Jarhead 3: The Siege (2016) Script

EVAN: "See the world," they say. I left one shit hole for another.

I was gonna be number one, kick some ass, show 'em how it's done.

Then dust off with bigger fish to fry.

It's funny how when you think you know it all, that's when you know you don't know shit.


Corporal Albright?

How'd you guess?

Corporal Hansen. Welcome to the Kingdom, brother. You good to go?

100%. Follow me.

No Humvees?

Nah, man, this ain't fleet, we roll low profile here.

Makes the locals a lot less jumpy.

Makes sense. So where are you from, Albright?

Indiana, originally. You? Everywhere.

Old man was a lifer, spent 12 of his 20 as an MSG.

No shit?

So growing up in the corps wasn't enough for you?

What can I say, man. I'm a devil pup, it's in the blood.



HANSEN: Here we are. Home sweet home. (CROWD CLAMORING)

What the hell? I thought this place had cooled off.

HANSEN: You should've seen it a year ago.

Ah, don't worry, it's the same faces every day. They're all bark and no bite.

Shit does hit the fan, these dudes are the twirling in the blades.

The local Royal Guard.

They man the perimeter, anything outside of that, that's their rodeo.


Yo, dawg.

What's crackalacking, homes? Mohammed, my man.

This is Albright. He's joining the squad. Welcome to the crib, chief.

Anything you need, you let this guy know, I hook it up, okay?

I got more connections than the Internet.

Appreciate it. Get the fuck outta here.


Peace out.

HANSEN: Here we are. Home sweet home.

EVAN: If you say so.

You ever have any trouble here aside from them?

Not since the Ambassador helped the rebels turn this place around, no.

They don't call him the "peacemaker" for nothing.

He managed to convince everybody in the sandbox to play nice and... so far it's been working. You never know, y'all could be in for a smooth tour.

What about that mall bombing that's all over the news a few weeks ago or whatever?

That was like 200 miles north of here.

It might as well be 1,000 if you ride around on a goat.

Get his big ass. Get his big ass. Get it. (WHOOPING)

Damn! That's how we roll.

We do have this kind of trouble, though.

Evan Albright. The new guy.

Good to meet you.

That's Ski over there. What's up?


How y'all doing? Evan here. Your new bunkmate.

Oh, shit. Hey.

How you doing, man? Ray Lopez, Los Angeles.

Good to meet you. Yeah, good to meet you.

Quantico must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel these days.

Look, you gotta excuse brother Stamper here, okay?

He goes straight for the throat.

Come on, man. Let me show you your new digs.

Ignore these fools. Hey, tell your sister I said hello.

Hansen, you're up, man. All right.

Well, it ain't much, man, but mi casa es su casa.

I've had worse. (CELLPHONE RINGING)


Hello? Hey, baby.

Yeah, yeah, I know, but, baby, I told you, you gotta handle your moms, all right?

Yeah, yeah, I know, but I'm working. I hear my CO coming, I think.

Lopez, let's go! Get in formation!

Yeah, you see? I'm sorry, baby. I gotta... Yeah. I gotta go. I gotta go.

All right, baby, ya está. Sí, te amo. Bye.


Okay. You, bro, you, you get Lakers tickets, man.

Come on, man, you gotta get changed. We gotta go check you in.

Yeah, so, Gunny beats to a bit of a different drum, but, you know, if all hell breaks loose, he's the guy you want riding shotgun to go and fight the devil, if you know what I mean?

You name the Suck, he was there.

Fallūjah one and two, Helmand with MARSOC for, like, two tours.

Yeah, I mean, like I said, he's one bad motherfucker.


Yeah, our new guy coming through.

Albright. How was the ride in?

It was good to go, Gunnery Sergeant.

Well, I'm sure Hansen's just happy not to be the new guy himself anymore.

I'll leave you two at it.

I read your file. You're a good Marine. Strong marks.

A real hard charger.

I'm just another Marine looking to serve his corps and his country, Gunnery Sergeant.

Don't give me that shit.

You're good and you know it, otherwise you wouldn't even be here.

You're still thinking of going Force or MARSOC?

Maybe. After this.

Yeah, I get it. You wanna be the real deal, high-speed operator.

Rock star commando. Test yourself, see what you're made of, right?

I'm just looking to serve this country, Gunnery Sergeant.

Well, in the meantime, I need to know that your head... is where it needs to be, in the here and in the now.

Roger that, Gunnery Sergeant.

Look, you gotta remember, it is a privilege to get to come and work in places like this, Albright.

So, do yourself a favor, experience the culture and... find out what it's all really about instead of what some... corporate-funded media is selling to keep you in a constant state of alert.

It is important to maintain good relationships.

We're not just the face of the Marine Corps here, we are the face of the entire US of A.

Understood, Gunnery Sergeant.

