Jason X (2001) Script

Why don't you stare at this for a little while, you ugly bastard?

What are you doing here? -I'm taking the specimen.

You can't.

I haven't prepped the cryostasis chamber.

I don't want him frozen, Rowan. I want him soft.

We've already discussed this. Yeah.

Well, I had to go over your head. I'm moving him to our Scranton facility.

You can't risk transporting him...

...through open country. -This isn't open for discussion.

His unique ability to regenerate lost and damaged tissue...

...I mean, it just cries out for more research.

And you'll risk the deaths of innocent civilians if he escapes?

Yes. But I'm sure Sergeant Marcus...

...and his men can handle the transfer just fine.

Sergeant? -Everything is under control, ma'am.

Dr. Wimmer, please. -Rowan, he's no longer your problem.

Can we get that rag off him?

What the hell?

Aah! Oh, my God!

Get out of here.

What happened?

I'm sorry.

Cryogenic breach. Emergency lockdown.

Oh, God, no.


Kay-Em? No viruses, no bacteria.

No toxins. It's clean.

-It's still cold. -Wow.

Someone want to tell me what that is?

It's like a big kind of frozen storage thing.

Probably a cryostasis unit. I'd guess early port series. Kay-Em?

Quadroport 11. Manufactured in 2010.

Precise historic records are inconsistent.

Anyone thinking what I'm thinking? -Open it up.

What the hell is that? -Humanoid.

Organic composition is unclear.

Can someone tell me what's on his face?

Uh, some kind of 20th-century carbon filtration unit?

-It's a hockey mask. -Very good, Tsunaron.

What's a hockey mask? -Facial armor.

Used in a sport outlawed in 2024.


Absolute museum quality.

Are you paying attention, Azrael? -Yeah.

Well, don't touch anything.

Guys, we got another body here.

Kay-Em? -She's perfectly preserved.

Cell crystallization is at 25 percent.

Twenty-five percent?

Suggest extensive nanotech and phase one cell reconstruction.

Wait a minute, are you saying...

...that we can bring her back to life? -Yes.

But she is deteriorating.

Opening the door has compromised her hibernation.

Lou, get ready for dust-off. We have a priority evac.

Copy that, ready in five. -Not five, now.

Ah. What the...?

Look out. Whoa, whoa.

Fifty-five eds of etherene. You'll be fine.

Fine? I'm missing my arm!


Ah. Oh. You're so pretty.

Kicker, are the doors secure? -Locked and blocked.

Beautiful. Liftoff in three, two...


I love this part.

What did you find? -Won't believe it.

Get the sarge on the horn.

Did you hear?

Division 4 just entered the occupied zone.

Casualties? -Minimal.

I'd love to know how we got this screwed-up gig.

Yeah, well, I didn't join the corps to become a freaking babysitter.

Brodski here.

Sarge, we found a viable.

Say again? -We found two bodies in deep cryostasis.

The Kay-Em unit thinks we can resuscitate the female.


Yeah. -Crutch, do you copy?

Crutch, do you read me?

Crutch, wake the hell up.

What? They're on their way back.

Prepare for docking and power up the lab.

Mm. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever.

So, what does she look like? She's cute.

Yeah, and single. -Mm-hm.

I'm so lonely.

We need to get her to the lab.

You think you can bring her back? -We'll find out, sergeant.

You're not gonna bring him back, are you?

No, it's impossible.

Oh, shit. I forgot my arm. -Yeah, here you go, dumb-ass.

Heh. Hi, hand.

Any idea how long she's been down? -Four-point-five-five centuries.

Must've been one hell of a wake-up call.

I'm bitchy as hell when I wake up. -Did you just wake up?


-Ahh. You guys always find the cool shit.

Where's Waylander? -Uh, he's in Lab 1 charging the bed now.

Good, find Stoney and Adrienne...

...and get to Lab 2. -Yep.

Once we're in the clear, I'd like to check your circuits.

Oh, I'll bet you would. -It isn't like that.

Adrienne, good. I need you in Lab 2. -You found something?

Two viables. -In what condition?

Perfect. Attempting reanimation with one.

What can I do?

You, Stoney, Kinsa-- -Ah. They're second year.

They'll slow me down. -Walk them through it.

Run a complete structural scan, log them in, put them in stasis.

I'll check back with you later. -Fine.

Where are we? The board's all green, teach.

N-2's warm and ready. Good.

Kay-Em, begin stabilizing any cellular fractures.

Yes, professor.

