women! Radha, quickly pull the chain!

Sapna, he does not look like a thief.

That's what l'm saying. You shut up!

Radha you don't know, the fool you.

Look, l am a decent college student. lt's unfortunate that l have to hear all of you talk like this.

Have some mercy on me... Don't you dare!

Donit you dare! What are you trying to do?

Donit you dare or l'll pull the chain.

Don't pull the chain! Look, l put my hands up.

You can embarrass me any other way but please don't pull the chain.

Look, robbers are worried about embarrassment now.

When he's getting beat up by police officers, he'll see what he's done, Hands up! -He probably messed with a girl too.

l will never get off at a station to get water again.

He looks so handsome in this pose!

Here comes the station. Now get down.

We forgive you today. But promise us... you will never ever board a ladies compartment again! l will not. And l will never forget your wonderful behavior!

Thanks a lot for your hospitality.

Goodbye, ladies.

Let's go, water!

Room No.209 Thank-you.

Go to Room No.209.

Chintu, after getting beaten, come to Room No.209.


Which room will you be giving us? 206.

Take the lady's baggage to Room No. 206.

Radha, carry on. l'll buy a film magazine from the stall and come.


Not bad Will you have some tea, Sir?

What l need now is some sleep. l, ll send for you when l need you.


What's this! You've just arrived and have already gone to sleep?!

Just look at what a lovely place this is!

My word! Even the air here casts a spell!

Wake up and get ready. We'll go out then.

The water must be hot. l'll go and take a quick shower.

And then you can take a bath, okay? Hey! You're still not up!

Will you wake up or should l hit you?

l'm damned! l have entered a ladies room again!

So this is what it's all about! l'll show her now!

Madam is having a shower? How sweet!

Radha, please give me your gown.

Give it to me soon! Why are you harassing me?

Go on.

What's this? Who does this huge gown belong to?

Have you brought your father's gown?

You! You have come here too! Where is Radha?

She isn't here. Vile man! l'll call the Manager!

Manager, help! Shut up!

l'll hand you over to the police! What will you tell them? l'll say that a hoodlum has barged into my room... and is trying to molest me!

Before phoning the cops, see who has actually entered another man's room.

Meaning? Come here.

Look! This is Room No.209, not 206! Understand?!

Now l'll phone the cops and say that a tramp barged into my room... and tried to molest me.

Believe me, l came here thinking it was 206. l had even read it. l don't know how l was mistaken. l swear!

The other day, even l swore, l had come to your compartment accidentally.

But none of you believed me!

Today, l will also call my friends and showthe state the lady is in.

Perhaps, they will understand what you are doing in my gown! l implore you to let me go!

Certainly not! First, call your friends who had insulted me!

When they also apologize to me, l will let you go. l will call them right away. l will apologize to you in front of everyone.

Hey! Don't soil my gown!

Yes... What's the matter, Sapna?

Okay, wait there. l'll bring everyone.

l request you not to mention this to any of the boys. lt's a question of my honor. l'll think. ls everything all right? What are you wearing?!

Rascal! You have landed here too!

What are you doing with this rogue? This loafer must be sent to jail!

Ask your friends to take back their words and apologize to me!

What's going on here? Shall l tell you?

Listen. Yes?

We have misunderstood you. Yes.

Forgive us. Please forgive us.

That's much better. Your clothes. Let's go, Sapna.

Excuse me! Before returning my gown, do iron it. ln fact, wash it.

You crook! Same to you!

Help me!

What happened? -He'll kill me!

Who will kill you? -That lady's husband.

Which girl? -The one that l went mad over.

The one with a birthmark on her cheek..

Where is he? l will kill him!

He looked at my wife wrong. l'll kill him.

Get him out! -Calm down. l will tell you the truth. l didn't come here to listen.. l came here to kill him.

Why do you want to kill someone who's basically already dead?

What do you mean?

This guy is crazy.

Does your wife have a birthmark on her cheek? -Yes. So?

That's what l'm saying.

4 or 5 years ago he was in love with a girl...

...who had a birthmark on her cheek and she had an affair with someone else.

He's been depressed ever since.

He goes crazy when he sees a woman with a birthmark on her cheek.

So he's crazy.

Listen to the news...the price for one glass of milk is 1 rupee per foot.

Achaar is 2 rupees per yard.

Mangoes from Bombay are 10 rupees per bundle.


Chintu... -Why don't you lock him up?

He's not dangerous.

He just goes crazy when he sees a woman with a birthmark on her cheek.

Otherwise he's a good boy. l beg you to keep you wife's birthmark hidden while you hear.

Take care of him. -Yes l will.

Thank God he's gone! What will become of my National lntegration?

Your National lntegration? l'll shoot you myself.

Take it off!

You go ahead. l'll come in a minute.

Where are you going? -Just one minute.

This is not what you think it is.

What is it? -lt's a bar where people get drunk.

Bar? -Yes.

Show me a bar for once.

Let's go!

What a bar!

Don't look there or you'll invite trouble.

Where? At the man with the pistol?

What are you doing! l don't want him to see the beauty spot.

See? You did a great thing by hiding that beauty spot.

Let the beauty spot remain this way now.

Hey, you! Give me a sweet smile! Here you are!

Okay, my turn now.

Wait... l want the bhangra pose. Look here.

Okay. Steady?

All right. Am l looking handsome?

Hey, Chintu! You are damned!

Oh? Do l photograph badly? No! Look there. lt's the same girl.

Which one?... There are many here.

Fool! The one who is having her picture clicked.

(Song sung by male)"The red wand that stands its ground..."

"the fight it put up"

"l lost my heart"

"l lost my life"

"l eyes met hers, and our love story started"

"The red wand that stands its ground..."

"and the fight it put up"

"l lost my heart; l lost my life"

"Our eyes met, and our love story started"

"The red wand that stands its ground..."

"Those piercing eyes l had to look into..."

"a calamity l had to invite"

"catastrophe itself l had to clash with"

"Those piercing eyes l had to look into..."

"a calamity l had to invite"

"Catastrophe itself l had to clash with"

"Do not even ask what l have been through..."

"lightning struck my heart"

"l lost my heart; l lost my life..."

"Our eyes met and our love story started"

"The red wand that stands its ground"

"Why did it occur to me to walk into her menacing company..."

"her words were far more lethal than the bullet"

"Why did it occur to me to walk into her company..."

"her words were far more lethal than the bullet"

"What will happen now...?"

"every moment l spend is a difficult moment"

"l've lost my heart"

"l've lost my heart; l've lost my life..."

"our eyes met and our love story started"

"The red wand that stands its ground"

"Every arrow of hers found its mark"

"Thanks a million, Lord... l'm wounded at heart, but alive"

"Every arrow of hers found its mark"

"Thanks a million, Lord... l'm wounded at heart, but alive"

"She carries a dupatta so red... l call her the Red Wand"

"l've lost my heart..."

"l've lost my heart, l've lost my life..."

"our eyes met and our love story started"

"The red wand that stands its ground"

He'll remember it all his life. We treated him badly too.

But, Radha, he won the last round. l'm burning from within!

Forget him!

Let's go and practice on the tennis court for the match tomorrow morning.

Okay. l'll comb my hair and come.

l've been keeping an eye on you, my boy. lf you look at her again, l'll hit you myself, understand? l heard that the maiden is from Lucknow.

And l will send you to Kanyakumari!

Wow, that was fantastic!

You devastated her game. Thank you.