Good. Dismissed. Dismissed, aye-aye, Gunnery Sergeant.

Good afternoon, Gunnery Sergeant.

So you wanna tell me why I'm in blues and you're not?

You'll see.

Well, welcome to Post One.

The only secure way in and out of the chancery.

All the classified hard drives get stored in there and... as you know, our number-one mission as embassy guards is to protect that material.

Roger that. All right, Ski, we're headed up.

SKI: Roger that.

Hansen, who's this?

And that is Kraus, the Regional Security Officer.

The Fed. Yeah, State Department, you know.

He's operational supervisor under Ambassador Cahill.

And he's where us lowly SMGs here really get our direction from, but he's pretty much an asshole, so...

I tend to just try and walk in the opposite direction.

Excuse me, Miss Winston?

Shane, please, it's Olivia. How many times do I gotta tell you that?

Right. Sure. Sorry, Miss Winston.

I want y'all to meet the new Marine here, Corporal Albright.

Miss Winston. What's with you jarheads, huh?

Miss Winston is a digital security director. She gets you in the system.

I look forward to working with you, ma'am. You keep calling me ma'am, Hoosier boy, and you're not gonna be working anywhere much longer.

Hoosier. You did your homework. Of course.

We have to run a background check before you ever even get here, but maybe with you we should check you again.


Over 64 inches tall, more than 18 months' time on station, first class PFT, financially stable, 38 months obligated service, and you're single.

Like a rolling stone, ma'am.

Yeah, you're all clear.

Aside from that high level of maturity, judgment and sound moral character part.

That part we might still need to work on a little.

I'll look forward to it, ma'am. I'll bet you will.


You're so barking up the wrong tree right there, my friend.

Many have tried and many have failed.

I do like a challenge. Whoa. Hey, hey, boys. Um...

Great. Can I just ask you a few questions? I'm shooting footage for the embassy blog.

You work here?

Yeah, Blake Laureano. I work for the Ambassador.

Hey, you're filming this? I'm filming everything and everyone.

Just getting some thoughts on how it feels to work a world away from home.

What have you learned so far? Anything?

Worship the Ambassador, learn to like playing video games, guard Post One, avoid the RSO, and don't try to date the cute computer lady because that's apparently a lost cause.

That's awesome. I gotta go.

Yeah, so do we.

There he is. In the flesh. Ambassador Cahill.

CAHILL: Take a seat.

You ever talk to him? Yeah, man. All the time.

"Yes, Mr. Ambassador. No, Mr. Ambassador. Thank you, Mr. Ambassador."

Practice that and you'll be fine.

Tracking. All right. Then you're ready.

For what? For why you're wearing blues.

Your first mission.

CAHILL: ...that I did not have new shoes.

My parents said that we didn't have enough money for new shoes.

And that made me sad. But then one day, I met a new friend who said he liked my old shoes.

That's when I realized that new friendships were better than new shoes.

Great. Well, thank you very much.

That's okay. Thanks. It's great to see you. Thank you for coming.

And thank you, ma'am. (CHUCKLING) Good to see you. Thanks very much. Well done.

Thank you.

So, day two in the Kingdom, correct, Corporal Albright?

Yes, Mr. Ambassador.

Well, nice job. You'd be surprised how far a bit of compassion goes.

Thank you, Mr. Ambassador.

All right, kids. Let's go. Let's get some ice cream.

So, Stamper, tell me what the best thing about embassy life is.

The best thing about embassy life? Showers.

When Sunshine comes in with that coconut shampoo, man...

You got jokes, huh? Man, pass me the goddamn salt, man.

Now, look, this is the best part about embassy life.

This right here, this is how you never leave home no matter where you're at.

Gumbo is ready, fellas! Come and get it. Gumbo.

Welcome to the bayou. Oh, nah, I'm good, man.

What? I'm allergic to gluten. So...

Uh, you're allergic to gluten, huh?

Man, get your ass outta here, man. Hey, hey, man!

(LAUGHING) Allergic to gluten.

BLAKE: Okay, okay. Now, tell us, why did you join the Marines?

Why do you think? 'Cause I piss red, white and blue.

My dad served and my pawpaw before him.

I'm a gunfighter raised in a family of gunfighters.

Seriously, man, come on.

Tell us. I want the truth.

You can't handle the truth!

No, another bad impersonation of Jack Nicholson is what I can't handle.

Come on, just tell us.

I joined the Marines to prove myself.

I joined the Marines to be the best.



BLAKE: Gunny. Gunny!

Hey, stow that shit. We got work to do.

BLAKE: These guys, they think of you as like this Marine Buddha.

What makes a great Marine? Just give us one thing.

You really wanna know? Yeah.

High-fiber cereal. What?

Because if you don't shit right, then you don't sleep, walk or fight right, either.

Healthy and regular defecation, that is the key.

