Jaws: The Revenge (1987) Script

Stop that!

Stop what? I'm not doing anything.

Ow!\That's hurt, Serves you right.

Will you cut that out? I can't help myself.

You're as sneaky as your father was.

He was the tomato thief of all time.

I know what you're doing. I'm hungry.

Let me finish dinner before you eat it. Chop these.

Sorry, fellas.

Oh, Mom, tomorrow night we're going with Tiffany to buy a Christmas tree.

OK, but a small one. Watch your fingers.

No way, a big one. Ow! Shit!

Are you OK? Yeah, it adds flavour.

Hello? We don't want any.

Thea who?

I know it's Thea Brody. How many grandkids do I have?

'I can call by myself.' I know. You're a big girl.

'I'm five now, Grandma.' I know you're five.

Hi, kiddo. How're you doin' down there?

'I'm fine, Uncle Sean. I'm taking swimming lessons.'

'She swims like a fish.' Michael!

Hey, bro. The fish. Check it.

No way! You check it. I'm on the phone.

'What's going on? ' Your grandmother is a slave driver!

Did you get the book? 'Yeah. Thanks! '

Ask the big doctor about his job. Tough life, you Bahamian beach bum.

'I heard that.'

He heard that. Good.

Hey, how come you get to leave early?

Cos my desk is closer to the door.

A big one. No, your brother won't be here.

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas, Jim.

Eggnog time Thursday night! We'll be there.

We are getting a big tree for all the old ornaments...

With stockings on the mantle... And cookies and beer for Santa.

All right! Tiffany, do you realise what a madman you're marrying?

Yes, I do.

I gotta check in. OK.

See you. Love you. Bye. Me, too.

Don't be late! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

That bad, huh?

We're out of decaf, petty cash and requisition forms.

Anything to do before I go?

That man keeps calling about his training film.

He won't believe we don't have a SWAT team.

Good night, Polly!

Amity Police Department.

Hold it!

There's an old dock piling in the channel.

Maybe it'll just keep on drifting till it goes away?

It's stuck on a channel marker. Good night, Polly.

Uh-huh. It... Hold it!

It has to be cleared before the fishermen come back.

Where's Lenny?

Out to Ben Master's place. Cow tipping.

Cow tipping?

Says kids tip over his sleeping cows. They're not givin' milk.

OK, I'll take care of it.

Deputy Brody will take care of it personally.

Call home, tell 'em I'll be late.

Uh-huh. Cow tipping!

# The first Noel

# The angels did say

# Was to certain poor shepherds

# In fields as they lay... #

No, no, no, no! Hold it!

Hold it! Together, people! Together, remember?

All right. Let's try it again. Two, three.

Where the hell are the Wise Men?

Good luck, Harry.

I'm gonna need it with this bunch.

Sounds better than when I was a shepherd.

Joseph, where the hell is your robe?

You're supposed to be in costume! Jesus!

I'm over here!

All right, clear quickly. Ready, angels, and...

Very good, people. Very good. And now, again, "Noel," everyone.

Oh, God!

Oh, God! Help!

Help me!

Oh, God! Help me!

His things. I thought you'd want them.

Grandma! Grandma!

We're here!


Mom? We're here.

Thea, get down here. Come on.

Anybody home?


Where's Mom?

She's been out there for hours.

How's she doing?

We've just come from Tiffany's house.

Poor girl. The doctors had to sedate her.

Hello, Mrs Taft. Hi, sweetheart.

I didn't recognise you, Thea. You're so grown up.

Uncle Sean is dead, you know.

Will he ever come back? We'll talk about that more later.

Are you hungry?

I had a hamburger on the plane.

We can do better than that. How about a funny bone sandwich?

How was the aeroplane ride? Good. I got two lollipops.

It came for him. What?

It waited all this time, and it came for him.

You guys must be starving. I'll make some fettuccini.

I'm making dinner. You should sit and relax.

Really, Ellen, there's nothing left to do.

I want you to get out of the water.


I want you to give up that terrible job!

You can't be serious. Damn right.

I'm just getting started.

I don't want you near the water. Mom, you're upset.

I don't want my family anywhere near the water again.

Never! You can't believe that voodoo.

Sharks don't pick people to murder.

It picked out Sean. It killed your father.