Janessa, I need a full scan. Glycerol levels, cerebral perfusion, the whole works.

I live to serve. -Let's see what we're dealing with here.

Decrystalization of the membranes is now at 32 percent.

Good. Somebody get those clothes off her.

Oh, I got it.

I got it. Honestly.

Waylander, where's her diffusion barriers?


Seventeen and stable. -Here we go.

Stay still or you'll end up getting an elbow where your wrist should be.

Specimen 4420 found in Sector 3930 L on Earth prime.

Subject discovered in complete cryo-suspension.

How's it going? Good, man. What's up?

Hey, where do you want this? On the specimen table.

Hi, baby. Hey, gorgeous.

Initiating scan.

Mm. Smart and sexy. Mm.

Professor, take a look at this guy's scan.

Amazing. -How does he function...

...with a brain that small?

Way manages. -That's very funny.

He's a big boy. I bet he's hung like a mammoth.


Okay, guys. Just get the hell out of here and come back when you're more focused.

You serious? -Yes, just go.

Thanks, Adrienne. Come. -Thanks.

Don't mention it.

See what you can salvage from the optic cortex, then move on.

My pleasure, professor.

Ready phase two.

Bring on the ants.

That's it. Come to Mama.

Temperature 96.2, 97.

Cool, it's working.

Ninety-eight-point-six and holding.

Cell reconstruction is complete. Internal defib in three...

...two, one.

Easy, easy.

Vital signs are normal and strong.

No shit. Easy.

Easy. -Did you get him?

Where is he? Tell me you got him. -Got who?

No one is here. You're safe with us.

There was a leak in the cryo unit and...

Was it contained? It was contained.

But when the cryo unit ruptured, you didn't escape it.

It put you into stasis.

For how long?

The year is 2455.

Now, I know this is a huge shock, but you're gonna be safe here.

You're aboard Grendel, a class-four catamaran transport ship.

We're on our way back home and you're gonna be just fine.


That's over 400 years.

Secure line. Perez, Dieter.

Solaris Research Station. Connect.

Lowe, you bastard.

We've hit the mother lode.

Do you know what time it is? -I don't care. We've got a gold mine.

A box of DVDs is not a gold mine. I've told you, I can't move them.

Just look at the file. Two 400-year-old frozen specimens. One well preserved.

The other one-- Are you ready for this? --up and walking around.

Four hundred years old and walking around.

Yeah, 455 years, to be exact.

Who cares? Who gives a shit?


People will pay huge money to see her. -Let me ask you a question.

Is this the first person you've reanimated?

Of course not.

How many people are out there today...

...walking around thawed out and looking good?

- Hundreds. -Thousands.

Maybe, but not 450 years old.

She's nearly twice as old as anyone on the planet.

Two-fifty, 450, what's the difference?

Doctor, a hundred years ago when reanimation was more unpredictable, sure, maybe.

But now it's old news.

Damn it. I need money.

Oh, I know, I know.

The other viable is marked "Voorhees. "

That's not Jason Voorhees, is it?

What do you know about him? -Jason Voorhees.

He killed nearly 200 people and simply disappeared without a trace.

Why, to the right buyer, he could be worth a fortune.

I've got him frozen here on the ship.

You work out a list of ownership? -No list.

He's my find. He's mine.

What about your students? -Well, they're students.

The educational experience will be enough.

Doctor, doctor, you are one son of a bitch.

Soon to be one rich son of a bitch. Lowe out.


...I think that, uh, we need to talk about my midterm.

Aw, poor baby. No wonder you wore this thing.

Harder. Harder.

Who's been a naughty little boy? -lhave.

Oh. Harder. -You want it a little harder?

Yeah? How's that? Yeah? -Yeah. Yeah. Oh, good. That's it.

That's it, right there? Daddy likes it hard?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Daddy wants it hard, huh? -Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah? You like it right there? Oh, yeah. That's it, yeah.

A little harder for Daddy? -Yeah. Yeah!

Come on. Come on. -Yeah. Yeah. You pass!

What do you think? -Hmm?

Do you like them?

They're fine.

Look, Kay-Em, I don't think this is going to work.

Why do you want those things anyways? -Janessa has them.

Well, Janessa's... -Real?


Let's not complicate things, all right?

I like you just the way you are. I think you're perfect.


Help, Wayland! No!

Somebody help me! Help me!

No, no, no!

I brought you something to eat.

Not much longer and we'll be at Earth 2.

Earth 2? What happened to Earth 1?

Is,uh,dead. The oceans, the soil, neither will sustain life.