And no, I'm not shitting you.

What the fuck is wrong with you, man? ALL: Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Chill, man. Chill.

You hear it first. Sleep tight. Shit right.



GUNNY: All right, Marines.

Six militants have just stormed this raggedy-ass old embassy you see behind me.

They now have the Ambassador trapped somewhere on the second floor.

Mohammed and his Royal Guard, who generously allowed us to use their training facility as our own, will be playing the roles of the terrorists.

Fucking typecasting.

And yours truly will be playing against type in the role of the Ambassador.

Good to go, Gunny. Roger that.

HANSEN: Let's bring it in.

Go upstairs.

STAMPER: Check. HANSEN: Check.

EVAN: Check. SUNSHINE: Check.


Okay, okay.

SUNSHINE: Slow down, man. HANSEN: Hey, slow down.

STAMPER: Albright, stay in formation. HANSEN: Albright!

STAMPER: Get the fuck back here. Hey, come back here!

HANSEN: Albright!

Shit, that hurts! Fucking hurts.


I'm shot. I'm out, I'm out.

ROYAL GUARD: Put it down! Put it down! HANSEN: Back off, Albright!

STAMPER: Drop it!

NOVESKI: Let him go!


MOHAMMED: Shit! Lucky...


Son of a bitch!

STAMPER: Look at that shit.

Congratulations. You just got your team killed.

Yeah, no shit. This is the Middle East, not the Wild West.

You're a goddamn cowboy. You were the one that breached, Albright.

You breach and you immediately turn, head on a swivel.

That corner was you. Your responsibility.

All right, guys, pack it up.

Not you, Albright.

Fuckin' hotshot.

Hey, if your ass didn't still owe me money, I might've used a real gat on you, white boy.

HANSEN: Nobody says "gat" anymore. It's a gun.

Casualties might be all right with the government as long as their assets are safe, but they are not all right with me. Are we clear?

Roger that, Gunnery Sergeant.

You don't always have to be first, Albright.

Sometimes being a good Marine means coming in last.

NOVESKI: Here we go, boys. Here we go. Oh, shit.

About time. Here we go.

Okay. All right, I got Wolf Man. You know who I got, man.

I got Dracula. Stamper's got Mummy.

What are you talking about? It's this little game we play, right?

So every day, this kid comes by selling falafels, and every day one of these hajis takes a bite, spills half of it on his lap.

Protestors gotta eat, too.

Here's the drill, boys. Next Tuesday, a new GTA comes out.

Winner gets first week king of the couch. All right.

Check it out. Pita time. Shit.

NOVESKI: Here we go. Come on, Bubba Ho-tep, you falafel gobbling high priest, you. Oh, man.

Drac's got this one today, I can feel it.

Hey, man, let me see those for a second. There you go, baby.

NOVESKI: There you go. Come on, bitch. LOPEZ: No, come on, man.

NOVESKI: No, no, no, no. Drac's got this one today.

STAMPER: Take a bite. There you go. That's what you need.

STAMPER: There you go. That's what I'm talking about.

No, Wolfie's gonna come through. Come on, baby.


Fuck. King of the couch, bitches.

Holy shit, I've seen that guy before. What the hell are you talking about?

That cameraman, I think he was just filming us.

What cameraman?

Oh, man. No, that's just somebody with, I don't know, Al Jazeera or something.

Trying to get the people's perspectives, you know.

No, he was watching us, the gate, not them, not the protestors.

It's the same guy I saw watching me and Hansen when I first got in.

Bullshit. How do you figure you can tell one of these fucking rag heads from another?

I can tell.

FNG still trying to catch the bad guys, trying to be a big hero.

Hotshot looking to get shot.

You're damn right. I don't know. Look, Albright, any one of these guys even thinks about making a move for the gate, they become targets.

They never do. They know the drill, man. Why don't you chill out and grab a beer?

LOPEZ: That's bullshit, right there. That ain't even in his lap.

STAMPER: My cushion's on that couch, baby. NOVESKI: I got your couch right here, baby.

STAMPER: Look, take your ass downstairs, go clean my couch.

And you're positive? There were no camera crews near the US Embassy?

Thank you.

Can we get the tribal leaders from all sides there?

Excuse me, Mr. Ambassador, sir? Yes, Corporal Albright.

I thought you might wanna have a look at this.

I think I saw this guy filming the perimeter outside.

You think so or you know so?

Well, I think so. He was at a distance, but...

So you're not 100% sure? 100%, sir? No.

All right. Well, you must be mistaken.

But I called all the news stations in the area and none of them had a film crew anywhere near here.

And what did Raines or Kraus have to say?

I thought you'd wanna see it first, sir.

I'm aware of the potential dangers of working here, I know there's a lot of people who wanna destroy the trust we've built up in the region.

But my job here is to build bridges, and people trust me to do my job.