Dad died from a heart attack. He died from fear.

Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, listen to me.

There's never been a great white where we live, ever.

It's warm water. They don't like it.

Your brother's dead. Your father's dead.

It was a piece of wood! It was a shitty piece of wood!


He was just doing his job.

God, he could make me laugh sometimes.

He was always taggin' after me when we were kids.

He always wanted to do what I was...

Hey, where are you going?


"To everything there is a season, "and a time to every purpose under heaven.

"A time to be born and a time to die.

"A time to plant, "and a time to pluck up that which is planted.

"A time to kill and a time to heal.

'"A time to break down and a time to build up.

'"A time to weep and a time to laugh.'

"A time to mourn and a time to dance.

"A time to cast away stones

"and a time to gather stones together.

"A time to embrace

"and a time to refrain from embracing."

Hey, Tom, wait up!

Oh, you're gonna spoil her.

That's what grandmas are for.

Why don't you come down to the islands with us?

I... I can't do that. Come on, Mom.

Get warm, spend time with Thea... Yes!

Come here, you.

Wanna know what I think? I think it's a wonderful idea.

Yes. Come on, at least consider it.

Get away. You shouldn't be alone. Yes!

Great! Yay!

We can catch the 4.30 ferry. Today?

Today. No, I can't.

Yes, you can.

Swing me, swing me! OK, OK.

Oh, my back! I can't do this.

I'll take her. Oh, my God, she's too heavy.

Help us, Daddy.

OK, here we go. Aeroplane ride.

I know. I'm gonna throw you overboard.

Oh, look!

Oh, hey, I always wanted to ride one of those.

No way. Chicken.

Mom always said if God meant us to ride parachutes for fun, we'd be born with tickets. I never said that.

Yes, you did. August 1977.

Where's the lady who brings the soda?

They had them on the big plane.

There's some coffee in the Thermos.

I'm too young for coffee. Can I drive?


Sometimes Dad puts me in his lap and lets me steer the Jeep.

Sometimes I let interesting people sit in my lap and steer the plane.

Oh, really? Really.

Hoagie? Yeah?

Jake says you'll have to fly the rest of your life to pay off what you lost at craps.

Good news travels fast. I'll get it back next time.

How come it bumps up and down when there's no road?

The wind does that.

You been to the Bahamas before?

No. First time's the best.

Then you know too much and nothing's the same.

What makes the plane go up and down?

Easy. You go like this, and the houses get bigger.

Then you go like this, and the houses get smaller.

Do you wanna go for a ride? Yes!

# And so I'm offering this simple phrase

# To kids from one to 92

# Although it's been said

# Many times, many ways

# Merry Christmas

# To you #

Kenny and Tamika are playing on the dock. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Everybody out!

Come on. Kenny, Tamika! I'm back! I'm home!

Let me help you with the bags there, Romeo.

You can take the heavy ones. Thanks, buddy.

Grandma! Grandma!

Your room's in here.

Grandma, watch me! Grandma!

Thea! Get down from there!

Grandma, watch me! Get down from there!

Mommy lets me. It's too dangerous! Don't do that!

Grandma, watch me! Come on, sweetheart.

But you always let me.

Not today. Come on, Thea.

The other kids are.

Daddy, why can't I?

Did you hear what I said? Come inside the house right now!

I don't want to. I wanna swing. Right now you have to unpack.

I didn't mean to start all this. I feel like such a grandma.

Come on. I'll show you around.

No! No! Put me down!

Will you stop making a scene? I wanna swing!

I'll be all right, Michael.

Good. So will I.

She calls it "Tourist on the Loose".

The local government commissioned it for the public beach.

You forgot about the store. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

We need milk, bread...

There's a big unveiling ceremony.

We need beer! OK, I'll be right there!

Pretty good, huh?



'Will you stop fartin' around?

'Michael, what the hell you doin' down there, eh? '

Jake, stop bustin' my chops.

'Listen, you remember what they look like?

'Hard on the outside, chewy on the inside.

'Sometimes they come with a little grime.

'Move your ass, man! '

Ah, bingo!

Good. How many you got?

Come on, Michael, talk to me. Give me some numbers. How many?

'Leave me alone.' You're full of shit.

'You been down there all day, nothin' to show but excuses.

