Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993) Script




Oh, my.










MAN 1 : Open fire, everybody!


MAN 2: Come on! MAN 3: Take him out! Go!



MAN 4: Hit the deck!




I don't think so.

Good work, Agent Marcus. Thank you.

Great shooting, Mahoney. Now clean up all that shit, huh?

Is that him? Yeah, that's it.

ID, please.

All right, sir.

CORONER: Name: Voorhees, Jason.

This case is eyes only. Tape is strictly for internal distribution.

Anyone listening must have C-4 clearance or higher.

If not, you're in a heap of trouble. Ha-ha-ha.



We have a large male Caucasian...

...with massive tissue loss due to extreme explosive trauma.

Weight, I'd say 230, maybe, uh, 240.

And third-degree burns over 65 percent of the anterior torso.

First and second over...

...posterior torso.

In addition to explosive trauma...

...the subject is a victim of...

...multiple bullet wounds.

At a glance, I'd say we're looking at well over...

...a hundred bullet wounds of...

...varying caliber.

This is gonna be a real joy to count.

Yes. Yeah.

In my professional opinion...

...this guy's deader than shit.


Uh, strike that last comment from the record.

Evidence upon examination indicates severe pulmonary edema.

I'd say the heart appears to be twice the size of a normal heart.

It's malformed.

Fatty deposits: left, right atria.

The heart appears to be filled with a black, viscous fluid.

Frankly I don't know what the hell it is.

It's not blood.





ID. You just saw me come out of there.

ID, please.

Oh, one second.

Just-- Ha, ha.



You know, Phil, this is actually kind of an amazing opportunity.

I mean, how many people actually get a chance...

...to say whatever they want to Jason fucking Voorhees?

Hey, fuck.

How you doing, you fat-ass, maggoty, blown-up fuck?

Suck this. Suck it.

You know what I'd like to do to you? I'd like to take a crap...

...right on your fucking mask.

A big old mango-sized crap.

Yes, that's a probe.



GUARD 1 : Doc, what's the verdict?

Jason gonna be getting up and walking around any time soon?

GUARD 2: Heh. Yeah, we really nailed that fucker.

He weren't nothing but a big old pussy, anyway.

ROBERT [ON TV]: Tonight on American Case File:

Jason Voorhees: dead or deadly?

These traumatic photos were taken in the aftermath of the autopsy of Jason Voorhees.

The facts: Two security men, dead.

A coroner, dead.

Another coroner, missing.

Are these men victims of a serial killer only believed to be deceased?

Many say Yes-

Hi, I'm Robert Campbell.

For over 20 years, the mere mention of the name Jason Voorhees...

...has been enough to send a shudder of fear through the hearts of an entire nation.

Born in 1946 to Elias and Pamela Voorhees...

...Jason was believed to have drowned in Camp Crystal Lake...

...at the tender age of 11 .

Sadly, he did not.

Since then he has been responsible for 83 confirmed murders...

...and speculated scores of others.

Tonight on a very special episode of American Case File...

...we'll show you an interview conducted with Mr. Creighton Duke...

...just one week after Jason's alleged termination.

You'll remember, Mr. Duke is the bounty hunter previously responsible...

...for the capture of six of this country's most reviled serial killers.

Let's go to the tape.

ROBERT: For the first time, our cameras were allowed a glimpse...

...of the private training compound of bounty hunter Creighton Duke.

Duke invited us with the promise of a very unusual, very expensive proposition.

And I think you'll agree, in typical Creighton Duke fashion...

...he gave us much more than we bargained for.

Just watch.

RICHARD: I'm gonna say two words to you.

I want you to say the first thing that comes to your mind.

Okay. You ready?

Shoot. Jason Voorhees.

Well, that makes me think of...

...a little girl in a pink dress sticking a hot dog through a doughnut.

Well, I was actually referring to your claim that Jason Voorhees is not truly dead.

What you think of as Jason is not Jason.

That body he's wearing, that's just meat.

That boy knows how to dress.

He wears other people's bodies like folks wear a suit.

