Japon (2002) Script

Get down!

Get down!

My fingers aren't strong enough.

One... two...

Three little holes.

I want to go down into the canyon. You know the way?

No, but my dad does.

I'll tell him and we'll take you.

We did some good hunting, huh?

You two run along to the truck now.

Go on.

My son says you like to do some shooting too.

Yes, I used to come here as a kid.

Nice place, huh?

Lucky you found us. It's a real bitch getting down there on foot.

Not even cats can make it at night. You're headed for ayacatzintla?

All the way down? - Yes.

In the truck we'll be in San bartolo in no time.

You can spend the night there.

It's halfway down the canyon.

Tomorrow you can walk all the way down to the village.

It's real small, but you can't miss it.

There's nothing else around.

Give me that!

You have family in aya?

Then why visit that forsaken place?

If you don't mind my asking.

Sorry, dad.

I didn't know it was loaded.

Be careful!

Excuse these assholes. You know what they say.

The devil loads guns, and idiots shoot "em off.

And you're visiting aya to...? Kill myself.

I see. Hop in.

Take that, pablito, you fuckface!

Shut up, goddamn it! We're trying to listen to music!

Goddamn it!

Your fucking pig was a bitch! If I'd known, I wouldn't have touched it!


Good morning.

Did you sleep well?

Yes, thanks.

What do I owe you? - Nothing.

Like I said, just keep heading down.

Thank you.

Do you eat the birds?

Good afternoon.


Good afternoon.

I'm looking for somewhere to stay.

Metztitlan's the only place with a hotel.

Who said anything about a hotel?

I want a place to stay around here.

The judge is down the road.

What's a judge got to do with it?

He represents the village.

Down this road?

Okay, thanks.

I understand what you're saying about coming here for a rest.

It's people like you that we want around here.

I really don't see why not...

And not just because it's my village.

Hold on! I'm talking to someone!

You chose a village... I have to water my tomatoes!

Of simple, decent folk.

Wait a minute. I'm talking to someone.

I said wait, asshole!

As I was saying...

I don't see why not.

This is a nice village.

In one of the villages further on, it's sad, but you might even be harassed just for walking around.

It's nice here, and not just because it's my village.

There's not a lot to see, but it's the best around.

It seems my friend is gone at the moment.

We were talking about miss ascen.

Sabina, the wife of Vicente here, is a good friend of miss ascen's.

We can ask Vicente. He's right over there.

I don't think there'll be any problem.

The lady's very poor. I won't lie to you.

She's poor, of humble means, but very well-liked here.

Her place is a bit remote, but I think she'll put you up.

I hope you like it. You might even stay for good.

My wife's on her way.

She's just helping some people.

I'm the community's representative.

I was elected by the people.

Before we go on, I need to see some ID.

Thanks. You want to see mine?

Here she comes!

Come here. Someone has a question for you.

He's going to stay with ascen. Take him up there.

Well, I hear she has a room.

A barn. I'll take you there, if you like.


Have some pulque for the climb. It's on me.

Come on, it's good stuff.

Wait here.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

Go on inside. It's very hot. Thanks.

Thank you, miss asuncion.

You're welcome. But it's not asuncion.

It's ascension...

Which refers to Christ ascending into heaven with no one's help.

“Asuncion” refers to the virgin Mary, who was taken up by angels.

But don't worry. Everyone here calls me ascen.

Right, sabi?

Come into the shade.

Would you like a bit of fruit?


Sabi? No, thank you.

I'll be right back.

Won't you sit down, ma'am? Thanks. I'm fine on my feet.

Now tell me what it is you need.

Sabina says you'd like to stay in my barn a few days.

That's right, ma'am.

But I'm old, you know.

I can't be waiting on you.

Besides, I have arthritis...

And on march 3rd my ankles started acting up.

Why don't you look for lodging down in the village?

I don't need you to wait on me.

Besides, I like it way up here, far from the village.

But there's no water.

It has to be brought up by donkey.

Sure you wouldnt mind?

No water is fine by me. I won't be staying long.

Very well. You can stay.

Sabi, he can stay. Yes, do stay.

Fine, I will. Thank you. Good.

Come along now...

So I can show you my house.

This is the kitchen, and this is my shack.

Come along.

And there's the barn...

Where I keep my corn and my little animals.

My deceased husband's bed is inside.

You can sleep on that.

Forgive me. I brought you some tea.

You shouldn't have bothered.

It's no bother.

Come in.

You were praying, right?

I don't pray. Not even to the virgin?


Then I'll do it for you.

Good night.

Listen... please knock before you come in.

Forgive me. I will.

Good moming.

Good morning.

Could I have your cane? No.

Could I have a painting?

Let me in!

Could I have a painting?

That's enough now.

Let me in!

Could I have that picture?