'Michael, you're taggin' the damn things.'

I gotta separate the ladies from the gentlemen first.

No, man, don't. You move too slow. You got two speeds - slow and slower.

Hold your water, Jake. The females have eggs.

So we're gonna stop everything and pass out cigars?

We're being paid to see where they go, how they propagate.

If we had decent funding, I'd study their motor systems, temperature...

We'd do a decent report for a change and really give them something.

If you'd leave me alone, I'd be able to do my work.

I know how to tag a damn conch.

Your readings suck, man. The tags suck.

No, it's I that made them. It's I that put 'em on.

You put 'em on wrong. No, no, no! They leak!

A blind man could find more conch!

You can't find your ass with both hands!

That's not fair! You go away, come back a zombie, it's Christmas Eve.

We're working overtime cos of YOU! Hey!

I'm sorry about your brother, man.

Well, just... just take it easy, will ya?


C'mon, Jake, don't... I don't want...

Oh! Put me down. I missed you, man!

And then he wrote dirty words all over the garage.

He was... your daddy was five. He was your age.

I'm almost six. So is Jake.

Oh, look at that face. OK, do the other one.

Now that's closer to the real truth.

Oh, you. This guy was always getting into some sort of mischief.

I got no doubt about that.

Was Uncle Sean ever bad? Did you ever spank him?

Sharp shirt, Jake.

Hey, may your sex life be as busy as your shirt.

Why, thank you.

My tea set! I got my tea set!

Oh, let me see!

Every lovely lady should have a tea set.

It has a teapot and cups and saucers.

And a sugar bowl and a creamer.

Can I put real tea in it? Yes, real tea.

Can I make sandwiches? Yes.

Thea, we forgot the Christmas carols.

Carol from the grocery store? Oh, will you stop it?

I miss him, Mom.

I want you to change your work. Mom, please don't start that.

You could teach or write... I'm not gonna quit now.

You're all I have left. I don't want you working in the water.

Mom, what I do is perfectly safe.

At the moment, we're collecting big snails.

Jake and I are scientists. We're almost PhDs.

We know what we're doing. There's nothing to worry about.

Oh, great.

And, well, we have to dig the ditch really deep... so the water'll go all the way around and we can swim in it.

You're silly.

You know what? Let's pretend this is Buckingham Palace.

And you'll be Princess Di, and we'll have a parade with horses.

And you'll ride in a golden carriage, and we'll...

And I can invite Cinderella to the ball.

She'll come in a golden carriage, too.

And we can have cookies and punch and cake.

And I can invite Prince Charlie and...

What's the name of the other prince?

Grandma? Grandma?

What's wrong?


Oh, we better get this done before the tide comes in.

It's not nice to be evasive.

My mother says that to my father all the time.

Hello, you two!


I don't know why I fish here.

I never catch anything.

There must be a sign underwater - "beware, Hoagie's about".

You drive the plane. Flies the plane.

Mostly, it's like driving.

What's that, an excavation?

We're building a sand castle, and you're invited for tea.

You know why you got no ambition?

Why is that, Jake? Your Norman Rockwell life.

Norman Rockwell?

That's precisely your problem, my friend.

You weren't exactly a deprived kid.

I don't buy that roots-rock-reggae bullshit.

Cut that hair, you're a three-piece suit.

The bottom line is we got three months left of work and no money.

Spent it all on beer.

Bahamian Fisheries Department is not exactly Fort Knox, my friend.

But, on the other hand, Office of Naval Research, they've got money.

No. Forget it.

What do you mean? Money is money.

They put bombs on dolphins. What you talking about?

I know a guy who got money from them to study eels.

It's hard to put a bomb on an eel!

Who rattled your cage? Michael, man!

We're bustin' our bunghies to get our degrees.

I'm tired of all this paradise shit.

It's getting on my last nerve, man.

William. Look at you, boy.

What? A mental midget reading all day.

If mediocrity were fattening, you'd all be whales.

Knock off that drummin'!

Look at you, boy. What's wrong with you?

You think because you been to university you're smart?

I don't know why I've told you all this.

Sometimes talking to a stranger is easier.

I can't explain it. It's just something I feel.

I always listen to my feelings.

I think I'm going crazy. Nightmares and...

Maybe it was an accident.

