Jason's Lyric (1994) Script

♪ Love and happiness

♪ Yeah

♪ Somethin' that can make you do wrong

♪ Make you do right

♪ Yeah

♪ Love...

GLORIA: [SOBBING] Leave me alone!

Get out! Get out!




JASON: Ghosts.

I guess everyone lives with them.

Some good, some bad.

But memories won't let you forget.

They have a way of boomeranging, changing a life forever.


MADDOG: There you go, there you go.


BOY: Higher, Daddy.

MADDOG: There you go.


JASON: Maddog taught us about magic.

Said he talked with God and God told him where to find it.

And we went there once a week and just stared at the blue skies, blinded by the sun.


And we smiled...

Waiting for a miracle.

Waiting for the rainmaker.

See it over there? You see it?

Here comes the water. Here comes the water.

Don't be scared.

She's coming, Dad! She's coming!

MADDOG: Okay, okay, man. Here she comes. Duck down.


MAN ON RADIO: You're listening to K-MJQ, Houston, Galveston.

Magic 102 FM as maintained on your radio.

You're looking good.

Magic weather, it's gonna be sunny and hot this afternoon.

We're expecting a high of 90.

Right now, in Galveston, it's 89 degrees. It's 88 in Third Ward...

-And it's 90 right now at Magic 102 FM. -[MUSIC PLAYING]

♪ You were tied

♪ And you want to be free

♪ My love, hold me close

JASON: Mama said Vietnam drove Maddog crazy.

She said when he lost his leg, he lost his mind.


The proper command is?

Cease fire!

JASON: But I wanted to love him.

Come and give your daddy a hug.

Come here. Come here. Come here.

JASON: I wanted the magic back.

Oh, you're getting big.

-How you doing? -All right.

-You're doing fine? -Yeah.

How's your mama doing?

She's fine.

Hey, you take care of your mama, don't you?

You know, we're gonna be a family again.


You boys wanna get some ice cream?

JASON: Yeah. Josh, you want some ice cream?

-That's a good idea. -Hey, hey!


Maddog, stop! Stop! Maddog, you're hurting him.

Don't worry about it, okay?

We'll have some ice cream another day, okay?

-You got some money in your pocket? -No.

-Here. -This for me?

-Yeah. -Thanks.

You're never supposed to leave the house without some money in your pocket.

You got something for me?


Don't try to steal something from me, boy.


Please stop!

Get up!


Don't ever disrespect a man's property.

Always give a man his proper.

-You know I love you, right? -Yeah.

-You know that, right? -Yeah.


Tell your mama I love her, all right?

JOSHUA: Bye, Maddog.


Josh and Maddog never got along.

Could never get used to the mood swings.

He thought Maddog was shit because that's how he treated Mama.

I knew that made Maddog kind of sad.

Watch out, ma'am. There goes Fast Freddy!

I won, man, I won!

-What's up, Josh? -What's up?

-What's up, Jason? -Hey, man. How are you doing?

Nothing, man, just, you know, doing that.

-Do you wanna dance, Freddy? -Oh, baby, look at this.

BOTH: Go fast, go fast, go fast.

Go fast, go fast, go fast.

The master! The neighborhood won't hold me.

-The neighborhood won't hold me. -All right.

I'm out of here, baby.

MAN ON RADIO: Coming out with News and Sports in just a little while.

We'll be talking about Jimmy Carter firing his cabinet members...

Hey, give me the ball.

-Oh, yeah? -Hey, give me that ball back.

I'm gonna take that ball.

MADDOG: Come on, baby.

Oh, you know, you've seen me out here.

-GLORIA: Go, go home, Maddog. -You know I love you.

-I'm tired of you, now go home! -I love you. Come on.

JASON: About once a week, like clockwork, Maddog came by.

His knock was always heavy

-like a wounded fist hitting a hollow wall. -[TIRES SCREECHING]

Mama, she always acted unaffected but, we knew she was afraid.

-Afraid of what he might do with the chain unlocked. -[DOOR OPENS]

Mama, Mama, you okay?

-He didn't get in, did he? -No, baby.

You all go ahead and get washed up for dinner.

Dinner will be ready in a minute.

-Mama? I'll set the table. -Mmm?

-All right, sugar. -Okay.

Why can't he just leave us the fuck alone?

Joshua, you watch your mouth.

-Jay, go see after your brother. -Okay.

JASON: Josh?

Calm down, Josh, come back here.

You got to learn to watch your mouth.

I know Mama meant him no harm.

She's probably in a bad mood.

You gonna learn to watch your mouth?

I know that Maddog made you mad.

He ain't nothing but a drunk.

He didn't always used to be like this.

He used to do a lot of special things with us.

I guess you was too young.

Do you think Mama ever loved him?

Yeah, I mean, they loved each other.

Everything's gonna be all right.

I promise.

Come here.


♪ By the time

♪ I get to Phoenix


♪ She'll be risin'

And I'm dead.

My heart...


♪ I left hangin' on her door

♪ She'll laugh

♪ When she reads the part

♪ That says I'm leavin'...

Marry me.


Come here.

Come here.

[SOBBING] Please, I want you bad, you got to marry me.

You got to marry me.


Can't you see I love you, baby?

Men, it will make him

[SCREAMS] as he take care of his wife and kid.

You got to remember that.

I hurt you, Gloria.

♪ And by the time

♪ I get to Oklahoma...

-MADDOG: Gloria! Gloria! Gloria! -[POUNDING ON DOOR]

Open the door!

-Gloria, open up, open the door. -[CONTINUES POUNDING]

Open up the door, Gloria!

-Gloria, open the door! -Maddog, go home.

Come on, come on, baby, I got something for you.

I got you some flowers. Come on, open up the door.

-No, please, just go home. -Please, baby.

Please, baby. Please, open the door.

I don't want nothing you got.

Come on, open up the door.

Open the door.

-[SCREAMS] -Open the goddamn door!

MADDOG: What's wrong with you?

I got some flowers.

Got flowers.

I don't want what you got.

I don't want whatever it is you got.

-Take the goddamn flowers! -No!

-Marry me. -No!

I ain't gonna marry you.

It's my leg, right?

Go on, say it.

Go on, say it. Go on, say it.

It's my leg! Say it. It's my leg! Say it!

Go on, say it, it's my leg!

It's got nothing to do with your leg!

It's got nothing to do with your leg, okay?