Congratulations! Believe me, l've never seen this kind of tennis!

The game was thoroughly enjoyable! Really?

Now, you win the trophy. Only then will there be glory to our college.

With your best wishes, l will even win the Davis Cup! ls that all? With your best wishes, l could land on the moon!

Shut up! You could've said that with a smile. lt's a holiday tomorrow.

So the final match will be held the day after tomorrow.

Listen to me? Are you mad at me?

Listen, will it hurt you if l say something? l've decided that if l love someone, he will be from U,P.

Ya? -Yes.

The fact is, my culture is very important to me.

Our way of living and our language is more important than life itself.

Why? You don't believe me? lt's not that. l have a request for you. l am from Lucknowtoo, for your information. l send you greetings.

Really? But you look crazy because of the way you dress.

The reason for that is l had an accident in the past. l can't even tell you how bad it was.

Then? -Then the person that gave me blood...

...he was a Punjabi and that's why l write in Punjabi.


Where did you live in Lucknow?

By the sea. -Sea in Lucknow? l mean by the "Sea Hotel." lt must be a new hotel.

A small present for you.

Your funny.

So you turned out to be from U.P.

Will you recite a poem for me?

Lion? Please don't mention that name.

My heart starts to beat really fast. l was talking about poetry.

You must remember Galib Sahib. l do. l remember Galib and Ghulam.

They used to go to school with me.

And Galib was the best at cricket.

Cricket? What are you talking about? l'm talking about Hassib Galib.

There's not a better poet than him.

Hassib Galib? l give him props.

He is fabulous. l have never heard of another person named Galib.

l can name you three people.

First, your Hassib Galib. Second, my friend Galib.

What? -My cricketer friend, Galib.

And the third... -Don't say the third was a tennis player.

That reminds me l must get back. My friend will kill me.

Mr. Sunder, greetings!

Don't start that nonsense... l'm writing a letter to father.

Gentleman, just take a look here.

Wow, Chintu! You look just like the blue-blooded Lucknowi Nawab!

Which means, you now have your eyes on Lucknow?

But beware.

Someone may come with a knife and stab you!

Now, l fear no foe! What did you say?!

Hey! l said, l fear no foe!

What does that mean? l fear no enemy!

Because my beloved is yet single and captivated in my love!

Yes, indeed! You're right.

Radha, Let's go sit in that old man's boat.

The one with a beard? -Yes. Let's go.

How much will you charge for an hour?

What's me age? l'm about 78 years old. l didn't ask for your age.

He seems absolutely deaf.

Children? l have 13.

Rupees? Give me whatever you want.

Let's go. -Sit.

They seem funny.

My name is not funny, it's Subatgeen. l wasn't talking about your name. l was talking about your funny behavior.

Who doesn't become funny with beautiful woman like you. l was just saying you were funny..

...but you turned out to be a romantic also. l've always been a romantic type of guy. l used to recite poems to my third girlfriend.

And then thereis my son who doesn't like poetry at all.

Hey! l mean my darling father.

Watch what you say or else...

Look, you don't argue with your father.

Let us hear a poem from him. l will recite it.

But you have to answer also.

l remembered you deep in me heart...

... like a flower blossoming in the spring.


Like clouds move calmly through the sky...

... like a sick person gains a miracle.

Your name is coming to my mind..

.. like your fragrance flows to me.

When l think of you, the morning seems beautiful.

Whenever l feel your sadness, l feel restless.

l don't know what hope l'm living on. l don't know what hope l'm living on. l'm going on a road where your no where in sight.

Your youth is showing.

Say something. -Let me have your book.

That means that now you want to read the book.

Go ahead and read.

Go and put another beard on buddy.

The water is very cold. l don't know howto swim!

The contest will be between Sunder Srivastav and Devendrapratap.

Mr. Sunder Srivastav, come to the ground!

Where is Sunder? l think he must've fled out of fear. l don't think he would flee out of fear.

He could very well be talking to a beautiful girl right now.

Chanda, there's a bed-bug annoying me! lt's been after me since long!

So haughty? l am not talking to you.

Do your work. That's what l'm going to do.

With your good wishes... The name is Sunder Srivastav.

You will be pleased to hear that... the Championship Cup will be given to Mumbai's Sunder Srivastav.

My victory must have surely made you feel unhappy.

At least, put on a charade and congratulate me!

This bed-bug has begun harassing me again!

Damn! l am fed up with Sunder!

For the first time today, l haven't seen his miserable face!

The fool has been pursuing me like a devil!

The devil never stops pursuing! ... but the man is not bad.

Sapna, why are these bottles floating here?

Come comes another.

There's something in this.

This is for you.

For me?! Yes.

"Sapna, l love you"

What does it say? Your head!

Sunder's pining for you. Hush! You'll drive the fish away.

Hey! l've caught a fish! Looks like a big one! Hurry up!

You! Hello. l was floating in the water and l took your bait.

Now, you may either fry this fish or roast it.

But do give me some coffee... l'm feeling terribly cold! l am freezing to death. l'll wrap a blanket. Please give me a cup of coffee.

Mustn't l give you poison instead? l ask, why do you hate me so much? l love you. l want to marry you. l come from a respectable family. l am a good student as well as a tennis champion. l can do everything for you,... even stake my life.

Really? Try me out.

Then go drown yourself. l will. But think it over. You will cry for me!

We'll see about that. Think again. l repeat, for the last time. Yes! l have thought about it!

Really? Good bye!

You girls are my witnesses! She's responsible for my death!

Bye, everybody!

Sapna, l love you!

What a romantic guy!

Let's see how long he remains in that freezing water.

He'll be out in a minute.

A minute's over.

He has still not come out.

You have killed the poor man!

You are responsible for Sunder's death.

Who do you think you are?

Are you so arrogant that you will play with people's lives! ls it a crime to love? But l never wanted him to drown!

How was l to knowthat he would indeed get drown and die?

"There's no one quite like you, my love"

"Let me tell you this much..."

"l belong to you, my love... just get to know me better"

"There's no one quite like you, my love"

"Let me tell you this much..."

"l belong to you, my love... just get to know me better"

"Like the breeze that blows... l will walk with you"

"Ever since l've fallen in love with you..."

"l've been meeting you and l always will"

"Like the breeze that blows... l will walk with you"

"Ever since l've fallen in love with you..."

"l've been meeting you and l always will"

"You are the very best"

"Let me tell you this much, my love..."

"l belong to you, my love... just get to know me better"

"You are the very best, my love"

"Let me tell you this much, my love"

"l belong to you... just get to know me better"

"l have a heart in which you live..."

"ln you, is my life"

"May you always be happy"

"lt's because of you that l live"

"l have a heart in which you live"

"ln you is my life"

"May you always be happy"

"lt's because of you that l live"

"You are the very best, my love"

"Let me tell you this much, my love"

"l belong to you... just get to know me better"

"There's no one quite like you, my love"

"But let me tell you this much"

"l belong to you, my love... just get to know me better"

"l tried to die... but l couldn't"

"My love saved me"

"lt is perhaps the magic of your love that brought me back to life"

"l tried to die... but l couldn't"

"My love saved me"

"lt is perhaps the magic of your love that brought me back to life"

"You are the very best, my love"

"Let me tell you this much..."

"l belong to you, my love... just get to know me better"

"You are the very best my love"

"Let me tell you this much..."

"l belong to you, my love... just get to know me better"

Sorry to disturb you.

Not at all, Manager. Please sit down.