You have to trust the people around you to do theirs.

You understand? Yes, sir.

All right. Good man. All right, Rashmi, I want you to be there as well.

It's very important that we see that a woman can be there working...

EVAN: I'm telling you, I know what I saw. It's bullshit.

LOPEZ: But you need to chill, all right?

That's why I brought you out here, to get your mind off bullshit.

Hold on a second. Let's go eat. I'm starving.

And what do you think, man? Which one?

I don't know. For your daughter?

No, man, for me. You see, I was thinking of sipping some malt liquor later, so.

Hey, she's gonna be 16 one day. Maybe you should get her one of those burkas.

You're an asshole, man, you know that? Yeah, I know.

I think I'm gonna get her this. She'll like this.


Fuckin' John Wayne.

You think there's a threat, then you're supposed to let me or RSO Kraus know, follow protocol.

You went straight to the Ambassador.

I'm... I'm sorry, Gunnery Sergeant. I just thought...

No, that's just it. You didn't think, did you?

Look, we get reports like this here or worse on a daily, but now Kraus is so pissed you went over his head with it, he's probably not even gonna take it seriously, and that's on you.

That's bullshit. No. You're bullshit.

All you care about is yourself and trying to be some kind of goddamn rock star.

I joined the Marines when I saw ISIS lopping off heads and burning people alive.

I love my country. I know your story, Albright.

Never knew your dad, your mom OD'd, bounced in and out of foster care, people just moving you from school to school.

You were always getting your ass kicked so you learned to kick ass back. Am I right?

It was just you, wasn't it?

You against the world.

Well, it can't be just you no more, Albright.

Not here.

What's this?

Transfer orders, devil dog.

You wanna be an army of one, well, okay. I'm gonna give you what you want.

I got nowhere else to go.

I got nothing else.

You think you're the first Marine that life's dealt a shitty hand?


You better figure out what you really want, Marine, you better figure it out quick.


I said dismissed.


LOPEZ: Yes, man. Go, man. That's my boy. All right.


Can I get a shot of Jameson, please?

So how'd it go with Raines and the boys today?

Nothing like a little abduction to make you see the error of your ways.

I heard.

You should've went through the proper chain, but I did check your guy out.

Are you sure this is who you saw?

Six hours ago I was. Now, I don't know what I know anymore.

Yeah, well, his name is Khaled al-Asiri.

He was the leader of the local militant group with loose ties to ISIS, was the mastermind behind countless jihadi attacks throughout the Kingdom.

Just last month he used his little brother as a suicide bomber to blow up a mall in the northern territories. Killed 60 innocent people.

I heard about it.

So why does everyone seem so convinced that it wasn't him I saw, then?

Because he was taken out in a drone strike two weeks ago.

How do you know all this?

Because maybe, like you, I've got bigger aspirations.

Hey, about today, man... No, I get it. It was on me.

It's all right. It had to happen. All right.

Come on.


HANSEN: All right. There he is. There he is.

SUNSHINE: John Wayne.

Buzz the door. I just need you to sign him in, sir.

Like I give two shits what you need. See, he's got what you didn't, an actual meeting with the Ambassador. Now open the door.


What's up, chief?

What the fuck's wrong with you, man? You need to take a dump or something?

Kraus just came in with some local. Total red flag.

They had guns out, super serious, refused to sign him in.

Well, he's probably just still pissed at you.

Thinks you made him look like a dumbass going over his head like that.

Hey, what the hell is that?

This is Post One. What's going on out there, Mohammed?

I don't know. Looks like some foolish rookie just busted down.


You mind taking a closer look to make sure?

I'm on it.


It's him.

A dead man. Shit!

Yo, where are you going, man?

It's a set up, get away from the van!

Get away from the van!

Get away from... (GUNFIRE)

Are those gunshots? Don't move! Come on, let's go.

Kraus? Hold fast, sir. We'll be back.

Allahu Akbar! (YELLING)

What the fuck is going on? We got tangos inbound.

They have just exploded the front gate. Multiple hostile.

Lock it down, Albright! Get to the safe room! We'll meet you there!

Marines, get your shit together!


Lock it down! Yes, sir.


So this shit is real. Yeah, it's real, all right.

Get your game faces on.

This shit is real. Hurry it up!

All right, devil dogs. Let's move!

You know what to do, people. Let's get those carts full.

Let's move it, quick as we can. What?

Olivia, all those MSC files... all the government communications, pack them up.

What are we... All right, Blake, shut that down.

Yeah, okay. Yeah. Yeah, no, yes.

Rashmi, get those computers down.

EVAN: (OVER PA) Full lock down going down! Please report to designated areas!

This is not a drill. I say again, this is not a drill.

Full lock down going down! Please report to designated areas!

This is not a drill. I say again, this is not a drill.