He may get blown up, but that's a little minor inconvenience for him.

He'll just get himself another body.

Jason Voorhees, the true Jason Voorhees...

...is something you and I have never seen before, Mr. Campbell.

There's only one way to put an end to him for all time.

And I'm the only one that knows the way.

So if you want him dead, truly dead...

...500 grand is my fee.

And for that you get the mask, the machete, the whole damn thing.

Quite a character.

In the week following our interview with Creighton Duke...

...there have been five more Jason-style murders.

All, perhaps not surprisingly...

...on a direct path from the Federal Morgue in Youngstown, Ohio...

...where Jason's remains were flown to Crystal Lake.

Tonight, in the interest of public safety...

...I am prepared to offer Creighton Duke his sum of $500,000.

Payable only after he provides American Case File and the American people...

...with incontrovertible proof of Jason's existence...

...and then puts an end to him for all time.

We'll be back with American Case File in a moment.


This is truly sick. Tell me about it.

No, this is not sick, Diana. This is business.

People will come to see Jason's hometown, and they'll come with appetites.

SHELBY: Shake a leg, Di, food's up. Thanks, Shel.

Hey, Ma, do you really want me to cut these like this?

WOMAN: Yes, I do. They look stupid.

It's your own dumb-assed fault. They're supposed to look like hockey masks.

Now watch.

This makes a whole new patty. Hence, the two-for-one burger sale.

God, I love this woman. Hold me back.

You guys make me sick.


What can I get you?

DUKE: I'll take a Voorhees burger and a side of Jason fingers.

Okay, anything else? Yes.

Creighton Duke.

I know who you are. I'm gonna kill Jason Voorhees.

I need you to help me.

Jason Voorhees is dead.

You know he's not. I know he's not.

And he's coming for you.

Your food will be right out. Name your price.

Everyone has a price. What's yours?

What do you want? You know what I want.

And you know why I need you.

Well, I think you need to leave. I know everything about you, Diana.

I know who you really are.

What's the problem here?

Oh, I was just making your girlfriend there a little proposition, chief...

...and she's thinking it over.

Right, love?

Come on. Get up.

Why don't you blow me, chief? Hmm?

Right after your girlfriend there gets through.


That's my lady you're talking about.

Well, now, see, she is only your lady because she ain't had a taste of the Duke yet.

Well, damn it! Careful, careful, chief.

I don't think you really know who I am.

I know who you are.

The last thing we need around here is some freako bounty hunter causing trouble.

I want you out of this town and I want you out now.

Now, that is very colorful, chief. Randy!

Take him out to my car. I'll be out in a minute.

All right, let's go.

He's coming for you, Diana. And your daughter.

Look your doors. CHIEF: Uh-uh.

I'm sorry if he upset you.

I don't need you to fight my battles.

I don't need any part-time protection.

You Okay?

Yeah. Okay.

Seems to think Jason's, uh, coming for you.

Steven, I need to talk to you.

There's something you don't know about Jessica, something that you should know.

She was gonna tell you herself, but, uh, there may not be enough time.

If you still care about her, if you still wanna make things right between the two of you...

...then we should talk.

Okay, let's talk.

Yeah, but not here.

Come to my house tonight at 11.

And don't be late.




Right. Great.

Hi. Thank you so much. We have been there for an hour.

Sure. Thanks a lot, man.

Sure. So where we heading?

We're going to Camp Crystal Lake. Oh, yeah?

Planning on smoking a little dope...

...having a little premarital sex and getting slaughtered?

A joke. It's just a joke. It's called a Crystal Lake levity, you know.

So, uh, why are you going to the camp? Well, now that Jason's dead--

We're thinking about smoking some dope, having a little premarital sex...

...and, uh, not worry about getting slaughtered.

STEVEN: Here's where the camp was. They tore the cabins down a few years ago...

...but this is the place. MAN 1: Excellent.

Hey, thanks a lot.

Come with us.

We're thinking of going skinny-dipping later.

God, I'd love to...

...but, uh, I gotta meet someone later.

Your girlfriend?