We're starting a hostel for poor students in Srinagar.

That's a very noble idea. To raise funds... we're holding a special program. lt is my request, if you could present an item... it would be a major draw. We are also students... and are willing to do anything for their good.

Why don't you do a dance program with Sapna?

She's a wonderful dancer. That's a very good idea.

But you knowthat she even hates the sight of me. l think she will agree for such a noble cause. l will personally go and speak to her.

Come with me. Let's go and convince her.

Now have your cake and eat it too!

Do something noble. And also romance with Sapna!

Please come here, Mr. Sunder.

Didn't l tell you that she would never refuse such a noble cause?

For the dance,...

Yes. We have taped some good music for this program. l'll send the tape recorder. You can start the rehearsals.

Thank you!

Thanks for agreeing for the dance. When do we start rehearsals? l agreed to do the program; not the rehearsal!

Do your rehearsal separately. l'll dance with you only during the show.

What are you doing here! What's the matter, Chintu?

When will you be coming for the rehearsal? l have told a million times that l will not rehearse with your friend!

Don't say that! lt'll ruin the show. People will beat us up!

What can l do? My part is in the tape recorder... ask him to hear it and rehearse!

Sapna, l think you should have a final rehearsal with Sunder.

He won't eat you up! Shut up!

Why did you ask my friend to shut up? You shut up!

You asked my Chintu to shut up!

You shut up! You shut up!

Beautiful! Lovely!

My spectacles have broken. ... just a minute. Ceasefire! l only came to ask if you would rehearse with Sunder or not.

No! l will never do a final rehearsal with your friend!

Send the tape recorder here. l want to rehearse it here!

The show will flop if you refuse! We'll get beaten up!

Shut up! You ask me to shut up?

Get out from here! l'll report it to Sunder! l will!

Sunder, l don't think this show will take place!

She's not even willing to rehearse with us. Who does she think she is?

Whatever she thinks of herself is not enough.

Have you seen another girl like her in this world?

Chintu, l love her.

Hey Romeo, you will get ruined in her love!

Whatever happens... l love her.

But she won't encourage you! So think about the show!

We might get beaten up. Don't worry about the show, Chintu. l have rehearsed my part. ... l love her!

Madam is even asking for the tape recorder.

What? She's asking for the tape recorder? l'll return it in half an hour. l promise... and you know, l...

Enough! You will say, "l love her" Yes! l love her... l love her!

Let's go and eat. We've got to wake up early for the showtomorrow.

Come in.

Madam, the gentleman from 209 has sent this.

Keep it on that table.

Radha, you go and eat.

Won't you eat?

No, l'll skip it. l had a lot to eat with tea.

The tape recorder is also here, so let me rehearse.

Okay, l'll leave then.

Hello, Sapna... surprised to hear my voice, aren't you?

Yes, my voice comes from the tape recorder.

Please sit for a while. l want to tell you something.

Sapna, l love you from the depths of my heart.

Do you know where the beads of sweat on your forehead have appeared from... even in this chilly weather?

This is nothing but the burning flame of my love!

What have you done? You have wiped your forehead?

You look even more beautiful.

Are you going to pick up a glass of water?

This will not douse the fires which my love has sparked in your heart.

You have choked on it, haven't you?

Put the glass down. Come and relax on the chair. l will then tell you.

l fell in love with you the same night... when l had accidentally entered your compartment.

Looking back, l find that to be such a beautiful mistake.

How long will you go on wrapping your veil around your finger?

That's better. After reaching Kashmir,... l tried to get close to you every time.

To win over your smile.

But each time, l kept committing a blunder... which only distanced you from me. Won't you forgive me?

Yuk! Why are you biting your nails?! lt's a bad habit and l strongly disapprove of it.

Why are you staring that way? Don't l even have that much right over you?

That's it! By God's grace, l hope you keep smiling like this. lf l've made a place in your heart, then the phone is in front of you.

Just say hello to me. l eagerly await near my telephone to hear your sweet voice.

Sapna, l love you.

Stop waiting! Nobody will come here now!

Switch off the lights and let me sleep. And you go to sleep, too!

Crazy man!

"Have you seen that forehead? That face, those lips...?"

"in whose thoughts l have spent my life?"

Sunder has said that he will not dance with you for the show.

So that is how it is?

This show will take place, without him! l'll change the dance program!

Ask him to just sit at home! l don't need him! Understand?

"Sing with me... a song so beautiful"

Sing with me... a song so beautiful"

Sing with me...

"l belong to you... so does my heart"

"l belong to you..."

"l belong to you... so does my heart"

"We have been companions for ages"

"We have been together for ages"

"At your feet l lay my head in worship..."

"Sing with me..."

"a song so beautiful, sing with me"

"A song so beautiful... sing with me"

"ln a heart so fragile, l cherish your face..."

"ln a heart so fragile, l cherish your face"

"lt's you l see day in and day out"

"lt's you l see day in and day out"

"You are the God of my love"

"Sing with me... a song so beautiful"

"Sing with me... a song so beautiful"

"Sing with me..."

"At first sight, l took you for my own"

"At first sight..."

"At first sight, l took you for my own"

"You taught me to lead a life of love"

"You taught me to lead a life of love"

"Oh beloved, many thanks to you"

"Sing with me... a song so beautiful"

Sing with me... a song so beautiful"

"Sing with me..."

The credit for the success of today's show goes entirely to you. l went crazy over your dance!

Did you really like it that much? You were splendid! lt was superb!

But the fun of doing a new show with Sunder would've been something else.

But Sunder is not to be blamed for this.

Had you rehearsed with him, he,d have never refused to dance with you.

Thank you, Radha. l am feeling a bit stifled in this room. lt's too small for three people. So l had better leave.

Where are you going, Radha? l'm coming, too.

Before leaving, tell me, why didn't you phone me last night?

When did you ask me to phone you?

You mean, you didn't use the tape-recorder to rehearse last night?

Last night? Yes, last night! l was very tired last night, so l did not rehearse.

The tape recorder was just lying here.

You should have rehearsed. Why? Didn't l dance well?

No! That's not the case. So what is it? l mean, you certainly should have played the tape recorder.

Why? Was it anything special? Yes, it was.

Fine! l'll listen to it right now. No, not in my presence...


Hello, Sunder...

Your family has very aptly named you Sunder.

Because you are indeed 'Sunder,(good looking)! l think the Creator has made you at leisure.

Thank you. l fell in love with you at first sight.

Why didn't you tell me before? l hid this from you for so many days because l hated the way you behaved.

l apologize for that.

There is no need to apologize. l have already forgiven you.

The other reason why l was quiet was that, this is my first love. lt's my first love too! ls it your first love too? l swear it!

Whenever l think of you, there's a stir in my heart. ls this love? Yes! This is love!

Sunder, l hail from a very poor family. l am not worthy of you at all.

Even the clothes you see me wear are not mine.

These are given by my friends who have come with me.

And you come from such an affluent family!

That's why l say that you and l are poles apart.

Don't say such things... please! lt's a fact. That's why l want you to knowthe truth about me.

All these things make no difference to me!

Think about it. l have! l will eagerly await you at Echo Point.

l'm coming!

Here l come!

So the lady is already here. Great! Let her wait.

She has given me enough trouble.

When Sunder arrive, what will l tell him? l will die of embarrassment. l have spoken my heart out in the tape recorder.

So, you were hiding there to bother me?

While l was anxiously waiting for you here! Wicked man!

Even you have made me wait by the telephone all night!