Thank you.

Let's go, cristo.

Good morning, sir.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Sweet, isn't it?

Drink up.

He had his fill.

Have some more!

Drink up!

Let the lady have some.

She'll be hungover tomorrow!

She's tired from gathering nuts.

She's already drunk!

Ah, it's you.

Nosy bastard.

I saw you coming up. I made some tea to cool you off.

I didn't know tea could do that. It's iced tea!

Have a little fruit.

Who was that man I ran into on the trail?

I didn't see anyone.

You say you fixed tea because you saw me coming up, so you must have seen the man I ran into.

Now I know who you mean.

But he's not from around here.

I see. Thanks.

Did your first day go well?

Would you like some?

What is it?


I like one of those drawings a lot.

Do you always answer some other question entirely?

Do you recommend it? Recommend what?

Your little herb there.


What's that?

Yes, have some.

Well, okay.

Just to try it.

Pull up a chair.

Which is the drawing you said you liked?

This one.

I like devotional cards.

I even collect them. But they're all catholic figures.

You've seen all my pictures of Jesus.

On your shrine?

And others stored away.

Who do you like more, the virgin Mary or god?

Wow, I didn't realize it was a matter of preference.

I told you yesterday they're all the same to me.

The women here prefer god, while the men prefer the virgin of Guadalupe.

I even had a nephew in jail once, and I'd bring him little things.

I gave him an image of the virgin, but they took it away and gave him a good thrashing, because he kept masturbating on her image.

I'm glad you saw the note to come have lunch.

I didn't think you were coming.

You remember the man you ran into yesterday coming up the path?

Let's forget about that, ma'am.

They want to take away the barn where you sleep.

What are you talking about?

The man you ran into is my nephew Juan Luis.

He was in jail for many years.

He's the one I mentioned I took things to.

He just got out...

And since this house belonged to his grandfather, he wants to take away the stones.

I'll have nowhere to put my corn.

And without the barn, my shack won't hold up against the April winds.

I'll fix you some of the good coffee sabi brought.

I don't remember where the coffee pot is.

I found it.

All covered with dust.

Poor auntie. She's so fucking dumb.

But we're gonna take all her stones, right, dad?

Not so loud.

I won't rest until every single stone is in San bartolo.

But they're ours, aren't they?

Shut up!

Don't tell me the old lady beats you now!

Dear lord! You're hurt.

Come sit down.


Wait here. I'll bring a homemade remedy.

Lend me your newspaper.

Here's the remedy.

You see what young girls do nowadays?

There. Try not to touch it.

Bring me another mezcal.

Get me more pulque, son.

Juan Lopez pérez, at your service.

I'm the judge's deputy.

Congratulations. Thanks.

I'm leaving forever who knows if I'll be back that's why I always say you must understand that in life, my friend she always told me all the years that went by...

Is the pulque good, sir?

Just fine.

Vicente, what are the lady's nephew's plans for her house?

You know, the fatso with the dumb gringo cap - Juan Luis.

You're drunk.

Juan Luis from San bartolo?

If I knew where he was from, I wouldn't have asked.

Sorry, deputy.

I'm just sort of pissed off...

But not at you.

San bartolo is the village halfway down the canyon?


And Juan Luis works for the butcher there?



They're taking the house tomorrow.

Ma'am, you're being conned.

In the early afternoon.

That man has no right to this house.

How long have you lived here?

It was his grandfather's.

How many years have you lived here?

Just 40 years.

Then it's yours. No one can take it from you.

Juan Luis won't take my house. He just wants the stones.

He needs them more than I do. I don't mind.

What do you mean you don't mind?

You said without the barn your shack won't withstand the winds!

I'm not attached to it.

Then why are you crying? Because I know what I want.

You have no fucking idea what you want.

Just yesterday I heard Juan Luis's sons making fun of you.

Be quiet, please.

I'm going to do some washing. Want to give me yours?

Good morning, ma'am.

Good morning, Fernando.

Just a little favor:

Would you untie my shoelaces?

My daughter's up on the hill, looking after her aunt's goats.

They asked for her help, 'cause there's lots of work.

And I always let her go help.

I lend her to them.

You might run into her up there around your place.

Yes, maybe I will.

Thanks. Take care.

See you soon, god willing.


Please excuse my harsh tone this morning.

You're only trying to help.

Did you see the sunset, ascen?

The best things in life can't be bought, right?

I really couldn't say.

But I'm glad you found my blouse.

It was a present from sabi.

Yes, of course.

Ascen, there's something I want to propose to you.

I mean... explain to you.

Fine, but first tell me why you came to this village.

Very well.

To find some peace.

Because there's a lot of trouble in the city, right?


But it's not that.

It takes a lot of inner calm to leave behind certain things we're used to but that we don't really like anymore.