It was no accident.

I'm not saying you're wrong.

I'm just saying that maybe there are other possibilities.

When it killed Sean, I knew with certainty it had come for him.

I knew that!

I know it's coming.

I know it's coming.

What's it cost to ride on that plane?

The water's coming in! The water's coming in!

Depends on where you want to go.

Doesn't matter. Hurry!

Just like that? Just like that.

Oh! Oh, no! Oh! Oh!

Take the wheel! I'm sorry?

Take the wheel. No, I can't.

Sure, you can. I don't know how.

Nobody does till they learn.

What are you doing?

Better take the wheel or we'll be swimming soon.

Whoa, take it easy! Take it easy!

Hold her gently. She'll damn near fly herself.

See? Just like driving a car.

Where do I pull off the road?

No, you're doing fine. I'll keep you out of trouble.

Relax. Where are we going?

One time, I was flying supplies up the Amazon when I came down in the jungle.

You won't tell me? I was picked up by head-hunters, and taken to their chief.

You are impossible! He looked at me and took me in his hut.

Inside his hut, there was a long pole...

What is all this?

Just a little something I arranged to cheer you up.

No, really. What?

Tell me, what is all this? A local festival.

It's called a junkanoo.

'I'm not hearing anything up here, buddy.'

How many have you tagged, exactly? How many?

Michael... stop busting my bunghie.

Yeah, it's OK for you, but not for me, huh?

Have no fear, Jake is here.

I just struck the mother lode. I'm counting.

'Watch yourself with that fancy equipment, buddy.'

Such a live wire'll make your hair stick up funny.

That's good, Michael. William?

Yeah, there's no hope for that boy.

Jake? Jake, that's a joke.

Holy shit!

We got a big fish down here, man.

Oh, yeah? How big?

Jesus! Look out!

What's wrong?


Jesus Christ!

Ellen, what's wrong? Nothing. Nothing. I'm fine.

No, you're not. I'm terrific.

Come on!

Give it up!

You can't keep doing this.

I can't keep doing THIS. You promised me a drink.

Sharks come and go, Ellen. People have nothing to do with it.

A drink with an umbrella in it. Ellen, give it up.

Give it a kick in the arse.

Get on with your life.

I know what you've been through.

Don't worry. The nightmares'll go away.

Give me my glasses, man.

Boy, I ain't never seen nothin' so big. Never!

I was right next to Michael. The thing went right past me!

Should've gone for you, Jake. Why did it come up?

What's it doing in warm water? What's the difference?

It's only a shark. A big, big, beautiful shark.

And it's ours. Don't say anything to anyone.

Fishermen would try to kill it. Michael, we got us a great white.

Now we gonna do some real research.

Do me a favour, don't say anything about this to my mom.

Hey, man, I didn't mean to, you know, flap my lips, eh?

So... So?

I said to him, "Where's the disinfectant?"

He said, "I've left it in town."

So I said, "What are we gonna do?"

So he says, "I'll tell you what we'll do.

"Come back at lunchtime, all the flies will be in the kitchen."

Come to bed.

He took her sightseeing.

Well, you work. I work.

She needs someone to help her take her mind off things.

I'll help you take YOUR mind off things, sailor.

It's soaking.

Thank you.

Good night.

Good night.


It's OK, Jake. I'll check on the table.

OK, everything rides. -Ooh, it's Hoagie!

Hey, come on, I wanna see this.

Oh, that's Hoagie, all right.

Everything on the line.

You're not betting it all? All or nothing at all.

Here, do you want to throw for me? No!

Now get ready. Are you ready?

I guess that's bad? Depends on your point of view.

Ooh, look at that. Come here.

Ooh, look at you. You look great!

It's on the house.

I knew there was a reason I could afford this.

Thank you, Shirley!

My father used to say, "Jake, you got two loves in your life -

"what you do and who you're with."

Happy birthday, Louisa. Happy birthday!

And a Happy New Year. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year. Happy New Year.

Don't go weak in the knees on me tonight, boy.

You're gonna need all the strength you got.

I knew a one-armed piano player, took two minutes to play the Minute Waltz.

Watch how you talk. Michael and I are about to be famous.

Tell 'em. Jake!

No job talk. You promised.

You promised.