So is this how you take revenge! l'll skin you alive now!

When l saw you sitting there, l was lost in another world.

l felt as if all the world's beauty was embodied in you.

Nowtell me, are you a living deity of beauty...

... or am l only dreaming?

Sunder, these hands of mine are not as beautiful...

...as the poets describe them...

...but you'll see that they will serve you day and night.

You will not see diamonds in my eyes.

But you will be in them forever.

My lips may not be the perfect pink..

...but they will always symbolize our love.

Look, l am a straight and poor woman.

Will you keep loving me like this forever?

l will love you like this in all ages to come.

Don't say that. l'll believe you.

And l'll cry because of joy.

l am telling the truth.

Tears are still coming to your eyes so just let them come.

Why are you whispering?

So no one else will hear.

They might cast an evil spell on us.

But who's here besides me and you?

The mountains, the ice, the wind...

...their all listening.

They don't understand us.

No. They listen and they talk too.

How? l'll show you.

Now you say it.

Say it.

Now it's your turn.

Say it otherwise they will be mad at you.

They want to hear your voice. lt will be a symbol of our love.

Give the first symbol of our love.

"My love will forever remain youthful..."

"it has been young, it will always be"

"My love will forever remain youthful..."

"it has been young, it will always be"

"l will pine, and l will say..."

"it has been young, it will always be"

"There's no one like you in the whole world..."

"there isn't anyone like you in the whole world"

"You are the one l have desired;

"you are the one l have chosen"

"You are the one l have chosen, you, l will always choose"

"Young, my love has been... and it will always be"

"My love will forever be youthful..."

"it has always been... and it will forever be"

"There's a fire raging in my heart..."

"there's a fire raging in my heart..."

"it tells me that my goal is at hand"

"My goal is right here"

"These fires have never been doused; they never will be"

"lt has always been youthful... and it will always be"

"My love will forever remain youthful..."

"lt has always been... and it will always be"

"ln your arms if l were to die..."

"in your arms if l were to die..."

"how beautiful death would be"

"How beautiful would death be"

"Not even the pyres could destroy it..."

"lt has always been young... it will always be"

"My love will forever remain youthful..."

"it has always been, it will always be"

"l will pine for you and l will say..."

"l will always love you as passionately"

l think about you at night...

... like wind flows quietly.

Like clouds move calmly through the sky...

... like a sick person gains a miracle.

My heart dreams...

...to fill your head with vermon.

l have found out...

...that your love is true.

The flowers haven't bloomed. l haven't found her.

Nor am l happy.

Days passed in a daze.

You have come...my search has ended. l have searched for a long time.

Every day passes by...

...and l can smell your fragrance.

When l think of you, morning seems beautiful.

When l feel your sadness, my nights become restless.

What hope am l living on? l'm traveling a road where your no where in sight.

Chintu, what's the matter?

We are returning to Mumbai. What's there to cry about?

That's what l'm telling him. That l'll meet him every day.

Now what do l explain to her?

You knowthat Dad must be waiting for me at home!

Why don't you say something, Sunder? What about the SMDC prize?!

What's the matter, Radha? l don't understand a thing.

What's it about, Chintu?

That's strictly between Sunder and me.

O, Sunder Munder,... may you be damned!

Trust me. Only we will get the contract. lt will be signed by tomorrow or the day after that.

How can l trust you! What will l tell Dad if he phones today? l will have to give an answer.

How are you? What's new?

Mr. Manager, please bring the file.

You've been in Calcutta since 4 days but you didn't meet me!

What can l do? l am really tied down with a contract. l understand.


What l feared, has happened. lt's dad from Bombay.

Obviously, it will be your father's phone from Mumbai, not a film star's!

What about the coal contract?

We will get the contract by tomorrow or the day after. lndeed! What else could l hope for from a useless man like you?!

Do you have any idea, how much loss l will incur if we lose the contract?

But we are not delaying matters, the people at Asansol are.

Shut up!

A clerk earning Rs.300'/- would have done the job better than you! l made a mistake by sending you to Calcutta! ldiot!

Daddy... hello! O blast it! l hate this!

He wants a slave, not a son! l've brought the file.

To hell with it! l have nothing to do with this file!

He scolds me and orders me around all the time! l am fed up of life!

Relax, Mr. Mahindra! Every father...

This is no time to joke!

No, l am not joking!... You've gone crazy.

Come with me. l will take you to a place... where you will not only forget your father but yourself too!

Come on! Oh come on!


Your back? How are you? l'm great.

Where's mom and dad? -There eating. There waiting for you.

You feed me a lot! Just see the way l look! Alright.

Daddy! Ma... My son! My son!

You didn't even inform us. Or we,d have sent a car.

Father, look, l have won the championship.


Didn't l tell you that my son would return a champion?

Mother, has brother returned from Calcutta?

Your father says that it will take 10-15 days more.

Sit... feed him a lot.

My son is a champion! l'll return by evening. l'm busy. Sorry, son...

You have not put on weight even after returning from Kashmir.

When l left from here, l weighed 1 70 pounds. l weigh 180 pounds now.

Really? Yes.

Touchwood! ls this a piece of wood! Touch the chair or the table!

How was your trip to Kashmir?

What are you asking! lt was a sheer joy of living! Your son is in love.

With Kashmir? Mother, you have spoilt it all! l am talking about a girl. Which family does she hail from? ls her father also a big businessman?

No, mother. She is not a girl from an affluent family like ours.

She is poor, an orphan...

Are you mad?! Do you want to disgrace your family?

You know your dad's nature. lf he learns of it, it will be disastrous! l can sacrifice the world for her! l'm afraid, if the alliance does not work out, it'll break your heart.

Ma... Okay, go and change.

Let me think of howto put across to your father.

Oh Ma! You're a sweetheart!

We,d visit the Dal Lake everyday.

How was your competitor's game in the tennis finals which you won?

Her game was better than mine, but she could not pick my swift services.

And what about your friend Jamaal?

She could not even reach the semi-finals.

And what about the boys of your college?

Amongst the three boys, only Devendra reached the semi-finals.

Whom Sunder of St. Xavier's routed.

He used to boast off a lot! Sunder left him defenseless!

Will you get up and work now or keep discussing games all day?!

The poor girl has just arrived. Let her rest today.

What was your darling doing in Kashmir, if not resting?!

My children were getting roasted in the heat.

And this selfish girl was touring the mountains!

Children, get up and eat your breakfast. lt's time to go to school.

Sapna, go and wash the clothes!... And you also get up!

lt wasn't only my fault! That Sunder...

Yes! Where is he?! l have to thank him too.

He was the first one to give me the good news about the prize money.

Sunder Munder is also damned! But, father, l had not sent him here!

He is a fool! He came here on his own!

What nonsense are you talking!

Do you know l bought some defense bonds... with the Rs.50,000'/- which SMDC awarded me?

Say that again! What award did you get?

The first prize of cash worth Rs.50,000'/-.

You mean you really won it? Yes. l got the prize the next day after you left for Kashmir.

My dream came true?! lt most certainly did!

Believe it or not, last night l dreamt... that you were getting me married to a girl from Lucknow.

Then we'll have to fulfill that dream too.

Tell me her address and l, ll go meet her tomorrow.

Tell me something. How do you like these two names?

Sanjeev and Sunderta?

One name appears to be a boy's, the other, a girl's.

Correct. Why?

Who are they? Do l knowthem?

No, you don't knowthem now, but you will, later.

Because these are the names of our future children.