Go on. Have fun.

You don't know what you're missing.

Here she is.

Let's do it.

Oh, my God, that water.


Come here.

[ems GIGGLE]

Um, do you mind if we use the tent for half an hour?

No. Actually, take it for the whole night. I'm gonna sleep out here.

Yeah? Yeah, you know, it's a beautiful night.

Are you sure? Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure. Go. Go. Go.

GO, go!







Come on, let's do it.

Think you're ready for Tony the Wonder Llama?

You got a rubber?

In my pack outside.

I'll get them. No, no, no.

Forget it. Forget about it.

I gotta pee anyway.

I gotta go out there anyway. I'll be right back.


Hurry UP-


I found it.

Yeah? Yeah.

That's nice.

Oh, God, Debbie, I hate these things.






Debbie! Help!



Tango? Tango?


Oh, there you are. Well, come here.

There. Yeah.

Hello, sweetheart. Yeah, there you are. Yeah.

Aah! Di, it's me, Josh.

I was just going to my car. I didn't mean to scare you.

Here. it's all right.

Oh, thanks. Here.


...don't worry about Ed.

He'll come around. He's too smart a guy to let you get away, you know?

Yeah, well, I guess I'm just a little, uh, too old for going steady.

Yeah, well, so is he and he knows it.

Trust me, it'll work out.

Thanks. Good night.

Good night, Josh.

Hello, baby. Hi.

Oh, not here, not here. Oh, I'm sorry I'm late.

What's the big deal? Roy's bowling go late?

The League changed the damned time. We've only got till 10:30.

Get in. Ha, ha.



What the fuck are you doing?

You fuck!



Hello? Hi, Mom.

DIANA [OVER PHONE]: Hi. Guess what.

DIANA: What? I have a new boyfriend.

You'll never guess who. DIANA: Well, what's his name?

I want it to be a surprise. DIANA: Someone I know?

No, but you'll recognize him. We're gonna come for a visit next weekend.

Tell her I want to meet her. He really wants to meet you.

Can you hold on just a second? Okay. JESSICA: Sure.


How's the baby? Great. Have you seen her father lately?

DIANA: Steven's coming over tonight. Mom.

DIANA: He's still asking about you. I don't wanna talk to him.

I don't wanna see him when I'm home. He can see the baby if he wants.

Can you tell him? DIANA: I'll tell him.

I love you, Mom.

I love you too, baby.

Um... Aah!


Josh, what are you doing? Josh!

Oh, Jesus.

No! No!


You motherfucker!


Yes, hi. Is Sheriff Landis there?

Uh, this is Jessica Kimble. Could you please patch me through?



No! No!






Oh, shit!




You saw him?

You know who he is?

You have to save Jessica.

Save Jessica...

...and the... The what?

Save Jessica and...

RANDY: Diana?

It was Josh. He's still outsi--

Where the hell is he?

Oh, my dear God.

He was dead. He had to be dead.


You can't think that I...

I don't believe that you murdered Diana, no. I don't know what happened.

And I know you couldn't have done it.

You just sit tight, okay?

I'm gonna take care of this. I will straighten everything out.

Randy, what am I gonna do?

What's Jessica gonna do?


I'm so sorry. I wanted to have this cleaned up before you got here.

That's all right. I was just...

Oh, God, Vicki.


Oh, my gosh.


Who's this?

A girl?

She's beautiful.

Is she yours?

Her name's Stephanie.

She has Steven's eyes.

Why didn't you tell me?

I was going to.

I was gonna tell everybody. I just didn't--

I didn't expect to be back here so soon.

Is Steven around?

Yeah. Listen, there's something I need to tell you about Steven.

Hopefully we won't have to hold you for more than a day.

I am gonna bust my ass to prove that you are innocent.

But you're gonna have to stay cool, Steven...

...because otherwise, Landis is really gonna kill you, okay?


Come on.

The sheriff's right this way.

All right, I'll be back later. Don't do anything stupid.

What am I gonna do? I'm locked in a fricking cell.

I'm gonna get you out of this, okay? But you just gotta hang tight.