Can I do anything else for you?

Wanna tell me what happened down there?

I take it being stabbed and frozen wasn't part of your plan.

I'm a...

I was a project leader at Crystal Lake Research.

The subject was Jason Voorhees. -Jason Voorhees?

Notorious murderer?

We executed him for the first time in 2008.

For the first time? -Mm-hm.

We tried everything. Electrocution, gas, firing squad.

We even hung him once. Nothing worked.

It was decided that if we couldn't terminate him, we'd contain him.

Cryogenic stasis. Freeze him until we could figure out what to do.

Seems sensible. -I thought so.

But unfortunately, some people who were too smart for their own good...

...felt that a creature that couldn't be killed was simply too valuable to just file away.

In the end, it always comes down to money.

How do you thank someone who gives you back your life?

Well, you're gonna be alive for a long time.

We'll figure out something, heh.

Why don't you just admit it?

You want me.

I could never be with a girl whose balls are bigger than mine.

Guys, our star patient is back. Rowan, this is Tsunaron and Janessa.

Hi. Hi.

Hi. I see that my clothes fit okay.

Oh, these are yours. They're great. Thank you.

Whoa, heh.

What are those? -These are Janessa's love children.

Ha-ha-ha. You see, now, it is that wit of yours that is what repels all human females.

Of course, you've met Sergeant Brodski.

Yes. Hi again. Hi.

And this is the lovely Kay-Em 14, Tsunaron's little lovebot.

Easy, Janessa.

Kay-Em is a knowledge matrix android that I have been programming.


She looks so real. -I am real.

Professor, where do you want this? Lab 2.

Sure. Oh, whoa. Where did you get that?

Uh, from your friend. The big guy with the hockey mask.

You brought him on board? -He's in the next lab. We're quite safe.

Safe? -Our scans reveal him to be very dead.

Could your scans be wrong?

You should just get rid of him. He's too dangerous.

Well, that would be irresponsible and foolhardy.

He's a valuable scientific artifact that must be carefully preserved.

Much like yourself.

He is an unstoppable killing machine. He's not dead.

Believe me. He's definitely dead.

Show me.

I'm putting us on lockdown. Attention, we have a hostile on board.

Grunt Team, report to weapons.

The chick?

Repeat, we have a hostile on board.

Grunt Team, report to weapons.

Everyone else, get to Lab 1. -Ugh.

Baby, I'm not ready yet. Well, hurry up.

Sarge, Grunt Team's assembled. Dallas is a no-show.

Where the hell is he? I don't know.

Damn. -Look, sergeant, we need to talk.

Do you have all your kids? -Yes.

Oh, God.

Stoney. Stoney is dead.

Oh, my God. Stoney is dead.

Kicker, I want full armor and tac. I want nothing left of this guy...

...by the time we reach Solaris.

-Roger that. You heard him, grunts? Move.

Whoa, nothing left of him? What have you got in mind?

Take your kids to Lab 1 and stay there till you hear from me.

Heh, heh. I just saved your ass.

You know, don't get cocky.

You must really feel like a wuss, huh, there, big boy?

Hey, check the score, kid. It's still 9-3.

Yeah, but I got my groove on now. You know what I'm saying?

So, what do you say next kill wins? -Lock and load, killer.

You're going down. You are so going down.

What the hell?

I thought this was an alien sim. -Yeah, it is.

Pause play.

I said, pause play.

He's not pausing. -Yeah, no kidding.

I think we need to reboot.

Ha-ha-ha. -That does not count as a kill.

Yes, it does.

Okay, screw this. Game over.

What the hell?

Hey, drop the kid! Drop the kid now!

Azrael, get out of here!

I got him. I got him. -Azrael, I've got no shot! Move!

Sergeant Brodski. Don't leave those kids alone.

What's the matter with you? -We're less than an hour from Solaris.

They have fully equipped tactical units that are more than capable of taking care of this.

I say we wait and sedate him. -I am taking this guy out.

Sergeant, I need him alive. -No, you want him alive.

What you need is to get out of my way. -Look, there are other considerations.

Financial considerations.

My only consideration is the safety of the people on this ship.

All right, 100,000.

Two hundred.

Five. -Five?

Kicker, Dallas not here yet? Nope.

You, Briggs, find him.

Bring him up to speed. Condor, you have a BFG? You're with me.

Sven, Geko, you got the starboard pontoon.

Sarge, what do we do when we find this guy?

Well, I promised the doc we'd take him alive.