Quiet! Aren't you ashamed to talk like that?

What's there to feel ashamed of? We will get married.

And after that, naturally, we will have children!

So l've already chosen the names. But why choose two names?

Because l don't know whether it'll be a boy first or a girl.

Give me some assurance. So l chose both the names.

Both the names are very nice. Sunder, let's get married fast.

You're a girl and you talk this way!

But what do l do? l love you very much. l'm afraid that somebody may snatch you away from me.

Crazy girl, l should be the one to feel afraid.

Just think. There's no other lovely girl like you in this world... who will enter my life again. l have already spoken to my mother. l am only mustering courage to speak to father.

You are a very disturbing element, Mr. Chintu.

Keep mustering courage, while we, ll even be getting married in 2 days. l knowthat. Really, Chintu? Congrats!

Thank you! -Congratulations, Radha! Please sit.

We won't sit. We have to distribute many cards. l've invited 2,000 guests and at least a thousand will surely come.

And even if 500 of them bring gifts,... then we won't have to buy any household items for 5 years!

How mean! Does one think like that? l think of everything.

Don't bore me now! What do you mean...?

Can l...? Sit down.

Sapna, won't you help us in distributing the cards?

We will. Let him get the bill. And you will pay it. Finish the coffee.

Did you hear? Chintu's friend is presenting a very good item.

Hey! Where's your father?

He is somewhere here... there he is!

Oh yes! There he is... See you.

Ladies and gentlemen... take your seats, please. Go on.

There is no need to mention why we have assembled here.

Our classmate... your dear friend...

Chintu - his dream of national integration has come true today.

All of you have come on this special occasion.

On this special occasion, we would like to present a song to you.

"Look, no one knows yet."

"Look, no one knows yet."

"My heart loves you."

"My heart loves you."

"Look, no one knows yet."

"Look, no one knows yet."

"My heart loves you."

"My heart loves you."

"We meet because of destiny."

"We also create false promises."

"We meet because of destiny."

"We also create false promises."

"My heart loves you."

"My heart loves you."

"Look, no one knows yet."

"Look, no one knows yet."

"My heart loves you."

"My heart loves you."

"Our smile is always distant."

"We see sorrow in every joy."

"Our smile is always distant."

"We see sorrow in every joy."

"My heart loves you."

"My heart loves you."

"Look, no one knows yet."

"Look, no one knows yet."

"My heart loves you."

"My heart loves you."

"Why should we care about the world now?"

"lf they want to make excuses, let them."

"Why should we care about the world now?"

"lf they want to make excuses, let them."

"My heart loves you."

"My heart loves you."

"Look, no one knows yet."

"Look, no one knows yet."

"My heart loves you."

"My heart loves you."

"Look, no one knows yet."

"Look, no one knows yet."

"My heart loves you."

"My heart loves you."

"My heart loves you."

"My heart loves you."

l did not approve of one thing. Yes?

You have designed 13 doors for the house and l don't like number 13.

Oh! Even you believe in numerology!

Hello Sunder, my son... my darling son!

My younger son Sunder.

Meet Mr. Sinha, Mrs. Sinha...

That's Miss Sinha... Your future sister-in-law.

Excuse me, l'll change and come. Please do.

He plays tennis very well. Really?

Have some sweets on this joyous occasion.

You should have at least asked brother before fixing the alliance.

Sheel... listen to this.

Sir J.P. considers No. 13 to be unlucky just like you do.

Excuse me, Sir. What's it? l'll be back soon. No problem.

Carry on. Have some sweets.

Sure! You haven't eaten a thing. l'll be back soon... l'm sorry.

l've been told that you work in my office. What do you want to say? l don't approve of my employees coming home.

Sir, it's something very important. That's why l have come to you.

Then say it quickly! l don't have time for trivial matters! l have affluent guests at home! Hurry up!

Oh God! Bansi...

Now, go on.

Just tell me when Mr. Mahindra will be returning from Calcutta.

What have you to do with Mr. Mahindra?

Everything. He means everything to me. What nonsense are you talking!

Are you in your senses? l wrote many letters to Calcutta but did not receive any replies.

Stop talking in riddles! Explicitly state your relationship with him!

Well, l... l am carrying his child. lt cannot be! This is a lie! l have told you the truth. Shut up!

My son isn't the kind to disgrace himself with a worthless typist! l am poor, but it's not just a few rich people who are decent!

How can a woman possessing no honor, speak about respect?!

Doesn't love mean anything to you? Mr. Mahindra loves me.

He had said that he would convince you to get us married. l am familiar with such tricks!

You only want to extort money from the rich by speaking like this!

Trust me, l have not come to you with any such intention.

Every blackmailer says so! How much money do you need to get lost?!


You cannot weigh the honor of a decent girl with money!

How can you speak about honor?

A decent girl does not lose her chastity before marriage like you!

God is witness to our marriage.

Do not malign my innocent son! lf you can't marry the man who has put you in this mess,... then, out of pity, l am ready to help you! Just wait!

Here's 20,000'/-! And don't ever show me your dirty face again!

The arrogance of money drives man so blind!

Mr. Sunder!

Do you know a lady called Seema who works in the boss's office?

Yes, l do. She is supposed to get married to brother.

Oh no! The boss humiliated her and threw her out of the house. l fear she may harm herself. Why?

She mentioned that she was pregnant. Please go and save her soon!

Bansi has told me everything. Meet me at the station in half an hour. l'll take you to Calcutta to brother. lf God wishes, everything will be all right.

Why hasn't he replied to my letters? We'll talk to him about that.

There is very little time. We have to board the 7.30 train.

Please hurry up! Okay.

Thank you all for coming.

Chintu, why are you traveling third class?

What can l do? My respected father gave me so little money... that l got third class tickets with great difficulty.

Else, l was planning to travel without a ticket!

Radha, which places will you go to? Ask him.

We plan to undertake an All lndia tour.

From here, we will be going to Nagpur, Sholapur, Jaipur, Kanpur...

What's it!... And to Gurdaspur.

But why hasn't Sunder come yet? l am surprised myself. He had told me that he,d come here directly.

And he is never late. There's Sunder!

But who was that lady with Sunder? Sapna, do you knowthat lady?


Pardon?... Mr. Sunder is not here. He is away in Calcutta. l cannot say when he'll return. His friend suddenly fell ill... so Mr. Sunder has gone to reach him to Calcutta.

He has gone to Calcutta. His friend suddenly fell ill.

So Mr. Sunder has gone to reach him to Calcutta.

When will Sunder return? lt will take 8-10 days. He said that his friend suddenly fell ill.

So he was taking him to Calcutta.

All right. Mahindra is also there. Both of them will return together.

Do you know what plans l have for Sunder?

When he returns with a degree from Germany,... l will talk to him about getting married to Justice Saxena's daughter.

Nowthat you have raised the issue, let me tell you... that Sunder loves somebody. Really? Who is she?

The girl Sunder danced with, at Chintu's wedding.

Oh! She looks very sweet. Yes!

Whose daughter is she? Someone has raised her. That's it.

Who are her parents?

That's not exactly known. The poor girl was brought from an orphanage.

What nonsense! Has Sunder gone crazy?!

Does he think he's doing a noble deed by marrying an orphan?

He's set to become a social worker!

Please don't break his heart; he wants to marry her.

Please meet the girl's family once.

Sir... Sit down!

Who is Sapna?

Sapna? Are you inquiring about my daughter?