I told you, it's got nothing to do with your leg!

I ain't man enough for you. I ain't man enough for you.

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

Stop it!

No, stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

[SOBBING] Leave me alone!

Stop it. [GROANS]


-Get out! Get out! -Hey, hey.

MADDOG: Oh, sorry.

GLORIA: Get, get out! Just get out!




-Morning, Mama. -Good morning, Jason.

-I'm getting ready to go. -Mmm.

Drive careful.

Get him home safe.


I see you didn't forget the way.

Nigger, I done drove this road four times.

Yeah, well, four times is a charm.

Thought it was three.

Man, you know niggers in the Wards can't count.

Well, you better count your blessings because once again Mama's letting your black ass come home.

Now, come on.


You got your super-duper DJ, the Mick and Dima Ategy got to send those fast shots out to South Pall.

Sunnyside, the homeys in the nickel, better known as the Fifth Ward.

Sicky, sicky, safe!

♪ A child is born

♪ To pain in the city

♪ So give to the young

♪ Help build this city

♪ People, come to face this killin' ♪ WOMAN: Hey, Josh!


Man, this is my world.

The bottoms!

JASON: Man, this shit ain't got nothing to do with the world.

That's why I'm gonna get me a job and get up out of here.


Elmo got a cousin in Dallas.

He's trying to hook me up in a management training position for this chain.

You're leaving?

Don't know yet.

Nigger, you ain't gonna go no place.

Hey, there goes Fast Freddy!

Yo, pull over man, there goes Fast Freddy right there.

Yo, Freddy!

[LAUGHING] Yo, Josh.

What's up? You out, man?

Well, hell, yeah!

Say, say, do a dance for me, man.

Oh, no problem. I know you're gonna hook me up once I finish.

Tear the master, tear.

Check it out, check it out, check it out.


Oh, man, that's one crazy motherfucker.

Yo, Teddy, you wanna get aced, man?

What, I scared you?

Yo, what up, Teddy?

Ah, same old, same old.

Ain't nothing changed.

Hook me up, man!

-Hey, Freddy, what up, baby? -Ooh.

-In the house. -Fred Astaire!

You're damn right.

I still got the moves too.

I got something for you, man.

Hi, Freddy.

-Excuse me, excuse me. -No problem, man, no problem.

I didn't mean to cramp your style.

I wasn't fronting on you.

You got to audition for the Cats,man.

-RAT: Joshua! -What up, man?

-What's up, criminal? -Slick!

Yeah. Hey, how's your ass?


-What's up, Jason? -What's up, man?

-When you gonna paint this motherfucker, man? -Oh, no.

Hey, man. Let's go get some groceries.

Ooh, yeah. Let's take the top off this bitch, man.

Hey, hold it, hey! Hey, hold it, hey!

-Come on, man. -Come on, man.

Hey, man, don't leave that wrapper in my car.

You know, I got to keep my ride fresh for the honeys.

Damn right!

Nigger, you eat so much trash, ain't no wonder you full of shit!

Yeah, I eat a lot of trash and I eat a lot of pussy too.

A lot your ass couldn't afford in the penitentiary.


Remember your old girl when you went in? Wanna smell her pussy?


Let's go back there!

Yo, chow down or what?

All right. Come on, man, let's go!

JASON: Have your ass home by eight, though. Not a minute later.


Now, even though they don't pay, you know it's okay!

ALL: Surprise!

Surprise, baby, surprise.

Hey, all right!


"Welcome home, Joshua."


Oh, man.

Mmm, mmm.

[MUMBLING] Oh, man, I'm sorry.

Have some cake, man. Have some cake. [SNIFFLES]

Have some cake, nigger.

Have some cake.

Hey, what's happening, man?

Hey, man, come on.

He had a little too much to drink.

No, no, I'm cool, man.

JASON: Come on, man.

I got you, man, hold on. Don't trip now, come on.

Sorry, Miss Alexander.



Hey, man.

Goddamn a party, man.

Was there a bitch in that cake?


Just go to sleep, man.

Hey, where you all going? Where is everybody going?

Come on, now, there's a party going on here.

Come on, y'all, don't go nowhere.

Watch out here, I'm gonna turn this music on.


Come on, Mama.

You got to dance.

You got to get up.

Let's go.

Come on now.

Al Green, Mama.


MAN: Go, Miss Alexander. JASON: Come on, you got to dance.

MAN: We'll be all right, ma'am.


Oh, go ahead. You ain't so bad yourself.



Come on, you all.

MADDOG: Gloria, open... Open the door.

-Open the door, Gloria. Gloria, open the door. -[POUNDING ON DOOR]

-Open the goddamn door! -[GLORIA SCREAMING]

MADDOG: Come on, open the door!

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

[SOBBING] Leave me alone!



Well, I see you're still up early because you're having them dreams, ain't you, brother?

You don't need to worry about my problems.

You need to get yourself a job. Let's go.

I'll get a fuckin' job when I'm ready.


Hey, fuck you man!

You're not gonna put Mama through this shit no more, man.

What you need to do is get off that goddamn bottle!

Hey, what I need is to get you off my goddamn back.

Didn't you learn nothing in prison?


That's what I learned.

Hey, Josh, hold up, man.

Hey, man. I'm here to help.

You know, you just say the word.

We cool?


We cool?

You gonna do right?


-JASON: Come on, dawg. -[HORN HONKING]

You lollygagging like you're constipated.

You know you got some chickens to pluck. [LAUGHING]

You know this shit ain't me, man.

Wearing a uniform...

Saluting some French cook!

I know, I know it ain't the dopest nine to five.

Mama done beg the man to get you this job.

Now, just do it for Mama, okay?


♪ Get down, get down

♪ Yeah

♪ It's funky

♪ Get down, get down MAN ON RADIO: 102 J-A-M-Z.

You know, I thought I was the only one hot in this city but I know who's hot now.

I'm looking across the street at the summit and I just seen four people melt.

By the way, they were police officers.

Sign them up on the extended warranty program, all right?

MAN ON RADIO: Your station, 102 JAM.

Well, you'll be doing a lot more of this soon.

What you mean?

My cousin just called, son.

You are going to be an assistant manager.

Heard the news today. They got a position open in Dallas.

-No shit? -No shit!

-For real? -For real.

Now, you go on over there and make me some more money.