Go, go, go. I'm going as fast as I fuckin' can.

Come on, man. Get in.

Got it.

We gotta move. We gotta get outta here. Gotta go, people.

What? We're leaving? Jamal?

All right, Jamal, you're coming with us. Let's go. Come on, move it.

Let's move it! Let's move it! BLAKE: How long are we gonna be gone?

Everyone ready? Do I need my cell phone?

Come on, Blake, keep up.

Ready? Let's do it.


Oh, shit, guys. They're coming through! Open this door! We're coming out!

I'm gonna go find the Ambassador. You, you, you're on me.

I'll roll with Hansen, get these drives to the incinerator.

Good luck. Yeah, don't be a fucking hero.

Ready? Let's move.



I got you. I got you. I got you. I got you.

Ski, don't die on me. No. No, no, no, no, no. Don't die on me.





(EXPLOSION) BLAKE: Is that a bomb? Are they coming?

CAHILL: Watch out. Come on! It's them, right?

OLIVIA: They're coming, guys. Let's go. What's going on?

Okay, it's good. Come on, Olivia.

Let's go!

Holy shit! Holy shit!

Let's go!

Holy shit! Come on, Blake.





So I guess you were right.

And so were you.

On me. STAMPER: Roger that.

BLAKE: They call it the incinerator.

It's this flame thrower thing they got here to just torch anything that's classified.

Man, I hope that's not classified.

When the Ambassador is, like, burning shit, you know some heavy shit is going down. You could help us, you know?

Shoot! It's just us.

You all right, Mr. Ambassador?

So far. What's going on out there? Who are these people?

You know exactly who it is.

Is this everybody? Today, yeah.

All right. Come on, we need to get to the safe room.

Okay, time to strap me up. Seriously?

Yeah, I shot guns before, dude.

Strap me up, let's roll. We got some business to take care of.

HANSEN: Come on, let's move. Let's go.

Come on, Jamal.


Oh, shit.

Where's Ski?

He's dead? And what about Kraus?

Him, too. And his team. They blew an opening and made it inside.

Dozens of them. Khaled al-Asiri isn't dead.

What? This was all planned.

I'm 100% now, sir.

Sir, we need to go. Safe room.

Last man.


Backup was asked for, but they seem real hesitant to wanna throw anybody else in this fire.

That's Pete Raines's post? Yes, it is, and Ambassador Cahill's house.

Does he have any backup? Any players in the game down there?

No, sir. Just some embassy Marines.

Security guards? Yes, sir.

Most with limited to no combat experience.

They're gonna get an ass-full now. Where's Captain Dekard?

The infirmary, sir. He's got appendicitis.

(SIGHING) Roger that. Well, I guess I'm gonna take his seat, then.

Sir? You're gonna lead the team?

You have a problem with that? No, sir.

Then make the call, Hutch. Let me know when the helos are ready for dust off.

Yes, sir.

Hey, you're in my shot.

Welcome to the safe room.

BLAKE: This is the safe room? I thought it'd be bigger.

Hansen, secure that door.

Ronin, Ronin, this is Charlie 1. I need to speak to your CO now.

Who the hell is this haji? No offense.

My name is Jamal al-Asiri and you're right, I am one of the faithful.

He's Khaled al-Asiri's brother.

They're here for you, aren't they? They're here for all of us.

Yeah? Then why the hell are you here, huh?

They said he had a meeting with you, Mr. Ambassador. What for?

To convince him that our little drone attack had failed... and to tell him that my brother is still alive, and now my wife, my children, my entire family is in danger.

I'm sorry, Jamal. All the intelligence we had assured us that your brother was dead.

Not all of it.

HUTCH: (OVER RADIO) Patching you through now, Gunnery Sergeant. Go for Major Lincoln.

GUNNY: Glad to have you with us, sir. Likewise. How bad is it?

GUNNY: It's pretty bad, sir.

We are completely overrun and held up in the safe room with the Ambassador, a few of his staff, and a handful of my Marines.

Roger that, Gunny. What intel can you give me on the tangos?

Not much. Uh, motivated, well-organized, and kitted out for a stand-up fight.

You keep shit locked down till we get there?

What do you mean "we," Major? Come on, Pete, you didn't think I was gonna let you have a party down there without me now, did you?

Locked and loaded, then, sir. See you within the hour, Gunny.

Okay. MARSOC is en route.

Mohammed said he'd get help, too. He made it through?

They're still an hour away. So until then we're on our own.

Who the hell are "they"? What's MARSOC?

Marine Corps Special Forces. The bad asses who got our backs.

BLAKE: And what if we're dead in the next hour? What happens then?

OLIVIA: Well, then we won't need to worry about what ifs.

CAHILL: How did this happen?

Mr. Ambassador, the room will hold. It's the safest place to be right now.

I can't say the rest of this place will still be standing around us, though.