Don't you knowthat she is trying to cast my son, Sunder, under her spell? l don't understand.

She is dreaming of marrying him!

As is the desire of several other girls from lower class families!

Believe me, Sapna is not such a girl.

Go home and give her a character certificate! l have called you today... because l want to put an end to Sapna's drama! l assure that she is not...

An orphan who doesn't even know about her parents... ls she worth being my daughter-in-law?! l ask, even if Sapna was your own daughter,... would she have been worthy of being my daughter-in-law?!

You are a rich man. You can say anything.

For how long have you been working in my office?

Well, l have grayed, serving you.

How many children of your own do you have?

Four. lf you lose this job, you know the plight they will be in.

And you knowthat if l wish, then you won't get a job elsewhere.

Sir, please don't think that way. l am a very poor man. l have served you with all sincerity.

Then, do this much more.

Get Sapna married elsewhere. l give you 10 days time.

You may leave now.

You'll get your pay, when she gets married within 10 days, understand?

Sapna is my daughter. l won't get her married to just about anybody!

And l will not let my kids starve to death because of your darling!

What will happen when your boss sacks you after 10 days?! l never said that l don't want to get her married.

But l must find a suitable boy. ls Ramlal not a good match?

His character is questionable. He's a drunkard.

So do you think your darling girl is going to get a noble soul?!

Don't interfere! l'll call the boy's family tomorrow... and fix the alliance, okay?!

You may not have conceived Sapna, yet she is your daughter.

Will Ramlal mend his ways after marriage?

Yes, he will. Leave everything to me.

All right, as you wish. But let's ask Sapna for her opinion.

Hear, hear! Will we have to take her opinion also now?! l will call Ramlal tomorrow and fix the alliance!

Mother, sister is crying.

Father! My dear!

Please don't push me into this hell! l will not marry Ramlal. l will die! l am helpless, my dear.

That's enough! This drama won't do here! l will call the boy's family tomorrow! And listen to me carefully! lf you misbehave, l will not spare you!

Come on! Let's go!

Sister! Please don't cry!

Please eat, son. Please eat.

The sweet dish is delicious! l think Sapna must have prepared it. l understand!... Go and ask Sapna to bring some hot tea.

Please eat... Ramlal, please help yourself.

Respected father, when you read this letter,... l will have gone very far away.

Maybe, away from life, from a place where one never returns. l cannot marry anybody else but Sunder.

And you cannot fix this alliance. l understand your helplessness.

So, l can think of no other way but to kill myself.

Has your desire been fulfilled at least now?

A poor girl's shadow won't be cast on your affluent family now, right? l am my daughter's murderer! l have killed her! l have killed her!

Sunder, l wanted to kill myself.

But your love deprived me of the courage to do even that.

You may have returned to Mumbai by now. lf you still love me, then come here as soon as you receive the letter.

And save me from this dilemma between life and death.

Come in, Mr. Manager. You have been here for a week.

As per the rules of our guest-house, you should vacate the room today. l am extremely worried as it is, Mr. Manager. l still have not found the man l came in search of, to Calcutta.

Please give me a few days more.

Okay, l'll give you 4-5 days more. But l won't wait beyond that.

You didn't find out anything even today, did you?

Calcutta is a very big city, Seema.

But l assure you, l will surely find brother.

You have been assuring me of this since 8-10 days.

But l know my fate.

Please don't waste your time for me. Go back to Mumbai. l can understand your disappointment, Seema.

But why do you forget that he is not only the world of your desires... but my brother as well? Why has he left me in the lurch?

No, Seema, don't... Everything will be fine.

This is Sunder. Who's speaking?

Yes! l'll be down in a jiffy!

Congratulations, Seema! We have found brother! lt was our Manager's phone. He's waiting for me downstairs. l'll be back soon!

Mr. Manager, where is my brother and how is he?

What do l say? l feel embarrassed mentioning it.

Why? ls everything all right?

He is involved with a courtesan named Bahaar these days.

And he has been in her house since many days.

A courtesan?... Brother is involved with a courtesan?

What's this?

What was the need to apply 'alta, on such lovely feet? l would have kissed them and made them red.

Come off it! Can one trust the word of men?

They kiss feet at night, and don't even see the woman's face at dawn!

No. My love for you is true. l swear by these lovely feet! No, brother, don't!

One swears by the feet of those angels who show men the correct path.

You! What are you doing here?

My search for you has brought me here.

Who is he? He is my younger brother Sunder.

And, Sunder, she is my darling Bahaar.


Elders introduce the younger ones to nice and noble people.

And you introduce me to...

Let him speak. l will not be offended.

Please sit. No, thanks!

Brother, please come out. l want to tell you something.

No! Say whatever you have to, in front of Bahaar!

What's wrong with you? Aren't you even concerned about your honor?

Don't speak only about honor! Talk about our affluent family too!

Just as father does, whom l hate!

Does one speak like that about elders?

Yes! Why not?!

Go and tell your darling daddy that his son has become a rebel!

He has used me like a pawn all along!

But l am free man today; l am not his slave! ls this the way to express your freedom?

You can sit across the table and resolve your differences.

Why run away like this? Who says so?!

What am l afraid of?! What am l running away from?!

From life, reality... from love! Whose name is Seema.

Whose name was Seema! Now, the name of that love is Bahaar!

My darling, you love me, don't you?

See? She loves your money, not you!

This is a lie! She has sacrificed everything for me!

She loves only me!

This is not love but a pretense, a charade!

She is not a woman, but a disgrace to womanhood!

She is a whore! Shut up!

This is what binds you with her... alcohol.

Whereas, you and l share a bond of blood.

And blood is not cheap like wine!

Seema, please don't ask me anything as l cannot tell you a word!

What! ls there another girl?

Girl? Had it been a girl, it would have been a different matter.

Because every girl is somebody's sister, daughter or lover.

But brother is involved with a... a prostitute!

Who does not belong to anyone!

Trapped in the false love of that prostitute,... he has forgotten himself, his family, me... and...

... and you also. He has forgotten...

Now, sleep for half an hour.

You will recover with this injection.

Come here everyday. l'll change your dressing.

l am not badly hurt, am l?

No. God saved you. Now, sleep for half an hour.

Don't get up. lt's the doctor's order. Go to sleep.

Don't speak. The doctor has asked you not to even speak. Go to sleep.

Congratulations! You are going to be a father.

Don't you believe it?

When a man hears he's going to be a father for the first time... he often gets nervous.

There's no need to get worried. She fainted because of weakness.

Otherwise she is perfectly healthy. l have prescribed the medicines. Give it to her regularly.

Your fees? Rs. 15. Give it to the nurse.

Please don't stop me, doctor! Let me die!

You are like my daughter. Share your sorrows with me. l will surely help you. l've had enough of these excuses! l want the hotel bill!

Excuses? What do you mean?

My Money Order hasn't arrived, so where will l give you the money from? l also forgot to carry my Diners club card. Ask her. l don't know about that! l want you to pay the bill for 4 days! lt's the limit. You humiliate a big shot like me just for the payment!

Come to Mumbai. l will extend my hospitality to you for 8 days, and yet, not insult you.

Don't act too smart! Will you pay or should l call the police?

There is no need for you to do that!

Take these and adjust it with the bill!

You don't have the courtesy to talk to decent people! lt is a fact. Hey! Chintu!

Did you see? This is my Money Order!

What are both of you doing here?

We are on a fabulous honeymoon tour.

We have already been to many places.

We went to many religious places.