♪ Yeah, let me tell you about shit

♪ They got shit in the war

♪ Shit that travels and it stick to you

♪ And it grows in your mind

♪ It grows in your mind and in your soul

♪ They got shit like that Shit they won't let you forget

♪ Shit that'll clog up your mind

♪ And make everything nasty

♪ Shit, it won't let you Shit, it won't let you

♪ You can't wipe it away You can't rub it away

♪ You can't scrub it away, yeah ♪ JASON: Mama!

Hey, Mama, you know, I got good news!

You ain't gonna believe what happened to me.

I want you to put your prettiest dress on...


For seven years, I've been assistant manager.

Seven years!

I've been in charge of eight, sometimes 10 people at a time.

Lord, I've had my problems.

But in seven years, my register's never come up short.

That made me proud.

And in one day, my child took my seven years for $10!


Oh, I've tried to love him.

It's been hard but I tried.

I would've thrown him to the streets long ago if you weren't in my house.

You're like night and day.



What was your good news?

It's okay.

We'll talk about it later.

-You okay, Mom? -[CLICKS TONGUE] Oh.

I'll be fine.

I know how to get you off the stage.

You hungry?

I ain't seen that many discs on a automobile.

I don't know why you're trying to play me off, girl.

You know you want me.

I'll let you do anything you want to do to me, free.

Just don't touch my hair.

Oh, come on, girl.

Just don't play me like a bald head, huh?

Yo, Teddy.

Let's go home.

-What the fuck are you talking about, man? -Come on.

I'm sick of your trifling.

Goddamn, man.

How you gonna steal from your own mama?

Can't you do right?

Like who?

Like you?

I'd rather be locked up for life before I was like your punk ass.

-Fuckin' mama's boy. -What?

If you weren't drunk, I'd kick your ass!

Did I get Jay upset?

So, what are you gonna do now, boy?

Build another airplane?

Goddamn it, Jay.

Now, I got to fuckin' go get me another one.

No, nigger, no. No, you done.

-You're done. -Nigger, you ain't my daddy!

I ain't got no daddy.



GLORIA: Stop it, stop it, stop it!

Don't! Stop it!

Leave me alone!

Leave me alone!





I don't have those dreams no more, Jay.



And it's all because of this.


It's just like garlic.

It helps keep the ghosts away.

ELMO: Dallas...

Some of the finest asses I seen in Texas!

It's a hell of a job, boy.

I can't take it.


Boy, what you talking about?

[SIGHS] I just can't take it.

You're gonna pass up a salaried job.

$20,000 a year?

Boy, you better have a good reason.

Look, Elmo, don't sweat me, all right? l just can't take it.

It's that brother of yours, ain't it?

Every time he gets out, you start fucking up!


My mama need my help and that's what I'm gonna give her.


Elmo, is my TV ready yet?

-Hi, Jason. -How you doing, ma'am?

Get them kids away from my TVs, please?

Hell, they probably know how to fix a TV better than you.

Is my TV ready?

ELMO: Come on, man. RUTH: Hmph.

Mister, you like my plane?

It's a bad mother, ain't it?


My grandma gave it to me.

Said my black ass needed to get used to flying.

Last time we flew to Corpus to see my aunt, I threw up all over my grandma's best hat.

And that's when she bought me the plane.

Does that ever happen when you fly?

I don't know. I've never flown in a plane before.

Sometimes, you don't need a plane to fly.

You sell TVs?

♪ Sit back

♪ And count your fingers

♪ What else is there

♪ To do?

Hi, um, Jason.

I'm Jason Alexander.

That's very nice to know, Jason.

Now, can I have my keys?

My brother does need his truck and I do need to get to work.

-Where do you work? -[CHUCKLES]

Why, you looking for a job?


No, I just thought maybe, you know, one night we could...


If it's meant to be, you'll find me.



Nice try, Tommy.

Try again, boy.

Tommy boy, freed his mind and his ass didn't follow.

16 years old.

Used to be the smartest nigger in the hood.

Dawg couldn't have been too smart.

So you was in, uh, the joint with Joshua?

You're a nosy motherfucker, ain't you?

Enquiring minds wanna know.

The brother's from the Ward.

How many stones we got left, man?


Man, ain't you tired of nickel and diming it?

Why, you got something better?

You know me, Josh.

I got a partner who can set you straight.

I got my gig.

Okay, a gig.

Remember, gigs can always get better.

I'm cool.

Okay. All right.

Catch you later.

Watch that nigger, man.

Watch your back, it's the parole board.

Behind, give it to me. Give it.

-What's up? -Definitely not that shirt.

Shut up, man. Get that out of my face.

Yo, toss me.

Toss me a 40.

So you pounding the pavement today? You find some work?


Hey, come on, Jay, you know how this economy is.

I figure I might as well sit on my ass eyeing the cootchie

-and just wait out this recession. -[LAUGHING]

-Wait it out. -[SIGHS]

Come on.

Hey, what's up, girl?

-What's up? -You want a drink?

Welcome to my... Don't touch my hair!

You better not be out here doing what these fools is doing.

Hey, come on, Jay, it's just a joke!

Well, you need to get serious and get you a job.

I'm looking, man.

You looking?

Yeah, I put in four applications just today.

But ain't nobody dying to hire a brother fresh out of the joint, man.

You know?

Yeah, I know.

I circled a couple of ads to help you out.

Yeah, all right, man. I'll check them out tomorrow.

RAT: Excuse me, baby.

Looking and feeling like an Ethiopian.

Let's go get something to eat, man.

MAN ON RADIO: 102 J-A-M-Z, this is the Mad Hatter and yo, there's been a whole lot of bank jackings going down.

I got one thing to say that Jesse James 1800 attitude is not gonna make it in the ninth quad.

What you do in the dark is gonna come to light.

Enough said and I'm out.

And the one that jams right now on 102 J-A-M-Z.


-MAN: Hey, Lyric. -How you doing?


So, Lyric, when you gonna be stopping with the Mother Teresa thing and start giving it up to the brothers?


I didn't mean nothing by it, man. It was wrong, man.

No, no, Jelly, you're absolutely correct.

See, Lyric be wearing her panties so tight, she ain't got enough room for that little kitty cat to breathe.


Maybe if she spread her legs a little more often, she could chill the fuck out!

Shut the fuck up! Get up, raise up.

What's wrong, little sis, huh?

Wait, wait, wait! They tripping, huh?

They bothering you?