They're going through everything.

What the hell do they think they're doing? (SHOUTING)

They want to show America and its allies the face of what they have caused.


You think men like my brother just woke up one day and decided to hate the West?

You think that they do not feel like America is the terrorist?

Hey, suck it, Ali Baba. Don't even try to feed us that jihadi propaganda bullshit.

KHALED: (OVER SPEAKERS) I know you hear me.

I know you think you are under attack from evil invaders.

And yet it is my home that you have invaded.

And now you have even invaded my own family.

My brother, he was a true jihadist.

A warrior. Until you poisoned him.

Until our blood is no longer the same.

You hear me, brother?

We are no longer the same.

You are dead to the father, and dead to the son, and will soon be dead to all.

Jesus, we're in the middle of a goddamn civil war here.

No shit.

He knows I provided the intel for the drone strike.

This is revenge for him against all of us.

Cause and effect, my friends.

Sir, we need to get out there. What?

What part of "safe house" is it that you don't understand?

You saw 'em just now. They're gonna take this place apart piece by piece.

There's still classified materials out there, things we haven't had the chance to get.

There's at least 40-plus armed militants in between us and your office right now.

We'll never get anywhere near it. He's right.

It's not in my office. It's in the Ambassador's residence.

What's in there, sir? Is it really that important?

In a safe, there's Khaled al-Asiri's cell phone. Jamal gave it to us.

It has information on Khaled's entire organization.

Names, whereabouts, plans, everything.

It could save lives, stop the next 9/11, take down the entire group.

We go out the south exit at the rear of the embassy. It's a quick sprint from there.

All right, boys, new plan.

Snatch and grab. Seriously?

It has information that needs to be uploaded to a data cloud and then wiped clean immediately. I'm the only person that knows how to do it.

I'm in.

Lopez, Hansen? Shit.

What about us, sir? Your job is to keep these people safe.

Speaking of which, Olivia's gonna need your vest.

Roger that. That's was a Royal Guard.

Boots on the ground? Yes, sir, their special response regiment.

They're sending in a platoon to back our boys up now.

A platoon? That's it? That's all you could get?

I couldn't get anything, sir. The embassy Marines did this.

A Marine goes down on duty, they call it an act of valor.

A civilian at the US Embassy, that's a national tragedy.

Now, she's a civilian, she's also your team now.

It's not just you against the world no more, Albright, it's you against them.

Hansen, on me. Roger.

I got two guys out front.

All right, Gunny, we're in place. Ready to roll on your say-so.

Roger that, stand by. (GUNFIRE)

Okay, when I open this door, we're just gonna run and keep running and we're not gonna stop until we hit the residence.

I'm all for saving lives and kicking ass and stuff, but... come on, man, they got an army out there.

(GUNFIRE) The Royal Guard ops arrived.


Thank you, Jesus.

Yeah, Mohammed, too.

Hansen, what's going on? We got local back up coming in hot.

Couldn't have timed that better myself. Albright, go. Go, go, go.

Ready? Just try and keep up.

That's my boys! Come on, Lopez.

They're in.


Looks like your family tree's about to lose a branch.








EVAN: Get out of here.






Little help here. I'm busy.



Let's go!

Come on, man, you stealing the guy's wallet? Come on, let's go!

They broke the lock trying to get into it. It won't open.

Give me a sit rep, Albright.

We're working on it. Well, work harder.

Well, what the fuck are we doing? We can't leave without it!

Head down.

Where the fuck is he? I can't see him. Where is he?

He's in the guard tower.

We should be out there with them. You'll get your chance.

LINCOLN: Jesus, by the time we get there, there won't be anybody to extract.

You think I'm afraid to die?

If it is God's will, I will be welcomed into His paradise.

Brother... the true Allah condemns the evil you do in His name.


They're asking them for an update. They must be talking about the phone.

You speak Arabic, too?


Let them know they're coming.

Gunny, tangos headed towards the Ambassador's residence now!

Hansen, keep 'em busy.

You got a heap of trouble headed your way, Albright! Get the hell out of there!

We don't have the package yet! It doesn't matter! Get out of there!

It doesn't matter. Just go! Get the hell out of there!

We've gotta hold them. Come on.

There's too many of them, Albright! Get the fuck out of there!

Roger that! We gotta go, Olivia! Now!




Got it! Got it! Let's move!

Package in hand! Then go, God damn it! Go!

Lopez! Come to me! Come to me!

Moving! Move!


Go, go, go! Shit!

Oh, shit! Jesus Christ!

Can they survive that?

We're out, but pinned down! North side of the residence.

Where's the north side monitor? Anyone see them?

Gunny, we're stuck. Where are you?

GUNNY: Now, Albright! Now! Go, go!



Gunny, can you hear me?



Come in, Gunny!

(OVER RADIO) Gunny, come in!