And were leaving for Jhumri Talaiya.

Father's Money Order has not yet arrived, so this man got suspicious.

Or we would have escaped the day before yesterday.

And he has been humiliating us for a paltry amount!

Open insult! Put their bill in my account.

How could you come away without informing Sapna?

And what are you doing in Calcutta? Where is Sapna?

And who is she?

Go to my room upstairs. l'll explain everything.

Okay. My room keys...?

ls this the time to come? l have been waiting for you since so long.

Come and be the good fortune of my life!

Greetings! Who are you?

My name is Sheikh Kalimullah. l represent His Royal Highness...

Sir Bachchan Singh of Dhum Dham Nagar. l am his secretary. What are you doing here? l have come to meet Ms. Bahaar.

My name is Bahaar. What is it?

My king is all praise for you. He wants to hear you sing and dance.

Tell your king that l have quit doing that since some days.

You don't refuse His Highness!

His chartered plane will take him to Timbucktoo tomorrow morning.

There's just one night in between.

Perform one night and my king will shower you with gold! l said l am helpless.

Your bad luck! Anyway, what can l do?

Take this. What's this?


His Highness had asked me to give you this if you refused.

And if you had agreed, then...

You mean, he gives gifts even when someone refuses?

His Highness has wealth in abundance.

And he always bestows gifts on beauties!

Then, bring him here. l am ready to sing and dance.

And remember that...

His Highness...

... is a bit crazy. No problem.

Hurry up! lt's time for brother to come.

My dear Sunder, think again. lf your scheme fails, then we'll be playing instruments here forever!

Don't lose heart, my boy.

Remember! You are king now! A King!

Attention! Here comes His Highness Bachchan Singh...

... of Dhum Dham Nagar.

Please sit down, Your Highness! Please sit.

"lt was through my eyes..."

"that l spoke to him"

"l spoke to him"

"Only my heart knows what it went through"

"What has my heart been through"

"lt was through my eyes... that l spoke to him"

"lt was through my eyes... that l spoke to him"

"All night, l spoke to the stars in the skies"

"l missed someone... and l pined"

"What has happened to me...? What affliction does my heart suffer?"

"ln my memories of someone, l spend my days"

"Through my eyes..."

"l spoke to him"

"l spoke to him"

"My heart alone knows... what it went through"

"What my heart went through"

"Through my eyes..."

"ln every word he conveyed, there was the intoxication of wine"

"l had not a sip... but l was drunk"

"l was not in control of myself; my feet were wobbly..."

"Wine, there wasn't... but it all had to do with getting high"

"Through my eyes..."

"l spoke to him"

"l spoke to him"

"My heart alone knows.. what it has been through"

"What has my heart been through"

"Through my eyes..."

"She was the one who figured in every conversation all the time"

"l know not where my heart is... nor is the heart aware of itself"

"l did my best to hide it... but word had spread"

"The whole city now knows which heart is on fire"

"Through my eyes..."

"Through my eyes..."

"l spoke to him"

"l spoke to him"

"My heart alone knows..."

"My heart alone knows... what it has been through"

"What has my heart been through"

"Through my eyes..."

Would you like to come in my car?

Bahaar, what's happening?!

Who are you?... who the hell is this turkey?! lf you say, then we'll send him out.

You need not bother. l'll send him away and return soon...Come on.

Don't talk nonsense! Who are they and what are they doing here?

Send them away! Oh! This turkey insults us!

They will not leave. They are my guests...

They have paid the price l demanded, for my song and dance.

The price you demanded! lmmoral woman!

Leave my hand! You've shown your true colors!

Your love for me was a sham! Leave my hand! l am not your wife, that you exercise your right over me!

Shameless woman! l disgraced the honor of my family for you! l raised my hand on my brother!

Don't you dare raise your hand on my brother again!

Why are you staring at me?! l'm Sunder. Do you recognize me?!

Yes. l staged this drama to open your eyes.

And l brought these clothes and fake jewelery from a drama company!

They're all fake! How we fooled you!

Beat them up!

My brother!

Hurry up or you will get late for school.

Mr. Sunder, what brings you here?

Are you Sapna's father? Hello! This is amazing!

We met in Kashmir when we had gone to play tennis.

You're still here! Take her to school...

He is my boss's son Mr. Sunder.

Please come in and sit, sir. l am no sir. l am plain and simple Sunder. l've just returned from Calcutta. l thought l,d meet Sapna on the way.

Please sit. You too. How are you? l'm fine. Where is Sapna?

Take her back to where you have brought her from!

She has no place in my house!

Please think, daddy. l have married her.

She is your daughter-in-law! Don't call her my daughter-in-law!

You should have thought about it earlier... that if you marry her, l will have nothing to do with you!

But why not? What is the poor girl's fault?!

Do you want to know her fault? l ask, what is her position in society?!

By accepting a girl from an ordinary family as my daughter-in-law,... l cannot disgrace my family!

And if you wish good for yourself, then send her packing right away!

No, daddy! Seema cannot be separated from me now! l can give up everything in this world!

Even you!

What will be your position without my name and support?!

What you call as support, is a burden... under which l have been crushed all my life!

Until now, you made me dance to your tune and l kept living at your mercy!

But l want to severe this relationship today!

Mahindra! Are you in your senses? l am in my senses, mother. Perhaps, for the first time in life!

But he!... He is devoid of his senses!

Get out! Do not scream! l myself do not wish to live in this condition of slavery!

Let's go, Seema... Come on!

And l will hate you for as long as l live!

You are not the only one who hates him, brother! l share the same feelings. l will keep hating him with every fiber of my being!

Have you also gone crazy?!

Read this letter and you will know how ruthless he is!

Oh! So, you had taken this girl to Calcutta?

You took advantage of my absence and killed an innocent girl!

How could you do this...?

By tearing this letter, you can't be absolved of your crime!

Watch your tongue! How dare you talk, like this to your father?!

And do you think l am going to kiss your hand stained with blood?! lmpertinent boy! Do not raise your hand!

Or even l will raise my hand today!

My son, Sunder, no! Don't!

No, mother.

Only a man who loses his ability to reason, indulges in fisticuffs.

And l am still in my senses, mother.

All of you, get out!

What's wrong with you?! Do not interfere!

Let him also go away! From now on, they are not my sons!

But they are certainly my sons. l cannot live without them.

This is my house and nobody can live here against my wishes!

But even l have a right over this house!

Nobody else has a right over this house, only l do!

Why stay in a place where humans are not respected? Come with us.

And let him revel in the loneliness of this house!

Go upstairs or you will regret for life!

lnstead of living in this house like a servant,... l would prefer to live with my children as their mother! ls that so? Then you too may get out of my sight!

All of you, listen to me very carefully! lf you return someday and grovel before me,... even then, l shall not accept any of you!

You will not derive that joy from us in this life.

Let's go, mother.

l have to give you some news. What? l will be going to Laos. Laos? Why?

Our government is sending a medical mission to Laos. l will be going as part of it. Had you applied for it?

Yes. l read in the papers 10 days ago that nurses were urgently needed. l,d also applied. They've replied today that l have been selected. l am pleased that you want to serve others.

But why go so far away? There is no dearth of patients here too. l feel stifled here now. l want to go somewhere far away from here.

And there is a great need of nurses in Laos these days.

My blessings will always be with you wherever you go.

When do you have to leave?

We will be sent by air to Laos three days later.

Why are you crying? What's the matter with you?

My heart cries, looking at the state of this house.