Would you risk a dance with me, madam?

You'll be sorry. So will you. I have two right feet.

That's good, I have two left.

Well, that's a set.

A little quiet tonight.

New Year's blues? No, not at all.

Come on. It's my party.

He's just Michael, he's startin' to count them damn conch in his sleep.

Excuse me.

Mind if I cut in? Please.

The world would be a better place if more sons danced with their mothers.

Michael, stop pouting.

You look like you did when you were six and didn't get what you wanted.

I like him. I enjoy his company.

Yeah. I don't like him chasing around after you.

I don't trust him.

He's not chasing. You are being ridiculous.

I've been a pain in the ass and I'm sorry.

I'm not gonna bother you about your work.

You're not a pain. Let me finish.

I've been rehearsing this all day.

Sean's death almost killed me. I'll never get over it, but I refuse to let myself be run by an obsession.

I can't keep on believing it was intentional.

I finally figured it out.


That's it, "good"?

I thought you'd break out the champagne.

No, I-I-I'm pleased.

Come on. Show your mother what a good dancer you are.

Where is everybody?

Down here!

Where is Clarence and William? I gave them the day off.

What for? We got a job to finish.

Why are you making a transmitter?

It's all part of the master plan.

We're gonna test it out right now.

We're gonna learn about its motor systems, its heart rate.

We're going to study a magnificent animal no one knows that much about.

As the sun sets, we bid a fond farewell to the family of conch.

What the hell are you talking about?

We wrap it up and hand it in. Why is your heart stronger than mine?

We don't write up anything till we're finished.

When I was a boy, my father said, "Never do anything today you can put off till tomorrow."

Them conch gonna be there tomorrow.

When we got the grant, it said... No, when I got the grant.

OK, when I signed on, I... When I invited you.

We got the grant together. When we got it together.

We got three months' work left on this. We can't write a report.

Michael, we got a rare bird here. You know that, huh?

Great white don't come down to the Bahamas, never.

Do we let an opportunity just swim away?

My name's on the report.

A half-assed job, I don't get my doctorate and neither do you.

I thought we were planning a rosy future together.

So did I.

Hey! Hey!


Anybody home in there at all?

You better beam down to Earth with the rest of us.

If that shark's still in the water, it won't be there forever.

It's gonna figure out the water's too warm.

Look at me and tell me you don't want to study that fish as much as I do.

Michael? Huh? This is what we trained for.

This is what we studied them damn books for.

Remember, my name goes on that report, too.

It's as important to me as it is to you, right?

All right, you like them damn snails?

All right, all right, I'll make you a deal. Listen.

We study that shark, just for a few days, and it's back to your lovely snails.

Now that's fair, man. That's fair.

Come on, indulge me with it, eh?

I don't know shit about electronics.

Boy, you don't know shit about anything.

It's time you learned.

I'll teach you how to wear your hair, how to dance.

How to box. Come on, follow me.

Get your butt down here, man.

This is the third time you've forgotten to take it out.

I got a lot on my mind. You can't remember when they come?

My brain is shrinking...

Don't give me that preoccupied scientist crap.

I'm getting ready for a big event!

I thought artists worked with their subconscious.

How come it's my responsibility?


Oh. OK, now I understand. All you had to do was explain it.

I take out the garbage... because.

I'm glad we got that straightened out.

We don't have anything straightened out.

You're uptight about something.

What's wrong?

Why should there be anything wrong? I'm enjoying my day off, my wife starts yelling at me about the garbage.

What are we arguing about?

I don't know. I...

I don't know.


No fair, I'm not armed. Then don't come any closer.

Turn it off. Off. No. I have work.

I've always wanted to make love to an angry welder.

I've dreamed of nothing else since I was a small boy.

Shut the door. Uh-huh. Later.

Mmm! Mmm! Michael!

Shut the door!

You sure you've done this before?

Oh, yeah. Lots of times. Trust your Uncle Jake, eh?

It's always worked, huh?

Well, uh... thus far.

OK, take me out.

Little more.

There it is! Comin'! It's comin'!

You remember how to pull rope, eh? Yeah.

Yes! You got him, man!

Ah! Now would be a good time!

Did you see that, man?

Let's try to follow it.

Now we're gonna see if Uncle Jake's equipment's really working for us.