He's gone, man. What?

HANSEN: He's dead.

Oh, man, fuck!

This is bullshit.

I said they're fucking gone!

Okay? They're all gone. Fucking Mohammed, all of 'em.

What the fuck!

You happy now?

At least four of my friends are dead!

Is this fun for you?

Do you wish you could be out there, and be a part of it?

Dave! Dave! Easy! Dave! Easy, Dave! Easy!

Listen to me! That side shit doesn't matter now, okay?

They're coming for him, too.

Well, maybe we should just hand him over, man. See if they go away.

Look, man. Chill.

We don't have time for that.

Today we gotta be on the same side.

This is it. We're all gonna fucking die, aren't we?

Gunny was the only guy that had his shit together.

If Billy Bad Ass doesn't make it, how the hell are we?

We're all gonna fucking die!

No one's gonna die, Blake.

Corporal Albright?

Corporal, what do you want us to do? What?

You're asking him?

No offense, Mr. Ambassador, he just got here. He doesn't know shit.

Yet he was the only one of you who saw this coming.

He was the only one of you who tried to do anything to stop it from happening.

BLAKE: We are so dead.

What do you wanna do, Corporal?

Say again your last? Say again your last? You're coming in broken and stupid.

We got 'em. This is Major Lincoln. Who is this?

Corporal Evan Albright, sir. We're all clear.

Where's Gunny Raines? Dead, sir.

We could really use your help right around now, sir.

We're inbound in 20 mikes. Twenty mikes?

LINCOLN: Hang in there, Marine. We will be there.

We'll get there as fast as we can. Yes, sir.

You just keep the Ambassador and the rest of those civilians safe until we get there.

Will do, sir.

CAHILL: He can't win.

We've worked too hard to go back to what was.

I changed hearts and minds here.

You know, I honestly believe that.

I have to believe that.

Something's burning.

It's us.

Shit, it's probably from the explosion on the roof.

What kind of safe room is this? Well, obviously, it's not safe anymore.

What are you doing?

This is classified, you shouldn't be here. I said, what are you doing, Olivia?

I knew it.

This is classified. You could be court-martialed for even saying anything else.

Hey. Gunny is dead. Ski is dead. Mohammed is dead, Olivia.

You really think I give a shit about being court-martialed right now?

How much money is in there?

It was enough to keep this place peaceful.

So that's the Ambassador's magic touch.

A pile of cash. The Ambassador's a good man, Evan.

He was asked to come here and cool off a hot zone, and he did that.

Yeah, 'cause it's just breezy around here right now, isn't it?

Democracy's a big machine, this keeps her wheels spinning.

Passion, dignity, hope, and money. That's the way it works.

And now you're just burning it? We don't have a choice.

If proof of this got out, we'd lose all credibility in the region.

No honor amongst thieves?

I don't have the luxury of looking at things as black and white, Evan.

Not out here. Nothing is.

It's a lot easier for the world to end as we know it than most people believe.

We make the wrong move, hesitate for a second when we shouldn't, and it's over.

Oh, my God. You're a fucking spook, aren't you?

I'm a fucking realist.

And my loyalty is to my country, not my convictions.



They're all over the place out there.

All this smoke coming from the roof? Yeah.

We've done the best we could to slow it down.

Stamper, come in.


How's everybody doing there?

Hansen just made it back, but we're fucked.

The goddamned building's on fire. We can hardly breathe in here.

MARSOC's still 20 minutes out. Oh, shit.

BLAKE: I know, right? It's like what happened at Benghazi.

Everyone died of smoke inhalation.

Let me tell you something, Blake. If I go out here... it sure as hell ain't gonna be from sucking in no smoke.

We're gonna have to handle this ourselves.

You know we're still way fucking outnumbered here, right?

Yeah, I'm not waiting to get rescued and I'm not waiting to die.

We're getting the hell out of here, all of us.


We're gonna slip out the back. (SCOFFING)

Oh, check out the big brain on Brad. Why didn't I think of that?

The rear gate's theirs.

There's a team of hajis out there with an RPK just waiting for us to give that a try.

Can you make it there? Not directly. No fucking way.

Yeah, I hate to say it, man, but he's right. The whole place is infested.

Our best option might be the northeast fire exit.

I don't know what the hell you guys are talking about. You're just as fucked.

You got tangos out front and two tactical sitting on your back porch.

The trucks are out back?

All right, you gotta move. We're coming to you.

Come to us? What the fuck are you talking about, John Wayne?

You gotta trust me, man.

Stamper, you with me?

Goddamn cowboy. Fucking right!

That's what I'm talking about, baby. This is our house.

Let's show these motherfuckers how we do it.

Let's show 'em! Let's get some!

Excuse me?

Can I get a gun yet, please? Shut the fuck up.

Let's move. Okay.