For the first time in 30 years, l'm giving you food, your wife isn't.

You are eating all alone and not with your family.

Don't mention them in front of me! They are dead for me!

May God bestowthem with a long life.

What does not exist, is your heart as there is no love in it anymore!

Stop talking nonsense! l don't want to hear any sermons!

You are a servant here and learn to speak in the capacity of one!

Stupid fool!

You know l don't eat such spicy food! You've got my tongue on fire!

Your wife used to cook your food.

So, who knows whether she used to make it spicy or not?

Shut up, you fool! You've set my tongue on fire!

Blast it! Who has put ice in this?

Don't you even knowthat l do not drink cold water?!

Go and fetch some plain water!

He has become so old, but he has no sense.

The bloody freeloader!

Nobody knows what l eat and drink!

Where the hell are you! Have you gone to get water or dig a well?!

Ask somebody else nowto bring what you want to eat or drink.

Meaning? l am quitting. l will not stay in this house any longer!

Wretched man!... What did you say!

You dare!

Ungrateful wretch! You are right, Sir!

Had l been grateful, l would have gone away with your family!

Yet l stayed with you! This certainly was being ungrateful!

But l thought you would regret what you had done... that you would pacify your loved ones and bring them back!

This was my folly. So get out from here!

After all, you are as wretched as the blood that flows in you!

And is your blood very superior?! Very pure?!

Shall l tell the truth? Will you able to hear it?

You will not be shattered hearing it, will you?!

What truth?

Think and speak or l will slice your tongue off! Wretched man!

Had l been a wretched man,... l would not have kept a secret of your family for 50 years! l had promised your father, l would never ever let you know... that he was not your father.

And that you are not even a child of the Srivastav family!

Bansi! Take back your words!

Or l'll kill you!

Say that this is a lie! That you are not in your senses!

Say that you blabbered all this in a state of madness! l can consider your age and forgive you even now! l swear that all this is the truth. l had brought you from an orphanage.

No! Yes!

Your father was childless.

He then decided to adopt a child secretly.

He made me his confidante and brought you from an orphanage.

Even the proprietor of the orphanage didn't knowthe names of your parents!

No! This is a lie!

This is a lie! lt is!


You have opened your eyes after 24 hours.

God has saved your life.

The doctor said that you had a heart attack.

You are not supposed to get up from your bed for 2 months.

Please don't say that, Bansi.

How can l remain in bed? l have to pacify the members of my family. l must apologize to Seema. l have to bring back everybody.

Really, Sir? Yes.

You have done me a favor by opening my eyes.

Don't stop me now. l will grovel before them and pacify them.

No, Sir! Please don't get up!

They aren't just your family. They mean everything to me too. l'll pacify them and bring them back.

No, mother, this cannot be.

Before leaving, make up your mind if your sons are dearer to you or he is.

Sunder and you are the light of my eyes, and he is my heartbeat. lf the heart stops beating, how will there be any light in the eyes? lf both of you don't wish to come, it's fine. l'll take Seema...

You will not go, Seema.

She is my daughter-in-law, she cannot disobey me.

You also come with us. This is not the time to be angry.

He has accepted me, so you must forgive him. l can never forgive him for the way he treated me!

You can't go either! You are my wife! A woman is the shadow of a man!

Anger plunges you in darkness right now.

And a shadow does not follow a person in the dark.

He is ill. We ought to be near him and serve him.

Please come with us. Come on, Mahindra.

Let's go, my dear.

Let's go, Sunder.

lt would be nice if you would come. He needs both of you.

Where were you?

My daughter-in-law.

Come here.

Bless you... come closer.

Father! My dear.

l have caused you a lot of pain. Please forgive me.

Father! Please don't embarrass me by saying anything more.

You are so very nice.

My sons have not come, have they?

How could they come? l have wronged them greatly.

They should never forgive me.


But how will l live without them?


Mahindra! Come, my son.

Come to me, my sons! Come to me.

My sons! You have forgiven me. How fortunate l am!

How lucky l am!

Sunder, go and fetch Sapna.

Fetch her.

ls Sapna alive? Yes, my son. Your Sapna is alive.

She went to Calcutta in search of you.

She had written a letter to you from there.

Which l had burnt because of misplaced pride.

She had written a letter! When?

When you had gone with Seema to Calcutta.

Why didn't you tell me the other day?

Then l didn't want you to find her and marry her.

But that was my folly.

Charter a plane and go.

Find Sapna. lf she is alive, then l will bring her back!

Do you remember the Calcutta address?

The letter had come from some guest-house.

That's more than enough! l'll search the whole of Calcutta!

Hey, fool, take some money!

Have you kept the luggage in the car?

l have kept the luggage in the taxi.

Keep writing to me.

And if you ever think about your country, come straight to me.

Even l won't feel like working in this hospital without you.

No, she has left. l think she is working as a nurse with Dr. Banerjee at Tollygunj.

Thank you very much.

Doctor, where is Sapna?

You are the same man, aren't you? What have you to do with her now? l love her and have chartered a plane from Mumbai for her.

Have you come alone or brought your wife along too?

Wife? The one who's carrying your child!

And whom you had brought to my hospital.

She is my sister-in-law, my elder brother's wife.

She is like a mother to me. O, hell!

Then why didn't you say so, when l congratulated you? lt was the question of her honor then.

And l had to protect her at any cost, so l remained quiet.

Oh my God! What injustice!

Sapna was in this hospital the day you had brought Seema here.

And she still thinks that you are going to be a father.

So she is catching the flight at 11 .20 today... and leaving for Laos for good.

She's going to Laos by the 11 .20 flight?

To the airport, quickly!

Take this... Now speed up!

This is the question of my life and death!

Drive faster. Jump the signal!


Stop the taxi!

Show me your license! lnspector, it isn't the poor man's fault... l'm not talking to you, mister. Show me your license!

Look, Officer...

even you are young like me.

Your heart must also beat with somebody's love, right?

My beloved is upset with me and is leaving lndia for good today.

The departure is at 11 .20. lf l don't reach before that... she will go away from my life forever.

Please have mercy on me. So it's a matter of the heart?

Then why are you using this junk? l'll take you there.

lnspector, l will not forget this favor all my life.

People always misunderstand the police.

We too possess a heart and know howto share the sorrow of others.

We'll reach there in time, won't we? l fear it may be too late.

Do as l tell you. Phone your beloved at the airport... and say that you will be coming, so she shouldn't board the flight.

May l have your attention, please.

Calling for passenger Ms Sapna. Traveling on Boeing 707... flight No. 113... please contact ground staff. Thank you.

Hello, Sapna. This is Sunder speaking. l implore you not to cut the line. lt's a question of life and death. l have come from Bombay. l didn't receive your letter. Father had burnt it.

Sapna, l love you...

Dr. Banerjee told me that you have misunderstood me.

My darling, you fool, Seema is my sister-in-law!

She was carrying my brother's child. lt was the question of her honor.

Father has accepted her now and he wants to accept you also.

You don't knowthe pain my family is enduring, to find you.

Sapna, if you go away, l'll die. l love you, Sapna.

Give me your love. l cannot live without you!

Do not board the plane. l am coming to the Airport...

She didn't even hear me out, inspector. She cut the line.

Don't worry. lf she really loves you she will not board the plane.

l'm sorry, the flight has taken off. No problem. You did your best.

But l will search every corner of the world for Sapna.

"My love for you shall always remain youthful..."

"it has always been... it will always be"