Come on, talk to big brother.

Let me know what's going on.

Oh, wait, wait, you mad?

I know you ain't mad.

MARTI: Alonzo.

-I ain't gonna lose no sleep. -Whatever.


Come here, come here.


-You is leaving? -Yeah.

Come here. Yeah. Don't be late.

Come on, baby, you know even when I'm late I'm always on time.

You're right.

-Wipe that lipstick off. -[CHUCKLES]

You know, I get off soon.

ALONZO: Oh, I'll be back.

Oh, that man.


MAN ON RADIO: 102 J-A-M-Z, 1:40. Slow and easy. Brian McKnight,Crazy Love.

That man, girl, gives me chills.

Just like a nightmare.

Well, to give vent now and then to his feelings is a great comfort.

Uh-huh. Let's have a look.


"Ease to a man's heart." Francesco Guicciardini.

Girl, I am so sick of you and your quotes.

-Don't knock my self-improvement. -Is that what that is?

That's what that is. Thank you.

What are you illing about, Lyric?

My orthopedic shoes ain't working.

And I'm sick and I'm tired of serving these hungry Negroes, and my period just started.

[LAUGHING] Girl, damn!

"It is terribly amusing

"how many different climates of feeling one can go through in a day."

Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

[SIGHS] Go on, girl, get on out of here.

I'd cover for you, okay?

-Marti, you sure? -Yes, I'm sure.

Don't come over here with all that. Just go.

-Thank you, Marti. -[SIGHS] You're welcome, Lyric.

Your brother. You hear what I'm saying?

I don't know about him, you know, man, about Josh!


Welcome to This Is It.

May I help you?

Chicken, black-eyed peas, corn on the cob, and one of them pickles.


And you?


WOMAN: Hey there, girl, you feeling all right?

LYRIC: Yeah, I'm all right. I'll see you tomorrow.

Marti, thanks, you hear?

Oh, night-night, Lyric.

-Call me. -MARTI: I will.



Now, what can I get for you, sir?

Let me get one of 'em titties to go, -a side of ass and a cup of them lips. -[CHUCKLES]

I'm sorry, sir, 'cause they don't have none of that on the menu.

They look like they need to be on a tray.

Excuse me.

Is there anybody else in here that can serve this fool?

I'm on my break.

Mind if I join you?


And then again maybe not.

So where you headed?


You said, "If it was meant to be, I'd find you."

[CHUCKLING] Well, I found you.

Guess you waiting for the bus.

Yes, I am.




Don't you know that bus ain't gonna be on time tonight, girl?

Because this is meant to be. This is magic, see?

So come on, let me give you a ride.


Well, I guess it wasn't meant to be.


Romeo, you'd have her by now if you had these.

Thanks, man. You need anything?

-Just some money. -[CHUCKLES]

Hey, I'll give you $20 for these.

Hell, no. They're my roses.

$20! Sell them, baby!

But you just get me these!

-Thanks. -Sold!



Beautiful night, ain't it?


Damn, you're cold.

You always this difficult?

Can't you find somebody else to harass?


I thought I was being charming.


Come on, let me give you a ride.

Look, I don't know you, okay?

For all I know, you're a gangster.

And I don't ride with no gangsters.

Yo, I ain't no gangster.

I got a job. You know what I'm saying?

No drugs. No guns.

I sell TVs all day long.

I sold you one, as a matter of fact.

I wear this corny uniform, eat fried chicken almost every day because my mama works at Frenchy's.

I have nightmares that I'm gonna grow wings and cluck like a chicken!

I ask you, is that the life of a gangster?

You smiled.




Look, uh...

I ain't even gonna ask you on a date.

I just want you to hook me up, you know.

Tell me where you're gonna be, so I can be there too.

If you're going to the market, I wanna be in the same aisle.

If you're going to church, I wanna be in the back pew.

I just wanna see you again, that's all.

I promise, I won't even talk to you.

I just wanna see you again.

LYRIC: Anywhere?

You name the place.

-The old trestle bridge. -Yes!

Hey, wait a minute, that bridge is barely standing.

It ain't been used in years.

Well, that's where I'll be.

Well, when?

When the sun next leaves footprints across the sky.

Excuse me?


Tomorrow night, seven o'clock.

Oh! Wait, wait.


LYRIC: So you coming or what?

Why don't you come down?

All you got to do is climb up here.

It ain't the climbing I'm worried about.

It's the falling that's got me bothered.

You said anywhere.


I said anywhere.

Yo, this is some crazy shit.


LYRIC: So where do you think it's going?


The bus.

I don't know.

I don't know either.

[CHUCKLING] Isn't that great?

-What? -Not knowing!

I mean, you see a bus pass and all you know is that it's going.

But where?

Where could be any place you want.

It's kind of like dreaming.

You contemplating suicide?

You gonna jump off here?

Forget it.

I knew you wouldn't understand.


I guess you come here a lot.

Best place in town to watch the sunset.

Look at that.

-I ain't never really watched the sun set before. -[SIGHS]

So tell me something.

When can we get together again?

'Cause, you know, I was thinking that maybe we could just...

Surprise me.



The pastor preached a good service today.

What's your brother in there doing?

I don't know. He wouldn't let me in there either.

Mmm. Oh, mercy.

I can't even remember the last time you helped me with the laundry.

What's going on?

If you wanted a man to take you some place special, where would that place be?

You met somebody.


I didn't say all that.

What's she like?

-Damn! Female intuition. -[BOTH LAUGHING]


Can't get a take on her, you know.

One minute, she's dissing me, giving me a hard time, and the next minute, she's showing me things I ain't never seen before.

You like her, don't you?


Maddog took me on a picnic once.

Couldn't afford a blanket, so we used a sheet, kind of like this one.

I believe that's the day I fell in love with him.


Something special about picnics.

Mmm, mmm...

♪ Which was a bad dream

♪ I thought I was dreamin'

♪ I beat his ass, cut to rags

♪ Bleedin' in the grass

♪ What a fuckin' man to do?

♪ Gotta make my getaway

♪ I got away, but they come back

♪ Flinging the shit another day

♪ To the kings of cash flow

♪ But we're really gonna make a load

♪ Shit ain't too smooth

♪ Gotta make my money...



JASON: What we got here, man?

-Hotel Alexander. -It ain't nothing.

-Smells good. -Thanks, man.