After you blow him to hell, put one in his leg so we can say we tried.



Oh, Lord.

Sarge, I got Dallas.

Where the hell is he?

-He's dead.

Sarge, we got a body in Bay 2.

Who is il'? It's AZrael.

What the hell's going on here?

Sarge, we got a blood trail heading toward the cargo bay.

Condor, Kicker and I will take cargo main.

The rest of you take portside.

I hope they know what they're doing.

These guys live for this stuff.


Don't do that. -Dude.

What? -You scream like a girl.

Screw you. -You wish.

Lou, is that you?

Lou, I swear, you mess with an engineer, you're gonna wake up in the morning...

...with a waste hose in your bunk.


What the hell?

Crutch, get down now!

What the hell's going on here? -Crutch, out now.

Aw, you wrecked my stuff, man.

We nailed him. He's gotta be here.

Condor, airborne.


Where the hell's Sven?

Condor, anything topside?

Negative, sarge.

There's no sign of him.

This isn't gonna work.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Everything's under control.

Condor, report.

Sven, report.

Condor, report.



Sarge, we found Condor.

What's his condition?

He's screwed.

Let's smoke this fucker.

Sarge, Sven's dead.


You have got to get them out of there. -They know what they're doing.

Oh, man.

Geko. Geko.

I got him!

I got him!

Ha-ha-ha. Yes, yes. See, they got him.

Don't take your eyes off him. I'm on my way.

Take your time, sarge. He ain't going nowhere.


...get out of here.

Kicker. Briggs.

Where are you, damn it?

He's all alone in there.

It's gonna take more than a poke in the ribs to put down this old dog.

Aah! Yeah, that ought to do it.

Such a waste.

I told him to stay calm.

To wait until we got to Solaris, and then we could take care of this monster.

I said, don't go in unprepared.

Brodski was just too proud.

Who locked the damn door?

Somebody wanna tell me what the hell is going on?

Grunts are dead.

Which ones? -All of them.


Oh, man.

Lou, how long till we reach Solaris?

I'm taking us out of hyperdrive right now.

Kids and their goddamn field trips, you know? Heh.

Just bring a psycho on board. Yeah, sure.

I just know I'm gonna get blamed for this shit.

Solaris to Grendel, we have you on approach.

Stand by for docking number.

Solaris, we need military and medical at the gate.

We got a big problem here. Real goat-fuck.

Grendel, what's your problem?

What's your problem ?

Look, we're gonna be all right.

He's trapped in the cargo bay. We're locked up in here.

Can the Solaris grunts kill him? -Absolutely.

I've been in constant contact with Solaris.

They have 60 highly trained professionals standing by to get us off this ship.

Solaris to Grendel, pull up. Abort docking.

You're coming in too fast.

Grendel-- -What now?

Warning. Prepare for impact. Oh, shit. Hang on!

Aah! What's going on?

What the hell's going on?

Everyone okay? -What just happened?

Waylander. Yeah. Yeah.

It's all right. We just overshot it. We'll turn around and go back.

Hang on.

Oh, my God.

Solaris is gone. Gone?

It can't be gone. -Look for yourself. It's gone.

What are we gonna do?

Lou, what sort of damage we looking at?

I'm sending out a distress beacon.


Guys, we've lost our entire port pontoon.

The internal pressure is stable.

The main thrusters are off-line. -Life support?

We should be okay for a while. -But he's out there.

Look, we're gonna be fine. We're in a high-volume traffic lane.

Another ship's gonna come by, I'm sure of it.

We're gonna be safe here.

Shut up!

What are you doing? Shh.

Maybe he gave up. -You really think so?

Shh, Shh, shh.

I don't think he's out there.

Why don't you just stick your head out and have a peek?

Aah! Oh, my God! Go! Go!

Janessa, go! Come on, go!

Move it, move it, move it! Come on!

Let's go!

Where is Professor Lowe?


Look, have you considered how valuable you are?

I mean, fame, money. With my help, you're gonna have it all.

Yeah, I know people, you know? I mean, I have connections.

Together we could make a fortune. We could...

Oh, shit.

Oh. You want your machete back.

Shit, it's yours, take it. Heh.

Just remember who saved it for you.

Guys, it's okay! He just wanted his machete back!


Um, I'm gonna go back to my room, because Stoney's gonna meet me there.

Oh, man. All right, look. How do we get off this ship?

I don't know.

Could you beam us off or something? -Beam us off?

The shuttle.

Hell, yeah. The shuttle. What about it, Crutch?