Oh, wait. Uh, everything you need is in this bag.

Yeah. Here you go.

White bottle, 12:00, green bottle, 1, 1:30.

And work our way up to hard liquor at dinner time.

Don't worry.

What time would you like me to pick her up?

Um, come by the diner around 8. Okay.

Okay. Bye, sweetheart.

Don't you give Vicki a hard time.

Bye-bye. Thanks, Vicki.

Hey, you take good care of her. Of course.

Jessie, I got a few papers here.

Gotta get your signature on them. JESSICA: All right.


DUKE: You're about the saddest-looking sack of shit I've ever seen.

Why don't you just shut up?

Accused of murder.

And not just any murder, but the murder of the mother of the girl you love. Heh.

I didn't do it. Oh, I know that.

Problem is, how are you gonna get anyone else to believe you?

It was Jason that killed Diana.

What did you say?

There's only one way to put an end to that devil...

...and they don't know the way.

And you do?

Tell me. Information like that is very expensive.

What's your price?

I think you're too much of a coward to afford it.


Try me.

Give me your hand.

What? Your hand.

Give it to me.

See, everything and everyone has a price.

And the cost of this is very, very high.

Are you ready to pay?

What's the price?

Are you ready to pay?



Oh, fuck!


The only way to kill Jason Voorhees is to destroy his heart.

And there's only one person who can do that now that Diana's dead.

Her daughter.

Jessica? And he will try to get to her...

...before she can get to him. What does he want?

Same thing he wanted her mother for. What?

You want information?

You gotta Pa)'-

Come on.

DUKE: Your hand.

Are you ready to pay? Yes.

Are you sure?


Oh, jeez!


Those FBI idiots destroyed Jason's body, so now he needs a new one.

The ones he's jumping in and out of, they can't last.

They get diseased, he gets weak.

Jason needs to be reborn again and he needs Jessica to do it.

Why Jessica?

Now, see, that is a very, very expensive question, boy.

And I don't think you've got what it takes to pay the price.

Tell me.

This one's on the house.

In a Voorhees was he born. Through a Voorhees may he be reborn.

And only by the hands of a Voorhees will he die.

Jason had a sister, your girlfriend's mother, Diana.

Now that she's dead, he has only two blood relatives left in the world...

...with the power to kill him or make him reborn:

Jessica and her baby.

I've gotta get out of here, gotta protect them.

The only way to do that is to kill Jason, and you can't, but Jessica can.

Tell Jessica about her birthright. Make her believe you.

Go to the Voorhees' house. Find proof.

Because if you don't, Jason will kill her.

And your baby.

STEVEN: Randy! Randy!

Oh, God.

What is going on here? That son of a bitch broke my fingers.

Jesus! Shit! Let me take a look, okay?

Here. Come here. Oh, shit.




You asshole. Okay.

Carefully, carefully, open the cell.

You wouldn't kill me.

You might be right.

Okay. Okay, Steven.

Steven, listen to me, please.

Don't do this. You escape and they'll shoot you on sight.

That's a chance I'm gonna have to take.

JOEY: So I lose a bundle today.

So screw it.

I love that little lady.

Don't pretend to be so noble.

You should've closed up until after the funeral.

Oh, sure. Two days off with pay, right?

Hey, hey, baby, not now.

Believe it or not, I'm hurt too, and not just financially. What the fuck is that?

It's Jessica's baby. Get it the fuck out.

This is a restaurant, not a fucking nursery.


I believe that's the sweetest thing God ever put on this earth.

You're a little cutie pie. It'll be just as cute on the street.

Now get it out! MAN: Hey.


Yeah? Yeah.

No shit?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, if I see him, I'll call. Okay.

What was that all about? Hey, the baby can stay.

Now go to the storeroom and make a crib out of a box.

Okay, go, 90, 90- Okay.

Steven Freeman escaped. He's got a gun.

Oh, Jesus. They know where he was headed?

Knowing Freeman, he turned ass and he bolted to Canada.

But just in case he didn't...