JASON: Save some of that for me. I'm gonna go change, all right?

JOSHUA: All right.

Mama, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

Mom, I made this for you!

Stop it now, I just, I just bought that!

GLORIA: With drug money.

See, how you know I didn't get it an honest way?

Huh? How you know that?

Every time you come out, I pray it's gonna be different.

But it's always the same, always the same.

Not the roast, Mama.

I spent $25 on that roast. What are you doing?

I spent $100 on that shit!

$100! To make you happy, Mama.

Drug money!

It's drug money.

-I'll die, you hear me? -[EXHALES]

I'll die before I feed my family with that money.

And if you ever bring it in my house again the doors will be locked!

Now, I see how a man could beat you.

I knew Maddog's ghost was somewhere to be found but I had no idea it was in my own house.



Get out of the fucking car! Get out of the car!

Give me this.

-No, please. Help, please! -Get over there!

-Come on. -Let me go!

WOMAN: Help! Help me, please! Help!




Nice, Joshua.

Real nice. What you looking for?

-What you willing to give? -$250.

Are you crazy?

You got a dent in the back, you broke the window.

This is everyday thing for me here.

Done deal.

So, what's up with this flak?

You been thinking about what we talked about?

Yeah, nigger.

And I done told you, I got a gig.

What? That penny-ante shit? That ain't a gig!

What you're out there doing on the street is hustling.

Look where you're standing.

This is a gig!


I ain't impressed.

Man, we got other things going.

Do one or two more jobs like this, man, and you're hooked.

I could do 10 of these motherfuckers a day, man.

Don't even worry about it, though. I'm gonna hook you up.

JOSHUA: You gonna hook it up? RON: I owe you.

All right, nigger. All right.

All right.

All right, all right, all right.

This ride's on me.

Jason, what are you doing?

You said, "Surprise me."

Well, I didn't mean for you to go steal no bus!

This bus belongs to us for the day.

My man hooked this up.

Come on. I'm gonna take you to a special place.

I don't know about this.

Jason, you sure about this?

That's the problem.

I can't see nothing.


JASON: You're okay.


Jason, if you don't hurry up and take this thing off of me, I'm, uh...

♪ You don't have to hold my hand

♪ You don't have to understand

♪ Why I feel the way

♪ I do

♪ For the moment I first saw you

♪ Sent a shiver through my soul

♪ Once I was a half

♪ You came along and made me whole

♪ And now

♪ I

♪ Just wanna thank you, baby

♪ Thank you, baby

♪ Just wanna

♪ Hold you, baby


♪ Love will go the distance

♪ Love will hold us together

♪ And I know that it's right

♪ 'Cause I feel it inside

♪ And I know what I feel in my soul

♪ And I will take a step for you

♪ Whoa

♪ Whoa

♪ If you say you love me, too

♪ Whoa, whoa

♪ And when our road is getting further

♪ Is getting

♪ Yeah

♪ Yeah

♪ I hope our love is still enough ♪


Oh, man.

Damn, it's quiet out here.

Should have brought my radio.

It's not quiet. It's full of music.

Just listen.







Come on.


I'm in Paris.

I'm standing in the grandest hotel wearing a flawless gown.

And it's fuchsia with emeralds and rhinestones, with a long, long train.

Be careful, don't step on it.

And all the men are checking me out because I'm fine.

And all the women are green with envy.

And then way across the room I see...

You see me?

And I'm wearing a...

I'm wearing a tuxedo.

And I'm a...

I'm a prince.

-Fuck it. I'm Prince Charming. -[CHUCKLING]

And I'm checking you out.


Why do you always do that?

You know what they say?

-Bigger the titty, the bigger the titty! -[LAUGHING]

Man, you know!

Girl, titty's your soul!

Your brother just be sucking on these things like he breast-feeding.

Sounds romantic.

You know, we got it like that.

So, Miss Girl, what's going on with your love life?

Come on now, give it up.

Give up the 411.

We went to the bayou.

-The bayou? -Mmm-hmm.

-Whatever. -[CHUCKLES]

Well, uh...

What you all do at the bayou?

We walked and we talked.


And he washed my feet.

-What? Girl? -[LAUGHING]

I'd just die for a nigger to wash these feet.

Oh, yes, girl, I know.


And then he laid me down and he rubbed my head so gently.

-Lyric? -Mmm?

You didn't make love?

"Come live with me, and be my love

"And we will some new pleasures prove

"Of golden sands, and crystal brooks

"silken lines, and silver hooks."

Go on, girl.

John Donne, 1572-1631.



Marti, you know what?


There could be someone out there who could give you the same thing.

[SCOFFS] This girl, please.

A man that's better than Alonzo?

I don't think so.


♪ I

♪ I know I've been changed

♪ You see that


♪ I know I've been changed

♪ Good Lord, yeah What up?

So I hear you're a fool who ain't afraid to bleed.

Josh ain't to be flexed with.

Motherfucker got a heart.

Didn't the boss tell you about the time we was in the joint and that motherfucker beat down four fools who was trying to jack my shit?

Straight up, I'm down with the third life.


From what I hear, you're down with the petty drug life.

With me, you could be making three G's in one night.

What you know about that?


I'm listening.


Easy as taking candy from a baby doll.

-Yes, sir. -Straight up, doll.

Well, what would you need me for?

Need you?

Nigger, I don't need you.

I'm just doing this as a favor for my boy.

And that's only because he say he owe you.

Yeah, well, I'm gonna think about it.

Do me a favor.

While you think about it, why don't you all get your broke asses the fuck out of my face?

Come on.

Can't you see I'm trying to catch the Holy Ghost?

♪ And how sweet is the sound All right, I get it.

♪ And still got rest

♪ It was God's amazing grace And save the rest like me ♪


MAN: Get ready.

Get up.

Get in there...

♪ What's planned all around I see

-♪ Impossible -[BELL DINGING]

♪ He's always by my side

♪ And I know

-♪ Ooh -♪ Ooh

♪ No matter what the situation, baby

♪ Lord, I need


-♪ Ooh -♪ Ooh

♪ Getting everything

♪ All I need

♪ He's everything

♪ He's everything

-♪ To me -♪ Yes, to you

♪ He's all the world to me

This is just like a lousy sale, we ain't making no money.

-You can't even win this! -I told you. l don't want to hear that motherfuckers name again.

Man, you're tripping. Let's go.

I won!