You better hope you know what the fuck you're doing, man.

Mr. Ambassador... let's roll.


I guess we'll see which way you run when that door opens, huh?

EVAN: This is Albright, sir, we can't hold. LINCOLN: Say again?

This is Albright, sir, we can't hold. We need to move. Need an alternate HLZ.

Understood. What options do we have?

Al-Mafraq Stadium is about two clicks away, sir.

Al-Mafraq Stadium. You know it?

That's a soccer stadium 10 blocks from here.

Roger that, sir. We'll see you there. Outstanding. Watch your ass, Marine.

Aye-aye, sir.

If someone finds this footage, please YouTube it. The footage must live on.

Shut the fuck up.


I ain't gonna lie, man. That's hot.

Get in!


Clear! Clear!

Move it! Move!

Yousef! Yousef... (SPEAKING ARABIC)

Move, move, move! Come on.

Stamper, we're 30 seconds out! So are we!

EVAN: Over, headed your way! Almost there! We'll be there!


Where the fuck are you guys?


We got company! (CROWD YELLING)


Jesus. What the hell? Anytime today, Hansen.

I'm trying! It's jammed! It won't open! Stamper, open this fucking door!

No offense, sir. Get the fuck out of the way! Back up!

All right, keep your head down! All right, move, move, move, move.

Get in!

Come on, let's go! Go, go, go!

Go, go! Sunshine, go!




Come on.

Come on, come on. We gotta go!

God damn it, motherfuckers!

We're almost there!

Hang on!


Albright to MARSOC, do you copy?

Hello? Do you copy? We are en route to extract. Over.

Go, go, go!



Lack on ammo, need more mags. I got you.

Which way? That way.





OLIVIA: Sunshine!

You're gonna be okay, man.

You're gonna be okay. Stay with me.

I got you. I got you. You're gonna be okay. I got you. You're all right.

You're all right. You're all right. You're all right.

You're okay.

Do you see them? No.

Do you think they're gone?

Trust me, they haven't gone anywhere.

Hansen, check the back.


Yeah, that's a negative. They're holding the alleyway.

There's a basement.

Albright to MARSOC, do you hear me? Over.

I don't know if you can hear me, but we're pinned down.

Cannot make extract. Where the fuck are we?

At Freedom Burger. Where?

We're at Freedom Burger on Kings Road and Al-Hashimi.

EVAN: Jamal, grab that propane tank.

What? Why? Just take it to the bottom of the stairs.

They're back!

Everybody in the basement!



Okay. I got you.


What the fuck!


I have to help them!

You're all right. You're gonna be all right. Give me a gun. I can fight.

Khaled sent my younger brother, Amir, to die when he was only 12.

Now my youngest brother is only eight, and I will not let him play martyr for Khaled as well.

Give him a rifle.

Seriously, he gets a gun? CAHILL: God damn it, Blake.

There's nowhere for you to go.

It seems your country will now have to bear the burdens of your deaths.

Go fuck yourself.

After all, that is the tragic truth of the matter, is it not?

Your government takes pride in the blood that stains its hands.

What are yet more lives in the pursuit of its foolish crusade?


You butcher innocents and use that to get the rest to go along with your savage shit.

You wanna bring it to us, to the devils holding the guns, that I at least get.

But a shopping mall, the towers, journalists and aid workers?

You're just a bunch of fucking pussies too weak to even try hitting anything that might hit you back.

This is not that fight for freedom, Khaled.

This is just a fight... with no end... no winners and no hope.

The only way... is to rid our land of every foreigner that invades it... and to kill the rat who calls himself my brother.

Go, go!



HUTCH: Cease fire.

At ease, Marine.

Ambassador Cahill.

Blake, put pressure on this. LOPEZ: Ah!

LINCOLN: Major Lincoln, MARSOC.

Are you okay, sir?

Yes, Major, we are.

Let's get you outta here, sir.


It's for you, Miss Winston. It's Director Walsh.

Yes, sir. We have the package.

Khaled is dead.

There he is. The best. Billy Badass.

His ass and the rest of the Marines saved my ass in the furnace.

So big thank you to Albright.


Yes, sir.

Hell of a job, Marine. Hell of a job.

Your Gunny would be proud.

Thank you, sir.

You'll probably able to write your own ticket after this.

Hell, I can always use another shooter I can count on.

Let me know.

Patrick. PATRICK: Sir.

Secure Mr. Cahill in the vehicle, please.

You better take a load off, all right? Thank you, sir.

EVAN: In the end... coming in first, coming in last, none of it matters as long as you do right by the soldiers standing next to you.

Ain't it fucked up how we spend so much time planning our lives, convincing ourselves with what we wanna do, what we have to do?

But sometimes, we don't see what we're meant to do.

Staff Sergeant Albright?

New guy coming through.

So, Marine, how was the trip in?