Hey, babe. Hey, hey, hold on. Let me do it.


Jesus, Pookie.


Okay, we got your bear.

I know this isn't a palace, but it will have to do.

God, so much like your daddy.

Okay, put you in here.

I'll come back and check on you, make sure you're okay. Okay?


I don't even know your name.


This is my baby.

It's the first time I've ever been able to touch my baby.

Take my car. Get out.

Ward, I-- Get out.

Thank you.


Oh, my--!

What the hell?








Hey, Reggie, what's happening?

Oh, yeah, I'm there now.

Oh, it's great. It's disgusting. Look, I am gonna wanna dress it up.

Maybe we can put a few body parts in the refrigerator?

Well, Reg, I don't know. Talk to Harry in Props.

You know what we're going for here.

Twisted Secrets of the Voorhees House Revealed.

Oh, and also one more thing.

Guess what tomorrow's headline is gonna read.

"Body of Slain Voorhees Woman Stolen From Morgue."

Well, uh, last night, I stole Diana's body and I hid it here in the closet.

And then I went home and fucked her daughter. Ha-ha-ha.


Reg, you wanna calm down?

Listen, I'll talk Jessica into letting us shoot here, right?

I'll bring the police, they'll discover the body on camera...

...and our ratings will go right through the fucking roof.

How does that grab you?








JESSICA: Robert?


Oh, God.




You scared the hell out of me. Where have you been?

Robert! Robert!

Get away from her.

What are you--? Where are you taking me?

Come on! What? Let me go! Oh, my God!

Steven, put me down.

I don't want to go. I am gonna kill you.

You put me down this second. I'm gonna kill you.

Get in the car. Get in the car. Steven. What--?

What is wrong? What is going on? Will somebody tell me?

Shut up!





Oh, my God!



JESSICA: God, Steven!

Stop the car! Pull this car over!

Steven, I mean it! Stop this car!

Are you out of your mind--? Calm down. Shut up!

Please, just listen.

All right. Now, you think I killed Robert back there, right?

No way he could've lived? I ran the fucker over?

Steven-- Just tell me, did I kill him or not?

Yes, you killed him. Wrong.

He is not dead and that is not Robert.

Jess, I did not kill your mother.

Yesterday, Josh, or someone that looked like Josh, killed her.

After she blew off the back of his head.

I stabbed him with a poker right through the heart, and he still lived.

Let me go. Look,Jess...

...you and the baby are in a lot of danger.

I can help.

I won't leave you this time.

Yeah, you will, Steven. I promise I won't.

Jess, let's go get the baby.

You killed my mother! You think I'd let you near my baby?

Out! Out! Get out! Get away from me!

Come on!

Jess, please! Get away from me!

Get away! Jess! Jess!

Damn it. No! No.

Ed! Ed! I just left Steven out on Lake Road.

He killed Robert.

Hey, slow down. No! He ran him over.

You all right? I was at my mother's.

Did he hurt you? Not me. Robert!

Okay, you said Steven's out on Lake Road.

Where on Lake Road?

I don't know.

Oh, past the Meyers' place. Okay, we'll get him.

You're safe now. Don't worry.

Notify all the units on the Lake Road. I want this kid.

STEVEN: Don't shoot. Don't shoot.

Oh, Randy.


Son of a bitch!


Fuck this.


Randy, you okay?


What the fuck?



Get in the fucking car, Steven.

You get in the car.

You want me to cuff you?

What makes you think you can?

I got a gun.

Fuck that. I got a gun.

You totally wrecked Jessica.

Jessica. You've seen Jessica? Yes, I have seen Jessica.

Where is she?

At the station.

Cuff me.

Randy just picked Steven up. He's bringing him in.

Follow Officer Ryan. She'll give you some clothes.

All we have are cop uniforms. Anything's fine.

One second.

You all right, mister? Wait a second. What the--?


You find her and you find her quick.

Yeah. Well, I will hear from you.




Stop right there!


Steven, help me!




What in the hell was that?

Officer down! He's breathing.

Let's check this guy at the end of the hall.