Our little island agrees with you. I have my own little island.

But it's so cold in the winter. I tried winter once.

Here we are. Burlington, Vermont.

I flew a run to New York. Oh!

I have a bone in my left foot that hasn't thawed yet.

When I was a small boy... Not hard to imagine, by the way.

...I dreamed of always being warm.

What do you want? Whatever we had last time.

Two Bahama Mamas, please.

Stay. I'll take time off. You always take time off.

I like to travel. I'll nick the plane again.

Won't you get in trouble? Not if he doesn't find out.

It's just a hop down to the Caribbean. We'll spend a few days.

There must be a lot of ladies who'd be glad to go.

Yeah, there are, but...

I've grown tired of one-way conversations.

I have an irresistible urge to kiss you, Ellen Brody.


Because it would not occur to you why.

Blushing suits you.

Lord... I'm sorry. It's nothing to be sorry about.

No, this whole thing... The whole idea is preposterous.

I don't think so.

You sure you don't need glasses? I'm a pilot.

My vision is perfect.

What are we getting? Nine knots.

Shit! We should be keeping up.

You sure the throttle's open? Wide open.

Come on, you overgrown goldfish! Come to Uncle Jake.

How long have you known Hoagie? What?

How long have you known Hoagie?

What's he got to do with it? How long?

Since he got here. Bring it to starboard!

When did he get here?

Who? Hoagie!

Christ! One day he was just here, that's all.

What do you know about him?

He's after my mother.

What's so funny? He's not good enough for her, eh?

I agree. I'd send her home right now.

Bring her about, we're going the wrong way.

I mean, some of these pilots are flying drugs down here.

He's always going off somewhere. Bring her about, now!

I am! Hurry, man, we're losin' him!

You must know something. Christ!

He likes gambling, he likes women, don't bother me!

He flies charter... Damn! We lost him!

Maybe your gear crapped out.

Maybe you crapped out, flappin' your lips about Hoagie.

Maybe he's gone.

All right, Mr Fish.

We'll come back and find you tomorrow.

All he did was kiss me!

Well, that's a beginning. A beginning of what?

To whatever happens next.


I used to think I could handle these situations once I was grown up, but I don't even know if he's serious.

Mmm, give it some time, Ellen. See what happens.

Well, part of me wanted to go off with him.

I couldn't.

I don't know why he wants me.

Maybe he's got good taste.

He hasn't spent much time with a woman like you.

I don't know what he thinks. Or what I think. This is so silly!

I feel too old to be in this thing.

I hope not. I am counting on a long, happy sex life.

You said it wasn't polite to interrupt people.

Yes, I did.

It's time for tea, Grandma. Oh, I almost forgot.

I didn't. I put everything in my room.

My teddy bear's joining us.


Michael, what is it?

Nothing, just a stupid dream.


Time for bed, peanut.

Oh, no! Yep. Daddy's got homework.

But you let me last night. Yeah, yeah.

Mommy's waiting to read a story.

Good night, sweetheart! Good night.

Night. Let's put up our feet and shoot the breeze, or whatever it is beer drinkers do.

I, uh, I got to put together this report, Ma.

Jake says don't do today what you can put off tomorrow.

Yeah, Jake's got a lot of those.

I'm leaving in a few days. I don't want to go with you unhappy.

I'm not unhappy.

I saw you and Thea. You looked just like your father.

Do you remember when you guys used to imitate him?

Mom, I gotta get this finished, OK?

I worry about you. There's nothing to worry about.

I'm your mother. It's my job.

Just cos you're a man doesn't mean I've retired.

I've worked on MY smile. It's... it's your turn.

That's better.

'Blump, blump! Blump, blump!

'Blump, blump! Blump, blump! ' Jake, knock it off!

Blump, blump. OK, just don't try to renege on our deal.

Half a day on the snails, then a half a day on the shark.

You got 17 more minutes, then we're gonna go look for that shark.

It's a big ocean. We could spend the rest of our lives looking.

'We're gonna find him.'

'I got about a half a dozen. I'll tag 'em and be right up.

'You, uh, hearin' anything? '

Nothin' at all. Just another cool, calm, tickly day in the Bahamas.

Just stay within a quarter mile. I got a three-mile monitor radius.