We have to learn to throw away what's become useless.

But it's better to fix things than throw them away, isn't it?

Yes, but certain things can't be fixed.

Better to throw them away than cling solely out of habit.

I think I understand, young man.

But you know...

I don't really like these sick old arms of mine, but even so, I wouldn't chop them off.

Yes, I understand.

What was it you wanted to tell me?

Oh, right. My proposal.

First come listen to some music, and then I'll explain.



Is it over?

I want to tell you my proposal.

Let me listen a bit more.

Is it over?

Now tell me what you wanted to say.

Take out the earphones.


Remember what I said about needing Serenity to make a decision?

Yes, about throwing things away.

Yes, more or less.

I know you're an elderly woman who's always lived in this remote canyon...

And that what I have to say might sound strange.

But it's actually very normal...

If you give it a little thought.

Just come out with it!

Sorry. I just don't understand.

Don't worry.

It's just that in looking for that Serenity...

Certain other emotions and instincts awoke within me.

What I'd like is to have intercourse with you.

It's more complicated than that, but that's basically it.

I'd like to if you'd like to.

You mean casual sex? Excuse me?

You tell me.

I mean... sexual relations.

It's important for me right now.

But don't you see I'm very old?

It doesn't matter.

Weren't you in a hurry to leave?

Yes, I'll be leaving tomorrow for good.

But I'd like to do this first.

So you want to fornicate with me today?

It doesn't have to be this minute.

But by the end of the day tomorrow?

Very well.

Thank you, ma'am.

But I'd prefer it be tomorrow, okay?

Sure. Whenever you like.

Good night.


Peace be with you.

Lie down, ma'am.

Come more this way.

Now please turn around.

May I keep touching you like this?

You have to come more this way.

There. Now turn around.

You have to lift yourself up.

Come more this way.

A bit more. There.

Now turn around.

Put your knee here.

Lift up a bit.

That's it.

With your other knee here.

But lift yourself up.

Like this.

Now get on your knees.

On your knees.

On your knees.

That's it.

A bit further back.

Better if you turn around.

What's going on here?

How dare you fucking cowards take this woman's house!

You'd leave her unprotected up here?

Shut up, man!

Leave, all of you!

What's going on?

Stop your yelling!

You have no right to take her barn!

Get him out of here, ma'am!

Go home, outsider!

Calm down, man!

You shouldn't have pushed him. Look, he's a cripple!

Let him go home.

Get to work, men!

Pull! Harder!


Pull, men!

Here's more pulque.

Thanks, young man.

Raimundo, you falling asleep?

Drink up before it's all gone.

They don't get anything...

The people... making the film. Quiet!

Shut up, dumb-ass.

Have some tea. It's nice and hot.


I'm already drunk! I dropped it!

You're drunk, man!

Thank you, ma'am.

No, thanks.

It's all I have to offer.

How about you?

How about you? Have some tea.

Thanks. Thanks for everything.

A shot for you?

Is it good? Yes. You don't want any?

To your health.

Thank you, ma'am.

God bless you.

How about you? I've had my fill, but thanks!

You ignored me.

Have some tea or a shot.

You ignored me.

Sing “the engagement ring”!

A shot...


Drink! It's sweet!

Didn't like it, huh?

It's so strong.

The little cup!

You won't get drunk with that cup.

Your wife wouldn't give you any loving.

Thank you.

Now sing us a song.

“The engagement ring.” Come on.

Now you look like a mariachi.

Sing us a song.

I'll sing with you.

You start.

Wedding ring that I placed on your finger I better leave now!

She says she's leaving!

Engagement ring chain of our love

he's good and drunk.

Go on.

You made my life you had a destiny so that my affection would be worth my honor

engagement ring

go on!

We'll cheer you on.

You guys sing too.

You're just drinking.

My tears are because I know that song and I can sing it to you

I carved your name in the bark of the maguey two hearts entwined you know my heart is so big and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart now you say you didn't realize because affection abandoned me and now you know that I know because you wanted to be my sweetheart

You'll make him good and mad!

He's singing along!

Who else wants to sing one now?

Lift with all you've got!

You forgot this one.

Thanks, auntie.

Gasparin, don't just sit there. Put this where it belongs.

Auntie, go warm up some tacos.

There's still a lot to do. Please.

Yes, Juan.

Crazy as a bat, isn't she?

Dad, the trailers are full. We'll have to make two trips.

No, I already paid. Just one trip!

It's a lot of weight. Do as I tell you!

I'm paying! Go on, damn it!

You worked damn hard, auntie.


It's just for going down the path.


It's cold.

I'll be right back.

Excuse the inconvenience.

Start her up, Marcos!


It's just a fucking cat!

Start her up, Marcos!

Good-bye, auntie!