Fuck! Christ.

Get the ambulance.

What's it--?

Oh, my God.

Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Fuck!


Vick, where's the baby? She's fine.

Where's the baby? In back.

What's wrong? Hold it right there.

Don't move a muscle, either of you. Joey, I just want--

Shut up! You're with him. Nobody's gonna touch that ray of sunshine.

Pookie, call the station. I'm doing it, baby. I'm doing it.

Holy shit. Line's dead.

Son of a bitch. Ward, go see what the hell's going on at the station.

Don't let him go over there. He'll get killed.

Shut up! Go on.

Ma, he just-- Ward!

Little mister, just in case.

Honey, watch the willy. Ma.

Ward, don't, please. Shut up! Keep your hands up. High.


Joey, please. Just let me get the baby and we'll go.

Shut up. You're with a felon.

Oh, hey, now, babe, watch the language.

Fuck you!


Now look what you've fucking done! Give me the baby, Joey!

Fuck you!


Stop. I mean it.




Go, go, go!

STEVEN: Come on. JESSICA: She's gone.

Where is she? STEVEN: Vicki must have moved her.

In here. Come on.


JOEY: Pookie!

Don't let him through.


Oh, shit!

Get away from him, you fucking piece of shit!

STEVEN: She's gotta be in here.







Go to hell!

Oh, God, Vick. Vick?

STEVEN: I'm gonna try and get some help.



Jessica, wait!

Fuck! Damn.

DUKE: I have your baby. Come to the Voorhees' house alone.


You're alone.

Good girl.

Jason could have jumped into anyone by now but you.

We haven't been formally introduced.

My name is Creighton Duke.

What the hell do you think you're doing, grabbing my baby and bringing her here?

Hold it.

Duke, Robert is dead.

I know about your bounty...

...but you're never gonna see any of that money now. It's over.

Just give me the baby.

Just give me two minutes.

It's not about the money anymore.

What do you want from me? Tonight we can get that bastard.

Tonight we can send Jason Voorhees straight to hell for all time.

You don't need me for that. Yes, I do.

Only through a Voorhees can he be reborn.

And only a Voorhees can kill him. With that.

No, I won't put my baby in any more danger.

You will always be in danger until Jason is dead.

He won't stop coming for you until he gets you, until he's reborn.

Then he will kill you and your baby.

If you want this to be over, if you want your baby out of danger...

...then you will end it now before more people have to die...

...like your friends, like your mother.

Because until you kill him...

...it will never be over.

JESSICA: Oh, are we sleepy?

Yes, we are.

That could be Steven.

Jason will have jumped into a new body by now.

You can't trust anyone.

It couldn't be Steven. Anyone. Do you understand?

Duke! Unh!

ED: Jessica? Ed?

DUKE: Aah! Oh, no!

Kill him! Do it!

Ed, is it really you?

Of course. Stay there.

Give me the knife. I thought you were dead.

You were wrong. Don't come any closer.

Kill him! I can't!

Freeze! Get the hell away from her, Ed.

What should I do? Kill the both of them!

No! Do it, or die!

Jessica, give me the knife.

Stay back! Jessica!





Get off! Get away from her!





Where is it? I don't know.



Come on, I'll help you.

DUKE: Give me your hand. JESSICA: Come on!

DUKE: I'm coming.

JESSICA: Here. DUKE: Damn it.



Where's the dagger? Under the dresser.

Well, get it!

I don't think so. Oh, God.

What's it doing? I don't know.

That part about being reborn through a Voorhees woman.

Does it have to be a living woman? No.

Duke, that thing's in the basement with Jessica's mother.

Holy Mother of God.

DUKE: Quick, the dagger. Help her!

Get the damn dagger!

JESSICA: Lift it up, lift it up. STEVEN: I'm trying.

God, I can't. Jessica!

You son of a bitch. You remember me?

STEVEN: Get the dagger!


Tonight, my friend, you will--

STEVEN: God, Jessica!




Get away from them, motherfucker! No!




Oh, no.










STEVEN: Go to hell!

No! No!