Within three miles, there's plenty of time to beam your ugly ass up.

Michael, I got him.

'He's comin' towards you. You better get out now.'

All right, I'm comin', I'm comin'.




Michael! Michael!

'Michael! '

Michael, what's goin' on? Michael, can you hear me?

'Michael! Michael, can you hear me? '


Son of a bitch! Oh, shit!

Jesus Christ!



It's over there!

Shit! Get the bang sticks, we're goin' down.

They're no good. Get another one!

Come on, come on! Michael!

Get him up! Watch his arm! Lay him down gently!

We need a tourniquet to stop his bleeding.

Try this! Get the wet suit off.

Keep cool, don't worry.

Michael, how are you? I think he may be in shock.

Clarence, move it!

Hey, hey, hey! Hey, what you doin', man?

No one goes in the water till we know where that fish is.

You fall off the horse, you get right back on.

Hell, what kind of bullcrap you talkin'? Huh?

Anybody's in the water, it's me. Jake, I'm gonna go down.

All right, so what about Carla's gig? It's almost time, man.

Michael, I can't just let you go back down.

I'm scared shitless.

What the hell do I do if I can't go back in that water?

All right, be careful.

Clarence, get up on that shack. Give us some lookout.

I hope he knows what he's doing. He's doin' what he's got to do.

Jake, are you gettin' anything on the shark?

No, everything's cool.

I'm thinkin' about yesterday. It's probably a mistake.

He was hungry. You look tasty. But how come only me?

Maybe he just like white meat. You're a funny guy, Jake.


It is about art that I wish to speak today.

The raw material of art surrounds us all, catching in the net that each and every one of us casts into the current of life.

But it takes the art... Where the hell are they?

They'll be here.

Can I go on the banana boat? Shh!

Margaret's going. She's with her mother.

OK. Oh, boy! Oh, boy!

Thea, you be careful. I will, I will!

Thea! It's OK. Banana boats are fun.

Oh, we should be so lucky. I wish we were out with her playin'.

Margaret, wait for me!

"Get to the point, man," as my wife now says.

OK. Well, in short, art is grease for the wheel of life.

Today we are privileged to dedicate a work of art.

Carla Brody, an artist of growing reputation, was commissioned to express our way of life in permanent form... to show the world what we all know right here on this beach:

That it is better in the Bahamas.

Absolutely. Ladies and gentlemen, Carla Brody!

Thank you, Commissioner Witherspoon, Mrs Witherspoon.


Oh, my God!


Stop! Come back! Bring her back!

Oh, my God!

Stop! Thea! Thea!


Somebody do something!


Oh, no! My God!

Mommy! Mommy! Thea!

Somebody get a doctor! Get a doctor now!


I'm sorry I missed you. Where have you been?

What's the matter? What happened?

Thea was attacked by a shark.

Oh, my God.

The doctor said she should be OK. She's in shock.

Sweetheart? Sweetheart?

I'm so sorry. I should've known. Jesus.

Should've known what?

We tried to keep track of him. Of...

The shark.

You knew? Yeah. Thought it went away.

Came after me. She could've been killed. You knew?

And you didn't tell us? You let your mother think...

Where is she?

How could you do that? Where's my mother?

Where's my mother? Why didn't you tell us?




Jake! What?

Come on! I need you! Hurry up!

Hoagie! Did you see our boat?

I just got here. My mother took it.

I hope she's a good sailor. A shark attacked Thea.

She went after the damn thing.

She's gone after it? Yeah, we gotta stop her.

In that? Lt'll take all day in that bathtub.

Got a better idea?

I'll radio her position.

The rescue boats will pick her up, so don't worry.

She'll be fine.

She'll never find that bloody shark. We couldn't.

It'll find her. What do you mean?

She said it was coming.

What do you mean? What do you know?

She thinks the shark that killed Martin and Sean is following the family.

Hey, he's not talkin' about our shark, eh?

What do you do when you're not flying people?

I deliver laundry.

Hold on. What's that? Let's have a look.


It's a big ocean out there.

Can't this thing go any faster?

Any faster, this thing'll be a flying Cuisinart and we'll be diced into oblivion.

Come and get me, you son of a bitch.

There she is. That's her right there.

Is that what I think it is?

Mom... Hold on!