[LAUGHING] Whoo-hoo!

What is wrong with you? You didn't win that thing.

Give me my prize back.

Oh, man, don't kill me.

What the fuck are you doing? You're gonna get us all arrested.

You're all such stupid motherfuckers!

-♪ You'll be whole now -♪ Everything

-♪ For tomorrow -♪ Everything

-♪ We all need some praying -♪ Everything

-♪ The midnight hour -♪ Everything

-♪ You will have -♪ Everything

♪ Everything

♪ To me

♪ There you go...

Next, Hakeem Olajuwon.


Well, don't be scared. You scared? I'll take care of you.

I can take care of myself just fine, thank you.

Yeah, but I'll take care of you better.

Oh, you think so?

-I know it. -JOSHUA: Ow!

-Oh, shit. -[LAUGHING]


Yo, what up, Jay?

I've been looking all over for you, man.

-What's your name, baby? -Lyric.

This is my brother, Josh.

JOSHUA: That's beautiful name.

Oh! This ride is cool. It's fine.


Lyric, I told you...

Hey, man, what are you doing? What you doing?


LYRIC: Jason, call off your brother.

Hey, hey, hey, off her, man!

LYRIC: Stop it! Stop it.


LYRIC: Get me out of here.

-JASON: Lyric, it's all right, let's go. -Leave me alone.

Hey, Josh, I told you to leave her alone.

Hey, wait up, where are you going?

Get your hands off me.

What's your problem, man?

What, man? What's wrong?

Get your fuckin' hands off of her, man.

-Jason... -Jay...

What, is the pussy that good, nigger?

-What? -Does she take it up the ass?


What the fuck is wrong with you, man, huh?

Come on, man, I was just fuckin' joking, man.

That's what the fuck is wrong with you, man?

You're a motherfuckin' joke!

Come on, man.

Hey, leave me alone!

Hey, hey, all right. I'm sorry, man, all right.

You're a fuckin' clown, man!

Jason, he apologized.

-No, he didn't mean it. -Yes, he did.

How do you know when my brother's telling the truth?

You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

Hey, hey, Jason, you're in front of my crew, man.

Crew? Nigger, you can't even get paid.

JOSHUA: I can get paid, man.

JASON: Oh, you can get paid?

Show me, motherfucker. Show me you can get paid.

Give me my fuckin' gun, man.


Yo, man, you know he's out there. That's your brother.


♪ Let me tell you about love

♪ Love is a hurting thing

♪ Sometimes you gotta fight for it

♪ Love will tell you I dare you to cross that line

♪ And you've got to say I'll do that

♪ Look love in the eye

♪ And when you think love will hurt you

♪ Abuse and desert you

♪ It'll pick you up, lift you up Turn you around

♪ Put a smile on your face

♪ And leave a rainbow of joy In your heart ♪






You'll stay with me?



I'm so tired.

I just wanna sleep without nightmares tonight.

Now, here's the door here.

Ron, I want you to cover the guard here.


Josh, l want you to cover the guard right here.

Both of you all, hold everything else breathing.

Any fuckups between y'all two and we all dead.

Darryl, I want you to hit the tellers and hit them quick.

I'll be making my way back to that vault.

We get in, we get our grip, we get out.

Nobody get greedy, nobody get caught.

I don't know, A-1. l might feel like doing a little bit of shopping.

[SCOFFS] Come here.

Come here.


How about shopping for this Gat?

You wanna pay that price?

Come on, man.

Get that shit the fuck out of my face.

Now, let's get down to business.

I'm ready to get paid.

Look, I'm the chief.

And you're the Indian.

And that means, there ain't nobody getting paid until I say so.

You cool?

Yeah, I'm, I'm cool.

Hey, you better be, because we're in there at 9:30.

Not 9:29, not 9:31, 9:30.

You wait long, nigger, you wait wrong.

What you looking at my sister for?

Your sister?

Well, she sure is fine.

You know, uh, I might have to tell my brother to step aside.

Oh, is that right?

Didn't I tell you to put that down?



Why do you like planes so much?

There was this cat named Old Man Johnson.

Maddog used to take us to his field.

He used to water the wildflowers with this fire plane.

I used to think it was magic. [CHUCKLES]

I used to call him Rainmaker.

He died, though.


Jason, there's something I need to tell you about your brother.

My brother?

He's gonna rob a bank tomorrow with them.

With them? Who's them?

My brother and his crew.


Jason, don't cross Alonzo.

Baby, I'm just gonna talk to Josh.

You know, I stopped dating guys in the Ward because I was tired of wondering if I was gonna find them in a body bag.

Promise me, all you're gonna do is talk.

I promise.

It's time for us to get on that bus, anyway.


I just think it's time to stop watching them buses and get on one.

Where will we go?

-Where do you wanna go? -I wanna go everywhere.

When can we leave?

When do you wanna leave?

Jason, why wait?

Why not tomorrow?

Meet me at the pier.

When the sun next leaves footprints across the sky.


-How's the workout? -Kicking.

Hey, I'll catch you.

-What, you in a rush? You in a hurry? -[PANTING]

-Yeah, man. -Where you going?

I got some business to take care of, man.

Well, what kind of business you got?

Hey, it's just some ghetto shit, nigger.

You trying to play me?

Come on, Jay.

What you talking about, man?

You think you're man enough to rob a bank?

It was that bitch, wasn't it? [GRUNTS]

-You ain't nothing. Nothing. -[GROANING]

You ain't no man.

Shut up.

You think I'm that stupid?

You know what, man? I ain't in no hurry to go back to that cage.

Now, I know no one else around here believes in me, but l always thought when it came down to it, you would.

Can't rob no bank without no piece, Jay.

MAN: What you waiting on? Sing.

♪ Oh, say Come on.

Keep singing!

Come on, come on.

Now, hurry up with that money.

I don't hear y'all!

Get the combination!

Open this door right now.

Hey, put your hands on your stomach and stay down.

Hey, I got to open up the safe.

Get in the safe. Get in the safe!

I said, put... Hey, put your hands on your stomachs!

Come on, look at the time! I told you, he was hard-head!

Watch your butt, Ronald!


Let's go! Let's split. We ain't got time for this.

Let's go. Come on, you all.


Oh, shit, man, let's go, man. We ain't got time for this!

Break it up in there, break it up!

Oh, shit!

What are you doing?

What do you think this is, a stakeout?