Uh,yeah, I can do prelaunch from the bridge.

Good, the rest of us will head to the shuttle.

We'll start the launch list.

I'm with you, Crutch.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You know how to use that thing?

Yep. It's just like riding a bike.

Once you learn, you never forget how. -Good.

Kay-Em and I will go to the supply hold.

Meet you at the shuttle bay. -See you there.

Uh, what's a bike?

Enough firepower here to level a moon.

I say we pack this stuff up, head for the shuttle.

What do you think? Are we gonna make it?

Well, the statistical probability of survival is 12 percent.

Twelve percent? Can't you come up with better odds than that?

No. -Ugh, bullshit, Kay-Em! That's bullshit!

Well, preparation for launch may be a relatively simple procedure...

...but getting there alive? It is a problem.

Are you telling me that there's absolutely no chance for us to better our odds?

Statistical probability of survival just went up to 53 percent.

Wanna go for 100?

He's here. -Quiet.

But if he's in here, he's gonna kill us and--

Quiet. One more sound and I'll snap your neck myself.

Got it?

She's good with people.

Did you see that? -What?

I think there's someone still alive over there.

We don't have time for this.

Which way is the shuttle bay? -Straight through.

Go. I'll meet you there.

Just don't wreck my pants.

Come on, girl. We're going home.

Aw, Lou.

Jesus, that's twisted.

Of course, I've seen worse.

Okay, let's get to work.



We're gonna get you out of here.

Oh, God.

I'm gonna go get help and I'll be back.

Give me your vest.

Oh. Bastard. -Hey.

You're lucky you weren't alive during the Microsoft conflict.

Hell, we were beating each other with our own severed limbs.

That's nice.

Okay, let's get us home.

Kinsa, are you there? -Yes, ma'am.

Crutch? -Prepare for fuel transfers.

Cells 6 and 7 bypass. -Hydraulic lifters.

Pressurized and dampened.

-It's Brodski, he's alive. -No shit.

Yeah. I can't move him. Are Way and Crutch back?

No, they're still on the bridge. -I need help.

Hey, guys, Brodski's still alive, but Rowan can't move him by herself.

Go, go, go. I can handle it from here.

Tell them I'm on my way. Watch your back.

Crutch, how are we doing for time?

With a giant shitload of good luck, we might be ready to go.


Rowan, hey. Where's Brodski?

L-- He was here. I don't get it.

And I am going home.

Lowe! Ha-ha-ha.

Oh, shit. I got company here, people-- Aah!

Let's go.

Kinsa, open the door. Open the damn door!

Why aren't you on board? Kinsa won't open the door.

I think that she's finally lost it, and this is a really bad time for this!

Janessa, gently. Give me the com.

Kinsa? Kinsa, honey, it's Rowan. I need you to open the door.


Kinsa, sweetheart, it's all over, honey.

We can go home. All you need to do is open the door for us.


Oh, shit. Come on, guys. Guys!

Jesus Christ, Kinsa! Open the goddamn door!

Oh, no, Kinsa, no! The fuel lines are still attached!


Now what?


Um, now, basically, we die. -Bullshit.

Okay, new plan.

You hold him and I'll run.

Hey, slappy! Got a little something for you.

Oh, wow.

Gave her an upload.

Afraid I'm gonna have to hurt you now.


That, uh... That didn't go so well.



Giddyap. Unh.

I had it under control, but thanks.

My pleasure.


You did it. -Kay-Em.

Who's your mama?

All right!

How you doing there, Brodski? -I'm all right.

Come on, let's get you patched up.

What a mess.

Lab 2.

Tsunaron, is he gonna make it? -Absolutely. He's at 8O percent already.

This guy is strong. -Unh.

What the hell?


We've got trouble.

The collision must have compromised the hull. She's bleeding out.

Oh, no, no, no.

Tiamat to Grendel, do you read? Over.

Tiamat to Grendel, do you read?

Yes, uh, Tiamat, this is Grendel. We read you. Can you hear us?

That's affirmative, Grendel.

We are reading your distress beacon.

Are you in need of assistance? -Heh, that's very affirmative, Tiamat.

How soon can you get here? Our situation is extremely critical.

We're 4 parsecs away, Grendel.

ETA 45 minutes.

We don't have that much time.

Tiamat, this is Grendel. Our hull is bleeding out.

We're gonna have a core implosion in less than 30 minutes. Do you copy?

We copy you, Grendel.

Advise how you would like us to proceed.

We're just gonna end up taking them down with us.