'Thomas, you there? This is Zero-Papa-Alpha here.'

'Hoagie, where are you? '

12 miles southeast of Emerald Key. Look for Neptune's Folly.'

I need two boats fast and somebody who can kill a shark - a big one.

'What're you doing? ' Practising landing.

Hang on to your socks, lads.

Wait! You sure you know how to do this?

Of course not! What kind of pilot do you think I am?

Christ! Hell, not half bad.

Get out, I'll keep it busy.

No, it'll come for the plane's electromagnetic impulse.

Get the bloody hell out!


Damn passengers! You're all the same. Complain, complain...

Oh, shit!


Hoagie! Hoagie!

Why'd you come out here?

Why'd you come out here?

Why did you bring him? Mom, Mom!

Why'd you take the boat? It kept coming!

Didn't you realise? There was nothing else to do.

You shouldn't have done it. I tried to tell you.

I tried.

Hey! Give me a hand, for Christ's sake!

Hoagie! How the hell did you do that, man?

It wasn't easy, believe me. Get him up.

You all right, man?

Oh! Bloody hell. Get it started!

The breath on that thing! You are alive!

Let's get out of here, Ellen Brody. Oh!

Good, this thing's still working.

That's your engine, pal. I'll have a look.

Oh, shit, he's close, man.

What is that sound? The shark's heartbeat.

Hoagie, try to finish. Michael, gimme a hand, I got an idea.

We're taking water down here. Ellen, start pumping here.

Ellen! Get the bilge pump!

Take the radio transmitter out and hook it to the strobe.

We gotta get the engine started! Just do it!

We're gonna feed that big boy a meal he won't forget.

You better have something good going. We've got a rotten hose.

There's a spare one. What you wanna do with this?

I'm riggin' the receiver. We get it inside that bastard and set it off.

I got it. We rig an antenna on this, we can shock the hell out of him.

Right! You're learning.

He's getting closer!

They spend their lives looking for food, they don't care what it is.

Maybe he's got indigestion. He's eaten my plane!

It's not food he's after.

Michael, turn on your switch. I need a test.

Anybody tell you you're nuts? All the time.

If it responds to external electrical impulse, it might respond to one inside - confuse him, drive him crazy.

OK, a test... Good.

You'd better get up here! The heartbeat's stopped!


Either he's gone or your gear's crapped out again.

That's bull. My equipment don't crap out. He'll be back.

Get me the boat hook.

Maybe he had a heart attack. Humans are full of cholesterol.

Give me that. Shit! Where is he?

Give me that line, Michael. Right there.

There he is!

Ellen, try the engine.

Ellen! Try to start the engine!

Son of a bitch. Let's get out of here.

No, it's too late, Hoagie. Give me a hard port.


Here, give me that. No! No time for that!

Jake! You can't go out there without a line!

Keep it steady. It's gonna come back!

Damn thing's disappeared. He's gone!


We're taking too much water. It'll stop the engine.

Ellen, take the wheel. We've got to outrun it. Ellen!

That thing gonna work? It'll work.

If Jake says so, it will. This charge will drive it crazy.

Sweet Jesus, we're headed straight for it!

Ellen, come about!

We're gonna hit it! Hold on!

Hold on!

Smile, you son of a bitch!

Michael! Come over here.


It's all right! I'm OK!

Anybody there? Over here!


Michael, you got a minute?

It's Jake!

Son of a bitch!

Jesus, Jake.

What took you so damn long, man?

What the hell are you doing alive?

I told you Uncle Jake's equipment don't crap out, eh?

You're not going to do something stupid like die on me, are you?

No, man. I'm way too mean for that.

So from now on, we're going to study snails, eh?


Come to Amity this summer.

We'll be there. You make sure they come.

I will. I'll miss you, Grandma.

Get in, Ellen Brody. You'll miss your plane.

Goodbye, Grandma! OK.

Be careful. OK. See ya.

Take good care of Jake. I will.

You gonna be OK?

Yeah. OK.

When I come back, remind me to tell you about the time I took a hundred nuns to Nairobi.

There they were, 100 nuns, playing guitars and singing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music."

Then suddenly, one comes up to me and she says, "There's smoke coming from the engine."

But I never took them seriously, until they all started singing "Nearer My God to Thee."