Break it down, man.

-What about the money? -Forget the money, let's go!

Fuck the money? What are you talking about, man?

-Come on. -Let's go. Let's go.



-Come on! -Shit!


Give me your watch!


Give me your fuckin' watch!

Give me your watch, you motherfucker!

You disrespecting me? You dissing me, motherfucker?



Stay down!


All right, anybody asks you you tell them Jesse James robbed this motherfucker!



-[SIREN BLARING] -Get into the car.

Let's go!


Yo, Josh, dawg, who's gonna take you home, fix you up?

Wake up.

-Wake the fuck up! -[GROANS]

You ain't dead, is you?

No, you ain't dead.


Hey, you fucked up!

Oh, shit.

A-1 dog.


I mean, this might wake you up.


Come on, man. Don't do that.

Put that shit down man. Put that shit down on the floor, man.

-No, it ain't my fault, man. -Wake up, Josh.

It ain't my fault, man!

What are you talking about?

Blame that sister of yours, man.

ALONZO: Nigger, what the fuck my sister gotta do with this, fool?

Everything. Everything, man.

She told my brother what was going down.

She told brother about the bank robbery, man.

That's why I was late. I was late.

See, he was sweating me, man.

That's why I was late.


No, no, nigger.

You fucked up my money!

You're brother's fucking my sister?

I'm gonna fuck both of y'all fools.

RON: Yeah, that's right.


Nigger, piece...

No, man!

By piece.

Oh, man! [GROANING]

Throw this motherfucker out if he tries some shit.

You bet, man.


And give me that watch!

Fucker, late nigger is gonna tell time?

Me and Lyric, we're just thinking about...

Just getting on a bus and just going. We're just gonna go.


Your brother's gonna miss you.

He gonna be all right.

Mama, why can't you just be happy for me?




JASON: Josh!

Oh, lord Jesus!

-[GROANS] -JASON: Alonzo did this to you, man?


-Come on! I'll get you to the hospital, man. -[GROANING]

I'll take care of you man. Come on!

Come on, baby! You know I've got you! Come on, now!

-Come on... Come on! -[GRUNTING]

Damn! Damn! Damn!



Man, I'm ready to take that buster out.

-He can't foul, man. -He didn't.

And you...

Why did you let him go like that?

No shit.

I told you all, I'm gonna make that fool suffer.

And since his brother got in my business...


-[LAUGHS] -Bullshit, right?

Keep the change, bloody fool. Yeah.

I'll let you all know when it's time to buy his mama that black dress.

Black, yeah.

I'm ready for round two. Hook me up, G.

All right.

-Hold this. -Yeah.

RON: So which one do you think is bigger, this Gat or my dick?


-DARRYL: Definitely it's the Gat, fool. -[LAUGHS]


-This is for my brother. -[GRUNTS]





"Come live with me and be my love

"And we will some new pleasures prove

"Of golden sands and crystal brooks

"And silken lines...

"And silver hooks"

We're not going, are we?

You got in the middle, didn't you?

It's my family. They've got my brother.

-They need me. -No, I need you!

-Lyric, you know... -Shut up. Shut up.

-See, you don't... -Shut up!


You know...

I guess that's why I spend all of my life fantasizing because I just couldn't stand this ghetto shit.

God. [SOBS]

Jason, I am trying to love you.

But I don't want my heart broken.

And that's exactly what you're gonna do if you keep trying to save a brother that don't wanna be saved.

What kind of hold does he have on you, huh?

Why do you keep having these nightmares?

You might as well just go ahead. My life is fucked up.

It's been fucked up ever since...

Since what?

Since what?


When we was little,

one night me and Josh was in the bed, we heard this real loud noise.

So me and Josh got up to see what was going on.

Daddy had come to the door.

He was all drunk.

And he was beating on Mama.


Get out of here, boy!

I tried, I wanted to stop it.

And Josh went...

And Josh went in and got Mama's gun.

Mama screamed and she told him, "No, don't kill anybody."

No, no, no.


So I tried to take it from him.

No, baby! Baby, no!

Joshua, give me the gun!

And I tried to take it from him.

Daddy came rushing towards me.

And before I could do anything, I just turned around.



I didn't mean to shoot him. [SOBBING]

I just want my daddy back.

Oh, Jason, God.

Oh, Jason, it's not your fault.

It's not your fault. Listen to me.

You just tried to be a hero.

Just like you're doing right now.

But sometimes, heroes have to walk away.

Walk away, Jason.

Or we can't be together.


GLORIA: That's the day he came home.

There should have been a band and a job waiting for him.

I guess it's easy to walk around with blinders on and not notice the sacrifice people are making for you.

You don't owe Joshua and me nothing.

You hear me? There are no debts in this house.

Nobody killed Maddog. He died in that war.

They just didn't bury him.

I want you to go to her, baby.

Be happy.


Alonzo, man, why don't you just tell us who jumped your ass so we can take care of those busters?

Bitch, I told you, I tripped.

You tripped off what, man, Transco Tower?

Shut up, Darryl.

I don't play that trip shit, man.

MARTI: I told you, girl.

I knew you was gonna get cussed out.

Alonzo don't play that.

You had no business telling Jason about that bank robbery.

Just forget it, girl, okay?

You got every right to see that nigger if you want to.

I just wish you'd get up, girl.

You better stop moping around here and call him.

I can't.

It's like Jason never even happened.

But you know it did.

Oh, Miss Girl.

I know that

Alonzo's not perfect.

But I'm gonna hold on to him

because he's all I got.

The Wards ain't full of Jasons.

What you found...

What you found was quiet

in a world full of thunder.

I ain't got no choice but to listen to it.

You do.

ALONZO: Yo, Marti, bring your fine ass down here, girl.

Love calls.


Come on, man! Joshua's gone crazy!

MAN: Come on, man. RAT: Let's just go!

Who knows what he's all gonna do. Come on, he's got a gun.

Do you got any jimmies?

No, but that's all right. That's all right.

All right for who?

All right for us.


Now why you had to go and do that? Damn!

Don't start the fire unless you can hose me down.

Baby, come on.

Get off me!

What? You gonna butter the biscuit when it pop out of the oven?

-[LAUGHTER] -Biscuit?

Ain't no biscuits, girl.

I don't think so, okay.

RAT: I hope he don't get to Alonzo before we do, man.

He might kill him this time.


ALONZO: We'll be back in three minutes.