...if you can't get here in 30 minutes, then there's no point.

What? Are you high? Tiamat, this is Grendel.

You just ignore that last idiot, all right?

You get your ass out here, okay?

You come here and you save us.

Hey, guys, why can't we just go over here?

It's no good. The pontoon goes, it'll take the bridge with it.

Not if we disconnect these walkways.

You can't just disconnect them.

We could blow it up.

Plenty of macro charge in the weapons hold.

This could work.

Tiamat, we're gonna try something here.

If you're game, maintain your current course and speed...

...and hopefully we'll see you when you get here.

Copy. See you in 45 minutes.

Good luck, Grendel. -Thanks.

Let's blow the walkways.

Come on.

Let's split up and set the charges. Who's got the remote?

Right here. -We'll meet up in walkway B.


All set. -Good to go.

Hold together, baby.

Impossible. He's dead. -I'd say he got better.

He's been modified. -Oh, you think?

Can you take him? -I can try.

You guys might wanna run.



Waylander! Brodski, get in here now!

Come on, guys! Come on!

What the hell is going on?

Jason fucking Voorhees, that's what's going on.

Blow the charges! -No, Waylander's got the trigger!

Hey, asshole.

I think she's holding.

I think we're finally okay.

I'd clap if I could.

Tiamat to Grendel. Come in, Grendel.

We have you vectored for approach and emergency docking.

You ready to get off that boat?

Yeah, let's go home.

Holy shit! We gotta go now! -No!


Janessa! -Don't let go!

Grab her hand!

Janessa! Reach out!

Reach for it!

Come on!

Come on!

Oh, this sucks on so many levels!

Aah! -Janessa!

Come on! Come on! Come on.


Shit, he's still coming.

Oh, God. -Shit, come on. Go!

Which way?

This way. Come on. -Uh, this way, this way!

Come on.

Tiamat, we're at the evac door. -So am I, Grendel.

Lifeline secured. Initiate collar pressurization.

Tiamat, open the outer doors.

Damn. Oh, what now?

Tiamat, escape hatch won't open.

I've got this. I've got this. Let me try an override.

Shit, shit, shit. Come on, come on.

Our exterior motor's got no power.

What does that mean? -Means I'm going EVA.

EVA? What's EVA?

It's a spacewalk.

If he can jump the lines out there, we can reroute them.

That door will open and we can get off this thing before it blows up.

Sounds like a good plan. -Tiamat, this is Grendel.

Escape hatch is jammed.

Going EVA to try to patch it up. -You'd better get a move on.

I'm in the maintenance hatch. We read you, sarge.

Opening outer doors.

Those hatches aren't gonna keep him that much longer.

We need to buy more time.

You're the expert on this guy, right?

What are you thinking? -A diversion.

I'm at the control panels.

Rowan, are you there? -Yes.

I'm gonna divert main power supply unit and send it to you.


See the bright blue diode? Connect it to the terminal.

Aah! -Uh, was that you or me?

That was another part of your hull, Grendel.

You are running out of time. -Okay, Tiamat, just a few more minutes.

We can disengage and come around again.

Negative, Tiamat. Just another minute.

We'll stand by as long as we can.


You ready, Kay? -I was built ready, baby.


It's working. He's buying it.

Whoops. -What do you mean, "whoops"?

Nothing. -Not nothing.

You don't just say "oops." What "oops"?

I think he saw me.

If you've got something brilliant up your sleeve, do it.

I got something. I got something.

Prepare variations using data file Crystal Lake, 1980.

Kay? -Here goes nothing.


Hey, you want a beer? -Or do you wanna smoke some pot?

Or we can have premarital sex.

We love premarital sex.

Try it now, Rowan. Here we go.

You piece of crap!

He's done with the campers.

Wow. He's good. -He's too good. He's coming back.

Okay, try it again.

It's engaged! The door's engaged.

Brodski, you are the man.

Hey, are we gonna see you sometime soon?

I'm on my way.

Brodski, where are you?

Grendel, we can't keep pressure lock.

We'll disengage in 40 seconds. -Kay- E m.


Ten, nine, eight, seven, six...

...five, four, three, two, one. Clear!

No! No, wait! -Disconnect.

He's coming this way.

You've gotta be kidding me.


He's gone.

I can't believe it.

Tsun? Kay-Em. Are you okay?

I'll be back on my feet in no time. As soon as I have some.

I'll get right on it.

It's beautiful.

Look at that. A shooting star.

Make a wish.

It landed in the lake.