Alonzo, watch that other jaw.





TEDDY: Come on, man, just drive on through.


TEDDY: Fuck!


Fuck this shit!


I got this college girl.

I know her name. [MAKES BUZZING SOUND]





Come on, baby. Come on.

Come on.


I'm gonna find you!




Where's Alonzo?

He ain't in here.


LYRIC: Why are you taking Jay away from me?

JOSHUA: Don't you know he's all I got?

LYRIC: Josh, don't.

JOSHUA: That's why you can't have him.

-You hear me, huh? -[WHIMPERS]

You can't fucking have him!



Me and Jason, we are over.

You're lying.

Why you gotta lie to me?

You, you think he's better than me?

You think he's better than me?


Ah, I knew you'd come!

You're always there to pick up the pieces.

You seen them two niggers I got downstairs?

Yeah, I seen them, man.

I took care of that!

All we gotta do now is wait for Alonzo.

You ain't gotta go nowhere, man!

You're right.

You're right, Josh.

I ain't gotta go nowhere. Just let her go.

I can't let her go, Jay.

We're gonna use her as bait.

She ain't got nothing to do with this, Josh.

We can take on Alonzo together, me and you.

Why are you still talking about her?

What is this?

You fuckin' putting her above me?

-You're putting her above me, man! -Josh, no, man.

What about me, man?

What about me?

What about you?

It's always been about you. I've spent my whole fuckin' life for you!


I can't do that no more, man.

Oh, I'm tired of you telling me I'm fucking up, man!

Shit. Because I took care of this.

Fuck you, man!

What are you talking about, nigger? You fucked up!

This shit is fucked up! I'm tired of your shit, Josh!

I don't need this no more!

I don't need you! I don't need you!

I don't give a fuck about you, Josh!

Don't make me do this again, nigger.

Come on, Josh, let her go.

Don't make me do this again, man.

She taking you away from me, man!

She taking you away from me!

Is she taking you away from me?

Well, I ain't got nothing.

I love you, man.

Love me, man?

I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it. I didn't mean it.

I didn't mean it.

Shoot me.

Shoot me.






I'm ready to go.

Come on, get up.

You gotta get up 'cause we gotta go. Come on.

Jay, I'm sorry, man.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Jay.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.

Jay, you're all I got.


You can't go, man.

You can't go, man!

You can't leave me.









RAT: He killed my...

It was Joshua, man.

He shot Lyric, then he killed himself!

ALONZO: Oh, shit.


PARAMEDIC: We have a gunshot victim.

We'll be transporting to your location.

♪ Many rivers to cross

♪ But I can't seem to find

♪ My way over

♪ I've been licked, washed up for years

♪ And I merely survive

♪ Because of my pride

♪ And this loneliness won't leave me alone

♪ It's such a drag to be here on your own

♪ My baby left me and he didn't say why

♪ Well, I guess I'll have to cry

♪ I've got many rivers to cross

♪ But I just can't seem to find

♪ My way over

♪ Wandering, I am lost

♪ As I travel along

♪ The white cliffs of Dover

♪ And I've got many rivers to cross

♪ But I just can't seem to find

♪ I can't find my way over

♪ I've got

♪ So many

♪ Many

♪ So many rivers to cross

♪ Oh, yeah

♪ Oh, white cliffs of Dover

♪ I've got

♪ Many

♪ Many

♪ Rivers

♪ Rivers to cross

♪ Many rivers to cross

♪ Oh, yeah

♪ Can't find my way over

♪ Mmm

♪ Mmm-hmm-hmm

♪ Mmm-hmm-hmm-hmm

♪ Yeah, yeah

♪ When I was a young boy

♪ I had visions of fame

♪ They were wild, and they were free

♪ They were blessed with my name

♪ And then I grew older

♪ And I saw what's to see

♪ That the world is full of pain

♪ And my dreams, they left me

♪ And then I got stronger

♪ Inside of the pain

♪ That's when I picked up the pieces

♪ And I regained my name

♪ And I fought hard, y'all

♪ To call by my place

♪ And right now you could ask me

♪ And it all seems in vain

♪ Your dreams ain't easy

♪ Your dreams ain't easy

♪ You just stick by your plan

♪ You just stick by your plan

♪ Go from boys to men

♪ Go from boys to men

♪ You must act like a man

♪ You gotta act like a man

♪ When it gets hard, y'all

♪ When it gets hard, y'all

♪ You just grab what you know

♪ Grab what you know

♪ Stand up tall and don't you fall

♪ And my background sing

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ Yeah, yeah

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ You will know You will know

♪ You will know

♪ And I know you're crying

♪ 'Cause it's all in his fate

♪ And the things you want

♪ You can't have

♪ It just all went away

♪ But life ain't over, ooh

♪ Just grab the wind and make the mends

♪ And the vow will take you far

♪ Your dreams ain't easy

♪ Your dreams ain't easy

♪ You just stick by your plan

♪ Stick by your plan

♪ Go from boys to men

♪ Go from boys to men

♪ You must act like a man

♪ I know it ain't easy

♪ It gets hard sometimes

♪ It gets hard sometimes

♪ You just grab what you know

♪ Stand up tall and don't you fall

♪ And you will know, baby

♪ You will know

♪ Ah...

♪ You will know

♪ Hey, there's no doubt about it

♪ You will know

♪ Hey, you will know

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ Hey, ay

♪ You will know

♪ You will know, yeah

♪ You will know

♪ Hey, ay

♪ Your dreams ain't easy

♪ Your dreams ain't easy

♪ You just stick by your plan

♪ Stick by your plan

♪ Go from boys to men

♪ Boys to men

♪ You must act like a man

♪ You must act like a man

♪ When it gets hard, y'all

♪ It ain't hard, yeah

♪ You just grab what you know

♪ Grab what you know

♪ Stand up tall and don't you fall

♪ Your dreams ain't easy

♪ Your dreams ain't easy

♪ You just stick by your plan

♪ Go from boys to men

♪ Boys to men

♪ You must act like a man

♪ I know it ain't easy

♪ When it gets hard, y'all

♪ You just grab what you know

♪ Stand up tall and don't you fall

♪ Come on, D, and sing the song

♪ You will know

♪ Yeah, yeah

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ Yeah

♪ You will know

♪ Ooh

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ Oh, you will know

♪ You will know

♪ You will know

♪ You will know